he power of compassion

but really I don’t see enough people talking about how luke skywalker defies so many aspects of toxic masculinity and is a prime example of how kindness and compassion can be so powerful. he literally defeats darth vader by asserting again and again that vader is his father, that he doesn’t want to hurt him, that it’s not too late for him. this boy is facing death and yet he finds it in himself to understand and empathize with the man trying to kill him. he saves himself- and ultimately vader- by being forgiving, and compassionate, and kind. luke gets shitted on for being “whiny” when in reality he’s one of the few male protagonists I’ve ever seen act emotional and openly and unashamedly express his affection/feelings for others. it’s just so important to me that people realize that luke skywalker, perhaps the most iconic character to emerge over the past hundred years, is a hero BECAUSE he is kind, because he isn’t afraid to care about others, because he feels things deeply and is ultimately guided by his extraordinary heart.


Filthy Frank TV Lore Masterpost

I just wanted to take some time out (actually i’m bored) to fully explain the whole ~Filthy Frank~ lore, or at least, the “main” characters and how they weave in and out of the show.

Because, let’s be real, George didn’t even know what the hell was going on for the first two years and the Wikia is a mess.

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so i know we’ve already talked about it but i just wanna say it again because i think about louis and all that he is and he’s just so…. so…. important and it makes me mad because i don’t think people realize how important he is sometimes?

because you’ve got these songwriters or whoever coming out of the woodwork now, saying that “oh, yeah, that louis! haha such an arrogant, messy kid…. thought he was SO much better than what we were offering.” but you know what? everything 1D was offered was the bare minimum and would have stunted the band’s growth. everything about 1D was set up to fulfill the boyband formula and then ultimately fail, but louis tomlinson pushed against that. of course it was a team effort, and the success of 1D is due to all of them, but louis, by the band and other people’s own admission (however bitter it may be) spearheaded that. so from where i’m standing, louis was vital in keeping the 1D heartbeat alive. he gave them the depth they were looking, not just with his vocal abilities – because 1D would be 2-dimensional without him – but he fought to give them liberties that the people in charge of them wanted to squander. he was trusted with the futures of four boys (not including his own, which is a big responsibility itself) and handled it all so gracefully. maybe not imperfectly, but tactfully and smartly. the evidence is in the fact that you’ve got hundreds of thousands of people (im)patiently waiting for 1D’s return. he took care of his band, he takes care of his fans, he handles his business with fight and determination. and not to be dramatic, but i don’t know where any of us would be without him.

these people are always going to say whatever they want about him. “he’s a dick,” “he’s a brat,” “he’s (this),” “he’s (that)”…. that’s how they’re always gonna see him, and i hate it but the satisfaction i get when i realize that, for these people, acknowledging louis for who he is and what he’s done for the band would mean acknowledging what an intelligent, brilliant, business-wise person he is/was with barely any corporate experience under his belt…. and how acknowledging that would mean realizing that the 1D empire is the way it is, in large part because of him and what /he/ did… man. yeah, all these people can shut up and keep his name out of their mouths for sure, but i feel pretty content knowing how bitter they are at the fact that this kid knew what he was doing, had the guts to stand up to them for what he and his band wanted, AND got to see the fruit of his labor. 

louis is so important, and i 1000% believe (and am waiting for the day) he’ll come out on top, and rule his kingdom with the same compassion and power and strength that he does now. it’s going to be amazing. 

People are mad about the fact that Dead Men Tell No Tales retcons where Jack got his compass, yet not realizing that how and where you get something aren’t mutually exclusive.

Jack, a subordinate on his ship got a compass from a sea witch. He probably had to turn it in because he’s not in charge. Thus his Captain holds onto​ it because Jack didn’t yet understand the power he held.

Jack can get his compass from Tia Dalma and still get it back from his Captain as long as you assume that the chain of command went into effect and Jack had to turn it in.

Stephen Starr

Mahakala by Mukti Singh Thapa

This work by master artist Mukti Singh Thapa is of Mahakala, the Protector of the Dharma. Mahakala is considered to be the fierce and powerful emanation of Avalokiteshvara, the Bodhisattva of Compassion. He defends the Dharma from hostile forces and protects the individual practitioner from deception and delusion, bestowing power to overcome life’s struggles. This stunning piece displays Thapa’s mastery of the 13th - 16th century Newar Design style through its rich color palette, precise lines, and use of traditional iconography.

Zel/Ame AUs that I’m working on right now

-Coffee shop AU where Amelia is the barista trying like hell to get a decent conversation out of Zelgadis, a regular patron who works a night shift and shuffles in like a zombie every day. One day he shoes up cleaned up and well rested because he got moved to the day shift and Ame is so attracted to him that she’s actually angry about it.

-Hospital AU where Zel is stuck sharing a room with another patient and just wants to be left alone, while nurse Amelia gently shuffles things so that he hates his stay as little as possible- doing his vitals while the other guy is being seen out of the room, sneaking him better coffee from the employee break room, getting him decent things to read.

-Soulmate AU with compass tattoos where Zel lost his when he was cursed and Amelia’s points to a graveyard. Surprise! Rezo has a secret lab where he hid Zel’s body, and Ame’s compass and the power of love led them to it. Zel’s human body is safe and intact with his compass pointing toward Ame.

-Modern Royalty AU where tensions are high in the palace, leading Amelia to go to ground in the city where she finds an apartment and a surly neighbor, Zel. He unwittingly helps the princess understand life among the commoners and how to enjoy things like fast food and basic cable.

-Reincarnation AU where a modern day Amelia goes to see a psychic who scrapes the top of her past life for visions and is surprised by seeing a life of fighting dark lords and saving the world beside her faithful comrades. That day she runs into a reincarnated Zel on the street and so begins her ridiculous attempts to get to know him again. Little does she know that Zel also goes to see the psychic and gets a snapshot of his past life, but his view focuses on the love he felt for the princess.

-Modern Drunk Friend AU where it’s three in the morning. Ame gently knocks on Zel’s apartment door. They have never met. She politely explains that she heard his music and saw a light under the door and knew he was awake. Lina, drunk as a skunk and twice as ornery, has gotten them lost. Amelia is prepared to drag her ass home, but could she please use the restroom before they head out? Zelgadis takes one look at Lina and asks, “Is that Lina Inverse? Lina, Naga moved out of this building months ago. Get inside, you idiot.” Bonding ensues.

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Ayyy fam anything reaper or genji related would be much appreciated 👌👌

Soulmate AU h/cs because I’m self-indulgent as heck yo.


  • His soulmate’s name on his wrist is buried under scars and scrambled by tearing himself apart and putting himself back together. He doesn’t need to read it. He’d memorised it when he was six, associating it with the meals his parents cooked for each other, the smiles they had for each other, the way they laughed together. With love.
  • He prays he never meets them, that they’ve given up on him. He’s accepted the path he’s on, but he’d never drag anyone along with him.
  • And then he comes face to face with an Overwatch agent, and he feels the shift in his wrist as your name reasserts itself and turns the same shade as your favourite colour.
  • And there’s a burning in your wrist, and you’re so confused because the name Gabriel scarred over years ago, woke you up crying one night with the pain and knowledge that your soulmate was dead. The name stays scarred and the colour doesn’t change, but you can feel the tug towards him.
  • You’re both frozen, because what do you do with this? You’re enemies, you’ve made your choices and he’s made his, but you’re drawn to each other.
  • Reaper runs, and when you shakily confess to 76 and Mercy about what happened they’re shocked and confused, and worried for you because wow did you get the short end of the stick. 
  • But Reaper’s allegiance to Talon has always been loose at best, and he finds himself covering you in fights subconsciously, and he can’t help but wonder what you’re like, because as often as you see each other in battle, as much as he knows your power and compassion and protectiveness, the only other thing he knows is your favourite colour.
  • When you get pinned down beside each other by turret fire, you end up talking. The first thing he asks is your favourite food.


  • Genji always thought the soulmate thing was bullshit, preferring to have as much fun as possible rather than look for someone who he may not even like. He tried to ignore the name on his wrist but sometimes he wonders what they’re like, tries to imagine a face to put it to.
  • After the incident, he both regrets and is relieved that he never sought them out -he’d have liked to spend some time with his soulmate before it became impossible, but it would’ve just been another person to lose. And they’re name is gone, with his arm, and he knows their name but without it he doesn’t know how to find them and he just feels so lost.
  • After he comes back from Nepal he feels like he could meet his soulmate, wants the chance, but is worried, because I mean. He may have accepted himself, but that doesn’t mean everyone has.
  • When McCree brings in a new recruit he feels something strange, but it’s only when you’re looking at your wrist in shock that he realises what’s happening
  • “WELL WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT HOW LOVELY I’M GONNA LEAVE Y’ALL ALONE TO GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER” McCree screams as he runs from the room because things are gonna get feelsy.
  • There’s a horrible pause where Genji just freezes because he’s pretty sure he remembers your name but he can’t check because he doesn’t have the original wrist anymore and what if he’s the first person in the history of the world that has to ASK HIS SOULMATE FOR THEIR NAME
  • “Genji?” you guess, because there’s no one else in the room.
  • For a moment you’re not sure he can talk because he doesn’t say a thing for, well, a while, but he stutters out your name like a question, holding up the prosthetic arm where your name would be 
  • You smile and nod and he’s immediately relieved 
  • The two of you spend a while talking and he kinda takes over from McCree showing you around the base and introducing you to everyone. It makes introductions a little awkward because everyone’s like ‘Hi, nice to meet y- OH MY GOD YOU’RE GENJI’S SOULMATE HI. YOU TWO ARE ADORABLE. CONGRATULATIONS.”
  • He gets your name inscribed on his wrist, the characters neat and in the traditional black. 

Finn is my favorite character in the entire Star Wars universe.

Finn lived through a lifetime of indoctrination, he’d been stripped of all identity to the point where he was literally nothing more than a number.  Its amazing that he was able to break free of all of the conformity and indoctrination, to actually think for himself and realize what was happening was wrong.

But he did more than that. How many soldiers throughout history had moral doubts about what they were ordered to do, but followed orders out of fear, because the alternative was too enormous to contemplate?   How many ordinary people, when faced with the choice of speaking up about something wrong that was happening and staying silent, choose the latter for exactly the same reasons?

So not only did Finn have the compassion, but also the courage to do the right thing.  Even though it would mean abandoning everything he’d ever known. Even though it might very well have meant certain death.

But there’s more than that.

Finn is terrified of the First Order.  There are some who see this as a weakness, but not me.  Because the minute Rey was captured, Finn was ready to charge right into the heart of the thing he’d been running from the entire movie.  

Think about that.  Think about how much courage it takes to face the thing you fear most without any hesitation or even a plan.  Think about why he’s doing it.  He’s doing it to save Rey, someone he couldn’t have known for more than a few days.  

Finn, who grew up without any compassion or love, has such an enormous capacity for both that he would face the thing he fears most for someone he just met. 

So lets be clear: Finn is not a token character, he isn’t a bumbling idiot and he certainly isn’t comic relief.  While Finn has ordinary powers and abilities, he has such a stunning capacity for courage and compassion that he is in fact truly extraordinary.

It had all been too…good.  In a few short years, he, Sam Vimes, had gone up in the world like a balloon.  He was a Duke, he commanded the Watch, he was powerful, he was married to a woman whose compassion, love, and understanding he knew a man such as he did not deserve, and he was as rich as Creosote.  Fortune had rained its gravy, and he’d been the man with the big bowl.  And it had all happened so FAST.

And then Young Sam had come along.  At first it had been fine.  The baby was, well, a baby, all lolling head and burping and unfocused eyes, entirely the preserve of his mother.  And then, one evening, his son had turned and looked directly at Vimes, with eyes that for his father outshone the lamps of the world, and fear had poured into Sam Vimes’s life in a terrible wave.  All this good fortune, all this fierce joy…it was wrong.  Surely the universe could not allow this amount of happiness in one man, not without presenting a bill.  Somewhere a big wave was cresting, and when it broke over his head it would wash everything away.  Some days, he was sure he could hear its distant roar…
—  Terry Pratchett, “Thud!”
(This thought process sounds so familiar to me, and I’m willing to bet it does to a lot of the rest of you, too.  Remember, Vimes hates a lot of things about himself and is often blind to the good points others see in him, that definitely are there and that definitely mean he deserves to be happy.)

tdm headcanons everyone needs

•literally the whole crew celebrating christmas together at cate’s, they give out the presents and jude is so freaking excited about this new compass liam offered him he causes a power outage and the fairy lights just explode
•they now have to put little candles zu found in every corner of cate’s room
•cole fires them off just to lighten the mood
•seeing as the heating isn’t working either, the only solution is to gather and press up against each other
•and vida yells and makes abundantly clear how dead they all are to her by now especially fucking judith
•ruby and liam don’t give a shit and stand there in each other’s arms like everything’s casual and they’re all happy even vida who starts to calm down and falls asleep with chubs

nothingtoseehere-move-along  asked:

Headcanon that the Rampion Crew fall into a discussion about comic universes, as friends tend to do (AHEM). Who's on what side and why?

You’ll be the death of me @nothingtoseehere-move-along! I’m assuming you mean DC vs. Marvel and not something like #teamcap vs. #teamironman, although given what they all just went through, it’s hard for me to believe any of them would be #teamironman. So lets see here…

  • Thorne would obviously be Team Marvel. He’s really keen on the idea that people can just call themselves Captain Whatever and they aren’t questioned. He wonders why he wasn’t born in the comic book universe.
    • “DC has a Captain Boomerang.”
    • “Pfft. Don’t insult me, Cinder.”
  • Even though Thorne pushes hard for Cress to be on his side, Oracle wins her over and she’s Team DC, even if she is a big fan of Captain America.
  • Both Scarlet and Wolf are big fans of the X-Men and they both ship Wolverine with Jean Grey.
  • Cinder appreciates Peter Parker and how he tinkers with things and builds his own web shooters, but holy guacamole Batman. She is even more fascinated by the Batcave so she’s a DC girl.
  • Kai is a big fan of T’Challa/Black Panther and likes that he is a powerful superhero with a moral compass who looks out for his country and his people. Another point for Marvel.
  • Jacin is also a fan of the no nonsense Batman and even though the others tease him, he also likes Aquaman. 
    • “His superpower isn’t talking to fish!”
  • Iko loves Diana Prince and has been known to dress up as Wonder Woman or really, any Amazonian on many a costume party. Also, she just thinks that Superman is super dreamy, what with the cleft chin and of course, the spit-curl. 
  • So that’s it. It’s tied and the whole Rampion crew looks to Winter as the tie-breaker. She doesn’t want to upset anyone and refuses to answer, but they all press her and sure enough she finally comes to a decision, choosing Marvel because of all their “wonderful animal friends like Rocket and Cosmos and Howard!”
    • It’s not like anyone really got upset, but Thorne just barks out a laugh and goes, “We won because of a talking duck?!?!”

Want more headcanons? You can find them here. There’s also a TLC/Marvel crossover here

       I have been thinking. You all know how people scream that Sebastian and Vincent look alike, how Ciel wished for that to have a person that he can anchor himself with there that he knew- that being his father?
 But…..as much as I disagree with this theory, it is ok if you believe it and I totally get you. What I tho have been reading somehow….on a page or blog, I honestly can not recall where it was….. was the theory that yes indeed did Sebastian take on the appearance that Ciel was desiring- but with the twist that the boy actually craved to see himself in the demon….the adult and powerful person that he needed when these people took him away and burned that damned cursed into his ribcage.
      Since the son will definitely look a lot as his father, it is only natural that then Sebastian carries these few lines that link us to Vincent. I honestly do believe that it was not that Ciel wanted his father there, that Sebastian is not manifestation of this idea at all- but that he is what Ciel wanted himself to be. A future self that is standing tall and strong, wining against all opponents that there would come at him. I believe that because Ciel says-no he s creams to the demon that he wants POWER, no compassion or love  or friendship no….but raw and bound power that surpasses any mortal existence.
     Therefore I dare to say that Sebastian is not looking alike Vincent because his Master wanted his dad back, no he is the mirrored image of what the boy desires within himself. These two complete each other in a way or other, and the demon is everything that the human wants- unbound strength, the size -adult and not the appearance of a child that is powerless and helpless to the advances that these ‘devil worshipers’ have practiced on him in that month. 
    And then again….he has complete control over this devilishly fiend and can order him to do anything he wants, that is what makes Ciel relax and regain his pride to stand on those soiled grounds of his ancestors.

Adult Ciel: 


It was just a thought….hmmm…

You know what I want in Empire of Storms?


Someone who won’t leave him to deal with his demons alone.

I want to see Aelin train him to use his power, and to see the king he will become at the end of the series.


I want to see him not pushed aside like he has been since Crown of Midnight, when he clearly deserves more screen time. When there is SO. MUCH. POTENTIAL. TO FLESH OUT HIS CHARACTER.

I want to see him struggle being alone AGAIN.

I want to see him struggle with the fact that he is now king, and how he will go back to the person he was after being possessed and tortured by his father and the valg.

I want to see him come to grips with the fact that his FATHER. WAS. ALSO POSSESSED. Did he ever really know his father? Can he forgive his father for all the things that he did over the years as king? Is it really his father’s fault if it was the valg? Because now he understands what it’s like to be possessed by the valg and have no control or will to fight against it.

I want to see him fight with Aelin and help her bring peace back to their kingdoms.

I want to see Sarah finally give Dorian the time and care his character deserves because he is so much much than just a pretty boy prince. He’s so much more than everyones mischaracterisations of him.

You know what Dorian is? He’s strength and power. He’s kindness and compassion. He has all the makings of a powerful king and i’ll be damned if Sarah J Mass doesn’t give us more.

Too Lucky - Chat Noir POV

Title: Too Lucky - Chat Noir POV (Ladybug’s POV)

Rating: G

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug / Ladybug


Summary: Chat Noir confesses his feelings, and Ladybug responds…

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I say this as someone who has spent a lot of time thinking about Solas, but Solas would not fall in love with someone innocent, naive and weak-minded. It is his respect you would have to win, and winning Solas’ respect requires two things: strength and wisdom. 

Solas himself says to a romanced Lavellan, to anyone he respects really, that this is what has caught his attention. 

“You have show subtlety in your actions, a wisdom that goes against everything I expected.”

He admires her specifically because she is not “most people”, because her actions are not predictable. Lavellan could be kind, she could be logical, she could be any number of things, but what she is above all else is wise and discerning. Compassion and kindness are not a weakness in his eyes, in fact, Solas says to Cassandra that he needs no god to worship because he believes in/has people. To Solas, compassion could be a powerful strength, if applied with wisdom and grace. 

Thinking about the things that Solas approves of, it’s fairly obvious he approves of wit, curiosity, and an understanding that the world exists in varying shades of grey A morally rigid person will not impress him unless they also show themselves to be understanding of other points of view– an excellent example of this is his opinion of Vivienne versus his opinion of Cassandra. It is not the belief system that Solas judges someone by, and so a Dalish who believed in their gods fervently would not offend him as long as they showed curiosity and tolerance toward his ideas. This is why it is possible for Solas to fall in love with many kinds of Lavellan, simply not Lavellans who insist that they are right all the time and not Lavellans who he has to lead about by the nose and who have no opinions of their own. 

Solas likes to be told how smart he is when you flirt with him, but more than that he likes to be treated as though he has worth beyond what his outward body looks like. He wants to be valued as a person, not worshiped, and Solas desires an equal, someone who he could protect and be protected by in equal measures. 

The very first option a Lavellan has to flirt with him offers to protect him from the others in Haven. He finds the genuine offer to keep him safe and protect his right to exist and believe freely to be attractive and admirable. He falls in love with his mind and values first, and thinking about why what Lavellan says in her flirtations might be attractive to him is very important in determining the kind of woman he would love. 

The Dread Wolf does not want someone he can lead around. He has no desire for the weak-minded. Though he is certainly willing and eager to teach, he also seeks to be taught, and one of the reasons he most respects Lavellan is because she restructures his world view. 

“You are unique. In all of Thedas, I never expected to find someone who could draw my attention from the Fade." 

Solas values her because she shines so brightly, because she is someone he respects and who respects him. He is not a predator looking for someone to prey upon, and he ultimately comes so close to telling her the truth because he wants them to be on equal footing. He believes in her, her open-mindedness and ability to accept him, and was willing to show to her the one part of him that he holds most dear. 

Ultimately he leaves her because he is distracting her, and because she distracts him, but he still respects her and has every ounce of faith that she will be the one to defeat Corypheus and correct a mistake he very well owns as his. 

Naive, innocent, and sweet Lavellans, a woman he could take advantage of, would never capture his attention because he would never be drawn to someone with a weak personal will. To attract Solas, Lavellan has to be strong, either quietly so or loudly so. She must be the kind of woman who looks at a suspicious man she barely knows and respects his right to exist enough to say "I’ll protect you no matter the cost”. She must the kind of woman who hears him say “I have issues trusting others, and I’m not certain if this would be a good idea” and push on anyway.

Someone who wants to be romanced could never be with Solas simply because he would never pursue her on his own. He only responds to flirtations and ultimately must be stopped and pulled back in order for him to stay. A Lavellan for Solas is a proactive Lavellan, a Lavellan who romances as much as she is romanced. 

She isn’t a sheep or a halla. 

anonymous asked:

Imagine Bucky meeting Wanda after hearing about how she volunteered for the Hydra program and has mind altering abilities. Imagine him being really suspicious of her motives.

Imagine Bucky having a huge amount of respect for Wanda and everything she’s been through.

Imagine him hearing about how von Strucker manipulated Wanda’s grief and trauma and patriotic loyalty to convince her to take part in a dangerous medical experiment in the hopes of being able to protect her family and country, and feeling a bitter pang of recognition and empathy.

Imagine him being uneasy around her at first, because her mind control powers hit way too close to home. But everyone else around him trusts Wanda, and he’s never seen her use her powers against an ally, and all he has seen from her is compassion and courtesy and a keen, burning sense of justice.

Imagine the two of them fighting together, following Steve’s lead, and maybe there’s too much Hydra baggage still for them to ever be close friends but they recognise too much of themselves in each other to feel anything other than deep respect and loyalty and commitment to their shared cause.

(Imagine Bucky secretly being kind of jealous of Wanda’s powers. She came by them hard, like he did, and he’d rather die than go back and let Hydra experiment on him again, but - damn, the telekinesis thing is cool.)

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How did your love for God grows? :))

Oh my.. How to explain my love for God?! He saved me, He loves me even I am nothing. And my love for Him grow as long as I read His word, knowing how powerful, great, wonderful He is and still He looks to me with compassion and love. Also He knows me better than anyone and still love me the same. I know God is perfect and sinless, I know I’m not, but He still wants us like his own son. Relationship, that’s is the word, is through relationships that we start to love people, and I think with God is not different. I think we love God day by day but most of all knowing how amazing and incredible He was, is and will be forever.