he probably got in a lot of trouble as a teen haha

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i'm kind of curious as to what your take on yamamoto is? i have struggle a bit with understanding characters sometimes and yamamoto kind of blows everyone that i've ever had troubles understanding out of the water. :s

i’m actually rather bad at picking up characterization myself, except through trial and error in writing and seeing what ‘feels right’ compared to what happens in canon…. and through reading other people’s headcanons and interps. so, this list is gonna be half and half of each P:

  • in summary: seems very candid and easy-going, is actually Way Too Intensely Motivated And Serious About Just About Everything
    • i don’t know if there’s a clinical term for this, but i’m calling it Lowkey Hardcore Attention Seeking (with a dash of impostor syndrome)

cut for length because wow i ended up writing a lot about the same topic

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Hi Ronnie! Might I ask your opinions on Jason Todd, and how he fits into the Ronnie!verse? I also hear the Red Hood went a stint in Arkham (at some point in the confusing ball of yarn that is canon), how would the other inmates (coughcoughJOKERcough) feel about this? Thanks! :3

Hi! Omg I love this kind of question ///’) More after the cut since this got a tad bit long ;’)

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Hi :) i just wanted to tell you that i love your blog so much <3 (and sterek! that ship will kill me one day) but im having trouble of finding some other good blogs (tumblrs) as yours is and i wanted to ask you if you dont have some good ones to recommend ? and also do you know about some new sterek/hobrien moments from like...2015 or even from this year ? just started watching teen wolf and im already a big fan :D i hope youre having a lovely day :)

Thank you, anon, that means a lot! <33 And yes, I know of some amazing blogs, can’t get enough of them! :D 

@warengrey, @officerstilinskihale, @allthemstilinskifeels, @thepsychicclam, @mad-madam-m, @hoechlindylan, @felicitysmock, @alecymagnus, @stilesandderek, @soldieronbarnes, @pale-silver-comb, @loserchildhotpants, @halekingsourwolf, @omgsterekplease, @zainclaw, @derekandstiles, @attoliancrown, @hoechlinteeth, @sinyhale, @hoechloin, @sterekgifs, @sterekballs

Ugh you guys are wonderful and amazing and are such a pleasure to follow everyday and anon, I feel like you would love following these guys because of Sterek, but they also bring a lot more to their blogs, not only the content, but who they are as people. I just love them all so much <333 And I know I probably forgot amazing people as well, and for that I’m sorry and I suck and you’re the best!!! 

As for Sterek/Hobrien…for Sterek, all we got were these two moments in 2015:




Because Hoechlin left the show (and like they would had much sterek on the show anyway even if he hadn’t) but they were some awesome moments that of course the Sterek fandom took in our lovely hands and ran with them.

And what’s amazing to me is that despite the lack of canon Sterek, and the fact that we haven’t had ANY sterek in almost a year, there is still SO MUCH sterek, the sterek fandom is still so big, and I still see at least one new post a day about sterek, whether it be a gifset, graphic, fics, drabble, or text post non-fic just talking about them together. Most days I see way more than one new post about sterek, too. 

Yeah, the Sterek fandom isn’t as active as it once was, but considering that we’ve had no Sterek for almost a year, no new source material to work with, and the fact that there’s still a ton of Sterek all over the place? Speaks to the power of the Sterek fandom. We aren’t going anyway anytime soon. Well, at least I’m not ;)

And as for Hobrien, we haven’t gotten much there either, considering the fact that Hoechlin and Dylan were separated or just not put together much in those last months/year before Hoechlin left the show (and MTV was obviously trying to get people to forget Sterek and let it die, and the fact that they’re both very private people and we never really got anything of them hanging out together before anyway except for a picture here and there) but we did get a few lovely gems like,

When they called Hoechlin at SDCC last summer (and Dylan lost his shit ;)):

Dylan about Hoechlin leaving:


Small moment from the Season 4 gag reel


Most recently with Dylan’s injury, a fan asked Hoechlin about it at a con (and why Hoechlin didn’t say anything publicly about it) and this is what they said he said:


and at (what I believe is) the same con, Hoechlin said this:


(and also reiterated how his fave eps are ep 4 of season 1 and 2, the sterek eps;) which led to him saying that

Oh! Hoech also said this last year at a con:


Also this tweet from when The Scorch Trials came out:


And then this story at another con:



Also I think I remember fans like…being outside Dylan’s hotel last year and then SURPRISE, a wild Hoechlin appeared! Suffice to say that everyone freaked out about that, too.

And well, maybe that actually is a good amount of hobrien even though we didn’t even get one pic of them together in 2015 and so far this year, like in the same room haha. 

Stil aweosme moments, all of them :D

Hope all this helped, anon! And enjoy the Sterek fandom ;) 

find some new friends

yoongi works a summer job with his underground friends and he’s honestly just trying to get paid. jungkook third-wheels on his hyungs’ date. two lost souls meet in an amusement park.

dialogue-only fic! amusement park au; pg-13, pre-relationship, warning: jungkook is 17

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The Riley Diaries Pt7

AU: Riley Matthews is a regular teen,until one day,she is not. Can moving away erase your past? Can you ever move on if you don’t actually accept it? Riley Matthews was a regular teen,until one day,she wasn’t.

A/N: This part is dedicated to Auguste,because I think she will like it a lot haha This got a little longer because of the songs I used in it but I still hope you all like it. I hope the story is not moving too slow for you,guys .. I just don’t want to miss something and am trying my best.
Enjoy xo

You can listen to Shawn Mendes’ songs Running low and Roses while reading this ;)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part5 Part 6 Part8 Part9 Part10 Part11 Part12 Part13 Part14 Part15 Part16 Part17 Part18 Part19


“Oh, you never told us that you have a boyfriend, Riles.” Maya said, still twirling her hair, not bothered by the thought that he is ‘taken’.

“Well, I actually,” I stuttered and looked at Josh, who was both shocked and surprised, “We had a little fight before I left and-”

“We almost broke up but we’re fine now.”

Josh put his arm around me and gave me an understanding smile and a nod that he will go with it. I mouthed a ‘Thank you’ and smiled to everyone.

“Yeah, we’re fine.”

“Well, I still want to know more about you and your boyfriend,” Maya said still not getting her eyes off Josh, “So what do you say you come over to our house tonight.”

Lucas elbowed his sister a little before looking at me and that made me think she was not supposed to invite us. I don’t blame him in a way, I guess he is upset with me. But what for? He is back together with Sarah, so much for not loving her anymore.

“They probably want to catch up, sis. We shouldn’t make them come.” Lucas said, pulling Sarah a little closer.

“Oh, come on.” Maya said annoyed with her twin and then looked back at us, “It will be fun, we’ll have a little barbecue, light a fire, sing under the stars and all that.”

“Yeah, Lucas told me you have a great voice.”

Farkle chimed in, unexpected and inappropriate, again. Sarah, Maya and Isadora all turned to Lucas at the same time as he was giving Farkle a death stare.

“How do you know that, honey?” Sarah raised her eyebrow.

“Who cares?” Maya didn’t even let Lucas answer, “Now I am sure you have to come, I can’t wait to hear that voice.”

Josh seemed to catch up real fast, it’s like he has been here the whole time and was aware of the ‘thing’ going on between me and Lucas. He looked him straight in the eye and his next words meant a lot more trouble for me.

“We’ll be there,” he smirked, “I love it when Riley sings.”

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