he only wanted to entertain

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Andreil + "soulmate au where all the lies your soulmate tells you appears on your skin"

Hi! thank you so much for sending this in, it was actually really fun to do! 

((To everyone else who’ve sent prompts in, ilysm and I’m so sorry I haven’t finished them yet. I’m terrible, ik, but I promise they will be done by the end of summer. *fingers crossed*)) xo

It wasn’t Andrew’s fault that he didn’t realize it right away, he wasn’t looking for it. There were no bells or fireworks or sparks when he had first met Neil, thank god. He was amused, obviously; he could still feel the weight of the racket reverberating back through his hands and up his arms when it had connected with the boys gut.

He had it coming.

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i. january

the feeling of another’s hands on your thighs will not make losing him hurt any less. you loved him deeply, more than anyone before. give yourself time, darling. time will heal everything.

ii. february

don’t wait for words you’ll never hear. he doesn’t love you; he only wanted you because toying with you was entertaining. don’t fool yourself.

iii. march

you are more in control of your life than you realize. do the things you always wanted. stay out until 3 am singing karaoke. fall in love with someone new. be fearless.

iv. april

you are capable of being loved. and boy, did he fall in love with you. you were enchanting and mysterious and bright. you longed to illuminate his darkness.

v. may

listen to your heart. sometimes love is one-sided. you learned this with the other boy, the one who broke your heart. sometimes you have to do the heartbreaking.

vi. june

let go. you have to forget about the one who broke your heart and you have to stop stalling and leave the one you do not love.

vii. july

don’t be afraid of new things. try being a vegetarian. dye your hair the color you were always too afraid to go for. swim with the sharks for once.

viii. august

sometimes things don’t work out. you don’t have to feel guilty for ending an unhealthy relationship.

ix. september

friends aren’t always forever. sometimes they wield the sharpest knives. just ask julius caesar.

x. october

heartache can only get to you as long as you let it. a year is far too long to hold onto a boy who has long since forgotten your name.

xi. november

you’re not in love with him anymore; you only want to be. you know you’re falling for another, but you’re afraid. don’t be.

xii. december

just kiss him.

—  lessons from the months of 2016 // lemonadeangelwriting

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Can I request a scenario of Chuuya meeting his s/o for the first time in a bar? Here's a twist: his s/o works as a pub singer there.

I’m assuming that this is before they were in a relationship and that it’s not him finding out that his s/o is a pub singer~ Correct me if I’m wrong!

~Admin Kat

She wants to dance like Uma Thurman, bury me ‘till I confess. She wants to dance like Uma Thurman and I can’t get you out of my head.

There was a bar that a certain Port Mafia executive loved to visit. It was quiet when he wanted to destress, mafia friendly, had only top tier alcohol, and had entertainment that he could enjoy from afar. 

He had his eyes set on you from the moment he entered that bar for the first time. You were a pub singer there, your voice enchanting the entire building.

Chuuya told himself that he came to that bar because it wasn’t stressful, mafia friendly, and had top tier alcohol. But in reality, the biggest factor in him visiting that bar so often was so that he could see you.

He’s found himself lost in your voice and your movements nearly every time he’s visited. He’s never approached you, but simply adored your movements from afar. 

However, him being a regular customer on top of his high-class dressing style made him hard to miss. You’d be lying if you said that he didn’t catch your attention back. 

“You’ll find your way and may death find you alive,” you sang as you slowly approached the red-head sitting at the bar. “Take you down the line, in Gem City we turn the tide…”

Chuuya looked as you approached him with that smirk plastered on his face that would make any woman melt. 

“I can move mountains, I can work a miracle. Keep you like an oath…”

Your singing paused as Chuuya took your extended hand. 

“…may nothing but death do us part.” 

You smiled as Chuuya finished the song for you. 

“Might I ask your name, executive?”

Chuuya was intrigued that you already knew of his status within the mafia. 

“Chuuya. Nakahara Chuuya,” he said, dipping his hat in a characteristic bow. “And yours, m’lady?” 

You smiled back at him as he gave your hand a light kiss. “_____.”

What she says: I’m fine.

What she means: It’s day number fifteen of October and BTS has yet to say anything about their comeback. WHERE ARE THE TEASERS?! WHERE’S BTS?! WHEN WILL I’LL BE ABLE TO LISTEN TO BUTTERFLY COMPLETELY?! I CAN’T HANDLE THIS WAIT! BIG HIT, PPALLI PPALLI! …..soo many comebacks….not enough money.

The reason Charles Sumner didn’t end up going on the carriage ride with Wendell Phillips and Ann Greene was even funnier than I initially thought.

Not only did he really not want to entertain a pretty, single woman all afternoon, even if Wendell was there, but when he woke up that morning it was stormy outside.

So Sumner, bless him, went to the window, saw the downpour, turned around, and went right back to bed.

The reason that Wendell and Ann were able to be alone and fall in love is because Charles Sumner was too damn gay and too damn LAZY to be bothered to leave his house.

Fire at my feet (Ch. 2)

Pairing:NeganxReader (Adelaide is the name though.)

Rating:T (For now..)


A/N:I got quite a bit of requests to continue this story, so here it is lol :) I hope you guys enjoy, please review!! Also, for those who keep up with my other fic, it should be updated tomorrow!

Chapter 1 __________________________________________________

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EXO Reaction to you entering a haunted house before them but screaming for them to help you

I’m such a scaredy-cat that I screamed “Don’t touch me!” throughout the walkthrough even though I knew that these ‘ghosts’ aren’t allowed to. I’m a chicken, basically.

- Admin Fits


He’d honestly shit his pants to be honest. We all know that even his loud mouth can’t help but accentuate the scary thoughts that permeate in his shaken mind. So without a doubt, he’d try to support you from outside, joking that you were too chicken to really go through it. But really, if any of the members were to push him into the haunted house to save you, they wouldn’t be able to because he would have disappeared.

Originally posted by baehkkyun


He’d be shaken but he wouldn’t want to leave you alone. Hearing your piercing scream would give him the jitters and he would have second thoughts on ‘saving you’. But since there was a queue and the both of you would be in two different groups anyways, he’d go to the exit where he would console you even though his own heart was beating as fast as yours.

Originally posted by sugutie


Chen would find it rather amusing seeing as how he’s rather indifferent when it comes to haunted houses and the such. He’d be too busy laughing to even respond to your calls but he’d most definitely be greeting you at the exit, with a bottle of water to cool down your parched throat and also a hug, if ever you needed one.

Originally posted by chenrrerorocher


DO would be alarmed when he heard you screaming his name and his instinct would be to run after you but he would stop himself seeing as how you were technically not in trouble. He’d just wait for your return with anxiety but when you did appear before him, he’d be amused when he saw your disgruntled figure.

Originally posted by missdyoo


Kai would be shocked at first but would burst out laughing. And it wasn’t because he was mocking you either but rather in a good natured way. He’d stop by the exit to give you a consoling hug before teasing you by gently pulling you to the entrance again. He’d apologise in a joking manner once you scolded him, though.

Originally posted by kaiskupcake


Poor Lay would be so worried for you. He might even call out to you with hopes that his voice might even reach you so that it would calm you. He’d go to your aid in a hurry, waiting in anticipation for your arrival. But if he found out that you were pulling his leg, he’d frown and give you a huge scolding afterwards, but wouldn’t stay that annoyed at you for that long because he’s Lay after all.

Originally posted by secrethideoutme


Sehun would be that annoying boyfriend who wouldn’t even bother trying to help you. He would be too busy laughing at your expense to even be that bothered, but all in good nature seeing as how you wouldn’t be in danger in a haunted house. He’d suggest a round two and this time, with him tagging along only because he wants to see your reaction live.

Originally posted by luderella


Suho would be entertained but he’d try to keep it inside seeing as how he didn’t want to hurt your feelings or whatever. He’d, however, be slightly worried but not that much though. Once he sees your scared face, he’d go to you to comfort you but you’d caught on that snickers that he failed to hide it.

Originally posted by sorenkingsley


Xiumin would be giggling all to himself, laughing at your misery, really. But he’d immediately cover that up with a straight up poker face once you get out of the haunted house, only because if he was dragged for a second round by you who wants to get revenge for laughing at you, he’d be dead.

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August 14, Gabriel 5

14: What is one of your OC’s secrets?

August’s secret is that he isn’t as relaxed as he seems. He’s afraid that if he shows negative emotions, people won’t want to be around him. He thinks people only like him because he’s entertaining.

He also doesn’t want anyone to know that he’s terrified of the ocean.

5: Describe your OC’s physical appearance.

Gabriel is Guatemalan-American, with medium brown skin and black hair. He’s about a head shorter than the Ramsey brothers, but still taller than Kit. August says he has an “art school haircut” (he’s got an undercut with a particularly fluffy top.) Even though he lives at the beach, he hates flip flops, and will wear his sneakers throughout the summer.

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Do you think a big part of Mettaton's physical weakness (And utter uselessness in his final form) is due to his robotic form lacking armour and being designed impractically, for showing off and posing rather than fighting or taking hits? (Also, if Mettaton's EX form is a transformed Regular Mettaton, and its exterior is made from that thing's interior somehow, does that contribute to its lack of proper armouring, nonmagical weaponry, or design? (And lack of a super-cheap temporary eject mode).

I honestly think it was made to impress Asgore and act like an excuse to build the body for Mettaton that he wanted. Remember, Alphys put the ghost Happstblook (Napstblooks cousin) in a heart shaped core and made a rectangular prototype body for them, promising to make the body she showed in sketches and design plans that they had felt like would match what body type that they would finally feel comfortable in. Alphys claimed she made Mettaton, a robot with a soul, which impressed Asgore because he wanted to be able to make artificial souls to be able to break the barrier, as he doesn’t really want humans to keep being killed for their souls so they can escape.

Everyone thinks that Happstablook just disappeared and that Alphys made Mettatons soul and make a robot with a soul, when she made a heart core and robotic body controlled by a ghost in the corporeal form of the heart core. This is explained by Catty and Bratty if anyone bothered to actually read all their dialogue and analyze it like I did. Asgore appoints Alphys royal scientist, and asks her to work on making artificial soul power and studying the nature of the soul. Judging by the book in the one library saying the nature of souls is still unknown, I’d say she did a pretty shite job.

She says Mettaton is a human killing robot but his body is just a prototype, the real body, Mettaton Ex, was worked on and never finished so he couldn’t leave her. The Mettaton Ex body was probably built under the guise of a human killing machine to impress Asgore, since you know, like most people he would rather have a piece of cold metal machinery built by someone a hundred times smarter than him do all the hard work and killing instead of having to get up close and do the deed himself and actually experience the visceral feeling of wounding someone’s body. There’s more resistance when the muscle is alive and moving and blood is pumping, it’s not like cutting dead meat that some butcher already did the hard parts of the job.

Essentially Mettaton Neo is like a fake mini gun button on a Ferrari to justify it as a military expense when in reality you just want a fancy cool looking car. He looks really cool and powerful, but I wouldn’t doubt if his cannon was just from a kids toy and shot nerf foam balls and made noises using a little speaker in it. Why do you think he never attacked even if you keep using items or checking him? His music is like “fight against a true hero” except it’s short and looping. Its supposed to intimidate you like pulling a fake gun and hoping they run away, he knows he isn’t really a human killing machine, because that’s not what he wanted his body to be, he blatantly states his only goal is entertainment and that he doesn’t want to hurt all humans. It’s like North Koreas nuclear weapons, it’s saber rattling, it’s bluffing.

I wouldn’t be surprised if his attack was just a bunch of flashing lights and sounds and laser pointers before it just anti climatically made a “poomf” noise and shot an orange rubber ball that lightly bounced off Frisk’s chest.
His wings just end up being made of glass used in those high tech signs and he can’t actually fly, and his shoulder pads end up being extra feet. There’s just this awkward silence before Mettaton Neo looks at the ball and says “so… Guess you aren’t one of the humans with a deadly latex allergy and you aren’t going to put that ball in your mouth and choke on it? Alphys said all these blasters got thrown out because they were sending human children to the hospital…. Guess you don’t want to join my fan club?”

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GOM meeting a girl that are really similiar to them( personality, family backgrounds etc)

Akashi: Meeting you is just as though he met his soulmate. Coming from similar backgrounds, the both of you clicked immediately and it becomes easy to open up to each other. None of you are afraid of being judged and would not judge each other. There a mutual trust that formed unknowingly. Both of you will seek each other out if either of you encounters problems or is simply upset about things that happened at home.

Aomine: He would always clash with you initially until his annoyance turns into admiration. The both of you would laugh at each other’s lame humour and give snarky comments all the time. Although you both are terrible at giving advice, the advice you give each other always helps. It is easy to understand one another and know what either one of you is going to say or do. He would love doing the complete each other’s sentence thing with you.

Midorima: Like Aomine, he could not stand you initially. He does not understand why you would say something you do not mean. When he found out you carry your lucky item with you as well, he is thrilled. That is probably when he starts to see you in a better light. He would be around you every morning, checking what lucky item you brought for the day. Sometimes, he would even ask for your help to look for his lucky items. He would offer you some tips and lend you his pencil too.

Murasakibara: When you get to know him better, you would realise how your stash of snacks seems to dwindle without you touching them. Murasakibara would deny taking the snacks no matter how many times you ask him, changing the topic by sharing his snacks with you. He would the cat out of the bag sometimes when he tells you your choice of snacks is good. He likes the fact that you have similar taste as him and agrees with most of the things he does or says.

Kise: He would be elated to find someone as open-minded and carefree like you. You would be the first one he would want to talk to since you are the only one willing to entertain him with as much enthusiasm. He likes your company and takes a liking to you quickly. He would often be surprised and find it hard to get used to times when you are serious and focused.

Kuroko: He would appreciate the your straightforwardness and the calmness around you. It is comfortable to spend time with you even if none of you were to speak at all. He tends to discuss certain serious matters with you as the both of you think alike and you would always give him clear and simple answers. he would be eager to let you meet nigou as well.


Walter Elias Disney (December 5, 1901 - December 15, 1966)

Walt Disney grew up as a hardworking boy, always having to wake up at the wee hours of the morning to deliver newspapers with his brother, Roy. Ever since he was a child, he had a passion for art and storytelling. He never went to college or even graduated high school, but he had a dream, and he was determined to achieve it no matter what. After being an ambulance driver in World War I, Walt headed to California with only a few belongings and $40. Things did not turn out successfully for him at first, often having to sleep in his office chair since he barely had any money. But he never lost that honest hope and determination that had brought him to Hollywood in the first place. He still worked everyday with a wondrous twinkle in his eyes and a warm, open heart because even if he was penniless, he was pursuing a dream he loved so wholesomely. People eventually caught notice of the rare passion Walt had and poured into his animation projects. Once his Mickey Mouse shorts became a phenomenon, Disney became a household name. Even as his fame grew with every passing year, he always strived to improve and explore new ideas. If people tried to discourage him from a project he strongly believed in, like with the first ever animated feature film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, he pressed forward. If he did not have the right financial backup for a dangerously ambitious concept like Disneyland, he did not worry about it because he knew that if he set his mind on something, he could make anything possible.

Here is a man who wanted to make people laugh at the small oddities in life, enjoy the joyous moments of each day, learn from the struggles of the real world, and fulfill the dreams that occupied their minds and hearts. Not only that, he wanted to do it in a way that could be entertaining. He has not only had a profound effect in the animation industry or the film industry, but he has had a profound effect on the entire world. Disney is a company that is almost incomparable because of how well-known it is throughout the Earth and because of how much it is loved by millions of children, teens, adults, elderly, and everyone in between. Disney has become universal, a symbol of happiness, a trademark of art. And it was all started by a man who had nothing but a dream and a heart to fulfill it.

113 years since his birth, but his legacy will live for an eternity.

Imagine Woozi secretly recording your voice so that he can listen to it when he misses you.


this was the first thing i thought of when i saw this post. and yes, they’re doing the flour baby experiment.