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Hi ^^ If you are still taking prompts, I totally loved the one with the children playing Hawke. How about one when one of them plays Fenris? and how Hawke and Fenris would react? ^^ kisses !

In Lowtown, he stumbled, alone, across the merry band – the children who fancied themselves the Champion’s greatest admirers. They put together their costumes from what they could find – pots and pans, scraps of wood, colorful cloths.

Kirkwall was not a city kind to her children, and so they presented an unusual spectacle in the dreary recesses of Lowtown – screaming, leaping, running, waving makeshift swords and staves and crossbows, bright in their costumes and their innocent admiration.

Fenris could remember a little of being a child, if he didn’t try too hard. Flash of sunlit warmth, soft grass beneath his feet as he ran. Brief, confusing impressions. He could remember bits of sensation, but he wondered, still, what it might have been like. Surely even he had been innocent, once.

He was not especially fond of children – not like Hawke, who drew them to him despite his great size and grizzly looks – but they fascinated him anyway, with their openness and their enthusiasm and their hours of play.

He sat to watch them for a time, secreted in the shadows of a burned out building, his wrists resting, still and quiet, against his knees.

The ringleader always played the part of Hawke, but the others were more susceptible to the whim of the day. Aveline seemed a popular figure, and Carver, Anders and Isabela less so. Varric was a rare costume, though not entirely unheard of. He had seen a small Sebastian, once or twice.

It took him a moment, today, to recognize his own specter among their number. The sight was a surprise. Human children did not spend their days playing at being elves. Who would wish to be one? Even the Dalish were reviled, hunted.

Yet there were the carefully fashioned paper ears, the scrap of red at the wrist. The child had put sawdust in his hair in an attempt to lighten it, and drew on an approximation of his markings with mud.

Fenris was not sure how to feel, once his surprise subsided. There was jealousy that stirred his chest. This child’s life would no doubt be far from easy – and yet he could wash the marks off at the end of the day. Fenris had to live with himself all the time.

“Yet you find it flattering, it seems,” Fenris said, later, when he tried to explain his mixed feelings to Hawke. By then it had been gnawing at him for hours, until finally he could contain it no longer, and his frustration made itself evident in his voice. It was distracting enough that he barely noticed the moment that came, then passed, where Hawke might have once reached to comfort him, where the mage’s hands opened, then closed, and stayed quietly where they say.

Hawke, serious, thoughtful, considered his response carefully before he answered.

He said, “These children don’t see my failures. They don’t see the way my brother looks at me. They don’t hear Bethany’s spine crack, or feel mother’s cold skin in their dreams.” Hawke spoke bluntly. His words sounded impatient, callous. Fenris knew such was the only way he could speak about those things, even to him. Hawke said, “They see something I have trouble remembering. They see the times I didn’t fail.”

Fenris wasn’t sure he could answer that. Hawke, for a moment, had sounded so hard and so bitter. He wasn’t looking at Fenris, but the elf found he had to look away from him, anyway. He wondered if he, too, numbered among the man’s failures.

He said, “That only explains why they might seek to imitate you. There is nothing to be seen in me.”

Hawke was quiet for a long time before he answered. His voice was low, cold, and harsh with fury when he did.

He said, “Please – don’t ever let me hear you say anything like that again.”

"Want to know how Breadman collected 300$ from Patrick Kane?"
  • Reporter: Artemi, everyone wants to know: did you watch the World Junior Championship?
  • Artemi Panarin: Yes. But I didn't watch the final, to be honest, only highlights, later. I lost a $300 bet to Kane! Luckily I got them back! I correctly guessed the final score in the game against US.
  • Reporter: So you didn't lose any money?
  • Artemi Panarin: Exactly! I haven't always had a chance to watch games. But Russian guys played really well. I'm very happy for them. Our coach Valeriy Nikolaevich Bragin did a great job! He knows how to find the "right" guys and how to put a team together. Good play!
  • Reporter: Pretty much every Hawks fan have already noticed that you and Patrick often "fight" on the bench. Over what?
  • Artemi Panarin: It happens, if the game is not going the way we want it to go. We are yelling at each other, dividing the puck, and what annoys me the most is the fact that my English is not letting me say the words I want to, be sarcastic, you know. *Artemi is laughing* But seriously, we argue not that often.
  • Reporter: Have you learnt anything from Kane so far?
  • Artemi Panarin: I'm not sure if I'm a good student. Everyone knows that Kane is one of the best players of the league.
  • Reporter: You and Patrick are great duo!
  • Artemi Panarin: We speak the same language, I mean, we have alike vision of the game. Me and him immediately got along. I knew that Kane was a great player long before I played with him for the first time.
  • Reporter: Do you sometimes feel like you pass to Patrick too much?
  • Artemi Panarin: Maybe... *He made a serious face* But he always tells me that I don't pass to him it at all!
Hawke In Skyhold

What I like to think happened when Varric introduced Hawke to the crew after her meeting with the Inquisitor. (Spoilers: she annoys Cullen). Also small hints to future Cullen x Inquisitor - but tbh its mostly Hawke being a purple menace. 


“Andraste’s dimpled butt cheeks, if it isn’t my favourite Knight Captain!”

Maker no. Cullen flinched and hunched down into his pauldrons, as if he could hide within himself and she wouldn’t notice him. But it was too late. He’d known this reunion was unavoidable as soon as the rumours that Hawke was in Skyhold had surfaced, and so forced a strained smile as a surprisingly strong arm whacked him on the back.

“Don’t worry, I’m here. Ready to save your grumpy self yet again.” He turned to face her with a sigh, receiving a wink in return. “Hawke to the rescue and all that.”

Noticing they’d lost the commander’s attention, the soldiers had slowly stopped practicing, swords held loosely in their hands as they turned to watch. Already he could hear whispers by the back. Unsure if that was really her, if this was the Champion from the stories. He wondered if Hawke could hear them too, if they bothered her.

“Hawke, if I remember correctly you were always getting me into trouble.” She hadn’t changed much, at first glance. Still the same messy, dark hair, cut short with a knife. The same devilish grin that just screamed mischief. Red armour covered in buckles and spiked iron, yet unable to hide the cuts on one arm from her blood magic, a fact he tried to ignore. 

Just like back in Kirkwall, Varric was stood loyally by her side, and the dwarf looked exceedingly happier than usual. But there was something else, a weariness in the back of her eyes, a small wobble in her smile. The jester act was not its usual 100% natural self, and there was just a small part of her that was trying. “And that is… no longer my title. It’s just Commander now.” He added, very regretful that she had decided to come visit him while he was with the new recruits. Knowing her, she’d probably planned it that way.

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Hockey Games #792
  • Harry: He’s not much of a hockey fan, but you are, so when your birthday comes up, it’s not hard to figure out what your plans will be that night. So you two sit behind the glass watching excitedly as the Bruins play a hard-fought game against the Canadiens. “Let’s go Smitty!” You scream as the young hockey star shoots straight between the goaltenders legs. Harry simply sits there, resting his chin on his palms laughing at your wild actions. Harry enjoys the games, commenting continually about just how unsanitary it is that hockey players spit so much, but all and all it’s a great game and even better because you got to spend it with the boy you love most.
  • Liam: “So the black thing goes in between the two red poles and that’s a goal?” “the black thing is a puck, babe and the two red poles are the net but other than that, that’s correct and that’s all you need to know.” You confirm taking a peek down at your tickets to find your seats. Since you were a massive Blue Jacket’s fan, Liam bought you season tickets, which was probably the best thing you ever received. “I like the goalies last name.” Liam comments as you settle into your seats right behind goalie Sergei Bobrovsky. “He’s a great goalie, when he scores you have to scream bob really loud okay?” Liam just nods chipperly beside you. “Okay!”
  • Louis: “Go Hawks!” He screams banging against the glass with a smile on his face “We’re the hawks right?” He asks as the crowd cheers from the recent goal of captain Jonathan Towes. “Yeah!” Louis nods his head quickly before joining in with the chanting of the crowd. He has no idea what’s going on but he plays along with the crowd, cheering and chanting when they do. “All I know is that the black thing is what everyone wants and they’re ice skating. That’s about it but the crowd is amazing and this is fun!” He admits shrugging his shoulders with a smile.
  • Niall: When you drag Niall to a hockey game it’s always a good time. He’s chatting up the others beside you and chirping the players. “What a fucking pussy! You’re so good at diving you should of been a fucking swimmer you prick.” He screams smalling his fist against the glass as Sidney Crosby (no hate) skates past the glass with a shit-eating grin on his face. “Just a game, Ni.” You remind touching his upper arm causing him to look back at you and settle down in his seat. “I know, just hate that kid.”
  • Zayn: He’s a bit of a Bruins fan from just what he’s heard you talk about so when you ask him to go to a game he accepts. “So that’s the Tuukka guy you’re always screaming at when you’re watching the game?” He asks quietly as you take your seats behind the Bruins goalie. “He’s my favorite, he wiggles a lot.” Zayn notices as Tuukka drops to the ice completing his pre game stretches. “He’s stretching to warm up for the game,” you note with a smile causing Zayn to nod before taking a handful of popcorn. “Will he do that during the game?” “No, but he’ll be on the ice a lot doing the splits and everything.” You admit causing him to smile. “Gotcha.”

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No one’s POV

 “Yes, I can do this,” Selena rolled her eyes as she replied the same answer to her personal assistant for what seemed like the tenth time that day.

“Are you sure you can?” Ashley asked again out of anxiety, as they waited backstage at The Ellen Show for Selena’s queue to perform.

Although Selena wasn’t fit to go to work that day, she didn’t wanna bail on her fans as she was scheduled to be the guest performer. She had decided to push through with it, even though she woke up that morning with a nasty flu and everyone in her team didn’t wanna let her perform. But then, her fever wasn’t really high, so it didn’t bother her that much.

“Selena, you’re next,” one of the crew informed her. 

Taking a deep breath, she strutted her way towards the stage where she would be performing. Selena had decided to do an acoustic performance, so she wouldn’t be too exhausted from all the dancing and stuff. She rarely sang the acoustic version, but she was excited.

Her band was already there, and Ellen DeGeneres was about to introduce her to the audience for her performance.

“Ladies and gentlemen, here to perform her hit single, Come & Get It, SELENA GOMEZ!” Ellen exclaimed, followed by a round of applause from the audience.

The band started playing. Sel sang the acoustic version of her song nicely, but everyone still noticed that she wasn’t well enough for her performance.

As for Selena, she felt like crap. Her voice sounded fine, but she could feel her body getting weak.

While she was at the middle of her performance, she had decided to take it up a notch by walking off stage to meet some fans in the audience while singing. She gladly touched their hands and hugged some of them. She felt incredibly happy that she was able to mingle with them, but as she was singing the bridge, her legs felt weak. Luckily, she found an empty seat on the front row and sat on it while singing; attempting to make it look like it was part of the performance. The girls seated beside her squealed and hugged her, as she continued singing the song until the very end. Selena let out a sigh of relief once she was done performing. Finally, it was over.

The camera was still rolling when all of a sudden, loud gasps filled the room, as a tall brown-haired gentleman came out running from backstage and headed straight to where Selena was seated. Without a word, he kissed her softly on the lips and picked her tiny body off from the seat. The crowd screamed and cheered as he carried her out. They never expected to see such an incident, considering the fact that everyone knew that Justin and Selena weren’t together anymore.

“Jay…” Selena muttered his name as she closed her eyes and rested in his arms.

“I got you, baby,” he whispered against her hair. “I’m so proud of you. That was really great, but you’re burning up.”

“She’s alright, just tired,” he assured the staff of the show. They were worried for her too.

“Come, I’ll show you to the clinic,” a woman spoke as she motioned for him to follow her.

They were all concerned for her during the performance, but no one knew what to do. Selena gave instructions that the band should continue playing, unless she gave them a hand signal to stop. Everyone couldn’t really argue, including Justin. He watched her like a hawk from backstage. Once he saw her sit on the chair with the audience, he immediately knew that something was wrong. It took all of his being to restrain himself from peeling her off from the performance at that very moment. So when everything was done, he immediately approached her and gave her the comfort she really needed.

“Why did you do that, Jay?” Sel asked, talking about his little stunt after her performance.

“I couldn’t bear to watch you wear yourself out, baby. My heart ached to get you out of there. I didn’t want you to faint. It was a miracle that I was able to wait until you were finished,” he answered lovingly.

“Thank you, baby,” she said, smiling, before closing her eyes to let herself fall into a much needed slumber.

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Once they have arrived in the clinic, Justin laid Selena down on the bed. The nurse attended to them and asked a few questions.

Ellen soon barged in the room with a concerned look on her face. “I heard what happened. Is she okay?”

“Yes, she just needs some rest,” Justin explained calmly.

“How come she didn’t tell me she couldn’t do it?” Ellen answered, shaking her head in disbelief.

“She’s a stubborn lady,” Justin replied with a chuckle.

“She is,” Ellen said in agreement. “Well, she seemed knocked out. Take her home. Take good care of her and tell her that I wish for her to get well soon,” she added upon giving him an embrace. “Merry Christmas! I got presents for you two waiting in her dressing room.”

“Okay, thanks Ellen. Have a wonderful holiday,” Justin said upon waving goodbye, watching her leave the clinic.

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Selena woke up later that day, feeling much better than before. She was happy to find out that she was already home and had slept in her own bed.

“Hey, you’re awake,” Justin exclaimed happily, as he stepped out of the bathroom.

“How long was I asleep?” she asked, trying to sit up.

Justin immediately approached her and helped her put some pillows on her back.

“Five hours, I think,” he replied. “How are you feeling?”

“I still feel feverish, but I think my cough is wearing out.”

“You’re warm,” he mumbled as he sat beside her and took her in his loving arms.

Selena closed her eyes and leaned her head against his chest, enjoying the precious moment she missed the most. They had been apart for five months, but it actually strengthened their love for each other. It proved that they didn’t need anyone else, and that their love for each other was enough.

“I missed this so much,” she whispered.

“Me too,” he agreed, kissing her on the side of her head.


“Yes, baby?”

“I think we just showed the public that we’re still together,” she chucked, but it was apparent in her tone that she was concerned as well.

“It’s okay. They’re gonna find out, anyway,” he replied nonchalantly.

“Are you sure that’s okay with you?” Selena felt a little bit anxious, seeing that they had worked hard to keep their relationship on the DL.

“Of course. Someone’s gotta tell the world that Selena Gomez is taken,” he answered teasingly, making her blush.

“And Justin Bieber is mine?” she asked, gazing at him warily.

Justin smiled and tenderly stroked her cheek, before leaning in and planting a sweet peck on her lips.

“Yours,” he murmured against her lips before they deepened the kiss and turned it into one full of passion and bliss.

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Sorry if it as boring. HAHAHAHA. To make the story short, I dreamt of this scene two nights ago: Selena was performing in a show & I am watching it on my television. It sorta looked like ELLEN/LATE NIGHT/TONIGHT SHOW studio where the audience was just chill & sort of calm, unlike in concerts. Selena was performing but she felt a bit tired so she sat on one of the audience seats after singing & interacting with her fans (LOL. I KNOW, RIGHT??? HAHAHA). And then all of a sudden, JUSTIN FREAKING BIEBER BLOCKED THE VIEW FROM THE CAMERA AS HE LEANED DOWN TO KISS HER ON THE FCKING LIPS! (OMFG), TAKE HER IN HIS ARMS, AND LEAVE THE ROOM/STUDIO. I WAS LIKE… WTFFFFF DID JUST HAPPEN. AND THEN I WOKE UP FROM MY PERFECT DREAM!!!! UGH! I WAS NOT CONVINCED THAT IT WAS A DREAM UNTIL I SENT MY FRIENDS A TEXT AND TOLD THEM ABOUT WHAT JUST HAPPENED. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

Anyway, I hope you still liked it. It’s a bit boring but my mind is a mess. LOL. Btw, I’m taking a break for a few days! I need to recover the writing monster in me. I’ve been totally busy the past few days, and when I finally got enough TIME to write, I became lazy. GAH. For more info about my break, read here: http://nileyjelenalooover.tumblr.com/post/71098688951

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