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what should either of daisy's litters looked like?

daisy - cream mink with white

smokey - blue bicolor 

berrynose - cream mackerel with white

 mousewhisker - cream mackerel with white

hazeltail - dilute calico

daisy - cream mink with white

spiderleg - sable (sepia) 

toadstep - flame mink 

rosepetal - tortie mink (get it her cream spots look like petals)

star trek beyond is so good u guys

my next-door neighbor accidentally found my instagram (via the picture of the barred owl from a few weeks ago) and we started talking about what else lives in our little neighborhood woods and when I said I hadn’t seen the salamanders yet he was like “oh I’ll leave you a map to them on your front porch!” and I got home from work and there on the front step was a little map to the salamanders, with two different species noted separately, drawn on an index card that was weighted down with a chunk of mica

I swear if this guy wasn’t married, and I wasn’t gay, this would be the most romantic thing that has happened to me since a boy in 5th grade gave me some bullfrog tadpoles 

Now this is the law of the jungle,
as old and as true as the sky.

The wolf that shall keep it may prosper,
but the wolf that shall break it must die.

Like the creeper that girdles the tree trunk,
the law runneth forward and back.

For the strength of the pack is the wolf.

And the strength of the wolf is the pack.


Reasons Why Jason Scott is a Cinnamon Bun:

• ^^see above!! Loves his team!!! Loves sharing his feelings!! Very protective!!!!
• ^thrives on positive reinforcement!! Wants to hear what his friends have to say!!
• He admits to googling action words so he can sound cooler during fight scenes!!
• Takes crap from Zordon so the others don’t have to!! He won’t let the wall face diss his team!!
• Owns up to his actions!!
• Never once implies that he wants his old life back!!

The Red boy is a good boy!!!

But Elias is so really so good at cutting through the BS?

Even though a good number of times I suspect he’s the one speaking nonsense. 

But he’s got such a straight face that it makes you really hesitate. 

I just love how when he tells Yousef to Stop flirting with my sister, I had to really pause and wonder if he’s just simply teasing and doesn’t actually believe they were flirting. Or that he’s fully aware and is giving a friendly warning. Or he’s aware and still teasing?

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Which is it??

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  • jack: wheres the back fur
  • ashi: bitch it took me two minutes with a pumice stone and a bunch of leaves to redo my ENTIRE LOOK and youre still rocking that crusty ass beard bitch shave before talking to me and condition ur roots while ur at it have you ever considered,,,bathing