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Are you gonna keep Apollo?

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Well I mean the GB husbando says he can stay… *wheezes*

((GB Sans from the gift fic my sister @nighttimepixels wrote for me for my bday/xmas last year ahahai’mfuckingweakhe’sliketwelvefeettallsavemenodon’t))


Behind the Scenes of Army of Ghosts/Doomsday (Part 6)
Excerpts from Benjamin Cook’s article in DWM #372

Balloons? Buffers? Pockets? Snack dispensers? Ever wondered what Dalek bumps actually do? Well, we have. Here’s what the experts say…

Billie Piper [Rose Tyler] - It’s like a kind of skin disease! It looks to me like an alien skin disease. It looks like it’s got warts. Actually, I have no idea what Dalek bumps are for. But I like them

David Tennant [The Tenth Doctor] - Have you asked the Black Eyed Peas? They might know! I think each bump does something subtly different. Of course, it’d take me far too long to go through what each bump does, cos each one has a specific function, and you probably wouldn’t understand a lot of them if I went into it, to be honest, so, uh, we should probably leave it there.

Noel Clarke [Mickey Smith] - Dalek balls are simply and obviously pockets, where they keep their house keys, handheld game consoles, and lists of internet fans that have annoyed them!

Camille Coduri [Jackie Tyler] - Dalek bumps act like buffers, so when Daleks get knocked over, they protect themselves from getting bruised. [Guffaws] Pathetic, I know, but that’s the only thing I can come up with.

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Daesung is really out there.. making oreo and chocolate pancakes.. then slapping some mozzarella cheese on there.. mixing parmesan with cinnamon.. sprinkling that on top.. amazing..

Nyall, are cats aware that we humans can’t see in the dark like they can? Bc like, whenever I walk in the dark and trip over my black cat, he gets all pissy with me. Like, excuse me sir, u’ve lived with me for 5 years, u should know by now that I’m blind as fuck and will not see u in the dark and I WILL trip over u if u don’t fuckin move out of my path

Yuzu: “I will be married around 25…6…-ish….yeah….”

Yuzu: *actually isn’t the slightest interested in women until after the Olympics are over*

Yuzu: (Okay….now I can finally go find my mate…) *immediately goes into heat after he has the Olympic gold medal around his neck*

Yuzu: *but ultimately goes into heat to nail the quad-axel*