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Bobby X Reader (father/daughter relationship)

Request: An imagine where the reader has to get used to having a serious permanent limp caused by a bad hunt resulting in the reader unable to hunt ever again. Bobby helps the reader through it because he was once disabled and knows what it’s like to feel like giving up on life when he couldn’t hunt.

Request: Hey could you write a fic where the reader is the niece of bobby and she meets sam and dean after he is paralyzed? Thank you

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Back of the Impala

Pairing: Sam x Reader 

Summary: The Winchesters are set to leave tomorrow afternoon, so Y/N organises for the three of them to go camping at the lake she claimed as her own. 

Warning: tiniest angst, so much fluff, implied smut 

Words: 3,788

A/N: Part 2 to Back of the Class! There will be a part 3 to this. Also, I apologise for this coming out so late, I’ve had people ask when this was going to be out and I’ve just been so busy with life and writing other requests, but finally, it’s out. Let’s be happy now! 

I realised I made a big mistake in the first part. If Sam is a sophomore and 16 years old, then Dean wouldn’t be in school, he’d be 20 years old. But let’s just say that he’s lying about his age just to stay in school and look after little Sammy bc that’d be the cute protective Dean we know. 

And sorry for spelling and grammar mistakes, it’s 2am and I’m tired. 

One day. 

You had one day left with Sam before his father took him and Dean away from you. One last day with him and you were both spending it by the lake, with Dean’s presence as well. The last four weeks had been a blast. You spent nearly every waking minute with Sam and sometimes even had Dean to accompany the both of you. Growing close with the Winchesters was both a big win and loss for you. A win because you gained two amazing friends within the last two months but a total loss because you fell in love with the younger Winchester and he was about to be ripped out of your hands.

Sam had taken you back to Bobby’s during the fifth week, a week after the both of you kissed, and claimed that you were studying for a test. Well, you were supposed to be studying for a test, but ended up making out for two hours before Dean caught you both. He promised he wouldn’t tell Bobby or John and grinned at the thought of his little brother finally being happy.

Meeting John was anything but positive. When Bobby insisted that you stayed for dinner that night, it was visible that John was not happy. He watched you like an eagle stalking its prey. He wanted to drag you away from Sam every time you made him laugh or smile. During the night, he pulled you aside and threatened you to stay away from Sam, only getting a snarky argument in return.

“You’re not my father, so you can’t order me to do shit.” John was seething at your comment and clenched his fists tightly by his sides. He clearly wasn’t used to people not listening to him. You were livid when he grabbed your wrist, yanking you back towards him when you tried to walk away.

I know who your father is, Y/N, stay away from my son or else,” he growled, causing panic to strike through you but you pushed it aside and smiled, “you won’t do fuck all.” You turned around and walked back inside to Sam.

“What did he say?” Sam was worried that this would be the last time he’d see you. He couldn’t lose you after just getting you. “Told me to stay away, but don’t worry Sammy, I told him he ain’t my father so he can’t demand me to do anything.” Purposely leaving John’s other comment out; you didn’t want to Sam to ask questions. After that night, everything went pretty well. John kept his distance but not without glaring holes into the back of your head whilst you kept on wondering how he knew your father.

Right now, you were throwing pebbles across the lake as Sam spoke to Dean about his taste in music. Sam argued that he didn’t want to listen to classic rock but Dean would brush his arguments off and ignore him, turning the music up louder. You muffled your giggle when Sam huffed, plonking down onto the bank with a pout on his face.

You turned around to look at them both and smiled. Dean was laying across the front seat of the Impala with his legs hanging out as he air drummed to the music. Sam was resting his head on his knees with his arms wrapped around his legs, looking at you. You walked up to him and sat beside him, leaning your head on his shoulder.

“I can’t believe you go tomorrow,” you sighed, looking over at the lake.

Dean’s quiet singing could be heard in the background and you wanted to laugh but a tidal wave of sadness washed over you as you realized that you were probably never going to see these two boys again. You wished you could spend the rest of eternity with the two of them; they made you happy. For the first time in three years, you felt at home and it was all thanks to the two of them. But now they were being ripped out of your grasp and it was hard to process.

“I wish we didn’t have to,” he turned his head to look at you with a frown.

Sam wrapped his left arm around your right leg, sitting up whilst doing so and pulling it over his left leg. His hand rested on your thigh as he leaned his head against yours. Fingers absentmindedly traced patterns into your thigh, silence overcoming the both of you. You wrapped your arm around his, sliding your hand down to his, intertwining fingers. He turned his head slightly and kissed your forehead.

Dean’s phone went off, disturbing the comfortable silence. You both turned your head to look at him as he turned the music down and answered the phone, mumbling into the device. Sam turned back to face the lake as you turned to face him, your eyes wandering over his face. You were going to miss him like crazy.

With your spare hand, you grabbed his chin and turned his head to face yours. He smiled when you did, leaning in to place a chaste kiss to your lips. A cough was heard from behind you, breaking the two of you apart as you looked over at Dean who stood with a smirk on his face.

“That was Carmen,” he grinned, a faint blush rose to his cheeks, “she finished work, so now she’s meeting me here so I’m not third-wheeling it.”

You smirked at the elder Winchester as he narrowed his eyes at you. You knew of Carmen, she used to tutor you last year. The two of you grew closer despite the age difference and you begun to see each other as sisters. You were shocked when she told you about Dean trying to get to know her. Sam told you he wasn’t one for settling down for one person, he’d fuck and leave. But Dean hadn’t left her side since he seen her. And you hadn’t stopped teasing him about it since.

Carmen wasn’t your typical popular school girl who crushed on the jock. She was quiet and nerdy, always focused on school work. Outside of school, if she wasn’t studying or completing homework, she was either at a party or she was out doing something adventurous. It was odd seeing her without a book in her hands.

You both nodded and smiled in his direction, before you stood up and held your hand out to Sam. He grabbed hold of it as you pulled him up.

“Well, we’re going to grab some wood for a fire, it’s getting cold.”

Dean gave you thumbs up before turning his music back up and looked down at his phone. Sam intertwined your fingers and begun dragging you towards the forest. You both walked in silence for a while until you had to start collecting wood. Sam picked up logs whilst you picked up sticks, talking about what you were going to do after school.

“I guess I’ll see you at Stanford,” he grinned.

You had just told him that you wanted to go to Stanford, gaining a not so manly squeal from Sam. He told you that he wanted to go there too, that he wanted to become a lawyer. You were excited but knew deep down that you probably weren’t ever going to see him again. You wouldn’t make it to Stanford, you didn’t have the money and your grandparents needed you to help around the house.

“I guess I will,” you smiled, hoping it wasn’t a lie. You really wished you could see him again.

The two of you remained silent after that and walked back to where the Impala was parked. When you got back, Carmen had just arrived. She waved towards you and was about to talk before Dean had rushed over and hushed her as he pulled her lips onto his own. You stifled a laugh as she fell back against her car in surprise with wide eyes. But she soon relaxed and kissed the man back.

Sam had walked down the bank and begun to set some nearby stones in a circle to create a fire pit. You sat down beside him and watched as he took some sticks and fiddled around with them. Sam got up and raced to the car before returning with a lighter in his hand and begun to light the fire. You admired the way he moved as you felt the warmth he made sink through your thin clothing.

Piece by piece, he threw a log on, making the fire larger. Dean and Carmen had joined with a bag of marshmallows and skewers. The four of you sat side by side, with Sam’s arm around your shoulders and Dean’s around Carmen’s. You and Carmen were having a conversation about her spending the weekend with you as the two brothers argued about how many marshmallows the other had.  

Hours had passed and soon it was nightfall. The stars had shone brightly above you, the moon creating a blanket over the lake. Those passing hours were spent roasting marshmallows and telling stories and bringing up funny memories as laughs emitted from all of your mouths. The fact that the two brothers were leaving tomorrow had escaped everyone’s mind and was replaced with smiles caused by their presence instead.

Carmen had been dragged into Dean’s and Sam’s conversation, leaving you to study the teenage boy whose hand absentmindedly drew patterns on your thigh. His hazel eyes flickered from Carmen to Dean, his smile growing bigger each time Dean replied with a lame answer to Sam’s questioning. The way he directed his full attention to someone when they were speaking made you love him even more. It was the first thing that you noticed when you first met him.

His first day was spent with you rambling about different things – what classes to look forward to, who belonged to what group, easiest class to ditch, the newest gossip in school, and the list had continued on. You had looked over to see if he was paying attention and you blushed when you saw that he was gazing at you intently. He had memorized every detail you said to him that day.

You were going to miss him like crazy. The both of you had grown so close throughout the past two months, even closer this month, and by tomorrow evening, you’ll be pulled apart. God only knows if you’ll see each other or even keep in touch. You could only hope that you’d seen him again.

You’d been too far into your thoughts that you hadn’t realized that Carmen and Dean stood up. You were pulled back into reality when Sam intertwined your hand with his. Carmen’s giggle made you look up to see Dean whispering something in her ear, his hand clutching tightly on her own.

“We’re going to go find somewhere else to camp,” Dean smirked, keeping his eyes fixed on the woman in front of him, “you guys can have some alone time.”

Sam cringed at the thought of his brother ditching to have sex with someone which made you laugh. Carmen looked over at you and gave you a look – that damn look that said ‘do something you will remember for the rest of your life.’ You only smiled and nodded, watching as her and Dean took off towards her car, despite many protests from Dean wanting to take the Impala.

“Don’t be silly, Dean!” You yelled as he tilted his head in confusion, “Cover your willy!”

Dean blushed and shook his head in embarrassment, opening the passenger door for Carmen before hopping into the driver’s seat and taking off.

Silence took over after the sound of the car’s engine disappeared into the distance; the only sound heard was the fire cracking and crickets singing along with the wind. It was a comfortable silence. The two of you look out at the lake and admired the view. The cool breeze sent chills down your spine and sea of goosebumps to scatter your body, your thin sweatshirt doing no justice in keeping you warm.

Sam noticed this and pulled you in-between his legs, wrapping his limbs around your cold body. His warmth helped with the shivering, making you hum in satisfaction. You curled up against his chest, wrapping your arms around his waist.

“I’m going to miss you,” he sighed, kissing the crown of your head.

Just as you were about to reply, the night sky had lit up which was soon followed by a loud clap of thunder. Much to Sam’s dismay, your attention was captured by the unexpected storm that was about to begin. But he couldn’t help but smile when you stared in awe at the lightning and the sound of thunder. You found it beautiful, just as he found you beautiful.

The both of you stood up when you felt the first few droplets of rain hit your exposed skin. Neither of you had even taken a step when the rain poured down on the both of you, soaking you and your clothing. You couldn’t help the laugh that escaped your mouth as you tilted your head back and spun around in circles.

Too busy enjoying the rain, you hadn’t notice Sam looking at you with realization. It was in that moment, watching you find joy in the tiniest thing, that he realized how much he loved you. He hadn’t said the words to you and wasn’t planning on doing so, but seeing you with the biggest grin on your face and enjoying the rain, he had to tell you.

So he rushed forward and stopped you from spinning further, grabbed your face between his hands and kissed you with all he had. He poured all the love he had for you into this kiss, as you did the same. You felt his love for you and you only wished he could feel yours. Before you could run your hands through his hair, he pulled back and smiled widely, his dimples prominent in his cheeks. You were both breathing heavily with grins on your faces.

“I love you!” He yelled over the rain and it made your heart stop. You finally heard the words you wanted to hear from him. The same words you wanted to tell him. This time you rushed forward and kissed him, holding his tightly to you as your lips moved against one another.

“I love you,” you mumbled against his lips, “I love you, I love you!”  

He laughed and continued to kiss you as walked you back until your back was pressed against the Impala. You leaned into his touch when his hands begun to roam your body. One of your hands reached beside you to open the door to the backseat before pulling away from Sam and crawling into the back. He followed after you, closing the door behind him.

Neither of you didn’t waste any time as you both leaned forward to continue the make out session. Your hands tugged at his now tousled hair every so often as his fondled every inch of your skin. You could sense his hesitance when you tugged at his jumper, so you pulled back and looked up at him.

“You okay?” You asked, smiling softly.

Sam looked nervous. Hell, it was obvious by the way he avoided eye contact and his hand scratched at the back of his neck. You reached forward and grabbed the hand in his lap, squeezing it tightly in your own before bringing it to your lips and kissing his knuckles.

“I just- I haven’t done this before,” he mumbled shyly, cheeks turning pink in embarrassment.

You leaned forward and pecked his lips as you scooted closer to him, placing his hand on your waist.

“Neither have I,” you admitted, making him look up at you in confusion.

“But you and Aaron?”

“I refused, that’s why we broke up,” you replied.

“We don’t have to-“

“I want to, Sammy,” you grinned, “I love you and I trust you and I wouldn’t want to lose my virginity to anybody else.”  

Sam visibly relaxed before he pulled you into another kiss and gently laid you down on the backseat where he allowed you to rid his clothes and helped rid your own. The only sounds heard was the rain hitting the roof of the Impala, clothes being thrown onto the front seat and the soft moans emitting from the both of you as your mouths claimed one another’s body, marking your presence upon it.

He had caressed your body with care and made sure you were comfortable at every second as you did the same with him. You’d spent the night in the back of the impala making love to the boy you loved and you wouldn’t have wanted to end your night any other way.

Pounding on the back window was what had woken you up the following morning. You lifted your head up from Sam’s chest as you looked up to see an angry Dean and giggly Carmen. You blushed as looked down to see Sam looking up at you. He was smiling at you as he held back a laugh. By then, Dean had been pulled away by Carmen to give you both some privacy.

Sam leaned up and kissed you softly, one hand cradling your cheek and the other drawing patterns at the bottom of your spine, goosebumps rising at his touch. You hummed against his lips before pulling back and kissing his jaw.

“As much as I want that,” he grinned, “I have an angry brother to deal with and I don’t doubt that he’ll open the door and drag us out and we’re both naked and I don’t want anyone else seeing you naked, so…”

You giggled at his ramble and kissed him to shut him up before sitting up and reaching over the front to grab your clothes. You handed him his as you dressed yourself quickly and threw your hair up in a messy bun. He kissed you again before opening the door and stepping out, holding a hand for you. You grabbed it and stepped out, shyly looking down at your feet.

“How dare you have sex in the back of the impala before I do!” Dean exclaimed as soon as you both stepped out of the car, “this is why we should’ve taken my car, Carmen!”

Carmen couldn’t control her giggles as she leaned up and whispered something in his ear. Dean seemed to have visibly relaxed and looked at her with a smirk on his face before he looked back over at the two of you. He sighed and walked over to you both and pulled the two of you into a hug.

“You both reek of sex,” he cringed as he pulled away from you both.

“And you reek of dick,” you retorted, causing Sam to snicker.

“Are you saying Carmen has a dick?” He narrowed his eyes before turning to look at the brunette woman who leaned against her car, “babe, Y/N just said you have a dick.”

“What else did I fuck you with last night? A strap on?” She replied as she raised an eyebrow, crossing her arms. Her comment made you and Sam laugh which earned a glare from Dean, making you double over in laughter, “I thought you knew that I was drag queen, honey? I was here to entertain, but boy, you had one fine ass. You can’t deny our fun night; you were screaming ‘Daddy’ at the pleasure I gave you.”

Dean pouted and walked over to her, mumbling something incoherent to you and Sam. She only grinned at him as she leaned forward and kissed him. Sam’s hand found its way to your waist, pulling you closer to him as he spun you around to face him. Your cheeks hurt from smiling so much and he made it worse when he leaned down to kiss you softly, mumbling against your lips that he loved you. You murmured them back, giggling with each peck he gave. He pulled you into a tight hug and whispered sweet nothings into your ear as you both savored the moment.

It was now ten in the morning and the brothers had to leave in order to pack and you and Carmen had dreaded this moment. You told Sam you’d ride with Carmen back into town to which he sadly nodded in reply. He couldn’t keep his arms off of you and you couldn’t blame him. You wanted nothing more than to wrap him up and take him back home with you.

“I’m going to miss you,” he whispered into your ear, “I love you so much. Don’t you ever forget that, okay?”

“I won’t, Sammy,” you grinned as he pecked the skin underneath your ear, “I love you so much more. Now, don’t you ever forget that, alright?”

Sam smiled and tightened his arms around you before pulling back and kissing you one last time. He kissed you tenderly and made sure to soak in the moment. Dean’s cough was heard in the background, making you both break apart and look over at him. He had a sad look on his face.

“C’mon Sammy,” he spoke softly, kissing Carmen once more before walking over to the driver’s seat.

You kissed Sam’s lips again before stepping away from him.

“I’ll see you at Stanford,” you smiled at him, making him grin in return, “I love you.”

“I love you,” Sam walked over to the Impala as you made your way over to Carmen. The Winchesters hopped into their car, the sound of the Impala’s engine purred as they begun to drive back down the gravel road. You and Carmen watched until they disappeared down the dirt road, sighing at the feeling you were both left with.

You let out a shuddering breath as you held back the tears. The love of your life was ripped out of your grip and it hurt like hell. Carmen pulled you into a hug as she rubbed your back in comfort. The both of you couldn’t hold back your tears after the forceful embrace. She made sure to mutter positive things in your ear, but you were sure that she was only trying to convince herself. But soon enough, you pulled away and wiped your tears away as Carmen rubbed your arm before she walked over to the driver’s side and opened the door.

“We’ll see our boys again one day,” she said with hope evident in her voice, “now let’s head home so you can study hard to get to Stanford, baby girl.”

Part 3 

Here is my entry for @destieldrabblesdaily‘s 30K Fanfic Contest: Personal Space. Also sort of my headcanon of how that particular discussion went down and why Cas - for all his alarming honesty and blunt talk - never told Dean how he really feels.

[The beautiful gif is by @constiellation: if you want to scream into the void a bit, you can go and look at the whole set here.]

“Danny Salzman says it’s okay,” Cas says, appearing out of thin air, and Dean almost has a heart attack and fucking dies.

“Who the fuck is Danny Salzman?” he asks, putting down the razor, and thank God he hadn’t started shaving yet.

“He is -” Dean looks at Cas through the mirror, sees him blink at the room, sees the usual constipated expression around his eyes, because, yeah, it’s like Cas’ always doing this - trying to work out something extremely difficult or something - like he thinks human life is confusing as fuck, even this dingy motel room, and especially Dean, who slept in his clothes and isn’t down for any kind of weirdness, not today. “- was, I should say, a prophet.”

“Wait. So there’s prophets now?”

Cas only looks at him, and Dean shakes his head, a bit of shaving cream falling neatly smack in the middle of the old-fashioned sink.

“And, what - you killed him?”

Dean doesn’t know, or care, who Danny Salzman is and what prophets have to do with anything - there’s enough shit on his plate as it is - but he hasn’t missed the past tense. And he would like to think Cas wouldn’t kill anyone, but, yeah.

“He died in 1986,” Cas says, managing to sound almost offended. “And he was an anthropologist, and assistant curator at the Smithsonian.”

There was a So there at the end of that sentence, Dean’s sure of it.


“So what was he right about?” he asks, because it’s way too early to figure out how Cas’ mind works and Jesus, he promised he’d meet Bobby in Louisiana six fucking hours from now.

He picks up his razor again, squints at the mirror.

“Personal space,” Cas says from behind him, and, whatever, the little shit’s definitely waited until Dean had started shaving, and now he’s bleeding and -

“What the fuck are you going on about?” he says, more and more bad-tempered.

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Rescue Mission(ReaderxDean)

A/N: Guys this is a supernatural imagine/one shot. i have inspiration.. so yah. Also i’d like to say thank you to Winchesterimagine for following this blog!.Please dont spoil spn for me.. im only up to the second episode of season four.. im slow. 

Wordcount: 1681

pairing; ReaderxDean

Warnings: blood, swearing, another djinn, and i don’t know what else


You had been visiting Bobby for a few weeks. He was like your father and every chance you got, you visited. Right now, you were scouring the local papers for a case. You were humming as you circled words in articles, your feet propped up on the dining room table and your back was leaning back against the hard wood of the chair. 

Bobby was on the phone to the Winchester brothers ,he was telling them information about a case, reading the facts from his own journal.You knew them quite well, hunted with them a more than a few time and bonded with them easily. You stretched with a slight grunt as your eyes skimmed the paper. Your lips turned up into a satisfied smirk as wrote down the address you circled. 

After shrugging on your leather jacket, you slid the flask of holy water into your inside pocket. You hid a knife in your boot and your gun in the waistband of your jeans. You bounced over to Bobby and kissed his cheek. 

“I’m going to check this out, say hi to the boys for me” You whispered slightly, picking up the keys to one of Bobby’s cars.

He nodded in acknowledgement and diverted his attention back to the book, reading out more facts for Sam and Dean. 

After some time of driving around, you found the address. The house didn’t look too threatening..just run down..if the windows weren’t boarded up you’d think it was occupied. 

You snuck around the back of the house, wading through the thorn bushes. You had your left hand on your gun and your right had gently nudged the door ajar. 

Your eyes wend wide at what you saw. The creature was tying a knot in the binding that were holding up a limp body. The creature adjusted the blood drip before smirking. It was a Djinn… exactly like the one the Winchesters found. 

You silently crept into the room, your feet making light, delicate steps. You held your breath and cringed as your phone decided to blur out your ringtone. The Djinn snapped around and reached out for you as you grabbed your gun, you were too late. He put his hand to your head,a blue light emitting. No matter how hard you fought, your eyes failed you as they slipped closed and your body went numb and limp…

It had been roughly two days and Bobby hand’t heard anything from you. To say he was worried sick was an understatement, he had called you hundreds of times. 

Bobby looked over your research and nodded to himself. He knew who to call.He picked up his mobile and scrolled through the contacts, landing on Sam Winchester. He tapped his foot impatiently as it started to ring. 

Meanwhile, the brothers had just gotten in from a hunt. It was around 1 A.M when Sam’s mobile rang. Dean looked over in confusion as looked at the caller I.D.

“It’s Bobby” Sam mumbled as he clicked the green button and put the phone to his ear. “Hey Bobby..”

Sam listened carefully. “Sam, Can you get Dean to call Y/N for me.. see if she answers?” Bobby’s voice was rushed and it was evident that he was panicking. 

Sam looked up and turned to Dean. “Dean, call Y/N” He said with his eyebrows furrowed. 

Dean was sat on the edge of his bed when he dialed your number, getting no answer just like Bobby. He looked up and shook his head at Sam, he too becoming concerned.

“Bobby theres no answer, what’s going on?” Sam stressed. 

“She went on a hunt a few days ago, I haven’t heard anything since. I can’t track her phone but I have an address…Sam you gotta bring her back..” Bobby’s voice wavered slightly, he wanted you safe.

After promising Bobby he and Dean would find you, Sam stood and looked on the web for the address Bobby had sent. Both of the boys had started on more research, their plans to rest were long forgotten. 

“Sammy, I think I know how to get here..” Dean mumbled as he ran a hand through his matted hair.

Sam looked at his brother through tired eyes and nodded, “Dean, we can go after we’ve gotten some sleep. It’s not healthy for us” Sam snapped, standing to get ready for bed.

“No, we can’t. This is Y/N we’re on about,Sam!” Dean skimmed over various papers and froze, “Son of a bitch!” 

Dean’s fist hit the table, his cup of coffee spilling out the mug.

“What? You can’t tell me you still have a thing for her..” Sam teased, his eyebrow raising, not noticing his brother reaction until he snapped.

“It’s a Djinn..Sam there’s another one of those bastards! If we don’t go now, she’ll be drained!” Dean shouted as he stood, the keys to his baby in his hand. 

Sam nodded silently and began to grab the weapons. 

You knew what you had to do to get out of the wish-verse. You knew you had to try and wake yourself up..but you didn’t want to. You didn’t want to leave.. you felt safe. 

Your parents were there, John Winchester was alive still and most of all there was Dean. You hadn’t expected it at first but it was what you supposedly wished deep down. 

In the Wish-Verse, you had a family. Everything was perfect and no way did you want to leave. You knew you should wake yourself but you couldn’t bring yourself to do it…

Dean skidded the car to a stop outside the run down building. He wasted no time in grabbing his weapons as he rushed to the back of the house. Sam took one side and Dean took the other. 

“Please be here, Y/N” Dean whispered quietly to himself as he crept up to look through the door, it still being slightly ajar from where you pushed it just days before. 

Sam nudged his brother slightly and pointed to the floor boards. Laying there was your mobile, right at the bottom of where your feet dangled. 

Dean grimaced when he saw you. Your face was pale,lips slightly blue and your eyes sunken into your skull. Your arms were still raised above your head, the bindings on your wrists hoisting you off the ground. There was dried blood around the needle in your neck, the blood being syphoned into the blood bag.

Dean was about to make a move when Sam stopped him. The Djinn walked into their eyeline and tilted your head up as you started to flinch your limbs unconsciously. You were weak, if the boys didn’t get you out now you weren’t going to last another day. 

“There is something about your blood that’s so delicious” It mumbled, reaching for the bag.

That’s when the boys attacked Dean let Sam shoot the Djinn in the shoulder, causing it to kneel down, he then shot it between the eyes. Sam’s face was hard, his jaw was clenched as he shot it once more.

Dean shook you slightly, trying to rid you from your dream. Sam looked over, his expression sad. 

“Y/N, come on! why haven’t you woken yourself up already.. please.” Dean pleaded as he shook you harder. 

He reached out and flicked your forehead, hard enough to jolt you out of the wish-verse and back to reality. Your heavy eyelids opened slightly and you managed a slight twitch of your lips as you looked into Deans green eyes. 

“Y/N..oh god..” He frowned and quickly cut you loose, he pulled the needle from your neck, apologizing when you winced. 

Sam helped Dean catch you as you fell into his arms. “Dean we need to get her to Bobby.. fast!” He said hurriedly as he grabbed the bag of your blood.

Dean lifted you gently and nodded to Sam. “You’re driving” Was all he said. 

Dean sat with you in the back, checking your pulse every two minutes and stroking your hair. He wouldn’t look away from you. His calloused thumb brushing back and forth over your blue lips. 

Bobby had been able to fix you up, the boys had stolen supplies from the hospital to get your blood back in you. You were actually awake when Dean walked in and shut the door behind him. 

“Dean..” You smiled weakly, your energy still wasn’t back yet. 

Dean didn’t say much, he just sat in the chair next to your bed and reached for your hand. “You scared the hell outta me back there, Y/N” He whispered quietly.

You squeezed his hand tightly and nodded.

“Y/N, I don’t get it.. you knew what you had to do to wake up.. why didn’t you?” Dean looked up, his eyes were filled with unshed tears.

You immediately felt guilty, you didn’t want to admit that you wanted to stay in the wish-verse but you knew you had to. You let your tears fall, a sob trapped in your throat. It was everything you had ever wanted in that fake life.

“I didn’t want to wake up, I didn’t want to leave” The broken sob left you and as it did, Dean’s heart shattered.

Dean shuffled into the bed beside you and pulled you protectively into his arms. He stroked your hair and rocked you back and forth, trying to calm you down.

“Why? Why didn’t you wanna leave, Y/N?” He whispered against your hair.

You didn’t want to tell him that you had a family and that he was a part of it. You couldn’t bare his reaction. 

“Because I had everything I ever wanted” You whimpered as another sob rolled through your body.

“Shh…Shh..I know…I know what it does. Y/N, You,Bobby and Sammy…you’re all I got. Don’t make me lose you too..” Dean tightened his grip. “Especially when-” Dean stopped himself.

You looked up at him curiously. He looked down at you and gently took your face in his hands. You weren’t sure if you imagined them or if he actually said the words, they were so quiet.

“Especially when i’m in love with you”

Part two? just request it.