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Perspectives — Chapter 1: Maya

Summary: Maya’s always had mixed feelings about New Year’s. But this year, it’s different.

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Maya has always had mixed feelings about New Year’s.

When they were little, it was usually just her, Riley and Farkle. They’d be at the Matthews’ apartment, and Mrs. Matthews would make them big mugs of hot chocolate after dinner as a treat. The three of them would curl up together in the bay window, where Farkle would recount his plans of taking over the world in great detail, while Maya doodled in her small notebook and Riley cuddled Beary the bear.

And every year, her two friends would be determined to stay awake until midnight only to fall asleep beside her in the bay window well before the clock struck twelve. Maya, who’d been a light sleeper ever since her father left, and was used to staying up late and getting only a few hours’ sleep every night, would usually see the new year alone.

Farkle finally managed to stay up with her past midnight in fourth grade, and Riley joined them in sixth grade, and together they watched the fireworks from the roof of the Matthews’ apartment building. It was Maya’s last entirely happy New Year’s for a while.


The New Year’s in eighth grade, in their last year of middle school, was the night Maya ended up in a triangle with her best friend and the boy they both liked. It was the night Maya joined Lucas on the Matthews’ rooftop, hope in her heart and her heart in her eyes instead of hiding behind a façade, because it seemed as if, for once, she wasn’t going to be punished for putting her own happiness first, ahead of Riley’s. And she got both her hope and her heart crushed, because of course, since when was the universe ever kind to a broken, messed up girl like her?


On New Year’s in freshman year of high school, Maya decided she had to move on.

The events before and during their ski lodge trip had left her exhausted. Riley insisted Maya only liked Lucas, and was getting good grades and not racking up detentions, because she had ‘become Riley’. Lucas told Maya he didn’t like their teasing and bantering, making her realize she had misunderstood his feelings for her.

There was only one thing Maya could do, so that’s what she did: she removed herself from the triangle so that Lucas and Riley could be together, as they wanted.

And though Maya and Josh had decided they might be right for each other someday, Zay’s words had made her realize it wasn’t fair on either of them to not be able to live their lives now. If she and Josh decided in the future — when they were both older and not in such drastically different places in their lives as they were as a high school freshman and a college freshman — to date each other, then they could definitely do that. But for now, she needed to move on from him too. So, she’d spoken to Josh and called off the long game.

And when their classmate Brandon asked Maya to be his girlfriend at the New Year’s eve party at the Minkus penthouse, she said yes.

Brandon was one of the very few people Maya was close to outside of her immediate group of friends. In many ways, they were a lot alike. They were both a bit rough around the edges, a bit dark. Like her, he too came from a broken home (though Maya now realized that she and her mom and Gammy Hart were a whole family by themselves even before Katy married Shawn). Like her, he struggled with not believing that hope was only for suckers. And like her, he had feelings for someone who did not reciprocate them.

Maya had hung out with Brandon quite a bit during the summer before they began high school, when Riley had been in Philadelphia with her grandparents, Lucas and Zay in Texas, and Farkle busy with some or other summer academic thing. It had set the foundation of what would become a truly strong friendship. She liked him, she was comfortable with him, he liked her, he was comfortable with her. So, dating Brandon hadn’t seemed like a bad idea at all.

By the time New Year’s came around, they had already been on a couple of dates, though Maya hadn’t yet told any of her friends, not even Riley, because she didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. But Brandon was fun to be with, and she truly believed they might be able to help each other move on.

She refused to think anything about the way Lucas’s eyes had been on her the whole night, or that he’d apparently left the party when Brandon kissed her by the tall glass windows of the Minkus’ ballroom at midnight. He probably disapproved of her behaviour and her decision to date Brandon, because he didn’t like Brandon much in the first place. But he had chosen Riley, and Maya’s decision to date anybody else was none of his business.

She found out the next day, when she turned up at the bay window to tell her best friend her news and found her in tears, that Lucas had broken up with Riley at the party. Despite her own happy circumstances, it was impossible then to think of New Year’s as good when her best friend was so sad.


Maya had her own New Year’s eve breakup in sophomore year, when she and Brandon decided to end their relationship. They’d long confessed to each other that they still had feelings for other people, and it didn’t make sense to call themselves boyfriend and girlfriend anymore when they were just friends — close friends, but nothing more. They both decided it was best to start the new year with a clean slate.

Still, it was the end of her first proper relationship, and Maya couldn’t deny that it left a bittersweet feeling inside her.

She spent the party (being held at the Matthews’ apartment once again) surrounded by all the people she cared for. Her friends did everything they could to distract her from the fact that she’d just broken up with her (now ex-)boyfriend, and Maya had to admit they were pretty successful, though one person in particular might be the reason. Lucas stayed by her side the entire night, unwilling to leave her alone and refusing to let her mope.

Maya and Lucas had become close again after drifting apart for a bit when she’d tried to get over him by dating Brandon, and his concern made her feel warm and safe. She had to remind herself more than once that Lucas only cared for her as a friend, nothing more. That was how he’d always seen her.

She noticed, when she and her friends headed for the roof just before midnight, that Farkle held Riley back. Frowning, she was about to protest — she wanted her best friend by her side when the clock struck twelve — but Lucas caught her hand and shook his head. Puzzled but not unduly worried, Maya let herself be led upstairs. She could always find out from Riley tomorrow what Farkle wanted.

And when midnight struck and fireworks exploded in the sky above, Maya found herself laughing, squished between Lucas and Zay into the tightest group hug ever, while Smackle struggled and squirmed, and scolded both Lucas and Zay for flirting with her in front of each other. Maya looked up to find Lucas’s eyes on her, looking at her the way he’d done back in middle school. The steady, rapt look that had once led her to believe he had feelings for her.

“Happy new year, Maya.” His voice was low, and his eyes were full of some emotion she couldn’t place.

Just friends, she reminded herself. “Happy new year, Lucas,” she smiled back at him.

The light in his eyes dimmed for a moment, but then he seemed to shake off whatever had affected him, and pulled her into a tight hug that Maya returned wholeheartedly. The feeling of warmth and safety flooded her again.

She may have just broken up with her first proper boyfriend, but she always had her friends. And despite her own weird headspace, New Year’s didn’t seem so bad after all.


In junior year, New Year’s eve feels different. Maya, Katy and Shawn are hosting the party this time, in the bigger, nicer apartment they moved into soon after Katy and Shawn got married. Everyone Maya loves is here: family, friends, and other people who are important to her and her parents.

Mrs. Matthews and Mr. Minkus are standing by the windows, and from their loud voices and exaggerated hand gestures, Maya thinks they’re probably comparing how many A’s they each got in college or something. It’s amusing to watch.

Shawn is talking to Farkle’s mom and Harley Keiner, their middle school head janitor, both of whom he and Mr. Matthews knew back in their high school days. Matthews is chatting with Lucas’s Pappy Joe, who’s visiting New York for the holidays with Lucas’s Grandma Mabel. Maya’s Gammy Hart, Lucas’s mom Lillian and his Grandma Mabel are seated not far, having a quiet conversation of their own.

Maya’s mother has probably gone inside to check on Maya’s six month old baby brother Patrick, while Auggie and Ava have already fallen asleep together on the couch.

Her friends are grouped around the dining table: Riley, of course. Farkle and his new girlfriend Haley. Smackle and Zay, who’ve been pretty blatantly flirting with each other since Halloween. Brandon, failing miserably to appear mysterious and cool when he’s smiling like a complete dork at his girlfriend Sarah.

Riley’s been quieter than usual lately, and though Maya noticed this a while ago, she sensed that her best friend needed some space to think about whatever was bothering her before she talked about it. But Maya decides it’s time for her and Riley to have a proper talk in the bay window tomorrow, so Riley can finally tell her what’s wrong. She thinks she has an idea about what might be on Riley’s mind.

“It’s only a few minutes to the New Year, people!” Katy announces as she comes back into the living room, and the noise level immediately goes up.

Maya looks around for the one person who’s nowhere to be seen. He was talking to Brandon, Zay and Farkle earlier, and then with Mr. Keiner, but after that he’d disappeared. She’s about to ask Zay when someone takes her arm and tugs her behind the large Christmas tree, where they’re partially screened from the rest of the room.

“Ranger Rick!” Laughing, Maya turns to face her boyfriend. She and Lucas have been together since the end of the summer, and it still doesn’t cease to amaze her that they found their way to each other despite everything.

“Shortstack.” Lucas wraps his arms around her waist, grinning at her like the heehaw he is.

“What happened to your shirt?” she asks, adjusting the collar of his plaid flannel that she’d claimed for herself a few months ago. He must have found it in her closet and changed, because he’d arrived wearing the t-shirt she’d given him for his birthday, which listed every single nickname she’d ever called him.

“Your baby brother,” Lucas wrinkles his nose. “I held him for like a second, and he burped, and threw up a bit of his dinner on me.”

“He recognises a sucker when he sees one!” Maya grins. “Last week, he threw up all over Matthews. You should’ve seen his face!” A thought strikes her. “Huh. Dumping food on other people — in whatever form — seems to be a Clutterbucket family trait. My mom threw food and smashed cake on Kermit’s face when he came to visit. You know, during the forgiveness project in middle school.”

She watches as Lucas scans her face, confirms that she isn’t sad or upset when she mentions her biological father. And still decides to change the subject because he doesn’t want anything her to think about anything that might make her unhappy, especially tonight. “And you dumped two smoothies on my head on our first date,” he says.

“Best date ever!”

Lucas snorts. “At this rate, and with you as his role model, Patrick will dumping stuff on people’s heads by kindergarten.”

“Oh, do stop with all the compliments,” Maya pretends to wipe a tear. “You’ll have me bawling my eyes out in a minute!”

“Hey Shortstack,” He tugs a lock of her hair to get her attention. “Have I ever said anything nice to you?”

It takes her a second to realize he’s not just asking her a (in her opinion, rather dumb) question out of the blue; he’s repeating word for word what she said to him on New Year’s eve three years ago on the Matthews’ rooftop. It catches her off-guard. “Why?” she asks him, suspicious. His smile is a bit too innocent.

He sighs dramatically. “Do you have to spoil the moment? I’m trying something here!”

“Fine! Yes,” she rolls her eyes but replies to his first question, going along with their game. “You say nice things all the time, you never stop! I don’t know how I put up with you. You’re such a corny, gooey, cheesy huckleberry sap!”

“You forgot mushy,” Lucas grins and draws her closer. “Well, here’s one more to add to the list: It’s one minute to midnight, and I’m glad you’re standing here with me.”

Maya blinks before pressing her lips together to stop them from curving in a wide smile. It’s bad enough that her eyes are probably shining like a besotted fool’s. “You think you’re cute,” she begins, scrunching up her nose. “Now you’ll want me to say something mushy too! I don’t do mushy, Huckleberry. It’ll ruin my street cred!”

“I promise I won’t tell anyone,” he whispers mock-conspiratorially in her ear. “But for the record, it was pretty mushy when you said it to me three years ago, too.”

“Okay fine, but just this once,” she grumbles. “Mad Dog.”

His mouth falls open. “Did you just—?”

“You’ve been pestering me ever since we started going out,” Maya mutters as the crowd in the living room begins yelling the countdown. “Don’t let it get to your head.”

“Are you kidding? This is the greatest day of my life!”

“You’re such a dork!” she groans, but she’s smiling as she grabs his shirt collar and pulls his face down closer to hers. “It’s midnight, and I’m glad you’re here with me too.”

Chapter 2: Riley

Sybbie and George in the Christmas Special.

Worlds Apart

Anon Asked:

Can I have a Pietro request where your a mutant like him and Wanda and you’re an avenger and he gets you pregnant, but you decide to run away because you didn’t want to put your child in any harm and Pietro tries to beg you to stay. Its a long request sorry.

I really hope you like it!!!!!!

Word Count: 3643


    The world was suddenly ending. The birds had stopped chirping, everything was completely silent, except for an ominous rushing sound. When the rushing had stopped only a faint ringing was left from the destruction. Two pink lines had just shredded apart every bit of (Y/N) (Y/L/N)’s life. You could hear a heart wrenching sob from somewhere off in the distance, but it sounded so far away. Spots danced in front of your eyes as the edges of your vision started to go black. You could see the ceiling of your bathroom window becoming further and further away with every passing second. A cold passed through your body as it came into contact with something hard. You turned your head trying to figure out what was going on, but you were slipping away and honestly you didn’t care. The sunlight coming in through your bathroom window felt cold. The bright and happiness of the world couldn’t overcome the darkness you felt. Your last thought, was how the world could continue to spin as yours had stopped.

    After you had woken up you had started packing. You couldn’t tell Pietro about the baby. Tears streamed down your face. You and Pietro had, had a stupide drunken one night stand. Of course that’s what it had been to him, but it had been more to you. Since the twins had decided to fight against Ultron you had a crush on the silver hair Russian.

    “What are you doing?” You jumped at the sound of his voice nothing usually surprised you with your super hearing. It wasn’t nearly as cool as Wanda or Pietro’s power but it was a part of you. You were quiet and liked to listen to others. You regretted turning around. Pietro’s eyes widened with concern. You probably looked horrible. You wiped your wet cheeks with your sleeve and gave a shrug.

    “I’m leaving.” You turned back around and grabbed the rest of your clothes. You had already talked to Tony who was letting you borrow his jet. He’d also insisted on giving you a credit card which had god knows how much money in the bank account. You had refused to tell why you were leaving, but he wanted to make sure you would be ok. He had become like a father to you in the short time you had known him.  You had also cleared it with Director Fury, he had been less pushy, and he understood the need to get away. He had set you up with a house out in Colorado. You felt Pietro’s warm large hands on your arms, turning you to face him.

     “Why? Where are you going?” His voice had raised an octave with panic. Shaking him off you grabbed your bag. He was begging you to stay but you kept walking. His yelling had caught the attention of everyone in the living room. The minute you walked in everyone’s eyes were on the two of you. Natasha stood up ready to jump into action; the two of you had always been close. You shook your head at her and she sat back down but her body was still tensed up. Everyone else besides Tony stared at you confused.

    “I’m going away for a little while, alright?” You tried to make a break for the elevator but Pietro grabbed your arm effectively keeping you there. You couldn’t bear to look at him.

    “I think you should let (Y/N) go, now.” Tony was now standing behind you. You looked at the couch everyone was standing now. A fresh track of tears marked your cheeks. This ragtag bunch had become your family, leaving them had been the hardest decision you had ever made.

    Pietro outnumbered let go of your arm defeated. You hurried to the elevator before anyone could try and convince you to stay. As you stepped into the elevator you looked at your family. Pietro was already gone. Steve, Bruce, and Tony smiled at you, but you could tell they were holding back tears. Natasha and Clint smiled but you could see the suspicion in their eyes. One face surprised you though. Wanda stood near the back of the group, her eyes full of knowing.

    When you finally reached the plane you lost it. You sobbed into the soft leather seats and protectively put your arms around your belly. As you rose into the night air the stars seemed to shine brighter than usual. Taking that as a good sign you went to the bathroom to clean yourself up. You were not going to let your baby think that you didn’t want him or her. You put your hand on your flat stomach, from what you read you wouldn’t start to show till about twelve weeks. You looked at your phone, ten more weeks to go.

    It had only been ten weeks. You hadn’t even started on making a life. You had been watching the news trying to find out what was happening with the Avengers. None of the news stations had much information on what had happened in Sokovia. You had just finished unpacking all of the baby stuff you had bought in town. You stepped onto the porch, the house was beautiful but you loved being outside. The house had a wonderful landscape and you had already decided that before you got too fat you would plant an herb garden in one of the desolate flower beds. You put your hand on your fast growing belly. It was about the size of a volleyball, you needed to get set up with an OB but everything had been so busy.

     The minute you heard the black SUV’s pull up your heart started to beat a little faster. Dread filled your body as you turned around and saw Director Fury get out of the first one. Your stomach dropped to your feet when a tear streaked Wanda stepped out of the second. You leaned against the porch railing as they approached. Director stood behind Wanda allowing her to tell you.

    “He’s gone.” She said her voice frail and cracking as tears streamed down her cheeks. Your world had only just been rebuilt, but it was now crashing down around you. You fell to your knees and screamed. Wanda rushed to your side speaking soothing words but nothing helped. In your emotional state you heard her mention something about the baby and that shut you up. In all the parenting books you recently bought they mentioned how bad stress was for the baby. You took some deep breaths trying to slow down your heart beat. Wanda played with your hair trying to keep you calm. When you were finally able to get up Wanda lead you to the new couch you had bought. You sunk into the plush cushions allowing yourself to take some comfort. The three of you sat in silence for what seemed like forever; the room was filled with tension both of them didn’t want to upset you. They were treating you like you were made of glass. You couldn’t take it.

    “I’m pregnant not a china doll, now will one of you please tell me what happened to the father of my unborn child.” You said through gritted teeth. Fury looked surprised for a moment before nodding to Wanda. Wanda managed to get through the whole story without breaking down, you envied her for that because you cried the entire time. You couldn’t help but laugh. Wanda and Fury both looked at you like you were crazy but you couldn’t help it. That was your Pietro he was a cocky son of a bitch but he had a heart of gold. You were proud of him; you only wished you could have told him about the baby. You hugged your belly.

    “I want you to come back to New York.” Wanda’s voice snapped you back into reality. You stared at the brunette. You had never been close with her before you had left the tower. She hesitantly reached her hand out towards your belly but stopped before reaching your belly. Before she could fully retract her hand you grabbed it surprising her. She watched in wonder as you placed her hand on your belly. Suddenly your belly tensed and you felt a jab. Wanda nearly jumped straight into the air, but you laughed your baby was moving.

     “I’ll come back I want my baby to know their aunt.” You and Wanda both smiled at each other before hugging. You were both connected by this baby; it was your last link to Pietro. You may have lost a love that could have been, but Wanda had lost half of her soul, and you’d be damned if you didn’t help her through this.

     The plane ride back to New York from Colorado was much less comfortable. Your back hurt from the sitting so long and now that your baby was big enough to kick he/she didn’t stop. Wanda tried her best to make you comfortable while Fury spent most of his time in the cockpit. By the time you landed in New York you were tired and very irritable. On the ride to the tower you were able to get a little sleep, by the time you reached the tower it was nearly eleven in the morning and the baby had stopped kicking he/she must be a night owl.

    When you made your way out the elevator you were surprised to see the whole team holding a banner saying welcome home! They were more surprised seeing you. They had been scrambling to put the banner up now everyone stood there frozen staring at your belly.

    “Who the hell do I have to kill?” Tony asked his voice rough. You had no doubt that if he could, he would kill Pietro. Wanda tensed next to you but you put a hand on her shoulder. You walked to the couch you needed to sit. The group parted like the red sea for you to get to the couch but they never stopped looking at your belly. Plopping down on the couch you smiled at your over protective family. All of them looked murderous.

      “Guys you don’t have to worry about the father.” You said slowly your throat tightening a little. The entire team let out a collective scoff.

    “The hell we don’t he needs to know he now has responsibilities.” Steve said passionately. He had grown up in a different era. Secretly he probably disapproved of your pregnancy but he would never say anything. But he would expect the father to step up and be a man. You shook your head.

    “You don’t have to worry about the father because he’s dead.” You choked out and quickly wiped away a tear, you needed to calm down. Things suddenly fell into place for the team as they realized who the father was. Natasha rushed to your side and wrapped her arms around your shoulders. Clint slowly approached and he sat on the coffee table in front of you. He handed you his open wallet. You hesitantly grabbed the wallet and found a picture of women with a little girl and a little boy. There was another picture of the same woman holding a brand new baby.

   “His name is Nathaniel Pietro Barton; I can never thank Pietro enough for giving me the chance to know my son.” You and Clint were both crying by now. You stood up and embraced Clint, everyone else decided to join and now you were in the middle of group hug. Where ever Pietro was you couldn’t help but feel proud of him. The baby decided that he/she wanted in on the fun and started to wiggle. You smiled down at your belly, you had most of your family back and for right now that was enough.


    The past eight months had flown by. As soon as you’d gotten back everyone had gotten baby fever. Natasha had been buying baby clothes like crazy. Steve had put together the baby’s crib while Tony had added on a complete nursery. Wanda never seemed to leave your side though. Your belly stuck out nearly a foot from your body so you were grateful for all her help.

    You both sat on the couch while some trashy reality show played in the background. You had your swollen feet propped up while Wanda sang Russian lullabies to your belly. The babies loved her singing they always seemed to calm down when she sang which gave you a break from their wiggling. You listened to their heart beats, which were in unison. They were asleep. Wanda had been ecstatic when you had found out you were pregnant with twins, but you had decided to wait to find out the sex of the babies. Suddenly Clint busted into the room startling the both of you. But Wanda just smiled mischief shining in her eyes.

    “(Y/N) will you come with me for a second I want to show you something.” Clint asked excitement filled his voice. You looked at Wanda but she just shrugged her shoulders and helped you up. Wanda and Clint waited by the elevator practically bouncing up and down while you waddled over. Once in the elevator Clint hit the button for the sky deck. You stood there absolutely stumped wondering what the hell Clint had down. Everyone was up there crowded around something while smiling and laughing. When they caught sight of you their smiles only grew and they stepped away.

    Your breath hitched. His back was turned to you but you’d know that silver hair anywhere. Waddling as fast as your swollen feet would carry you grabbed his arm and turned him. The breath left your lungs while Pietro’s eyes grew as big as saucers. His stumbled back from you in surprise.

   “How is this possible?” You asked reaching out to touch his face. He was real this wasn’t your imagination. Clint and Director Fury stepped forward with the biggest grins ever.

    “With the help of Dr. Cho and some Asgardian technology we were able to bring speedy Gonzales back; he’s been recovering for the past eight months.” Director Fury said, but you didn’t care. Anger flowed like lava through your veins. You looked to Wanda expecting the same reaction but she was just smiling. You slowly turned around to face Fury.

    “So you’re telling me you let me believe that the father of my unborn children was dead for eight months?” Everyone took a step back, they knew how bad your temper was when you weren’t pregnant and it had only gotten worse since you had been pregnant. Clint stepped forward.

   “Now (Y/N) before you jump to conclusions you have to understand we didn’t know if he would make it. We didn’t want to give you false hope, Dr. Cho just cleared him.” You took a deep breath you knew that they were just trying to protect you. You turned back to Pietro who was still standing there his eyes wide as he looked at your belly. You moved to waddle towards him when you felt a gush of water soak your yoga pants. Then there was chaos Steve and Tony were rushing around like chickens with their heads cut off. Natasha went to go grab your bag while Bruce went to go get a car. Wanda had you sit down while she went to go call your OB. You looked over at Pietro who was sitting beside you holding your hand.

    “That’s why you left isn’t it? Why didn’t you tell me?” His voice was full of pain and betrayal. At the sound of his voice you smiled and cried. Again this seemed to scare him.

    “Are you ok? Are you in pain? Do I need to get Wanda?” He got up to leave but you pulled him back down. You didn’t want him out of your sight.

    “I’m fine I just missed you. I don’t know why I didn’t tell you. I’ve thought about it for the past eight months and the only thing I can say is that I was afraid that you would run away.” You were full on crying now, you hid your face. You felt Pietro’s fingers lifting your face to look at him.

    “I would have never left you printsessa. Before you left I wanted so bad to tell you I was falling in love with you. Ever since that night with you I couldn’t look at another woman. You ruined all other women for me. I love you.” Pietro’s eyes brimmed with tears. Without thinking you crashed your lips against his. They were still as soft as the first time you had kissed him. Sadly it the kiss was ruined by a contraction. You broke the kiss and yelped in pain. You held Pietro’s hand and waited for it to pass. When Wanda came up with your bag Pietro carried you to the elevator.

    “Pietro put me down, I’m too fat.” You said trying to wiggle yourself out of his arms. He just scoffed and smiled at you. You couldn’t help but blush.

   “Two things printsessa, one you’re not fat you’re pregnant. Second I have missed out on your entire pregnancy let me feel useful.” You laughed at his ideology. He was completely useful without him you wouldn’t be pregnant. But you didn’t get the chance to say that as another contraction hit. You tensed up and Pietro held you close.

    By the time you reached the hospital everyone besides Wanda was panicking. You on the other hand felt like you were dying. When you finally got into the delivery room the doctor said you were ready to push.

    “Alright Dad were gonna need you to hold mom’s hand tight and encourage her.” Pietro nodded as he pushed a piece of hair off your sweaty forehead. You wanted to laugh at him, he looked so cute in hospital scrubs, but you were in too much pain. After thirty minutes of pushing you gave birth to a beautiful little boy.

    “Alright Dad come cut the umbilical cord.” Pietro turned white as he looked at the tiny baby in the doctor’s hands. He hesitantly took the scissors and gently cut the cord. Of course right at that moment the baby decided to scream nearly causing his poor daddy to have a heart attack. Enjoying your quick breather you laughed, earning a scowl from Pietro. Then you felt you’re back tense up and you groaned. Pietro was instantly back at your side. He looked at the doctor scared.

    “What’s wrong, is she okay?” Your doctor looked at you confused and you pinched the bridge of your nose. You looked over to Pietro.

     “I’m sorry I forgot to mention were having twins.” The blood completely drained from his face at this revelation.

    “I swear to god Pietro Maximoff if you faint on me while I have this baby I will kill you again.” Another contraction hit and this time you screamed and tightened your grip on his hand. One more big push and in the doctors hands was a screaming little girl. You laughed at her fire. Finally having both babies outside of you, they brought your baby boy over so you could hold your babies.

    Your little boy was all cleaned up while your little girl was still all covered in blood. Pietro stood next to you in awe tears freely falling from his eyes. You had your family back. You kissed the top of your babies’ heads speaking softly trying to calm them down. You pulled them closer together the minute their hands touched they calmed down. After the babies calmed down the nurses took them to clean your little girl and do weight and measurements on your little boy. Pietro watched them take the babies, he looked a little nervous and you put your hand on his to reassure him. Your eyes felt heavy and within minutes you were asleep.

    You woke up a little later. You looked over to find Pietro holding a baby in each arm. He was completely focused on the sleeping bundles in his arms that he hadn’t noticed that you were awake.

    “We need to decide on names.” You said softly careful not to wake up the babies. Pietro looked up at you and smiled.

    “I figured you’d already have them figured out.” He said cockiness in his voice. If you had the energy you would have thrown one of your pillows.

     “If you must know I didn’t know we were having a boy and a girl. I wanted to be surprised.” Pietro stood up and carefully handed you your son while he held your wiggling daughter. She was beautiful she had her father’s beautiful crystal blue eyes. You looked down at your son who was quietly sleeping in your arms. Your daughter had definitely taken after her father.

     “I think we should name her Emery Wanda.” Pietro smiled down at his daughter and nodded his head.

    “And I think we should name him Nicholas Clint.” His head snapped up as you said the name. A large smile broke out on his face as he sat down on the edge of the bed. You thought it was only fair since Clint had named his child after Pietro.

    “I wonder what powers they will inherit.” Pietro mused as he gently tickled emery. She smiled back up at him.

    “I have a feeling she’s going to take after you, while Nick will take after me.” Pietro let out a chuckle and peered over at Nick. The awe in his eyes filled your heart with joy. Pietro was going to be an amazing father.

    You held you son in one hand and wrapped your other arm around the love of your life and daughter. Your heart was complete for the first time since you found out you were pregnant. You had your family and nothing would ever take them away from you.

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Since Jason chose to raise Damian instead of becoming the Red Hood, he's probably around 17-19 years in age. I imagine as a teen father he probably gets some disapproving glances from people that should just mind their own damn business. On the other hand, he's a hot young dad with a cute baby son he obviously adores, so I'm sure he's always getting numbers to set up "play dates" from other single parents. Could I please request a 3 sentence prompt of the latter or former please? Thank you! :)

In my mind, in this AU I imagine Jason is between 20-21, but I guess it’s up to the reader. Gonna go for the latter prompt here, since the former is very similar to another prompt I received that I’d like to do, so.

This is before he and Dick really get together, and Dick had gotten home from work just a few minutes before.

Other things for Nevolition’s Dad!Jason AU


Dick glanced up from his magazine when he heard the door open, and Damian’s happy babble. He smiled as Jason kicked the door closed, rubbing his nose gently against Damian’s.

“What’re those?” Dick asked when Jason set down Damian’s diaper bag, and immediately dug into his jacket pocket, pulling out a fistful of business cards and little slips of paper.

“Phone numbers. From some of the other parents at the park. To set up play dates, they said. Though, to be honest, I couldn’t tell if they meant play dates for our kids or ‘play dates’ for us.” Jason raised his eyebrows suggestively. Dick laughed as he approached, and took the wiggling Damian in to his own arms. Jason fanned the numbers out between his hands, and his grin turned mischievous. “Want to help me sort ‘em? Then we can see if my game’s better with the moms or the dads.”

dude i need heaven to be real so god can tell me what he thinks of my i lucifer fanart

dearest gabrielala - arent you forgetting your histoire? i got where i am today by gainsaying His will. whats He going to do? go to war again over an east end tart?“

if need be. do you think michael sleeps, lucifer? or that heaven’s armour is gone to rust?”

Maturity: Luke Hemmings Smut

In which you convince Luke to buy jeans that aren’t black skinny jeans and dressing room sex ensues. Sequel found here.

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“Did we have to do this?” Comes the dry question you’d been waiting for. Honestly, you’re surprised it took him this long to ask. You smile, thinking you probably look sickly sweet with your lips curled up like this. But you only look predatory, and it makes Luke raise an eyebrow and try not to admit how he almost enjoys that wicked smirk. The way it makes your eyes shine with sinful acceptance.

  “Luke.” You purred indulgently, “you were wondering yourself how you’d look in loose jeans. Why not find out?” You say the words like it’s something exotic, and with a giant amount of pretension. As though forcing Luke into loose jeans and a nice, non-ripped shirt is just the prize of a game that children play. And from the way you blink lazily at him, you’re making it quite clear who you think the child is. He rolls his eyes and huffs. This hadn’t been his idea, after all. If anyone was a child here it was you, for coming up with such a ridiculous plan. You click your tongue idly and jerk your fingers over hangers, occasionally plucking a shirt or a pair of jeans off the rack and throwing it into the growing pile in Luke’s arms.

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Alone ///Teen Jake Open Starter

Jake watched as his father pulled out of the driveway to go on some hunt. He had just gotten back from school when his dad told him that he was heading out and be back in a few days. Jake rolled his eyes and told him whatever.

As soon as the car was out of view, Jake pulled the pack of cigarettes out of his pocket, taking one out and lighting it up. Hw took a puff from the cigarette and blew it out. His father didn’t know he did this, would probably disapprove because he wasn’t old enough to have cigarettes but Jake didn’t care right now. He’s been smoking for months and no one noticed, so, he kept doing it. He sat on the front porch as he continued to smoke the cigarette, unaware that someone was still in the house.

Okay but Jess literally went to dinner with Emily, knowing that she would probably disapprove. He went there knowing that Emily Gilmore would probably hate him but he went anyway because it was important to Rory. He was on his best behaviour too, not wanting to be rude and wanting to wait until they had left before discussing his black eye, he was trying so hard and I feel for him.