he pinched his nipple i can't

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Wasting no time Ignis walks over to you as you wait on your knees, your body perfectly exposed to him. Cupping your cheek in his hand his other reaching down to tweak your nipple as he pinches it with a firm twist. “Look at you presented to me so nicely. Delicious.”

I mean, I’ll always be presented to you however you want, fam

Clothed, naked, kneeling, laying, screaming, moaning


Taeil x reader smut and fluff. 'I can't believe I have you.'

Anon said: Taeil, blue, both

Blue: shower scenario.

Send me the name of your bias and your favourite colour and I’ll write a smut or fluff based on it. (clarify smut, fluff or both.)


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You and Taeil were playing videogames, Mario Kart, to be exact. And Taeil was losing big time. Your boyfriend looked so cute, his glasses had slid down his nose, but he was too concentrated to notice or fix it. His Yoshi on the screen made a starteled sound as you made your Baby Luigi bump into him as you passes him by by one lap. (sorry gamer talk, ignore.) Taeil groaned as he tumbled off the course, and he put down his controler with an angry pout, you continued to drive as he sat there pouting in discontent and you laughed casually.


Taeil whined, trying to get your attention.


'What, Taeillie?’

You grinned finishing your last lap and putting down the controller.

'Jagi, let’s do something I’m good at too.’

You quirked and eyebrow, getting an idea.

'Well, that’ll have to wait, because I’m going to take a shower.’

Taeil whined again.

'What am I supposed to do then?’

'Well, last time I checked you WERE pretty good at showers..’

Taeil looked at you confused.

'Wait wha-’

He cut himself off and looked at you with wide open eyes from surprise. Without saying anything, you went off to the bathroom, Taeil closely following. You turned on the shower, steam steadily fogging up the mirrors and windows. Taeil stared as you took off your clothes as if he weren’t there, and stepped in the shower. Keeping his eyes on you he quickly rid himself of his clothes, as you started you put body wash on a puff and slowly washing your body. You heard the glass door open and cool air hit your back as Taeil stepped in. He pressed himself against you, digging his hands into the flower-scented foam that was dripping down your body.

'So you think I’m good at showers?’

He dug his nails across your hipsbones and blew cold air against your neck, making you shiver.

'Well, I guess I do..’

You giggled as he let his hands travel to your ass and gave it a little tap. He pulled you closer, and you could feel his slick length against your back. You sighed as a response to his gentle touches and reached your hands up to touch his face. His eyes shifted from following his hand movements to you.

'Hell, you’re so beautiful..’

He sighed at he gave you a kiss. It was a long, sweet, close-mouthed kiss, but he gradually started moving his lips and massaging your stomach and chest area. You let out a little sigh and moan as he added more pressure, and your cheeks flushed pink. You heard Taeil’s chuckle close to your ear as he turned you around.

'I can’t believe I have someone like you.’

He brushed your hair out of your face and let his thumb trail your jawline.

'You better start believing it because you do have me.’

You laughed pulling him down to you. Surprised he fell forward a bit, his hands landing on the wet tiles next to your face. His body brushed up against yours and his hands found your breasts again. He pinched your nipples and contently listened to your moans, starting to plant kisses all over you face and neck. Your hands slid down from his neck, down his chest to his hips to pull his crotch against yours. As response he nipped down just under your collarbone, a deep grunt leaving his throat. Sliding one arm behind your back he slowly moved his hips against yours, enjoying the friction. You subtly felt him slide between your folds and gasped. Another amused chuckle left Taeil’s mouth. You pushed him away slightly.

'How about I give you a little cheer-up because you just lost?’

Taeil just looked at you lustfully as you slid down his body. You landed on your knees. Your nails scratched won his sides, ending on his thighs. You gave him a soft kiss under his bellybutton, your chin lightly brushing his tip. A choked sound came out of his mouth, and you smirked, giving him kisses down his thighs. You gave him an open-mouthed kiss on the tip of his member, letting your tongue slither out a little. He leaned his head forward against the wall as you closed your lips around the tip and slid down. You went on like this for some time, slow, agonisingly slow. When you were all the way back again, and just going back in, Taeil slammed himself back inside your throat, his body unable to take the anticipation anymore.

'Sorry jagiya, I couldn’t help it.’

You just smirked at swallowed him again. Your gag-reflex had been desensitised from your slow preparation, so his sudden movement hadn’t caused you much discomfort apart from surprise. Relieving some of his tenseness you went a bit faster, the taste of precum hitting the back of your throat, releasing an appreciative moan from you. When you felt you had been there for long enough you got back up to lightly bite Taeil’s lip. He wrapped his arms around your back, repaying you with a deep kiss. He reached down a bit qand squeezed you thighs a bit, urging you to jump a bit. You did, and Taeil lightly caught you and brought your legs around his waist, humming as your burning skin met his. He broke the kiss to look at you with puppy eyes. No matter how many times you did this, no matter how enveloped you were in the moment, he’d always ask for permission.

'Can I..?’

You giggled at his flushed face, nodding your head to urge him to do what he wanted. He lifted you up a bit at the hips and brought you down again, onto his member. He kept intently looking at you, and you subconsiously brushed the wet strands of hair out of his eyes. You rocked your hips down a bit, trying to get him to find the right spot. Taeil stepped forward to trap you between the cold wall against your back and his burning chest against yours. This slight change of angle did it, as he forced himself back in and hit that spot that made you squirm. You gasped his name loudly.

'taEIL! There! Oh God there!’

Taeil grinned and blushed a bit at the same time, but his pride won over his embarrasment as he slammed back in harder to hit it again. And again. Little high choked sounds kept getting out as you clawed at his hair and back to handle the pleasure. With every movement your muscles flinched and quivered, electricity shooting up your body from your lower region. Taeil hit that knot just enough to have you balance on the edge, his face concentrated at wet with sweat and water. You pulled him closer, head buried in his neck. He felt your irregular twitching and slight trembling, and he slightly leaned into you.

'It’s okay jagiya, it’s okay. Don’t hold it in.’

And that did it. Even when in such a primitive situation Taeil knew to be his little caring self. The man you loved. You let out a little whiny sound paired with his name and clenched one last time around him before his muscles went crazy too and you both stood there trembling in pure bliss. His thrusts got slow and deep, trying to gently ride you out of it. Once the muscles in your back relaxed you let out a sigh.



Taeil hummed in response. His voice was a little croaky, his statisfied. His eyelids were heavy, and he was drawing soothing patterns on your back.

'I love you, you know?’

He smiled in response, putting you down and grabbing the shampoo for your hair. He turned you around on your wobbly legs and started to massage your scalp as he kissed your neck and whispered.

'And I love you.’




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