he never leaves his hair alone

Not the Words - Newt Imagine

It isn’t in his words.  Not anything that he says in the every day could be seen as remarkable or romantic.  So it would come as a surprise to many, to learn just what Newton Scamander is like as a significant other.

(Well, mark this down as something I never thought I’d write.  But sometimes those little story ideas won’t leave you alone, will they?  PG-13 below the cut.)

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John is trying to learn how to style little Rosie’s blonde head of curls, but he has NO IDEA where to even start. Very gently Sherlock suggests that he may be able to assist since he has some experience with such things. The next thing John knows Sherlock has made Rosie’s (and his) day. He shows John how to gently run a wide tooth comb and a little leave in conditioner through her hair and how to dry it by squeezing the hair gently with an old cotton t-shirt (“Never a towel John! My God the fibers alone!”).

After her hair is set Sherlock pins a little blue ribbon to it, saying it matches her eyes. John’s heart swells when Rosie hugs Sherlock quickly around the neck as tight as she can and whispers “Thank you Sherlock” then runs away to go ask Mrs. Hudson downstairs for some treats and to show off her pretty new hair style. As soon as she’s gone John clears his throat and smiles at Sherlock. In that moment he realizes just how much he truly loves this man who continues to amaze him, everyday, even in the most mundane ways.

Scribble-Doodle: Eventually

What if Max Lightwood lived? 

What if he fell in love with Madzie?

What if…

“One day, we’ll lose them,” Madzie whispers, watching their husbands bicker playfully. “One day, they’ll die and leave us here all alone.”

Magnus feels a sharp pang in his chest; there’s silver in Alexander’s hair these days and his laugh lines turned into wrinkles years ago. “Yes,” he replies softly, “but not today. And not even tomorrow. We still have many happy years ahead of us. And we should enjoy them to the fullest.”

Because grief will come, eventually, and then it’ll never leave again.

Deep Breaths (M)

Requested and idea by @lilyr7

→ Kai x Reader x Jongin

→  “You created me, I’m nothing more than a pigment of your imagination just as you’re nothing more than a pigment of my imagination.”

→ Warnings: angst/thriller, smut: threesome. Disclaimer: this is in no way meant to glorify or sexualize any mental illnesses or disorders.

Word count: 2,4K

“Don’t be stupid, I’m not leaving you out here when you’re clearly buzzed and don’t know where your house is.”

Jongin only scoffs in response as your hands shoot out to stabilize him as he stumbles a little on his feet. You grab him around his upper arm before leading him down the sidewalk of your street, down the direction you knew his house- his mansion was located. You felt slightly uncomfortable knowing your friend from school was drunk and walking the streets completely alone in clothes you had never seen him wear and also hair dyed lighter than you had seen on him only few days earlier. He was clearly not hurt and he was almost home so there wasn’t much that could go wrong now.

You had actually not seen Jongin for several days now. He had been absent from school, his seat next to you empty for almost a week.

“St- Stop! I can- can walk mysss…” He stutters and slurs with his words, his arm ripping itself out of your hold as his house comes into view. The way he is acting, so intense and exaggerated, seems so unreal, as if he’s just trying to appear drunk. “-myself!”

You laugh nervously, only because you don’t really know what to respond as you lead the boy the last few meters up to his doorstep. You consider ringing the doorbell to get someone to help him inside, when Jongin perfectly walks out of your consistent hold. He opens the door, flashes you a quick smirk and then slams the door in your face, without any stumbles or any sign of him being intoxicated at all. You sigh, your fingers coming to rub on the bridge of your noise as you stand still on his doorstep, trying to progress what just happened and who that man was exactly.

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Edward Nigma Headcanons

-Edward’s favorite Sesame Street character as a child was Count von Count.

-He likes green m&m’s more than he likes breathing. But he is uncomfortable about the fact that the green m&m is sexualized. Why is it in heels. That’s a riddler he’ll never know the answer too. (Because it’s not a riddle and it’s dumb)

-Edward dislikes dressing down, but he has a soft green tshirt and pair of grey sweatpants that he’ll wear when he’s sick or it’s laundry day.

-He’s an actual monster when he’s sick. He’ll switch moods with a two face like dexterity, one minute telling everyone to leave him alone and the next wanting someone to hold him and pet his hair.

-Ed adores having people run their fingers through his hair.

Harley once teamed up with Edward and he made her wear a riddler costume. She complained, but he kept showering compliments on her so she wore it. She still has it in her closet, and occasionally wears it when Joker is getting on her nerves. It infuriates J, but he hasn’t been able to burn it yet.

-Edward dislikes movies because they’re too predictable and boring. He’s actually not too fond of books for that reason too, and it takes a lot for him to stay focused on a whole book or movie.

-He likes nonfiction and puzzle books.

-Edward is an extremely vocal sleep talker. It’s mostly nonsense, pieces of riddles jumbled together and half baked plans coming from a brain that just won’t shut off. Occasionally though, he’ll talk about Batman, or his father, or get vocal during a nightmare. Jon likes watching Edward sleep for this specific reason, and often tries to trigger Ed’s nightmares because Jonny does enjoy Ed’s fear.

-Edward believes new years resolutions are irrelevant because he’s perfect.

Wanna Be

Pairing: The Avengers x Reader

Warning: Nothing just goofy and fun

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It was rare when you got to be home alone in the Avenger Tower, granted Bruce being home was still home alone, as he never really emerged from his lab. The team had split up on missions, you had come down with a cold the night before leaving, forced to stay home and recover. That was four days ago, and you were finally feeling like your normal self.

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Modest is the boy with Hazel eyes,
That his work is nothing but bad,
But you see to me it is surprise,
For his work makes me most glad.

Shy is the girl with gold hair,
That she’s not good enough for love,
But to another she is beautiful and fair,
But they can’t convince her enough.

Kind is the mother who lives alone,
Undeserving of her lovers betrayal,
When her heart sank like a heavy stone,
And became cold,withdrawn and pale.

Sick is the man who leans upon wood,
But he dares not show that to man,
Because he is afraid of the never ending love,
That he will leave when he fails to stand.

Emotions are enemies to us,
They take away things we need,
Like the want to kiss and laugh and hug,
And instead make us weak.

But do not worry my dear old friend,
For the boy,girl,woman and man,
Eventually escaped their worries and doubts,
Just like you and I can.

Shattered Bones

Josh Dun x reader

Summary: Your past relationship has left you emotionally bruised and because of it, you fear the moment when Josh and you find yourself in an heated argument.

Warnings: Mentions of past abuse

Words: 867

Requested? Yup

“Y/N you know that I didn’t mean it like that–” Josh said in a pleading voice. He followed closely behind, as you walked to the kitchen. You stopped in the middle of the room, crossed your arms over your chest, and turned to your yellow-haired boyfriend.

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Reid headcanons

Leave me alone I know they’re bad

•Biromantic, asexual

•lowkey kissed all the ladies on the team aside from Blake

•kissed Morgan the most

•kisses Morgan so much

•he can knit and read at the same time

•doesn’t own a single tshirt

•pajama sets

•what are jeans?

•cut his own hair once

•he eat and he eat but never any grow

•will kick your ass at monopoly

•still a virgin

•yeah he’s ace but he’s a life virgin

•what I’m saying is he’s 40% hair 60% too innocent

•has only said three bad words in his entire life

•libraries hate him

•salon ladies love him

bahare-uzuchiha  asked:

Hi sweetheart ^^ this is the sns week surprise fairy! Naruto constanly has nightmares of people leaving him behind. He always wakes up sweating and panting, expecting to see the other side of the bed empty but instead of that he looks at sasuke brushing his hair and looking at him with eyes that tells him he’s not ever leaving him alone again. 

That’s beautiful 😭💕 I love the idea of Sasuke showing Naruto that he’ll never leave his side again. Warms my heart 💕💖 Thank you!


Imagine: Meeting The Joker after he crashes the fundraiser and being kidnapped. 

“Do you know where I can find Harvey? I just need to talk to him about something. just something. little.” He turns his head. “no.” He swallowed some champagne. “You know, I’ll settle for his loved ones.” He took his blade to an older gentleman. 

“Leave him alone.” You step out from the back of the crowd. 

“Well Hello, Beautiful.” He releases the man and walks towards you, moving his hair out of his face. “Who might you be?”

“(y/n)” You reply, never failing to break eye contact to try and show you weren’t afraid of him. You were though. You knew he probably had explosives throughout the building so you needed to be careful.

“Well tell me, (y/n)” he grabbed you by your wrist and pulled you to him, holding the knife to your throat. “Where is Harvey Dent?” You didn’t answer and he shook you, starting to grow angry. “Where is he?!” He raised his voice. 

“No.” that’s all you said. You honestly didn’t know where Harvey was but you couldn’t let this thug know that.

“Well..” he placed the blade on your cheek and gently drug it to your jawline. “I suppose you’ll do as collateral for now.” A smoke bomb was released and you were gone.

(for @blink-one-eighty-rad . sorry it sucks and took forever. This is part one.)

Safe and Sound

Category: 5 seconds
Rated M

The war was won, yet his body and soul were shattered. The only bright thing in his grief was the hand he clasped firmly in his own, while the warmth radiating from her body sent chills to his own. His emotions were running high…his thoughts cloudy, yet clear. His freckled hands instantly tugged the witch flesh against him.

“Don’t leave me here alone, ever,” he begged her unabashedly.

The bushy-haired witch smiled softly at him, her other hand coming to rest on his face. She stretched to reach his dirt-smeared cheek, whispering, “I’ll never let you go.” A soft kiss planted to his cheek.

Without a moment to consider the consequences, she was brought, if at all possible, closer to him. His lips crashed hungrily upon her own, causing her to emit a squeak, then moan with pleasure. The pair released each other when their chest began to ache. Quickly, she pulled him into an abandoned classroom, the door sealed for privacy.

His eyes asked the question, yet she ignored them. The world outside was chaotic and mournful; a stark contrast of what she wanted him to feel at the moment. She resumed their fierce snog against the cold stone wall. The cool bricks sending shivers down her spine as he pressed into her more with each moment.

“Hold onto this, Ron. This moment, Love,” she whispered.

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12. “Promise you will never leave me.”

Kylo Ren x Reader

Requested by anon.


You convinced Kylo to meet you out in the snow. Away from the first order.

You stood by the cliff, gazing out feeling the air breeze through your hair.

“What are we doing out here?” Kylo asked, walking over to meet you.

Turning your gaze to him, you flashed a soft smile and shrugged. “I wanted some alone time with you. Away from everyone.” You shivered.

He furrowed his brows at you, swallowing hard. This was the first time ever he has been alone with you, and he wasn’t sure how to react.

You threw a snowball at him, snapping him out of his daze. He was taken aback immediately.

Your stomach churned as he stared intently at you. His mouth pursing. “I-I’m sorry. I-”

He scooped up a handful of snow and threw it right back at you.

You both went back and forth, running around the woods, throwing snow at each other. Laughter filled the crisp cold air.

But as time passed, you both grew tired. Feeling your stomach ache from laughing so much. Plopping down into the snow, you laid there quietly, gazing up at the stars.

Kylo watched you, mesmerized by your beauty.

“Are you going to stand there like a weirdo or are you going to lay with me?” You asked.

He cleared his throat and hesitantly laid beside you. All his life, he had never noticed the beauty in the stars.

“Isn’t it amazing.” You exhaled.

“What?” He muttered.

“Knowing that we aren’t alone. Being here, I always feel so lonely but when I come out here I remember that I’m not.” You muttered. “It’s beautiful.”

He turned his gaze to you. “Promise you will never leave me.” He whispered.

You glanced over at him, feeling your stomach flutter. But without a single word, your looked back up to the stars and tangled your fingers with his.

His body shuddered from the sensation of your touch. A soft smile formed on his cold lips.

This was the moment he would never forget.

Winner’s Reaction to: being dads

Jinwoo: “Yah, Ye Rim, stop pulling your sisters’ hair!” He tried pulling the youngest of the twin girls away from the other but when that didn’t work, and the rather violent little girl started hitting his legs with her tiny fists, he decided on a different tactic. Crouching down, he used the cutest voice he could muster and did aegyo, asking Ye Rim to leave her sister alone. She was bad at dealing with her emotions, leading to her nearly ripping her sisters’ hair out when she wanted to show her some affection. So seeing her dad looking so cute made her blush and she pushed him away, stomping off to go brood in a corner.

Seunghoon: The fun never ended with this dad. He made even doing chores fun. “Ashley, you use this one,” he handed her a small broom, “and I’ll use this grown up one.” With her giggles fuelling him, SH made dramatic sweeping motions, swinging the broom through the air, dragging it across the floor, using it as a dance partner – You arrived home to find a giggling daughter, jokester husband and a still dirty floor.

Mino: Shooting his little girl a wink, he pulled her onto his lap. “Ne, Soo Young, why don’t you tell mommy about the promise you made to me this morning?” Pulling his phone out, Mino started recording her as she turned to you with a gummy smile. “I promised daddy that I would love him forever and ever and that,” she swung her legs, “I wouldn’t marry any other yucky boy because daddy is the only boy I love.” Minoh beamed proudly, planning to use the recorded footage against Soo Young in the future.

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Seungyoon: After a countdown, him and his son turned to face the floor to ceiling mirrors as the music filled the dance room. Their moves were perfectly in sync. Despite the fact that Hansol was only eight, he was a great dancer. “Good job, kid,” SY said when the song finished, ruffling up his son’s sweaty hair, “You’re almost as good as your dad.”

Originally posted by yabaro02

Taehyun: He paused for a moment by the front door, giving his son a once over. When he was satisfied by Jin’s appropriately cool appearance, only then did Taehyun leave. His son hated the immediate onslaught of the paparazzi’s flashing lights, burying his face in his father’s neck. “Appa,” he whined. So Taehyun hurried up, rushing into the awaiting car. He slid in beside you, cradling your youngest in your arms. “Look who’s finally here,” you cooed to the three month old, Yoora. “Hey! It takes time to look this good!” Jin announced, no doubt picking that up from his father, who grinned, nodding in agreeance.

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That’s My Girl (Jerome Valeska x reader)

request: based on prompt # 18 from this list

words: 1629

warnings: swearing, mentions of abuse

i really didn’t know how to end this and it was sitting in my drafts for like a week so sorry for the shit i spit out at the end


Originally posted by iizumis

You sat alone on the bench in the almost empty fairgrounds, shivering despite the bundle of thick clothes you were wearing. Jerome was supposed to meet you there over half an hour ago, and you foolishly waited around for him in hopes he’d show.

You sniffled, the bitterly cold wind picking up again and blowing your hair around in your face. You were beyond upset. Jerome failed to keep his promises multiple times, constantly leaving you looking stupid as you waited by yourself for hours, only for him to never arrive.

The next day he would give you an obviously fabricated excuse as to why he wasn’t able to make it, and you were sick of hearing them. You decided to head to his trailer, and see for yourself why he was bailing on you this time.

The frozen ground crunched lightly under your feet as you trudged across the field to the little trailer he shared with his mother. You had been there briefly a few times, and it was nothing special. They couldn’t afford lavish living, and settled for very old fashioned, worn furniture.

You brought a fist up to the metal door and knocked, tilting back and forth on your heels. You could hear shuffling behind the door, so you knew he was in there. He just wasn’t answering. You knocked more insistently before crossing your arms over your chest.

All noises from inside silenced, and you rolled your eyes, leaning close to the metal. “Jerome it’s me. Open the door.”

You stepped back as the door opened slightly and the redhead peered out, eyes falling on you.

“Now is really not a good time.” He told you, urgency in his voice. He sounded like he wanted you to leave quite badly.

“Why is that? You were supposed to come see me a good 45 minutes ago you know…” You weren’t about to let him lie to you so easily; you kept your senses peaked and ready to detect a fault in his excuse.

“I’m expecting company.” Jerome said, his eyes flicking anywhere but you.

“Jerome, I’m your only friend.” You voiced your annoyance with him. “Just tell me the truth. What’s going on?”

You watched his face fall and his hand tighten around the doorframe. He didn’t say anything, just slowly opened the door wider and stepped away, as if inviting you in.

You hesitantly climbed the small set of steps and hoisted yourself into the trailer, eyes combing your surroundings. It was a disaster. Broken items and bottles lay strewn across the floor, the tiny kitchen table and chairs were overturned, and pictures and a mirror hung askew on the walls.

“Holy shit did a bomb go off in here?” You looked to Jerome with wide eyes and he forced a smile, his sad, tired eyes not matching.

“A bomb would’ve done less damage…”

You stood in disbelief, before you finally managed to get a proper look at the boy in front of you. Your hand covered your mouth upon seeing the state of your best friend.

A dark blue bruise was forming on the left side of his freckled face, covering the majority of his cheek and below his eye. Hidden by the shadows, it went unnoticed by you until he shifted into the light. His lip bled quite profusely, dripping onto his torn sweater. It wasn’t hard to guess that there were plenty of bruises beneath it as well.

“Oh my god…” You couldn’t find words. “Oh my god…Jerome I-what happened?”

His face hardened again and he wiped his lip quite roughly, turning away from you. “We got broken into.” He lied again, bending over to pick up the remnants of a quite pretty vase.

You could see the pained look on his face as he stood back up, and hurt you that he’d lie to you about something to serious.

“Jerome, I was 50 feet from your trailer all evening. No one even went near it. The only person I saw was your…” You trailed off, realization and dread filling you to the brim. “Oh god, your mother did this, didn’t she?”

Jerome scowled at you and slammed the broken pieces onto the table, cutting his hands in multiple places.

“Good job Sherlock. You stuck your nose in my fucking business.” He spit, looking down at his now bleeding hands and grimaced, wiping them on his sweater. “Now I’d appreciate it if you left me alone. I’ve got a fucking mess to clean up.”

You stood with your mouth slightly agape, before clamping it shut and glaring at him. “You’re right. I don’t need to be here. You seem to have everything under control, obviously.” You turned and shoved the door open. “Sorry for giving a shit!”

You slammed it shut behind you and froze immediately, a wave of guilt flooding over you. He was clearly going through something difficult, and you had most definitely just upset him even more. The last thing he needed was for you to treat him like shit too. However, you had too much pride to just go back inside, and you knew he’d need a moment to himself, so you headed back into the fairgrounds. Your feet carried you to the cotton candy cart, and you dug around in your pockets for change.

After purchasing the treat from a very tired looking man who looked less than happy to be serving cotton candy to someone at nearly 11p.m., you headed back to the trailer. You didn’t knock, just pulled the door open and slowly stepped inside. Most of the broken glass had been picked up, and the pictures had been readjusted. You looked to the side and saw Jerome trying to clean up what appeared to be a broken whiskey bottle.

“I can help, if you’d like.” You said, making him look over his shoulder, before going back to what he was doing.

“Thanks, but I don’t need help, I’m-fuck!” He shot up quickly, wincing and holding on to one hand with the other, blood beginning to coat his fingertips. “Goddammit!” He cried out.

“Hey, sit down I’ll clean it up.” You touched his shoulder lightly, and he nodded quickly, refusing to look at you as he sat himself down on the couch. You unraveled your scarf from around your neck and handed it to him. “Wrap your hand in this. I’ll clean it up too, okay?”

He nodded again and timidly took the scarf, carefully wrapping it around his heavily bleeding hand. You held out the cotton candy and smiled sympathetically down at him. “Here.”

“Thanks…” He mumbled using his free hand to take it from you.

You proceeded to carefully collect the glass from the bottle, and discarded it in the trash. You turned to Jerome, who had only eaten a small bit of the treat you brought him. Instead, he twirled the paper cone in his hand, sitting in complete silence. You sat yourself next to him and took his injured hand in yours, carefully unraveling the scarf.

“Oh J, this is pretty bad…” You examined the wound, which appeared to be rather deep, and still bled profusely.

He stayed quiet, prompting you to look up at him. His eyes were trained on his lap, jaw set. You reached up to brush his hair from his face and crumbled at the sight of his chin quivering.

“Please don’t cry…”

He shook his head and managed a meek, “M'sorry.”

It was your turn to shake your head, immediately backtracking. “No don’t be, god, cry if you have to, it’s okay.” You held his hand gently and watched him nod ever so slightly, before blinking out a few tears.

You rubbed a hand over his back, letting him release the emotions you knew he kept bottled up-especially around you. He was strong, brave, unafraid, (so he claimed), but he was still human. He was always there when you needed him, and it was your turn to return the favor.

“Don’t worry about me, m'fine.” Jerome hastily rubbed at his raw, reddened eyes, trying to compose himself.

“You’re not though,” You reached over for a bottle of water and a tissue, wetting it before wiping at the substantial cut on his palm. “We’ve gotta do something about this…” You focused on cleaning the wound, while he sat in silence again, as if thinking.

You’d known Jerome quite a long time, and spent so many hours with him. You’d heard him say mind-blowingly crazy things at unthinkable hours, but nothing could prepare you for the words he said next:

“I wanna kill her.”

You looked up at him with wide eyes, hoping that he’d be laughing, grinning, showing some sign that he was joking, but no. His face was a portrait of seriousness. This was no joke. You watched him breathe in and out slowly, before shaking his head quickly, rubbing his eyes again.

“Shit that was…I’m sorry I shouldn’t admitted that. I’m so fucked up.” He forced a chuckle, but you could sense that inside he wasn’t laughing.

“Let’s do it.”

“What?” He looked to you quickly, eyes widening.

“You heard me.” You didn’t even stop to consider the consequences. All you knew is you wanted to help Jerome in any way you could, and if that meant killing his mother, then so be it. You cared a lot about him, whether he realized it or not.

“Are you serious?”

“Hey, I’m just as fucked up as you are…” You offered a small smile and he returned it, full and wide. He looked genuinely happy, an emotion you hadn’t seen him wear in a while.

He shook his head with a chuckle, looking at you with pure admiration in his glassy eyes. “That’s my girl.”

Boyfriend Series - SEVENTEEN: Mingyu

- Cheekiest shit ever tbh

- Constantly tries to make your face red

- And always succeeds

- Hugs you randomly

- Plays with your hair all the time

- Kisses you on the cheek out of the blue

- Mainly when you’re talking

- Cooks for you as a surprise since he wants you to be well fed and taken care of

- Has his arm around your shoulders at all times

- Cuddles you and like never lets you leave

- Gets very jealous very easily

- Pouts until you love him

- Always has a smart remark at the ready to make your face bright red in seconds

- Never lets you sleep alone when he can be there

- Calls to say I love you because he would rather hear your voice than read your text

- Raps your favorite songs for/to you

- Gets you gifts randomly as a way of saying thank you for putting up with him

- Would cry until he passed out if he ever lost you

Originally posted by mountean

Pt.3 of three of my SEVENTEEN revenge for Lionheart-eonni… hehe… I hope you liked it - Admin Sunshine

fics added

Cotton candies and sugar addicts (namjin/ot7)

In a final, desperate attempt to get Seokjin to notice him, Namjoon dyes his hair pink. However, Seokjin avoids him more than ever and Namjoon doesn’t know what he did wrong

Crazy is most definitely genetic (namjin/ot7)

family!au where Jimin’s just trying to survive high school, Taehyung keeps weirding everyone out, Namjoon is an embarrassing dad, Jin is supermom, and Jungkookie’s just along for the ride

Color my heart (like that red sunset) (namjin)

leaving Ilsan meant leaving his friends and family behind, and Namjoon has never really been good at being alone. Due to the staggering statistics about the suicide rate in Korea, several universities have instituted a ‘Phone a Friend’ hotline, where students can talk to other students about their problems. There he finds solace in the warmth of a boy’s soothing voice, his raucous laughter, and the obsessive excitement he has towards the topic of food

Superb (namjin)

Namjoon’s mother told him never to cook an egg in the microwave. Told him to boil it the good, old-fashioned way - in a pot over boiling water. Of course he didn’t listen to her. Of course he didn’t - Namjoon never listens. Maybe it was a rebellious phase. Or maybe he’s just an idiot. He’s definitely just an idiot

Fanboys (namjin/ot7)

In which yoongi and hoseok are namjin shippers

Namjin watch (namjin, lmao obviously/ot7)

yoongi and hoseok can suck it, cause no one ships namjin like jimin and taehyung do

To pay the rent (taejin)

the job of an extra is to enhance the scene, not steal it, but when Kim Seokjin and Kim Taehyung sit down on set to talk, they can’t help but draw the attention of the whole room

Kiss me, kate (2seok)

Kim Seokjin needs to learn to dance before filming starts for his potential big break role. Jung Hoseok needs to learn to let people in. There’s a very good chance that they can maybe, possibly, help each other

Airplane! (jinmin)

it’s not an exciting flight home by any means, but it has its moments

Honey, you’re an omega (jinkook)

statistics show that 1 in every 7 people will be an omega

🔮 marvel masterlist 🔮

I welcome you to my magic marvel masterlist where requests are open 24/7


Anything For You

summary: Bucky never knew how much one person could mean to him. Angst/Fluff

It Was Love

summary: The red silk dress and the curled hair just reminded him of the 40′s except the loud pop music and racy outfits around him, brought him out of his dream only to see a beautiful reality. Angst/Fluff/Comfort 

— Too Good

summary: She was deep forest green and he was a pale baby blue. Angst

— Past Life

summary: Bucky had never experienced what love- Bucky had never felt proper normal-people emotions before, this was the first time since he died. Angst


 — Under The Stars

summary: Steve never thought he’d find the perfect woman. Fluff

 — Gore and Glory

summary: His love for her was so great he would die for her. Angst/Hurt

 — Bullets To The Heart - Part One - Part Two

summary: Steve was a smart man, smart enough to leave things alone when they get out of hand- but not her. Angst




Another Lover - Part One - Part Two

summary: The small amount of hope is what kept him following her around like a ghost, but all ghosts are invisible and she was merely a human who was blinded by the blue whips that wrapped around her. Angst/Fluff


Cautious Lips

summary: Jealously was a toxin that was almost impossible to rid from the system. Smut

Another Lover - Part One - Part Two

summary: The small amount of hope is what kept him following her around like a ghost, but all ghosts are invisible and she was merely a human who was blinded by the blue whips that wrapped around her. Angst/Fluff


Wasted Years

summary: He never left her unlike the rest. Angst/Fluff


The City

summary: The city is just like fairytale with princess and princes, talking frogs, dragons and mermaids, but she was the big bad wolf. Angst/Cheating




— Bucky Barnes

So a few weeks (months?) back oncepromised made a one-shot request for Killian seeing Emma in a bathing suit for the first time. And here it is. 

He’s surprised when she suggests it.

“I just thought…after everything…maybe…and it’s such a nice day.” She twists her fingers as she says it, a hesitant smile on her face. “Summer is short in Maine.”

“I would never turn down an afternoon with you. Certainly not by the sea.” He takes the two steps across the kitchen of their shared home, wrapping an arm around her shoulder and kissing her hair. “It’s a lovely idea.”

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Kou brothers trying to raise their toddlers as single dads

Ren Kouen

  • Kouen keeps his toddler by his side, bouncing them on his knee as  color. He discusses military tactics—not understanding why his generals seem so uncomfortable with a babe at the war table.

Ren Koumei

  • Koumei is in over his head—or so he thinks. He won’t get home until well after they’ve gone to sleep. He sits by their bed, watching them quietly and stroking their hair. Ultimately, he falls asleep by their bed.

Ren Kouha

  • Kouha is the best possible playmate his kid could ever want. If his kid says he’s a dragon, he’ll roar and stop about the palace courtyard, pretending to take the deathblow of their sword—laying down overdramatically.

Ren Hakuryuu

  • Hakuryuu never leaves his child’s side, or rather they never leave his. He holds their tiny hand as they walk, or carries them piggyback style if they’re too tired to walk. He doesn’t want them to ever feel like they’re alone in this world.