he probably got in a lot of trouble as a teen haha

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So Theo can calm Liam down by just talking to him and being there. Like no soft touches, intimidation or physical restraint. Just him showing up and talking, hitting Liam with cold logic till he starts thinking straight again. Although Theo forcefully pinning Liam against any surface to calm him would be aMaZiNg ;T I just love his discrete way of helping his boyfriend + the way he smoothly went from 'if you kill him' to 'if wE kill him' ugh. Also Cody Christian in that tight black shirt I am out

my buddy. my anon. i feel you, my bro, cody christian is a gift upon this world. ALSO THIS IS A GREAT PROMPT AND I LOVE YOU!! :D and i absolutely love that his reaction wasn’t ‘don’t kill him’ but ‘come on did you think about this’ because it is totally theo. so yes. here we go. 

  • admittedly, liam makes for a Kind of Terrible Werewolf. even outside the full moons he has trouble keeping a lid on it, although that’s partly his human side to blame. the point is: the mantra, which works for pretty much every werewolf everywhere, is not enough. sure, sometimes it does. but sometimes, it doesn’t even come close to working.
  • theo, conversely, is the poster boy for control. (this has partly to do with the wolf/coyote split i’ve detailed in my fic but that’s neither here nor there.) if he hadn’t, you know, absolutely decimated a niche population of supernaturals, or didn’t seem so goddamn threatening every time he so much as looked in someone’s direction, it’d be easy to forget that he was a supernatural at all.
  • liam and theo balance each other. i like to think of them as a sort of yin-yang: liam as the sun, burning with the rage of a fiery star, and basically your average beautiful sunshine boy, Good and Wholesome but also about as subtle as a rampaging elephant. theo on the other hand is a lot less obvious, a sickle-claw sliver, a little wicked and a lot mysterious, more inclined to manipulate than to physically force. 
  • liam helps theo open up and enjoy himself a little, and theo helps liam calm down and keep a level head. 
  • despite theo’s mitigating force, however, liam is… basically impossible to control when he gets going. and i headcanon that theo is unlikely to be able to really get in liam’s way when he gets going: liam would just toss him aside. i think of werewolves as sort of hulk-like: their strength grows in proportion with their anger (which is partly why they’re so dangerous when feral, but i digress). 

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In regards to the official handbook & Lauren/Santos' interview the one thing people have to understand is they don't OWN Voltron. Voltron is an intellectual property (an IP) that's owned by Dreamworks. Which means DW is the one that gets final say in all things. Which is why we'll never see a same-sex relationship on the show no matter how much any shipping base yells at the crew. It's not their decision ultimately. [cont]

Its different from Korra or Avatar b/c Brkye owned the IP & Nick just distributed it, owned media & toy rights, etc. It’s also why they can publish through Dark Horse & make it as queer as the current comics are. They own that IP and Dark Horse distributes & publishes their comics. With the current Volt comics the ultimate decision on what gets published in said comics is DW *not* the producers/writers/etc of the show. This counts for merch including the guidebook. [cont]

The current showrunners of Volt made a pitch, DW accepted that pitch, they may own part of it, but ultimately DW owns Voltron as an IP. So the guidebook ages are canon b/c even if the showrunners didn’t have input they’re not the final say in regards to merch DW is. They own Voltron. If people really want to make change within the show they should talk to DW lol but that’s not gonna happen. Its easier to look at the smaller ppl apart of a property instead of the larger corp [cont].

It’s like the recent Star Wars film troubles. A director & screenwriter go in & made a pitch for a Han Solo script/film but ultimately Kathreen K (who’s in charge of the SWU as it stands) gets final say on everything b/c she’s in charge of the universe as put there by Disney who owns SW as an IP. The Volt staff can’t make Kl@nce canon b/c 1. these seasons are done MONTHS in advance & animated overseas. Scripts are written months in advance, then sent to animation b/c deadlines [cont]

S5 is probably either done or near done as we speak. Considering DW and Netflix upped the season numbers each year to last throughout the year S6 is probably near completion as well w/ S7 & 8 being worked on final scripts now. No amount of fan fights or hashtags or questions at cons is going to change what’s already been animated. They could change things that are going to happen in 7 & 8 but what’s going to happen in S5/6 is written in stone already.

This is a very good post! Though I disagree with you that we’ll never see a same sex relationship. Companies are becoming more progressive on that front - in Dreamwork’s HTTYD Gobber is gay - though it’s not really given a lot of explicit attention. While we may not ever get anything extremely explicit like kissing, especially since this is a Y7 show, we could get something along the lines of the other cartoons that have had LGBT content like Korra, Adventure Time, and Steven Universe. There is never any same sex kissing in these cartoons but the romantic overtones between the same sex characters are obvious enough to older audiences.

That’s honestly what I’ve always expected from the show, and I’m pretty sure it’s what we will get. The relationship between Shiro and Keith already fits in this area pretty well which is why I have some hopes of canon, but it’s still ambiguous and could go either way. We’ve already seen Keith’s relationship with his usual set up love interest, Allura, and it doesn’t read as romantic on his part at all. We’ll have to wait and see what happens with Shiro after Romelle is introduced. If Shiro ends up seeming as uninterested in her as Keith is in Allura well… I think it would be a pretty big rainbow flag haha.

Canon is a flimsy thing. If we’re to take any official license merch as always canon then yes we’ve got final canon ages. If we only consider the actual show itself to be canon, then it’s still ambiguous. Honestly people should just stop caring about it at this point. And making Keith 18 seems like a deliberate choice considering he is older than Lance & Hunk, I don’t think that got pulled out of nowhere. Either he was always meant to be 18, which makes sense in the story because he was living on his own, or there was some decision made internally to make him 18. People just really need to accept it at this point, and they also need to stop saying the rest of them are 16 only Jeremy mentioned that age ONCE afaik, that isn’t late teens, they are 17 at the least and very likely all 18+ within the series now as a year has had to of past at this point looking at all the clues in the series. But the age discourse is never going to die because these kids don’t actually care about their moral crusade they just want to bully.

It’s a very good thing that animation works so far ahead in production haha. I think also because this is a netflix show, they have to work so far in advance since the episodes all drop at once. Normally, animation production is only 1 or 2 years ahead of whats airing. For Voltron, I wouldn’t be surprised if it were 4 at the least, they are probably writing the final seasons of the series right now like you mentioned.

And I HOPE that they NEVER listen to this horribly dumb fandom lol. Can you imagine? This fandom never has any good ideas. Fandom Voltron would be flawless mary sue black paladin Allura or Lance, with Keith as useless barely functioning arm candy for Lance with their romance plot taking center stage, Shiro gets put in a mental hospital because space dads brains are too scrambled to be around anyone, and the only good thing about fandom voltron is that every other episode would be a Hunk episode. But even that wouldn’t be enough to salvage it…

Maybe I read too much into their body language and posts, but I feel pretty confident that Montgomery and Dos Santos probably feel disdain for a large portion of the VLD fandom lol. But they’re no stranger to annoying fandoms, ATLA was likely tiring at times as well. In the end they’re telling the story they want to tell and probably don’t place as much importance in what their older audience thinks as much as their target demographic - actual 6-11 yr old kids. That’s not to say they completely disregard older fans, but that our opinion only matters for so much and as long as the kids are buying toys and bringing in the ratings they’re happy.

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Ohh my bad!! So sorry if you not write nsfw I don't read your description before. How about Ushijima with Love me like you do by Ellie goulding is it okay? Thanks

Don’t worry babe! Now this took me a lot of time to write. I rarely get to write about Ushijima, so I took my time. I really hope you like it. It’s been long since the last time I was so nervous about a request. It’s long as heck, thou haha. 

Sorry if there’s any gramatical errors. It’s 1 AM, and I just wanted to post this asap. Tomorrow morning I will try to read it and fix whatever mess I left there. PROMISE !! 


Love Me Like You Do - Ushijima Wakatoshi

Ushijima Wakatoshi was almost certainly the most unapproachable person in the whole academy. He stood tall and serious as he walked through the hallways with a perfect presentation. His white school blazer was spotless, and his formal pants didn’t have a wrinkle on them. For a young teen that lived alone in the dorms of the school without any help, or reminder to keep his uniform clean, he had excellent habits.

She had never been able to not stare at him. She had always been curious about him. He never talked in class, and for what she had seen he only spoke when he needed to answer someone. She had seen him hanging out with really few people, and it was obvious Ushijima wasn’t the one making the conversation.

So what was it that had her so infatuated? Three years now of being secretly crushing over the volleyball star of Shiratorizawa, and she still didn’t find how to stop. He had never showed any interest on any girl, and that had restrained her from confessing. If he wasn’t into the idea of dating, exposing herself would be foolish.

But her feelings were there even with the knowledge that she might never have her chance. Those kind of thoughts never failed to make her cry, so she did the best she could to not touch zones in her mind. She ran from them, and kept the positive idea that maybe if she tried, he would see no reason not to accept her. 

It was her last year, her last chance. She was sure that if she did nothing, the next time she saw him was going to be in television in some kind of professional volleyball tournament, and she would forever regret the time she wasted in high school.

You’re the light, you’re the night
You’re the color of my blood
You’re the cure, you’re the pain

She had made her decision during the InterHigh Preliminaries as she saw the Shiratorizawa team win match after match. They were already a few months into their last year together, and she couldn’t keep up like that.

His strength-full spikes went in as easily as always, and the loud noise the ball made when it hit the floor resembled a lot the way her heart beat whenever he was around. She definitely couldn’t tell herself anymore her feelings were nothing but a fading phase that would be over once she was in college.

You’re the only thing I wanna touch
Never knew that it could mean so much.

An impulse caused by a raw desire provoked her to make the first move. She had waited outside the courts before the match that was currently happening ended. She waited patiently hearing the cheering of the people going and coming for both teams. The long high-pitched sound of the whistle broke through the chants and shouts followed by a dead silence; she then knew the game was officially over. 

As the Shiratorizawa team exited the court to have a more than deserved brake, she pretended to be passing by. Something had gotten into her because her feet weren’t her own anymore. She walked to the team standing closed to Ushijima, who immediately noticed her presence.

“Good luck in your next game,” she had somehow managed to say. Ushijima had stared for a second before answering with a short nod.

“Thank you,” he politely said. She knew his voice was deep, but it was probably he first time he had directed his words to her, and that was enough to bring her back to her usual self. She was now speechless and conscious of herself. Right after that Semi Eita had recognized her creating a small chat between the team and her. She had stood alongside Ushijima throughout the whole conversation. 

They soon had to go back to their next game. It had only been a couple of minutes, but it had been enough. She had never been so close to him. She returned to the bleachers and watched the game with more excitement, she wanted to cheer more than before. It was silly since nothing had actually happened, for her it had been a big step, thou.

Now he knew she existed.

You’re the fear, I don’t care
Cause I’ve never been so high

What was a small step, took her to a whole new journey she never knew she would take. She started greeting him in the mornings whenever she could. The first couple of times Ushijima looked lost, and didn’t understand what she wanted. She could see that in his eyes, which turn out to be the most expressive part of his entire being. Two seconds later he would recognize her, and return the greetings.

She might have taken things slow, but she got only a few months left before the year ended, and the rush of it was taking the best of her. She didn’t care anymore about how obvious she was. She started creating small chats about school, their future matches, and even about the lame weather. Any insignificant excuse to approach him would suffice. For her surprise, he never seemed troubled, or annoyed by her presence. Sure, his answers were short, but he would always respond to her. That only encouraged her more. She was getting closer to him by the minute, and every day she talked to him, she would arrive to her room to twirl and spin and squeal as her roommate stared at her as if she was crazy. And she was… she was crazy in love with Ushijima Wakatoshi in the most careless way possible. She was levitating over the world, and she didn’t want to know anything about the fall.

This didn’t pass unnoticed. Soon enough the tall redhead that always followed Ushijima approached her. He was also in the volleyball team, and she had seen first hand his monstrous abilities. He was kind of intimidating, and his smile screamed trouble while his eyes dictated a suspicious calmness. She almost shrunk on her seat, and begged not to be murdered.

“You like Wakatoshi-kun, don’t you?” he asked. She let a small gasp to escape her as if her rosy cheeks weren’t enough evidence that she had been caught. “I mean, it’s not that obvious, I just really like to observe things,” he kept explaining without being asked, “He’s my best friend, and you seem cute. I can help you.”

“Why? Please don’t tell him anything.” 

“My lips are sealed. Now, will you like me to help?” 

She mindlessly nodded. He could be lying. He could only be planning to humiliate her in front of Ushijima. Then again, there was an innocent tone in his voice; he spoke in a childish form that transmitted honesty.

He invited to go out with them on Friday. 

A chance of a lifetime.

Follow me to the dark.
Let me take you past our satellites.
You can see the world you brought to life.

She would be lying if she said she never regretted admitting to Tendo Satori she liked his best friend. Right after that conversation restlessness took power of her. She was sure the guy would spread the rumor of her feelings everywhere. The next morning all of the students would look at her as they whispered behind her back. She didn’t care about being obvious, but every single being in school factually knowing she was head-over-hills for the high school volleyball team captain was another thing.

But that dreading moment never arrived. Apart from Tendou smiling at her whenever she was talking to Ushijima, everything was the same.

Fading in, fading out
on the edge of paradise

She arrived five minutes early on that special Friday afternoon, which was amazing giving the fact she tried a whole lot of different outfits before heading out. And what was even more amazing was that Ushijima was already there, waiting in the corner of the small coffee shop they were all going to meet.

He had looked confused at her, and she quickly explained Tendou had invited her as well. He didn’t ask anything, only nodded as if it made total sense for his friend to do stuff like that. She imagined it was the case.

They stood there in silence for a whole ten minutes. She shuffled on her feet being uneasy. She opened her mouth more than once trying to start a conversation, but immediately backed down. She closed her eyes shut tight feeling useless. She was wasting the precious time Tendou was creating for them by being late.

 “Just say it,” Ushijima finally spoke. She slowly turned to face him. He was staring at her as serious as always.

She babbled before being able to speak. “I mean, I only wanted to talk about… uhm, about your week… how was it?” she nervously asked.  

She started to regain some confidence once he started talking. He answered in his own fashion. She started asking a bit more and more, and daring to tell him about herself a little more. After straight fifteen minutes of simply talking, his phone suddenly interrupted them. It didn’t have any sound, it only vibrated, but he had politely stopped her mid sentence so he was able to pick up. It turned out Tendou was going to be a little more than late, but asked them to wait for him. She could listen to his voice through the phone; it was so loud. She was able to hear him asking if she was there. He then suggested the both of them should enter the small coffee shop and order something while he got there. Ushijima gave it a thought and agreed. She had to drown a nervous laugh.

Tendou never arrived.

He called an hour later to give the bad news. By then neither of them had realized a whole hour had passed. She thought Ushijima was going to say his goodbyes, and that wonderful day would come to an end. He didn’t. He only passed the message, and drank some more of his coffee. She didn’t say anything either. She instead started to ask about the unusual friendship they shared wanting to know more about why or how such contrary personalities ended up being so close.

He had opened up to her in some strange way. Even when he didn’t speak much, he told a lot about himself. He shared key information to her, and she listened carefully to not miss a bit of it.

Once their drinks were gone, and the sky was turning into a dark blue, he said what she feared the most: time to go back to the dorms. She unconsciously sighed disappointed. She wanted so much more time with him.

They walked in silence back to Shiratorizawa. It was the peaceful kind of silence, thou, one neither of them felt like breaking. Before they entered the academy, she stopped. He stopped as well turning to see her. 

“It’s really sad that Tendou never arrived,” she started saying. Both her hands were in her jacket’s pockets crunching and twisting the fabric inside. “But, I had a good time. It was a nice evening.”

Then, he softly smiled at her. “Yeah. It was,” he said as he started walking inside. She stood astonished on her place. Not only her cheeks grew warm, but also her whole body. She wanted to scream to the whole universe that she had made Ushijima Wakatoshi smile. 

She kept it to herself. She kept that beautiful gesture inside her mind, and only pressed her lips into a tight, happy smile, and followed him inside.

Every inch of your skin is a holy grail I’ve got to find.
Only you can set my heart on fire.

Looking back to that day, _____ can’t thank Tendou enough. Thanks to that evening she started to notice Ushijima was more cooperative with her. He talked a little more, and kind of lingered before saying goodbye once the bell rang and they were forced to part ways.

She thought she was hallucinating. She had had such a wonderful time with him on Friday, that sometimes she still was in the small coffee shop watching him drink his own as they talked. It was logical for her mind to imagine he was feeling the same things. Nevertheless, he had proved her wrong when a week later he asked her if she would like to go again to the coffee shop.

That had been their first official date. And it was followed by a second and third one, and fourth. He had never insinuated or mentioned where things were going with them. She enjoyed every second of his company one way or another.

Two months later, she was growing anxious. She was not only crushing on him, she now was sure it was love. It definitely was real, and strong, and it had installed its roots on her. The careless bravery she felt at the start was no longer there, because now it was more serious. She was not only aiming a shot in dark, she had thrown herself off of the cliff and was falling into an abyss.

I’ll let you set the pace
Cause I’m not thinking straight

One of the things that had become almost a tradition in those two months was for her to wait for him outside the gymnasium after she watched the previous volleyball game so they could go to have dinner. They usually talked about each of their days. It was usually her favorite time of the day, or week, depended if there was a match or not. That day was different. She wanted to know if he felt the same for her. She wanted to ask him if she had made the mistake of becoming only his friend, or if there was something he wasn’t saying. He ate peacefully not noticing the somehow uncomfortable silence between them.

But she noticed. She could see the unspoken words floating in the air around her head, around her neck choking her. She didn’t say a thing that night. She was afraid, of course. If she asked anything, and it turned out there was nothing but a ‘beautiful’ friendship, then all would be awkward. Therefore, all would be ruined.  

So she was quiet for another two weeks. She didn’t want him to serenade her, or bring her the biggest bouquet of flowers. She only needed to know where were they standing. People had started murmuring things. It wasn’t only her who thought Ushijima and her had something going on. Now it was everyone. 

Her first instinct screamed Tendou’s name. When classes were over she ran to his to be able to intercept him before he went to practice. 

“Well, haven’t you thought that maybe it is that obvious?”

She was lost for words. He was right but she still couldn’t understand then what was going on. 

“And why does it bother you? Isn’t it a good thing?”

“No when there’s nothing going on between Ushijima and me apart from being friends.” 

Tendou tilted his head looking confused for a brief moment. After that he sighed and patted her head before leaving. “Give time to time, _____” 

More time? She was already craving more of him, more of the relationship they shared. If they even share one at all. It had gotten to the point where she didn’t know if it was a good idea to keep pushing forward. No one was eternally strong. From now to then one reached a certain line, and broke under the pressure of disappointment.

She was human. She could only go so far without receiving something back. She not only loved his smile, she now felt the need to kiss it. She not only wanted to walk by his side, she wanted to take his hand, to hug his arm. She needed proximity, closeness. 

She felt sparks, and magic, and every cliché when she was around him. Couldn’t he feel it too?

My head spinning around I can’t see clear no more.
What are you waiting for?

She had fallen into such desperation she had given up hope by then. She was trying to convince herself she did all she could, and losing him was a straight no. She was mentalizing herself to the idea of being her friend for the rest of the year. She was now part of his life; at least she would have that.

She repeated those ideas as if they were a mantra as she walked to the bleachers. One more game, and off to nationals. 

It didn’t help her to see him play in any way or form. If any, watching him play only made the situation worse. She was at the edge of her seat with very spike Ushijima got in. The first time she had ever noticed him was in a volleyball game, and she had fallen for him then, after all. To watch him play inevitably brought her back to her first year in high school.

At one point his spikes stopped going in, they started going up, to the disbelief of everyone. 

When the match was over, and Shiratorizawa was officially declared the loser, she left the gymnasium thinking what she could possibly say to him. She could say she knew him well, and knew he had unconsciously developed an overwhelming confidence. The bigger they were the harder they fell.

She didn’t hear about him for the rest of the week. When Monday arrived, she found him resting on the wall next to the door of her room. He didn’t hesitated. He stepped up to her. Whether she liked it or not, his unique presence never failed to swipe her off her feet. 

“I’m sorry for being absent lately,” he started to say. She became confused immediately. She shrugged ready to wave it off, but he continued talking. “I’ve been having a lot in my head, but I got it straight.”

Again, she was going to tell him not to worry and he interrupted with what she was longing to hear. The words that came out of his mouth were so surreal to her that she became deaf for a fraction of second.

Ushijima was confessing to her.

Love me like you do
Touch me like you do

What are you waiting for?


Thanks for the request! I hope you liked it!

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i'm kind of curious as to what your take on yamamoto is? i have struggle a bit with understanding characters sometimes and yamamoto kind of blows everyone that i've ever had troubles understanding out of the water. :s

i’m actually rather bad at picking up characterization myself, except through trial and error in writing and seeing what ‘feels right’ compared to what happens in canon…. and through reading other people’s headcanons and interps. so, this list is gonna be half and half of each P:

  • in summary: seems very candid and easy-going, is actually Way Too Intensely Motivated And Serious About Just About Everything
    • i don’t know if there’s a clinical term for this, but i’m calling it Lowkey Hardcore Attention Seeking (with a dash of impostor syndrome)

cut for length because wow i ended up writing a lot about the same topic

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Hi Ronnie! Might I ask your opinions on Jason Todd, and how he fits into the Ronnie!verse? I also hear the Red Hood went a stint in Arkham (at some point in the confusing ball of yarn that is canon), how would the other inmates (coughcoughJOKERcough) feel about this? Thanks! :3

Hi! Omg I love this kind of question ///’) More after the cut since this got a tad bit long ;’)

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Hi :) i just wanted to tell you that i love your blog so much <3 (and sterek! that ship will kill me one day) but im having trouble of finding some other good blogs (tumblrs) as yours is and i wanted to ask you if you dont have some good ones to recommend ? and also do you know about some new sterek/hobrien moments from like...2015 or even from this year ? just started watching teen wolf and im already a big fan :D i hope youre having a lovely day :)

Thank you, anon, that means a lot! <33 And yes, I know of some amazing blogs, can’t get enough of them! :D 

@warengrey, @officerstilinskihale, @allthemstilinskifeels, @thepsychicclam, @mad-madam-m, @hoechlindylan, @felicitysmock, @alecymagnus, @stilesandderek, @soldieronbarnes, @pale-silver-comb, @loserchildhotpants, @halekingsourwolf, @omgsterekplease, @zainclaw, @derekandstiles, @attoliancrown, @hoechlinteeth, @sinyhale, @hoechloin, @sterekgifs, @sterekballs

Ugh you guys are wonderful and amazing and are such a pleasure to follow everyday and anon, I feel like you would love following these guys because of Sterek, but they also bring a lot more to their blogs, not only the content, but who they are as people. I just love them all so much <333 And I know I probably forgot amazing people as well, and for that I’m sorry and I suck and you’re the best!!! 

As for Sterek/Hobrien…for Sterek, all we got were these two moments in 2015:




Because Hoechlin left the show (and like they would had much sterek on the show anyway even if he hadn’t) but they were some awesome moments that of course the Sterek fandom took in our lovely hands and ran with them.

And what’s amazing to me is that despite the lack of canon Sterek, and the fact that we haven’t had ANY sterek in almost a year, there is still SO MUCH sterek, the sterek fandom is still so big, and I still see at least one new post a day about sterek, whether it be a gifset, graphic, fics, drabble, or text post non-fic just talking about them together. Most days I see way more than one new post about sterek, too. 

Yeah, the Sterek fandom isn’t as active as it once was, but considering that we’ve had no Sterek for almost a year, no new source material to work with, and the fact that there’s still a ton of Sterek all over the place? Speaks to the power of the Sterek fandom. We aren’t going anyway anytime soon. Well, at least I’m not ;)

And as for Hobrien, we haven’t gotten much there either, considering the fact that Hoechlin and Dylan were separated or just not put together much in those last months/year before Hoechlin left the show (and MTV was obviously trying to get people to forget Sterek and let it die, and the fact that they’re both very private people and we never really got anything of them hanging out together before anyway except for a picture here and there) but we did get a few lovely gems like,

When they called Hoechlin at SDCC last summer (and Dylan lost his shit ;)):

Dylan about Hoechlin leaving:


Small moment from the Season 4 gag reel


Most recently with Dylan’s injury, a fan asked Hoechlin about it at a con (and why Hoechlin didn’t say anything publicly about it) and this is what they said he said:


and at (what I believe is) the same con, Hoechlin said this:


(and also reiterated how his fave eps are ep 4 of season 1 and 2, the sterek eps;) which led to him saying that

Oh! Hoech also said this last year at a con:


Also this tweet from when The Scorch Trials came out:


And then this story at another con:



Also I think I remember fans like…being outside Dylan’s hotel last year and then SURPRISE, a wild Hoechlin appeared! Suffice to say that everyone freaked out about that, too.

And well, maybe that actually is a good amount of hobrien even though we didn’t even get one pic of them together in 2015 and so far this year, like in the same room haha. 

Stil aweosme moments, all of them :D

Hope all this helped, anon! And enjoy the Sterek fandom ;) 

find some new friends

yoongi works a summer job with his underground friends and he’s honestly just trying to get paid. jungkook third-wheels on his hyungs’ date. two lost souls meet in an amusement park.

dialogue-only fic! amusement park au; pg-13, pre-relationship, warning: jungkook is 17

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The Riley Diaries Pt7

AU: Riley Matthews is a regular teen,until one day,she is not. Can moving away erase your past? Can you ever move on if you don’t actually accept it? Riley Matthews was a regular teen,until one day,she wasn’t.

A/N: This part is dedicated to Auguste,because I think she will like it a lot haha This got a little longer because of the songs I used in it but I still hope you all like it. I hope the story is not moving too slow for you,guys .. I just don’t want to miss something and am trying my best.
Enjoy xo

You can listen to Shawn Mendes’ songs Running low and Roses while reading this ;)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part5 Part 6 Part8 Part9 Part10 Part11 Part12 Part13 Part14 Part15 Part16 Part17 Part18 Part19


“Oh, you never told us that you have a boyfriend, Riles.” Maya said, still twirling her hair, not bothered by the thought that he is ‘taken’.

“Well, I actually,” I stuttered and looked at Josh, who was both shocked and surprised, “We had a little fight before I left and-”

“We almost broke up but we’re fine now.”

Josh put his arm around me and gave me an understanding smile and a nod that he will go with it. I mouthed a ‘Thank you’ and smiled to everyone.

“Yeah, we’re fine.”

“Well, I still want to know more about you and your boyfriend,” Maya said still not getting her eyes off Josh, “So what do you say you come over to our house tonight.”

Lucas elbowed his sister a little before looking at me and that made me think she was not supposed to invite us. I don’t blame him in a way, I guess he is upset with me. But what for? He is back together with Sarah, so much for not loving her anymore.

“They probably want to catch up, sis. We shouldn’t make them come.” Lucas said, pulling Sarah a little closer.

“Oh, come on.” Maya said annoyed with her twin and then looked back at us, “It will be fun, we’ll have a little barbecue, light a fire, sing under the stars and all that.”

“Yeah, Lucas told me you have a great voice.”

Farkle chimed in, unexpected and inappropriate, again. Sarah, Maya and Isadora all turned to Lucas at the same time as he was giving Farkle a death stare.

“How do you know that, honey?” Sarah raised her eyebrow.

“Who cares?” Maya didn’t even let Lucas answer, “Now I am sure you have to come, I can’t wait to hear that voice.”

Josh seemed to catch up real fast, it’s like he has been here the whole time and was aware of the ‘thing’ going on between me and Lucas. He looked him straight in the eye and his next words meant a lot more trouble for me.

“We’ll be there,” he smirked, “I love it when Riley sings.”

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