he no longer has green hair

Imagine Grantaire and Enjolras being hopelessly in love with one another. Lazing about on the green grass by Champ de Mars, all Les Amis scattered about on various picnic blankets.

Imagine faces buried in the crooks of neck– a sanctuary from the rest of the world–, imagine fingers carding through blonde and black curls, imagine sweet nothings whispered in ears.

Secretive smiles given easily and widely, no longer gazing at each other longingly from opposite ends of the Musain, which has Courfeyrac tearing his hair out trying to decipher.

Jeers from their friends, but that only makes them smile harder, noses brushing and gazing into each others eyes like the lovesick fools they are– two trees breathing through each other’s spectacles.

Relaxing as the sonder through the green in the bright Winter light while R mumbles Frank O'Hara into Enjolras’s curls and Enjolras just breathes. Smiles. Allows himself these few minutes of peace.

“I look at you,” He recites. “And I would rather look at you than all the portraits in the world.”

Enjolras twisting up to look at him, a knowing smile on his face. “Except the Van Gogh.”

“Except the Van Gogh,” R concedes. “But that’s on the way to The Museum of Fine Art, anyways.”

“I’ve never seen it,” Enjolras will say, reaching his hand up to trace the contours of R’s cheekbones. “So we can go together, when it comes back.”

“It’s a date.”

And the promise- like all of them now- is sealed with a kiss.



There’s at least two versions of trans boy Star/Stan seen from the latest episode and here’s my thoughts on it:

  1. Their hats are completely different, 1 is clearly a hat sitting higher on his head, 2′s is a beanie sitting lower on his head
  2. 2′s bangs are more pronounced meaning there’s more showing, which makes sense because he’s wearing a beanie thats sitting farther back on his head rather than a hat like 1 is wearing
  3. The backside of the hair on 2 is neat and trimmed, 1′s is longer and disheveled 
  4. The shirt is blue on 1 and minty green on 2
  5. The shirt also has a white stripe on 2 and not on 1
  6. 1 has a sweater or shirt tied around his waist whereas 2 does not

There is still so much space for headcanons concerning Hisashi coming back and meeting Dad Might Toshinori, and I just can’t help myself, I’m asking myself:

How does Hisashi look?

Izuku clearly takes a lot after Inko with his green hair color and the green eyes plus their reactions to embarrassing or stressful situations. But perhaps Hisashi has freckles, just like Izuku. Perhaps he has the same unruly hair, just a different color (I picture black). Perhaps he smiles just as brightly as Izuku does, or he looks painfully similar to his son when he frowns or gets angry. I would love to see him mumble when he thinks about things, being a complete nerd just like Izuku.


Why was Hisashi gone for so long?

From what I’ve gathered, he works abroad. While that explains that he is gone for a longer time, we haven’t seen him even once during the whole manga, not even in flashbacks or pictures. And since we’re at the end of the first semester plus we have to add the ten months of training that would mean that Hisashi has not shown up for approximately 24 months.

That’s a lot. Did he come back and we just didn’t see it? I can’t imagine that. But why would he be away for so long, and when was the last time he was home? Does Izuku even remember his father?


How does Hisashi think about Izuku being quirkless?

More importantly, does he even know that his son is quirkless? I do hope so, since that has been clear since Izuku was four or five years old. Hisashi not knowing would mean that he hasn’t been in contact with his family for over twelve years. That would, in my opinion, mean that Inko’s and his relationship has already ended, and Izuku grew up without a dad on top of being bullied and quirkless. (Ouch.)


How would Hisashi react when he comes home and sees all the things that have changed?

I mean, let’s be honest: If Hisashi wasn’t there for approximately 14 months AND wasn’t in contact with his family, then he missed a whole lot of important things. When he comes back, he is in for a surprise.

Izuku has a quirk now (one that is not from Hisashi or Inko) and goes to a famous school to become a hero. And Izuku is doing very good there, mind you.

Izuku is now being trained by the Number One hero itself. He is even very familiar with the former hero. I can’t help but think Hisashi’s jaw dropping when he sees All Might himself hanging out with his son.

Izuku has been through a lot. Villain attacks, sports festival, has saved a friend from a kidnapping – the boy has seen a lot of trouble, and he is marked by it. Izuku is not as shy anymore, he is now ready to jump head first into the fray, and there are scars to prove it. Hisashi as his father should be worried, if not shocked or angry about all of this, and I would love to know which emotion would win out of all of them.


And that brings me to my most important question – how would the meeting of Hisashi and Toshinori go?

Hisashi is Izuku’s father, yes, but he wasn’t there for a very long time. I even theorized before that Izuku perhaps can’t even really remember him. That would mean that Izuku’s and Hisashi’s relationship isn’t as strong and healthy as it could be, not to mention all the things they have missed out on each other’s life.

And then there is Toshinori, who shares a close, healthy, almost fatherly bond with Izuku that only goes stronger the longer the story progresses. That’s the exact opposite of Hisashi.

Would Hisashi be jealous, or more resigned? Would he perhaps even be angry, since Toshinori is basically taking over his place? Or perhaps he would be angry because Toshinori entrusted Izuku with a quirk and dragged him into the dangerous life of a hero? On the other hand, they both are (like) a father to Izuku, and that should mean that they want Izuku to be happy. That would give the both men plenty of reason to become friends, even if it’s just for Izuku’s sake.


You see, I’m asking myself a lot of things, and I’m itching to finally find out more about Midoriya Hiashi. Until then, I will just busy myself with headcanons. XD

Yona x Hak oneshot: Hairpin

I recently re-watched AnY, so got dem feels and have to write it out.

(Read my oneshot Earrings here)

The Hairpin

 “I can’t stand this much longer…” Jae-ha sighed, swiping his fingers through his green hair.

“I’ve had to put up with it longer than you!” Yun grumbled as he stirred the pot. “I feel sorry for him. I don’t think Yona has a clue…”

“Hmm…” Jae-ha cocked his head, regarding the red-haired princess, who was currently being teased by Hak. “I’m not sure…but I think it’s time I intervene and find out!”

Yun rolled his eyes. “How troublesome…”

The nabe was served in some chipped bowls they had traded for medicine, and everyone sat around the campfire. Dinner-time was usually a rowdy affair, with Zeno attempting to steal anyone’s food if they weren’t fast enough, and Ao hopping from shoulder to shoulder to grab scraps, but everyone was tired and so rather subdued.

“Ne, Yona-chan…” Jae-ha piped up, and Yun tensed. “I’ve been thinking about this recently. Do you have an ideal type of guy?”

“Eh?” the red-head blinked, spoon half-raised to her mouth. “Type of guy?”

Hak glared at the green dragon, who smirked in response.

“Yeah, you know. Most girls have something they favour…like tall, or strong. You’re young, so I guess you haven’t been in love yet. But you must know what kind of guy you would like?”

“I don’t think this line of questioning is very appropriate!” Ki-ja spluttered.

“Change the subject, droopy-eyes,” Hak growled.

“Let’s make it easier, then…” Jae-ha grinned. “We have an odd bunch here. Shin-ha is the strong and silent type. Yun is the cute and domestic kind. Hak is the beastly type. Zeno is carefree and happy. Ki-ja is kind and loyal. And me…I’m the beautiful and talented kind. Who would you pick?”

Yona shook her head, her eyes large. “I- I can’t pick! I really like you all.”

“As expected of the Miss!” Zeno laughed, slapping his leg.

Jae-ha smirked at Hak, before leaning over and touching the girl’s cheek.

“Oh, really? I guess Yona-chan hasn’t had her first kiss, either. Would you like to try?”

The princess flushed scarlet, dropping her spoon in shock, while Hak pulled her backwards, out of Jae-ha’s grasp. Simultaneously, Ki-ja ripped Jae-ha away.  

“Keep your pervert thoughts to yourself, droopy-eyes!” Hak snapped, holding Yona close to him.

Yun sighed, continuing to eat his soup as the white dragon gave his green brother a severe telling off.

“You need to be on guard for Jae-ha,” Hak warned Yona. “Perverts like him can’t help themselves.”

“I don’t think he was really going to kiss me, though,” Yona reflected. “He just likes teasing- like you. Jae-ha doesn’t mean it, he just likes flirting with girls.”

Hak cursed internally. Of course she would lump him in with the green dragon.


Later that night, Yona couldn’t sleep. The conversation at dinner had made her feel unsettled. Yun slept peacefully beside her, so she slipped from the tent, and went to the river to get a drink and splash water on her face.

Jae-ha’s wrong. I have been in love… Yona thought, looking at her reflection in the water. She took out the hair-pin, its pink petals still as vibrant as the day Soo-won had first given it to her, on her sixteenth birthday.

“Princess, it’s late. Should you be sleeping…?” Hak trailed off as he saw what the girl was holding. Yona blushed, and fumbled, trying to conceal the pin.

“You don’t need to hide it,” Hak said gruffly, sitting down next to her on the log, his dark and messy hair falling into his eyes. “I know why you can’t throw it away. You still love him, right?”

Yona’s mouth dropped open. “Hak…”

“It’s fine,” the thunder beast said, leaning back on his hands, gazing at the stars.

“I understand. You loved him for a long time. It’s not something you can switch off.”

“Hak…” the princess took out the hairpin once more. “You have it wrong. I did love Soo-won, from as far back as I can remember. He was always by my side. But that’s not why I keep this hairpin. I keep it as a reminder…that the man I loved, the one I trusted the most…betrayed me. He killed my father. I saw him die by his hand. So, I carry this hairpin. To remind myself, how happy I was to receive it. How my only concern was for trinkets, and how my hair looked. To remind myself never to make such a mistake again.”

“Yona…hime…” Hak exhaled, stunned by the girl’s words. “That’s the reason?”

“Yes,” Yona nodded, returning the pin to her clothing. “Don’t misunderstand, Hak. I’m no longer that love-sick, spoiled child.”

To her surprise, the man next to her started to laugh. He bent over, clutching his sides, and Yona felt her cheeks colour. “Why are you…!”

“You never fail to surprise me, princess,” Hak told her, suddenly wrapping her in his arms.

“Hak!” as always, she was engulfed by him. Although they were only two years apart, he was so much taller and stronger. She never felt safer than when she was in his arms.

“Yona-hime, let me try something,” the thunder beast said, cupping her cheeks. “If you don’t like it, just bang your head against mine, okay?”

“What?” the red-head began to question, before Hak moved, capturing her lips in a kiss. Frozen with shock, Yona didn’t know what to do, her hands tightening on the front of his robes. He acted like a hungry man, pressing his mouth against hers, making their lips mouth together. He held her close, and Yona was submerged in his warmth and his familiar smell.

She could feel herself becoming light-headed, starved of oxygen, and she felt herself nearly slip from the log.

“Woah,” Hak said, grabbing her tight, stopping her from tilted backwards. “Did you nearly fall off?”

Yona felt her face turn scarlet, and she shook her head furiously. “I couldn’t breathe, you idiot!”

Hak laughed, hugging her and ruffling her hair. “Forgive me. I’ve held it in so long, I went a bit wild…actually, I was expecting you to stop me…”

He regarding the princess: her lavender eyes glassy, her rosy cheeks and her red, swollen lips.

“Damn…I don’t think I can hold back now, princess…” he told her, kissing her softly on the mouth, before pressing his lips against her cheek, her forehead, and her neck.

“Hak…!” Yona trembled, unsure what was happening to her body, but unable to say that she didn’t like it.

“Sorry…” he said, laughing, and the red-head realised she had never seen him so happy before. It made her stomach swoop with joy.

“Why…why did you?” Yona tried to form a sentence, but her mind was blissfully blank. Hak smirked at her, pulling her onto his lap effortlessly. She squeaked, instinctively putting her arms around his neck to keep herself from falling.

“I might not be your first love, but I’ll always be your first kiss,” Hak told her playfully. “The truth is, I don’t tease you, Yona-hime. Everything I do, I do because I mean it.”

The princess blinked, remembering their conversation from before.

“The main reason I protect you isn’t because of some order. It’s the same reason I became your bodyguard in the first place,” Hak said, brushing his thumb over her lips. “It’s because I love you.”


Janie is a spitting image of her mother, not with the brush of freckles across the tops of her cheeks and nose. I do see Rose in her longer face and her frame, but she’s without a doubt a mix of both parents.

Moffy has the same jawline as Lo. Same sharpness. Almost identical features except his green eyes and his dark brown hair. But he’s not Lo.

Truth is, Sulli looks like both of us. Skin tanned from being out in the sun, constantly. Dark hair like mine. Harder jaw. But lips like her mom’s. A delicate nose. Green, soulful eyes.


i.Janie is a spitting image of her mother, not with the brush of freckles across the tops of her cheeks and nose. I do see Rose in her longer face and her frame, but she’s without a doubt a mix of both parents.

ii.Moffy has the same jawline as Lo. Same sharpness. Almost identical features except his green eyes and his dark brown hair. But he’s not Lo.

iii.Truth is, Sulli looks like both of us. Skin tanned from being out in the sun, constantly. Dark hair like mine. Harder jaw. But lips like her mom’s. A delicate nose. Green, soulful eyes.


Janie is a spitting image of her mother, not with the brush of freckles across the tops of her cheeks and nose. I do see Rose in her longer face and her frame, but she’s without a doubt a mix of both parents.

Moffy has the same jawline as Lo. Same sharpness. Almost identical features except his green eyes and his dark brown hair. But he’s not Lo.

Truth is, [Sulli] looks like both of us. Skin tanned from being out in the sun, constantly. Dark hair like mine. Harder jaw. But lips like her mom’s. A delicate nose. Green, soulful eyes.

Who would have known...

…that aside from hiatus scruff, freckles, longer hair and just the most gorgeous green eyes, there would be a point where I would also just sit here with heart eyes because of Jensen Ackles’ ankles showing during a photo shoot. Why is it the most random things that make him just infinitely more attractive? :’) I mean it’s Jensen so he could probably walk around in fuzzy bunny looking like slippers all day and on the red carpet and I’d melt, so that’s that… :) But seriously, this man has it all: immeasurable talent for acting and singing, being an absolute sweetheart, rocking an amazing clothing style and having a wonderful sweet little family.

6 Stages of Loving You

Based on this beauty. 


It wasn’t unusual for Troye to pine for random strangers. He’s done it, at least every time he walks out of the house. But this one feels different. Everything about it is odd.

He’s on his way to class when he spots the green eyed fiend. His sandy hair is covered in a beanie, and he’s wearing the most spectacular smile Troye has ever seen. This gorgeous stranger holds his head up high, like he owns the fucking place.

And when he passes Troye, it isn’t anything special. Like Troye’s a pebble, and he’s a mountain. But for a fraction of a second, their eyes meet, when he crosses the street. It’s a beat longer than it needs to be, and Troye thinks about it when the nights wear on too long. When he’s studying, and his mind drifts. He finds himself doodling sparkling green in the margins of his lecture notes.

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huge WIP jesus christ I know nothing about these I haven’t even designed a beginning for them, likely to be updated in the future.

Legs: Pure unicorn legs are longer and thinner than normal pony legs. Also, fetlocks are very, very long. 
Hooves: Cloven. Not as glittery as Eclat’s, he has his done to look that way.
Body structure: Thin, very thin. Fleur de lis thin. 
Nose: Longer, more pointed. Females and males, Vivienne does not carry this trait because she carried it from the earth pony in her bloodline.
Horn: Longer. Pointier. More deadly definitely. Think Celestia.
Tail: Thinner/smaller, more movable than pegasi. Does not grow hair up it like the the pegasi do. 

RED DOT: If you’re trying to go by my canon, ask so the character fits. Only close friends who I trust to use them correctly can do this.

GREEN DOT: Literally just a taller unicorn I don’t really mind, they’re on the same level as the green in the pure pegasus category. they fit wherever. it’s fine. go for it.

Just Remember

  • These fuckers are really strict on pure bloodline
  • Most live in castles/mansions
  • Many work in the fashion industry
  • You are considered an abomination/crime against pures/horrible representation of gods if you’re tainted by earth pony blood.
  • They don’t have markings like pure pegasi
  • Glitter fade hair isn’t required, that’s a special hair dye.
  • This is so WIP it’s sad, i’d recommend not making one of these because it’s going to change in the future definitely
  • Don’t make any with red dots without my permission, green is fine >:I
Fenhawke fic: Finding Home 26/?

Title: Finding Home 26/?

Rating: NC-17

Word count: 6736

Summary: Hawke kind of has a crush on the new barista. A little one. Tiny in fact. Barely noticeable, apart from the embarrassing amount of time Hawke spends thinking about him. His name’s Fenris. Smart and sharp, gorgeous and mysterious. Green eyes, white-blond hair, with fleeting smiles and white ink tattoos. Hawke’s got it bad, and thank god he’s got his friends to help him get a date, because he’s not sure he could do it on his own.

A story about Hawke, about Fenris, about friends and damn fine coffee.

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