he played tony stark

another thing that annoys me is the whole “nah the thing is only good because RDJ is playing himself” like no bro RDJ is a real person who is playing tony stark, a fictional character he probably relates to in some level so he’s able to bring a special something to the role. RDJ is an iron man comics nerd RDJ walks around wearing vintage iron man t-shirts RDJ peppered comic references in his improvised lines RDJ tried to push for specific comic arcs RDJ has brought up specific iron man issues during interviews i am about 96% sure that RDJ secretly wants to fight people who diss iron man canon

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Imagine Steve being very old and watching out for his friends' grandchildren and great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren...

Nothing in Steve’s life had gone to plan except joining the Army, and that was the one thing that wasn’t supposed to happen.

But that was the way of things in his life. It was thought, after he came out of the ice, that he would age normally again, that his body would pick up right where it left off, but then, he hadn’t been able to do that with his life, so why should his body operate any differently?

He was old. He could feel it at the edges of his lungs when he breathed the crisp winter air just a little too deeply, in his joints when he played with Delta Stark- Tony’s great-great granddaughter. 

He could especially feel it in the empty places that the absence of his friends created in his soul. Their children and grandchildren and on down the line all seem to fill a part of that hole in him, but never completely, and some days, he ached at living without them.

As a soldier, he was always prepared for losing a friend in battle. He wasn’t ready to outlive Peggy and all of the Howling Commandos, and nothing prepared him to outlive the Avengers.

Maybe Buck had the right idea- don’t get too attached to anyone, and the inevitable goodbye wouldn’t hurt so much. Still, it was difficult, and Bucky was the only reminder that remained in his life that he wasn’t remembering some strange past life.

The good that came from it was the fact that he could protect the families of people he’d fought beside, who risked their lives for him and for whom he’d risked his life. There were times when Delta Stark smirked at him that he swore he saw Tony looking right back at him. He supposed, as long as they kept having babies, he would still have a purpose in this world.


“Creating Civil War with Frank Grillo and the Russo Brothers”

When the Russos asked him to declare a side in Civil War, Grillo made no bones about it–he was team Crossbones all the way. When asked what other character in the MCU he would like to play if given the chance, he declared “Tony Stark!” with a flourish and microphone held high. 

Grillo loves his role as Crossbones and says he enjoys working with Marvel and the Russo brothers, even though smaller films are usually more his speed. His advice to young actors is that acting takes time and talent. Most of all, he says, “you have to learn to take ‘no’ for an answer.”


You grew up loving Batman, Spider-Man, and Superman. Now, get ready for a hero that makes them look like huge nerds by comparison.  Meet Tony Stark — a hard-partying, Robert Downey Jr.-ish weapons designer, who’s the perfect match between actor and role that allowed him to spend the next seven years making a fortune by pretending to look at a screen, pretending to play with some holograms, doing a little voiceover, and basically act like himself until someone says cut.  Nice work if you can get it! …

So revisit the Marvel masterpiece that started it all, without which there would be no Marvel Cinematic Universe — no Avengers, no Guardians, no Winter Soldier.

People forget sometimes that Downey is a very serious actor. He is a *really* good actor, and he’s probably got a lot of creative desires right now — not that Tony Stark isn’t a really fun character to play — but a lot of desire to do some other thing and stretch out of it, especially since financially, he is certainly covered … He is amazing, he is so— he is such a good actor, so he’s not gonna want to do it forever. Marvel can’t bank on that any more than Fox can with Hugh Jackman (as Wolverine), to have that character (Tony Stark/Iron Man) be the premier character.  Spider-Man sells himself, but in order for him to be the next star of the MCU, it has to be a perfect marriage between actor and character.

bruce banner hates authority figures he knows how dangerous absolute power is and how he ever agreed with tony stark to play god by creating ultron is still beyond me he’s a very strong-willed person how did he ever let this happen? bruce banner would never think of running away from a fight with someone he’s romantically interested in especially not when his teammates are out there fighting the enemies and saving people this is the same person who could’ve easily run away from the battle of NY but went back riding a rusty old motorbike when he didn’t even know how to ride it bruce banner out of all people would never let anyone else think they’re a monster bruce banner would never try to manipulate anyone into running away with him bruce banner would never

I realize it looks cool and it has Wonder Woman in it finally but does no one else think that Batman vs Superman looks like it makes no sense? Like the trailer raised so many questions.

Why does it seem like they already know each other’s secret identity even though that hasn’t been established yet? Obviously the audience knows who they are but how in the world would the characters?

Why do they feel the only way to settle this is millions of dollars worth of property damage and potential civilian casualties in a no holds barred smack down in the middle of a city? Like that just seems like an unnecessarily populated area to hold your dick measuring contest.

Why is Batman using a gun? Batman doesn’t use guns. And also it would be useless even if he did use guns because Superman is bulletproof.

Why is Jesse Eisenberg playing Lex Luthor like he’s Tony Stark’s unliked hipster nephew?