he no longer has green hair

Okay, but I can’t stop thinking about Eddie and Richie in university. 

So it’s a few years later after Pennywise and the Loser Club have carried on with their lives, real life doesn’t stop for anyone ya know, paranormal clown killers or not. And for real-life reasons, everyone goes to different universities in and out of the state. 

For this reason, of course, Eddie makes new friends, who are a little surprised at first when he reveals he’s taken as he’s flirted with at a party one night. It becomes a game among these friends to imagine what this guy significant other would be like. Obviously, she would be some girl with straight A’s and neatly parted hair who wears summer dresses and probably wears glasses - the stereotypical image of a good Christian girl. 

One afternoon Eddie had mentioned his ‘significant other’ was coming to visit and they all took this as the opportunity to finally see this put-together, pure, Puritan girl. 

So you can imagine their shock when a boy, with straggly black hair to his jaw, covered in freckles and moles, wearing a faded (only slightly stained) Nirvana shirt and ripped jeans clambers out of an old pickup truck with a shout of, “EDS MOTHERFUCKING KASPBRAK, HAVE I MISSED YOU!” 

Maybe this boy was just his friend? Maybe he was just dropping her off as well? Would Eddie Kaspbrak, the boy who starts his essay’s the night he gets them, goes to every morning lecture and who is never seen without brushed hair, trouser pleats and a pressed shirt be with the guy with the massive smudged glasses and broken converse?

But then Eddie doesn’t answer him, just kisses him so hard the boy is slammed back into the door of the truck, and his friends give up. 

Alternatively, at his university, Richie’s friends think similarly to Eddie’s. I mean. Richie Tozier, the boy who burnt down the dorm kitchen trying to make goddam pasta, got thrown out of Target for climbing on the checkout counter to dance to the Macarena, and has never been seen wearing a clean shirt in his life - would he be really interested in some preppy clean-cut girl?

Nah, his friends guessed she would be a punk girl with dyed red, no GREEN, hair and wore fishnets and had loads of piercings and got expelled from loads of schools. Yeah, that’s who Richie Tozier would like. 

Oh, how naive and wrong they were. 

Because one day Richie took a shower longer than 5 minutes, ran a brush through his hair, and was even spotted walking into a laundromat. So either he’d finally snapped, or his significant other was visiting. 

They came with him to the park where they expected to find the cyber-punk girl sat under a tree to escape the sun that would tan her perfect porcelain skin or that could melt the random plastic shit she had attached to her crazy clothes and in her hair. 

But then they see Richie walking towards a park bench next to a lake and they are gobsmacked. Sat there was the most conforming, suburban-looking boy they’d ever seen, wearing a dress shirt tucked into pleated trousers with a belt that matched his smart shoes which were the same shade of brown as his round eyes and impeccable hair, throwing handfuls of bread into the pond like a young elderly man. 

They watch how as soon as he approaches the boy stands up with a glare before starting to fix his collar from the nice polo shirt under his freshly clean Star Wars shirt and running his fingers gently through his hair he had attempted to tame, clicking his tongue beratingly and saying something they couldn’t hear. 

Maybe he was another friend trying to make him look good for the girlfriend on her way? 

Then Richie grabs the hand in his hair further into the thick mess and tugs him closer to kiss him deeply, wrapping his lanky arms around the doll-like shorter boy. It’s when the boy stretches onto his toes and flings his arm around Richie’s neck to hold him tighter against him that his friend’s stop trying to pretend they can predict who Richie Tozier is. 


[Well not anymore since we’re approaching 200 somehow, but you get the drill.
Anyways, thanks for 100 followers! Here’s some Paladin centric HCs for you guys!]

★ Keith convinced Pidge to try on Allura’s crown while she wasn’t paying attention

  • It got stuck on her head and they panicked and tried to cut it off with Keith’s sword

★ The “””Bonding Moment””” is a meme forever engrained in paladin history

★ Pidge voice: According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a lion should be able to fly

  • Lance, sliding across a table towards Keith: So, ya like jazz?

★ Everyone has seen high school musical so whenever they form Voltron, they scream the chant

★ Lance convinced everyone to do facemasks as a bonding exercise

★ Alteans never grow hair anywhere besides their head and face

  • Lance remembered all the time he’s spent shaving and cried

★ It’s an ongoing joke to lean towards Keith at random times to see if he’s turning purple yet

★ Shiro found a space Sephora in another space mall and broke down in tears while Keith just patted his back awkwardly

  • “Listen, I know it’s been a while, but people are staring. Shiro, get up, you’re the black paladin omg”

★ It’s a regular thing for Hunk to just carry another paladin around

Hunk voice: It’s a castle, it’s a ship, it’s a castle ship!

★ Pidge, Coran and Hunk upgraded the Gladiators to be more challenging and unpredictable, but in the end almost ended up killing everyone

  • Allura and Lance ended up taking them out

★ They all changed outfits once out of boredom

★ Shiro found a group chat setting in the lions, and just sent a shit ton of lenny faces

★ Shiro knows for a fact that Keith has been pining over Lance since before all this Voltron Nonsense, and proceeds to be the annoying brother Keith wished he never had

  • Shiro, thirsty for gossip and enjoys making his brother suffer: So what’d say to him once you saw him for the first time since the Garrison
  • Keith, already planning ways he can kill himself: I pretended i didn’t know him
  • Shiro, spitting out his nunvil: yoU DID W H A T

★ Coran’s mustache got cut off once, and everyone was horrified.

  • It??? Grew back in a day though????

★ Pidge climbs onto the nearest person when she gets scared

Lance voice: We are Voltron bum ba dum bum bum bum bum

★ Coran is the one to insist he doesn’t have a favorite, but everyone knows it’s Lance

★ The paladins tried to find out if Shiro wore eyeliner or not

  • They camped out in the rafters, courtesy of Pidge, with motion detectors in Shiro’s room and cameras in every bathroom
  • They didn’t get their answer, and Keith fell out the rafters

★ Hunk: Gee, it sure seems like updog in here

  • Lance: Hunk no
  • Coran: What??
  • Hunk: Y’now updog
  • Allura: What??? Is updog???
  • Hunk is too busy screaming to answer, and Lance is done

★ Kaltnecker is still around and scares the crap out of the paladins

  • Lance, jumping five feet into the air: hOLY COW
  • Hunk, Pidge and Keith: ( ° ʖ °)
  • Lance: NO

★ Everyone has a group chat where the scream about Klance

★ Coran and Shiro scream the most since Keith and Lance respectively go to them more often

★ They quietly whisper right hand man whenever Allura shows up in her battlesuit

★ Alteans can glow and nobody finds out until the castle has a blackout and the paladins are shook

  • Coran: Worry not paladins! We’ve got the situation under control
  • **Allura and Coran begin glowing**
  • Pidge, quietly underneath her breath: yo wtf

★ The paladins find out they can have elemental powers and proceed to freak the fuck out

  • Pidge: I am the Lorax i speak for the trees
  • Hunk: I can be friends with the Balmera!
  • Shiro: I can finally fly away from all my problems

★ They all unlock them in different ways

  • Keithy-boi accidentally lights his pillow on fire because he was thinking about Lance
  • Somebody makes the mistake of pissing off Hunk and a rock goes flying towards them
  • Shiro was finally chilling until Lance started screaming that he was floating
  • Pidge got really frustrated about an invention while they were on another planet and a bunch of trees surrounded her
  • Last but not least, Lance got super homesick at one point and all the sudden all the waters on the planet started rising

Allura, sitting at a table, eyebrows pinched in thought: What the quiznak is a peanut?

Paladins, pouring nunvil into tiny cups: SHOTS SHOTS SHOT SHOTS

★ Hunk has blackmail on everyone, but will only use it if he deems it completely necessary

★ Nobody ever lets Pidge curse and she is Tired™

★ On several occasions have the Green and Yellow lion had to save their paladins from doing something stupid in the name of science

★ Everyone tried to make lightsabers

  • They were in space so why not??
  • They cut off Coran’s mustache again

★ They went to a planet and drank something?? They next thing they knew is that they were in the castle, Hunk suddenly had longer hair, Pidge’s glasses were gone and that Keith and Lance had strangely similar rings

★ Lance made everyone matching letterman jackets

  • Coran and Shiro teared up

★ Pidge and Hunk made Lance a camera and he screamed

★ Existential crises become a normal thing

  • Shiro, suddenly pausing his training: We’re just fucking power rangers
  • Hunk, dropping Pidge who he was carrying: Oh my god—to Allura and Coran we are the aliens
  • Keith, stopping in the middle of an argument: My entire life, i wondered if aliens were real while i was an alien

★ Everyone assumes its Hunk who doesn’t curse, but it’s actually Lance

★ “How many episodes of Steven Universe have we missed oh my god”

Allura, who just found this out about balloons from Shiro: Ah, Pidge! how exactly does one get square balloons?

  • Pidge, finally seizing her chance: You blow square breaths
  • Allura, holding one finger up: (ό‿ὸ)ノ w h a t

★ Hunk remembered they disappeared before he got to see Moana and just laid down on the floor for several hours

  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is basically his dad meaning Hunk missed his dad’s disney movie.

★ They accidentally stole a Yupper that was owned by Prince Lotor

Shortly after forming Voltron: What in formation?

★ Hunk has made a mental note of how many times he’s been right about people not being trustworthy

  • It’s 157

Shiro at one point: jeez we need an adult

  • Shiro, this time horrified: wait i am the adult

★ “It’s not gay if it’s in space.” “Actually the moon is a lesbian, so it is gay. check and mate, Lance.”


★ They programmed the castle to play the wii music, and Shiro nearly went on a rampage

★ Lance actually ended up knitting all the arusians sweaters

★ “We are beauty, we are grace, we are just gays lost in space” “Shiro liKES MEMES?”

★ Aliens are lowkey terrified of humans now

  • “The black paladin got his arm ripped off and managed to escape the galra? Count me out

★ “Wait, Voltron is just five lions stacked on top of each other omg this is wild”

★ The castle is actually haunted somewhat

  • Nobody knows by who, but they know weird shit is always going on

★ “Who you gonna call?” “VOLTRON”

★ They’re so confused on why Allura and Coran have british accents

  • We’re in space???this makes no sense????

★ Hunk tells Coran he’s helping him cook but really he’s making sure everything is safe for human consumption

★ Lance broke his arm once and Allura passed out

★ Lance and Hunk are the only ones with normal sleeping schedules

  • Coran is always awake?? Nobody knows if he actually goes to sleep, they’re afraid for him

★ Coran taught Pidge every way through the vents and she now uses it to her advantage

★ Hunk is always getting marriage proposals from aliens

★ Pidge has almost been adopted on several occasions

★ They start a service that kinda works like fan mail and are surprised by how many kids want to be them

  • “Why do all these kids want to be dead inside???”

★ The tag yourself meme becomes a usual thing

  • “Tag urself, im that king that keith accidently set on fire”
  • “I’m Shiro screaming hysterically”
  • “I’m that guy who just doesn’t give any shits”

★ Allura is forever deemed Space Beyoncé

★ Coran has a special cup to protect his mustache from getting tea in it

Lance, waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat: Does liking Keith make me a furry?

★ Voltron malfunctioned somehow and threw them all onto the planet they were saving and no one has recovered

  • Voltron somehow beat it on it’s own???
  • Everyone is salty bc it did a better job than they ever did

★ “It’s okay if you’re a furry and a texan, we still love you.” “i alREADY HAD TO DEAL WITH YOUR BROTHER BUT NOW T H I S”

★ Slav hangs around and drags everyone into the Multiverse theory

★ “gO GO POWER RANGERS” **bad sound effects**

★ They argue over what sound the particle barrier makes

  • “Guys, no. it makes that sound when you hear a window opening, y’know?”
  • “No, Lance, it’s more like the sound you hear when you’re on a swing”
  • “Both of you are wrong, it makes that sound you hear when you drop out of the sky”
  • “WE ARE STILL FIGHTING THE GALRA. But it actually makes a noise kinda like Shwooop.”

★ “How are you supposed to protect your shit from criminals??”

  • “Hire Voltron”
  • “Everyone started hiring Voltron”
  • “Rich important people hired Voltron. Poor people who could not afford to hire Voltron did not hire Voltron”

★ **The Galra start attacking the ship** “Knock knock, it’s the Galra. With huge ships. With guns. Gunships.”

★ Shiro voice: Think about it, everyday we get one day closer to getting nachos

  • Hunk voice: that’s actually really nice
  • Pidge voice: what if i die tomorrow and don’t get nachos?
  • Keith voice: then tomorrow is nacho lucky day
  • Lance voice: nO

★ Lance is always the last to find things out without fail

★ Once something was inside the castle that basically put people into a coma when the went to sleep, so everyone had to stay up for at least 2 weeks straight

  • Keith was so sleep deprived that he told Lance bad space pick-up lines for two hours while they cuddled

★ They have a board that reads “The last time we did something gay”

  • The longest they’ve gone is 4 days

★ Everyone always forgets what number they are

  • Coran: Come on, number 3, I have something to show you!
  • The Paladins:  **Caveman spongebob meme**


★ They have Bonding Sessions where they talk about their families and what they hope they’re doing

★ Everyone thinks it’s Keith or Pidge who talk about punching Iverson, but nope, it’s Hunk

  • He told everyone that Matt, Professor Holt and Shiro were dead and is probably telling his family the same thing
  • He’s not letting that shit slide

★ They visit Balmera regularly so Hunk can see his rock girlfriend

  • BALLmera is life amirite?”

★ Everyone has so many questions over Allura’s hair

  • “Is her hair made out of clouds, or am i dreaming?”
  • “How did she get all of that into a bun? i can barely put my hair into a ponytail wtf”

★ “I’m paladin” “I hate this fucking family”

★ No one can count how many times they’ve seen Keith staring at Lance while he wasn’t looking

Coran, obviously frustrated shortly after Pidge goes missing at some point: HOW DO YOU LOSE A WOMAN?

  • Hunk, quietly, but with a lot of feeling: You forget to cherish her
sex bomb

Harry works at lush and you’re a writer 

masterlist x

a/n : I hope you guys really like this story. I worked really hard and this story means a lot to me. So if anything I would really like some feedback and what you guys think of it. Thank you

 Today wasn’t the best day of work, sitting at a desk all day and answering phone calls from very impatient rude people isn’t fun. When I drive out of the parking lot and onto the road my mind starts to check off the list of things I have to do when I get home. Cook dinner, feed the cat and do the laundry. Right before I get on the freeway I decide to stop by the little strip mall that is right across the street. I turn and pull in and park right in front of 7-Eleven, I decide to grab myself a treat just to maybe calm my nerves a bit for the rest of the day. I walk out and jog up to the front door, I yank the door open and stride right up to the freezer. I looked at all the types of ice cream bars they had, Snickers, Twix and Hershey. I decide to get a Snickers bar and pull it out of its case. I walk through the aisles searching for anything else that may grab my attention. I decide to not get much more and head up to the front counter to pay for everything. The cashier rings everything up and I hand him the money, he hands me my bag and say thank you. I reach for the door and walk out to the sidewalk, i start to walk to my car when I look to my left and notice a wonderful smell coming towards me. I decide to have a look and to see where it is coming from. When I start to walk and notice that it is coming from this one store that is called lush, never heard of it before. I walk in and decide to have a look around to see what they have.

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hazytuesday  asked:

Hi, I'm looking forSterek fics where Stiles is kicked out of the pack, for whatever reason, too keep him safe or just because they think he can't keep up because he's human. I've read a few (Happier, If I Could Trade Mistakes for Sheep...) I don't like WIPs, so completed fics only, please? Thank you, I love this blog so much, always something new to read.

We actually got a bunch of requests for this prompt but we’re answering this one because it’s the oldest one we got (again, sorry for taking ages!!). We hope you like our recs!


Make This World by wldnst

Stiles comes back to Beacon Hills during the new moon in April.

Radio Silence series by Febricant

Derek’s still looking at him like he’s never seen him before. Hell, maybe he hasn’t. There’s certainly fewer layers over his core than there used to be, stripped off gradually with the last of his awkwardness.

The Difficult Kind series by whiskey_in_tea

if you could only see / what love has made of me

Raised by Wolves and Other Beasts by TroubleIWant

Stiles is 26, single, and unencumbered with any responsibilities. Until his past starts catching up to him, anyways.


Derek is standing at Jason’s reception desk, looking the same as he does in Stiles’ dreams except that he’s breathtakingly real, from the two-day stubble to the jewel-bright eyes to the little cow-licks in his hair he always tries to gel into submission. Stiles sees the exact moment he realizes that he can’t get a scent, because his eyebrows flick up in surprise and hurt. In the supernatural community, scent blocking is rude to the point of hostility. It means you’re hiding something.

Stiles has no idea what his own face is doing, but after the slip, Derek schools his into something so tightly composed it seems like an admission in itself. It hardly feels like years can have passed since they saw each other last, except that propped on Derek’s hip, chubby hand curled at her mouth…

Emily. She’s grown into that distinctive Hale coloring; pale skin and dark hair. She has Derek’s hazel green eyes, too. Two tidy pigtails curl above each of her ears, held with red bubble ties.

“Oh,” Stiles says faintly. He’d braced himself for Derek, but only him. “Her hair’s longer.”

Those Are The Days That Bind Us by s_a_m

The series follows Stiles as he struggles to deal with the trauma, heartbreak and betrayals that cause him to run away from Beacon Hills, and the adventures that come during his time away.

Old Habits Die Hard

Bucky x Reader

REQUEST: Bucky with number’s 85. What’s wrong with me missing you?, 95. Tell me you need me., and 110. I’m sorry if I don’t want you to die!

Summary: In her eyes Bucky’s moved on, and she slowly is too, but when a mission goes haywire, he realizes just how much he misses her.

Warnings: pure angst, swearing, brief violence. (you’re going to hate me, yikes) I strongly suggest that you listen to Another Sad Love Song by Khalid, it’s loosely based on the song as well. Also, please read the comment and you’ll understand why I ended it the way I did. Hope y’all understand xx

Word Count: 2.8k+

Originally posted by buckybass

It wasn’t suppose to go down this way. The breakup was amicable. It wasn’t worth the angry tears and screaming matches in the middle of the night whenever Bucky came home late. She missed the old Bucky. The Bucky that would come home every day and shower her with love and affection, but then he disappeared. The good morning kisses halted and tight goodbye hugs became loose. She tried talking to him about it, but he just brushed it off and went to bed.

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anonymous asked:

What is the timeline of Harry's hair? How did it go from after the war to the man bun? I saw on one of your pictures where Albus is a baby and Ginny is singing 'your eyes are as green' (the one where they're three hours late) Harry's hair is short but when Ginny told Harry she was pregnant with Albus it is long and then when Lily is a baby it's longer again, I just know you'll have a cool head canon story for this! Love your work!

Harry has medium length hair when he got married to Ginny. During the whole pregnancy he let his hair grow longer. After James was born, he was able to tie it on a bun.

When Ginny says she’s pregnant of Al, Harry has the manbun. 

But Ginny’s second pregnancy were quite… dangerous. And Harry went through a lot of things as an auror during those 9 months. He cut it in a buzz cut after Al was born and by the time Al was almost 1 yo (and the comic where Ginny is singing to him) the hair is already growing again (although still short)

When Lily’s born, his hair grows long again and this time for good. He won’t cut it short until his 50s.

thank you!

Since @chowderweek is still reblogging posts, have some (really late) Chowder/Nursey for the family dinner prompt.

On AO3 here.

“Is it even cold there?” Nursey asks.  Chowder watches through his computer screen as Nursey adjusts his beanie absently, squishing down more of his curls flat against his head.

Chris snorts, because they’ve played this game before.  “I live in California” translates for Nursey into “I have never experienced a day of cold weather in my pre-Samwell life”, no matter how many times Chris reminds Nursey that he lives in the Bay Area, not LA.

“Of course it is,” Chris says.  “It’s night, and I live in Northern California, Nurse.”

“Google says your average temps. are between 44 and 59 degrees Fahrenheit in December.”  Nursey has said it so many times that he has the numbers memorized.  It’s only a little bit embarrassing.  “Your minimum temperature is our maximum temperature.”

“Cold is relative,” Chris reminds him.  “Not all of us want our cities drowning in white stuff.”

“Nah man,” Nursey says.  “If you think a single inch of snow in New York City is white, you’ve clearly never been there.  It’s gross and dirty from the people and the cars within like.  A day, tops.”

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contrivedcoincidences6  asked:

So what if Mulder and Scully came across Phoebe again? Like right around the time they started sleeping together? Could you write it???

I started this ages ago and now completely rewrote the thing and it ended up soft and fluffy. Set, presumably, in season 7-ish.

Tagging @today-in-fic and @fictober

His mind is playing tricks on him. Or maybe he needs new glasses. Those are the only two explanations Mulder will accept. He’s standing in the Walmart cereal aisle, of all places, holding on to a box of Lucky Charms, clinging to it. At the other end, and he convinces himself it can’t be real, can’t really be who he thinks it is, stands a heavily pregnant woman; a woman who looks way too familiar. There’s a small child next to her, repeatedly tugging at her hand.

“Mommy, cereal. We need cereal.” Another trick, he thinks, when Mulder swears he hears the faint sound of a British accent. 

“In a moment, Lena.” Or maybe he’s not crazy. He startles; even years later, even if had been decades, there is only one person with that voice. Her head turns into his direction the moment Mulder realizes that he’s in fact just stumbled upon Phoebe Green. 

He can’t move, squeezes the box of Lucky Charms too tightly, as the child runs towards him, followed by Phoebe. She has seen him, obviously recognized him, too. The shopping cart wheels get louder, are obnoxious on the floor. The creaking sound an uncomfortable, yet fitting reminder of Mulder Phoebe’s relationship.

“Fox, is that really you?” Phoebe, pregnancy and all, has barely changed. Her smile is the same even if her face is rounder now. She’s glowing in that particular way only pregnant woman seem to be able to. Her hair is longer, falls softly over her shoulders. Her eyes are much kinder.  

“Phoebe.” He croaks out.

“I want Lucky Charms, too.” The child - Lena - grabs at the box Mulder is holding. As if there weren’t plenty more boxes waiting on the shelf.

“What- what are you doing here?“ Mulder asks but stares at the child. The girl has Phoebe’s eyes and the same stubborn determination. 

"My husband is from here. We’re in town for his sister’s wedding.” Married. Pregnant. A mother. This is Phoebe Green, ex-girlfriend and no-nonsense horror of Scotland Yard, but she couldn’t be farther from the woman he once knew.

“That’s… nice.”

“Fox, you were never able to hide your emotions very well. Things change, so do people. I’ve changed.”

“I can see that. Congratulations, by the way.”

“Thank you.” Her hand wanders to her swollen belly, strokes it absent-mindedly. Her small daughter eyes Mulder curiously. He stares back, wondering how old the girl is. Once upon a time, for a short while, he entertained the idea of starting a family with Phoebe. In another life this might have been his child. The thought makes him shiver. Makes him think of another child who had her mother’s eyes. And other children that might never be.

“What brings you here? Don’t tell me you moved to the suburbs." 

"Uhm no. I’m here with my… my…” Phobe glances at him, her eyes curious, and Mulder can’t find the right word. He and Scully haven’t exactly defined what they are. They are, in everything they do, partners. This thing between them, this romance, is still so new, so fragile in a way, that there is no right word to label it with. Is Scully his girlfriend? His lover? Or still his partner? 

“Your wife?” Phoebe offers.

“No! No… with my-”

“Mulder?” Scully turns the corner that exact moment and walks up to him, her whole attitude wary.

“Scully.” It’s a sigh, salvation, his rescue. 

“Your Scully?” Phoebe repeats sounding confused. The little girl giggles and, bored with the grown ups, starts talking to the animals on the cereal boxes. 

“My partner, Scully. Remember Phoebe Green?”

“We worked on a case together years ago.” Scully says and holds out her hand to Phoebe. For someone who doesn’t know Scully very well, she might appear calm and friendly. There’s a pleasant smile on her face. Mulder knows her, though. Her back straight and stiff, her attitude is one of suspicion. 

“So you and your partner, Fox. Who would have thought?” Phoebe grins at them and oh, oh. Mulder feels Scullys anger transpire; it runs through her, picks up speed. She steps closer to him, despite her let’s be professional in public, Mulder mindset, and to his greatest surprise, and joy, slinks her arm around him. 

“Like you said, Phoebe, things change.” Mulder says. Phoebe nods and smirks at Scully, who claws her fingers into his sides. Mulder tries not to make a sound. Her nails, he and his back know, are as fierce as the rest of her. 

“Obviously. Look, I’m happy for you. Both of you.”

“Sorry to keep this short,” Scully interrupts, fed up with the situation, “but we’ve got to get going. We’re kind of on a schedule.” Scully’s voice is clipped and precise. They have all the time in the world, actually. Mrs. Scully sent them out to buy groceries; there’s no schedule, no plans, only Scully’s obvious will to get away from this particular blast from the past.

“It was nice to run into you, Fox. You, too, Ms. Scully.” The two women nod at each other once more and Mulder feels like they might have forgotten about him as they eye each other carefully.  

“You, too, Phoebe. Take care.” Scully grabs his arm and drags him along. He’s still holding the Lucky Charms and the box almost falls out of his hand as Scully rushes him away from Phoebe.

“What the hell, Mulder?”

“What? What did I do?" 

"Where did she come from? Your ex-girlfriend.”

“Phoebe? She’s here for a wedding apparently. It’s not like I invited her for a clandestine date in the Walmart cereal aisle, Scully. I was just as surprised to see her as you were.”

“She’s pregnant.” Scully doesn’t look at him as she puts various items in their shopping cart. 

“I noticed." 

"How did that happen?” Scully asks though it seems like she’s not even aware she’s talking out loud.

“Scully, do I have to explain the birds and the bees to you?" 

"No, Mulder. I just…” She stops in front of baby wipes. How did they end up in the baby department of the store anyway? He takes her shoulders and steers her out of the land of soft blues, pinks and yellows. Maybe one day, he hopes. Maybe.

“I know what you’re thinking and you’re right. It isn’t fair.” Mulder puts his arms around her, draws her close. “We won’t give up, all right?” After a moment, she nods. “I’m not letting you give up on our miracle. And I’m not going to let Phoebe get into your head. Believe me, you don’t want her there. I don’t want her anywhere in our life.”

“I agree.”

“Hey look, we agree on something!” They grin at each other. Ignoring where they are, throwing all caution to the wind, Mulder presses his lips against hers. It doesn’t matter that they’re in the middle of a suburban Walmart. It doesn’t matter that at some point Phoebe and her daughter walk past them; he’ll recognize that voice anywhere, any time. The only thing that matters is them, here and now.

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Let's ask the real question here. ... Does Henrik forgive him? After everything that's happened, after everything they've both been through... can he REALLY forgive this demon turned anti-hero? Or has that relationship/friendship/trust been forever tainted, never again to be recovered? CAN he forgive the man who tormented him & almost introduced him to death himself? Or is he no longer thought of as an ego-brother? Is he now forever an outcast to the good doctor? (Sorry about the poeticness XD)

“Henrik!” Dr. Iplier waves the green-haired physician over to his table at the outdoor cafe and hands him a little bag of cookies, “Courtesy of the Host.”

Schneep takes the goody bag with a smile and sits down across the small table from Dr. Iplier. “Good to see you again, old friend. Tell ze Host zhank you from me.”

“Of course, of course,” Doc says with a winning smile. “And how have you been lately?”

“Oh, as vell as can be expected.” Then he nods. “Better zan zat, actually.”

Doc’s eyebrows shoot up. “Really? That’s wonderful, Henrik!”

A little bluebird lights on Schneep’s head, and he reaches up to let it hop into his hand. Dr. Iplier’s eyes go wide in shock, and Schneep giggles a little. “A gift from your newest resident.”

Dr. Iplier’s brow furrows. “Anti?”

Schneep nods, watching the little bird flutter slightly in his hands. “Somehow he knew zat I liked birds, study them avidly, in fact. Maybe he heard me talking about it one day; I do not know. And zhere vas a note as vell, apologizing for vhat he had done.”

Doc watches the bird, too. He knew that Anti had begun creating little mechanical creatures, but this is far beyond anything he could’ve imagined. “So… what about it? Have you forgiven him?”

Schneep sighs and shakes his head. “I do not know. I vish to… to forgive him so zat I can move on, but it is not so simple.”

“Well, of course it isn’t, but if it’s something you want, you have to start somewhere.” Dr. Iplier breathes a sigh and leans back in his chair as a waitress sets his coffee down on the table. He takes a moment to offer her a smile and a ‘thank you’ before he returns his attention to the other doctor. “If it’s any help, he really has been making progress. He’s trying.”

“I can see,” Schneep says, letting the bird hop onto his shoulder. “And as I have been told, he found himself in a similar situation as mine. Truly an opportunity to learn from his past mistakes, don’t you think?”

Doc frowns and nods. “Yes, quite.”

“Do… do you think zat I should speak to him?” Schneep’s blue eyes are painted with worry, and Dr. Iplier can’t help but smile.

“It’s all up to you, Henrik. No one knows what you need to do better than you, but if you do want to talk to him, I can be there with you if you’d like,” Doc offers.

Schneep smiles brightly. “Yes, I’d like zat. Very much.”

ok so heres a list compiling some of my voltron (mostly lance and keith/klance) head canons

- keith can play piano

-lance likes to sleep with stuffed animals

-keith can also draw pretty good and lance likes to sit and watch him sometimes

- (this ones not mine its my sisters) keith dyes his hair black and its actually dirty blonde

-(also my sisters) keith waxes his legs and his legs are v soft

-keith doesn’t brush his hair like ever and it gets tangled a lot and this upsets my beautiful baby lance bc he has life standards so he tries to convince keith to let him brush it for him bc keith just won’t do it himself

-allura cries at night

-pidge really likes and misses swedish fish

- lance enjoys cooking too bc he used to cook for his family so sometimes he’ll help hunk or coran with dinner

-eventually lance won’t have time to give himself haircuts anymore so his hair will grow (not into a mullet) but like just slightly longer and its adorable but keith makes fun of it.

-lance keeps kaltenecker in his room bc cow

-keith replies ‘voltron?’ to every question lance asks. every. single. one. for months. 

-lance once accidentally called shiro dad

-lance calles pidge shrek bc green

-keith has dimples

-the paladins hold a christmas party to make them feel more at home. lance cries.

-lance is scared of the dark

-keith with pigtails. interpret that how you please.

-lance worries about the other paladins a lot bc he considers them family and he already had to leave one behind and he doesn’t want to lose the one he has now.

-keith talks to himself

-lance makes those ‘i wanna die’ meme jokes all the time and at first keith is like ‘hah sameee i want you to die too’ but then after so many of those jokes he starts go get worried bc he cant tell if its a joke anymore??

-keith hums along to the music he’s listening to

-keith is really really smol so he wears those boots where the heel is hidden to make him taller

-lance calls coran ‘corn’ 

-lance keeps track of what earth month, day, and year it is on a wall in his room and remembers the date when he left.

hi thats all the ones i could think of right now goodbye

2 am// Luke Hemmings

The drunk call at 2 am that I never should have answered, led to this moment right now, sat on my best friends toilet with my eyes glued shut to scared to see what the stick says. “Y/N it’s been two minutes” my friend Rosie takes my hand in hers “fuck” I whisper looking down at the positive on the stick “what do I do?” I look at Rosie blankly, searching for an answer.

“You have to decide that yourself” she smiles softly at me “I’m going to take another test.” Three tests later with the same result I was sure that I was definitely pregnant. “You’re sure it’s Luke’s” Rosie asks handing me a cup of steaming tea “certain, the dates and everything match up. I can’t believe my ex boyfriend got me pregnant” Rosie rubs my arm comforting my as she offers me a biscuit I refuse and groan rubbing my hand over my forehead “I’m going to keep it” I confess “I want to” she nods “I’m here for you always Hun” we hug and I allow my head to fall on to her shoulder and rest. I take a sip of my tea mulling over what my future child will look like and what to do about Luke. “You going to tell him?” I shake my head taking another sip of tea “no” there’s a pause and I think for a moment “he doesn’t need to know, he’s got the band, other priorities” my eyes shot down to the floor “if you insist ” Rosie shrugs.

“I’m going to Skype my parents tell them the news. Wish me luck” I smile at her

“Break a leg” she beams back tugging her golden hair behind her ear.

~11 Months Later~

“Francesca please stop crying” I coo in my beautiful daughters ear I sigh a massive sigh of relief when she finally settled down after what feels like hours of constant crying and me rocking her back and forth. I smile as her sister Courtney sits sucking on her bunnies ear “right girls mummy has to go to the shops so I’m going to find you some shoes” I grab the pink booties my mum got them and slid them on carefully and carry them to their little fit. They both smile at my sweetly as I pull a funny face strapping them into their car seats, four dazzling blue eyes the same colour as their fathers shine back at me gleaming with happiness “I love you” I poke their Courtney’s tiny button nose the same as Luke’s and then I bop Francesca’s nose much more like my own, long and titled slightly downwards but they’re both perfect; half me and half the guy I always imagined myself having children with. I begin the short drive to the store glancing back at my girls playing with their toys. They look so much like Luke bright blonde hair, piercing blue eyes and I know just like him they are going to break some hearts when they’re older.

I grab a packet of cinnamon crunch moving on to the next aisle where just as I go to grab the hummus so does someone else. I instantly recognise the tattooed initial DSH and just as I thought I glance up and I’m stood face to face with Calum Hood. “Hi” I smile I don’t know why I say anything, frankly I’d rather avoid all conversation but that seems kind of rude. “Hi how are you?” He asks pulling on his leather jacket “good yourself?” I clear my throat certain that everyone else in the shop can feel the awkwardness. “Fine thanks” he nods he then looks at my trolley “who are they?” The shock evident in both his voice and face “these are my children Calum, Francesca and Courtney” I smile at the girls, watching as they stare at Calum wide eyed, eyes fixated on him watching his every move “wow they’re gorgeous…” there’s a pause “it’s funny cause they’re eyes are just like Luke’s” I shrug nodding my head purse lips “ohh Y/N you and Luke” there’s a slight pause whilst Calum puts the pieces together “these are his kids” I close my eyes nodding “let’s get coffee and I’ll explain everything” Calum nods glancing back down at the twins I hear him mutter twins under his breath and smile at him as I head to pay for my shopping.

I wrap my hands around the mug of hot tea “why didn’t you tell him?” Calum asks the inevitable question “he has other priorities, we’re not even together Calum” Francesca begins to stir so I gently push the pram back and forth. “They look so much like him and you” I nod taking a sip of my tea finding comfort in how the smooth liquid heats my insides. “Are you going to tell him?” I shake my head “Y/N I have to then, I can’t have my best mate not knowing he’s got children” Calum raises his voice slightly, I shot him a look “sorry” he murmurs taking a sip of his black bitter coffee. “I’ll tell him just give me time.” Calum and I sit putting the world to right just as we used to when Luke and I were dating for the rest of the morning before he has to leave to go do some band stuff.

I do some more general shopping in the early afternoon but when it begins to rain I decide to call it quits and head home. I push the gold key into my rose red door, taking the twins carefully out of their pram I carry them upstairs and place them in their cots, almost immediately after I placed them down the door bell rang.

My heart feeling as though it’s in my throat, stomach and on the floor in front of me all at the same time I stare into the bright, crystal, blue eyes I once knew so well “Luke” I stutter out, taking in his broad shoulders, longer hair with soft, small curls that he used to hate. “Y/N” he replied his voice much stronger than mine “Calum told you” he nods and I gesture for him to come inside “I told him, I’d tell you”

“Why didn’t you tell me 11 months ago?” I open my mouth to speak closing it again when I notice how angry Luke is. I guess he has a right to be. “Do you want a coffee?” After making Luke his favourite gingerbread latte and myself a green tea I sit him at the kitchen table. Luke takes a long sip of his latte “gingerbread latte anyone would think you were trying to win me over?” He jokes, I smile my eyes meeting his shining ones “is it working?” I shrug he takes another sip “maybe…” his voice trails off. “I just thought you wouldn’t want them, and I couldn’t handle that rejection. I couldn’t have my children be rejected by you too.” I pause

“Your parents?” Luke raises his eyebrows

“Supportive as ever” my voice laced with sarcasm. “Fuck I wish you’d told me” Luke whispers. “You have other priorities Luke, like the band!” I raise my eyebrows to emphasise my point. “I would have dropped all of them for you and our children” he emphasises the last part of the sentence. “Luke I do regret not telling you” I admit finishing my tea.

“Good” Luke spits, these an awkward pause, the only sound been the large clock filling the silence. “Can I see them?” I nod leading Luke up the stairs. “They’re asleep so shush” I tell him as I open their door silently.

We both enter the room saying nothing, I watch Luke’s face as he peers over Courtney’s crib “she looks just like you. She’s beautiful” I watch as Luke carefully lifts her up, pressing her small frame against his large toned chest, “Courtney” I tell him “Courtney Love Hemmings” I give him the full name “if you want?” Luke rocks her gently as she begins to stir “she can take my surname?” The shock clear on his face, I nod “they both can.” He places a small kiss against her forehead before placing her back in her cot, smiling widely at her. “I will never let anyone hurt you”he whispered leaning over her cot “I love you and I cannot wait to get to know you.” I smile at him

“Francesca Mary Hemmings”

“You gave her your mum’s middle name?” I nod helping Luke hold her correctly in his arms “she looks just like you, has your eyes” the Luke of admiration and joy in Luke’s eyes let’s me know that nothing in the world will ever compare to this moment. “I’ll leave you have some time alone with them if you want?”

“Not now, when they’re awake. Perhaps tomorrow we could do something as a family” I raise my eyebrows

“You sure? You, your ex girlfriend and your babies the media knows nothing about”Luke nods

“I’m serious. And I want to help if you’ll let me, play a more active role in their life. You know pay child support and what not” I nod “thank you but I really don’t-“ Luke cuts me off “please I want to” I groan and gently leave the door a jar, “but I don’t want to get back together” I nod

“I understand”

“It’s just I’ve got a new girlfriend, and that night well I missed you but I’m over it, I hope that’s okay”

“Luke I said I understand”. I led Luke back into the kitchen and exchange details before hugging him goodbye, “I’ll see you tomorrow Y/N” he smiles at me.

“Night Luke”


50lbs and 4in - Sidney Crosby

Requested by anon: Hi! Can you write a one shot where you are a female hockey player and you meet for the first time and team up with Sidney Crosby in a photoshoot for a charity calendar? Thanks :) Pd: Sorry for my poor english

A/N: Hey! This was such a cute idea, I loved it. It is a little short, I want to apologize for that, but I hope you enjoy it. Your English is great, btw.

Word Count: 959

Warnings: Not really, maybe a slight hockey violence, but it is cute.

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The metallic sound of a puck hitting the crossbar is the sound that I hate the most, it means that you were close, but it wasn’t good enough. I sighed and turn around, looking at how everyone is working on setting the big studio lights and backgrounds for the photoshoot. I wasn’t a big fan of pictures, but this time it is for a good cause, so I’ll just suck it up and do it.

When Bob Martin had called me to ask if I would pose for a charity calendar I didn’t even hesitate to say yes, but when he told me that Sidney Crosby and I went into full fangirl mode until yesterday, when the anxiousness kicked in. I have played for the Buffalo Beauts for two years now and I have never been so nervous to meet anyone.

“Sidney should be here shortly” Bob tells me, stepping on the slippery surface and struggling to get to the carpet set on the middle of the ice for the crew.

“Alright” I mutter, skating on circles and moving pucks around.

Bob starts snapping some pictures, checking on the lighting and white balance and all photography things I don’t understand when I hear the sound of blades on the ice. I look up and see Sidney Crosby in his Pittsburgh Penguins uniform and carrying a helmet on his free hand. My helmet.

“Hello everyone” he greets the crew, shaking everyone’s hand and taking the time to ask for names and thank them for taking the time to help.

I look at my feet, moving them forward and backwards without moving from my spot on the ice before Sidney turns around and skates towards me.

“(y/n), it’s a pleasure to meet you” he stretches his arm and take off my glove to shake his hand.

“The pleasure is all mine, Sidney” I say, trying to hold the fangirl inside from embarrassing myself too much.

“I’m gonna sound like a crazy fan, but the goal you scored against the Riveters. That goal should be in the top 3 of this season’s best hockey goals” he says and my face heats up “but don’t tell Phil that I’ve said that or he will kill me”

“You watch the NWHL?” I ask in disbelief. We have been trying to get recognition for years and having NHL players watch our games would be a great start to make hockey a sport for both women and men equally.

“It started as a guys’ night with Phil and Geno, but the whole team is addicted by now” he tells me and I look at him, clearly surprised “we all root for the Riveters, for obvious reasons”

“I’ll tell Amanda that you have said that the next time I see her” I say and he nods.

“Okay guys, let’s get this done” Bob yells at us and we turn to look at him “We are gonna do a few shoots on the ice and then some in formal wear” he informs us.

We keep it professional at first, posing as Bob tells us and getting some good basic pictures of us on the ice, handling the puck or shooting at net… and then everything goes insane when Sidney decides that it would be a great idea to get a picture of me falling and hooks his stick on my skates, making me trip. And then it is just war, squirting each other with the water bottles, slapping each other with the sticks and me trying to check him against the boards and failing miserably.

“I’m sorry, honey. You are going to need to gain at least fifty pounds and grow four inches to have a chance of checking me” he chuckles.

Oh, he has awakened the beast. Don’t play those games with me, Crosby, I think while I start to skate around, gaining speed before charging against his body, making him fall on his side.

“I think that I have the cover of the calendar” Bob looks at us laughing and turns the screen he has set up so we can see the picture he has just taken.

“That is a badass picture” Sidney says, still lying on the ice and I agree with him.

The lighting of the picture gives it a dramatic effect; it actually looks like I’m hitting him as any male player would.

“Just don’t tell anyone that I needed to do a couple laps before having enough speed to make him fall” I propose and everyone burst into laughter.

“Alright, alright, we’ll keep that to ourselves” Bob promises and Sidney pouts a little before getting on his feet “now, you two go change while we move all of this to the improvised set”

We nod and skate out of the rink, each one of us walking to our locker room to get change. It takes a while for me to get ready, since I don’t only need to change my clothes but also put some makeup on and fix my hair up a little. The dress is a bottle green velvet wrap up dress with thin straps. It is slightly over the knee and paired with high heels makes my legs look longer than they really are. I walk out of the locker room and make my way to the set up Bob has improvised.

“Oh wow, someone cleans up nicely” Bob yells at me and I give him a shy smile.

“Thank you” I whisper, walking towards Sidney and standing by his side.

“You ok?” he asks, his voice low.

“I feel more comfortable wearing the pads, uniform and skates than a dress and high heels” I confess, slightly embarrassed.

“Well, for what it is worth, you look amazing wearing both”

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Uh hi! I was wondering if you could do something with Obi-wan having red hair again? Like they go to a planet where all the kids try to touch it and the adults think he might be an angel or god or something at first? If not it's no big deal, I love all your stories and can't wait for more content! Have a nice day!

He had been suspicious from the moment master Yoda’s lips had started quivering. And when he noticed master Windu’s left eye twitching as he spoke, he kind of got a confirmation.

Their mission was going to pertain one out of four things.

One, it was a place Qui-Gon Jinn had already been to, bedded someone and made a mess of things.

Two, it was going to be a place Qui-Gon Jinn had been to, bedded someone and done things right.

Three, it was going to be a place Qui-Gon Jinn might bed someone and A or B might happen.

Or four…

“Masters.” He spoke up, ignoring his master’s raised eyebrow. “I get the feeling that this place we’re going to might provide the council with amusement considering Master Yoda won’t stop his lip quivering.”

Qui-Gon looked quickly at the green troll to see the same thing Obi-Wan had.

“And I’ve narrowed it down to four things that could be the reason for it. And I’m wondering if the reason has to do with my hair.”

There was a snigger to the left of him, covered up by a cough and Obi-Wan closed his eyes at it.

It was.


“…I am not growing out my hair again.” He said firmly before opening his eyes.


Sulking inwardly, Obi-Wan continued to let the empress rub her hands through his slightly grown out hair, longer then he was used to while resisting the urge to go shave it all off. His braid was thoroughly played with too.

He felt like a damn domesticated unhappy cat.

Only thing missing was the squirming away and hissing.

He gave Qui-Gon a long suffering look from the empress bosom and almost glared when he saw one of the empress consort pressing their bosom against his arm while laughing at something Qui-Gon had said.

‘He better not…ugh he can’t even come help me!’

He sent a sever dump of unhappiness through their bond, getting the other mans attention and a pair of raised eyebrows.

Obi-Wan just raised his own and awkwardly gestured to where he was being pulled into an even tighter hug, pressed against the woman’s soft chest.

An expression of amusement crossed the tall master’s face before he became serene and carefully shook the consort of him, moving to Obi-Wan and the empress. “Today has been a long day I’m sorry to say your highness, and Obi-Wan is still very young, would it be possible for us to retire for the night?”

“Oh yes, of course.” She pouted only just a little and Obi-Wan escaped to his master’s side the moment she let go of him.

He noticed her picking a red hair of her chest and keeping it.

Mentally he prayed he could escape the planet without becoming drugged and cuddled like a spoiled pet or something worse. Oh dear Force he hoped he wouldn’t be kept as a breeding stud.

“Master…please don’t let me eat something that’s drugged this time.”

“Why Obi-Wan, have I ev-”

“Ovala, Costu, Trell IV…shall I go on Master?”

Qui-Gon sulked a bit. “I always saved you?”

“Yes thank you for that Master but please, I’d rather not do it again.”

“Oh fine, yes…still you could accept those sweets the children wanted to give you. It would be safe.”

“…And how do you know that Master?”

“I ate them myself.”


So last night this post got me, @elanev91 &  @levins18 into fit of hysterics. This story is a result of those hysterics. I blame levins, as per usual, for finding all the fun things to reblog, like vine compilations. NSFW b/c I’m a horrible person.

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Smaragdine. (Greek/Latin) loosely interpreted as “rare emerald”. In alchemy, the Smaragdine Tablet was used by Flamel to invent the Philospher’s Stone, giving the owner and his lover the ability to live forever.

Green eyes.

They get under his skin more than any other eyes have been able.

White snow falls around James, placing mismatched white dots on her black cloak. She’d found him sitting in the bar alone watching the ice melt in his drink. Lily had simply brushed her fingers along his shoulders (her cheeks rosy from the weather) and James had paid his tab immediately, ignoring the rest of the russet colored drink by his fingertips.

They play their amusements gracelessly. He doesn’t like to take it slow and she doesn’t ever know how to jump without diving in headfirst so it’s no surprise when he falls in love effortlessly under the shiver-inducing glare of her green eyes. Sometimes he feels like he’s sleepwalking in the dark and can’t keep up with her lighthearted dance but then her touch wakes him like lightening each time their skin touches.

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Ninjago Movie: The Green Ninja's Biggest Fan.....Sort Of

High school is tough. High school with no friends is even worse. But high school as an orphan? It’s the worst.

Most of the kids at the Ninjago City Orphanage are younger, usually from infant to kindergarten - some even almost middle school. But there only one has been there much longer, one who is a junior in high school and has never gotten a family.

That’s Morro.

There’s a few strange things about Morro.

First- his look. Beady dark green eyes, unnatural pale skin, and stringy black shoulder length hair with a highlight of green is his appearance. He always has tattered clothes, usually black and muted emerald as a theme. Ripped black jeans, scratched up jet black combat boots, a dirty green shirt, and a green, gray, and black flannel is what he wore. When he was out of school, he wore his favorite patched up beanie and rode his skateboard throughout the city. His look scared away everyone, because he looked like he was going to snatch their wallets or offer them…unpleasurables. But he never planned to act that way, in fact, he was the complete opposite.

Second-his unnatural determination. He tried hard at school even though nothing came to him easy. Math-hard. Science-really hard. Social Studies and history class-impossible. Language arts-forget it. But he never gave up, and it was a goal every semester to get all Cs or above. Usually it didn’t happen.

Third-and the most unusual-was his unmatched obsession with the Green Ninja. He’s seen the masked hero countless times fighting off the attack of Garmadon and his armies, but only from a distance. It’s hard to catch sight of the Ninja when he’s atop his green dragon. But he got close once, and only once, when he got cornered by some dangerous thugs in an alley late one night. He was sure he was good as gone when the Green Ninja swooped in, kicked some butt, then made sure he was okay. Morro was beyond okay, for now he had found his new idol.

His small room in the orphanage is littered with articles, blurry pictures, and merchandise of the great Green Ninja. This was the person he wanted to be-the great fighter and most pure good being in the City. Morro needed to know who the masked hero was.

Next to his bed was a huge detective-esque puzzle with green string, thumb-pins, and clues connecting who the identity of the Green Ninja could be. It was nearly impossible to know for sure, but there was a few clues that directed to one key subject. Except that key subject-it was impossible for him to be the amazing and good Green Ninja. That evil blonde in Morro’s Science and Ninjagian class could ever be the greatest hero on the island.

Then he was revealed. Everyone knew. Everyone knew the Great Green Ninja was no other than the son of the Lord Garmadon himself-Lloyd the Lord Garmadork.

Morro thought he was going to be exuberant to finally discover the identity of his idol, but he only felt anger. He felt cheated. Lloyd Garmadon could have never been the savior of the city. He had to of been in league with his dad. He even released the giant cat on the city! Lloyd should never of been idolized with the title of the ‘Green Ninja’.

Morro knew something had to be done. He was sure he wasn’t the only one who felt hate towards the blonde headed freak. The Green Ninja needed to be a hero, not a second-generation warlord. Lloyd didn’t deserve to be the Green Ninja - and he never did.

Morro had to do something. He had to prove a point. He had to make sure that the Master of Green, the Great and Good Green Ninja was someone who was well deserved.

The Green Ninja needed to be worthy. And Morro knew that Lloyd Garmadon was anything but worthy.

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How would the S/M guys be like if they had an older sister?

Anon…you created a monster. We have literally been talking about this. FOR DAYS. WEEKS. WHY HAVE YOU DONE THIS TO US?!?!?!?

Allow me to introduce you to the boys’ older sisters (as always, feel free to ask about them, we’ll tell you all about them!!!): 

Toshiko (Toshi) Sakamaki- Reiji and Shu’s older sister. She has long blonde hair that she typically wears half up and half down and (shocker) she took Karlheinz’s gold eyes. She carries herself with respect and is a proper lady, though she won’t turn down a nap if she can take one. (Total dominatrix btw) She doesn’t see the point of getting married and is VERY picky with her men. Often times if she doesn’t chase off the suitor, Shu or Reiji will. She is the bridge between the two brothers, understanding the pressure Shu had to deal with being the next heir (she was the first child so she was of course raised to be an heir until he was born) and understanding Reiji’s neglect (once the boys were born she was more or less just a negotiating tool to be married off). She also has a temper, but a longer fuse than the other sisters, though she can be sharp tongued and will injure more than your pride if you aren’t careful. 

Rei Sakamaki- The triplets’ older sister, she has dark purple hair and green eyes. Aside from the darker hair, she looks exactly like Cordelia and typically wears her hair in a ponytail since she was treated as Cordelia’s personal maid since she was pretty. It was a way for Cordelia to keep an eye on her since she doesn’t like any type of competition, even if it’s her daughter. Rei was often used to “entertain” Cordelia’s suitors and wasn’t formally introduced to the triplets as their sister until they were almost in their teens (physically). Once it was known they were siblings, Rei took on the maternal role, leaving Cordelia to do whatever she pleased. As far as planning Cordelia’s death, Rei made sure that Cordelia was where she needed to be, and helped her brothers figure out her general schedule. 

Hoshi Sakamaki- Subaru’s older twin sister (by 1 hour. We didn’t see Christa getting pregnant a second time, so this made the most sense to us) is the spitting image of her father: white hair and gold eyes. LOVE HER. She took on most of the…impurities considering Karlheinz and Christa’s familial relations. She is almost constantly in pain, hallucinates, has a frail constitution, and is near sighted. Her hallucinations get worse the more anxious she gets, and if she works herself up too much or overexerts herself, she’ll faint and/or catch a fever. She is quiet and may appear timid, but she has a short temper like her brother. However, instead of punching walls, she stomps her foot and puts holes in the floor. 

Akane (Aenid) Mukami- Akane has bright red hair and dark brown eyes with freckles (she’s of irish descent). Akane (or Aenid as she was known at the time) was sent to the same orphanage as the Mukami a few years before them, having been taken away from her parents (who lived in Yuma’s village) since they couldn’t afford to care for her. Despite living in the same village, Akane and Yuma had little to no interaction because of their age differences and family occupations. His being farming and hers being tailoring. She was convinced that her family was going to come back for her, but they died in the fire that was supposed to kill Yuma. She kind of helps run the Mukami household, waking up before her brothers to fix them all breakfast, helping Kou design outfits for his performances (I mean, she was the daughter of a seamstress after all), helping Yuma in the garden, cooking with Ruki, and of course, tending to Azusa. 

~Before you ask, we haven’t really developed an older sister for Kino. 

As far as how the boys are…

-Shu and Reiji are actually closer than they appear, mainly because of Toshiko. They may have their arguments, but mess with their sister and you have to deal with both of them.  Shu enjoys playing music with his sister (he plays the violin, she plays the flute/fife) and Reiji often finds Toshiko bringing him tea at random intervals, or simply sitting quietly and enjoying his company. 

-The triplets ADORE their sister. Rei and Laito are the closest, having endured similar abuse. Ayato and his sister are often pulling pranks, or at least, Ayato is pulling pranks and Rei makes sure that he doesn’t get caught too easily. As for Kanato, he enjoys having tea parties with Rei and braiding her hair. She is the only one he trusts to hold Teddy for any extended period of time. If you so much as breath wrong in her direction you may have all three brothers down your throat. If you make an unpermitted sexual advance on her, prepare to die by Laito’s hands. 

-Sometimes it’s easy to forget that Hoshi is Subaru’s older sister. Since she’s often bedridden, Subaru dotes on her and is constantly checking to make sure she’s okay. However, since she’s almost always in pain, Hoshi tends to lie and tell him she’s fine when she’s not. He and Hoshi enjoy long walks in the garden, or just sitting around talking and laughing. As kids they loved to play hide and seek, though they had to set a time limit because Hoshi was so quiet they’d forget about her and she’d be hiding for the rest of the day. While Hoshi has a short temper, Subaru is always her protector, so watch yourself. 

-Akane…don’t upset Akane. You’ll have all four Mukami dragging you to your grave faster than you can blink. She helps the brothers throughout the day, comforts Kou when he has his nightmares, gets Ruki to calm down, tries to curve Azusa’s self-harm habits, and calms Yuma down from his outbursts. Since Yuma and Ruki tend to butt heads a lot, she helps to smooth out the arguments and is the only woman Kou openly trusts. Azusa…he just loves his sister and wants her to smile. 

Imagine moving to Beacon Hills because you hear it’s a sanctuary for both humans and supernaturals. You’re hoping to get a bit of a reprieve from your past, only to end up genuinely surprised when you instantly click with the town’s very own Deputy Parrish.

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Jordan X Reader

Something about being in Beacon Hills eases the worry deep in your bones. You’ve heard stories of the McCall pack whose been outed as something other than human to the townsfolk and watch in awe as the locals just go on with their lives as if nothing were out of the ordinary. No one comes right out to mention the elephant in the room, so for you it’s hard to pinpoint just who’s human and who’s not.

But figuring out who’s who is besides the point and you just hope that should your past come back to haunt you, then someone here would be willing to give you a hand with the unwanted intruders to your life.

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felix re-design bc his design was ALL OVER THE PLACE

I like this one better since he actually has a THEME with this one

some colour changed and like one [1] wardrobe change, and it’s no longer black in his hair and eyes, instead its dried blood because his death scene is different

and the reason why he is pink rather than teal is because remember, he is the mayor of eppafross [pink/red] and no longer the prince of Yebat [teal/green]

Siblings AU Headcanons

Jess’ parents are Upper Class. Enough that she comes from money but is not as rich as the Washington family or Emily’s family.

Chris’ mom by contrast borders on the line between lower middle class and upper lower class.

Chris and Jess were both only children but for different reasons.

The known facts about Chris’ father are: Chris’ nose is the only physical feature the two of them have in common. His first name is Thomas and he is in the armed forces. He was stationed near his mother’s college which is how they met. They weren’t together for very long, which is why she doesn’t know his last name. He was reassigned right after his mother found out she was pregnant with Chris and she made attempts to tell him but is not sure he received any. It is unclear whether he even knows about Chris.

Jess’ parents, who came from money and presued high end jobs, planned on a big family. The difficulty of raising Jess changed their minds. They claim she is not the reason they divorced but… she is the reason they divorced. Motherhood did not suit Mrs. Riley and she ran off to Paris seemingly overnight when Jess was 10. They reconnected when she was 13 but as the divoce was not amicable Jess is constantly pit by one parent against the other with the promise of material goods.

Mr. Riley and Mrs. Hartley indirectly met through their kids. Jess and Chris have always been in school together and  their parents met during a school event.

They got married less than 6 months after they started seeing each other.

Niether teen took it well. Despite being in the same group of friends they weren’t close with each other and always had a more antagonistic relationship.

Chris had been the only man who was a permanent fixture in his mother’s life for a long time so it was hard getting used to her not needing him as much. Like to do stuff she wasn’t strong or tall enough to.

Jess’ father while not neglectful is a man who works a lot to help keep up their lifestyle so it was hard for Jess to get used to having people in her house most of the time.

Jess tried to get her mom to take her in after the marriage but all it led to was plans that were never followed through and promises not kept.

Their parents are unfortunately clearly very happy together and both are far less stressed so the teens feel like opposing their marriage isn’t fair.

It was Chris and his mom who had to move into the Riley house.

Their parents have a private bathroom while Chris and Jess have to share one. 

Chris is actually the one who hogs it as it takes him almost a literal hour to gel up his faux hawk every morning.

While the house is notably large with a lot of rooms Chris and Jess still share a wall as those rooms are the only two other than the master bedroom suitable for bedrooms.

This leads to a lot of different issues but the worst is the fact that they are both teenagers with urges most teenagers get.

This gets twice as bad when Jess starts dating Mike.

It gets thrice as bad when Chris starts dating Ashley.

Jess considers no longer dying her hair blonde every time someone upon finding out she and Chris are ‘siblings’ says “I can see the family resemble.” This is also why though he has contacts Chris never wears them because they make his light blue eyes look more light green… the same color as Jess’ eyes.

Their parents have been forcing them to go out with them for a “family dinner” once a week since they got married.

Chris and Jess have kicked each other under the table a few times.

They act more like siblings than either would admit. With the way they fight with each other and pull little pranks on one another and even sometimes tease the other in a clearly friendly way.

The biggest thing though is that they have each weirdly gotten very protective of the other.

Chris is not okay with people mocking Jess’ sex life and will go into a huge rants about how she can do what she wants to and they have no right to judge her for it.

Jess has literally punched people who have said transphobic things about Chris because she will not stand for any of that shit ever. Most especially though anyone calling him her step-SISTER.

Chris and Jess do not share a lot in common but the biggest thing they do is just how much they love to party!

With their parents regularly out on romantic overnight trips the debate is never IF they’re throwing a party or not but how BIG of a party they’re throwing. Spoiler: Usually pretty fucking big.

When unable to throw a party during one of these trips the two of them will sometimes hang out getting high (Chris) and drunk (Jess) watching reruns of bad reality shows.

Chris will with surprisingly very little complaint fix anything Jess breaks he is able to. This list has included her phone, her hair dryer, the family toaster, and their shared bathroom’s showerhead. He has even changed her car tires a few times.

Jess has tried more than once to get Chris to go for the Ashley thing going so far as to explain to him his new house (her house) is a chick magnet. In ground pool, hot tub, billiards room (really an over all gaming room), and huge expensive entertainment system. Hooking up with her has basically been handed to him.

They actually have the same favorite type of music (Indie rock) and they like most of the same bands.

They have gone to concerts together but only their parents know that.

Chris helps Jess with her homework on a regular basis.

Jess has tried to teach Chris to dance (emphasis on the tried).

Jess and Chris have a lot more in common than they know and have more than once ended up subtly trying to cheer the other up when they are really upset (Usually over stuff either like Chris’ dad or Jess’ mom or him feeling dysphoric that particular day worse than he does others or Jess getting insecure thinking maybe she is just a pretty face and nothing else.)

Though niether would say underneath it all, they kinda maybe sorta are family and kinda maybe sorta love each other.