he power of compassion

but really I don’t see enough people talking about how luke skywalker defies so many aspects of toxic masculinity and is a prime example of how kindness and compassion can be so powerful. he literally defeats darth vader by asserting again and again that vader is his father, that he doesn’t want to hurt him, that it’s not too late for him. this boy is facing death and yet he finds it in himself to understand and empathize with the man trying to kill him. he saves himself- and ultimately vader- by being forgiving, and compassionate, and kind. luke gets shitted on for being “whiny” when in reality he’s one of the few male protagonists I’ve ever seen act emotional and openly and unashamedly express his affection/feelings for others. it’s just so important to me that people realize that luke skywalker, perhaps the most iconic character to emerge over the past hundred years, is a hero BECAUSE he is kind, because he isn’t afraid to care about others, because he feels things deeply and is ultimately guided by his extraordinary heart.

Some Chiron Proses

Chiron is the healing asteroid which talks about past wounds and how to heal them. 

Aries Chiron- Voice has been stolen like he was a mermaid. Self-esteem and self needs buried under heavy soil. The journey is to the self. He needs to find his fire and go the path of the warrior. 

Taurus Chiron- She was pulled up by her roots and then cast aside. All she sees are fallen petals and a frail stem but forgets she came from powerful Gaia. 

Gemini Chiron- No one listens, words never come out right, misunderstandings seem to be the only perception between him and others. His voice drowns in the wind and eyes are always peering at him from behind the bushes. He must share his own language and speak louder than any storm. 

Cancer Chiron- She feels the emptiness and crush of being abandoned. Nurture was ripped away from her in the coldest way. She is fragile, wants tenderness, self-healing like the ocean, tough shell always, she is self-sustaining in her emotions. 

Leo Chiron- He was meant to bask in the sunlight but someone tore that away. Loved one cast a shadow too far. His pride is his strength and his strength has been broken down. He is the sound of bravery, spirit of empowerment, and the wall of dignity.

Virgo Chiron- All she sees are flaws in the mirror. Worry is an obsession. She thinks judgment is natural. There is a lit path of acceptance and tolerance that she has to find. 

Libra Chiron- All he wants is love. He weeps in his own wilted garden, water and sunlight for it to thrive exist in his heart and mind. Crush of the hopeless romantic and a desire for approval. Once he can water his own garden can he bask in others. 

Scorpio Chiron- There is a shadow in the corner of her bedroom, it is heavy and always follows her. What is behind that locked door? She fears many things but mostly her past and herself. She must walk thru the flames, face the darkness, and rise. 

Sagittarius Chiron- What is right and what is wrong? He thought he knew strongly but was disillusioned, led astray. He feels like a puppet with a corrupt master. He will rebel, he will form his own rules. 

Capricorn Chiron- She knows what coldness truly is. Ice is her shield, the scabs on the wounds. Authority was always taken from her, she wants to scream but holds her mouth back, softness and kindness tries to escape out apathetic eyes. She must find the reins of power and drink compassion. 

Aquarius Chiron- He just wants to be part of society, to join the collective. He can’t stand his own skin, he hates the sound of his own voice. By accepting and loving the alien he becomes more human. 

Pisces Chiron- Her soul has either weakened or is hiding in the mist. She is on a journey to join spirit and body. She leaves behind the victim becomes the savior, she learns to be the survivor and knows that is enough. 


Filthy Frank TV Lore Masterpost

I just wanted to take some time out (actually i’m bored) to fully explain the whole ~Filthy Frank~ lore, or at least, the “main” characters and how they weave in and out of the show.

Because, let’s be real, George didn’t even know what the hell was going on for the first two years and the Wikia is a mess.

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This is more of asking you about your headcannons territory but i wonder what was the dynamic between order members and snape and specifically weasleys and snape.. we see molly be pretty friendly towards him and the elder siblings are maybe wary but not outright hateful

some headcanons about snape and the order

  • most of the Old Guard didn’t know snape existed. dumbledore kept his presence under wraps until the war was over - it was only when he stepped in for snape at his trial that he became an official member of the Order. many of them distrusted him and kept their distance.
  • moody thinks snape Has the Right Idea about pretty much everything when it comes to Constant Vigilance and holds him up as an example to younger members. snape tells him off, but does secretly appreciate someone recognizing his ability to be cunning and paranoid. 
  • molly weasley, despite numerous glares and many talks from her husband and others warning her against it, mothers snape. she can’t help it. (”he’s so young, arthur and he lives such a dangerous life! he’s so thin!”) she tries to give him extra slices of pie. she pats him on the shoulder. she calls him severus. and, on one memorable occasion, she invited him over for christmas dinner. (he said no.)
  • arthur tries to pick snape’s brain about muggle stuff since he knows snape’s a half-blood who lives in a muggle neighborhood. sometimes, if snape is feeling kind, he’ll answer arthur’s questions. 
  • remus and snape do not talk to each other and have not for years. snape hates remus’ guts and remus looks at snape and feels some nauseous combination of guilt and nostalgia. but dumbledore does not need to ask snape twice to make the wolfsbane potion and remus always calls snape ‘professor’ never the nickname that hovers in the air between them.
  • the eldest weasleys and tonks all remember a younger snape - a snape who hadn’t yet grown into the formidable persona harry potter will encounter several years later. they remember a snape who would stutter sometimes in front of the class, who didn’t always know how to hand out punishments, who was only a few years older than his oldest students. they aren’t afraid of him. he wasn’t their favorite professor, but he also didn’t terrorize them. 
  • bill weasley actually looks up to snape - he likes potions and snape is brilliant at them. if nothing else, he respects snape as a potioneer.
  • tonks once pretended to be snape for an entire class while friends of hers distracted him with a prank. snape was Not Amused.
  • snape emulates mcgonagall’s teaching style and she is his sole friend at hogwarts. she took him under her wing when he started teaching. she laughs - sometimes trying to muffle it - at his jokes. they judge the terrible rotating dada professors together. sometimes, when nights are particularly hard, she comes down to his dungeons and they share a cup of tea. not talking, but existing with someone else breathing in the room, necessary for both of them to expel their demons. 
  • mcgonagall was the most hurt when snape killed dumbledore and fled. she spent two days as a cat, clawing at everything she could find. when he came back as headmaster she refused to even look at him.
  • dumbledore did not intend to feel anything for the young death eater he took in. the boy would die in a year and dumbledore’s heart had frozen as voldemort grew in power - he had no guilt to spare for the boy, no compassion or sympathy. too many had died and this boy had signed his life away willingly. 
    • but then he didn’t die. he was forced to live and dumbledore watched him break to pieces as someone he loved died because of his actions and saw ghosts. he gave the boy a lodestone to hang his life onto and watched him grow into a man.
    • snape would come to dumbledore’s office for menial things - tea or advice that he did not want to ask for, complaints about his students. sometimes he would come and sit in dumbledore’s squashy armchair and he would not speak, would barely breathe. dumbledore wouldn’t force him to, recognizing the demons behind snape’s eyes. 
    • as the years passed, dumbledore realized he’d grown fond of him at some point, had come to be amused by his dark humor and proud of his accomplishments, at how far he’d come from the boy begging on a hill in the dark. and then voldemort returned. and the man looked him in the eye when he asked and said yes and dumbledore’s soft heart recoiled at the guilt.
    • dumbledore is the one to see snape after death eater meetings - blank-eyed and full of self-loathing at the things he has to do, the things he can’t do. the one to look after him when he comes home shaking from the spells voldemort throws at his followers like candy. the one to get his exhausted, extensive reports. 
    • and it isn’t until he’s dying, dying, dying that dumbledore realizes at some point snape burrowed his way into his heart and took root there. and the old guilt comes back again, because he must ask snape to shoulder one more burden, to put one more task under his long line of duties. 
    • when the time comes, dumbledore’s glad snape is the last face he sees. 
OK, I think I figured out KH3′s ending.

So, in KH3D fate started to be “A Thing”.  MX and YMX talked about how “People do things because they are fated to do things, especially me.”

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^ See time theme.

Now Maleficent is off looking for the Master of Master’s book of Prophecies

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And the first KH3 trailer was Master Xehanort and Master Eraqus discussing the fatedness of the Keyblade War.

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Now compare that to all of our heroes who believe fate and history can be changed.

Merlin before sending people to Timeless River

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Yensid: Who clearly states that this whole “Give Lea a keyblade” thing is 100% them just trying SOMETHING. 

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And most of all, Sora.  Who has been told, repeatedly, that he was not meant to have a keyblade, he draws his power from his friendship and compassion with others, and look if it wasn’t for the whole “Ven resting in you and Riku turning evil about .5 seconds before he was to get it, you would not be here right now.”

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We also know that this is the last of the Xehanort saga.  So they need a nice and clean way to wrap this all up.  

So, I give you this:

Step 1) We beat up Xigbar who seems to be the only person doing this because he wants to and not because fate told him to. Also that whole “Freeshooter” Opera reference is 100% going to bite him. 

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2) We may also beat up Maleficent because, Maleficent.

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3) Sora time travels to when OldNort goes back to when he told YMX everything.  (Using the Merline time travel which does not require a version of you to be there.  That, or they use Ven for this.)

4) Sora stops OldNort thereby breaking a cycle of Xehanort doing things because fate says so.

Originally posted by khvanitas

HOWEVER this means Sora - as he is - ceases to exist.  

As stated above, Sora draws his power from Ven specifically and Ven in general.  

Because of Xehanort’s not being tied by fate, he may never go after Ven, shattering his heart to make Vanitas and causing lots of problems.

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This means no Ven with the BBS crew and ESPECIALLY Xehanort does not go searching for the Princesses to bring about a new era.  

This means Terra and Riku never meet, Terra does not become Terranort, and Kairi stays at Radiant Gardens.

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(now if Mickey keeps Ansem from research is another question and worth a discussion later)  

This leaves the world for the better and 2 kids on a small island… and very little else.  

Sora never meets Donald and Goofy.

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Riku never destroys the Island. 

The worlds never go out. 

Xehanort and Eraqus train their successors, Maleficent’s plans are limited to her world where Prince Phillip defeats her.  Isa and Lea have adventures.  

And all was, and will be, quiet.  

During work, I began watching a lot of transformers for reference in my character designin’… So this was born because I was suddenly flush with nostalgia. It’s still a Work-in-Progress, though I thought it’d be fun to share. Basically I was thinking “How would I make a transformers series?”

The theme is basically: Big, Powerful and Loyal to Megatron (well…I’m going by G1 cartoon and TFP Shockwave). Each one has a different reason as to WHY they’re loyal.

I wanted to try out my own interpretations of some of my favorite transformers… from top to bottom:

Blackout: He’s my favorite Transformer from the Bayverse, but I wanted to give my own spin on him. I thought his mouth bits would make a great mustache and beard combo… So i dunnit. I also wanted to give him more personality besides “staying silent and powerful over megatron’s shoulder”, so I made him something akin to a blue-collar worker/”enforcer”. He’s loyal because he believes in Megatron’s ideals and a shared background of being someone from the lower rungs of society.

Lugnut: Nothing much changed about this adorable bloke who worships the GLORIOUS megatron wherever he goes. The only major difference is that now he has circular jet-engine shoulders and three fingers on each hand.

Shockwave: If I were to make my own TF series, they’d all be under one team (as a check to the ever backstabby Starscream) and Shockwave here’s gonna be the one leading ‘em. Basically combining aspects of TFP, the Bayverse Shockwave (specifically the mouth) and G1 (the eye), he’s logical, he lacks compassion, is INCREDIBLY powerful and feared… but ultimately loyal.

so i know we’ve already talked about it but i just wanna say it again because i think about louis and all that he is and he’s just so…. so…. important and it makes me mad because i don’t think people realize how important he is sometimes?

because you’ve got these songwriters or whoever coming out of the woodwork now, saying that “oh, yeah, that louis! haha such an arrogant, messy kid…. thought he was SO much better than what we were offering.” but you know what? everything 1D was offered was the bare minimum and would have stunted the band’s growth. everything about 1D was set up to fulfill the boyband formula and then ultimately fail, but louis tomlinson pushed against that. of course it was a team effort, and the success of 1D is due to all of them, but louis, by the band and other people’s own admission (however bitter it may be) spearheaded that. so from where i’m standing, louis was vital in keeping the 1D heartbeat alive. he gave them the depth they were looking, not just with his vocal abilities – because 1D would be 2-dimensional without him – but he fought to give them liberties that the people in charge of them wanted to squander. he was trusted with the futures of four boys (not including his own, which is a big responsibility itself) and handled it all so gracefully. maybe not imperfectly, but tactfully and smartly. the evidence is in the fact that you’ve got hundreds of thousands of people (im)patiently waiting for 1D’s return. he took care of his band, he takes care of his fans, he handles his business with fight and determination. and not to be dramatic, but i don’t know where any of us would be without him.

these people are always going to say whatever they want about him. “he’s a dick,” “he’s a brat,” “he’s (this),” “he’s (that)”…. that’s how they’re always gonna see him, and i hate it but the satisfaction i get when i realize that, for these people, acknowledging louis for who he is and what he’s done for the band would mean acknowledging what an intelligent, brilliant, business-wise person he is/was with barely any corporate experience under his belt…. and how acknowledging that would mean realizing that the 1D empire is the way it is, in large part because of him and what /he/ did… man. yeah, all these people can shut up and keep his name out of their mouths for sure, but i feel pretty content knowing how bitter they are at the fact that this kid knew what he was doing, had the guts to stand up to them for what he and his band wanted, AND got to see the fruit of his labor. 

louis is so important, and i 1000% believe (and am waiting for the day) he’ll come out on top, and rule his kingdom with the same compassion and power and strength that he does now. it’s going to be amazing. 

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Ayyy fam anything reaper or genji related would be much appreciated 👌👌

Soulmate AU h/cs because I’m self-indulgent as heck yo.


  • His soulmate’s name on his wrist is buried under scars and scrambled by tearing himself apart and putting himself back together. He doesn’t need to read it. He’d memorised it when he was six, associating it with the meals his parents cooked for each other, the smiles they had for each other, the way they laughed together. With love.
  • He prays he never meets them, that they’ve given up on him. He’s accepted the path he’s on, but he’d never drag anyone along with him.
  • And then he comes face to face with an Overwatch agent, and he feels the shift in his wrist as your name reasserts itself and turns the same shade as your favourite colour.
  • And there’s a burning in your wrist, and you’re so confused because the name Gabriel scarred over years ago, woke you up crying one night with the pain and knowledge that your soulmate was dead. The name stays scarred and the colour doesn’t change, but you can feel the tug towards him.
  • You’re both frozen, because what do you do with this? You’re enemies, you’ve made your choices and he’s made his, but you’re drawn to each other.
  • Reaper runs, and when you shakily confess to 76 and Mercy about what happened they’re shocked and confused, and worried for you because wow did you get the short end of the stick. 
  • But Reaper’s allegiance to Talon has always been loose at best, and he finds himself covering you in fights subconsciously, and he can’t help but wonder what you’re like, because as often as you see each other in battle, as much as he knows your power and compassion and protectiveness, the only other thing he knows is your favourite colour.
  • When you get pinned down beside each other by turret fire, you end up talking. The first thing he asks is your favourite food.


  • Genji always thought the soulmate thing was bullshit, preferring to have as much fun as possible rather than look for someone who he may not even like. He tried to ignore the name on his wrist but sometimes he wonders what they’re like, tries to imagine a face to put it to.
  • After the incident, he both regrets and is relieved that he never sought them out -he’d have liked to spend some time with his soulmate before it became impossible, but it would’ve just been another person to lose. And they’re name is gone, with his arm, and he knows their name but without it he doesn’t know how to find them and he just feels so lost.
  • After he comes back from Nepal he feels like he could meet his soulmate, wants the chance, but is worried, because I mean. He may have accepted himself, but that doesn’t mean everyone has.
  • When McCree brings in a new recruit he feels something strange, but it’s only when you’re looking at your wrist in shock that he realises what’s happening
  • “WELL WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT HOW LOVELY I’M GONNA LEAVE Y’ALL ALONE TO GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER” McCree screams as he runs from the room because things are gonna get feelsy.
  • There’s a horrible pause where Genji just freezes because he’s pretty sure he remembers your name but he can’t check because he doesn’t have the original wrist anymore and what if he’s the first person in the history of the world that has to ASK HIS SOULMATE FOR THEIR NAME
  • “Genji?” you guess, because there’s no one else in the room.
  • For a moment you’re not sure he can talk because he doesn’t say a thing for, well, a while, but he stutters out your name like a question, holding up the prosthetic arm where your name would be 
  • You smile and nod and he’s immediately relieved 
  • The two of you spend a while talking and he kinda takes over from McCree showing you around the base and introducing you to everyone. It makes introductions a little awkward because everyone’s like ‘Hi, nice to meet y- OH MY GOD YOU’RE GENJI’S SOULMATE HI. YOU TWO ARE ADORABLE. CONGRATULATIONS.”
  • He gets your name inscribed on his wrist, the characters neat and in the traditional black. 

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Aaaa i hope you don't mind this but what would dante vergil and lady think if their s/o just turns to them one day and just says "I'd honestly die for you" in the most serious tone of voice. Im sorry if this bothers you aaaaa



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  • He’d honestly be quite surprised at first and would kinda brush it off at first, thinking you’re just joking around and messing with him. 
  • But like once he realizes how serious you’re being with him, something he himself ever rarely manages to pull off, it really starts to sink in for him. 
  • And dear god does it hurt. 
  • After the death of his mother and what happened with him and Vergil as kids, he’s never wanted to lose another person he’s cared about ever again. He’s tired of losing people he cares about, no matter how bad he may try and brush it off and try to keep up the cool guy act. 
  • Ever since his s/o came into his life, he’s never been happier. They give his life meaning, making every day brighter and funner, even the particularly dark and depressing ones at time. So much so he can’t even begin to imagine living without them, much less the idea of possibly losing them. 
  • All those nights spent together alone in the office, the cheesy pizza dates (aaayyy), the even cheesier flirting and bad pick up lines, the shared strawberry sundae dates, and nights curled up on the couch watching your favorite shows together. Even the little things like you scolding him after being worried sick after a particularly risky move on a mission.
  • He thinks about this more and more not just throughout the day but through the span of several days. He’s always sure to do his best to get the job done and come back done so that not only can he come back to you, but so that he can continue protecting you as well.   
  • He will be damned to see anyone or anything even try and hurt the person he cares about. So while he’s deeply touched about how much you truly love and care about him, he intends on staying by your side and protecting you with everything he has and then some, come hell or high water. 


  • Being his s/o, it’s easy to say that he cares about you. Hell, the fact that because of you and everything you’ve done for him that he’s gradually started to move on from following his father in his foot steps and chasing after the power of Sparda and slowly embrace his more human half is a big fucking deal for him. 
  • To him, you are his s/o, his partner, his most beloved and trusted other half. You’ve helped him heal and helped find purpose and meaning in life again beyond just power. 
  • You’ve helped him find a different kind of power; the power to change and grow as a person, regardless of who or what he is; the power to move on from his past and the pain he’s been through so it doesn’t continue to drag him down and drown him; the power of patience, understanding, and compassion, something he hasn’t known since the death of his mother when the demons attacked; the power to feel and embrace his emotions, and with that, most importantly the power to be willing to feel and not feel afraid or ashamed of embracing or acknowledging these very real and human feelings and emotions that up until now he’s only scorned and shoved away and try to distance himself from for most of his life. 
  • (Spade is very passionate right now and is literally shaking and on the verge of tears, guys, wtf).
  • To Vergil, you are his world and his everything. He trusts you to be there for him and comfort him during his darkest times, times where he’s most vulnerable and needs someone to be there for him. When you’re there after a long day and he just needs someone to vent his frustrations to or to simply hold him in their arms and speak softly to him, speaking sweet nothings of reassurance as he softly lulls off, trusting you to watch over him as he sleeps and the vulnerable state that he’s in. Not to mention all of the fresh feeling of life and color (which you can fucking bet your ass is gonna be getting a fic soon i s2g) that you’ve brought to his life in general. It’s made him take a step back and slowly begin to see the world in a whole new light. 
  • So when you bright up the idea of being willing to die and sacrifice your life, one that has brought so much love and meaning to someone like him, who before was filled with so much rage, coldness, empty greed and spite, it really hits him. Like a blade striking him through the heart and out. (The stabber has become the stabbed, eh, Vergil~ asdfhjkl okay imma shut up now).
  • To lose to the one person who’s given him so much meaning and has helped him change so much since coming into his life….the very idea itself is unfathomable to him. 
  • And while a part of him is somewhat touched that they love him that much and they’d go that far for him…still the very idea of losing them to save his own….it hurts more than he dares to admit at times.
  • It’s something he’s thought about briefly before, but he’s sure to dismiss it from his mind. Particularly during those late nights where you’re together in bed and you’re fast asleep, your figure curled into his as he remains awake; blue eyes staring at your soft and vulnerable form. His gaze is silent, stoic yet not without a trace of softness in his features as he’d watch over you whilst protectively holding you in his arms, studying you as the moonlight would caress your features.
  • You’ve brought him so much happiness and bliss. The last thing he even wants to think about is losing you. He doesn’t intend to lose you, and because of you and he’s also come to recognize and new kind of power as well: the power to save and protect the ones who mean the most to him. He always regretted not having the power to save his mother as a child. He won’t make that same mistake again. 
  • And so when he does try and become stronger and train himself to become more powerful so that he’s able to fulfill his promise and protect the person he loves more than anything else. 
  • As much as he loves you, there is no way in hell his stubborn ass is going to let you sacrifice your life to save his, giving everything he has and more to keep you safe.   
  • It was the light and hope that you gave him that helped save him from himself and the destructive demon from within him that was slowly consuming him. And he’s more than motivated to repay that kindness. 


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  • The two of you were out having lunch one day, meeting up after a long overdue date after several rain-checks, just enjoying a nice lunch with a side of flirting and usual gossip. What originally started about joking about the most recent financial trouble that Dante had gotten into from a job she gave him ended in a deep, loving stare from you and a curious Lady.
  • The moment those words leave your lips, seriousness and all, her eyes are wide with surprise, blinking for a few seconds as she tries not to choke on her drink. 
  • For a moment she’s almost half tempted to laugh and ask if you’re actually serious and try to play it off, hoping you’re either just messing with her or that she had somehow misheard you. But no, she heard you perfectly loud and clear, seriousness and all. 
  • Having experienced so much loss in her life she’d think she’d be used to it, yet the moment the idea of losing you suddenly brings it all back. The pain, the heartache, the mixed feelings of sadness and rage. 
  • The mood suddenly turns somber between the two of you as all she can do is just stare in awe, a part of her trying to properly process and think of something to say, her mouth slightly ajar and brow ever so slightly furrowed. 
  • It’s not exactly common for her to meet someone who’d be willing to risk their life to save hers, much less be willing to go as far to even die for her. And to hear it from you, her s/o, the love of her life and trusted partner, it really hits her harder than she ever expected it to. 
  • She can’t help but smile after a while, chuckling softly as she leans over and takes your hand in hers, squeezing it tightly while leaning over to kiss your cheek. “I know. But don’t even think for a second I’m letting anything happen to you. Besides, I don’t intend on letting you die that easily.” 
  • Or anytime soon for that matter. Not as long as she can help it. 

characters: Arme Thaumaturgy, Erbluhen Emotion, Apostasia
pairing: ^
words: 1545
summary: Apos finally faces the goddess.

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The Practice of Avalokiteshvara

by Yangthang Rinpoche

The essence of the mind of all the buddhas and bodhisattvas is the bodhichitta, the awakened mind. When this bodhichitta assumes a form, it appears as Chenrezig, Avalokiteshvara.

Whenever we practice Avalokiteshvara, the most important aspect of the practice is the generation and development of the bodhichitta, which is the compassion that Avalokiteshvara experiences for all sentient beings. So, if we also generate this same compassion, this same awakened mind, it will be very easy for us to accomplish Avalokiteshvara because the essence of Avalokiteshvara is the bodhichitta. Thus, the blessings and the results will be very swift.

Avalokiteshvara has many different emanations and many different names, but essentially they are one essence, which is the bodhichitta, the nature of the mind of all buddhas. He appears in a peaceful manifestation, an increasing manifestation, and a wrathful manifestation. He appears in different colours — sometimes white, sometimes red. Sometimes he appears with one thousand eyes and one thousand arms, sometimes with one head and four arms, sometimes with one head and two arms, and often holding different types of hand implements. He is sometimes referred to as “Thugje Chenpo,” which means the “One of Great Compassion.” He is given this name because it is considered that he is the very force of the compassion of all the buddhas and bodhisattvas, the embodiment of the power of that compassion. He is also called “Chenrezig,” which means the “One Who Sees all Sentient Beings Equally and Simultaneously and is Always Aware of Them and Their Needs.”

His consideration of sentient beings is all encompassing and constant. He is also sometimes referred to as “Jigten Wangchuk” because, until the three realms of cyclic existence are emptied from their depths, from his concerned activity he will appear in any way and in all ways. He will emanate completely and all-pervasively to make connections with and liberate sentient beings throughout the three realms. Thus, he is called the “One Who has Power Over the World.” These different names refer to the one deity, Avalokiteshvara. They are but different names for different emanations of the same single essence.

To explain it from the point of view of the three kayas, in the dharmakaya nature Avalokiteshvara is Buddha Amitabha, in the sambhogakaya he is Nam Nang Den So, and in the nirmanakya he is Chenrezig, who appears both peacefully and wrathfully. In the peaceful expression he appears with one thousand arms and one thousand eyes, or with one head and four arms. In the wrathful expression he appears as Hayagriva. The wrathful expression is simply an intense expression of utter compassion that is necessary to tame the minds of beings who cannot be tamed through peaceful methods. Hayagriva also appears in many different emanations, sometimes with nine heads and eighteen arms, sometimes with three heads and six arms, sometimes with one head and two arms, sometimes red in colour, sometimes black. When Avalokiteshvara appears as the protector, the dharmapala, he is the primordial wisdom protector Mahakala with six arms. When he appears as a wealth deity, he is the white Dzambhala.

All of these various expressions are but different methods that the expression of the mind‘s compassion manifests to accomplish the needs and the purpose of all sentient beings. And because the numberless sentient beings are themselves different from each other, many countless, different methods are necessary. In fact, there are so many methods that if I were to explain them all we would run out of time before I could finish and you would all become quite tired. In short, the number of manifestations of this deity is inconceivable, yet they are all nothing other than the mind of compassion, the expression of the great bodhichitta.

Therefore, we can say that, in a sense, more than accomplishing any other deity, to accomplish Avalokiteshvara alone is sufficient, because Avalokiteshvara is the essence of the mind of all buddhas and thus the essence of all deities. Furthermore, Avalokiteshvara is quite easy to accomplish. It is taught that if one practices Avalokiteshvara very well, for six months without interruption, then one will certainly have a sign of accomplishment. There is no way that there could not be a sign of accomplishment. This means that one will have a direct vision of Chenrezig or some other sign of accomplishment. Also, it is very easy to recite the mantra, “OM MANI PEME HUNG.” It comes quite naturally for everyone. Buddha Shakyamuni said that of all the different recitations, there is no greater benefit to be derived from any recitation other than the recitation of “OM MANI PEME HUNG,” the mani mantra. Of all practices that are based on recitation, this is the most powerful, the most beneficial.

To accomplish any other meditational deity we must know how to accomplish the generation and the completion stage, we must know how to perform the sadhana correctly, we must know how the practice is put together, we must know how to construct the mandala, and we must know many other things that can actually be quite difficult and complicated — just to accomplish the deity. But the accomplishment of Avalokiteshvara is quite different in that none of this is necessary.

There was a lama in eastern Tibet who was known as the “mani lama” because the only practice he did was Avalokiteshvara. He said that even when one is experiencing desire, or any of the other poisons, like jealousy or aggression, when negativity is arising in the mind, one can still practice Avalokiteshvara and recite “OM MANI PEME HUNG.” In other words, one doesn’t have to put the practice aside or transform the poison or do any other such thing, because the practice itself simply eliminates the conflicting emotions. This is because the six syllables of the mani mantra have the power to eliminate the six conflicting emotions, which are lack of awareness (delusion), pride, aggression, attachment, jealousy, and avarice. The six syllables also have the specific power to close the door to rebirth in the six realms of existence because each and every sentient being in all the six realms, without exception, has in its body six syllables that correspond to rebirth in the six realms. The cause of wandering in cyclic existence is due to the condition of the presence of those six syllables.

When you recite “OM MANI PEME HUNG,” the six syllables of Avalokiteshvara, it is important to understand that they have the power to subjugate and eliminate the ordinary samsaric six syllables, thus obstructing or closing the doors to rebirth in the six classes. That is one specific power of the mani mantra. Also, in this very lifetime, simply reciting “OM MANI PEME HUNG” will eliminate illness, disease, and demonic force possession. One will become happy and peaceful and fully endowed. Reciting it will enhance one’s power to meditate and one will develop deeper levels of meditative absorption in this lifetime that will carry over into future lifetimes. At the time of death one will not have to take rebirth in the three lower realms and will instead be reborn in Dewachen, the Western Pure Land of Great Bliss, or in Avalokiteshvara’s own pure realm of Riwo Potala, and there one will gradually achieve the status of buddhahood. Until that time, the blessing and the power of one’s practice will not be exhausted; it will continue to produce the result of enlightenment.

Avalokiteshvara is truly unlike any other deity. Many people are attracted to the wrathful deities, like Vajrakilaya, Hayagriva, Guru Dragpo, and so forth, and want to accomplish them, but unless one knows very well and exactly how to practice the generation and completion stage inner tantric practices of the wrathful deities, it is very difficult to accomplish them. Avalokiteshvara, however, is very simple to accomplish, and the mani mantra is very easy to recite. So keep these things in mind.

There are many who think that the Avalokiteshvara practice and the mani mantra are just for simple folks and children and old people, not for real practitioners and scholars. This attitude is based on ignorance; it is absolutely mistaken. In fact, of all deities, Avalokiteshvara is the principal deity and the most important. This is true today and it was true in the past, during the time of the great panditas and mahasiddhas of India, almost all of whom achieved their realisation through their practice of Avalokiteshvara. Each and every one of them had visions of Avalokiteshvara, and it was through those visions that they received their spiritual attainments and realisations. And in Tibet, especially, all the greatest masters had the strongest connection with Avalokiteshvara. They had visions of Avalokiteshvara, they were given prophetic indications from Avalokiteshvara directly, and it was through Avalokiteshvara that they achieved spiritual realisations.

The blessings of accomplishing Avalokiteshvara are extremely great. Have no doubt about this. To recite even just one round of the mani mantra is of tremendous benefit, inconceivable benefit. To pray to Avalokiteshvara from the depths of one’s heart and recite the mantra is truly a very profound practice in itself. If you pray to Avalokiteshvara regularly, and recite the six-syllable mantra as much as you can, it is absolutely certain that when you pass from this life you will not take rebirth in the lower realms. So, consider this and incorporate the practice into your life.

You should see all appearances as the form of Avalokiteshvara, you should hear all sound as the speech of Avalokiteshvara, which is the six-syllable mantra, and you should consider that all arising thoughts are the mind of Avalokiteshvara. You should have compassion and loving kindness for all living beings without exception, from the tiniest insect to the largest being, because all of them, just as you do, wish to be happy and have a desire to experience bliss. Not a single one of them wishes to suffer. So, it is important to always have loving kindness for all sentient beings, maintain the threefold state of pure awareness, and recite “OM MANI PEME HUNG” as much as possible.

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Curious if you've done the character meme for Heisuke yet? :o

Nope, but I’d be glad to!! Gotten quite a few requests for this one, so I’m doubly sorry it’s so late.

  • He’s not innocent. I’ve seen a lot of people, even just during Truth or Truth, assume Heisuke is naïve and carefree with regard to worldly matters. In fact, while he is optimistic and genuinely cheerful most of the time, he’s actually a natural-born cynic. Anyone born into a situation like his—the bastard son of a lord and a lower-class woman—has a natural, if harsh, understanding of the way the world works. And yes, given that he declared himself a man years ago and has spent quite a bit of time traveling alone (and drinking in red-light districts), he undoubtedly knows how sex works too. He just hasn’t done it.
  • He puts on a brave face, but that doesn’t make him a liar. Due to his upbringing and/or his travels, he may have developed his sense of independence and his need to stand by his decisions so that he could feel in control of his constantly changing situation. In his eyes, even making the wrong decision is preferable to having his fate decided for him. Once his situation stabilizes and he finds a place for himself in Shiei Hall, he becomes his genuine lighthearted self, since there is no longer the added stress of having to make a decision. Although he maintains his habit of trying to appear as sure of himself as possible, it becomes a competitive but healthy desire to be seen in the best possible light… and it’s worth noting that not all his confidence is just bravado. His fixation on making the right choice surfaces only when he must determine his life direction; this marks him as different from other ‘control freaks’, since he is not obsessed with having control of all the variables around him—only of himself and his own personal situation.
  • Still waters run deep. He may be cheerful, but he is far from shallow. In fact, he is alert, sensitive, and feels deeply in both good times and bad. The bonds he creates are strong, as he pours a great deal of effort into maintaining his personal relationships. However, although he treasures his friends and prefers to avoid differences with them, he is also not afraid of confrontation if he feels it necessary. Whenever he feels strongly enough to make assertions, he stands behind every one of them. Furthermore, If he feels intensely enough about something, whether it is an ideology or a person, he will defend it to the death no matter what stands in his way. His moral compass is simple but powerful, as he feels what is right and wrong rather than getting bogged down in detail and circumstance. This is why he is prone to losing his way despite his need to make his own decisions: if his instincts are unclear or his feelings mixed, the system fails, and he becomes restless and dissatisfied no matter what choice he makes.
Letting Go

Zuko asks Aang to provide a miracle and restore hope to a village on the brink of destruction due to a famine. Aang realizes it might be time to let go of his excuses to not propose.  This story is for the Kataang Week 2017 “clouds” prompt and has some sweet fluff at the beginning and end, but it has a section that is much more dramatic in the middle.  This story preceeds “My Heart in My Pocket” and starts to set up some of the context that will ultimately lead to Aang and Katara’s betrothal.

Rating: T; 4,774 words

The hawk had come late in the afternoon as they had been packing up to move on after helping an Air Nomad settlement recover from a mud slide that had nearly buried the entire village.  The hawks always sought Katara out, even though they had been sent to Aang because they knew she was the one more likely to reward their efforts with a strip of dried meat.  Katara recognized this one at once as once of Zuko’s.  Rather than alighting on her proffered arm, it landed carefully on Katara’s shoulder and affectionately leaned into the side of Katara’s face, nipping gently at her ear.

 Aang laughed.  “Those hawks are entirely too fond of you!  What have you been feeding them?”

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Finn is my favorite character in the entire Star Wars universe.

Finn lived through a lifetime of indoctrination, he’d been stripped of all identity to the point where he was literally nothing more than a number.  Its amazing that he was able to break free of all of the conformity and indoctrination, to actually think for himself and realize what was happening was wrong.

But he did more than that. How many soldiers throughout history had moral doubts about what they were ordered to do, but followed orders out of fear, because the alternative was too enormous to contemplate?   How many ordinary people, when faced with the choice of speaking up about something wrong that was happening and staying silent, choose the latter for exactly the same reasons?

So not only did Finn have the compassion, but also the courage to do the right thing.  Even though it would mean abandoning everything he’d ever known. Even though it might very well have meant certain death.

But there’s more than that.

Finn is terrified of the First Order.  There are some who see this as a weakness, but not me.  Because the minute Rey was captured, Finn was ready to charge right into the heart of the thing he’d been running from the entire movie.  

Think about that.  Think about how much courage it takes to face the thing you fear most without any hesitation or even a plan.  Think about why he’s doing it.  He’s doing it to save Rey, someone he couldn’t have known for more than a few days.  

Finn, who grew up without any compassion or love, has such an enormous capacity for both that he would face the thing he fears most for someone he just met. 

So lets be clear: Finn is not a token character, he isn’t a bumbling idiot and he certainly isn’t comic relief.  While Finn has ordinary powers and abilities, he has such a stunning capacity for courage and compassion that he is in fact truly extraordinary.

Oopsie! Guess the Compassion line is an unreliable quote that still wasn’t added to the final cut of the movie. And it’s not a fact of Kylo’s feelings. Nothing to do with romantic feelings implicitly or explicitly, but simply an opinion of compassion towards an enemy. And what is compassion in the context of the dark side, I wonder? 🙄 It is unreliable, so…

It could mean anything? It’s not a definite evidence of Kylo having the hots for Rey? What a surprise! 🙄

Guess it’s not that important in the end, fellas. That’s why they didn’t even bother adding it in the movie. We all know what happened in the end; he chose power over compassion.

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Zel/Ame AUs that I’m working on right now

-Coffee shop AU where Amelia is the barista trying like hell to get a decent conversation out of Zelgadis, a regular patron who works a night shift and shuffles in like a zombie every day. One day he shoes up cleaned up and well rested because he got moved to the day shift and Ame is so attracted to him that she’s actually angry about it.

-Hospital AU where Zel is stuck sharing a room with another patient and just wants to be left alone, while nurse Amelia gently shuffles things so that he hates his stay as little as possible- doing his vitals while the other guy is being seen out of the room, sneaking him better coffee from the employee break room, getting him decent things to read.

-Soulmate AU with compass tattoos where Zel lost his when he was cursed and Amelia’s points to a graveyard. Surprise! Rezo has a secret lab where he hid Zel’s body, and Ame’s compass and the power of love led them to it. Zel’s human body is safe and intact with his compass pointing toward Ame.

-Modern Royalty AU where tensions are high in the palace, leading Amelia to go to ground in the city where she finds an apartment and a surly neighbor, Zel. He unwittingly helps the princess understand life among the commoners and how to enjoy things like fast food and basic cable.

-Reincarnation AU where a modern day Amelia goes to see a psychic who scrapes the top of her past life for visions and is surprised by seeing a life of fighting dark lords and saving the world beside her faithful comrades. That day she runs into a reincarnated Zel on the street and so begins her ridiculous attempts to get to know him again. Little does she know that Zel also goes to see the psychic and gets a snapshot of his past life, but his view focuses on the love he felt for the princess.

-Modern Drunk Friend AU where it’s three in the morning. Ame gently knocks on Zel’s apartment door. They have never met. She politely explains that she heard his music and saw a light under the door and knew he was awake. Lina, drunk as a skunk and twice as ornery, has gotten them lost. Amelia is prepared to drag her ass home, but could she please use the restroom before they head out? Zelgadis takes one look at Lina and asks, “Is that Lina Inverse? Lina, Naga moved out of this building months ago. Get inside, you idiot.” Bonding ensues.

~When is a monster not a monster? Oh, when you love it~

Imagine a fic where an SI/OC is reborn as Aizen Sousuke’s twin, because that dynamic has the potential to be so incredibly fascinating. Like just imagine it– you know that your brother may be destined to become one of the greatest threats to the afterlife. You already see signs of the monster he could one day become– even at a very young age, he was disturbingly talented at manipulating those around him, and although you do your best to instill a moral compass into him, for all his intelligence, there are some things he just doesn’t understand and compassion is one of them. He wields power as easily as breathing and it honestly terrifies you at times, despite your best efforts to put on a brave face. You already know that he’ll soon surpass you, even if you do have the advantage of an extra lifetime’s experience. You can see exactly how he could grow up to be the stuff of nightmares and the worst part is, you know that if he does, you won’t be strong enough to stop him. 

But despite all of that, he’s your brother– no, your twin. You watched him grow up, you know that he hates asparagus and loves the smell of tea, that he likes butterflies and thinks glasses look cool. He’s not a monster yet, he’s just a boy– one who trusts you and looks towards you for answers (why is the sky blue, why do we get hungry and other people don’t, why do the other kids hate us just because we can do stuff better than them, why did mom leave us, why, why, why). Although there’s something undeniably broken (wrong) about him, it’s just as undeniable that he loves you, as much as he is able to (and you love him in return). And so instead of holding him at a distance, which would be the smart thing to do, you instead find yourself dreading the day he no longer needs you and casts you aside. It may be stupid and a part of you hates yourself for depending on him so much, but he’s all you have in this world (how do you stop yourself from clinging to the only precious person you have left?). 

You tell yourself you don’t know what you’ll do if the worst happens, and your brother one day turns into a symbol of everything you stand against.

(It’s a lie. You know exactly where you’ll be– and it’ll be at his side.)