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Anyways, thanks for 100 followers! Here’s some Paladin centric HCs for you guys!]

★ Keith convinced Pidge to try on Allura’s crown while she wasn’t paying attention

  • It got stuck on her head and they panicked and tried to cut it off with Keith’s sword

★ The “””Bonding Moment””” is a meme forever engrained in paladin history

★ Pidge voice: According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a lion should be able to fly

  • Lance, sliding across a table towards Keith: So, ya like jazz?

★ Everyone has seen high school musical so whenever they form Voltron, they scream the chant

★ Lance convinced everyone to do facemasks as a bonding exercise

★ Alteans never grow hair anywhere besides their head and face

  • Lance remembered all the time he’s spent shaving and cried

★ It’s an ongoing joke to lean towards Keith at random times to see if he’s turning purple yet

★ Shiro found a space Sephora in another space mall and broke down in tears while Keith just patted his back awkwardly

  • “Listen, I know it’s been a while, but people are staring. Shiro, get up, you’re the black paladin omg”

★ It’s a regular thing for Hunk to just carry another paladin around

Hunk voice: It’s a castle, it’s a ship, it’s a castle ship!

★ Pidge, Coran and Hunk upgraded the Gladiators to be more challenging and unpredictable, but in the end almost ended up killing everyone

  • Allura and Lance ended up taking them out

★ They all changed outfits once out of boredom

★ Shiro found a group chat setting in the lions, and just sent a shit ton of lenny faces

★ Shiro knows for a fact that Keith has been pining over Lance since before all this Voltron Nonsense, and proceeds to be the annoying brother Keith wished he never had

  • Shiro, thirsty for gossip and enjoys making his brother suffer: So what’d say to him once you saw him for the first time since the Garrison
  • Keith, already planning ways he can kill himself: I pretended i didn’t know him
  • Shiro, spitting out his nunvil: yoU DID W H A T

★ Coran’s mustache got cut off once, and everyone was horrified.

  • It??? Grew back in a day though????

★ Pidge climbs onto the nearest person when she gets scared

Lance voice: We are Voltron bum ba dum bum bum bum bum

★ Coran is the one to insist he doesn’t have a favorite, but everyone knows it’s Lance

★ The paladins tried to find out if Shiro wore eyeliner or not

  • They camped out in the rafters, courtesy of Pidge, with motion detectors in Shiro’s room and cameras in every bathroom
  • They didn’t get their answer, and Keith fell out the rafters

★ Hunk: Gee, it sure seems like updog in here

  • Lance: Hunk no
  • Coran: What??
  • Hunk: Y’now updog
  • Allura: What??? Is updog???
  • Hunk is too busy screaming to answer, and Lance is done

★ Kaltnecker is still around and scares the crap out of the paladins

  • Lance, jumping five feet into the air: hOLY COW
  • Hunk, Pidge and Keith: ( ° ʖ °)
  • Lance: NO

★ Everyone has a group chat where the scream about Klance

★ Coran and Shiro scream the most since Keith and Lance respectively go to them more often

★ They quietly whisper right hand man whenever Allura shows up in her battlesuit

★ Alteans can glow and nobody finds out until the castle has a blackout and the paladins are shook

  • Coran: Worry not paladins! We’ve got the situation under control
  • **Allura and Coran begin glowing**
  • Pidge, quietly underneath her breath: yo wtf

★ The paladins find out they can have elemental powers and proceed to freak the fuck out

  • Pidge: I am the Lorax i speak for the trees
  • Hunk: I can be friends with the Balmera!
  • Shiro: I can finally fly away from all my problems

★ They all unlock them in different ways

  • Keithy-boi accidentally lights his pillow on fire because he was thinking about Lance
  • Somebody makes the mistake of pissing off Hunk and a rock goes flying towards them
  • Shiro was finally chilling until Lance started screaming that he was floating
  • Pidge got really frustrated about an invention while they were on another planet and a bunch of trees surrounded her
  • Last but not least, Lance got super homesick at one point and all the sudden all the waters on the planet started rising

Allura, sitting at a table, eyebrows pinched in thought: What the quiznak is a peanut?

Paladins, pouring nunvil into tiny cups: SHOTS SHOTS SHOT SHOTS

★ Hunk has blackmail on everyone, but will only use it if he deems it completely necessary

★ Nobody ever lets Pidge curse and she is Tired™

★ On several occasions have the Green and Yellow lion had to save their paladins from doing something stupid in the name of science

★ Everyone tried to make lightsabers

  • They were in space so why not??
  • They cut off Coran’s mustache again

★ They went to a planet and drank something?? They next thing they knew is that they were in the castle, Hunk suddenly had longer hair, Pidge’s glasses were gone and that Keith and Lance had strangely similar rings

★ Lance made everyone matching letterman jackets

  • Coran and Shiro teared up

★ Pidge and Hunk made Lance a camera and he screamed

★ Existential crises become a normal thing

  • Shiro, suddenly pausing his training: We’re just fucking power rangers
  • Hunk, dropping Pidge who he was carrying: Oh my god—to Allura and Coran we are the aliens
  • Keith, stopping in the middle of an argument: My entire life, i wondered if aliens were real while i was an alien

★ Everyone assumes its Hunk who doesn’t curse, but it’s actually Lance

★ “How many episodes of Steven Universe have we missed oh my god”

Allura, who just found this out about balloons from Shiro: Ah, Pidge! how exactly does one get square balloons?

  • Pidge, finally seizing her chance: You blow square breaths
  • Allura, holding one finger up: (ό‿ὸ)ノ w h a t

★ Hunk remembered they disappeared before he got to see Moana and just laid down on the floor for several hours

  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is basically his dad meaning Hunk missed his dad’s disney movie.

★ They accidentally stole a Yupper that was owned by Prince Lotor

Shortly after forming Voltron: What in formation?

★ Hunk has made a mental note of how many times he’s been right about people not being trustworthy

  • It’s 157

Shiro at one point: jeez we need an adult

  • Shiro, this time horrified: wait i am the adult

★ “It’s not gay if it’s in space.” “Actually the moon is a lesbian, so it is gay. check and mate, Lance.”


★ They programmed the castle to play the wii music, and Shiro nearly went on a rampage

★ Lance actually ended up knitting all the arusians sweaters

★ “We are beauty, we are grace, we are just gays lost in space” “Shiro liKES MEMES?”

★ Aliens are lowkey terrified of humans now

  • “The black paladin got his arm ripped off and managed to escape the galra? Count me out

★ “Wait, Voltron is just five lions stacked on top of each other omg this is wild”

★ The castle is actually haunted somewhat

  • Nobody knows by who, but they know weird shit is always going on

★ “Who you gonna call?” “VOLTRON”

★ They’re so confused on why Allura and Coran have british accents

  • We’re in space???this makes no sense????

★ Hunk tells Coran he’s helping him cook but really he’s making sure everything is safe for human consumption

★ Lance broke his arm once and Allura passed out

★ Lance and Hunk are the only ones with normal sleeping schedules

  • Coran is always awake?? Nobody knows if he actually goes to sleep, they’re afraid for him

★ Coran taught Pidge every way through the vents and she now uses it to her advantage

★ Hunk is always getting marriage proposals from aliens

★ Pidge has almost been adopted on several occasions

★ They start a service that kinda works like fan mail and are surprised by how many kids want to be them

  • “Why do all these kids want to be dead inside???”

★ The tag yourself meme becomes a usual thing

  • “Tag urself, im that king that keith accidently set on fire”
  • “I’m Shiro screaming hysterically”
  • “I’m that guy who just doesn’t give any shits”

★ Allura is forever deemed Space Beyoncé

★ Coran has a special cup to protect his mustache from getting tea in it

Lance, waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat: Does liking Keith make me a furry?

★ Voltron malfunctioned somehow and threw them all onto the planet they were saving and no one has recovered

  • Voltron somehow beat it on it’s own???
  • Everyone is salty bc it did a better job than they ever did

★ “It’s okay if you’re a furry and a texan, we still love you.” “i alREADY HAD TO DEAL WITH YOUR BROTHER BUT NOW T H I S”

★ Slav hangs around and drags everyone into the Multiverse theory

★ “gO GO POWER RANGERS” **bad sound effects**

★ They argue over what sound the particle barrier makes

  • “Guys, no. it makes that sound when you hear a window opening, y’know?”
  • “No, Lance, it’s more like the sound you hear when you’re on a swing”
  • “Both of you are wrong, it makes that sound you hear when you drop out of the sky”
  • “WE ARE STILL FIGHTING THE GALRA. But it actually makes a noise kinda like Shwooop.”

★ “How are you supposed to protect your shit from criminals??”

  • “Hire Voltron”
  • “Everyone started hiring Voltron”
  • “Rich important people hired Voltron. Poor people who could not afford to hire Voltron did not hire Voltron”

★ **The Galra start attacking the ship** “Knock knock, it’s the Galra. With huge ships. With guns. Gunships.”

★ Shiro voice: Think about it, everyday we get one day closer to getting nachos

  • Hunk voice: that’s actually really nice
  • Pidge voice: what if i die tomorrow and don’t get nachos?
  • Keith voice: then tomorrow is nacho lucky day
  • Lance voice: nO

★ Lance is always the last to find things out without fail

★ Once something was inside the castle that basically put people into a coma when the went to sleep, so everyone had to stay up for at least 2 weeks straight

  • Keith was so sleep deprived that he told Lance bad space pick-up lines for two hours while they cuddled

★ They have a board that reads “The last time we did something gay”

  • The longest they’ve gone is 4 days

★ Everyone always forgets what number they are

  • Coran: Come on, number 3, I have something to show you!
  • The Paladins:  **Caveman spongebob meme**


★ They have Bonding Sessions where they talk about their families and what they hope they’re doing

★ Everyone thinks it’s Keith or Pidge who talk about punching Iverson, but nope, it’s Hunk

  • He told everyone that Matt, Professor Holt and Shiro were dead and is probably telling his family the same thing
  • He’s not letting that shit slide

★ They visit Balmera regularly so Hunk can see his rock girlfriend

  • BALLmera is life amirite?”

★ Everyone has so many questions over Allura’s hair

  • “Is her hair made out of clouds, or am i dreaming?”
  • “How did she get all of that into a bun? i can barely put my hair into a ponytail wtf”

★ “I’m paladin” “I hate this fucking family”

★ No one can count how many times they’ve seen Keith staring at Lance while he wasn’t looking

Coran, obviously frustrated shortly after Pidge goes missing at some point: HOW DO YOU LOSE A WOMAN?

  • Hunk, quietly, but with a lot of feeling: You forget to cherish her
Old Habits Die Hard

Bucky x Reader

REQUEST: Bucky with number’s 85. What’s wrong with me missing you?, 95. Tell me you need me., and 110. I’m sorry if I don’t want you to die!

Summary: In her eyes Bucky’s moved on, and she slowly is too, but when a mission goes haywire, he realizes just how much he misses her.

Warnings: pure angst, swearing, brief violence. (you’re going to hate me, yikes) I strongly suggest that you listen to Another Sad Love Song by Khalid, it’s loosely based on the song as well. Also, please read the comment and you’ll understand why I ended it the way I did. Hope y’all understand xx

Word Count: 2.8k+

Originally posted by buckybass

It wasn’t suppose to go down this way. The breakup was amicable. It wasn’t worth the angry tears and screaming matches in the middle of the night whenever Bucky came home late. She missed the old Bucky. The Bucky that would come home every day and shower her with love and affection, but then he disappeared. The good morning kisses halted and tight goodbye hugs became loose. She tried talking to him about it, but he just brushed it off and went to bed.

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So last night this post got me, @elanev91 &  @levins18 into fit of hysterics. This story is a result of those hysterics. I blame levins, as per usual, for finding all the fun things to reblog, like vine compilations. NSFW b/c I’m a horrible person.

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Smaragdine. (Greek/Latin) loosely interpreted as “rare emerald”. In alchemy, the Smaragdine Tablet was used by Flamel to invent the Philospher’s Stone, giving the owner and his lover the ability to live forever.

Green eyes.

They get under his skin more than any other eyes have been able.

White snow falls around James, placing mismatched white dots on her black cloak. She’d found him sitting in the bar alone watching the ice melt in his drink. Lily had simply brushed her fingers along his shoulders (her cheeks rosy from the weather) and James had paid his tab immediately, ignoring the rest of the russet colored drink by his fingertips.

They play their amusements gracelessly. He doesn’t like to take it slow and she doesn’t ever know how to jump without diving in headfirst so it’s no surprise when he falls in love effortlessly under the shiver-inducing glare of her green eyes. Sometimes he feels like he’s sleepwalking in the dark and can’t keep up with her lighthearted dance but then her touch wakes him like lightening each time their skin touches.

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50lbs and 4in - Sidney Crosby

Requested by anon: Hi! Can you write a one shot where you are a female hockey player and you meet for the first time and team up with Sidney Crosby in a photoshoot for a charity calendar? Thanks :) Pd: Sorry for my poor english

A/N: Hey! This was such a cute idea, I loved it. It is a little short, I want to apologize for that, but I hope you enjoy it. Your English is great, btw.

Word Count: 959

Warnings: Not really, maybe a slight hockey violence, but it is cute.

Originally posted by so-hockey-eh

The metallic sound of a puck hitting the crossbar is the sound that I hate the most, it means that you were close, but it wasn’t good enough. I sighed and turn around, looking at how everyone is working on setting the big studio lights and backgrounds for the photoshoot. I wasn’t a big fan of pictures, but this time it is for a good cause, so I’ll just suck it up and do it.

When Bob Martin had called me to ask if I would pose for a charity calendar I didn’t even hesitate to say yes, but when he told me that Sidney Crosby and I went into full fangirl mode until yesterday, when the anxiousness kicked in. I have played for the Buffalo Beauts for two years now and I have never been so nervous to meet anyone.

“Sidney should be here shortly” Bob tells me, stepping on the slippery surface and struggling to get to the carpet set on the middle of the ice for the crew.

“Alright” I mutter, skating on circles and moving pucks around.

Bob starts snapping some pictures, checking on the lighting and white balance and all photography things I don’t understand when I hear the sound of blades on the ice. I look up and see Sidney Crosby in his Pittsburgh Penguins uniform and carrying a helmet on his free hand. My helmet.

“Hello everyone” he greets the crew, shaking everyone’s hand and taking the time to ask for names and thank them for taking the time to help.

I look at my feet, moving them forward and backwards without moving from my spot on the ice before Sidney turns around and skates towards me.

“(y/n), it’s a pleasure to meet you” he stretches his arm and take off my glove to shake his hand.

“The pleasure is all mine, Sidney” I say, trying to hold the fangirl inside from embarrassing myself too much.

“I’m gonna sound like a crazy fan, but the goal you scored against the Riveters. That goal should be in the top 3 of this season’s best hockey goals” he says and my face heats up “but don’t tell Phil that I’ve said that or he will kill me”

“You watch the NWHL?” I ask in disbelief. We have been trying to get recognition for years and having NHL players watch our games would be a great start to make hockey a sport for both women and men equally.

“It started as a guys’ night with Phil and Geno, but the whole team is addicted by now” he tells me and I look at him, clearly surprised “we all root for the Riveters, for obvious reasons”

“I’ll tell Amanda that you have said that the next time I see her” I say and he nods.

“Okay guys, let’s get this done” Bob yells at us and we turn to look at him “We are gonna do a few shoots on the ice and then some in formal wear” he informs us.

We keep it professional at first, posing as Bob tells us and getting some good basic pictures of us on the ice, handling the puck or shooting at net… and then everything goes insane when Sidney decides that it would be a great idea to get a picture of me falling and hooks his stick on my skates, making me trip. And then it is just war, squirting each other with the water bottles, slapping each other with the sticks and me trying to check him against the boards and failing miserably.

“I’m sorry, honey. You are going to need to gain at least fifty pounds and grow four inches to have a chance of checking me” he chuckles.

Oh, he has awakened the beast. Don’t play those games with me, Crosby, I think while I start to skate around, gaining speed before charging against his body, making him fall on his side.

“I think that I have the cover of the calendar” Bob looks at us laughing and turns the screen he has set up so we can see the picture he has just taken.

“That is a badass picture” Sidney says, still lying on the ice and I agree with him.

The lighting of the picture gives it a dramatic effect; it actually looks like I’m hitting him as any male player would.

“Just don’t tell anyone that I needed to do a couple laps before having enough speed to make him fall” I propose and everyone burst into laughter.

“Alright, alright, we’ll keep that to ourselves” Bob promises and Sidney pouts a little before getting on his feet “now, you two go change while we move all of this to the improvised set”

We nod and skate out of the rink, each one of us walking to our locker room to get change. It takes a while for me to get ready, since I don’t only need to change my clothes but also put some makeup on and fix my hair up a little. The dress is a bottle green velvet wrap up dress with thin straps. It is slightly over the knee and paired with high heels makes my legs look longer than they really are. I walk out of the locker room and make my way to the set up Bob has improvised.

“Oh wow, someone cleans up nicely” Bob yells at me and I give him a shy smile.

“Thank you” I whisper, walking towards Sidney and standing by his side.

“You ok?” he asks, his voice low.

“I feel more comfortable wearing the pads, uniform and skates than a dress and high heels” I confess, slightly embarrassed.

“Well, for what it is worth, you look amazing wearing both”

anonymous asked:

How would the S/M guys be like if they had an older sister?

Anon…you created a monster. We have literally been talking about this. FOR DAYS. WEEKS. WHY HAVE YOU DONE THIS TO US?!?!?!?

Allow me to introduce you to the boys’ older sisters (as always, feel free to ask about them, we’ll tell you all about them!!!): 

Toshiko (Toshi) Sakamaki- Reiji and Shu’s older sister. She has long blonde hair that she typically wears half up and half down and (shocker) she took Karlheinz’s gold eyes. She carries herself with respect and is a proper lady, though she won’t turn down a nap if she can take one. (Total dominatrix btw) She doesn’t see the point of getting married and is VERY picky with her men. Often times if she doesn’t chase off the suitor, Shu or Reiji will. She is the bridge between the two brothers, understanding the pressure Shu had to deal with being the next heir (she was the first child so she was of course raised to be an heir until he was born) and understanding Reiji’s neglect (once the boys were born she was more or less just a negotiating tool to be married off). She also has a temper, but a longer fuse than the other sisters, though she can be sharp tongued and will injure more than your pride if you aren’t careful. 

Rei Sakamaki- The triplets’ older sister, she has dark purple hair and green eyes. Aside from the darker hair, she looks exactly like Cordelia and typically wears her hair in a ponytail since she was treated as Cordelia’s personal maid since she was pretty. It was a way for Cordelia to keep an eye on her since she doesn’t like any type of competition, even if it’s her daughter. Rei was often used to “entertain” Cordelia’s suitors and wasn’t formally introduced to the triplets as their sister until they were almost in their teens (physically). Once it was known they were siblings, Rei took on the maternal role, leaving Cordelia to do whatever she pleased. As far as planning Cordelia’s death, Rei made sure that Cordelia was where she needed to be, and helped her brothers figure out her general schedule. 

Hoshi Sakamaki- Subaru’s older twin sister (by 1 hour. We didn’t see Christa getting pregnant a second time, so this made the most sense to us) is the spitting image of her father: white hair and gold eyes. LOVE HER. She took on most of the…impurities considering Karlheinz and Christa’s familial relations. She is almost constantly in pain, hallucinates, has a frail constitution, and is near sighted. Her hallucinations get worse the more anxious she gets, and if she works herself up too much or overexerts herself, she’ll faint and/or catch a fever. She is quiet and may appear timid, but she has a short temper like her brother. However, instead of punching walls, she stomps her foot and puts holes in the floor. 

Akane (Aenid) Mukami- Akane has bright red hair and dark brown eyes with freckles (she’s of irish descent). Akane (or Aenid as she was known at the time) was sent to the same orphanage as the Mukami a few years before them, having been taken away from her parents (who lived in Yuma’s village) since they couldn’t afford to care for her. Despite living in the same village, Akane and Yuma had little to no interaction because of their age differences and family occupations. His being farming and hers being tailoring. She was convinced that her family was going to come back for her, but they died in the fire that was supposed to kill Yuma. She kind of helps run the Mukami household, waking up before her brothers to fix them all breakfast, helping Kou design outfits for his performances (I mean, she was the daughter of a seamstress after all), helping Yuma in the garden, cooking with Ruki, and of course, tending to Azusa. 

~Before you ask, we haven’t really developed an older sister for Kino. 

As far as how the boys are…

-Shu and Reiji are actually closer than they appear, mainly because of Toshiko. They may have their arguments, but mess with their sister and you have to deal with both of them.  Shu enjoys playing music with his sister (he plays the violin, she plays the flute/fife) and Reiji often finds Toshiko bringing him tea at random intervals, or simply sitting quietly and enjoying his company. 

-The triplets ADORE their sister. Rei and Laito are the closest, having endured similar abuse. Ayato and his sister are often pulling pranks, or at least, Ayato is pulling pranks and Rei makes sure that he doesn’t get caught too easily. As for Kanato, he enjoys having tea parties with Rei and braiding her hair. She is the only one he trusts to hold Teddy for any extended period of time. If you so much as breath wrong in her direction you may have all three brothers down your throat. If you make an unpermitted sexual advance on her, prepare to die by Laito’s hands. 

-Sometimes it’s easy to forget that Hoshi is Subaru’s older sister. Since she’s often bedridden, Subaru dotes on her and is constantly checking to make sure she’s okay. However, since she’s almost always in pain, Hoshi tends to lie and tell him she’s fine when she’s not. He and Hoshi enjoy long walks in the garden, or just sitting around talking and laughing. As kids they loved to play hide and seek, though they had to set a time limit because Hoshi was so quiet they’d forget about her and she’d be hiding for the rest of the day. While Hoshi has a short temper, Subaru is always her protector, so watch yourself. 

-Akane…don’t upset Akane. You’ll have all four Mukami dragging you to your grave faster than you can blink. She helps the brothers throughout the day, comforts Kou when he has his nightmares, gets Ruki to calm down, tries to curve Azusa’s self-harm habits, and calms Yuma down from his outbursts. Since Yuma and Ruki tend to butt heads a lot, she helps to smooth out the arguments and is the only woman Kou openly trusts. Azusa…he just loves his sister and wants her to smile. 

Siblings AU Headcanons

Jess’ parents are Upper Class. Enough that she comes from money but is not as rich as the Washington family or Emily’s family.

Chris’ mom by contrast borders on the line between lower middle class and upper lower class.

Chris and Jess were both only children but for different reasons.

The known facts about Chris’ father are: Chris’ nose is the only physical feature the two of them have in common. His first name is Thomas and he is in the armed forces. He was stationed near his mother’s college which is how they met. They weren’t together for very long, which is why she doesn’t know his last name. He was reassigned right after his mother found out she was pregnant with Chris and she made attempts to tell him but is not sure he received any. It is unclear whether he even knows about Chris.

Jess’ parents, who came from money and presued high end jobs, planned on a big family. The difficulty of raising Jess changed their minds. They claim she is not the reason they divorced but… she is the reason they divorced. Motherhood did not suit Mrs. Riley and she ran off to Paris seemingly overnight when Jess was 10. They reconnected when she was 13 but as the divoce was not amicable Jess is constantly pit by one parent against the other with the promise of material goods.

Mr. Riley and Mrs. Hartley indirectly met through their kids. Jess and Chris have always been in school together and  their parents met during a school event.

They got married less than 6 months after they started seeing each other.

Niether teen took it well. Despite being in the same group of friends they weren’t close with each other and always had a more antagonistic relationship.

Chris had been the only man who was a permanent fixture in his mother’s life for a long time so it was hard getting used to her not needing him as much. Like to do stuff she wasn’t strong or tall enough to.

Jess’ father while not neglectful is a man who works a lot to help keep up their lifestyle so it was hard for Jess to get used to having people in her house most of the time.

Jess tried to get her mom to take her in after the marriage but all it led to was plans that were never followed through and promises not kept.

Their parents are unfortunately clearly very happy together and both are far less stressed so the teens feel like opposing their marriage isn’t fair.

It was Chris and his mom who had to move into the Riley house.

Their parents have a private bathroom while Chris and Jess have to share one. 

Chris is actually the one who hogs it as it takes him almost a literal hour to gel up his faux hawk every morning.

While the house is notably large with a lot of rooms Chris and Jess still share a wall as those rooms are the only two other than the master bedroom suitable for bedrooms.

This leads to a lot of different issues but the worst is the fact that they are both teenagers with urges most teenagers get.

This gets twice as bad when Jess starts dating Mike.

It gets thrice as bad when Chris starts dating Ashley.

Jess considers no longer dying her hair blonde every time someone upon finding out she and Chris are ‘siblings’ says “I can see the family resemble.” This is also why though he has contacts Chris never wears them because they make his light blue eyes look more light green… the same color as Jess’ eyes.

Their parents have been forcing them to go out with them for a “family dinner” once a week since they got married.

Chris and Jess have kicked each other under the table a few times.

They act more like siblings than either would admit. With the way they fight with each other and pull little pranks on one another and even sometimes tease the other in a clearly friendly way.

The biggest thing though is that they have each weirdly gotten very protective of the other.

Chris is not okay with people mocking Jess’ sex life and will go into a huge rants about how she can do what she wants to and they have no right to judge her for it.

Jess has literally punched people who have said transphobic things about Chris because she will not stand for any of that shit ever. Most especially though anyone calling him her step-SISTER.

Chris and Jess do not share a lot in common but the biggest thing they do is just how much they love to party!

With their parents regularly out on romantic overnight trips the debate is never IF they’re throwing a party or not but how BIG of a party they’re throwing. Spoiler: Usually pretty fucking big.

When unable to throw a party during one of these trips the two of them will sometimes hang out getting high (Chris) and drunk (Jess) watching reruns of bad reality shows.

Chris will with surprisingly very little complaint fix anything Jess breaks he is able to. This list has included her phone, her hair dryer, the family toaster, and their shared bathroom’s showerhead. He has even changed her car tires a few times.

Jess has tried more than once to get Chris to go for the Ashley thing going so far as to explain to him his new house (her house) is a chick magnet. In ground pool, hot tub, billiards room (really an over all gaming room), and huge expensive entertainment system. Hooking up with her has basically been handed to him.

They actually have the same favorite type of music (Indie rock) and they like most of the same bands.

They have gone to concerts together but only their parents know that.

Chris helps Jess with her homework on a regular basis.

Jess has tried to teach Chris to dance (emphasis on the tried).

Jess and Chris have a lot more in common than they know and have more than once ended up subtly trying to cheer the other up when they are really upset (Usually over stuff either like Chris’ dad or Jess’ mom or him feeling dysphoric that particular day worse than he does others or Jess getting insecure thinking maybe she is just a pretty face and nothing else.)

Though niether would say underneath it all, they kinda maybe sorta are family and kinda maybe sorta love each other.

What I Never Knew I Wanted (5/?)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: Umm so far nothing?

Bucky’s wife is pregnant, it’s everything he could have ever wanted. But being an Avenger and a new father is one hell of an act to juggle. When panic sets in he can turn to Steve and his wife, but why did it look so easy with their twins? The late nights, the days gone, something are just worth it right? But like hell will Bucky let anything come between him and his family let alone let anything harm them in any way.

A/N: There is Blue Stick Crossover in this Series, so if you haven’t read The Blue Stick highly recommend it!!

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  • Jacob: He has medium skin tone but he became more pale because he rarely went outside after Abe died; he tans easily though. His skin is oily also and he is prone to minor breakouts on his face. Has an oval shaped face with a average sized greek nose. He has almond shaped blue eyes also. His top lip his smaller than his bottom lip. His hair is dark and it covers half of his ears and covers his forehead. He is average height for his age and he has a lean build to him.
  • Emma: Emma has a fair skin with warm undertones. She has a heart shaped face with a small button nose. Her eyebrows are darker than her hair color and are arched. She has almond shaped chocolate brown eyes with light eyelashes. Her lips are full and the corners of her mouth naturally turn down when relaxed. She is isn't short but she she isn't tall either for a girl and has more development on her upper body than lower body- so inverted triangle shaped body. She has sandy blonde hair that is parted in the middle, it reaches right above her shoulders and curls a little bit outwards.
  • Bronwyn: She has tan skin with a square shaped face. Has nice high cheek bones and a jawline that could cut you. Her elbows and knees are scarred up from rough housing. She is from a Filipino descent also. Medium size flatter looking nose that is naturally highlighted a little bit at the tip. Her top lip is bigger than her bottom lip and she has a prominent Cupid's bow. Has broader shoulders and has a muscular build to her. On the taller side for a girl too. She has dark brown hair cut into a pixie cut that nicely frames her face and is parted in the middle.
  • Millard: He has fair skin covered in freckles from head to toe. Has a diamond shaped face with a medium sided button nose. Has straight thin lips. Is on the tall side, and he has a little bit of pudge on him. He has round eyes with beautiful lashes and has heterochromia (one green eye and one brown eye). He also has wavy mousy brown hair with a widows peak. Wears glasses when he reads.
  • Horace: His skin is practically porcelain-uses the best products for himself. Triangle shaped face with an aquiline nose. Has the brightest, whitest teeth. Thinner lips but his bottom lip is just a little bit bigger than his top. Has bigger ears which he covers by his top hat. Has grayish blue deep set eyes. He is short but with long legs. His hair is platinum blonde and is nicely slicked back.
  • Enoch: Very very pale because he rarely goes outside. Rounded face with a nose that turns a little bit upwards. Has sharp lips and when he smiles on that very rare occasion you can see his dimples. Is pudgy and does not care. Has a short and stocky build to him. His eyes are droopy and are a hazel green color and he has prominent eye bags. He has dirty blonde hair that is two inches longer on top and is always a mess.
  • Fiona: Has dark brown skin with a few moles and freckles here and there. She has an oval shaped face with a funnel nose. Her lips are full and plump. She is at average height and carries most of her weight at her bottom half. She has almond shaped brown eyes with thick eyelashes. She has very thick curly hair that is brown but when the sunlight hit it you can make out red and she often has flowers, leaves, etc scattered throughout her hair.
  • Hugh: Hugh has such a tan line, his covered skin is ivory. Has a rectangular shaped face with a greek nose. His lips aren't full but aren't thin either. When he opens his mouth you can make out prominent canines. He is very tall and he has a lanky build to him but his arms are a little muscular. He has almond shaped brown eyes that he hides under his goggles because his eyes are sensitive to sunlight. His hair is dark brown with cool tones that he brushes back but doesn't add any product to it.
  • Olive: She has cool toned medium colored skin. Her face is round and she has a roman shaped nose that is a little crooked. She has small full lips and is almost always smiling. Her eyes are hooded and are hazel. She is of average height for her age and she has nicely toned legs because of her shoes. She has wavy brown hair with bangs that reach just above her eyes.
  • Claire: She has fair skin with a pink undertone. Her face is heart shaped and she a small button nose. Her lips naturally pout a little. She has very cute dimples too. Very small when it comes to height and still has a little bit of baby fat on her. Her eyes are big and round and are light blue. She has curly platinum blonde hair which she loves having accessorized.

You pull on the blunt as you walk through the dried leaves of the forest ground, side by side. Suddenly you feel his fingers lace in between yours. Out of all the places you’ve touched him before, this feels the most intimate. Your heart skips a beat, the warmth from his large hands coursing through your veins. This, this is better than that night you drank an entire bottle of red wine and fucked for hours on the bedroom floor. You look up and see him smiling down at you. He shakes his head as he silently asks you to hand over the weed. Something feels different, as if the daylight brought out what both of you had been hiding in the dark. You can’t help but stare at him. You never really noticed the colour of his eyes before, a pale green, never really noticed that his hair has gotten a bit longer since you first met. That his cheekbones look like they were carved by angels. He sees you out the corner of his eye and gives you a little smirk. God, that smirk does something to you. “So…we hold hands now, huh?“, you say. “I guess we do”, he replies in that slow British drawl. It’s not even the accent that gets to you now, but the deep richness of his voice. Suddenly you realise just how much you like hearing him talk, maybe even more than you like making him moan. He flicks the blunt off into the trees, and you’re both pretty baked; giggling and babbling to eachother, hand in hand. Harry tells you about how he used to work in a bakery, something he’s mentioned once or twice, but you listen intently to his inane stories anyway. As you walk back to the car, he stops abruptly. “Um…”, he says lowly, and you turn to face him, “do I ever come off as… intimidating?”. Standing there in front of this six-foot, tattooed, gorgeous man, you can’t help but laugh. Of course he’s intimidating. And maybe you never fully realised it until now, but even in the moonlight, there was always… something. Something in the way he carried himself that made you feel as though you had to live up to some sort of expectation. “What?”, he says with a smile, “what are you laughing at?”. You look up at him and say, “don’t worry about it, Harry”. And suddenly you’re back at the car, parked in your not-so-secret smoking spot. The sun has begun to set and moonlit night awaits. He climbs into the back seat, his long, gangly legs struggling to get situated, and pulls you on top of him. You’re looking into his eyes as he stares back at yours, and your cheeks turn the faintest bit of pink. Your heart’s beating faster. His hand wraps around your neck as he pulls you into a kiss against his lips, warm and sweet. His lips move down to your neck, pressing softly, and your eyes shut slowly as you bask in the feeling of it. His hand begins to wander down to your back, and eventually land on the waistband of your tight black leggings. He yanks them down to your knees and flips you onto your back. He gives you a quick kiss on your cheek before unbuttoning his tight black skinny jeans and pulling off his adorable metallic cowboy boots. He pulls off his plain white t-shirt, revealing the ridiculous butterfly tattooed onto his stomach. As you watch him undress, you quickly undo the clasp on your bra. He yanks your legs up and towards himself and lowers his body on top of yours. Eyes locked, he lowers his mouth onto your left nipple, gently sucking. He gives you one final lick, and you feel the head of his cock start to enter you. It takes your breath away. no matter how many times you do this, he never fails to. He enters you fully and you let out a quiet moan. He pulls in and out slowly, green eyes on yours. He starts to thrust his hips faster as he grabs your thighs and lifts your legs above of his broad shoulders. quiet noises fall from your lips, then louder moans and high pitched squeals as his cock slides deeper into you. He bends you over so your face to face and kisses you roughly, his hot tongue searching for yours. Eventually, you break apart. “You like that, baby?”, he asks as if he doesn’t already know the answer. Either way, you give your reply through your shrieks of “yes, yes, yes, oh my god!”. You tilt your head back as you scream out in pleasure, and he pumps his hips against you, faster and faster until you feel his warmth leave your body. He lets out a sharp cry and you feel his hot cum all over your stomach and chest. He gets the washcloth you brought along and cleans you up before falling back onto you. You’re both shaking and sweaty, breathing heavily. Your fingers tangle into his soft curls, and he lifts his head from your chest to look at you once more. He cracks a crooked smile and leans over to give you a single lingering kiss. He lets out a sigh and lays his head against you, once more, and takes your hand in his, kissing your fingertips. Through the foggy windows, you notice the full moon in the sky, and you think how beautiful your time with Harry can be in the moonlight.

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What's your preferred Jason appearance? Build, height, hair, eyes etc?

Dexter Soy’s art tbh. I picture all comic characters in that kind of style. 

I generally always follow the source material when there is one. For books I have a weird mesh of styles in my head that doesn’t make sense outside my head because i can’t focus well on the image, which probably doesn’t make sense but i digress. 

In general my preferred Jason appearance is much the same as @lanternwisp‘s  in this post. I do like the tentative fancast as well. 

He’s six foot, broad shoulders but not a hulking wall like Bruce, taller and broader than Dick but not completely dissimilar to him (especially a Dick who’s built muscle being Batman). 

His hair has a tendency to curl that increases the longer it gets. He has the white streak but dyes it to match the rest of his hair most of the time. His hair grows fast though and the streak comes through quite quickly. At the point that certain people in the family grow comfortable with its existence and stop fixating on it (Alfred) Jason stops bothering with the dye. 

His eyes are blue, but more of a paler, steel blue rather than a bright intense blue, with a small ring of green around the pupil. The green has always been there so that’s not the Pit. The Lazarus Pit did influence them though so his eyes changed after the Pit, the green is a little more noticeable and intense. 

There is still so much space for headcanons concerning Hisashi coming back and meeting Dad Might Toshinori, and I just can’t help myself, I’m asking myself:

How does Hisashi look?

Izuku clearly takes a lot after Inko with his green hair color and the green eyes plus their reactions to embarrassing or stressful situations. But perhaps Hisashi has freckles, just like Izuku. Perhaps he has the same unruly hair, just a different color (I picture black). Perhaps he smiles just as brightly as Izuku does, or he looks painfully similar to his son when he frowns or gets angry. I would love to see him mumble when he thinks about things, being a complete nerd just like Izuku.


Why was Hisashi gone for so long?

From what I’ve gathered, he works abroad. While that explains that he is gone for a longer time, we haven’t seen him even once during the whole manga, not even in flashbacks or pictures. And since we’re at the end of the first semester plus we have to add the ten months of training that would mean that Hisashi has not shown up for approximately 24 months.

That’s a lot. Did he come back and we just didn’t see it? I can’t imagine that. But why would he be away for so long, and when was the last time he was home? Does Izuku even remember his father?


How does Hisashi think about Izuku being quirkless?

More importantly, does he even know that his son is quirkless? I do hope so, since that has been clear since Izuku was four or five years old. Hisashi not knowing would mean that he hasn’t been in contact with his family for over twelve years. That would, in my opinion, mean that Inko’s and his relationship has already ended, and Izuku grew up without a dad on top of being bullied and quirkless. (Ouch.)


How would Hisashi react when he comes home and sees all the things that have changed?

I mean, let’s be honest: If Hisashi wasn’t there for approximately 14 months AND wasn’t in contact with his family, then he missed a whole lot of important things. When he comes back, he is in for a surprise.

Izuku has a quirk now (one that is not from Hisashi or Inko) and goes to a famous school to become a hero. And Izuku is doing very good there, mind you.

Izuku is now being trained by the Number One hero itself. He is even very familiar with the former hero. I can’t help but think Hisashi’s jaw dropping when he sees All Might himself hanging out with his son.

Izuku has been through a lot. Villain attacks, sports festival, has saved a friend from a kidnapping – the boy has seen a lot of trouble, and he is marked by it. Izuku is not as shy anymore, he is now ready to jump head first into the fray, and there are scars to prove it. Hisashi as his father should be worried, if not shocked or angry about all of this, and I would love to know which emotion would win out of all of them.


And that brings me to my most important question – how would the meeting of Hisashi and Toshinori go?

Hisashi is Izuku’s father, yes, but he wasn’t there for a very long time. I even theorized before that Izuku perhaps can’t even really remember him. That would mean that Izuku’s and Hisashi’s relationship isn’t as strong and healthy as it could be, not to mention all the things they have missed out on each other’s life.

And then there is Toshinori, who shares a close, healthy, almost fatherly bond with Izuku that only goes stronger the longer the story progresses. That’s the exact opposite of Hisashi.

Would Hisashi be jealous, or more resigned? Would he perhaps even be angry, since Toshinori is basically taking over his place? Or perhaps he would be angry because Toshinori entrusted Izuku with a quirk and dragged him into the dangerous life of a hero? On the other hand, they both are (like) a father to Izuku, and that should mean that they want Izuku to be happy. That would give the both men plenty of reason to become friends, even if it’s just for Izuku’s sake.


You see, I’m asking myself a lot of things, and I’m itching to finally find out more about Midoriya Hiashi. Until then, I will just busy myself with headcanons. XD

La Vie En Rose

(OOC: Okay, so I have decided to take a leap of faith and put up the first part of the Drarry fanfic that I am writing…. I’m kind of nervous about it so be kind if you absolutely hate it. It’s only a small snippet. please send feedback

Oh! and yes, all of the french is from songs XD))

An introduction:

Les Feuilles Mortes ~ Autumn Leaves

1922 Montmartre, Paris, France

       There is no explanation for why he is here, staring at the darkened building as the sun begins to rise over Montmartre. His feet had carried him without his permission to the crumbling abandoned building where it had all started; the place where they had met.

         A sudden gust of nostalgia stirred his soul, as it always did when he found himself staring at the shell of his ancient dwelling. Sometimes, if he listened closely, he could almost hear the gramophone’s haunting nasal melody resounding through the building. He could grasp the exact smell the cooking spices that would fill the rooms with warmth when Mamă would cook for them, all the while reprimanding him for being too thin. He would normally stop this train of thought before he could remember other things.

           Things like Kretek cigarettes, leaving a trace of cloves in every hideous piece of fabric available. Like strolls back home through early morning Montmartre, pressed together in the shadows of alleyways after nights spent drinking.  Things like green eyes and unruly black hair.

           It has been twenty-five years since he has stood in this exact spot.

           His eyes roamed over the grimy from steps and the weather-worn flower beds in the windowsill, no longer filled with lilies.

           It hadn’t always looked like this; decrepit, old, and falling apart at the seams with cracks that crawled up the stained brick, as if they too were trying to resist the natural decay of the building.

            A reluctant smile tugged his lips. Well, at least it hadn’t looked so lonely all those years ago.

            Draco took a deep breath and pulled out a key from the front of his garishly patterned suit jacket. The well-worn handle was inscribed with the words ‘“Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus”. The reluctant smile stretched into a full grin. Yes, it had been far too long since he had returned home. Gathering his courage, he turned the lock.

Mais la vie sépare ceux qui s'aiment, Tout doucement, sans faire de bruit Et la mer efface sur le sable les pas des amants désunis

Shrinking (GT JSE Anniversary)

Just a warning, Mark drops a word or two at the end. Just wanted readers to know.

The day started off normal enough. Jack and Mark were just hanging out at Mark’s place in the living room playing video games. They were playing Mario Kart and the Irishman was whooping the other player. Mark let out a loud, girly scream as his character was hit by the dreaded blue shell. “JAAAAACK! STAHP IT!” Jack just chuckled and threw three red shells at Mark. Mark screamed as Jack passed him and got 1st place. All of the shells moved Mark down to 7th. The slightly angry man threw his controller down in frustration. He stood up. “Want any snacks?” Jack thought for a moment before nodding.

“Cookies?” He asked innocently. Mark laughed and facepalmed as he went to the kitchen. Jack stared at the screen, contemplating whether or not he should start the game without Mark. Before he could make a decision though, he felt an all too familiar tingling sensation. His eyes widened in shock as he quickly set down his controller. This couldn’t be happening. Not now. Not here of all places. The feeling just got stronger as he sat there trying to decide what he should do about it.

Jack had a strange power where he could shrink. He didn’t know if he could grow yet, but this power still had a while to go. He couldn’t control it yet so it happened at random times, like now. He normally got out of areas where there were other people. But this was Mark’s place and he had nowhere else to go. Mark would also worry if he just randomly disappeared without any warning. He closed his eyes tightly as he shrunk a bit. It happened in small increments at a time. Sometimes he only shrinks a couple of inches and other times a few feet. He never reached a couple inches before, but with the way this felt, there was always a first time for everything. He looked at himself and decided that he was only around 4 feet tall right now.

He heard shuffling in the kitchen and froze. How much longer until Mark finished grabbing the snacks? He was too scared to actually move and hide. He closed his eyes tightly as he shrank another couple inches. This happened a couple more times until he heard his friend on his way back. He looked down at himself and was shocked at his size. He has never shrunk this small before. He was only about 5 inches tall now! The old smallest height for him was more or less a foot. As Mark walked into the room, the now small green haired man finally unfroze and dashed under the couch. He hoped that Mark didn’t see or hear him. But he didn’t have luck with that it seems. He heard slight rustling a he slowly set the snacks down on the coffee table. The feet came closer to the couch and stopped. Jack held his breath as nothing happened for what seemed like a minute. Then, what Jack most dreaded happening, happened.

He stood under the couch, shaking and terrified as his friend crouched down to peer under the couch. He only had a second before Mark’s surprised eyes were visible. Jack didn’t exactly know how to feel in that moment. Nobody was ever there when he shrunk, so seeing someone so much bigger than him was amazingly terrifying. They had a staring contest before Jack let out a nervous chuckle and Mark just kind of let out a breath of confusment that he didn’t know he was holding. Jack was a bit relieved to find that Mark was also nervous in this situation. They just kind of stayed there for a couple of minutes processing whatever the heck was happening. Jack was less confused than Mark, but still confused nonetheless.

“So, uh, do you do this often?” Mark asked. Jack just deadpanned and gave him a look that said, ‘really?’. Mark bit his lip as he let out a nervous laugh. “I mean. It’s fine and all! But next time give me a warning!” He just kept going. Jack let out a small laugh at his goof of a friend. Mark smiled at the sound of his now tiny friend. Mark backed up until he was laying on his stomach a few feet from the couch. Jack took a couple of small steps out so he was now in the open. Mark smiled as he fangirled on the inside. He was so tiny! Like Tiny Box Tim! He didn’t hide it well enough because Jack noticed and let out a chuckle at his larger friend’s behavior. They both sighed in a now more comfortable silence.

“Yo! Just cause I’m small right now, I STILL WANT MY DAMN COOKIE!” Mark died of laughter. Jack crossed his arms. His face showed that he was being completely serious right now. He wanted a cookie. It being bigger than him was just a plus. Normal sizes cookies are great, but just imagine a cookie bigger than you. That sounded like heaven to the Irishman right about now. After Mark recovered from his laughing fit, he grabbed a cookie and set it in front of his friend. He tried to stifle a laugh as Jack looked at the bigger than him cookie like it was sent from above.

As Jack ate his large cookie, he did his best to explain his situation to Mark. Mark didn’t listen to half of his explanation however because he was still slightly fangirling about Jack’s small size. He came back though when Jack told him that this normally lasts for a couple of days before he returns to normal. Jack wasn’t sure he liked the grin on Mark’s face. “What is that smirk for Mark?” Mark shrugged. “One, I now have an adorable pocket sized, green haired Irishman named Jack that I get to take care of. And it shouldn’t be hard if I keep giving him cookies.” Jack gave a sheepish grin. “And two, YOU CAN’T FUCKING BEAT ME IN FUCKING MARIO KART NOW SUCKER!” That ruined the moment. That’s Mark for ya.

Stranger at the library

I originally posted this on wattpad, thought I should post it on here too

Its Saturday. Im at the library enjoying the quite and all the books around me. Some people might think libraries are boring and too quite, but I think their an escape from the real world, its where I go to get away from school and my family. Dont get me wrong, I do have friends, but sometimes I just want to get away from it all and enjoy a good story.

Im just sitting at the table by myself reading divergent. The character tris really inspires me. She’s different but in a good way. She chose her own path. She got away from her old life and is starting a new one. I wish I could do that. Just get away from it all and be free…

Im at the part where tris is climbing the ferris wheel with four when out the corner of my eye I see a boy about 20 feet away looking at me. I turn towards him and he just slightly smiles and looks away. I cant help but look a little longer…hes just so attractive. He has brown hair and electric green eyes. I could just melt in them. His eyebrows…just…wow. But his clothes are a little weird. Something tells me he likes green.

He turns and looks at me again and our eyes meet. He raises an eyebrow and smirks, I smile slightly and then went back to my book. I can still feel his eyes on me and I start to become nervous, I just feel a bad vibe coming from him.

To get away from his gaze I get up and walk to a random section. Pretending to try and find a book so it wont look like im hiding, I realize im in the fantasy section. Theirs a lot of cool books to check out, I reach for one but then theirs a tap on my shoulder. I tense up and turn around. Its the same boy, I look into his eyes and I melt inside. He smiles and raises an eyebrow, im at loss for words.

“Hello, Love”

“Um, H-hi” I say in a nervous tone.

“So, find any good books?” he asks

“No…not really. Do you know any good ones?” I ask. He doesnt seem to creepy but theirs still something about him that doesnt seem right.

“Yeah, how about this one?” he says pulling out a book and handing it to me. I take it and see that its peter pan.

“I love the movie but i’ve never read the book. Thanks.” I say, now that I think about it he kinda looks like peter pan. Maybe hes some crazed fan or something.

“Yeah, its my favorite. Peter and I have a lot in common actually.” He says.

“Well I should be going, Thanks for the book.” I say turning to leave.

“You’re welcome love, I trust I’ll be seeing you again soon.” He calls out to me

I might see him again, but I dought it. I check out my books and leave the library. Afrer walking for a minute I feel someone grab my arm. I turn to see its the Peter Pan boy.

“Hey I didn’t catch your name.” hes says

“Oh, sorry, my names (y/n) whats yours?” I ask

“I’m Peter Pan, and you, my dear, are coming with me.” He says with a devilish grin on his face.

Hes Peter Pan…what? I dont believe this. This is crazy. Wait Im not going anywhere with him! Who does he think he is?

“Uh, excuse me, but im not going anywhere except home. now im not sure why you think your peter pan, but you better leave me alone or you’ll regret it.” I say in a irritated tone.

Suddenly he slams me into the side of a store and leans in next to my ear.

“You’ve got fire, I like fire.” he whispers

He backs away and says, “now, your coming with me.” he says and grabs my arm pulling me to him.

“where?” I ask

“Neverland of course.” He says with a smirk

“Why, this doesn’t make any sense.”

“because I like you, and I want to have some fun.” He says with a devilish grin.

This is getting really creepy. I try to get out of his hold but he tightens his grip and leans down to my ear.

“your not going anywhere love, your mine and im not letting you leave.” He says

Im about to scream when he puts his hand on my mouth.

“goodnight, love” Is the last thing I hear before everything becomes black.


modern peter pan au: peter pan

just a boy.

the person who enters her room may not be real, because wendy has seen him before in her dreams. were they dreams? her memory of him is hazy, but she thinks it is real. the boy is slender, with burnished golden hair — tinged with fire by the morning light — and pale freckled skin. a bruise shadows his jaw. his expression is no longer open and friendly; his smile is sly, and his eyes are the inexorable green of ivy that wraps itself around trees, suffocating them. he is barefoot, like the ghosts.

“you,” wendy blurts dumbly. she can hear the rush of her pulse, and the floor suddenly seems to be dropping away from her.

wendy darling.” he curls his tongue around the syllables in her name with care. “hi. i’m pan,” he adds, casually, as though he meets people like this every day.

Batfamily Height/appearance Headcanons

As long as I’m on a roll ranting about inconsistencies in DC’s portrayal of the Batfamily, I thought I’d talk about height/appearance stuff. Soooo here we go.

Bruce: Bruce is 6′1″, and very muscular. He has dark hair and blue eyes. He is pretty much the only character drawn correctly consistently. Not that much to say on this one. I do wish he had some white in his temples, both from his high stress job and his dip in the Lazarus Pit, but whatever.

Dick: Dick is always drawn wrong. ALWAYS. The man is an acrobat/gymnast, but he’s drawn like a bodybuilder. Dick should be about 5′8″ and muscular but slimmer than someone like Bruce. Also I’m a sucker for Romani looking Dick, so he should be significantly darker than Bruce. He has very thick black hair and blue eyes. 

Barbara: Barbara is around 5′7″. She has red hair and blue/gray eyes. She’s very fit, kind of a dancers’ build. She’s also kinda freckly.

Jason: Okay this is a contentious one. Jason at death (15) was supposed to be like 4′6″, and at 19 he’s around 6′. That’s a pretty big jump and it bothers a lot of people. However, boys do have very large growth spurts even in late adolescence, and the art was inconsistent with his height being 4′6″ even while he was alive. So I’m sticking him at around 6′. He’s the stockiest of the Batkids, very bulky. He has green eyes, a white streak from the Lazarus Pit, and is a natural redhead. He usually dyes his hair. Jason has the most scars of any Batfamily member except Bruce. 

Tim: Tim is, in his own way, the smallest member of the family. He’s about 5′5″ or 5′6″, slimmer than even Dick, and he’s just about done growing. He might broaden a bit as he ages, but not by too much. Tim tends to wear his hair longer. He has dark hair and blue eyes, with constant dark circles. He needs more sun.

Cass: Cass is around 5′8″. She’s the tallest girl of the Batkids. She has black hair, dark brown eyes, and is of Chinese descent. She has the most muscles of the Batgirls. She isn’t exactly beefy, but she’s broader than Babs, Steph and probably Tim.

Steph: Steph is the smallest Batgirl. She clocks in at around 5′6″, probably just barely taller than Tim. She’s blonde, has brown eyes and is fairly tan, probably being the only white Batkid who tans rather than burns. 

Damian: Damian is the baby, and clocks in at around 4′11″. He’s little kid ripped, probably going to be built like Bruce when he’s older. He’s of Chinese and Arab descent, so he’s probably got the darkest skin of the entire family. His eyes are dark green, his hair is black and he has a Lazarus Pit white streak somewhere in his hair. 

I Have to Tell You Something...

Request: one shot where Barry tells you (his girlfriend) that he’s the flash the same day you were going to tell him you’re a metahuman.

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Warnings: Fluff and character getting hurt (If that’s a warning?)

A/N: Hey! This took awhile to write but it was fun once I got the ball rolling. I hope it’s okay I changed a few things in the request. Love you! Requests are always open, just be patient. lol

Your breath catches in your throat and it takes everything to let it out.

“Barry I have to tell you something. And it’s important.” A beat. “I’m sorry it’s taken me this long to tell you…I just wasn’t sure how’d you respond, but I just can’t-won’t lie to you anymore.” You can’t look away from your hands. The creases and lines that have formed over years of use are suddenly mesmerizing. “I’m….I…I can control things…with my mind. What I mean is….I have powers.” There. You finally said it. The words you’ve been dreading to say out loud were finally out.

           Finally, you look up from your hands. But instead of Barry, you’re a-dork-able boyfriend, you find yourself looking back at you. The cold emptiness of the restaurant bathroom suddenly feels very real, reminding you of where you were. If only I can say that to Barry, you think and take a good look in the mirror. Outside, not far away, Barry was sitting in the hustle and bustle that was Jitters on a Saturday night. But as much as you were nervous, you knew you had to tell him. You were falling for him, hard, and lying to him began to hurt more than imagining his reaction if he found out. With one final glance at your reflection and a quick, deep breath to calm your nerves you stepped outside.

           Barry notices you almost right away. He lifts his hand up to wave you over to him, a small smile enveloping his face. If you didn’t know better, he almost looked as nervous as you were.

“Hey Bare,” You greet as he pulls you in for a short but gentle kiss.

“Hey Y/n,” he returns, “Are you okay?”

           He knew you too well. That’s what happens after being together for six months. You begin to know everything about each other. Their laughs, the face they make when their sad or happy, and in this case Barry knew the face you made when you were worried about something. Your eyes would be serious despite a smile you would use to try to hide it, but the small crease between your eyebrows was a dead giveaway. He knew you like a book…but he didn’t know all of it.

“I-I wanted to talk to you.” You state slowly, and his eyebrows furrow together, his hand still lingering on your elbow from when he pulled you in for a kiss.

“Actually, I did too…” He pauses for a minute as he looks at you. He looked so nervous and all you wanted to do was use the sleeve of you sweater to wipe away the sweat that began at his temple. But Barry being nervous made you nervous. A little more than you were now.


“Can you believe it?” Barry and you look up to see who interrupted, and you’re greeted by the face of Iris West. You smile, always being good friends with Iris, but Barry presses his lips into a line. Looking annoyed and relived at her interruption.

“Believe what?” You ask and she nods her head towards one of the televisions in the room. It’s playing the news, one of the breaking news reports that when it begins is followed by the sound of trumpets in a quick jingle. A woman, with a little too much purple eyeshadow for your taste, talks about a sudden fire at an apartment building. It wasn’t far from where you all were, only a couple blocks. You turn to look at your boyfriend, his nervous face replaced with one of intense anticipation. When his eyes finally meet yours, you’re met with the sound of buzzing. Barry looks quickly down at his lap, most likely at his phone and gives you an apologetic look.

“I got to go, I’m so sorry,” Barry apologizes but you give him a reassuring smile. You glance back at the TV, now showing a picture of a burning building, most likely one taken from Google. When you look back, Barry’s gone.

Quickly, you grab your purse, “I have to get going, too,” you tell Iris quickly and she smiles knowingly. She was the only other person who knew your secret.

“Going to help the cops with your Jedi mind tricks again?” She asks, a smirk playing on her lips.

“Can’t leave all the superhero-ing to the mysterious Flash now, can I?”

“Just, be careful.” She warns and you smile to reassure her.

           You’re rushing out of the place now, nearly running to the apartment. It wasn’t hard to find. You followed the sirens and smoke.


           The entire building was engulfed in flames, orange and yellow licking up the red brick walls. Police were beginning to push passing spectators away, trying to give room to the firefighters arriving on scene. Between all the messes of chaos, you push your way past and into the building.

           Almost immediately, you start coughing, smoke filling your lungs fast like ants to a picnic. In that moment something, almost a blur, rushes past you and causing a gust of wind to make your hair fly up. You know who it is before thinking twice. The Flash. Your thoughts are interrupted by a scream.

“Please, somebody!” The voice calls out, and you follow it, pulling your shirt over your nose to try to breathe a little better.

“Please! I can’t move!”

           That’s when you notice the arm. It’s waving, almost frantic. With one hand you keep the shirt over your face, and with the other you outstretch it in front of you. You concentrate, focusing on the charred flaming beam that is pinning the person crying for help.

“I’m going to help you, stay still,” You reassure. A tingling sensation begins at your wrist and spreads to the tips of your fingers. A breeze passes you, but you ignore it, concentrating on lifting the beam. With a loud crack, it lifts by itself like it’s being pulled up into the air by invisible strings.

“How are you—“

           Turning to your side, you see the flash, who’s standing in bewilderment at the levitating object.

“Get her out of here!” You yell out at him, referring to the girl on the ground, finally freed. The flash looks like he was snapped back to reality. He looks at you for a moment, the orange light from the flames making his red suit glow in the room, before rushing the girl in and out of the building.

           You mind slips from its hold on the beam as you watch the blur race passed you, and the beam comes crushing to the floor in seconds. The crash causes for the flames to quickly rise and push smoke and dust up into the air. Your lungs contrast deeply inside your chest as you struggle to breath; every second is getting worse. Falling to your knees your whole body is racked with ugly coughs, trying desperately to get rid of the dark smoke that’s entering inside you with every inhale.

           Between the sounds of your coughs, crackling fire, and the police sirens from outside you don’t hear the noise of wood snapping above you. Before you know it, something has crashed against your skull from up above. The taste of blood instantly entering you mouth.

“Y/n!” You hear someone yell, but your mind is foggy.

           In an instant, you can’t feel the heat of the wild fire and smoke no longer feels like it is burning its way down your throat.

“Y/n?” The same voice says your name, softer and less panicked this time. You open your eyes, gasping for clean air. You’re lying down, something cold and thin touches your back, maybe its grass. Looking up, a familiar face stares down at you. His soft green eyes are covered in worry but his smile is filled with relief, comforting you like it always has.

“Hey, it’s me. You’re okay.” He says, pushing a piece of your hair behind your ear. He’s leaning over you, dressed in a red tight suit, the same one you’ve seen in the papers and inside the building. Only now his mask is off, hanging behind him like a hoodie would, exposing his face.

“Barry…you…you’re the flash?”

“I’m sorry. I wanted to tell you. I wanted to so bad. I just—“ You reach up and trace the curves of his cheek with your fingertips. He relaxes to your touch, leaning into the palm of your hand.

“It’s okay…” You say, lingering your hand on his face, “I should have told you too…I was going to… tonight… but then…”

“I know. We both have some explaining…” He breathes deep and for a second you’re nervous. You had imagined this moment a hundred times, when Barry would find out about you. They all ended up with him feeling angry, hurt, or betrayed. Now, however, as you look up at him, he looks calm, his eyes shining with hints of joy. He flashes a smile at you and continues, “But tonight, you’re going to rest.”

“Barry, I’m fine-ow.” You try to sit up as you say these words, but your head begins pounding the minute it leaves the comfort of the grass.

“No, you aren’t.” Barry remarks and before you know it, his arms are wrapped around you and you place your arms around his neck, unconsciously. He lifts you up and you feel secure inside his arms.

“My hero,” and with that you press your lips against his.

****** Thank you to the lovely @yohoyohoafandomlifeforme for requesting this!


-The curse of apollo, the god of the sun and music, was brought onto him when he insulted the young Eros for playing with bow and arrows.
Apollo was a great warrior and said to him, “What have you to do with warlike weapons? Leave them hands worthy of them. Behold the conquest i have won by means of them over the vast serpent who stretched his poisonous body over acres of the plain! Be content with your torch, child, and kindle up
your flames, as you call them, where you will, but presume not to meddle with my weapons”. the insulted ers¿os took two arrows, one of gold and one of lead. with the leaden shaft, to incite hatred, he shot the nymph daphne and with the golden one, to incite love, he shot Apollo throught the heart. Apollo was seized with love for maiden, Daphne, and she in turn abhorred him.
in fact, she spurned her many potential lovers preferring instead woodland sports and exploring the woods. Her father, peneus, demanded that
she get married so that she may give him grandchildren. However, she begged her father to let her remain unmarried.
Apollo continually followed her, begging her to stay, but the nymph continued her flight. they were evenly matched in the race until eros intervened and helped apollo gain upon daphne. seeing that apollo was bound to catch her, she called upon her father, “help me,peneus! open the earth
to enclose me, or change my form, which has brought me into this danger!”
suddenly, her skin turned into bark, her hair became leaves, and her arms were transformed into branches. she stopped running as her feet became rooted to the ground. apollo embraced the branches, but even
the branches shrank way from him. since apollo could no longer take her as his wife, he vowed to ten her as his tree,and promised that her leaves would decorate the heads of leaders as crowns, and that her leaves were
also to be depicted on weapons. Apollo also used his powers of eternal youth and immortality to render her ever green. since then, the leaves of the bay laurel tree have never know decay.

- Barroque.
- Apollo and Daphne by Lorenzo Bernini 

jiyxu  asked:

IM 4 DAYS LATE BUT do the if they had a kid meme for them, you know, for science—

Oh Baby, we’re having Baby

Name: JaeHyun Ryokuryuu || 재현
Gender: Male 
General Appearance:  Tall like his father (6’2”), lean frame, but muscular nonetheless. Toned legs and arms from martial arts training. Dark green hair that is slightly longer than shoulder length accompanied by long bangs that frame his face. He usually prefers to wear half tied up. Expressive and bright round eyes that are hazel in color. His friendly and charming appearance makes him very approachable.
Personality:  Outgoing and cheerful, he has a knack for making those around him at feel ease. While he’s not the most studious of students (he prefers playing instruments or practicing martial arts over studying), he has a natural aptitude when it comes to academics and never disappoints his mother’s academic expectations. His prince charming-like graces and way with words makes him quite popular at school with both students and teachers alike.
Special Talents:  Excels in taekwondo, able to memorize several new forms within a training session. He is also very good at cooking, able to recreate dishes sees with little effort.
Who they like better:  Hyori because she tends to spoil him more.
Who they take after more: While he has traits that are characteristic of both parents he is more like Jaeha. Able to use his quick wit and charm to his advantage when he under duress. He could probably charm the bird off of the trees if he wanted to.
Personal Head canon:  He makes it a fun competition to vie for his mother’s attention against his father. Often trying to one up his father on any holidays or special occasions. He prefers mom to dote on him rather than on his father.
Face Claim: Hikaru Osari from B-Project / Chanyeol Park