he probably invented it

Seventeen at a Club

S. Coups: does a headcount when they enter and leave the club. Still fine after drinking 6 bottles.

Jeonghan: sets a world record for the most amount of shots downed in 5 seconds. No one expected it.

Joshua: criticising everyone’s choice of clothing. Orders water then becomes a tragic embarrassment on the dance floor. 

Jun: ignores the girls surrounding him and follows Minghao instead.

Hoshi: even though he doesn’t drink, he’d be taking over the dance floor as if he was drunk. Probably invents some type of dance and forces DK to do it with him.

Wonwoo: sitting alone because everyone is avoiding him. Probably leaves after 5 minutes and goes to a library or something.

Woozi: takes over the DJ booth but then leaves after 5 songs because the music was giving him a headache.

DK: starts befriending everyone, even the plants in the entrance. Becomes an embarrassing dancing trainwreck with Hoshi.

Mingyu: accidentally bumps into someone, being the clumsy person he is, and causes a fight. 

The8: gets drunk and pours his heart out to the person sitting next to him. 

Seungkwan: “My name is Boo Seungkwan and I’m from a group called Seventeen!! Do you know me?” Also takes over the karaoke station and sings his little heart out.

Vernon: probably drinking apple juice watching Sing Street because he’s underaged.

Dino: watching Michael Jackson videos under a blanket fort.

Headcanons For Dating The Tenth Doctor

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  • He stutters a bit around you. He also seems to trip a lot when you first started dating. Yet again he did that before you started dating too.
  • The Doctor is a “bit” clingy. He just likes being around you. It’s almost as if you’re both handcuffed together
  • The Doctor loves holding hands. He swings them. He rubs his thumb across your knuckles. He squeezes your hand. Sometimes his hand is deadweight in your hand. 
  • He loves hugs. He uses whatever excuses, whatever opportunity, to hug you. Whenever you are sad or happy. He doesn’t hug you when you’re mad because he’s afraid of getting hit. Although he might try…
  • Back hugs. He probably invented different ways of hugging by now.
  • He’ll give you space if or when you need it.
  • Of course he gives you his coat whenever you’re cold. Sometimes he just gives it to you because he’s too hot and figures you would wear it anyways.
  • “Don’t get my coat dirty!” “Watch me do it anyway!” “Oi!”
  • He’s over protective of you. He attempts to lock you in the Tardis if it’s too dangerous. You’d get mad. He’d get mad. It’s just a mess. 
  • Tiny face kisses. He’ll just plant dozens of kisses on your face.
  • “We’re dating!” “We know!” (Whenever he talks to people you both know. Not to enemies obviously)
  • He shows you off.
  • He’s so impressed by you.
  • He calls you brilliant at least a thousand times a day. Whenever you do anything to help. Even changing a lightbulb! “Okay. It’s in.” “You’re brilliant!” “I just put in a lightbulb…”
  • He lets you play with his hair.
  • Such a flirty alien. 
  • The Doctor likes to make himself seem smarter to you. He’ll solve things faster and do things quicker.
  • The Doctor also gets jealous easily. He’ll sulk in a corner. Sometimes he’ll act childish over it. He figures you would rather be with someone who you can grow old with. So he’s insecure.
  • Depending on time when you’re with him… He’ll become more happier after his losses.
  • If you’re with him during season three… He would make you go with Martha because he didn’t want you to be anywhere near the Master for an extended period of time. Of course he would also want you to help her!
  • The Doctor gives you gifts from time eras where you’ve been to.
  • If you left him by force (die ect) he would keep a shirt/sweater from you. Also he’d lock off your room and never go back in.
  • If you didn’t die from an adventure and after the season four finale, he’d make you stop traveling with him.
  • …That didn’t stop him from visiting you.
  • You’d never know for sure if you’re not dating because he’d still be romantic during his visits. He would still kiss you even after you stopped traveling with him. Of course he looked like he regretted giving in to his desires.
  • You’re the last face he sees before he regenerates.
Life Is Not Tetris

I stumbled over this quote the other day:

“Life is like tetris.
Your accomplishments disappear and your mistakes add up.”

This is false in so many ways.

For example: 

  • Would you say that Thomas Edison was a success and has changed the world? Probably yes. Does it matter that he needed countless attempts to invent the light bulb? 

    Same point different reference:
    “I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life.” 
    - Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player of all times

  • Who do you admire more: the one who just triumphs or the one who struggles, makes mistakes, suffers but keeps fighting and eventually triumphs?
  • Have you ever regretted risking something for the chance of achieving anything remarkable? If only your mistakes would count you would never dare to risk anything. All you would care about is avoiding possible failure. 

This quote is completely wrong. 

Apart of this, I believe that this is a horrible way of seeing life. This is the opposite of an entrepreneurial mindset. Following this idea you would never try anything new, never explore frontiers, never leave your comfort zone, etc. 

If you understand life this way I recommend to stay in bed and just do nothing.

One more thought: 

If life would work like an ancient video game…
… you had several attempts/lives
… you had to work with everything they through at you
… and the score would be everything that counts.

What kind of a life would that be?!


【ダイヤのA】 day 1: childhood → smol!miyumei on cleaning duty °u°

Ooc info dump

Okay so it’s been requested that I info dump about Adrian so here goes (most of it will have relevance I swearsies)

His full name is Adrian Dell McCourt and he’s 23. His eyes are green and he loves chocolate very much, more than almost all other food.

He likes coffee more than tea but would never tell Elwin, though he does love cats.

He is an early riser, even though he doesn’t usually get home until late at night. He has like 20 unfinished projects in his garage that he’ll probably never complete. He loves tinkering and inventing but is easily distracted.

He smells like gasoline and gets oil on his cheeks a lot from when he works on improving his car.

He’s into industrial music (Nine Inch Nails is probably his favorite) but he usually doesn’t put on any music when he drives other people around unless they ask.

When driving people he’ll tell them stories, take them stargazing, or even have sex with them if that’s what they want. Basically, he does whatever he can to make people feel better each night.

He generally tries to transport people he hears are in danger.

Honestly he’s very laid back and kind and just does his best to be a cheerful presence in town.
Watching Prince of Egypt:

Me: why does moses take off his shoes for god?

friend: god takes them


friend: he’s still not wearing shoes

me: god must not like shoes

friend:… he probably only lets people wear Crocs and since they arent invented yet, no one can wear shoes for him

friend: you know why god likes crocs?

me: …why?

friend: because they’re HOLE-Y

thus ensues the 1 am laughter 


  • me, banging pots and pans together: in the days before rapid communication, and particularly before the internet, the first time a word or phrase was written down was frequently much MUCH later than its first use in speaking, so the first written instance of a usage merely serves to set an latest possible date, not a definitive earliest date, to its origin
  • me, continuing to bang pots and pans: shakespeare didn't invent the word elbow

wrenvibes  asked:

Do you have any headcanons on what Wally's college experience was like, or what hobbies he has? Maybe friendship HCs about him and Cisco aka one of the best brotps to ever exist

Well Wally’s still in college so I feel like Wally’s a really likeable guy at school. I wish they would show him have fucking friends because he’s a likeable fella and he probably is one of the Cool Guyz. Like he probably makes these like really dope inventions but uses them for college guy purposes like an automatic beer keg or something. 

You honestly can’t tell me that Cisco and Wally wouldn’t get along. I mean tbh he’s kind of an honorary West at this point. I feel like Cisco could be like a mentor to Wally since they’re both into engineering. And since Wally’s focus is mostly cars I feel like Wally would show Cisco some designs and he’d be suuuper impressed with them and immediately like ‘let’s make this, I literally have one of those in my closet at home let’s make this today’ and they’d be kind of a dangerous pair because neither of them has any type of chill when it comes to making something. Like neither of them is the voice of reason so they’d be like “do you think this is too dangerous to build” “only one way to find out” and both of them have both asked and answered that question throughout their friendship. And one day there’s like a huge explosion in Cisco’s workshop and everyone speeds down there and they’re like “are you guys okay?!?! What did you do!!!??” And they get up and half of Cisco’s hair is singed off and Wally’s eyebrows are gone and they’ve got these shit eating grins on their faces and Wally’s just like “we just built the coolest car”

We’ve sat on the sidelines long enough.

Today is an important day. Today the Tumblr community comes together to make what is possibly the most important decision of the entire day: who do we elect?

After much research and discussion, we’d like to make an official endorsement:

Mop 2016: Reliable and relatable. Pro-inventions. They have lungs, probably.

Colin Morgan in Hunger Magazine issue 10 (scanned)

Sometimes I wish that Douglas Adams was still around. Not because I’d want to meet him or because I demand more content or anything like that, but purely because he’s missing out on some fucking awful shitposts that would be very relevant to his interests.

look i love kaz miller as much as the next fucker but heres the thing. .. he’s a dudebro and we as a society need to come to terms with that.. . he totally uses that axe body spray. he gels his hair. he probably invented dick pics okay. he was probably taking dick polaroids. 

It’s funny how the media talks so much about Simone having her own skill as if it were this very rare and incredible thing. 

Like, simone’s amazing and deserves all the praise plus it is a cool and difficult skill, but it’s not that uncommon for a gymnast to have a skill named after her.

But I guess non sports media love this “skill named after you” thing, like i think everyone in italy knows that the Cassina on hb exists, they might not know what exactly it is, or even really remember when and where Igor Cassina won medals, but if you mention him they’ll say “oh yeah he invented a skill!”, while that’s probably non the first thing a gymnastics fan would think about.