he never leaves his hair alone

Dating Jaebum Would Include:
  • Him standing on his tiptoes and saying “Kiss me if you can reach”
  • Nuzzling into his neck when you two sleep
  • Laying in between his legs while he plays with your hair to help you fall asleep
  • Whenever you’re angry with him, he would never take anything you say seriously, always making sarcastic comments
  • “Will you ever learn to put the toilet seat down?”
  • “I will when you learn to be obedient”
  • “You’re such a pervert”
  • Slowly learning he is secretly one of the most childish people you have ever met
  • “Are you ever going to leave Yugyeom alone, he’s just a wee baby”
  • Waiting until your hands get really cold so you can slip them under his shirt and watch him scream when you press them to his tummy
  • Him coming up behind you and pulling you into him, squeezing you so tight you can’t breathe
  • Making him watch horror films so you can scare him later when he’s sleeping
  • I think you would pull so many pranks on each other
  • Making up little games with each other
  • He would randomly pull you up from the sofa, one hand on your lower back, one holding your hand and begin dancing you around the living room with no music
  • Always reminding you how much he loves you
  • Shouting “Can you stop being fucking cute, it’s infuriating you little shit” at him
  • Pulling ugly faces at each other to see who laughs first
  • Tickling him when he tries to be angry at you
  • “Remember Dream High cause I do, why don’t you show us the dance”
  • “Remember when we had sex the first time and you-”
  • “Nope I’m afraid I can’t recall the lies in which you speak”
  • Calling him puppy and kissing him on the nose
  • Him making you change out of your own clothes to wear his own
  • Like 20 minutes later the clothes of his you was wearing would probs be on the floor somewhere lets be real
  • “If  you make Yugyeom cry again I’m going to freeze both of your nipples off while you sleep”
Blurb Example

Waking up to him.


He’d wait for you to wake up. Maybe, he’d play in your hair but most likely, he’d leave you alone just so he could watch you, but not in a creepy way. In an admiration kind of way because he’d never openly stare at you. Then when you wake up, he’d give you a little bit of room to stretch but as soon as you were done, he’d greet you with a “Hey, Sleepy” and kiss your forehead. He’d probably tell you his plans for the day followed by a “…but that can change if you had anything in mind.” His shyness would only be in result of the sleep that was slowly fading from your bodies. It’d probably take someone’s rumbling stomach to get one of you to move.


Vic would probably still be sleep by the time you woke up but he would be holding onto you for dear life. He’d probably fight against you and burry his face into your neck. Trying to wake him would be a pain. The resistance Vic would give you would most likely result in you two play wrestling in your bed, almost falling off a couple of times. When you give up because Vic finally pinned you down, he’d plop down beside you and rest with his arm loosely on your waist but before he could pull you closer, you’d get up, leaving the room. The only thing you’d hear was a complaining groan.


You’d wake up to Mike watching the news at a dangerously low volume while resting his head on your stomach. It’d be kinda funny looking at such a giant man curled up in a tiny ball around the lower half of your body. After he felt you laugh at him, he’d look up at you and smile, now excited that you were awake. He’d ask you something like “So what are you going to cook for breakfast.” which would result in you rolling your eyes at his slightly sexist remark. When you wouldn’t budge, he’d get up to cook breakfast…for himself.


Jaime wouldn’t be patient at all. He’d wake you up by putting his nose on your face and repeatedly nudging you or like shaking you yelling something like “Get up!” or “The Jaime Train is about to leave the station!” He’s such a morning person, it’s sickening. But anyway, he’d keep pursuing you until you woke up and even when you did, he wouldn’t leave you alone. It’d be annoying but because it’s Jaime you wouldn’t hurt him, just threaten. He’d harass you until you got up and even then he’d be full of energy, clinging to you. You’d be frustrated but it’d fade because of Jaime’s constant adoration.

Sorry if it sucks. Forget this ever happened.

Got7 as Your Shitty Boyfriend

Jackson: Won’t shut the fuck up, always interrupts you, and eats your food. (bonus: super fucking greasy, you can’t even run your fingers through his hair without becoming the living embodiment of mcdonalds)
JB: Happy and cheerful one minute, grumpy and wants to die the next.
BamBam: Whiney baby who won’t leave you alone, you feel like his mother.
Mark: You can never tell if he’s just being quiet, giving you the silent treatment, or both.
Youngjae: He’s not even dating you because he’s too pure for you.
Yugyeom: Biggest fuck boy you’ve ever meant, refuses to do the dishes.
Junior: Won’t let go of that time you went out with your friends instead of staying home with him even though he said it was fine.

12. “Promise you will never leave me.”

Kylo Ren x Reader

Requested by anon.


You convinced Kylo to meet you out in the snow. Away from the first order.

You stood by the cliff, gazing out feeling the air breeze through your hair.

“What are we doing out here?” Kylo asked, walking over to meet you.

Turning your gaze to him, you flashed a soft smile and shrugged. “I wanted some alone time with you. Away from everyone.” You shivered.

He furrowed his brows at you, swallowing hard. This was the first time ever he has been alone with you, and he wasn’t sure how to react.

You threw a snowball at him, snapping him out of his daze. He was taken aback immediately.

Your stomach churned as he stared intently at you. His mouth pursing. “I-I’m sorry. I-”

He scooped up a handful of snow and threw it right back at you.

You both went back and forth, running around the woods, throwing snow at each other. Laughter filled the crisp cold air.

But as time passed, you both grew tired. Feeling your stomach ache from laughing so much. Plopping down into the snow, you laid there quietly, gazing up at the stars.

Kylo watched you, mesmerized by your beauty.

“Are you going to stand there like a weirdo or are you going to lay with me?” You asked.

He cleared his throat and hesitantly laid beside you. All his life, he had never noticed the beauty in the stars.

“Isn’t it amazing.” You exhaled.

“What?” He muttered.

“Knowing that we aren’t alone. Being here, I always feel so lonely but when I come out here I remember that I’m not.” You muttered. “It’s beautiful.”

He turned his gaze to you. “Promise you will never leave me.” He whispered.

You glanced over at him, feeling your stomach flutter. But without a single word, your looked back up to the stars and tangled your fingers with his.

His body shuddered from the sensation of your touch. A soft smile formed on his cold lips.

This was the moment he would never forget.

So a few weeks (months?) back oncepromised made a one-shot request for Killian seeing Emma in a bathing suit for the first time. And here it is. 

He’s surprised when she suggests it.

“I just thought…after everything…maybe…and it’s such a nice day.” She twists her fingers as she says it, a hesitant smile on her face. “Summer is short in Maine.”

“I would never turn down an afternoon with you. Certainly not by the sea.” He takes the two steps across the kitchen of their shared home, wrapping an arm around her shoulder and kissing her hair. “It’s a lovely idea.”

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Originally posted by wehavesass

Request: Oh my goodness, love your blog! Could you please write a one shot about the reader having their first kiss with Pietro? Thank you! :)

Warnings: Fluff :)

By: thesemaximoffs

The team had to leave for another stupid mission. As a hacker, you weren’t always needed on every mission, and had to stay at the tower alone sometimes when there was nothing to do in the field. This time, however, you had company. Pietro had sprained his ankle… want to guess how? Running, of course. You and Pietro were close friends, but everyone in the tower knew that you had developed somewhat of a crush on the light-haired man. Well… everyone but Pietro that is. He was quite clueless when it came to relationships. You never asked him out or even told him your feelings, fearing that if you did, you’d compromise the friendship you had with him. The whole situation just sounded terribly cliché.

You didn’t feel like leaving the tower that day, so you headed to the kitchen for coffee and breakfast. You padded into the large area and searched the cabinets until you found Thor’s poptart stash, which you assumed he would be fine with you eating (you were wrong). As you were brewing the coffee, Pietro hobbled into the kitchen on his crutches with a blanket draped over his shoulders.

“Morning,” he mumbled, rubbing his eyes and yawning. Pietro was not a morning person, which was fine by you, because you weren’t either. He sat down on one of the bar stools at the counter and put his head down, pulling the blanket tighter around his body.

“Coffee?” You asked, holding out a ‘World’s Okayest Runner’ mug that Tony had bought him for his birthday. He lifted his head and nodded, accepting the drink gratefully. After you had both drank one cup, you managed to function like normal human beings… more or less.

“How much longer with the crutches Speedy?” You asked him. Pietro sighed in annoyance, not at you but at the crutches that restricted him from moving around as much as he usually did.

“Another week with the goddamned things, and then Banner will check to make sure I’ve healed.” Pietro rolled his eyes. You felt bad, knowing that the restriction was killing him. You decided to try and take his mind off of it for a little while.

“Hey Pietro,” you nudged him gently with your shoulder. “Wanna play Mario Kart with me?” You smiled sweetly and gave him your best puppy dog eyes, knowing he would cave. And after a few seconds of staring back at you, he did.

“Alright,” he sighed. “Let the torture begin.”

Pietro was good at video games. Really good. He was the only person in the whole tower that had ever beaten Tony in Fifa on the Xbox, and he was proud of it.

You, on the other hand, were mediocre at best. Not great, but you still could beat Thor and Tony at most games, if that even counts.

Pietro, being the big dork he is, needed about a million pillows propping up his ankle, which you scoured the tower for. Once he was comfortable, you put in the game and sat next to him on the couch.

“Rainbow Road, loser?” he asked. You narrowed your eyes and stared him down.

“Bring it on, Speedy,” you taunted. You knew you were going to lose. But you planned to go down fighting.

He selected Rainbow Road and the race started. You went super slow the whole time, for fear of falling off the edge of the track. Pietro easily took first place, leaving you in eleventh. On the second lap, you were so far behind that there was only one way for you to possibly catch up.

You continued to steer with one hand while with the other you poked Pietro right where you knew he was ticklish. He instantly dropped his controller and shouted in a very un-manly fashion.

“Not fair!” He yelled. You struggled to get as far as you could in the game before he could regain his bearings. However, Pietro had other ideas.

He leapt on top of you, tickling you as hard as he could. You were laughing so hard your sides hurt, trying to break free of his strong grasp. He was laughing at you, and you were laughing back, while at the same time trying not to fall off the couch.

Suddenly, Pietro stopped. You became very aware that your faces were only about an inch apart. He was breathing very quickly and you were pretty sure you weren’t breathing at all.

“Cheater,” he finally managed to whisper.

“Shut up,” you replied, smirking slightly. You pulled him closer and closed the gap between you. He kissed you hesitantly at first, but he then leaned closer and your kiss deepened. His hands tangled in your hair and you wrapped your arms around his strong torso. After a moment, Pietro pulled away and smiled.

“Not bad, huh?” He smirked cockily.

“Let’s see if you can do better, Maximoff,” you teased.

Reid headcanons

Leave me alone I know they’re bad

•Biromantic, asexual

•lowkey kissed all the ladies on the team aside from Blake

•kissed Morgan the most

•kisses Morgan so much

•he can knit and read at the same time

•doesn’t own a single tshirt

•pajama sets

•what are jeans?

•cut his own hair once

•he eat and he eat but never any grow

•will kick your ass at monopoly

•still a virgin

•yeah he’s ace but he’s a life virgin

•what I’m saying is he’s 40% hair 60% too innocent

•has only said three bad words in his entire life

•libraries hate him

•salon ladies love him

Two AM-Shawn Mendes blurb

They were nothing more than a distant two AM memory. Just a little more than nothing but not enough to be something.

 She felt the emptiness in her heart and he felt the coldness of the bed. 

She missed his touch and the way his husky voice would whisper in her ear. 

He missed her girly laugh and the constant smile on her pretty face. She was his angel.

She didn’t miss waking up wrapped in a warm blanket on a cold day without him. Alone

He hated leaving her each morning while her hair was still sprawled across the pillow. Asleep.

She would pretend to be deep in slumber as he would creep out of the front door like she was his dirty little secret.

He wished that he never had to go but it was for the better. 

Every night he would come to her room and lay there with her till the morning when he’d sneak out and return later that night. She was his two AM secret and she needed him. 

She loves him.

When he returns home he would feel the emptiness so much more and he knew that he felt whole with her. 

He loves her.

It was too much trouble for them to be something. He was always on tour and she worked strange hours. 

Shawn had millions of fans and Y/N had no intention of being hated by them. 

So two AM was their time. Only two AM.










But neil laying in bed a few years down the line

  • real early in the morning,
  • andrew right beside him 
  • sunlight creeping in and bathing him like a greek god.
  • Blond hair shining, and a warm glow resting on his soften features.
  • Neil staring and staring
  • and losing himself in this feeling. 
  • This twist in his gut, that’s not quite a terrible sinking feeling,
  • it doesn’t make him want to run. 
  • Rather he wants to stay
  • stay and never leave again
  • stay with Andrew 
  • and the other foxes
  • stay with his family
  • neil “I don’t Swing” josten realizing that he loves andrew “Psychotic Midget” minyard 
  • the last person in the world he thought he would ever end up with
  • (he really loves Andrew)
  • and maybe realized it earlier
  • But he never really thought that’s what it was
  • love
  • because he’s never felt love like this before
  • The love that;s so powerful, its painful
  • he loved his mother sure
  • But in the way that a son does
  • it wasn’t the red hot fiery love that he has for Andrew
  • And neil knows that he’s never felt like this for anyone
  • Ever
  • and he’ll probably never, ever feel like this way for anyone else
  • he’d never looked at anyone the way he looks at Andrew
  • the careful stolen glances,
  • and the unapologetic stares
  • its all so new, so foreign 
  • “don’t look at me like that,” Andrew warns with eyes still closed, but noticeably sharper features,                                        
  • he had told neil this before, cautioned him “I’m not your answer, and you sure as fuck aren’t mine.”
  • What a boldfaced lie that turned out to be
  • Andrew had become neil’s answer
  • long before either of them really new it
  • (although Andrew probably recognized the signs of a freefall long before his feet left the ground)
  • he gave neil a key and told him to stay
  • Answering a question neil never thought he would be able to ask
  • where is do I belong?
  • He gave neil a phone and a promise, and wonderful ton of kisses
  • He helped neil to fight
  • not to die quietly
  • not to give up
  • he was neil’s answer
  • maybe he always would be
  • perhaps neil had become andrew’s answer too
  • perhaps that angry little pipsqueak accidently let someone in
  • accidently forgot what it was like to live without neil josten by his side
  • maybe neil answered questions that Andrew never knew he had
  • who could love a broken boy?
  • a monster?
  • a wasteland?
  • somewhere along the way these two boys became each other answers
  • neil couldn’t help but smile while he stared at Andrew
  • angry hazel eyes flicking open to stare back at him
  • “what.”
  • “you look really good right now,”
  • Andrew squints his eyes “I hate you josten,”
  • neil’s smile is a little bit brighter when he hears those words
  • he can feel that happiness in his heart
  • it’s a strange feeling
  • but a good one
  • one he could get used to
Take A Break


Request: Could you do a Calum imagine like the Ashton one you did with lingerie and lap dances please?

Rating: NC-17

Feedback is always accepted! <3 Enjoy!! 

“Calum, can’t you take a damn break?” You asked, furrowing your eyebrows at your boyfriend who was currently rushing to figure out lyrics for a new song his band was working on.

“Babe, you know I can’t.” He replied, turning his attention away from you and back to the sheet of paper in his hands. “Fuck.” He cursed, pulling on his hair in frustration. “I can’t think of anything." 

You absolutely hated seeing him like this, luckily you had a great idea. Leaving Calum alone in the studio room you both had you went into the room you both shared. 

Thankfully you had a really good friend who always brought up the idea of getting something nice for Calum to take off when things got intimate. 

You had a new lingerie set that you had never worn in front of Calum. Of course you felt a little insecure but once you had stepped in front of calum, those worries instantly disappeared. 

Calum had his dark brown eyes on you instantly when he heard the door open he’d usually return his gaze to the song, but this time he couldn’t. 

He was admiring your curves and how the lingerie fitted your gorgeous body and soon his daze ended when he heard new music playing. His eyebrow rose at the sound choice. You had chose Strip by Chris Brown, it wasn’t your first choice but you had just stolen his iPod. 

Your hips slowly swayed along with the rhythm of the song. You soon got closer to him, his hands were needy to grab you but you firmly told him he wasn’t aloud to touch. Just watch. 

A satisfied smirk was on your face and you continued, slowly going down and coming up just as slow. "Fuck..” Calum hissed and watched you intently. Soon the song had switched to Show Me by Kid Ink and you noticed a smirk on Calum’s face. 

You began to slowly pull off your bra, leaving you in your lacy black underwear.  "I just want to feel you baby girl..“ Calum moaned softly, biting down on his lip roughly as he stared at your breasts. You soon had your legs wrapped around his waist, his attention was definitely on you and not on the song.

You had your lips against his neck, leaving many love bites on his skin. Your hips were rocking against his still following with the rhythm of the music. A grunt left his lips as his head dropped back in pleasure. 

He moved his hands down to your bum and squeezed it roughly eliciting a moan from you. "I’m gonna take control Cal.” You said sternly, taking off his muscle shirt and slowly pulling off his jeans. Once they were off, you were down on your knees in front of him. Soon you had discarded his boxers.

Calum’s tongue ran across his lips and he stared down at you. Teasingly, you slid your tongue up his shaft slowly and gently swirled it around the tip of him. 

“Fuck..” He hissed out once again, biting down on his lip roughly. You smirked up at him and took him into your mouth and slowly bobbed your head. Calum tangled his fingers into your hair and tugged roughly. You ignored it and continued to bob your head, your hands eventually pumping what you weren’t able to take.

Calum’s head dropped back, moans of pleasure escaping him. You continued to bob your head and soon pulled off. Your hand wrapped around him and quickly began to move. 

Calum gripped the sides of the chair roughly and bucked his hips up into your hand. “God,” he groaned out and whimpered when you let go and stood up.

You were pulling off your underwear and watching as Calum now had his own hand wrapped around his arousal. His eyes were directly on your body as he moved his hand quickly.

You moved his hand away from himself and instantly straddled him. Your eyes locked with Calum’s as you slowly slid down on him.

“Oh Cal!” You moaned out, as you slowly began bouncing. Calum’s hands held your hips and helped you with each bounce. His lips were pressed against your jaw, slowly moving them down your neck and to your collarbone. 

“You’re so fucking beautiful.” He moaned out, tightening his grip on your hips as he thrusted back up into you. 

You cried out in pleasure as he instantly hit all of your spots. “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck..” You moaned when Calum’s fingers began to rub your clit, you both were in pure bliss.

All that filled the room was the sound of skin slapping skin and your moans. You began to whimper out in pleasure as you came undone around him. “Babe..” He moans, soon releasing after you. He had you both flipped over and he rode out your releases.

“I love you so much.” He said breathlessly as he pulled out and laid beside you.

“I love you so much more.." 

sorry this was shit :(

He can’t undo your bra

“Where the hell is he” You mumble to yourself staring at your phone for the fifteenth time. You had a free house for the weekend and you invited Shawn over considering you never really have much alone time any more. “Y/N?” You run down stairs attacking your boyfriend with your lips. He runs his large hands across your ass giving it a slight squeeze making you want him more. Your lips moved with each other in sync, your hands running through his soft hair. He carries you through to the living room laying you on the sofa (couch whatever) your lips still not leaving his. You tug at his shirt which he quickly removes. He plants soft kisses on your neck making you let out a soft moan. You pull your shirt over your head, Shawn watching your every move. His hands explored your body, running up and down your hips then making there way to your back. He fumbles with the back of your bra making you let out a giggle. “Y/N what the hell is wrong with this thing” He says still trying to find the clasp. “It unhooks from the front Shawn” “That’s so hot” He says kissing you again 

A/N- Opinions on this one?:L

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I welcome you to my magic marvel masterlist where requests are open 24/7


Anything For You

summary: Bucky never knew how much one person could mean to him. Angst/Fluff

It Was Love

summary: The red silk dress and the curled hair just reminded him of the 40′s except the loud pop music and racy outfits around him, brought him out of his dream only to see a beautiful reality. Angst/Fluff/Comfort 

— Too Good

summary: She was deep forest green and he was a pale baby blue. Angst

— Past Life

summary: Bucky had never experienced what love- Bucky had never felt proper normal-people emotions before, this was the first time since he died. Angst


 — Under The Stars

summary: Steve never thought he’d find the perfect woman. Fluff

 — Gore and Glory

summary: His love for her was so great he would die for her. Angst/Hurt

 — Bullets To The Heart - Part One - Part Two

summary: Steve was a smart man, smart enough to leave things alone when they get out of hand- but not her. Angst




Another Lover - Part One - Part Two

summary: The small amount of hope is what kept him following her around like a ghost, but all ghosts are invisible and she was merely a human who was blinded by the blue whips that wrapped around her. Angst/Fluff


Cautious Lips

summary: Jealously was a toxin that was almost impossible to rid from the system. Smut

Another Lover - Part One - Part Two

summary: The small amount of hope is what kept him following her around like a ghost, but all ghosts are invisible and she was merely a human who was blinded by the blue whips that wrapped around her. Angst/Fluff


Wasted Years

summary: He never left her unlike the rest. Angst/Fluff


The City

summary: The city is just like fairytale with princess and princes, talking frogs, dragons and mermaids, but she was the big bad wolf. Angst/Cheating




— Bucky Barnes

anonymous asked:

Kou brothers trying to raise their toddlers as single dads

Ren Kouen

  • Kouen keeps his toddler by his side, bouncing them on his knee as  color. He discusses military tactics—not understanding why his generals seem so uncomfortable with a babe at the war table.

Ren Koumei

  • Koumei is in over his head—or so he thinks. He won’t get home until well after they’ve gone to sleep. He sits by their bed, watching them quietly and stroking their hair. Ultimately, he falls asleep by their bed.

Ren Kouha

  • Kouha is the best possible playmate his kid could ever want. If his kid says he’s a dragon, he’ll roar and stop about the palace courtyard, pretending to take the deathblow of their sword—laying down overdramatically.

Ren Hakuryuu

  • Hakuryuu never leaves his child’s side, or rather they never leave his. He holds their tiny hand as they walk, or carries them piggyback style if they’re too tired to walk. He doesn’t want them to ever feel like they’re alone in this world.
Babysitting (part 2)- Hank x Reader

Request: Aww the babysitting imagine was adorable, ever thought about a part two? Where they couldn’t find the parents so reader and hank adopt the baby??

Part One

Originally posted by vuruncaherseycalisir

“That’s it.” Charles was back and from the tone of his voice, not happy. You and Hank had remained in the library together for most of the time until the professor returned. There were times when one of you left to get a snack or yell at Peter to leave the poor baby alone, but for the most part you’d been there, together, making sure the kid was okay. Luckily he’d spent most of the time asleep. Hank kept asking to hold him but you’d told him if he woke the kid up again and you had to hear more of that dreadful crying you’d never forgive him. “I can’t find anything on this child, not one bit of information, nothing, how is that possible?” He raked his fingers through his hair in frustration. You shot a nervous glance to Hank, Charles seemed seriously stressed, but Hank wasn’t looking at you, he was leaning over the couch smiling at sleeping Hank Jr.

You felt your chest swell a little, you loved seeing him so completely happy. “I don’t know what to do now,” Charles said moving closer to where the baby was lying, “I guess we send him to the system and he’ll probably end up in a home somewhere until he’s old enough to choose for him self where he wants to be-”

“No.” Hank suddenly stopped the professors rant, “I’ll take him.” You whipped your head around to shoot Hank a complete what the hell are you thinking? look, but when you turned you saw Hank was holding the baby in his arms. He almost looked to be glowing with joy. The corners of his eyes were crinkled from so much smiling and there was a lightness to him you’d never seen before. Charles was still eyeing Hank like he was out of him mind, but suddenly your doubt melted away. 

“And I-I’ll help care for him too.” You took a deep breath and the words slipped out of your mouth almost involuntarily, but as soon as you said them you knew you meant them. If something could make Hank so happy to the point where he could literally not get that stupid, but adorable grin off his face, you’d be there to support him. Plus, there was no denying it the baby was pretty cute.

“Really, you’ll help?” Hank exclaimed turning to face you. He beamed at you and you couldn’t help but grin back. 

“On one condition, he gets a new name, Hank Jr. can’t stay.” You laughed and moved closer to him to get a better look at the child’s face.

“Well, I think you’re both crazy, but if you can handle it, I don’t see why this couldn’t work.” Charles finally spoke up after staying so silent. You smiled up at at him and mouthed the words thank you as he turned to leave the room. 

“What should we name him then?” Hank was close to you now, your shoulders touching as you both looked down at the babies face. He seemed more relaxed than he ever had and you knew at that moment you made the right choice. You couldn’t believe you’d be responsible for this kid now, but at least you’d have Hank he’d be here with you and you both would be together every step of the way, it was all going to work out.

“I think we should call him….”

i read once that when thomas jefferson’s wife died
he collapsed in grief
and didn’t leave his bedroom for three weeks
so distraught at being alone in the world
he swore to never remarry
he didn’t

thomas jefferson was a rapist
he preyed on sally hemings when she was fourteen and he was almost forty
she was a slave and a child and forced to bear four of his children
yet history paints theirs
as a forbidden love story
it wasn’t

my sister was destroyed by a boy
who claimed he loved her
and took her from her friends and interests and sanity
until she was nothing but paranoia violence and unwashed blond hair
i dragged her screaming to the hospital
with blood on her wrists
i was convinced that i was her savior
i wasn’t

when they shoved enough pills down her throat
and wrapped her in gauze and announced she was better
she blamed me for keeping her away from him
she swore to never speak to me again for what I’d done
she hasn’t

thomas jefferson’s wife dying does not excuse what he did
grief does not excuse evil
but you have to wonder
if that’s how he excused it to himself
you wonder if that’s how you excuse
all the shit you do

we were born and raised in a country that was built on turning
tragedy into justifications
justifications into fuck ups
fuck ups into reasonable actions

we turn a slave plantation where dozens died into monticello
a jewel of american architecture and history

we turn someone who was supposed to love us
into the enemy
because she did the same damn thing to you

because that’s how we survive in this country
in this life
that’s how we live with ourselves
and the terrible things we do

we spin
we lie
we can’t bear to be the villains in our own stories
even when we were
even when we are

even when our own guilt
is burning hotter than the virginia summer.

—  “monticello”, halle george, found in my notebook, dated 7/30/15
Imagine meeting endverse!Cas and discussing his old self...

This Castiel, he was… well, put simply it was difficult to believe he was the same person that you knew in your universe. There were similarities in how he spoke of things, his unique perspective tailored by years of experience in Heaven was still there but from this encounter alone you had decided angels should never get high. Ever.

“So…” you said awkwardly, fiddling with the side of the table. Dean had left to check in something or other with Chuck leaving you alone with Cas.

“You don’t have to be awkward, just relax, I do these days,” Cas said, looking over the top of his feet that were resting up on the table as he lounged about.

“I’m not being-” you scrunched up your nose, “okay maybe a little but in my defence the Cas I know usually takes that role for me.”

Cas laughed and ran a hand through his hair, “yes, I was slightly socially inept.”

You smiled and nodded, “yeah, what happened?”

“The world turned upside down,” he replied in a low voice. He swallowed hard and shook it off throwing you a wide smile, “past-me would hate me saying this, but you always made me more nervous, you know.”

“I- What?” You scoffed, you were desperately telling yourself not to blush but clearly it didn’t work judging by the smirk forming on his lips. You were going to splutter out something else when Dean barrelled back in, Chuck and a few others in tow, you glanced back around but Cas had already pulled a face of mock innocence and was intentionally looking the other way.

If you ever did get back, you had some questions for your Cas.


Imagine: Meeting The Joker after he crashes the fundraiser and being kidnapped. 

“Do you know where I can find Harvey? I just need to talk to him about something. just something. little.” He turns his head. “no.” He swallowed some champagne. “You know, I’ll settle for his loved ones.” He took his blade to an older gentleman. 

“Leave him alone.” You step out from the back of the crowd. 

“Well Hello, Beautiful.” He releases the man and walks towards you, moving his hair out of his face. “Who might you be?”

“(y/n)” You reply, never failing to break eye contact to try and show you weren’t afraid of him. You were though. You knew he probably had explosives throughout the building so you needed to be careful.

“Well tell me, (y/n)” he grabbed you by your wrist and pulled you to him, holding the knife to your throat. “Where is Harvey Dent?” You didn’t answer and he shook you, starting to grow angry. “Where is he?!” He raised his voice. 

“No.” that’s all you said. You honestly didn’t know where Harvey was but you couldn’t let this thug know that.

“Well..” he placed the blade on your cheek and gently drug it to your jawline. “I suppose you’ll do as collateral for now.” A smoke bomb was released and you were gone.

(for @blink-one-eighty-rad . sorry it sucks and took forever. This is part one.)

anonymous asked:

a cute but short blurb where you fall asleep on the couch and niall picks you up and carries you to the bedroom?? please :)

He heard you snoring.  That breathy, low snore that you insisted wasn’t a snore but just really deep breaths.  But he knew.

He felt terrible for leaving you alone all night to lay on the couch alone and watch cheesy reality shows.  But he was on a roll in the studio and he couldn’t help it.  Once a song hit him, he needed to finish it.

But now seeing you completely sacked out with drool coming out of the corner of your mouth and your hair disheveled he was quite positive he’d never seen anything more adorable in his life.

He walked forward, throwing his bag down on the chair to the left.  He slid his hands onto his hips, watching you just breathe for a few moments.  

God he was in love.

He leaned down and slid one arm under your knees and the other under your shoulders, lifting you up to a cradle in his arms.  You stirred slightly, drawing in a deep breath as your eyes fluttered open once, twice and then closed again.  You slurred something, a few words he couldn’t make out which caused him to giggle.  He shook his head,

“I gotcha, Sunshine.  Just go back to sleep.”

He placed you in the bed gently, taking great care to place your head on the pillow.  Once you were snug in the covers and back to snoring he leaned down and pressed a soft kiss to your forehead, his fingertips pushing into your hair on the top of your head,

“Snoring sleeping beauty…”  He whispered.

He turned to walk to the bathroom to get himself ready for bed when he heard your voice loud and clear,

“I don’t snore.”