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imagine izuku making ice cream. its not normal ice cream. one side is red and the other is white. shotou is gone saving people and izuku is just rocking back and forth on the carpet crying and shoving this "todoroki" ice cream in his mouth because he misses his husband. said husband is back, just opening the door as he sees izuku on the floor sobbing with the spoon in his mouth and shotou just grabs another spoon and starts eating the ice cream too

“shoving this ‘todoroki’ icecream in his mouth” goddammit smotodo get ur head outta the gutter 

shouto would probably have to be away for a VERY long time for izuku to get this emotional LMAO.

shouto coming back after months and wanting to spend a nice evening with his hubby, but being confused when he sees izuku on the floor with da ice cream. he thinks it’s because the ice cream doesn’t taste good, n later he doesn’t understand why izuku is crying because the ice cream??? tastes rlly good???

izuku is only slightly embarrassed.

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Niall in that sweater thou damnnn (i have a thing for guys in knitted sweaters cause its hot af) can u do a blurb about it when you take it from niall just because u love it so much?

“BABE!”  I heard him call out to me but I decided to ignore it for the time being.  I was in the middle of painting and in the zone.  Besides, I knew what he was yelling about.


I continued to quietly paint, keeping my eye on the brush as I dragged it across the canvas.  

“Hey.”  I heard his voice now clear as a bell as he stood in the doorway of my painting room, “Been callin’ ya…”  

I turned around to see my blond haired, blue eyed very Irish boyfriend smiling back at me,

“Hey…”  I finally responded.

He folded his arms over his chest as he finally laid eyes on what I was wearing,

“Well…least I know where that went.”

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Isn’t it the pregnant woman who’s supposed to fuss over cribs and blankets and toys? Because for the past two weeks, you’d been reclining back on the sofa, a bowl of ice cream, fruit pieces and marzipan resting on top of your bump, watching in fascination as Tony, the father of your baby, tinkered with do-das and thingamabobs on the floor. He used to stay in his workshop under the house, but when you’d become less mobile due to your advancing pregnancy, he’d taken to bringing stuff up into the house, to be close to you if you need him. 

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Jess Plays Zettai Zetsubou Shoujo Dangan Ronpa: Another Episode - The Prologue Part I

Okay, so after a lot of shenanigans I finally have the game and I’m finished the prologue.

Spoilers for the game (kinda, I mean it’s the prologue) and my musings about possible directions the game could go in ahead so everything will go under a cut.

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Pairing: Aomine x Kagami

Some kind of Military/family reunion AU, I guess

I wrote this today and it’s not the best piece I wrote but I hope you still enjoy it. The language is very simple in this one and I’m sorry if it doesn’t sound “nice” ;-;. If there are any mistakes please tell me!


It has been two years since last time he saw his family. And if there was any kind of God or deity he would thank them for still being alive, for not dying in this battlefield of hell.

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Chapter 20: Feelings.


Looking around at the magic I just did to this trashy ass house, I cockily smirked. This house was so dirty and an hour later it became spotless all because of me. Raymond seriously needs to stop inviting everybody over all the time. Everybody and their moms be over here and I hate it. I wanna be at home in peace not have a family reunion. Ima have to talk to him about that. 

“Damn I can finally see da’ floor in here.” August mumbled as he came down the steps rubbing his eyes. My poor baby wasn’t feeling good, so I gave him some NyQuil and that knocked his ass right out. He slept almost throughout the whole day.

“I know right. But you feeling better?” I asked as I felt his forehead which was still burning up. I hated when people got sick. 

“Barely, but that nap wuh’ much needed doe’.” He shrugged like he’s not hotter than hell right now. 

“You want to go to the hospital August?” I asked for the 100th time today. He kept saying he was fine, but no the hell he was not. He looked like he could pass out any minute. He looked pale and everything.

“I’m fine babeh’, don’t stress bout’ it.” He assured me as I sighed before plopping down on the couch. 

“I’m sorry, I just don’t like seeing you like this.” Pulling me on his lap, he wrapped his arm around my waist and sat his head in the crook of my neck.
“I gotta go visit my momma, wanna come wit’ me?” He asked as I sucked my teeth. He knew I hated planes. 

“August, I hate planes. Don’t go, pleaseeee.” I begged as he sighed and ran his hands over his face. 

“Raye, I miss my momma.” He said  as I groaned. I hated when he left me. He did too, but hewas missing his momma like crazy and he told her he’d  come visit. He talks about her almost everyday. I would love to meet her, but I’m not getting on no damn plane. POINT.BLANK.PERIODT. It would be different if she could come down here, but August always wants to go down there because of the food and the rest of his family.

“I miss mines too but you don’t see me complaining.” I said with an attitude.  I know I just made this awkward as fuck now. He probably doesn’t know what to say. I told him that when Raymond and I got away from our dad, we lost contact with our momma. 

“Why you gotta bring dat’ up? Dats’ a whole different situation.” He said as I sucked my teeth. 

“Fine, go I don’t care.” I  said as she removed myself from off hislap.

“Yo, you bein’ real selfish. Chill out, ion’ wanna argue witcha’. Can you help me pack?” I rolled my eyes and snatched the keys out of his hands. Making sure he had everything, we got in the car and I sped off to his house. The whole car ride was silent but I didn’t mind. I wasn’t really in the mood to talk cause I was mad that he was leaving and nothing was going to change his mind. 

Maybe I was being a little selfish. He hardly gets to see his mom cause he lives all the way in LA with his aunt. His mom wanted him to stay in a better place but she couldn’t leave because of her job. Every time he’s on the phone with her he always asks for her to come to live down here but she says she can’t every time. I understand that he misses his mom but at least he gets to talk to her. I haven’t spoken to my mom in years. I just don’t want him to leave cause I have nobody else to hang with. Everybody’s busy and I hate being lonely. 

Once we got to August’ house, I shut the car off and got out. I was so pissed and sad at the same time. I need to just go ahead & stop playing and be there for my baby. He would’ve been there for me.

Handing him his keys, I waited for him to unlock the door. When he did, I went straight upstairs to his room and saw some suitcases already sitting by the door. 

“You hungry or somethin’?” August asked as he walked in his closet to grab a couple of outfits. He was only staying for a week like always. 

“No.” I said plain and simple as he nodded. Taking some of the clothes that he got out, I started to fold them up in the suitcases as he began to speak. 

“I’m sorry Raye, I just miss my mom a l—” I quickly cut him off. I feel bad now, he’s over here apologizing for nothing..

“I understand, you don’t have to apologize." 

"Why don’t you just get on da’ plane wit’ me babeh’? My momma really wanna meet you.” He said as I looked at him like he said something stupid. 

“Cause I’m gonna act a fucking fool. I’m telling you, I’m gonna be screaming and hollering the whole way there.” The last time I got on a plane, I cried the whole way. It wasn’t just any regular cry. Ya girl was screaming. 

“Why you gon’ do all that unnecessary shit?” He pouted, zipping up the suitcases that were already packed. 

“I’m kinda afraid of heights.” I frowned, as he chuckled to himself. I didn’t find that funny at all. If I was too high in the air, I’d throw up. 

“I can’t tell by da’ way you be ridin’ me.” He said as my cheeks grew hot. 

“That’s different, August. Now hurry up before you miss your flight.” I said, packing the last of his things in his tan mcm backpack. Grabbing his phone, charger, and shades, he put it all in the pocket of his hoodie. Stepping into some black Timbs, he snatched his keys off of his dresser and grabbed all of the suitcases to put them in the car. 

Sliding on my black sparkly UGG boots, I followed him to the car and sat on the passengers side as he put everything of his in the trunk. Once he was done, he got in the car and took off going towards the airport. 

“We already had dis’ conversation, okay? Don’t fuck up my car, Raye.” He warned sternly. He was so serious when it came to his car. He cares about this damn car more than he does anything else. 

“Yea, yea, yea.” I laughed as I stepped out of the car and helped him with his suit cases. 

“I love you babeh’, be safe. If somebody fuck wit’ you, call me.” He quickly said before giving me the quickest kiss ever and jogging off with his suit cases. Wasn’t even a second. Our lips barely touched. What the fuck am I supposed to do with that bullshit ass kiss? 

“I love you too!” I yelled out as I watched his body disappear. Sighing, I pulled my phone out and shot him a text. 

Me: what kind of kiss was that? 
August: sorry babe the flight was bout to start. I promise when I get back ima def make it up to you 
Me: ok I love you, be safe & call me when you land 
August: love u 2  & k 

My cheeks started to hurt from smiling so hard. I wish I wasn’t such a pussy so I could get on that plane with him. I miss him already. It’s gonna be quiet without him cause he always has something to say. 

Starting the car back up, I drove towards the school. I ain’t want to go to school today cause Auggie’s not here to play around with me. I was gonna be bored cause I have nobody to talk to. I would make new friends, but nobody at school likes me because of Chris but it’s okay. 

Once I got to school, I made sure August’ car was fine and I headed to class. I was gonna make sure his shit was okay 24/7 cause he’s a fucking freak about his car. If there’s one little scratch, he’ll kill me. That’s one thing he doesn’t play about. Let me tell him that it’s okay. 

Me: I made sure y(our) car was ok

August😘❤️💕💏:I wish yo cry baby ass would’ve got on dis plane with me and aight dat shit better be ok

Me:  & if it wasn’t? but ik me too, I’m sorry baby. one day I will.

August😘❤️💕💏: den I would’ve hopped off dis plane n beat yo ass. & its coo I understand

Me: 😜

August😘❤️💕💏:  take yo ass to class while you trying to send me emojis n shit. you gone get to shit tooken up, watch.

Me: you right so ima play w you later

August: nah ima play w dat  pussy later😈


I chuckled, turning my phone off as I entered my first period class. I liked the teacher but I hated coming to this class cause nobody wants to be doing all this work early in the morning.

He’s one of those young, cool teachers that doesn’t care about anything. He just cares about if you do your work, cause he doesn’t teach for nothing. Other than that, he’s cool and fun. He lets us do anything!

“Sil— Raye here goes the worksheet you ain’t finish yesterday.” He said. He was new so he always forgot that I told him to call me Raye not Silver. Ion’ really like that name so everybody just calls me Raye which is my middle name.

“Yall can work together on this.” Coach Edwards said before checking his phone. Shaking my head, I pulled a book from under my desk and opened it to the page the worksheet said to go to.

Hearing the door open, everyone looked up at Chris walking in smacking on some Mc Donald’s. He looked so damn hood. “Damn Chris, you never on time. You gotta stop talkin to them females in the hall.” Coach Edwards chuckled, as he handed Chris his worksheet.

“Nah man, it was my momma fault this time.” Chris laughed before plopping down in the seat behind me. I could feel his hot breath on my neck and everything. I must admit, he was looking good as hell in his all white but he not mines anymore. 

“You gon’ help me?” Chris asked. I was about to reply but I thought about how August would feel if he knew I was working with Chris. I’m not trying to have no drama when he gets back so let me go ahead and tell him. 

Me: do you care if I work with Chris on this paper, thats all were doin

August: ion care, I trust you.

Smiling to myself, I turned around to face Chris and scrunched up my face when I realized he was staring at me. It was so rude to stare. 

“Stop looking at me like that.” He shook his head and laughed before picking up his paper and looking at mines. Cheating ass. 

“You not gone just copy, you gone learn how to do it, too.” I said smartly as I snatched my paper back. Scoffing, he tried to reach for my paper but I popped his hand like he was a 3 year old. 

“We gon’ fight if you don’t give me that paper back.” Chris laughed, as I smirked and shrugged. 

“Alright.” He said plain and simple before I felt my desk being picked up and my head was almost touching the ceiling. That’s when I started to panic.

“Chris put me down, you know I’m afraid of heights!” I screeched as Coach Edwards looked at us and glared at Chris. He didn’t mind us playing, but Chris took it to the extreme.

“How you think August gon’ feel about you bein’ all lovey dovey with his girl, Chris?” Coach Edwards asked as Chris gently put me down. He sees August and I booed up in the hallway all the time, and he always brings it up.

Chris shrugged, “I was hittin’ it first..” He mumbled as Coach Edwards made an awkward facial expression before laughing and putting his hands up in defense. The rest of the class snickered and I punched Chris in the arm. That shit wasn’t funny. 

“Ugh, let’s just get back to this work you pervert.” I said as I bent over to pick up my pen and paper off of the floor. When I sat back down, Chris was staring at my back. 

“What’s on my back?” I asked, feeling around for something. 

“Nothing you got Autumn’s name tattooed on you and shit..” Chris said looking a little irritated as I busted out laughing. 

“You know his name is not no damn Autumn. And why you all in my crack?” I chuckled as he did the same. This brought me back to early this morning. That’s when August made this fake ass tattoo. 

“Ima tattoo my name on you.” August mumbled, rubbing my butt. We were in the 69 position, but we weren’t doing anything. I was just watching tv while he massaged my butt.
“With what? You ain’t got nothing mannnn.” I said, mimicking Smokey from Friday.
“Fuck up.” He growled as he grabbed my lady parts. Chuckling, I kicked him in the arm with my foot and soon after, he started tickling it causing me to squirm around.
“Ok!” I yelled as he came to a stop. I hate when people tickle my feet. That shit feels so weird.
“Just sit still, it ain’t even gone hurt.” He mumbled as he started grabbing things out of his drawer. I know this nigga wasn’t forreal.
He started massaging my lower back, and I swear I almost fell asleep. His hands were the real deal. A couple of seconds later, he pulled my pants off. “Why you take my pants off? it’s cold as hell.”
“Damn, I got a bomb ass view. All I see is pussy and ass. And cause I’m trying to put it on yo back, and you had them high waist ass pants on.” He said as he started playing with the waistband on my underwear. I was starting to get impatient cause it’s really cold.
“Can you start already?” I asked with  an attitude as he smacked his lips. Something he can’t go an hour without. He has a problem with everything.
“Aight babeh’ damn. Actin’ like my moms, rushing a nigga n’ shit.” He said as I chuckled.
As I rested my head on his legs, he started to put something sticky on my back. After repeating it, he was done in five minutes, which made me think that whatever he did was bullshit.
“I’m done, babeh’ I need to open my own tattoo shop.” He smiled, showing his pearly whites and bottom golds which looked perfect on him.
Rolling off of his lap, I went over to his body length mirror and looked at my back. There was some stickers that said ‘August’ right above my crack. He really used stickers.
“You’re a fucking trip, forreal.” I laughed, shaking my head. I really thought he was about to do some exclusive shit.
*Flashback Over*

“Damn girl what was you over there thinking about?” Chris asked, breaking me out of my thoughts. 

“Oh nothing..” I smirked as he eyed me weirdly before picking up his pencil. 

“What the fuck..” He mumbled really low but I heard it anyway. He does not know how to talk low. 

“Boy come on and let me teach you how to do this.” I smiled, snatching his pencil. He was gonna learn how to do this whether he liked it or not. 

“Gimme some pussy and you can.” He said with a straight face. Widening my eyes, I choked on my gum as he started laughing. 

“Don’t play with me.”


“I’ll see you later, baby.” I mumbled to  Alisha as I have her a quick peck on the lips. 

“Alright.” She said as she started to walk away but I pulled her back. Ima need more than that bitch ass alright. 

“What I do?" 

"You better give me more than that dry ass alright.” I mugged her as she laughed and pinched my cheeks. Normally, I would be mad but I just let it slide since she was so happy while doing it.

“Aw, big bae doesn’t want me to leave.” She smiled as I tried to fight the smirk that wanted to appear on her face. I really didn’t want her to leave, cause we was cuttin’ up but I wasn’t gonna show it. 

“Whatever, you gone show me some love before you go?” Nodding, she wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me kisses all over my face. 

“Bye baby.” She winked as she grabbed my dick before walking off. She a fucking freak I swear. 

Pulling out my phone, I was scrolling through Instagram, not even paying attention to what was in the hallway. And that’s when I bumped into someone.
“Damn, pay attention next time!” The voice yelled.

I looked down and there Raye was in all her purple hair glory “I’m sorry Silver I ain’t see you.” I said helping her up off the floor. She looked amazing. She dusted her clothes off “Its ok but don’t let it happen again.” she joked.

“Where your man at? I haven’t seen you alone in weeks.” I asked poking fun at her.

She rolled her eyes, “He went home to visit his mom. Now I’m alone again!”
I laughed, “You can chill with me. We’re supposed to be friends now Raye. As much as I wanna fuck you against this locker.” I said mumbling my last sentence.

“What was that?” She said punching my arm. Damn she got strong ass hell, that nigga ass punch.

“Ow, woman the abuse is real!” I said making her laugh as I smiled at the sight. I ain’t made her laugh in I don’t know how long. 

“I’ll be there, when you want me to come?" 

"Before I pick up Christina. I don’t think it’ll be a good idea to pick her up while I’m with you.” I said, faintly smiling at her as her smile dropped.
“I know, she hates me.” She sighed. Before Raye got with August her and Christina was like best friends, now it kinda sucks that Christina don’t like her. I lowkey don’t blame her though. I mean, if my best friend was fucking someone I loved, I’d be the same way. 

“Ah, it’s alright.” I said, not having anything else to say. Christina did basically hate her, so what else was there to say? I wasn’t about to lie. 

“No it isn’t, I didn’t mean for what happened with us to happen it just did. Ugh whatever what’s done is done right?” She said pushing her hair behind ear.

I put my arm around her shoulder and started to walk with her, “Dont sweat it. Question is you sure your man ain’t gonna be jealous about us speaking?” I ain’t need that nigga trying to argue with me, cause ion’ feel like hearing his fucking mouth. 

“No I already told him I spoke to you. He really isn’t worried about you honestly.” she said pulling out her phone. Little did he know he needed to be worried.
“Whatever come on let’s get out of here. We still got a date with Frozen.” I said walking towards the parking lot.

“Don’t get comfortable boy!” She said pointing her finger at me. I chuckled.
Once we got to my house, surprisingly my momma answered the door before I could even open it. I ain’t even know she was here. 

“Raye baby, what you doing here? Chris told me you hated him.” My momma chuckled, letting us in. I actually did say that shit, cause that’s what it felt like.

“He said that? That’s not true, he just really made me mad and I didn’t want to be around him for a minute, but we’re good now. We’re friends.” She explained as my mom pulled her in for a hug afterwards. I frowned at the friends part but I just shrugged it off. 

“Aw, well Chris you don’t have to cry about her anym—” I quickly cut her off. Putting all my damn business out. Raye didn’t need to know this shit.

“Ma!” I yelled as her and Raye chuckled but I ain’t see shit funny. 

“Ok, baby. I’ll leave you two alone. It was nice seeing you again, Raye.” She said as she started heading towards her room. 

“You too!” Raye said, still laughing as my mom disappeared. Plopping down on the couch, I watched her as she searched for Frozen and put it in. After fast forwarding it, she pressed play and sat down on the couch next to me. 

“Why you all the way over there?” I asked as she smirked and laughed to herself. 

“BABY.” She said, referring to Alisha being pregnant causing me to chuckle. She forever bringing that up. 

“I wish you would’ve never saw that message, dawg.” I said before grabbing her by her waist and sitting her on my lap. She sucked her teeth and tried to move away but stopped once she realized I wasn’t gone let her little ass go. 

“Boy! You better put that thing away.” She said as she felt my hard dick on her ass. She know she like that shit, ion’ know why she putting up this front. 

“My bad, just ignore it.” I said, wrapping my arms around her waist. At first she tensed up but after a while she loosened up a little bit. 

“Let it snoooooow!” Raye sang loudly. She sounded so fucking horrible but I wasn’t gone ruin baby girl’s shine. If she thought she could sing, then I was gone leave it like that. 

“Come on, Chris you gotta sing it with me.” She said, bouncing up and down in my lap as I quickly stopped her. And she wonder why my shit was hard. 

“I ain’t singing that gay shit, you better go buy a Kids Bop CD or something." 

"You’re still annoying as hell I see. Let’s go make some s’mores, though.” She said as she stood up in front of the tv. She acting like this a sleepover. 

“Alright, I gotchu’.” I mumbled as I got up, following her into the kitchen. We bout to make a fucking mess.

Walking into Alisha’s house like I lived here, I frowned at the unusual silence. It’s not really loud over here, but when I come here I usually hear Alisha upstairs attempting to sing. It was so quiet in that you could hear a leaf fall outside. 

Furrowing my eyebrows, I checked in the chicken cause normally her fat ass would be there but she wasn’t. “Alisha!” I yelled, but got no answer. Her ass always fucking playing around. 

“Alisha where the fuck you at?!” I yelled again, growing impatient. Sucking my teeth, I jogged up the stairs and heard soft giggles coming from her room which was dark. She on that scary movie type shit. 

Walking into her room, I saw some light coming from her bathroom and heard water splashing. Shaking my head, I made my way into the bathroom and she screamed once she saw me. “Don’t just fucking walk in on me!” She yelled, throwing some water at me but I dodged that shit real quick. 

“Chill out damn, I just wanted to check on you.” I said, sitting on the toilet as I watched her play with the bubbles & rubber ducks in the tub. She looked like a big ass baby. 

“Is that what the fuck you up here giggling about? These damn ducks?” I asked chuckling, as the smile from her face fell. 

“Shut up talking to me, dickhead. It was so much better when you weren’t here. Go be with that other bitch.” She spat at me as I sighed and put my head in my hands. Raye and I took some pics on my phone & she wanted me to send them to her but I accidentally sent them to Alisha. I tried to hurry and delete them but they sent fast. 

“Chill Alisha, we were just chi—" 

"I don’t give a fuck! That bitch got August so what the fuck you need to be around her for? You’re fake as fuck Chris, seriously! Crying to me about how she did you wrong but you smiling and shit in her fucking face! Fuck you, fuck this, just get the fuck out! Damn I wish you would’ve used a condom cause now I’m stuck with your lying ass!” She cried as she grabbed a towel and stormed out of the bathroom. Man, I can’t ever satisfy them. 

Sighing, I walked out of the bathroom and saw her lying on the bed crying. Climbing on top of her, I started kiss her on her neck as she cried for me to stop but I didn’t listen. 

“Chris stop, really.” She said, lightly pushing me off. 

“I’m sorry. I ain’t think it was a big of a deal. Ain’t like we was doing shit.” I said as I hovered back over her and stared into her eyes. They were red from crying but she still looked beautiful. 

“Whatever Chris, I’m not like her stupid ass. You not bout to play me. Get the fuck off of me with your hoe ass.” She spat as I sucked my teeth. 

“Yo, you got a smart ass mouth.” I said as she sat up and looked at me like I was crazy. 

“Chris shut the fuck up! You’re really pissing me off!” She yelled in my face as I clenched my jaw. That’s when I fucking lost it. That yelling in my face shit was disrespectful. 

“YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP! YOU DONT GOT NO FUCKING REASON TO BE MAD CAUSE YOU NOT EVEN MY FUCKING GIRL SO GET THAT THROUGH YOUR THICK ASS SKULL AND THAT FAT ASS GAP OF YOURS!” I yelled as she jumped from my sudden outburst. After I did that, she looked like she wanted to cry and that’s when I regretted it and felt like shit. She was real insecure about her gap, cause she used to get teased about it. She still does, but only jokingly. Deep down, it still hurts her feelings. I ain’t mean to say that but I wasn’t thinking.

“Oh yeah? Really Chris? My gap? You wanna go there? Do you ever hear me say something about your fucked up, lop sided ass tooth?! & I ain’t your girl? Cool.” She said, looking straight ahead of her. I could tell she wanted to cry but she didnt. I said this same shit to Raye. I keep fucking up.

“Alisha I-” she cut me off by putting her hand up in the air and chuckling bitterly.

“Nah you’re right, I’m not. You’re so low for pulling that card. I know I ain’t your girl but goddamn, when you put it like that,” she paused to chuckle. 

“I ain’t your girl, but when you was crying like a little weak bitch and shit I was there! The only fucking one there! I ain’t your girl, but who came to check up on you when Raye broke up with you? Me! I ain’t your girl, but when I threatened to leave you, you got on your fucking knees and begged me to stay. I’m so fucking tired of you Chris.” She said before running into the bathroom. A couple of seconds later I heard her light sniffles, and my heart sunk. I ain’t mean to make her cry, but she pissed me off with all that yelling. 

“Alisha, open the door.” I gritted out, shaking the doorknob but it was locked. When I ain’t get no reply, I got even angrier. 

“Fuck my life.” I heard her whisper as I sucked my teeth and banged on the door even more.

“Alisha open this fucking door right now!” I yelled again but that still ain’t phase her. I must’ve really hurt her feelings cause the bathroom light was off and she hated being in the dark by herself. 

After an hour of me trying to get her to open the door, I failed and sat there until I fell asleep. I realized she wasn’t gone ever open it. I wasn’t leaving until she did cause I really owe her an apology. 

“Ah shit.” I mumbled as I woke up and hit my bare back on this hard, cold floor. Opening my eyes, I realized that the bathroom door was now open and Alisha was out, sitting on her bed. Sitting up, I noticed that she was staring at her arms and that’s when I started to panic. 

“Alisha I know you wasnt doing what I think you was in there doing.” I gritted out, standing up. 

Refusing to look at me, she just continued to stare at her arms. Praying to God that she ain’t do what I was thinking, I slowly walked over to her and snatched her up by her arms. Once she seen me look at them she instantly started crying. I started to hit my lip from yelling at her, but I couldn’t help it. She was putting herself and our child in danger. 

“WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU? YOU SAID YOU WAS GONE STOP DOING THIS SHIT!” I yelled as she cried harder. Fuck them tears right now. I know I hurt her feelings, but this shit was uncalled for.

“Your words cut me deep Chris! You hurt my feelings!” She said, trying to wipe her tears but I still had a hard grip on her arms. 

“You could’ve killed our child, what the fuck is wrong with you?!” I screamed at her.

“Chris-” she started but I cut her off.

“Alisha, fuck you son. I’m out because you’re a selfish motherfucker. You risk my child’s life for some fuck shit, and got the nerve to want to argue like you right? I’m out.” I said heading out.

She was yelling after me, but I wasn’t trying to hear shit she was saying. I got in my car and just drove. Somehow I ended back up at Raye’s house. I wanted company and Ty was busy with the baby.

I hopped out my car, and headed to the front door and of course it was unlocked. When I walked in it was quiet but I heard her talking to that fuck nigga on the phone. 

“Baby, when you are coming home I miss you. I swear I’m going to hump my pillow cause it smells like you.” I heard her say.

I heard a chuckle from I’m guess August followed by, “You can hump the fuck out ma’ face when I get back.”

She giggled “promise?”

“Definitely baby, but I’ll be back in two days. Just hold down the fort. I got a surprise for ya’ when I get back."I rolled my eyes getting a kick out of listening to this corny nigga mack on Raye. But then again without me around she lost track of what was fly.

"It better be diamonds, I’m just playing but I can’t wait to see it. I love surprises!” she gushed.

“I know, but look baby its midnight here a nigga is beyond tired too. Imma call you tomorrow, I love you beautiful.” he said making me smack my teeth.

“I love you too baby. Muuuuuuuuuwahhhhhhh.” she said giggling.
“Aight later.” he said before she hung up.

She looked up and saw me, but hearing her tell this nigga she loved him really bothers me. It’s like what does he do for you that I can’t.
“Chris you ok?” She asked looking at me concerned.

“I gotta go, I shouldn’t of came here.” I said turning back towards the door.

“Chris what is your problem?” She asked running after me.

“Raye, I just gotta go. I can’t keep pretending like this shit with me and you is ok. You telling this nigga you love him, and I ain’t with it and Alisha. Just leave me alone aight.” I said getting in my car.

“Chris, why do you keep doing this shit? He makes me happy, why can’t you be happy like I am for you, huh?” She yelled.

I just ignored her and drove off. I need to be by myself. I gotta stop running to people for comfort. That shit got me sitting here like this right now. I really don’t know what to do bruh.


Later on that day

After saying my speech, I felt much better. I was super nervous at first. I felt like I was gonna throw up. I’m super shy and everybody was just looking at me and I thought I wasn’t gonna be able to handle it. 

Today was going great so far. It was awards day and I had won several awards that I didn’t think I’d win. I’m so proud of myself. Ever since August basically cut me off, I’ve been doing a lot better actually. 

“Hey, you look nice today.” This really handsome guy said to me. I was flattered that he said that, but I really didn’t want to get to know anyone. I knew what he was up to and its hard for me to trust people now. 

“Thanks, but I gotta go.” I said plain and simple, as I pushed myself through the double doors and sat outside just letting my mind wonder off.
I normally have to walk home, because I don’t talk to August anymore and Chris and I don’t either. Even though we stay in the same house, we still don’t talk. My mom is at work and I don’t have a license so I have no choice. I could use the exercise though, so it’s okay.

Boys usually offer to take me home, even teachers but like I said, it’s really hard for me to trust people now. As I stood up and started walking towards the way to my house, a car pulled up in front of me. Taking a good look at it, I realized that it was Chris’ car and rolled my eyes. 

“Chrissy get in the car, I aint bout to play with you today.” He said as he rolled the window down. 

“Why should I? You said you wish I was dead so keep acting as if I was.” I spat, putting my hands on my hips. 

“Please.” He begged as I rolled my eyes and sighed afterwards. Opening the passenger door, I got in and he sped off before I could even close the door.

“I’m sorry for that text message, I shouldn’t have said that cause that shit was low down and mean as fuck. It’s sad that I took this long to apologize but you know how I am. You had just pissed off so bad, because you wouldn’t listen to me for shit. You were mad disrespectful to me and you was acting like some of the hoes I talk to, foreal. And that shit aint cool. But hey, I gotta let you learn from your mistakes baby girl, I’m sorry.” He apologized as I huffed. 

“You’re right, I wasn’t acting my age and I’m sorry for that. If it makes you feel any better, I’m done with boys.” I sighed as he got quiet and looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language. 

“Wait, so you a lesbian now?” He asked as I playfully punched him in the arm. 

“No idiot! I’m just done with relationships. The whole trying to be with August thing was too much and I was hurt when he started talking to Raye. So, to prevent getting hurt again I’m done with boys.” I explained as he nodded. 

“What happened with yall?" 

"I thought we were good but the moment she called him crying he told me to leave and he was mad disrespectful with it. I just gave him his space though. So a couple of days later I went over to see what was up and he was basically saying that he’s cutting me off for Raye. And it pisses me off cause she dropped me for a bitch that he hasn’t even known for a year. I was there when he was at his worst moments, not her. Fuck both of them.” I said, shaking my head. I cried for a long time when he cut me off. He was literally the only person I talked to. I mean, I had friends at school but nobody could replace the bond that August and I had. 

“Raye’s foul for that.” He said.

“Fuck that fake ass nasty bitch. She knew what August and I had yet she fucks around with him anyway? Plus I thought Raye was like my sister. Fuck her, foreal. I swear I don’t like that bitch. Every time  I’m around her she wanna smile in my face and shit like she ain’t popping her ran through ass pussy for August behind closed doors.” I spat and Chris widened his eyes. 

“Damn, when did you get a mouth like that? Ran through?” Chris laughed, still shocked from all the curse words I was using.  

“Since people started doing me wrong. It’s all good though. What you pick me up for anyways?” I asked as I turned up the radio a little bit. 

“To take you out. I realized that I need to spend time with you more.” He said as I smiled. 

“Guess what, though?" 

"What?” I asked as he stayed silent for a few seconds. 

“You bout to be an auntie.” Widening my eyes, I screamed and clapped. I get to be an auntie! 

“Oh my god! Alisha’s pregnant?” I asked as he nodded. I really didn’t have a problem with Alisha. I’ve always liked her. I was just jealius because she used to always be up under Chris. I’ve gotten over it though, cause we talked about it not too long ago. Even though I wasn’t talking to Chris, we still talked. 

“Yeah, found out last week. Crazy part is that day I was trying to get Raye back. I miss her, she made me happy you know..” he said sounding hurt. 

“Yeah, I know you loved her. She never got that promise ring you bought her, huh?” I asked remembering when he brought it home showing mama.

“Chrissy, if she say this shit ugly you getting slapped.” Chris warned, pointing his long ass fingernail in my face. That wasn’t no fingernail, that was a claw.
Surprisingly, he called me to help him find Raye a promise ring for Christmas. At first I was gonna say no, since he sent me that cruel ass message but I’m not doing anything and I needed to get out of the house. Plus, nobody else wanted to go.
“Relax Chris, we have the same taste.” I waved him off as I grabbed the black box and stared at the ring. It was beautiful. If anyone thought this was ugly they were out of their minds.
“I’m just saying, this gotta be perfect,” he said, staring off into space.
“Just like her fine ass.” He mumbled as he licked his lips, smiling to himself.
“What was the purpose of buying this anyway?” I asked as I plopped down in the bed next to him while I put my feet on his lap.
“Cause I’m trying to make it up to her. I’ve been constantly fucking up ever since I met her and that shit gotta stop. I ain’t trying to loose her, so I bought this to make a few promises to her.” He said, smiling down at the ring. Must be nice.
“You know how you’re gonna say everything?” I asked as he went into deep thought before quickly shaking his head no.
“Momma!” He called out as I shook my head. Momma was the solution to everything.
“What you do to him, girl?” She asked, chuckling as she sat at the end of the bed looking at me.
“Nothing ma, he asked me to come in here. Seriously.” She looked at both of us as if she was shocked. She knew we weren’t talking, and it pissed her off. She kept trying to make us talk but we wouldn’t so she just stopped.
“Aww, my babies finally getting along.” She said, fake crying.
“Ok momma stop playing, I need your help. I got this ring for Ray—”
“You’re getting married this early?” She asked as she cut him off. Sucking his teeth, he pulled out the ring and showed it to momma.
“It’s supposed to be a promise ring because I just keep getting myself in trouble and I’m trying to make a few promises to her.” He said as momma smiled up at him.
A smile started to ease its way on my face as I admired her beauty. She was gorgeous. That’s where Chris and I got our looks from. Her vanilla soft looking skin, long back hair.. She was just breath-taking.
“Oh yea, good choice. When we talk she be like ‘I can’t stand your big headed son, he’s always getting himself into something’.” She said as we all laughed. That sounded like something Raye would say.
“Man, come on momma I gotta hurry.” Chris whined as I sucked my teeth. He’s such a cry baby when he doesn’t get his way. Claim he’s all mean.
“Alright, alright. Tell me how you feel about her..”
*Flashback Over*

“Nah, she never gave me a chance. One more chance Christy that’s all I want. I swear I won’t fuck it up again, but I know with this baby on the way she’ll never even consider. Besides I heard her exchange I love you with him.” he said sounding defeated.

“Man fuck that bitch! She don’t got no friends so she riding his dick for the company! I hate her” I said rolling my eyes.

He chuckled, “I tried to hate her for three months but after finally talking to her last week I realized I love her, but I gotta just let her go. Imma get her back one day though.”

“Whatever so when is my niece due?” I asked smiling trying to change the subject.

Chris was just never going to get over Raye. He smiled and joked with Alisha but she wasn’t Raye. And this baby I’m sure he wishes it was with Raye as well, but he wasn’t gonna admit to it.

“Uhh I’m not sure we got a doctor’s appointment, but I’m pretty sure Alisha got pregnant when we hooked up after Christmas.” he said parking the car outside our house.

“Chris, I’m not going to say anything about this, but don’t give up on what you want. I don’t know when you became some weak nigga, but my brother gets what he wants.” I said before getting out the car.

He grabbed my hand “Thanks Christy, I’m gonna really consider that. But, I want us to be ok again.”

I smiled “Your my big head brother you hurt me, but I forgive you. We’re ok Chris.”

“Cool, but I got something I need to take care of. Imma come pick you up later and we go to City Walk.” he said turning the car back over.

“Ok.” I said getting out and closing the door.

If I was August I’d enjoy Raye, because if I knew my brother after Alisha had this baby and he knows he/she is healthy he’s going to stop at nothing until he gets that girl back.

“Christy!” I heard Chris call out from the front door.

“Kitchen!” I replied as I washed the last dish in the sink. I had to wash the dishes anytime I was about to leave because I knew my mom would chew my ass. Chris wasn’t going to do it, so I always had to do it.

“You ready to go out?” I heard him ask as he made his way inside the kitchen. Finally.

“Yeah, let’s go I’m so hungry!” I said as I dried my hands.
I turned around and looked at him, he looked pale. I started to worry because I thought maybe he was sick. 

“Chris are you feeling okay? Why are you so pale?” I asked him walking towards him.

“Man, Alisha out here harming herself like she ain’t having my baby, and Raye’s in love with August.” he said taking a seat putting his head down.

My eyes grew wide,”What?!!”

“Alisha got mad cause I was hanging with Raye, and I heard Raye tell August she loved him again. I can’t fucking take this shit man!” He said all frustrated.

“Chris, go make sure that girl ain’t kill your child! As for Raye I ain’t buying it, but I have seen the way he looks at her. He knows y’all were together?” I asked curious.

“Yeah, apparently he isn’t worried about me. I don’t know why he acting like I won’t take his girl from him. And if I’m around Alisha I’m going to kill her. I’m just stressed out. These girls  make me crazy.” He said shaking his head.

I laughed, “Come on big bro! Let’s go out to eat. I know you need the break.”
He got up and grabbed his keys stuffing his hands in his pockets. My poor brother. I can’t believe Alisha though. She knows as much as Chris talks shit, he still wants the best for her and loves her. Alisha’s going to lose this boy for being stupid one day.

“Mommy take a pic of us before we go!” I said to my mom as she came dowstairs on que. Handing her my phone, she snapped it and gave it back before checking to make sure if I washed the dishes. Uploading the pic to ig, I smiled because it’s been a while since we took a pic.

chrissywithdacakes: reunited @fuckyopictures 

We got in the car and he headed toward City Walk. It felt nice being with Chris at the moment. We’d been fighting for so long that I was just over being at odds at this point.

“What you thinking about ugly?” He asked making me laugh.

“How close we always were. I missed you that’s all.” I said.

He laughed “remember when I hung you from that basketball hoop?”

I rolled my eyes, “Never mind I don’t miss you.”

He laughed “nigga you was crying and then your pants fell off. That shit was classic!”

Chris was a bully, but y’all knew that. He loved to rough my ass up, I was glad though it made me a little tough.

“Anywa-” I started to say but his phone rang.

He sucked his teeth before answering “What Alisha?” I heard her crying through the phone, and I shook my head. I forgot how all about her.

“Alight calm down I’m coming.” he said hanging up the phone.

“What’s wrong?” I asked hoping it wasn’t bad.

“Alisha said she feels really light headed and sick, and she’s spitting blood. I’m going to take her to the hospital. So help me God I lose another baby.” he said hitting the steering wheel.

“Drop me at the McDonald’s I’ll walk from there, and you keep going” I said worried.

“Aight.” he said whipping the car around.

He got to the McDonald’s in record time. I got out and grabbed my purse “Keep me posted drive safe Chris please!”

“Alright, let me go. I don’t want to keep her waiting!” He said.

I closed the door and headed off. Why can’t things ever just be great around here?

I was really looking forward to this.


Smoothing out my dress as I looked in the mirror, a confident smile plastered across my face. I looked too good. Not to be cocky or anything, I’m just stating facts. 

Fluffing out my light brown curly locks, my phone made a noise indicating that I only had 10 percent left and I didn’t have a charger. Well I did, but I couldn’t find it. The last place I went was… Chris’ house! He asked me to give him some advice. Good thing we stay extremely close, cause I might be late to this party that I’m supposed to be attending. 

Snatching my keys to the matte black jeep that I saved up for, I went outside and locked the door behind me. Once I got in the car, literally a minute later I was at Chris’ house. I need to let him know that I’m here. 

Me: open the door bestie, I left my charger  

Stepping out of my car, I slowly walked to the front door and waited for him to open it. I can’t walk regular, because I’m just now learning how to walk in heels, and I don’t wanna bust my ass. 

“Was— damn, where you going?” Chris smirked as he answered the door and leaned on the door frame. Tracing to where his eyes were, I looked down and they were on my cleavage. Pervert. 

“To a party.” I laughed, embracing him in a hug. He smelled good as hell, like always. 

“Let’s go have a quickie in yo car before you go. You look so damn fine. Titties on fleek and shit.” He said as he looked me up and down, biting his bottom lip. Ew. 

“Chris, just move so I can get my charger.” I whined, pushing him out of the way and walking upstairs to his room which took a while to get to. 
Once I walked in, I noticed a girl in there but I didn’t pay her any mind. Chris was probably about to fuck her. And he calls me the thot. 

“Who are you?” The girl asked as I started looking around for my charger. Great, I didn’t come here to have a conversation with Chris’ hoes. 

“Girl, you bout to get some dick don’t worry about me. I didn’t come here to have a conversation with you, so it would be nice if you stopped talking to me.” I chuckled as she sucked her teeth. That was nicest way I could say it, because I was really about to curse her out. 

“Ew, no I’m not. And ok you don’t have to be rude, damn.” She said which annoyed me even more. 

“Chris! Get your bitch!” I yelled, shaking my head at her. I need to count to 10 before I let her ruin my mood. I ain’t trying to be mad going to a party. 

“Raye, what you up here doing to her? That’s my best friend, Bri.” Chris said breathlessly. He must’ve rushes up here thinking we were fighting. 

“Wait, Raye?” I asked, as I got a really good look at her. I know that name from anywhere. Plus, she looked so familiar. 

“I don’t know you..” She mumbled, studying my face as she wore a confused look on hers. That’s when it hit me, that’s my sister! She always used to make that face. 

“You don’t remember me? Bri, were sisters.” I said slowly so she could think about it. After a few seconds of silence, she ran over to me and jumped on me. I knew she wouldn’t be mad at me, because I left for a good reason. 

“Bri?!? Where have you been?!” She asked, excitedly. God, we have so much catching up to do. I never thought I’d see her again. She’s all grown up, and she looks so beautiful. 

“I went to Texas with mom, I’ll tell you everything another time. Okay?” I assured her as she nodded at me. 

“Well damn, should I say 3some? Come on y’all..” Chris smirked as he tried to pull both of us in his bed. 

“Really? Were sisters, that’s nasty.” Raye said as I chuckled. That’s a damn shame. 

“So..” He shrugged. 

“Man, just give me my charger with your nasty ass." 

"So that’s why both of y’all got big titties. I should’ve known from the jump. But, here.” He mumbled, pulling my charger out of his drawer. 

“Y’all fucking?” I asked, looking in between them. 

“Nah.” They both said at the same time. Well that makes sense cause I saw him with Alisha earlier. 

“So how y’all know each other?" 

"She the girl I been telling you about. We were fucking at one point. Shit, we dated too.” He stated as I gasped. Who would’ve thought.. 

“Oh my God! You did all that to my sister? And Raye you’re wrong too! Y’all need Jesus.” I said as I popped both of them. 

“What I do?” She asked innocently. 

“You know what the fuck you d—” I quickly cut them off from arguing. From what Chris tells me, I think they’ve argued enough. 

“Ok! Raye put your number in my phone. I’m gonna come get you tomorrow baby.” I said, handing her my phone. Once she put her number in, I grabbed my things and was about to leave until Raye called my name. 

“Can you please take me home? Chris acting like he can’t." 

"Yea, come on.” I said, motioning for her to hurry. Sliding on her Nike slides, she followed behind me as Chris followed behind her. 

“Bye y’all.” He said, grabbing our butts at the same time. Before I could even say anything, he slammed the door in my face. 

“I’m gonna get his nasty ass.” I laughed as Raye did the same. I’m still surprised that it’s her. I haven’t seen her since we were little kids. The come up was too real cause she looks 1000x better. 

“Bri, I can’t believe I got my sister back! I finally have somebody to hang with. You staying down here for good?" 

"Most likely.” I laughed, as she got really excited. On the rest of the car ride to her house, we just enjoyed each others presence. Guess what I found out? She lives with Raymond! Were about to reunited. 

I rolled up on the red light in my trashy Sebring,
three-year-old eggs fried into the door,
two teens in the back,
one side of the bumper slumping towards the pavement as if it were too ashamed to be a part of this white trash dream,
and me,
with zero fucks to give.

A newer model black camaro pulled up on my passenger side with it’s window half down, through which the spirit of a true muscle car must have slipped out.
As is typical of such douchebagmobiles, a slack-jawed yokel stared out at me.
I watched him for a moment with my peripheral and then, when he turned his gaze towards my girls in the back seat,
I leaned over my passenger seat,
intercepted his gaze,
lowered the volume on Tupac,
and said
“What da fuck you lookin’ at, honkey? It’s green.”
He floored it,
we laughed for a moment,
and then continued onward towards the promise
of ice cream.

-Samuel Decker Thompson

Autographed poems, books, and other shit are all available at the Etsy link below.
Much love!

Da-dum ;; Jongkey (for Jongkey Day)

Title; Da-dum
Pairing; Jongkey
Rating; PG-13 for some language and innuendos
Summary; “If I was a real shark, I would have eaten you up by now.”


Kibum narrows his eyes at the nutrition label he’s trying to read. He’s trying to keep up on the (horrible) diet he’s put himself on to lose some weight that Jonghyun swears six ways to Sunday that he doesn’t need to lose. It isn’t that Kibum feels he needs to lose weight either (and he tells Jonghyun that too), but he can’t gain the muscle he wants to without balancing his diet in a different way. That all means that it takes him a little longer at the grocery store when he and Jonghyun go food shopping on their usual Thursday night runs.

That also means that Jonghyun is more likely to get bored.

“Jonghyun, don’t start,” Kibum warns, cutting his eyes to the left.

Kibum is alone in aisle (and probably in the store as a whole because almost no one shops this late on a Thursday), but he can hear Jonghyun from his station either around the corner or in the next aisle. He feels like jumping around the corner and scaring the shit out of his dumbass fiance but decides to play along instead. Of course, that isn’t to say Kibum won’t bully him for being such a child when they get home. He knows Jonghyun is only trying to lighten the mood after a very long day at work for the both of them. KIbum knows it’s all in good fun though.

Da-dum,” Jonghyun calls, and it’s louder this time. “Da-dum, da-dum, da, da, da… da-dum.”


Kibum claps two hands over his mouth when two arms wrap around him from behind and shove him up into the handle of the shopping cart. His hip aches from where it makes contact, but he forgets about the pain in favor of listening to Jonghyun whisper close to his ear.

“If I was a real shark, I would have eaten you up by now,” Jonghyun grins and grants Kibum enough room to spin around.

Kibum reaches his hand up to cup Jonghyun’s cheek, rubbing his thumb over the scratchy stubble on Jonghyun’s jawline. “You’re a pretty cute shark. I wouldn’t mind being eaten by you.”

Jonghyun pinches Kibum’s cheeks together with his thumb and index finger, puckering up his lips. “With a face like this, I’m not sure anyone could resist you. I need to beat out the other sharks.”

“Do you still need to treat me like we’re both nineteen?” Kibum smacks Jonghyun’s hand away.

“I do,” Jonghyun grins. “How else am I going to keep our youth when we’re both nipping thirty in the ass?”

“Thirty isn’t the only thing I’m going to be nipping in the ass when we get home,” Kibum smirks.

Jonghyun clicks his tongue. “With dirty comments like that, I’m going to have to treat you like we’re still nineteen.”

Kibum chuckles and pats Jonghyun’s cheek. “Come on. Let me pick up a few more things. Otherwise we’re never going to get out of here.”

“Yeah, you’re right. You go on ahead; I’ll catch up. I want to look at some vitamins in the next aisle. My doctor said I should start taking some, and I’m going to see what they have.”

“Alright. There’s some meat on sale. I’m going to take a look.”

Kibum tosses a curry packet into the cart before pushing it toward the chilled area in the back of the store. Jonghyun hangs back, and Kibum already knows he’s planning something when he doesn’t hear his shoes squeak against the tile floors.


This time, Kibum takes off running.