he never has his clothes on tbh

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Hey hon! Good luck on the new blog ♡ Can we get some RFA + chubby!MC?

Thank you ! ;3; I went with headcanons, I hope that’s okay and I added V and Saeran since it’s my first request ~

Yoosung :

  • He loves it so much! He thinks it makes his s/o even cuter, doesn’t matter what’s chubby about them either, it’s more of his precious lovely s/o to hug and cuddle with in his eyes.
  • If they weren’t confident with their body, he’d spend his time complimenting them and he would constantly kiss the places they like the least.
  • I think Yoosung has to have a little bit of chub tbh, I mean he doesn’t exercise + sits all day eating junk so hah; if anything, it makes him more comfortable than his s/o is like him.

Zen :

  • He knows better than anyone that appearances don’t mean anything - he’d never judge someone on their physical appearance, let alone his darling.
  • If his s/o was uncomfortable with their weight, he’d spend his time roaming his hands all over their body and try to convince them to wear clothes they like but are too shy or uneasy to wear in public and just stay at home with him while he tells them how beautiful they are.
  • If they ever wanted to exercise with him, he’d be happy to teach them but more than anything, he’d rather make sure they’re comfortable with who they are and what they look like.
  • His mother used to tell him he was ugly and it really hurt him so he knows how much meaning words can carry and he’ll make sure his s/o is always being told how pretty they are because he’s convinced that the more they hear it, the more they’ll believe it themselves.

Jaehee :

  • I think after opening her coffee shop, Jaehee might gain some weight - nothing extreme - but since she bakes pastries for her business too, she has to taste them before putting them on the menu + now that she’s not a slave secretary anymore, she actually has the time to make her own food and eat three meals a day – which brings us to Jaehee and his s/o baking and eating together a whole tray of cookies on a lazy sunday and it’s great and there’s no reason to feel bad afterwards bc Jaehee’s baking is A++.
  • I don’t think she cares about appearances either, I mean sure, she goes on and on about Zen’s face but when it comes to her s/o, it’s different and she’d just want them to be happy and comfortable with their body bc she’s got more cookies that need to be tested.
  • + she’s a woman, she knows the pressure you can feel by living in a society that focuses so much on appearance (and I think it’s especially harsh in South Korea) so you can bet that she understands her s/o if they don’t feel like they look good enough bc she’s been there at one point of her life.

Jumin :

  • He may be a perfectionist but he also follows his own rules and standards; doesn’t matter if society says you have to be skinny to be pretty - in Jumin’s eyes, his s/o is the most perfect being in the whole world take that elizabeth and if someones talks shit on his s/o, he’ll ruin their life.
  • Does his s/o have trouble finding clothes that fit them well? Not anymore because now they have 5 stylists and fashion designers who’ll make anything they want just for them and it’ll always fit perfectly - regardless of the style of the clothes;
  • But I honestly don’t think he’d even realize his s/o is chubby, he’s a practical man and he focuses on what’s important aka his s/o is beautiful, amazing and perfect and he loves them.
  • So, I think his s/o would have to tell him if they were insecure about their body because it won’t even cross his mind that they could not like themselves.

707 :

  • He eats chips all day + sits in front of his computer; he’s even worse than Yoosung so he’s most definitely chubby but he’s hardly insecure about it and he’ll do everything he can for his s/o to be the same.
  • He’d constantly grab at the chubby parts of their body - is it their cheeks, their stomach, their thighs? doesn’t matter bc he’ll hold and squish and squeeze before rubbing his face on them like a cat - he might even purr if they brush his hair.
  • If they ever wanted to lose weight, he’d actually go on the same diet as them and exercise together. He’d be willing to give up on Honey Buddha chips and if that’s not a proof that he loves them then I don’t know what to tell you + he’d think it’s funnier to do these things together.

V :

  • He’s an artist + a pretty positive person who sees the best in people and he doesn’t care about appearances either - he sees beauty anywhere, in anything and anyone and his s/o is certainly not an exception.
  • Whether he’s blind or not, he’ll think his s/o is goshdang beautiful, he’ll smile like an idiot every time they cuddle and he gets to hold them / lie on top of them and he can trace his fingers on his s/o’s curves.
  • If he’s blind and his s/o was insecure, he’d seriously consider getting surgery for his eyes because his partner wouldn’t believe him when he said they were beautiful bc he couldn’t see them and he’d do anything for their well being and getting their confidence back.
  • Honestly, more chub = more of s/o = more to hug = happy V

Saeran :

  • With the life he’s had, judging other people’s physical appearance has never been anything he even considered doing. Maybe he was actually envious of other people who weren’t as skinny as him because they looked more healthy to him - since he had a weak health and a frail body, he always looked too thin in his opinion.
  • So having a chubby s/o might fascinate him because of the way their body would feel under his hands, how you didn’t see all their ribs protruding from their torso, unlike him. 
  • He might actually prefer a chubby s/o and would be a little sad if they wanted to lose weight because he’d miss their chub but as long as they’re okay with themselves, that’s all that matters - and if they’re not okay with themselves, he’d try to help them and in return, they’d help him accept himself.

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Hey! Could you do a BTS reaction to their s/o breking down because of fan hate they saw on twitter? I no that one a BTS reaction to their 'bigger' s/o feeling too heavy to sit on their lap? Thank you! I love your blog!! 💖

A/N: Hey, so I’m sorry that I went on a small hiatus after I got this, it was most certainly not intentional, but I’m here now! I’m going to split this request into two parts, and the second one will come out tomorrow because I don’t like posting too many things at once. 

This is the first part of the request: BTS reaction to their s/o breaking down because of fan hate they saw on twitter.

Second part here.

Yoongi: Yoongi would feel very angry at the fans, and would act strangely calm towards them, though the disappointment would be obvious. Yoongi would see you crying and wonder what was wrong before seeing your twitter open to hateful commentary. He’d immediately respond to the hate with something like “If you respect me, please respect y/n and apologize for your sardonic comments. I would never treat ARMY in such a way.” He’d then pull you into his arms, and hold you there until you stopped crying.

Jungkook: Jungkook would be really angry. He’d likely want to lash out at the people making such awful remarks, but immediately regret it and apologize, reminding fans to be kind towards people, including BTS and their S/Os. Jungkook would kiss your tears away in attempt to make you smile, and if that doesn’t work he’d do everything in his power to make you feel good about yourself (for example: carrying you into the bedroom and pressing kisses anywhere he can find skin until he gets you to laugh.)

Jimin: Jimin would be the silent angry type where he’d just have this seriously dark expression (remember Hello Counselor?), showing how disappointed he is, so he would likely tell the haters to kindly stop because no one, especially you, deserves hate. He’d hug you and tell you how wonderful and perfect you are, and that the haters are nothing, especially because they don’t know you like he does. He’d kiss your head and rock you in his arms until you felt better. 

Jin: When Jin found you crying, he’d immediately drop everything to ask you what had made you cry. He’d kneel in front of you and take your face in his hands to wipe away your tears, and rub your cheeks gently. Once he found out what ailed you, he would feel awful, and rock you gently in his arms, shushing you quietly. He likely would not say anything unless the hate became too much. Then he would blatantly state that everyone needs to stop, but if things persisted he would go on vlive and ask people to stop.

Namjoon: Namjoon would likely see the comments and posts before you and stop the hate immediately. When he sees you crying, he would know what was up and bring you into his arms, running his hands through your hair softly as your head lay in the crook of his neck, tears wetting his clothes. He’d offer to take you anywhere you wanted for a day or evening, and remind you of just how much he loves you for you - that there’s nothing wrong with you in the slightest, and that you should never think that there is.

Taehyung: Tbh I would not want to be on the receiving end of Taehyung’s wrath. He may seem all sweet and shit, but that kid has a dark side… And I’d hazard a guess a rather nasty one, too. Once he found out, he’d go onto vlive and express how disappointed and upset he is at this development, and that he really hopes that people stop before he is forced to take action. After this, Tae would buy you your favorite flowers (or a teddy bear or something), and kiss you senseless, so that you completely forget about all of the hate. 

Hoseok: Ohh… Hobi’s got a dark side too. He’d be too upset to say anything about it, but you’d know that it had affected him, and that he was about ready to bust a head if it came down to it. Hobi would ignore it, and ask you to do the same because the haters aren’t worth it (man, look at the hate he deals with even now!) He’d sit with you, handing you tissues and whatnot until you stopped crying, then he’d give you whatever the hell you wanted to make up for all of the shit you’d had to deal with, and cuddle up with you until the two of you fell asleep. 

A/N: Please do not be that person - You know, the one that hates and berates people because they can. Just don’t. Control yourselves because no one deserves it. Especially BTS and their future S/Os (’cause God knows they’ll have some eventually.)

*Gifs not mine

The 2P's irrational fears

2P! Italy:
- eating expired food
- he always makes sure that everything he eats are fresh and still hasn’t gone past the expiration date
- he’s weird lmao

2P! Germany:
- mirrors
- he always gets pretty anxious whenever he’s alone in a room with a mirror
- he has watched plenty of movies to back him up

2P! Japan:
- garden gnomes
- he swore he saw one of them move
- Kuro doesn’t trust them

2P! Romano:
- hair fall
- once woke up and saw strands of hair on his pillow
- he’s scared that he might lose all of his hair lmao

2P! Prussia:
- skateboards, wave boards, etc.
- he once tried using Lutz’s skateboard when he was a kid but he slipped and fell head first
- never again

2P! Austria:
- escalators
- he’ll never admit it tho
- his clothes might get stuck and that’s pretty dang dangerous tbh

2P! America:
- mascots
- he thinks they’re fucking sketchy
- actin’ all shady with their giant head and unblinking eyes

2P! Canada:
- doors
- he never keeps doors completely closed in a room
- unless he knows there’s another way out

2P! France:
- ferris wheels
- he isn’t afraid of heights or anything, just ferris wheels
- if you somehow end up riding one with him, he’ll refuse to let go of you

2P! Russia:
- splinters
- he’s always very cautious when handling wood
- who knows they might get into tour bloodstream or some shit

2P! China:
- large couches
- Kuro made him read a manga about a person being inside a chair and it practically haunted him
- he makes sure a person couldn’t possibly be in there before sitting on one

2P! South Korea:
- empty spaces on a bed
- always crowds his bed with pillows when he sleeps
- someone or something could end up appearing there, and he ain’t dealing with that bullshit

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Tiny shrunken Akira? Like still his age, but as small as someone's hand? And the other way around with his S/O? (Sorry if it's too much!)

gah im sorry this would have been done a lot sooner but i didn’t like how it turned out before so i redid it aaaa;;;

Tiny Akira:

  • It was probably some crazy status ailment that a rare shadow inflicted onto Akira in Mementos while he was in there that didn’t go away
  • Honestly he was probably super confused (along with everyone else) when it happened, especially since it carried on after the battle and even after they left the Metaverse
  • He had Futaba take him and Morgana to the cafe and call you, letting you know that something was up and that you needed to get there as quickly as humanly possible
  • Totally worried for him, you headed over and headed up the stairs, unsure what had happened.
  • When you saw him, a colorful array of emotions swept through your facial features until you had to turn around and put a hand to your face, breathing deeply out with a mumble of “how did this happen”, “what the hell even is this”, “am I dreaming?”, and “but it’s still really funny at the same time.”
  • Eventually, when you had calmed down from your internal debate of emotions, you knelt beside the bed where Akira was standing, holding back snarky remarks and laughs as you finally asked him what had happened and if there was any way of reversing the effects
  • Akira explained the battle and what the others had suggested, with Futaba even making Akira a nice little to-try list that depicted everyone’s advice on trying to reverse this curse-like state he was in
  • On the list varied from one extreme to another, included cheesy things like “a true love’s kiss” to “drink some concoction involving x, y, and z” and back to “use powerful spells to reverse it” with the most normal advice being “sleep it out”
  • There were quite a few that you two crossed off right off the bat with how strange or unlikely they were.
  • You would honestly tease him a lot when he’s in this state as payback for all the times he’d tease you, especially when he suggests to be kissed by you where your reply is “if you can reach me, kiss me.” And proceeded to stand up, moving just out of reach
  • After many hours of teasing and small finger pats on Akira’s head later, you two finally had gotten incredibly tired, not to mention Akira’s exhaustion after the Metaverse trip, so it was a unanimous decision to go to sleep with you staying over due to the trains being unavailable during this time of night
  • After getting ready thanks to the spare change of clothes you brought along with you (somehow you had known that this would happen. Probably second nature, considering the strange nature of problems that arises for the Phantom Thieves)
  • Akira decided to be sneaky and climb on top of you, resting square on your chest and it’s not like you can move to take him off because 1) he’s already “asleep” and 2) he looks so cute and 3) he’s super small if he isn’t on you he might fall somewhere else and you might squish him and that would be really bad
  • During the night, you suddenly began feeling really heavy, with it becoming harder and harder to breathe until you finally woke up to see Akira sprawled out on top of you, his face in your chest and arms hugging your midsection tightly while he practically squished you to near-death
  • Pinching his nose until he woke up, you sighed and gave him a tired smile, using all your strength to move so that you two faced each other side-to-side instead of him crushing you
  • “Looks like you’re back to normal, huh? I guess Morgana was right… Unsurprisingly.”
  • “Mm…” Akira nuzzled his face and sighed, relief clear in his tone. “I’m tired… Goodnight, again. Love you..”
  • You almost wanted to slap your forehead at the quickness of his sleep but being just as tired, you shook your head and pressed a kiss to his forehead, mumbling that you loved him as well.
  • In the morning he totally got back at you for all the teasing that you put him through while he was small

Tiny S/O

  • How it happened was honestly a complete mystery. Did you catch it from Akira when you slept over? It shouldn’t be, considering that it didn’t happen until a week later. You didn’t get it in the Metaverse because you weren’t affected by the enemies in there. It puzzled everyone and horror dawned on you that you had an entire day in the care of Akira as a small being that is completely subject to all the torturously teasing that he wanted to inflict on you as revenge
  • The Phantom Thieves left you in Akira’s care since you two experienced this before, so the entire day was spent in Leblanc in order to ensure your safety (because even though he wants to get back at you for teasing him he doesn’t want you to get lost or hurt!)
  • Akira is always super close to you, whether him having you in his hands or pockets or right in front of him, you never leave his sight (even if you want to tbh)
  • He teases you just as you teased him; granting you small fractions of affection with a teasing remark about catching him
  • But he absolutely loves to put you in places you can’t get out of
  • He’s put you in large mugs, the blanket, his pockets, anywhere where he thinks it would be funny to watch you struggle
  • He loves to carry you by the back of your shirt (he always has a hand under you though, just in case)
  • He won’t take it too far if he sees you getting genuinely upset
  • If you cling to his clothes and just hold yourself there I don’t think he’ll be able to resist you now’s your chance!
  • Nibble him a bit!! You’re so small that it doesn’t hurt at all and honestly you’ll tickle him more than anything
  • Akira 100% makes a small portion of curry and coffee for you to eat because you have to be healthy and eat!!
  • Will mention your smallness extremely often for like no reason
  • Akira is such a tease when you’re small
  • But he does take care of you as best as he can!!
  • When you two go to sleep that night he actually stays up and makes sure you’re back to normal before pressing a soft kiss to your forehead, making you wake up
  • You two cuddle and sleep through the rest of the night, thankful you returned to normal and hoping that something like this won’t happen again

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Do you have any trans Grif headcanons?

hell yeah! for starters, i hands down hc him as a trans guy, thanks to @cptgrif​, who also helped me with a lot of these! (aka let me steal them blatantly. ilu dex)

  • dysphoria for him typically falls around his face, height, and chest until he started T. esp since being heavyset never helps with chest dysphoria
  • hes absolutely a Hoodie Trans. this is indisputable
  • im never sold on whether or not he gets top surgery in canon but tbh if he has his shirt off theres a good chance he still has his binder on
  • he picked his name, dexter, bc it means dexterous and skillful and it works as a way to inspire himself
  • even after hes basically fully transitioned he still leans towards loose clothes that cover his whole body
  • he was So glad when the body hair first started showing up on t 
    • (and in general is a pretty hairy dude. bearish, am i right)
  • sister in canon reasserts his gender a lot by calling him “my bro” and “my brother” instead of just dex or grif which isnt a hc its just a c but its still really good
  • has pretty short hair (long hair takes so much work, dude) and doesnt mess with it a lot but hes On Top of facial hair and keeping it in check bc hes Waited for that
    • including his eyebrows. in high school he used to wear makeup to darken his brows and give him kind of more “masculine” features cause he used to do his sisters makeup

so thats all im thinking of rn but yeah! trans dude grif is under appreciated tbfh



ok ok ok so ive been working on this a while listen hear me out i tried to base them based off of their robotic color schemes so 

c3po: that one Flustered Professor type, he wants to be cool but he’s honestly like 75% gay panic. on the prissy side so he always has the perfect manicure. one of the few people around who’s able to fully understand bb8 and r2d2 so they take advantage of that fact. really likes a good earl grey. he’s reading ‘a hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy’ bc lets be honest thats kinda what he is

r2d2: tiny lil punk who is fluent in both binary and asl. he’s like 4 ft nothing and albino, dyes his hair, and bc of the damage in one eye has to wear a contact in the other one to balance out his vision (not the greatest). probably all kinds of other scars hidden under his clothes tbh. good music taste tho. not-so-secretly has c3po wrapped around his finger. 

bb8: nonbinary teen who’s Here to Have A Good Time but learned some bad words from r2 (they’re signing ‘asshole’, and their sign says ‘fuck off’ in binary). either selectively mute or HoH, they communicate mainly in asl but have never had a hard time getting their point across. even shorter than r2, but secretly everyones baby. can be won over with red starbursts and airheads. 

k2so: HOOOOOOOOOOOOO ok so hes HUGE (almost 7 ft) and kinda beat up from when he was forced to serve the empire, so lotsa scars. i figured on the rogue one mission he’d be wearing empire-ish clothes, but in his free time he likes a hybrid between 3po and r2′s styles. not blind but the empire replaced his eyes with bionic ones to make him more “efficient”. very VERY sarcastic and dry sense of humor. loves cats, like, a lot. 

click each for higher res ^-^ 

love joans

namjoon/you | smut/humor


Big hands sliding up your sides, Namjoon pushes your dress up your body and you sit up to pull it the rest of the way off then lay back onto the sheets as his lips press kisses all over your skin. After one last kiss between your breasts, he trails his mouth to one of your nipples, sucking and delving his tongue against it through the lace of your bra while he pinches and rolls the other between his fingers.

Your fingers thread through his hair as you arch into his touch and moan for the way he does just what you like. His mouth and hands work you up, send jolts through you, switch positions to lavish equal attention on each nipple, before he moves to unclasp your bra. It only takes him one hand and one second, and as he’s sliding the straps down your arms, the lyrics pop into your head. Why you think about it now out of all the times y'all have done this, you don’t know, but you can’t stop the giggle from bubbling out.

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Jealous Tim headcanons?

bless Tim is my fav,,,
thanks so much for requesting
hope u enjoy💘

Jealous Tim Headcannons:

- silent but deadly
- not particularly the jealous type unless he has a right to be
- he’ll watch u and the person, being a lillllll too touchy for his liking, like a hawk
- he would either legit break the persons jaw or just make out with you until they left
- if any of his gang flirted with you? they’re. dead.
- will come home covered in blood if somebody was harassing you
- it’s not his blood
- has a habit of cracking his knuckles when he gets antsy or annoyed so will do that a lot when he’s jealous
- if he can’t punch or take you from the person he’d just b really quiet and patient but when you got home he’d be all over you
- really wants to go steady and is worried you will leave him for someone better but he’d never say that
- you gotta reassure him
- pretty damn possessive tbh
- constantly has to be touching you
- you have to wear something of his
- something that lets people know you are his
- love bites, clothes, rings, necklace, whatever, as long as they stay the fuck away from his girl
- he has to know who you’re going out with, and he has to approve. he has no problem with you going anywhere, just he knows what guys do and doesn’t want you to get hurt
- if he ever realllly reallllly got jealous he’d be pretty mean and rude bc he’s so heated until finally he snapped and admitted it, or just hurt someone.

I feel like these were shitty and lowkey got off track but thank u I hope u still enjoyed !! 💘💘

Mafia!Ten AU

•he’d be a scam artist
•like I can imagine it
•and no one would be able to catch him because he’d be long gone by the time they’ve realize that they’ve been scam
•he can also take people out but that’s only if Taeyong said to
•basically really really good at his job
•the one time he did get caught by the person he was scamming, they were never seen again
•probably jokes around a lot with the people he scams to get them to trust him
•and they always do
•because they fall for his personality
•now as for visuals
•probably is wearing a choker tbh
•as for clothes
•like not too formal but not casual
•like maybe skinny jeans and a blazer with a t-shirt
•unless there’s an important deal
•then you’ll catch him in a dress shirt instead of the t-shirt
•probably winks at people 25/8
•makes them feel more betrayed once they realized that he scammed them
•basically has many people wanting to slap him
•now onto the story of how Ten ended up in Tae Tae’s squad
•so before he was in the gang he was just your regular scam artist on the streets
•he was doing little things and scamming shady people
•so one day he scammed the wrong person
•or maybe it was the right person
•depends on how you look at it
•he tried to scam Taeyong but nope
•Lee Taeyong don’t got time for that
•did I mention before then he went by his real name?
•yeah so Taeyong was like no
•'you’re new name is Ten because you look like Ten’
•'also I’m gonna recruit you as one of my new minions’
•of course he was like ‘wtf, no’
•but then Taeyong mentioned Taco Tuesday and Ten was all in
•that’s also how Ten met Johnny and tried to sail Tenny
•and how he met the best people ever
•legit treats Johnny as his husband
•until he met you of course
•let’s say you’ve been in the gang for a while
•like way way back then
•probably the first member of the Tae Tae squad along
•also the founder of #freeJohnnygroup
•because Johnny doesn’t get off his lazy ass to go do shit
•you met Ten on the first day he came
•like he was cute and totally your style
•plus he was a scammer like you
•the first time he met you, he was so shy
•betting my money that he randomly switched from Korean to Thai to English back to Thai because he was so nervous
•"um Ten, wtf are you saying"
•"uh, I like Tacos"
•okay then
•whatever you say boo
•eventually you Ten and Johnny became a sub squad inside of your squad
•always scamming people together
•probably tries to scam DoYoung with you too
•because DoYoung was being a savage and mean
•then again Ten probably started it
•anyways Taeyong always send you and Ten on jobs together because if one of you fucks up then the other can try to fix it until he sends someone else in
•you two are great liars but can never lie to each other
•trust me, you have tried
•like 10x a day
•always get caught by the other person tho
•to say your friendship was beautiful was an understatement
•of course feelings arise sometime
•it sorta became awkward
•so Johnny and Taeyong had to fixed it
•they pushed you guys into a closet and locked it
•y'all confessed in there
•plus a little more ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
•so now your relationship was the same as before plus kissing and other stuff
•and more teasing DoYoung

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what does each member's room look like

This is so interesting! I really like this ask omgomg okay!
I had /so/ much fun writing this tbh.

                                              Pein/Pain’s Bedroom

• Is actually pretty simplistic, like those all white ones you see on Tumblr from time to time and wonder if they’re just boring or if that’s a room they never use or..?

• His desk is his room though is another story. It’s a huge mess and has clothes hanging from the chair. old coffee mugs lying all around it, pins, papers, pens and pencils all around. It’s a huge mess and he does clean it! It just never stays clean for long.

• He actually has a lot of windows in his bedroom and prefers the foot of the bed to face towards a window that way, when he wakes up he can see outside. The base is somewhere nice and sunny and bright, much different from his home at the base now so it’s nice scenery to wake up to. 

                                                 Konan’s Bedroom

• Her room is actually the opposite of Pein’s. She has stuff everywhere, posters littering her walls, a makeup vanity littered in lipsticks and makeup stains, clothes draped on a chair, figurines on every surface and books piled up on a bookshelf. She has wayyy too many books and she doesn’t want to get rid of a single one of them.

• She has her own drawer dedicated to snacks because she doesn’t want to leave her room and get a headache from dealing with the /boys/ (aka Deidara, Kisame and Hidan misbehaving as usual). Some haven’t seen her leave her room for days on end. 

• Her room gets the most spiders and silverfish, which pisses her off to no end. You’ll know when a silverfish is in her room when you hear her curse worse than Hidan and then the girliest scream ever comes from it moments later. 

                                                 Itachi’s Bedroom

• Has a few plants he takes care of, a nightstand, a bed, a dresser.. It looks kinda simplistic yet put together and have a homey feel. Konan may or may not have gotten her book addiction from him though, he has three bookshelves in his room filled to the brim with books, encyclopedias, textbooks, research books, history books, etc.

• He never gets any spider or any unwanted creature in his room. Nobody knows how he does it, but they just never seem to go to his room.

• His room smells kinda like cinnamon apple, sandalwood, and vanilla all mixed together. It’s a very nice, spicy smell and it helps him relax. 

• He burns incense often, so when someone goes into his room their face just gets slammed with an array of smoke and Dragon’s Blood incense.

                                               Kisame’s Bedrooom

• Has a medium aquarium next to his bed, a big one incorporated inside of the wall and a small one on his desk. The one in the wall is a tropical saltwater aquarium with seahorses, yellow eel gobies, clownfish, sorpion dragonettes, purple firefish and some sunrise dottybacks. The small tank on his desk is actually a handmade tank with three small moon jellyfish that he watches while he sleeps. The medium tank next to his bed is a tropical freshwater tank with some red fire guppies, neon tetras, glass fish, mollies, two black mystery snails and a ghost shrimp. He treats them all like his own children.

• His room always has this kinda beachy smell, probably because of the constant saltwater he changes and filters and such. He always winds up spilling it but it never bothers him. Let’s just hope his s/o doesn’t mind it too much. 

• Because he’s such a big guy, his bed takes up the rest of his room for the most part, but he’s content with it. He has his tanks, a desk, a closet, a space for Samehada, and a bed, it’s all he really needs.

                                                 Sasori’s Bedroom 

• Once he became a full puppet, he got rid of his bed for some extra desk space. His room has a desk from one end of a wall to the other on two different walls. It’s more than enough desk space, you would think, but it’s never enough for him. 

• His room looks like a nightmare kinda. Puppet parts all over. Poison bottles, antidotes, wooden limbs, an extra head for his own body, multiple different puppet bodies hanging from the ceiling. Don’t go in alone or at night, you’ll regret it or just get the worst scare of your life.

• If he knows his s/o is coming in and is kinda scared of his room, he’ll clean it up but other than that, his room stays the way it’s always been. If he needs a rest, he actually lies on the floor since he can’t feel the discomfort anyway. 

                                                Deidara’s Bedroom

• The most aesthetically pleasing bedroom of all the Akatsuki. All the colours have a matching palette, red, black, grey and white. Black curtains, all red walls, white ceiling, dark wooden floors, white, grey and black bed, small red rug right near his bed and his furniture is all black and white too. 

• Mostly art supplies in his room aside from the necessities and a few snack bags he has lying around. Clay all over the place in its own designated bag. He has multiple colours and he even has a draw board on his desk that he uses to draw out new plans for new pieces of art. 

• He actually has a few piece of clay art hanging around in his room, despite his view on art being a short lasting life, the first few pieces of art he made with his Kekkei Genkai were the few he could see as everlasting. This always sparks a heated argument with Sasori when he goes to Deidara’s room to grab him for a mission or if leader calls him. 

                                                Kakuzu’s Bedroom

• The blandest looking room you could ever imagine. Basic looking walls, a basic floor, his bed has black comforter with white sheets, dark cherry wood furniture. There’s a ceiling fan and if it’s really hot, a fan for his bedside dresser to be on him at night. He can’t have an a/c because he gets air conditioning congestion very easily. It’s kinda boring but it feels really homey at the same time, which is weird for Kakuzu.

• One of his weird ticks is that he always has to have a candle lit, even when he’s not around. He’ll light one and leave it lit until it burns out, then light another and another. He has to have a scent in his room, but he prefers more down to earth tones like sandy beaches, burning wood, pumpkins and apples (but not the fruity or spicy scented ones), etc. 

• He has a few jars on a shelf with coins in them, organised by certain coins in each jar as he saves up.

• He has a special collection of money that is discontinued that he has in a small pouch under his bed where nobody can find it. He hopes he’ll land big with it one day but he realistically knows he wont. 

                                                  Hidan’s Bedroom

• Unlike Kakauzu, Hidan has his room so cold that there’s actually frost on the windows in the summer! Hell, he even has the a/c on in the Winter. He loves it cold. 

• Because he’s restricted to carry out his rituals in his room, he has the floors a polished and waxed over wood so that the blood doesn’t stick. He’s becoming the king of removing blood from wood because of it. He has the walls red so that if there is any blood he missed after cleaning, it just kinda blends in. 

• Has a shelf with books he has written in about Jashinism and the prayers he has learned and made along the way to Lord Jashin. He actually has really good handwriting!

• He actually has a plant he takes meticulous care of, a Venus Flytrap. He had Zetsu get it for him when he learned about it on a mission one day. The plant’s so big that he actually has the pot resting on the floor now. Of course, in Hidan fashion, the pot has a Jashinism symbol painted on it. 

• He stole money from Kakuzu to get a coffee maker for his room, so his room actually smells of coffee most of the time. He has a hard time sleeping so he constantly drinks the stuff.

                                                 Zetsu’s Bedroom

• Plants and small underwater aquariums everywhere. A lot of the aquariums actually have plant tops that incorporate into them, like betta fish tanks with plants growing from the top into the water to feed the fish. Marimo moss balls in their own aquarium and he has an aquarium of just coral and a few fish. 

• His room has a light latte brown walls and the floor is a light brown wood. it gives it a grounded feel to it. He has a bed, closet, and a dresser, but every other piece of furniture is used to hold up his plants and aquariums. 

• He does have one or two books on the human body and such, for when he helps “Madara” and such. It’s kind of a hobby to read them now though. 

• Doesn’t spend all too much time in his room, he only really goes to it to take care of his plants and fish. 

                                              Tobi/Obito’s Bedroom

• Has a photo of Rin inside of his bedside dresser. It’s just a photo of his team, but with her and him cut out. It reminds him daily of his goal and he looks at it every morning when he wakes up with the sunrise, Rin’s favourite. 

• Does have a few hobby items that he was able to keep with him from his younger days, like his trading cards and such. He still really loves trading cards and actually collects them in binders. He has the binders stacked in the corner of his room next to a box with a bookshelf. He’s gonna build the bookshelf one day, he swears.

• A desk with a few notebooks. He writes down his plans and actually has a planner to stay organised. He’s bad at staying organised day by day so he carries it around with him. He has little doodles in the notebooks and in the planner.

• Has a guitar and actually can play really well! He only does when he knows everyone in the base is gone so he isn’t interrupted or listened to. On occasions he’ll sing too, and he has a great singing voice, he remembers Rin complimenting him on it and he gets confident when he does sing, even now, because of that compliment.

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Lorna I have a cute question for you - as a fellow robert fan i have a question in regards to where you stand on robs hair during the affair era ™ . I was doing a rewatch and I know yes his floppy hair during 2015 was pretty awful (sorry rob😋) but the one time I found it acceptable and actually have a soft spot for is in the " you'll make me think I fell for a quitter" scene I loved it being longer and out of control . Is this a yay or nay for you 🙊 ?

i wasn’t a big fan of his floppy hair (i hated it deeply and it caused me a lot of anger when he came on screen looking like an overgrown extra from high school musical) but that hair had its Moments, i didn’t mind the longer hair around the first hotel visit (messy fluffy hair is my weakness) but idk most of the time i just wanted to sit him down and cut it off myself 

tbh Peak robert hair will always be those first few months after he got shot, like december 2015 - february 2016 was just the pinnacle of robert’s hair and o.k it’s nice now (when they don’t go full tintin with it) but robert’s hair in the first scene he has with liv is as good as we’ll ever get

actually wait the scene with aaron where aaron tells him he’ll never be his man again thats the best robert look (hair and clothes i’m going all out) that we have ever gotten and i’ll fight everyone on it tbh

but i mean speaking of robert’s hair @mygodthefeels is doing this fandom a great service and making gifsets of roberts best hair and its a genuine #blessing every time a new one pops up

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  • falls asleep on the couch
    •  VAX IS CONSTANTLY DOING THIS. percy would be falling asleep on the couch all the time except he’s never there. he’s always at his desk or working on research on his computer. he’s passed out at the library before though and vax has had to get him back home whenever this happens. “but vax i can’t access that database from the house it has to be from the library. vax just one more hour okay i’m almost done-”
  • makes friends with the neighbors
    • vax has not once ever spoken to the neighbors. in fact he will go out of his way to avoid them. percy also avoids the neighbors at all cost. they don’t even know their neighbor’s names until vex brings it up to them one day.
  • is the adventurous eater
    • percy will try anything once. ONCE. that doesn’t mean he’ll finish it. then vax gets stuck eating it if percy doesn’t like it. because percy cant make himself eat things he doesn’t like but vax can’t see food go to waste.
  • hogs the covers at night
  • forgets to do the dishes
    • have you met percy? Have you met percival fredrickstien von musel klossowski de rolo iii? because that’s the name vax is going to yell across the apartment when he finds the sink UTTERLY FULL. IT’S NOT EVEN ALL DISHES! SOME OF IT’S PERCY’S CHEMISTRY STUFF. SOME OF IT IS METALWORKING TOOLS. PERCY THOSE DONT GO IN THERE WITH THE FOOD BOWLS
  • tries to surprise their partner more often
    • vax will hide around a corner when it’s dark and jump out at percy 90% of the time he has an opportunity to do so. he surprised percy a lot early on but now percy expects it. one time percy hid in a snowbank and jumped out at Vax at like 8 in the morning and vax has never recovered tbh. (also romantically it’s always percy surprising vax with thoughtful presents, but vax suprises percy with his words more often)
  • leaves dirty laundry on the floor
    • vax is the worst about doing this, but percy leaves things that aren’t clothes all over the floor which is worse. because at least it doesn’t hurt to step on clothes.
  • stays up til 2 AM reading
    • percy is the number one perpetrator of this. in fact, books have been banned from the bedroom because if percy brings one to bed he will NOT go to sleep until he finishes it and vax has had ENOUGH percy please sleep. it’s not good for you.
  • sings in the shower
    • percy does, and vax once made fun of him for it but felt immediately guilty afterwards because percy stopped doing it and so vax had to apologize and be like “but i liked listening to you sing, you have a pretty nice voice. what language was that? latin?”
  • takes the selfies
    • when vax and percy both want to be in a picture together vex is the designated picture taker, that way vax can’t argue about whether or not to use flash and percy doesn’t get distracted trying to close all the apps on his phone. vax does sneak selfies of percy and himself when they’re just chilling out though and they get posted EVERYWHERE. 
  • plans date night
    • OH THEY TRY. THEY TRY TO PLAN DATE NIGHT. PERCY DOES HIS DAMNEDEST. every time they reach step 2 of a plan something goes wrong. vex calls them saying trinket got loose or grog got banned from a bar for trying to eat the furniture and percy’s ‘talk his way out of trouble’ skills are needed. their dates only work out when they’re COMPLETELY spontaneous like ‘percy get on this train with me we’re going on an adventure’ levels of spontaneity are required

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hey :D can u do another neko!dan and daddy!phil where dan is doing all of these cute things and being so good that phil cant resist him so he rims him and then fucks him? I've never really asked for a hc before but its worth a try :P

I’m awful at getting things out on time and this prompt has been in my ask box for d a y s I’m so sorry and honestly I really hope you like this because I think it sucks TBH

Dan was in a cute pastel purple jumper and his favorite pair of ruffle socks, also wearing a pair of tight black boxers. Phil didn’t allow Dan to leave the house without him so he rarely wore real clothes.

Dan had just finished having a snack, and he was cleaning up his mess. he had been such a good boy all day. earlier he had noticed Phil was down and had cuddled him right away, he had been walking around the apartment and taking care of the plants, and he had his sweater paws on the entire day.

Phil walked over and touched Dans hip gently, to which Dan whimpered and mewled, already feeling the intentions behind this small act. “Hey kitten, don’t worry, I’ll clean that up for you,” Phil whispered to Dan, playing with his tail and lightly grinding against the young boy.

“D-daddy, fuck,” Dan was whimpering and mewling, pushing back against his daddy, needing more than just the slight roll of his hips. Phil got the hint and quickly flipped Dan around, hungrily kissing him and toying with the waistband of the boys boxers.

Phil slipped his hand in Dans boxers and slowly played with his cock, using his other hand to start pulling off the tight clothing. Phil wasn’t slow with getting his kitten naked, and soon Dan was flipped over with his chest on the table, his ass up in the air, and his hands grabbing at the countertop. Phil had started trailing kisses down Dans back, finally making it to his ass. Phil kissed all over his ass before finally dipping his tongue into the tight ring of muscles, making Dan spasm and arch his back. Phil slowly lapped at his hole, causing Dan to whimper and push back, trying to get more of his daddy’s tongue.

“Please daddy, stop teasing, fuck me please oh god” Dan was shaking and whimpering, he wanted to feel his daddy’s cock.

As Phils tongue left him, he whimpered and bucked his hips back, but soon heard the cap of a lube bottle open. He felt one of Phils fingers circle his rim and he arched his back, soon letting out a loud moan when the finger entered him. “Daddy, please” Phil stretched him with one finger for a little before adding a second and third finger, and Dan was growing impatient.

“Please daddy, I’m ready, please fuck me,” Dan mewled, trying to get his daddy to fuck him. Dan soon felt Phils tip at his entrance and moaned out, his body shaking in anticipation. As soon as Phil bottomed out, they both moaned at the same time. Dan nodded his head to signal that Phil could move, and he did just that.

Phil started fucking fast into Dan, one hand on his hip and the other on his face, looking into his eyes as he fucked him. Dan started groaning and fucking back on his daddy’s cock, and he felt the familiar warmth growing in his stomach.

“Daddy, c-close,” he moaned out, quickly finding his own cock and pumping his hand over it.

“Daddy!” Dan moaned out as he came, feeling Phil coming inside of him. As he rode out his orgasm Dan fell limp on the table, purring and smiling. Phil grabbed some wet paper towels and cleaned them both up, and got Dan into some nice pajamas.

“When you wake up, we’ll take a bath, okay kitten?” Phil said as he cuddled Dan into his chest in bed. “Okay daddy, I love you.”

“I love you too Dan, sleep well,” Phil said as he turned off the lamp on the desk and cuddled Dan closer, soon falling asleep.

this sucks and I’m so sorry it took forever for me to post I’m actually disgusting and I didn’t know how to write this but I hope this is somewhat okay!

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Um hi! I'm a tiny Trans guy with brown hair and eyes and I wear glasses, I like art and reading, um I love cats and food. I'm kinda messy but I try, i love video games too! And a little seeing for cosplay~

I ship you with Shad!

Originally posted by kingikana

  • probably a cat person tbh
  • he’s actually an organized person, so he makes up for your messiness; except maybe for his study desk, that thing will never be cleaned up or organized in this lifetime
  • surprisingly knows how to sew; sometimes makes his own clothes and likes to help you with your cosplay

blazer333  asked:


  • Why I like them: Because he’s a funny as hell villain and you just never know what kinda crazy bs he’s gonna do next
  • Why I don’t: Because he’s a fucking BASTARD 
  • Favorite episode (scene if movie): Sock Opera tbh
  • Favorite season/movie: 2
  • Favorite line: “It’s funny how dumb you are!”
  • Favorite outfit: Imo he doesn’t wear clothes???? Does he??? 
  • OTP: Nope. No no no never no.
  • Brotp: Again, fucking no.
  • Head Canon: He knows about the classic fan representation of “Human Bill” and thinks its just as fucking stupid as Alex Hirsch apparently does. 
  • Unpopular opinion: He has no sympathetic qualities. I don’t care if he did destroy his own dimension he’s a sick sadistic bastard who has no morals and cares for no one but himself. 
  • A wish: I wish he had gotten to sing that deleted song of his in Weirdmageddon (don’t worry, it’ll make it into UF)
  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: DON’T FUCKING LET HIM BE REVIVED OH GOD (says that knowing full well what might happen in UF’s sequel…) 
  • 5 words to best describe them: crazy, bastard, asshole, hilarious, triangle
  • My nickname for them: Motherfucking triangle, shitty dorito
july tc challenge | days 7-9

How do they dress? Would you change their style?

i don’t think i can explain his dress tbh?? it’s not really that good lmao he has quite bad style,, but some of his clothes r cute. i’d never change his style

Has your TC met any of your family members? Would you want them to?

he’s talked to my mum alot by email and phone, and he met my dad irl once and also phoned him once (when he was talking about our relationship actually,,,)

How do you think your TC would react upon finding your blog?

he’d probably look through it and confront me about it as soon as he could lmao, we’ve always been v open with each other (well. not me as much ) 

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What headcanons do you have about Valgrace?

oh boy. oh boy im so glad i woke up to this ask. ok. here we go. i fucking love valgrace

- ok tbh i hc leo as way tinier then 5'6. probably like 5'1-5'2. tiny. but  jason is still like 6'1.  just. yeah.

- jason likes to hug leo because hes very very warm and leo likes to hug jason because jason has big strong arms that he feels safe and cared for in, but leo will never say that and just calls him his “power source” as a joke (i wrote a fic about this) 

- jason gives leo piggy-back rides a lot

-  jason washes leos clothes bc  leos a dirty greasy mechanic boy and is bad at remembering to wash his clothes so sometimes leo will come home to all of his shirts like ironed and cleaned and folded nicely on his bed and it makes leo so blushy and happy

- they both love dresses a lot and have really different tastes in dresses like jason likes long regal dresses like this

and leo likes really short dresses or dresses that show off legs  and stuff.

 im just really here for these two being femme as hell.

- leo gets on his toes and gives jason kissies all over the face so much and it makes jason cry over how cute it is

- every month, for theyre month anniversaries leo builds jason something. leo does this for   any partner he has (heroes of olympus is a polyamorous mess) but jason is the best at showing appreciation for leos lil gadgets so leo gets more motivated and happy to build things for jason

ok now ill end this with some valgrace songs

king and lionheart - of monsters and men (leo pov)
wanted - hunter hayes (jason pov)
creep - radiohead (leo pov this ones just to hurt everyone)
what you know - two door cinema club
fire meet gasoline  - sia (also valdangelo)
electric feel - mgmt (leo pov. this is a joke. it desnt have to be)
i am not a robot  - matd (this could just be either singing to each ohther so :) )

alright so feel free to kill me

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Cecil in number 21 for the character wardrobe meme?

So headcanon that Cecil thrift shops a lot, and ends up getting a ton of high-dollar high-fashion reject items without knowing it?? His closet is probably full of this stuff. Inspiration drawn from Betsey Johnson.

  • mom: so how was your da-
  • me: thor's characterization in aou was so on point tho. he was just the perfect amount of cocky at times, and also had some of the funniest moments. then we have the fighting scenes, he dominated them tbh, i loved every bit. and let's not forget the visibly growing friendship he has with steve, something i never knew i needed till i saw it. the moves they did with the hammer and steve's shield?? i mean did they practice this while in the avengers tower on their down time?? thor giving steve an asgardian drink?? bros 4 lyfe. let's definitely not forget thor in midgardian clothes, hot af if ya ask me. don't even get me started on his messy ponytail. hoodied thor was the cutest thing i've seen and also-
Dating Park Jimin Includes:

*requested: feel free to request other members!* 


- Him getting all whiny when you wont cuddle with him

- Super touchy when no one is around, grabbing your thighs, hips, chin, anything he can get his hands on tbh

- But when the boys are around, and you try to kiss him or grab his hand, he’ll do everything short of push you away because ‘Jagi! what are you doing?

- never really gets jealous to the point where he gets mad, but wow, seeing you hang out with jeongguk all day just made him really upset

- you taking all of his sweatshirts and him complaining about how he has none to wear

- but you know how much he loves seeing you in his clothes, because it reminds everyone around him how you’re his, and only his

- back hugs, because he loves leaning his head on your shoulder. and Wrapping his arms around your waist

- laying in bed and listening to music because neither of you want to get up and face the day

- you calling him when hes on tour. because you miss his voice, and it helps you to sleep when you can hear it and hes so far away

- “your voice is so pretty, jiminie”

- “not as pretty as you.”

- shy af whenever you guys even attempt to do something scandalous

- even if its a kiss that starts to get too heated, he’ll get really red and he’ll start to stutter  

- when he leaves for tour, you’re a crying mess

- but all he does is tell you not to be silly, and that he’ll be home soon, and he will call you whenever he can

- everyone is surprised he held it together so well, and then when he gets on the plane, he’ll see you’re tear stained cheeks as you wave to him, and he’ll lose it

- overall, i’m very jealous of the girl that ends up with Park Jimin