he nightmare before christmas

Ok so my headcanon for why Mary and Damien are so close (i.e. my special boy) is that they’ve known eachother forever - I’m talking since school/university, and they’ve always been best friends. Even when they both got married they made sure to call eachother almost every day and find time for “girls’ nights out.” But then a little while after Lucien was born Damien came to the full realisation that he was trans, and that he couldn’t live any longer without being his true self.
Somehow, while he was terrified to tell anyone, the idea of telling Mary made him the most anxious - even though she already accepted his growing gothic wardrobe, and his overwhelming love of dogs and graveyards. But he was scared that once he told her they would never be the same again, since he wouldn’t be her ‘best girlfriend’ anymore.
He waited, and waited, trying to find the right moment, to pluck up the courage. But if he couldn’t steel himself enough to watch Nightmare Before Christmas, then how the hell was he supposed to do this. Nevertheless, one day - when he’d lost count of how many times he’d gone into the basement to cry after hearing Lucien call him Mom, and he’d received yet another text from his best friend saying 'heeyyy *deadname* how are ya?’ - he went to her house to tell her.
She was quiet while he revealed everything, anxiously mentioning anything that seemed relevant to lessen the weight of the silence between them. He talked about how he felt as a child, and when Lucien was born; his nausea when wearing dresses and how much he’d cried recently; his ideas for a new name. And then, because of course they had to surface right now, his anxieties about what it would mean - how much he loved her, but how scared he was that he couldn’t be her best friend anymore.
When he’d finally stumbled to a halt - and she had that look on her face that meant she’d just been waiting for him to shut up - she said: 'No, you’re not my best girlfriend anymore. You’re my special boy.’ And she hugged him, so he burst into tears on her shoulder. From that moment on, she’d used that nickname to signify that she wasn’t fucking around when it came to their friendship (usually when Joseph got frustrated about how much time she spent with another man.)
She then helped him to come out to his husband, and to Lucien - and she sounded like she’d read fifty guides on how to come out to children, even though Damien thought she never read anything without romance or spies somewhere along the way. And a few days later, a package arrived at his door which turned out to be a Victorian-era appropriate binder - which he had no idea could exist. The invoice inside read Joseph Christiansen, but there was a note from Mary:
'Apparently these things are a bitch to get on and off. Let me know if ya get stuck and need rescuing, special boy. M xx’
And he knew things with Mary could never change.

cozy || b.b

Relationship: Bucky Barnes x reader

Summary: Cozy cuddles and banter with Bucky.

Warnings: nothing at all it’s all fluff

Word Count: 690 

A/N: ugh wow i am in such a fluff kick so get ready ya’ll

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Jack Makes a Pretty Good King

I mean, if you ignore the fact that he left his Town stranded for like a few days while he stole from Christmas Town. (Even though his disappearance wasn’t really intentional.)

The citizens all address him as “Our Man Jack”, and they constantly call him by his first name throughout the movie. The only time you really hear about his Pumpkin King title is when they’re singing about him, but Jack doesn’t bring it up anywhere past that. He’s close with his citizens, and they all clearly like him because they freaked out once he was gone. He’s polite to the females, too, because he doesn’t push them away, even when they’re visibly overwhelming.

When all the townspeople were trying to “Make Christmas”, it’s clear that they’re trying to impress Jack with what they’re making. He goes along complimenting their work and, if he doesn’t like how something looks, Jack is really nice about it and suggests ways for them to improve it. No wonder why they love the guy so much; he offers them legit advice and lets them know that he’s proud of their work and that they’re trying for him.

The only time Jack gets addressed as “The Pumpkin King” directly is in the game, “The Pumpkin King”, but he’s really quick to correct Sally on her formality.

Nightmare before christmas
Nightmare before christmas

i finally have finish this little project 

‘’the dream after pacifist run’’

i had this idea in my mind everytime I listened and saw the final of Nightmare before christmas, and thought of a after pacifist run where frisk have fallen in love with sans and couldn’t stop to think about him even in the surface.

and Sans… while he  was watching the stars he always had dream about, he finally understood his feeling for frisk..

Cozy Day - Tom Holland Imagine

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I’ve been feeling kinda sad today so I decided to write something since writing always cheer me up :) even though its springtime where i live it’s raining a lot, is super cloudy and foggy and i’ve been picturing this perfect cozy autumn day with tom in my head so here you go (also october is here so yay 🎃)

warnings: fluff, fluff, lots of flUFF

pairing: tom holland x reader

word count: 1,020

ps: i wrote this listening to ‘I Knew This Would Be Love’ by Imaginary Future, I really recommend listening to it while you read it, it’s such a calming and romantic song <3

I woke up to the gentle sound of rain pattering against my window. Sighing, I slowly opened my eyes and peeked at the sky through the silky white curtains. All was grey, heavy clouds mounting on top of each other and thunders echoing across the air. Almost no sound of cars, horns or people passing by could be heard. On this peaceful sunday morning, most of London was still asleep.

While still contemplating whether or not to stay in bed, I suddenly felt a strong pair of arms engulfing my body in a warm embrace.

“Hey”, Tom said in a groggy voice, his hot breath against my ear, “why are you awake so early in the morning, darling?” he wondered, curious about why I had my eyes open at 8:00 in the morning on a sunday.

“Don’t know. Just woke up on my own, I guess. But this rain, oh my god. I could stay here forever.”

“Then let’s” he replied, a lazy smile appearing upon his rosy lips. He always looked so good in the mornings, his soft brown hair was everywhere and his toned chest looked perfect under the white duvet.

“Let’s stay here forever”, he continued, letting a loud sigh escape through his mouth.

“I’d love that”, I answered smiling, “but… how about we have a cozy day in? We could watch halloween movies, bake cookies, drink coffee and snuggle under the blankets. What do you think?

“Yeah, that sounds pretty good too, actually” he replied, moving my long hair away from my shoulder. “I’m gonna go make us some coffee then. Do you want to start with the cookies?”

“Yes!” I said, getting off of bed and trying to contain my excitement, “I’m gonna bake us my grandma’s recipe, the pumpkin spiced ones that you love.”

“Let’s go then, before Tessa wakes up and demands us to take her on a morning walk.”

Laughing about how spoiled his dog was we both headed downstairs and started the things in the kitchen.

We spent the whole morning baking cookies, listening to Ed Sheeran and dancing along the music in oversized sweaters and sweatpants. Tom’s cheeks were pink because of the warmth inside the house and he never looked more adorable. After we finished eating and cleaned up the kitchen we finally sat down to watch something.

“Okay, what do you wanna watch?” Tom asked, letting me rest my head upon his shoulder and throwing the fuzzy blanket over the both of us.

“Do you even have to ask?”

“The Nightmare Before Christmas again? Are you serious right now?” he asked me laughing, not understanding how could I watch the same movie so many times and not grow tired of it.

“Yes, I’m serious. It is the best festive movie there is and you know it!”

“My god, you watched that thing so many times I already know all the songs by heart”

“And that, my dear, is one of the most important requirements if you want to keep being my boyfriend”

“Okay, I give up” he said, throwing his head back and closing his eyes, a playful smile on his lips.

I jumped up and down on the couch, clapping my hands together like a giddy little kid, I just couldn’t help it.

After singing This Is Halloween together and imitating all the silly voices in the song, we finally settled down and started watching the movie.

His hands were softly massaging my head and his heartbeat was calm and steady against my ear. Just as I was about to fall asleep, Tom suddenly burst out laughing, making me jump a little.

“Oh my god, I almost forgot how funny this movie actually is.” He said, still with a goofy smile on his face, “I love the part where they kidnap Sandy Claws!”

And suddenly this rush of love and admiration for him just hit me. He was wearing a worn out sweater that was impregnated with his smell and his brown eyes were sparkling due to the brightness of the TV against them.

“I love you, do you know that?”

“What?” He asked me with a confused expression on his face, his laughter dying down a bit, “where did that come from, love?”

“I don’t know. You’re just… I love you.” I replied, laughing a little at myself. Not even I knew where that was coming from.

“I guess this whole day with you just feels kinda like a dream? It’s all my favorite things together and I couldn’t be more happy that you love them just as much as I do.” I looked down at my hands, feeling embarrassed all of a sudden.

Without saying anything, Tom just stared at me for a few seconds and gently pressed his lips against mine. He didn’t even need to say anything. Everything was there, in that kiss.

“I love you too, darling. And if watching Jack Skellington sing about pumpkins and christmas trees makes you that happy, I’d do it a thousand more times.” he said, putting a string of my hair behind my ear.

I brushed my thumb against his face and kissed him again, a silent way of thanking him for being so sweet. I layed my head upon his chest and closed my eyes, just wanting to stay in that moment for as long as I could. His breathing was calm, the rain outside was gentle and the warmth of his embrace was enough to lull me into a peaceful and deep sleep.

Why I love Zero in Jack’s Lament

If Jack’s going on and on about how he’s the scariest being, Zero’s fully supportive of that! Heck, his master is everything! Frightening, fearful, handsome…you’ve got it all, Bone Daddy! Zero agrees with you! Just look at that face!

Oh, no! He’s suddenly feeling really gloom! This can’t be good! Zero’s senses are acting up, and he can tell that a very beautiful yet depressive portion of his Lament is going to come. The worry! Zero cares so much, Jack! Come back!

He’s longing…for something he’s never known. What could it be? Zero knows his master is in distress, and worries so much. But he can’t tell him that he cares; he’s only a doggie! So all our little pup can do is gulp and frown as he listens to Jack keep expressing his depressive thoughts.

But what’s this? Zero’s ears are sensitive, and he hears SOMEONE sneaking around in those graveyards! Oh, look! It’s his soon-to-be girlfriend! She seems to be listening…Sally can tell Jack that he’s worrying about nothing! He’s perfect! Let’s get his attention!

Ooh, perfect timing! He’s going on and on about he’s the scariest! Let’s let him know that Sally’s her-

Oh. Bad timing. He seems to be really gloom…..Zero won’t interrupt Jack now! Especially when he’s about to turn around and see her! Yes, he’ll notice her then! Zero just KNOWS it!

Orrrr…maybe not. Oh, well. Zero follows him everywhere he goes! He’ll make sure Jack won’t get lost now! And Sally will make her move sometime. Zero just KNOWS it! And he knows the two of them will get together and live happily ever after!

I have a theory of mine that involves Zero, you guys. He played matchmaker for Jack and Sally. I’ve got some evidence from the Excerpts, cut storyboards, and the movie to back it up. He really loves Sally!! That’s all you need to know for now. I’ll make that post soon, as with the others I’ve discussed…Isn’t he such a good boy, though? Jack’s Lament just proves it!

Peter In Autumn

A/n: just some Hcs about Peter in his favorite time of the year,

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  • This boy loves Autumn
  • mean, LOVES Autumn
  • he highkey only wears fallish colors through september and october,
  • also highkey plans his halloween costume months before,
  • only to change it a week before, because he’s a hot mess, we all know this,
  • also can’t sew for shit on a machine (Damn good at hand stitching though) so he ends up taking way longer on the costume than it should take, 
  • Gets no sleep two days before Halloween,
  • makes cocoa everyday,
  • burns it half of the time,
  • becomes obsessed with oversized sweaters,
  • he saves up his money so he can do some thrift store shopping for all the sweaters, 
  • no one take this boy away from his sweaters,
  • Secretly loves pumpkin spice,
  • non secretly loves cinnamon,
  • this dork owns small jars of both cinnamon and pumpkin spice and totally carries it around with him, just in case he needs it for anything,
  • 100% wore a autumn flower crown at one point,
  • marathons scary movies throughout October,
  • okay maybe more like kids scary movies,
  • okay yeah he watched corpse bride and nightmare before christmas,
  • he tried to watch the shining, he really did. He just learned very fast that he can’t handle jump scares or flickering lights. Nope.
  • (Legit, hardly got through Stranger things without having a slight breakdown,)
  • He once found a TV about the size of a computer screen, and recorded a little 
  • homemade tape of a fire, so he could play it in the night, even put some dollar store Spooky stickers on it,
  • Peter’s a BOSS at making pumpkin pieless,
  • basically just the filling. He always manages to burn the crust if he makes a regular pie,
  • hence the pieless,
  • Used to collect Leaves as a child,
  • sometimes still does it,
  • and maybe it gets out of hand,’
  • and maybe he ends up with a whole bag of em’ without knowing.
  • I love peter in Autumn, so should you.

de-is-me  asked:

Write Christmas morning for all of the sides (and Virgil getting emotional because they care, they got him gifts and they careee)

Virgil awoke bright and early, his door being knocked on. “Viiiiiirgiiiiiiil…… Viiiiiirgiiiiillll….. Vergey Vergey Verrrrrge….” Came Patton’s gentle coo of a voice. “Hmm?” He managed as his door gently opened. Patton tip toed into his room and placed a hand on the awakening side’s shoulder. “Virgil? Wake up kiddo! It’s Christmas!” He barely understood what he was hearing in his sleeping state. “Christmas? What?” The anxious side began to rub his eyes. “Yeah! It’s Christmas! We alw— Uh.. Come on, Kiddo!” Patton faltered, remembering this was Virgil’s Christmas with them.

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: Patton accidentally mentions to the others that Logan owns a unicorn onesie. Logan refuses to join in on the festivities.The day after Halloween, Logan wants some leftover candy, but is too embarrassed to ask.

*Kind of based off of an anon ask and answer post on @ask-us-sanderssides

Patton, Roman, and even Virgil had gotten into the spirit of Halloween. They had dressed up and had a movie marathon all night long. Patton had dressed up as a pirate, Roman dressed up as the dreaded dragon witch, and Virgil dressed up as Jack Skellington. They had had fun making cookies, caramel-covered apples, fudge, s’mores, cupcakes, pie, and all sorts of sweets!

The other sides had begged Logan to join in on the celebration. Logan had grudgingly decided to join in, but had neglected to wear a costume. “Oh come on Logan!” Patton pleaded. “At least wear that cute unicorn onesie you have. Please?” Patton gave Logan his sad puppy dog eyes.

Before Logan could come up with a response, Virgil chimed in. “Wait—What?  Logan has a unicorn onesie?” A smirk slowly spread across his face, “I have got to see this.”

“Oh Logan! Unicorns are one of my favorite creatures, do you really have a unicorn onesie? That is adorable!” Roman laughed. The other sides regarded Logan with interest.

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anonymous asked:

Do you have headcanons for what the chocobros would do for Halloween (like their costumes, if they'd go trick or treating/partying/watch scary/Halloween themed movies, etc)?

You may indeed! Sorry this is a day late…These are also dedicated to @destiny-islanders as I love their HCs and their fan art! Check them out :D


  • As a kid or a teenager, he dresses up to hide his face when he’s in the Crown City. Mostly because people make a huge deal out of him being the prince and being at their door. 
  • He also doesn’t want to take away from anyone else he goes trick-or-treating with, like Iris or Prompto
  • So perhaps a mummy or something with a mask is something he would lean towards
  • As an adult, he like staying in really. Perhaps a few horror movies (animated or not).
  • Halloween parties/dress-up parties aren’t his thing when he’s older. 
  • He will still have a bowl of sweets for the kids, but he rarely answers the door. No one needs to know where he lives outside the castle.


  • Loves trick-or-treating
  • Sometimes a bit nervous if he thinks the homeowner doesn’t want trick-or-treaters though.
  • He’s very go big or go home with his outfit, if it’s possible. 
  • Once he’s friends with Ignis, he asks him for assistance (but also insists he does not have to help if he doesn’t want to)
  • He likes to dress as much similarly to his favorite characters as possible. Almost a hardcore cosplay really.
  • Always starts off trick-or-treating with Iris (Noct too in their younger days)
  • Then later he stays overnight at Noct’s. 
  • He loves The Nightmare Before Christmas and will sing to every song. 
  • Noct has this on film!
  • Once Noct feels he’s too old for trick-or-treating, he goes alone with Iris and walks her home before going to Noct’s place for really scary movies
  • They don’t sleep those nights :P


  • Always takes Iris trick-or-treating
  • Gets sad when she decides she’s too old
  • Depending on what night Halloween falls on, he’ll either go home with Iris and watch some animated or old school horror movies with her
  • Or he’ll drop her off home and go out for a drink with some friends who might be holding a house-party or something
  • Always dresses up for the parties. Usually something low-key unless he’s been challenged to do better
  • Iris always helps him out with it
  • But once the chocobros have formed the type of friendship we’ve seen, he always has a drink at Noct’s place with them and watches the movies. 


  • Actually likes handing sweets out for the kids
  • Makes provision for anyone who might be diabetic or has dietary needs
  • Basically no kid gets left out
  • All the mums love going to his place because he’s not rude to the kids and genuinely humors them
  • However, as a child I don’t see him as the kind of person who went trick-or-treating. Maybe Pumpkin carving though.
  • Carves pumpkins into a work of art! 
  • Helps out Prompto with his costume whenever he can and is usually designated a photographer for a teenage Noct, Iris and Prompto when they’re all dressed up!


Iris once made a costume of a daemon whose picture she saw in a book. It scared the ever loving daylights out of Clarus and Gladio!

The best laid plans

Another fic? Hell yeah! This is for @jayankles Bailey’s 1 year everything challenge (where my prompt was the film central intelligence - I used one of my favourite parts of that film for this) AND @percywinchester27 Ana’s PJO quotes challenge (prompt was the line ’ I wake up every morning and think: you know what would be good today? Not dying’) Thank you for letting me combine your challenges :)

Word count: 3,071

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam, some douche-y vampires

Warnings: swearing (Because damn straight you’d be potty mouthed on a hunt), canon level injury to reader and Winchesters, canon level character deaths (no-one major), Sam being an annoying little brother at the end

Liked this? Check out other writings by me HERE. Liked those? Tags are open - send an ask or IM :)

 Crouching behind the largest tree you could find, you cursed out the Winchesters for the thousandth time. Simple vampire case they told you. But just as you had been getting ready to lop the head off the vampire you had spent all evening with at the local bar, 2 more had appeared out of nowhere, and you had no choice but to run. Taking a few deep breathes, you managed to calm down enough so instead of hearing your blood pumping in your ears (oh, the irony) you started to hear what was going on around you. It was silent, and goddamn it if that didn’t exactly fill you with the joy that it should do. After all, the vamps had your scent now.

Suddenly, the sound of AC/DC started blaring out, and you scrambled for your phone, wondering when exactly Dean had time to change your blasted ringtone. Shutting it off, you sighed, before screaming as hands grabbed you and threw you several feet. Looking up, you saw the vampire you’d been with at the bar, fangs out and coming at you, fast. Instinctively, you reached for your machete, gasping in horror when your hand met nothing but air, your blade laying on the floor where you’d dropped it trying to stop your phone going off. Pausing in his movements, the vamp smirked at you, and as he got closer to where you were sprawled out, you took in a deep breath and closed your eyes, hoping that this bastard at least killed you, and didn’t turn you into one of the monsters you’d spent your life hunting. But instead of fangs tearing at your neck, you heard a squish and a thud, and opened your eyes just in time to see the vamp’s head roll to a stop a few inches from your feet. Stood behind the vampire’s crumbled body, Dean, bloody machete in hand, and just past him was Sam.
“Hey.” said the elder Winchester, wiping off his blade on the bottom of his flannel.
“Hey? Freaking hey?” you screeched, the fear being replaced with anger. “I nearly got killed and all you can say is hey!?”
“You’re welcome Y/N.”
“You'r…..I hate you sometimes Dean.”
“I love you too, sweetheart.”
Rolling your eyes, you let Sam pull you to your feet and took your weapon that he’d gone and picked up off him.
“Thanks Sam.”
“You look like you’ve got a nasty cut there Y/N.” Sam said, examining your side in the weak moonlight. “You must have caught a branch when that vamp tossed you.”
“Let’s get back to the motel, we can check it out there.” Dean yelled over his shoulder, already heading back to wherever they’d parked up.
“Sam…” you whispered, pulling him to a stop besides you. “It’s not just him. Two more showed up to meet headless over there. Which means….”
“They’ve got your scent. Shit. OK. We’ll sort that problem out later. Let’s get you patched up first.”

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