he probably won't see this a whatever

This will probably always be one of my favorite pages about Adam from the D.eus Ex art book. For one: I love that the designers were aware that while trying to get his look down, it’d become really obvious that trying to keep his arms exposed all the time made him look like a douche bag when coupled with his shades and beard. I mean, he still looks like a douchebag but whatever.

Also every time I see these it makes me wish they’d kept the exposed augmented legs/ gone with some very odd design. For one, as we have it now they’re entirely covered so you can’t even see them and tbh, sometimes I forget they’re augmented.

Not to mention it interesting having them exposed/ their weird design prohibits them from being hidden behind clothes. Because it’d be like a sort of very obvious visual reminder: he’s an amputee, someone who was horribly injured and without the aid of these prosthetics he would be disabled.

Granted you can still get this sense when he’s out sans coat and his arms ( or just having his hands shown at all ) are exposed but I feel the impact isn’t as strong. After all his black armor and coat kinda melds in with his black arms. So in an almost subconscious manner your mind would look at him and assume he’s wearing a long sleeve with gloves on. 

Either way, I do sometimes like writing in when Adam’s out in public with his coat on that people would do double takes once realizing his hands aren’t wearing gloves, that the black things actually are his hands. It’s always why sometimes I like writing/imagining him in a white button up with his sleeves rolled up too. The stark contrast really makes his prosthetics stand out.