he never has his clothes on tbh

Dating Park Jimin Includes:

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- Him getting all whiny when you wont cuddle with him

- Super touchy when no one is around, grabbing your thighs, hips, chin, anything he can get his hands on tbh

- But when the boys are around, and you try to kiss him or grab his hand, he’ll do everything short of push you away because ‘Jagi! what are you doing?

- never really gets jealous to the point where he gets mad, but wow, seeing you hang out with jeongguk all day just made him really upset

- you taking all of his sweatshirts and him complaining about how he has none to wear

- but you know how much he loves seeing you in his clothes, because it reminds everyone around him how you’re his, and only his

- back hugs, because he loves leaning his head on your shoulder. and Wrapping his arms around your waist

- laying in bed and listening to music because neither of you want to get up and face the day

- you calling him when hes on tour. because you miss his voice, and it helps you to sleep when you can hear it and hes so far away

- “your voice is so pretty, jiminie”

- “not as pretty as you.”

- shy af whenever you guys even attempt to do something scandalous

- even if its a kiss that starts to get too heated, he’ll get really red and he’ll start to stutter  

- when he leaves for tour, you’re a crying mess

- but all he does is tell you not to be silly, and that he’ll be home soon, and he will call you whenever he can

- everyone is surprised he held it together so well, and then when he gets on the plane, he’ll see you’re tear stained cheeks as you wave to him, and he’ll lose it

- overall, i’m very jealous of the girl that ends up with Park Jimin

  • mom: so how was your da-
  • me: thor's characterization in aou was so on point tho. he was just the perfect amount of cocky at times, and also had some of the funniest moments. then we have the fighting scenes, he dominated them tbh, i loved every bit. and let's not forget the visibly growing friendship he has with steve, something i never knew i needed till i saw it. the moves they did with the hammer and steve's shield?? i mean did they practice this while in the avengers tower on their down time?? thor giving steve an asgardian drink?? bros 4 lyfe. let's definitely not forget thor in midgardian clothes, hot af if ya ask me. don't even get me started on his messy ponytail. hoodied thor was the cutest thing i've seen and also-