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So I was rewatching Miraculous (again) and I just felt like you would understand that wonderful shipper feeling you get when you see the scene of Chat Noir smiling at Marinette's family photo in Animan.

NONY, YOU REALLY GET ME. BECAUSE, OK, ok. Like, I’m not sure why I never made a post about this but now that you brought it up I’m just??????? heck yeah let me talk about this—

because there is more to this scene than you know, anon. THERE IS MORE. So slip on your shipping goggles cuz we about to swim deep in this ocean of shipping feels~

See here, we have our sunshine baby Chat smiling at a picture of Marinette and her family. Now, that in itself is already oodles of cute and fluff because it shows he really likes the Dupain-Chengs—–


See this moment here? When Ladybug calls him, he reacts like this:

What is that face, you tomcat?

Is that guilt i see in your face?


Is it because “the love of your life” has caught you smiling at a photo of some other girl? Or is it because you caught yourself smiling at a photo of some other girl? In the general vicinity of the love of your life and the other girl’s parents?



are ye guilty of another crush? y/y

Fairy Tail series is done but it seems you guys forgot something...

So yeah, we did get a bit of open ending but won’t you just stop complaining and think that Mashima might show it in the anime instead. I mean, I do admit that the last chapter was a bit lacking but then again, I’m not even surprised since the past few chapters didn’t show much that the series is ending so that’s why we got that final chapter.

But don’t forget guys, Hiro Mashima is the lead anime project for the new FT anime, and somehow I think he will add extra scenes to our favorite ships or characters in the anime since maybe he thinks it might be better with animation and music plus with voice acting as well.

Let’s be happy for Mashima for giving us this series that we love and try to look forward for next year when the anime is out ^^ 

have this crack theory: weblum galra was actually keith’s sister whos part of lotor’s squad as a spy for the blade of marmorra

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okay but are we going to talk about how broken keith sounds when he says "i know youre right"

You want to go there? You really want to go there??? Because liSTEN UP he sounds so broken. Everyone is trying to comfort him while appealing to his rational mind at the same time and he knows they are right. He knows. Of course he does. He tells them that he knows but then he just……. stands there. Takes a few seconds to push his emotions down (“he is gone. he is gone. he is gone. no one will ever be able to replace him. he is gone.”) and finally gives his consent in “figuring out how to form voltron”. NOT in searching for a new black paladin because that’s Shiro and it will always be Shiro.

I’m just. This hurts me so much? Because Shiro leaving was literally his biggest fear.

Keith, the guy who is constantly going on solo missions and is never afraid to make his opinion known, chased after him. And why? “Shiro is the only person who didn’t give up on me. I won’t give up on him!” 

Shiro’s approval and his presence is everything to Keith. Listen, I knew that he would be sad that Shiro was gone, but the extent that was shown in the first episode surprised me. Keith was able to deal with being Galra - who were not human and, most importantly, pretty much inherently evil so far - better than he was able to deal with Shiro disappearing. And Shiro had already disappeared once before and– @kcgane analyzed Keith’s handwriting on the little post-it notes in his shack and:

It’s pretty hard to read but we’re pretty sure it says “and it’s killing me when you’re away”.

And that was just the first time. Now Shiro disappeared again. Keith is broken beyond expectations and he needs the team’s support now more than ever. MY HEART HURTS ;A;

Mo Guan Shan: *hands He Tian a spoon* Oi, try this and tell me how it tastes.

He Tian: *sips from the spoon*

He Tian: … not sure. Can I have another taste?

Mo Guan Shan : *sighs and gives He Tian another spoonful* For fucks sake…

Mo Guan Shan: *tapping foot impatiently* Well?

He Tian : *smiles* I’m still not sure, can I have another taste?

Mo Guan Shan: … don’t fucking lie to me, you piece of shit.