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How many interviews has he already done? And are there many more today? I'm trying to find everything and it's a bit confusing aha

I was going to make a recap in a bit, but I might as well just do it here (thank you!):

We have a masterpost of all the interviews and events scheduled so far, that might help you too!


remember the ol days when those wooden rubber band guns were all the rage ? cryo doesnt cause hes not hip with the kids.

of course, medic thinks hes an idiot

Sangwoo in Chapter 31 (Analysis)

So, there was a lot going on this chapter, wasn’t there? Between the non-stabbing, the consequential continuation of the fight, Sangwoo being arrested, Bum being dragged along with him, and Sangwoo putting Seungbae on the spot, it was a rollercoaster of a chapter. 

We all know (I hope) that Sangwoo is very intelligent. We also know that (to some extent) he cares for Bum. Which makes me hesitant to say exactly whether Sangwoo is using his heart or his brain this chapter (ignore the cliche).

After Sangwoo has been ‘brought down’ by Seungbae, we get to see this jewel.  Now I’d argue that he’s genuinely thinking of Bum here with no ulterior motive. He looks so defeated. He’s just woken up from being tased. He’s thinking about what’s most important in that moment- Bum. Exactly what he’s thinking is more obscure. Is he disappointed in Bum, sad, angry, confused? We have one word and with it a million possibilities. 

Here’s my take on it. Not to sound too, well, romantic, but Sangwoo’s face here looks so broken. I look at him here, and I see a man who thinks he’s lost everything (or is about to) and is desperately clinging to one thing above all else. His eyebrows are raised towards his nose, slanting down towards his ears. This could just be due to the angle we’re looking at him from, but it could also be indicative of pain. Of course, he was just tased so that could have something to do with it, but I think the pain he’s feeling the most at this moment is emotional. He looks so done. 

Cut to the station:

This is the intelligent ‘can think his way out of anything’ Sangwoo at work here. Look at him. He’s watching. Gathering information, and assessing the situation. If he ever needed his smarts, it’s now. And this is where things get complicated, in my opinion. Sangwoo is trying to find a way out of an impossible situation. And then Bum arrives. 

And Sangwoo freaks out. 

He gets angry. He starts yelling. He moves with speed. He reacts in such a way that everyone literally freezes.

Look carefully at Seungbae’s face here because I’ll come back to it in a second. But first, Sangwoo doesn’t stop just because everyone else does. He uses Bum to his advantage. This is where I start to find things interesting. Sangwoo is too smart to not know what he is doing here. By showing he cares for his ‘victim’ he is blowing huge holes in Seungbae’s theory. And Sangwoo knows this. I mean look:

‘What happened to your face, Bum?’ As if he doesn’t already know. Sangwoo is looking at Bum and seeing an opportunity to get off scot-free. It is obvious that that is what he is doing. (Quick side-note because Bum’s face kills me here). But is that the ONLY reason he’s doing it? Is this Sangwoo freaking out, but intelligently? Is he showing genuine concern for Bum here, or just using him? Is he trying to save himself, or save them both? What is he feeling for Bum at this moment, considering everything that’s happened beforehand? The answers to these questions are a huge indication of Sangwoo’s motives, but sadly, I don’t know what they are. 

I mean, on the one hand, he’s making Seungbae’s theory look more and more ridiculous with every passing moment (and doesn’t Seungbae just know it):

Look at his face here. He is so out of his depth. Sangwoo has completely outsmarted him, and his mind is reeling. Why? Because Sangwoo has used emotions to his advantage. In Seungbae’s mind, Sangwoo is this psycho, emotionless, ‘evil’ man. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself. Bum is his victim and nothing else. Yet, here is a man who seems to care about Bum to the point of desperation. It’s a clever ploy, one that even shocks Seungbae. He looks so surprised to see that Sangwoo might care about someone. That he might actually have emotions. He’s stunned into silence, and every second he stays that way is a second more that Sangwoo can use to his advantage. Seungbae seems to have made a rookie mistake. Prior to this point, I’m pretty sure he’s only thought so far as getting Sangwoo to the station, and figured if he could do that he’d ‘win’. He doesn’t seem to realize that the fight between them didn’t end with Sangwoo’s arrest. And, boy that’s not going to end well for him.

On the other hand, we get this Sangwoo:

Look at his face in the second panel. I know that ‘reading Sangwoo’ is an art-form that no one’s mastered, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and say this is genuine emotion in his face. So, is Sangwoo using his brain, his heart or some unholy alliance of the two? I would argue for the latter. He’s emotional, but he’s not stupid. He’s using his genuine feelings and concern for Bum, amping them up, and using them to fool everyone. As far as I can remember, Sangwoo hasn’t done that before. He’s been either cold and calculating, or emotional to an unhealthy degree. We know he’s good at faking earnestness, which is what makes me uncertain about this whole outburst.

I mean, once Bum is next to him, he reverts back to calculating Sangwoo:

Look at that scheming face

And then he goes for the final blow:

Oh, KO, Suengbae! You are outta here! This is seriously the most brilliant plan Sangwoo could have come up with. Not only has he completely discredited Seungbae’s theory, but he’s distracted the rest of the police from it, too. In fact, he’s put his own involvement in the CEO’s daughter’s murder (that’s a mouthful) so far out of everyone’s mind, he doesn’t even register. He cares, he’s polite, he apologises, he bows. No way he can be a murderer, right? Ignore the fact that he came at ‘Bum’s ex’ with a knife. Everyone does that when confronted with their SO’s ex, right?

I’ve included this panel because I have a sneaky suspicion that Sangwoo’s face is showing some evidence of this victory on it. I mean, he knows he’s all but ‘proved’ himself innocent, and condemned Seungbae. Now Bum isn’t smart enough to figure all this out, which probably explains how confused he looks. But I think Sangwoo may be hiding a smile here. 

I mean think about it. The police questioning Sangwoo is one thing, but Bum would’ve gotten them both arrested the second he was alone in an interrogation room. Lies are not that boy’s strong point. 

So, maybe you’re wondering what the point of all this was? Did I really say anything that somebody hasn’t already? Probably not, but I’m curious. I’m curious as to how people interpreted this scene. Do you think it was all a ploy? Do you think Sangwoo was genuinely overly-emotional? Or do you think he was emotional, but using those to his advantage? Or something completely different? Personally, I think Sangwoo was feeling pretty raw this chapter (and the last). I think he was genuinely something for Bum this chapter, I just can’t figure out what. Is he concerned? Is he angry that someone’s touching his Bum? Scared, jealous, something else? I really can’t tell. All I can say is that I think he was emotional, even if I can’t figure out what emotion that is. I think he used that emotion to his advantage, and used Bum as a get-out-of-jail-free card to keep them both out of the reach of the police. Whether he cares about Bum in this moment or not is another question, but he certainly wanted the police to never doubt that. 

So, the tl;dr of this long, rambly post is, I think the side of Sangwoo we see here was his calculating one. I think the outburst in the station was somewhat emotional, but was mainly a ploy on Sangwoo’s part. I’d say he was 8/10ths intelligence and 2/10ths emotion at the station. I think the emotion was genuine, but not. I can’t explain it. It’s almost as if Sangwoo is saying what he genuinely thinks he feels, covering up what he actually feels with semi-real concern. So he is concerned about Bum, but it’s a different concern to what he’s showing? He’s concerned he’ll lose him, but not concerned about him being hurt? Sangwoo, you are near impossible to figure out. 

Shit I Pulled In High School

So my friend and I got talking about the good old days and it hit me that I’ve probably got some mildly entertaining tales from my teenage years ( which only ended four years ago I can’t believe I made it to 23 )

So here’s a few of the shenanigans Hot Mess High School Me got into ~

( I went to a weird school that threw grades 7 -12 together in the same buildings so this is at the same school the whole time just not divided into middle school and high school )

7th Grade

- Made the art teacher gasp because I knew a surprising amount about Medieval art styles ( I’m obsessed with history and the Medieval era is just such a hot mess of a time)

- Got scolded in Math class for reading , learned to read more stealthily

- Memorized the coded language from ’ Vladimir Todd ’ , a popular teen book series about a sarcastic teenage vampire who just wants to be normal, and used it to write notes in class

Eventually this resulted in my getting sent to the counselor because the teacher suspected me of being a cult leader

I ran with that assumption and to this day the school still thinks I founded the cult of Vladimirism , a cult devoted to the protection and support of rebellious teen outcasts , queer kids , and unfairly treated main characters ( we’re a small cult but we are very nice and membership is free , we spread love and rebellion , our mascot is a baby bat )

- Started a week long debate on sexism in history class with my teacher , which resulted in him actually awarding the most fervent arguers a free soda

Turned out it was just a scam of his to see how many of us were actually morally upstanding , and which ones were rooted deep in the patriarchal bullshit .

I got a soda AND a candy bar because I kicked off the debate by asking

“ We talk a lot about oppressed groups but we haven’t talked about women yet, do you think women aren’t oppressed?”

Which got a sexist boy in back to go “ Women don’t count ”

And I snapped back “ Women can count higher than YOU”

8th Grade

- Caused an ethical , moral, and spiritual debate in my Seminary class over abortion that ended with three girls declaring themselves Athiests

- Accused my Seminary Teacher of racism and sexism for his assumption that God is white and male

- Got kicked out of Seminary for arguing with the teacher about God hating gay people , and instead of going back in after ten minutes I just left and went to my friend’s house

- Called out my chemistry teacher for overlooking the accomplishments of women in the scientific fields

- Accidentally became a student librarian because I spent so much time there and I memorized the book keeping system

- Was officially the most well-read student and got an award for checking out over thirty books in a month

9th Grade

- Got suspended because a teacher heard me singing P!nk’s “ Fun House ” and thought the lyric ’ burn this sucker down’ was a threat of arson so I got to meet the Sheriff ( who incidentally was the father of one of my classmates and who still invited me to his daughter’s birthday party the next week ) and even though Sheriff Brooks was intimidating I cry REALLY easily so I got off with a warning despite me never remotely intending to burn my school down

I got suspended for a week but it was actually fine , and the Sheriff was super chill to me after that

- Was extra enough to get voted Most Dramatic in the yearbook

Was it because I frequently flopped down on the floor to nap if I was tired?

Or was it my complete overreaction to anything unexpected?

Maybe it was my scathing remarks to everything

’ Do you want to be study buddies’

’ Brittany, why would I want to study with someone with can’t spell their name right ’

Or my dramatic reactions to anything even slightly inconvient


’ It’s just raining calm down ’

’ dude I’m more concerned about the fact she referred to US as mortals but not her? ’

’ Aw man , the cafeteria is out of pudding cups ’


” What? What prophecy? “

10th Grade

- Got caught writing fan fiction in class but didn’t get in trouble because my teacher was a hardcore Harry Potter fan and he just wanted to read the story
( it was a Weasley Twins Deathly Hallows AU and I’ll post it on ao3 if you wantttt)

- Skipped school like six times to watch Inuyasha with my friend Melanie ( I faked being sick and just went to her house instead of going home)

- Became the school’s top badass because I stealthily orchestrated the expulsion of every kid who bullied me or my siblings and never got caught

( hey Ashley Bassett if you’re reading this I snitched on you , and I don’t regret it )

11th Grade
- Planned a prank that scared my U.S.Marine drama coach so much he almost called in reinforcements

I got my whole Drama class to fake a murder scene in the auditorium because Tony ( our coach) said we didn’t act dead convincingly .

So we faked a Sweeney Todd worthy slaughter fest , making it appear as though thirty teens were brutally murdered .

It was GLORIOUS. My friend Indi runs out into the hall , knowing Tony is just entering the building , and he first thing Tony sees is an apparently mortally wounded kid running toward him, gasping out last words.

’ They…got …us …They got all of us….run….SAVE YOURSELF ”

And then Indi collapses right there , looking for all the world like he’s dead , and poor Tony just panics and burst into the auditorium , flips the lights on, and screams

We listen to him freak out for a minute, but as he pulls out his phone to call the cops , Indi sneaks up behind him and taps his shoulder and goes “ Was that convincing enough, Tony? ”

Tony about fainted

12th Grade

- Snuck the name Sasuke Uchiha into every assignment

- Turned Naruto Running into a thing at my school

- Caused an existential crisis for my English teacher by suggesting that everything we experience could be fictional and we could be fictional characters unaware we don’t exist , and that death is simply someone finishing our book , but there’s no way to probe or disprove this theory because this reality (?) is all we know

- secretly wrote cryptic riddles in my school books for the next student to find

- The words ’ Bankai’, ’ Hollow’ and ’ soul reaper’ got banned in class because teachers thought it was a cult thing and none of us discouraged that thought

High School Musical 2 in a Nutshell

Everyone: summer
Everyone: summer
Everyone: summer
Everyone: summer jobs
Kelsey: grow
Sharpay: turkey from maine
Troy: hire my friends pls
Jason: wtf i just burned this guys toast
Taylor: the boss is such a creep
Gabriella: ok guys break it up
Kelsey: na na naaa na
Troy: you are gonna get sooo WEEEEEET
Sprinklers: haha fuk u guys
Chad: i dont dance
Ryan: pls
Chad: ok
Gabriella: nice water aerobies oldies
Chad: were like brothers since pre k dude
Troy: fuk u
Gabriella: the plan is always rearranged
Troy: what about us
Gabriella: i never liked this necklace anyway
Sharpay: youre just jealous cuz i won
Gabriella: i don’t wanna play wtf!!!!
Troy: its no good at all, to see yourself and n
Troy: woah this reflection is uncanny
Troy: im not gonna stop notgonnastoptilligetmyshot
Sharpay: humu humu’s back on
Ryan: lol nope
Troy: once in a lifetime
Gabby: hi sorry can I have my necklace back
Miley Cyrus: CAMEOS R FUN

why did louis retweeted and commented that adidas post at the same time the world was crumbling down under harry_styles being active again? and the pictures display very obviously blue and green colours? he usually likes the tweets or the ig posts about fashion stuff, i dont think he has ever retweeted and commented things like that..and like..the pictures are so obvious? once is a coincidence, twice, three times, but this is like what? the 10th coincidence about this? 

Hunhan month

February has been a great month for us hunHan fans..

So as we all know Luhan went to Korea

Ahh.. Cutie

And then Sehun posted a photo that made it look like he was with Luhan on the 7th of February

He posted a similar pic last february the 7th 2016 while Luhan was also in Korea

Then Sehun had to leave the Country on the 10th. Look how sad he looked.. 

And then on the 11th Luhan and Sehun were both on weibo at the same time .. Probably because that is the only means of comunication when one is in Korea and the other is in China

Then on the 13th Luhan posted a pic about a beautiful watch and wow! that floor looks like Sehun’s floor..

And on the 13th Sehun couldn’t contain his happiness when returning home.. Aww.. such a genuine smile, I have not seen that in a long time..

Look at the difference, the left photo is him leaving Korea and the right one is him going back to Luhan, I mean Korea *cough cough

Let’s make February HunHan month peoples!! 

This ship is still sailing!!!

PAIN (1/2)

SUMMARY - You are a new avenger at the tower , and Bucky and Steve have returned from Wakanda . You try your best to make Bucky feel as comfortable as possible , until he bursts out in anger towards you .

WORDS- 1K (approx)

WARNINGS- A little angst (not much)

A/N - Thank you so much @betareader1 for being my beta on this one. 

So ….I posted my first ever fic on March 10th and June 10th was my 3 MONTH ANNIVERSARY and also the day I reached 1000 FOLLOWERS .  I am extremely grateful for everyone of you . It makes me so happy when you enjoy what I write . And Taw @supersoldierslover plays a huge part in this . Thank you so much for everything you have done for me . I love you . 

I hope you guys like this 2 part drabble series. 

If you wanted to be added to the tag list let me know . Let me know if you liked this part.

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You were pretty excited today. Captain America was coming back to the tower along with his childhood best friend and ex-assassin Bucky Barnes. The tension in the compound was pretty thick. Tony agreed to the avengers coming back after the separation caused by the accords, but it sure as hell didn’t mean that there was no bad blood. Honestly, if you were in his place you would feel hostile towards Bucky and Steve too but you also realised that everything that happened was of no fault of Bucky’s and Steve was just following his heart like he always does.

Tony has been walking the hallways like a madman trying to calm down his nerves while Nat is feeding him words to help him. You really didn’t know what to do. It has just been over 3 months that you had officially become an avenger and quite honestly it isn’t a lot of time to get to know someone when they frequently go out to missions  and come back utterly tired unable to utter a word . Not that you were complaining , you knew they were doing their job to the utmost best and they needed their rest .

As the elevator seemed to stop at the common floor you were all in waiting for their arrival, everyone’s eyes turned to Tony then the rest exchanged looks .

As the door opened  all eyes were on Captain who had a soft smile on his face . Even after all that he has been through , after all that life has put him through , being a vigilante in the eyes of the government while running to save his best friend to be branded as a criminal . He fought for what he thought was right , going against his friends , to save the one man who used to save him.

Steve’s huge body was still barely able to cover that of the man of the hour . He was scared . He was ashamed . He didn’t have the courage to look into the eyes of the people in front of him. He could no longer be changed into the soldier by using a few words thanks to the scientists at Wakanda . And he also knows that what he did wasn’t him  and that he was trapped in his own mind . But he knows that it was his hands that killed all those people , and no amount of water will be enough to wash off the blood off his hands .

Steve moved to the side, letting everyone see Bucky’s frame. His eyes were fixed on the ground, his body evidently tense , until Steve cleared his throat and his eye rose to look at his face .

But it was Tony who spoke first ,

“You already know every one of us . So I do not think there is any need for introduction . You room is right next to Cap’s . And this is Y/N , and she is part of the team now.”, he said pointing towards you .

You walked over to Steve and extended you hand . He took yours in a firm handshake smiling down at you .

“It is an honour to meet you Captain.”
“Please call me Steve . Welcome to the team .”
You then extended your hand towards Bucky , neither did his hand nor did his eyes , raise . You could understand how he felt so you didn’t take offense .

“It’s nice to finally meet you Sergeant Barnes. I will guide you to your room .”, you say looking between Steve and Bucky .

All through the week you tried your best to make him feel comfortable around you.  He was mostly with Steve . He didn’t mingle much with anyone else. Maybe a little with Wanda as she played a huge part in helping the scientists remove the triggers from his mind .

You smiled at him every time he passed by . ‘Good morning’ and ‘How was your day?’ was something  you asked his but never got a response but only a confused look.

He couldn’t seem to process that someone was talking to him so sweetly and actually cared enough to ask him how his day was .

As the days went on he started sitting along with the rest of the team. ‘Good night’s’ and the occasional nod were shared .

“Do you want to watch something James?”you asked as you saw Bucky sitting on the sofa in front if the TV .

He looked up at you with confusion .

You picked up the remote and handed it to him after switching it on .

He got up from his place and left without saying anything . For the next few days you realised that the look of confusion was no longer there  and that a look of anger took its place .

It hurt you. You knew it will be hard for him. He seemed to be doing fine with the rest, and it was only with you that he behaved this way . But you decided to give it another try . You knew he’d go for a run every morning with Steve so you asked Steve if you could go out with him this morning and he  agreed . You walked over to the kitchen where you knew you would find Bucky, Steve walking a few steps behind you.

“Hey Bucky.”, you greeted as he was filling his water bottle. He just nodded in response for some reason even greeting him got him angry .

“So…Do you want to go for a run with me? Steve can’t come. And I know you go every day . It’s okay I won’t make chatter. We can just run in silence. Not that I can keep up with you.” you say laughing, your mind telling you to stop your blabbering, but it wasn’t your mind that stopped you but Bucky.
“Shut up!!!” His voice was laced with anger and so was his face .

“I just… I don’t want to come on a run with you okay? I don’t want to talk to you. I don’t even understand why you do….”
“NO!! Just get away from me and for god’s sake don’t talk to me ever again.” He was fuming, you could feel the  anger radiating off his body. Tears trickled from your eyes, but you managed to speak back.

“Okay.  I’m sorry.”

With that you left the room as tears rolled down from your eyes.

You plopped down on  your bed as your body shook  with your sobs , your head aching with pain .   


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woah, I just remembered that tomorrow, October 10, is the day you can run into So Sorry in Undertale without manually altering the date on your computer. Just thought I'd share this reminder in case anyone wanted to experience his encounter!

(undertale spoilers)

Thank you for the reminder! We made a post last year, which briefly explained what was necessary to find So Sorry. Since there may be more people new to Undertale, detailed instructions have been provided below the cut.

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John Tyler, the 10th President of the United States, was elected to the Confederate House of Representatives in his post-presidency. Tyler never served. He died before the first session began. He was then buried under a confederate flag, since he and his family considered the Confederacy his nation at the time of his death – making John Tyler the only president to be buried under a foreign flag.

Gintoki’s Official 2017 Birthday Celebration! 

As Gintama fans, we all know and love Gintoki, so this year, let’s do something extra special! This event will be a giveaway of Gintama merchandise for 3 randomly selected people! Let’s fill October 10th with Gintoki and give him the love he deserves!

How to enter for the giveaway ⟶ Create something!

  • You can create anything!
    • Drawing
    • Fanfiction
    • Collage
    • Graphic
    • Animation
    • Edit
    • AMV
    • Audio
    • Etc
  • For every post you make, your URL gets entered!
    • Example: You post two drawings, your name is put in the pool twice
  • Ways to make sure your URL is entered:
    • Tag your posts with GintamaJustaway, Gintoki Celebration
      • It can be one or both of these
    • If I reblog it, then I have your URL – if I don’t reblog it, send me a message and a link to your post(s) so I can reblog and make sure your URL gets put in the pool
    • If you really want to, you can use my submit 

Further rules and guidelines, as well as info about prizes, are beneath the cut! As always, feel free to send me any questions/concerns! I really want everyone, whether you’re a participant or a consumer, to have fun with this! 

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I need your help! November 12 is Sean’s 5 year anniversary on Youtube and I wanted to do something special! So I’m asking all you beautiful people to join in on this project I have planned called 5 Years Of JackSepticEye 

My intent is to make a 3 minute video and post it here on Nov twelfth. I will also be posting a longer one on Youtube but that one is probably less likely to be seen. I really want to make the video comprised of the following topics:

1)The first video you’ve ever watched of Jack’s 

    A)Screenshot of video

    B)Title handwritten with selfie/pic (or typed out w/o one)

2) Your favorite video/playlist of Jack’s

    A)Screenshot(s) of video(s)

   B)Title handwritten with selfie/pic (or typed out w/o one)

3) A selfie/pic of you with your JSE merch

4) A short message for Jack

    A)Handwritten with selfie (or typed out w/o one)

5)Fan art you’ve made for Jack that he hasn’t seen yet, 

    A) With or w/o selfie /pic


I will be searching the web for these for the next 34 days and making the video. If you want your name or username mentioned, put it in the post you make (on the pic/message/text post) and I will be more than happy to do so :)

**Submission deadline will be November 10th.**

Other methods of sending me stuff for the video if you don’t feel comfortable posting it here or you’re seeing this on twitter:

-DM’s here on tumblr, or twitter

-Email-  melissavinnedge95.mv@gmail.com

Make sure if you do post it on social media, to post it with the #5yearsofJSE

Please spread the word so that we can get as many people in the project as possible :D! I love you guys and I can’t wait to see what you all make!



“In every episode of our cartoon (yes we mean every episode), we’re gonna start with the A plot, featuring two step brothers doing something loosely related to the main plot. The younger step brother says his catchphrase that, again, will be repeated in every single episode of our show. The boys invent something that’s probably too complicated for their age. The aforementioned younger brother will ask where his pet platypus is (yes, a platypus, and that’s another catchphrase that will be repeated throughout the show) and unbeknownst to anybody else on their family, it turns out that this platypus actually works for a secret agency filled with animal secret agents. The B plot features said pet platypus trying to stop a bumbling scientist for taking over the country with his outlandish inventions, all of which have -inators at the end of their names. Oh, but wait there’s a C plot too! It features the older sibling trying to show her mother what her stepbrothers are up to, only to find out that through some inexplicable reason, the B plot has interfered with the A plot and made the boys’ invention disappear, not leaving a single trace of it behind, therefore making the sister look like a lunatic. Oh and also there’s a song in every episode. Again, we will repeat he same formula in every episode, but we will find new, hilarious, heartwarming and inventive ways to make it seem fresh in the eyes of our viewers and make them remember these great characters for many years to come, bringing them unforgettable experiences.”

Happy 10th anniversary, Phineas and Ferb.

Welcome to the robert week!

This week will be a week focused on Robert and how much we love him. We really hope you guys can participate in this week!

For the gif makers/fan vidders:

  • Day 1 (4th September) - Robert ships (it can be canon or non-canon);
  • Day 2 (5th September) - Robert + favourite family relationship;
  • Day 3 (6th September) - Robert + best hairstyle;
  • Day 4 (7th September) - Robert + best outfit;
  • Day 5 (8th September) - Robert + best sassy moment;
  • Day 6 (9th September) - Robert + best scene;
  • Day 7 (10th September) - Robert + best episode he was in.

For the writers:

  • Day 1 (4th September) -  Write a romantic scene between your favourite Robert ship;
  • Day 2 (5th September) - Write a scene between your favourite Robert/Family relationship;
  • Day 3 (6th September) - Free Day;                                
  • Day 4 (7th September) - “That’s my favourite outfit on you.”;  
  • Day 5 (8th September) - Write an interaction between Robert and a village member (preferably not romantic) which shows him, as the trash king he is.
  • Day 6 (9th September) - Write a scene, the way you wished it had gone.
  • Day 7 (10th September) - Write a scene, from a storyline, you wish would be given to Robert


This is all a week for all the people who love Robert and appreciate him as an individual character.

For being an heavily robert week, we expect you to:

  • Respect all the people who’ll be interested in joining this week.
  • Respect all the work that people will make/write.
  • This isn’t anti aaron week so no negative towards him.

Every sort of art creation (gif’s, fanvideos, asthetics, fanfics) is aceptable. Don’t forget to add in your post the tags #robertweek2017 #rw2017 and #robertlove so we can easily reblog your art.

If you have any question, you can ask away and we’ll try to reply to you as soon as possible.

&& Enjoy!

Astrological Evaluation of Charles Manson

This is a simple analytical case study of Charles Manson in which I will focus primarily on the astrological explanation behind certain quotes of his. You may need basic knowledge of Manson’s life and crimes in order to understand what he’s saying. (It’s a pretty long post so I put it under the cut.)

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lacrosse week announcement!

A couple of weeks ago @rememberstilinski and I messaged each other about how much we love Stiles playing lacrosse (I’m pretty positive I threw in something about flat haired Stiles in his lacrosse jersey) and we came to the conclusion that there isn’t enough Stiles lacrosse appreciation out there. So we’ve spent the last few weeks collabing on a few imagines, hoping to shed some light and appreciation on the beautiful thought of Stiles playing lacrosse. The best part of this idea is that we want our followers to participate in this whole thing. We decided to make a “Lacrosse week” dedicated to appreciating Stiles because we feel like he deserves more credit and let’s be honest, he looks hella good in that jersey that fucks everyone up.


  • April 3rd - April 10th

How to participate:

  • Write something that involves Stiles and lacrosse. It can be about his jersey, meeting up with him after practice, watching him score his first goal, literally anything and tag us in it. You can also post it under the tag #stileslacrosseweek so we can reblog it and share it.
  • During this time, we’ll also be taking Stiles lacrosse requests to write for that week.
  • You can message Kenz and I if you have any questions or wish to receive more information about our little impromptu appreciation week for the beautiful bub that is Stiles Stilinski.

anonymous asked:

Can i rec The Storm or the Stars by Hexworthy? Its hella angsty but ends in klance :)

of course!!
- Vallie

The Storm Or The Stars. by Hexworthy (20/20 | 96,176 | Teen and Up)

After they found Shiro and Matt, everyone still had their thing, and Lance was no longer the 7th wheel, he’s now the 10th. After a disastrous solo mission he is captured and is left to fend for himself. After a twist of fate, how will Lance and the team adjust to their new positions in the universe?

//violence //injury //torture //ptsd