he never actually forgets

some more things about the Toddler from Hell™ aka Pidge

  • she does NOT share food. Especially not with Matt
    • one time she had french fries and Matt swiped one and ate it. She bit his finger and literally would not let go until he gave her some of his fries as payment for her stolen one
    • then Shiro steals a fry and she’s just. Totally chill with it. Matt feels betrayed. Again.
  • Matt invites over his crush. While he’s in the bathroom, PIdge tells the girl that he eATS PAPER AND THINKS BLUE PAPER TASTES THE BEST
    • when Matt comes out of the bathroom, the girl is gone and Pidge is sitting there like B))
  • Pidge is d e f i n i t e l y that kid who repeats everything someone says, just to annoy them
    • the only problem is that Matt has a lot of patience and he’s smart enough to shut up when Pidge starts repeating his words so it never works ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Matt and Shiro have a movie night at the Holt’s. Pidge thinks they’re watching a cool action movie so she sneaks towards the living room even though it’s past her bedtime. She can hear Matt and Shiro singing(?) so she hides by the doorway and peeks in…And finds Matt and Shiro singing along to Mulan, specifically to “I’ll Make a Man Out of You”
    • when she strolls into the room, Matt’s voice cracks and she nearly pees her pants. Her hysterical laughter gives her away and Matt wants to disappear
  • Matt and Shiro take her to a park and she rushes towards the swings. Matt goes to push her and she screams bloody murder. Shiro goes to push her and she smiles like a little angel :)) (poor Matt feels even more betrayed)
  • Pidge loves to hide around corners and scare the SHIT out of Matt when he walks around
    • once when he was going upstairs for bed, she quietly climbed up the stairs after him and scREECHED into his ear. He got so scared his voice went up an octave and he almost slipped and fell
  • Matt caught Pidge reading a book by flashlight after her bedtime and in her panic, she chucked the flashlight at him and nailed him right in the forehead. It was hard to explain how he got the bump without getting Pidge in trouble
    • Pidge’s idea of an excuse was saying Matt fell out of bed and slammed his face on the floor. And that’s exactly what she made Matt tell their parents the next morning
  • Pidge once got so mad at Matt that she reset his entire video game when he had finally made it to the final boss battle :’)
  • in another instance, she asked Matt what video game he was playing and when he didn’t respond, she ejected the game just to look at the cartridge. Matt lost all his data and it took everything in him not to chuck Pidge out the window
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OKAY IM WRITING THIS BEFORE I FORGET. this is lowkey out of order too oops

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Villain!Deku thoughts and headcanons:

Quirkless, his strengths and selling points are his hero otaku knowledge, wits and strategies against heroes. Maybe some information gathering quirk would be great for him tho.

His goal isn’t to become hero, but to collect and provide information on heroes. A fan boy gone mad, you could say.

Since he is quirkless and physically not very capable, he has some bodyguards to protect him. Villain!Iida and villain!Uraraka maybe? Or some other people from Villain Alliance if we presume Deku works for them. Dabi maybe.  

Admires heroes and All Might above all, but instead of wanting to be like them, he just wants to see them in action, thus causes trouble wherever he goes.

After the doctor told him he could never be a hero, his hero admiration went up a notch. Since he could never be like them he just wanted to know everything about them. Went villain because All For One spotted Deku and his knowledge before All Might found him. The first to tell Deku he can actually be something and becomes the mentor he never had. 

Never forgets what Bakugo did to him and holds serious grudge. Takes the name Deku for similar reasons as in canon. “Deku who never gives up.” Also it’s great when the bullied takes on the mean nickname and starts to carry it proudly. 

Likes to target and kidnap Bakugo for fun. Doesn’t want to kill him or end his hero career, just to mess up with him. And by mess up I mean, break his bones every once in a while (AndAnrgyFuckHimAngryFuckHimHard). Bakugo develods Princess Peach syndrome and occasionally lets himself to be captured. He’s tsundere about it tho. 

Just imagine Deku and All Might facing off in this verse. Just imagine.

Strilondes & Co stupid bath post

Jane is relaxing in a massive hot tub at the esteemed crocker estate. The water is hot, the jets are on and this corporate queen is in bliss. she cannot hear the faint sound of the fogged windows opening over the bubbling of the whirpool action. she cannot hear the quiet giggles as roxy and callie slip in and tip toe closer, arms full of contraband. she does not realize until the very last moment what is about to go down. roxy stands over her, wearing a legendary grin. jane surges up out of the tub, wailing, ROXY NO

ROXY YES, roxy counters. she and callie drop three dozen bath bombs into the churning water. chaos ensues. rainbow foam and biodegradable glitter are everywhere. roxy slings an arm around jane, laughing so hard jane has to hold her up out of the water. callie covertly eats a handful of sparkling pink foam. instant regret. this is betrayal. how can something look and smell so delicious and yet be so very disgusting

jane insists that they’re gonna have to clean this up later. dont worry, roxy grins. i got that all lined up. (it’s john. he doesn’t know it yet. jane doesnt want to hear another word)

There are natural hot springs on consort island. Dirk encourages visiting them often b/c otherwise Jake goes like weeks without showering jesus christ Jake please. Jake tries to initiate amorous activities because everyone god damn knows when you take your s/o to a hot spring this is what happens, there are rules. dirk just wants to wash his fucking hair, for once, would it kill you jake. would it. a rustling in the wilds around them interrupts their debate, which jake is winning, because let’s face it jake is hot and dirk is weak. a clan of salamanders burst out of the trees. they canonball into the water. bubbles fill the air. dirk and jake slam themselves onto opposite sides of the spring as fast as they possibly can. nearby, the scent of onions fills the air. a nakkodile is chopping vegetables. he is ready to feast

Karkat unwisely leaves the door unlocked for his routine morning shower. Dave stumbles in blearily 40 minutes into it whining about being left to freeze in bed alone. it’s summer, karkat points out, and also get the fuck out what the fuck is wrong with you????????? dave ignores this and proceeds to use the toilet instead. Karkat is screeching. are you filling this bathroom up with the fetid stench of your human waste while I’m trying to goddamn shower. yeah, dave says. sure am. he leaves without flushing. karkat has an actual meteor level meltdown but he never forgets to lock the door again

Kanaya comes home after a long day supervising the jadebloods at the grub caverns. her back is sore. her feet are aching. do you know how much work it is to mop that many eggs. but what’s this? all the lights are off. where is rose. there are rose PETALS… is this a trail? should she follow it? why does it lead to the bathroom??? 

…… oh. someone has prepared her a nice bath. theres incense burning on the counter. there are rose petals in the water. multicolored tea candles are the only source of light. steam curls off the water’s surface, inviting. but its simply too nice to spoil by actually using it. she just stands there, staring at it. rose arrives minutes later, knocking before she walks in, and nearly bowls her right over. what are you doing, she laughs. I thought you’d be in there by now.

oh REALLY, kanaya says. her eyebrows climb. so you were going to ambush me. oh yes, rose agrees, revealing that she is carrying a tub of ice cream. my plans were VERY nefarious, as you can plainly see. they nearly die twice tripping over each other climbing in. water goes everywhere as they settle in together. they sit facing each other, passing a gallon of ice cream between them, quietly telling each other all about their respective days until the ice cream is gone, the incense has burned down and the water’s gone a bit chilly. but that’s ok. they have ways of warming themselves back up again

Forgotten Portal

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Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: None

Request: “OH! Reader being a student of Doctor Strange and accidentally Sling Ring-ed to Starks’ place while half-asleep in Peter’s room. He freaks when he looked up from what he was studying to see Reader walk through the portal and leaving it open. Maybe a crackfic lol thanks”

A/N: I didn’t know if yo wanted the reader already in Peter’s room, then just leaving through a portal, so that’s what I did. Hope this is okay, sorry its so short!

You sighed, swinging your legs on the side of Peter’s bed. You were with him in his room while he studied math, having nothing else to do that night. You yawned, blinking slowly. You were almost falling asleep right where you sat. Maybe it was time to go.

You stood up, taking out your sling ring and beginning to open a portal without thinking. The regular circle of glowing orange appeared over a pile of Peter’s school books, knocking one off the top of the stack. You started to step through, forgetting in your sleep-dazed state that this was not the training rooms of Kamar-Taj, but a New York teenager’s bedroom.

Peter glanced up from his math, seeing a flash of orange out of the corner of his eye. “Y/N! Oh my god, what the hell.”

You didn’t hear him, continuing on through until you were in your own room. You collapsed on your own bed, sighing. You didn’t realize you had left a portal wide open right in the middle of Peter’s small bedroom.

Y/N! Close the portal!”

“Whoops,” you murmured, already falling asleep. You stuck out a hand, seeing Peter’s surprised face on the other side of the portal. You closed it with a quick flick of your wrist, then fell promptly asleep.

Peter still sat dumbfounded in his room. He knew you were one of Strange’s students, but he had never seen you create an actual portal before, never mind forget to close it!

He stared at where the sparking orange circle had been just a moment before. Now he would never be shocked by anything.

*whispers* u ever think abt how John Wick must be the most sentimental person ever? 

like, he would be the type to save all the birthday cards you ever wrote him, and hoard pictures to remind of his favorite memories, and scribble anniversary dates down in his calendar (even though he never actually forgets). 

John would save tickets stubs from movie date nights and all the little notes you write him; He’d end up tucking them away in his favorite novels/books to use as placeholders… smiling every time he opened up to his last reading spot.  

anonymous asked:

Hello! Could you do a HC where RFA + Minor Trio (or just V & Saeran Wrap. It's up to you) calms MC down during a really bad panic attack? Good luck with your blog, love! (Also I'm on mobile so I can't read the rules. I'm sorry if this is against them!)

it’s not against the rules~ also I’ve checked the mobile links, I think they should be working? if not, please inform me <3
anyway, I actually had a pretty good time writing this since I have anxiety as well and I basically just wrote down things I wish people would do for me/things people have done for me in the past when I had a panic attack ^^
-Admin Ace in Space


  • honestly, the second you start crying and panicking, he’s crying and panicking
  • sweet summer child no
  • he wants to protect you! he wants to be strong for you!
  • so he wipes his own tears away and carefully comes towards you
  • “MC… try to focus on me, okay?”
  • has you breathe with him to stop you from hyperventilating
  • is a bit worried about hugging you since he doesn’t know if it will help or not
  • it always helps him, but maybe it will make things worse?
  • tries not to show that he’s freaking out because he knows that won’t do anything
  • carefully asks you what he can do to help you, then does it
  • no matter what it is, he will do it
  • actually writes down what helps you so that he never forgets it
  • if it happens again, he’s there with his notes to save the day
  • even though he hates that you have to go through those things, he’s really glad he can help you and be there to cheer you up again


  • Zen the Knight is here to save the day
  • gets rid of any loud noises and sits down with you
  • gently takes your hand and rubs soothing circles on your palm
  • brings you some warm water or tea because warm liquid helps at least it helps me
  • wipes away your tears
  • acts as calm and collected as he possibly can to help ground you again
  • treats you like freaking royalty afterwards
  • makes you food, has you lay down in bed with fluffy pillows and blankets, cuddles you if you’re okay with that
  • buys you flowers the next day
  • makes it a tradition to buy you flowers whenever you have panic attacks
  • as if you didn’t get more than enough flowers from him already
  • will drop anything and everything to support you
  • tries to find out what triggers your panic attacks and gets you away from crowds or loud noises or whatever it is that affects you


  • working for Jumin, Jaehee’s been stressed to the max a number of times
  • she never really had panic attacks per se but she knows the feeling of absolute helplessness
  • like Yoosung, she has you breathe with her
  • she knows that it’s not going to help if she tells you it’s gonna be okay
  • but she says similar things
  • “MC, I know it’s not easy, but try to focus on the good for now”
  • “Whatever you’re dealing with, I will help you through it”
  • never invalidates you, even if you have the feeling you’re panicking over nothing
  • lots of soft hugs and kisses afterwards
  • tells you to rest, even takes some time away from her work to relax with you
  • you guys are probably watching Zen’s musicals and eating snacks, all whilst wrapped in a soft blanket
  • a few days after, she carefully asks if you have considered/are currently undergoing therapy or taking medication
  • will support you no matter your decision, but wants to make sure you are aware of all of your options
  • she just wants you to be happy


  • Mr. Trust Fund Kid has very little experience with helping people who are having panic attacks
  • doesn’t mean he won’t try his best
  • when he sees you crying and shaking his worry levels go OUT OF THE ROOF
  • hears you hyperventilating and hurries to your side
  • asking you what’s wrong and basically bombarding you with words
  • realizes that’s only making it worse and backs off
  • calls his doctor because he feels so helpless and hates that he can’t make this any easier for you
  • the doctor informs him you’re most likely having a panic attack and gives him tips on what to do
  • he gives you water, makes sure you’re sitting comfortably, and gently rubs your back
  • gets Elizabeth 3rd so you can pet her to calm and distract yourself
  • kisses your cheek softly and murmurs that he’s here for you
  • once you feel better, he has his chefs prepare a delicious meal and gets out of any work or meetings he might still have poor Jaehee
  • spends the rest of the day taking care of you
  • also asks you about medication but pushes the topic a little bit more
  • “MC, you know I can get you access to anything you need to help you through this”
  • but if you still say no, he listens and doesn’t bring it up again


  • though he doesn’t really have anxiety himself (he has depression tbh, but I don’t see him as having anxiety, at least not very severe), he can probably relate to what you’re feeling
  • was about to shout something out of worry when he saw you having a panic attack
  • but luckily realized that that would only make things worse
  • he has a Fidget Cube that he gives you
  • promises to fight whatever triggered you
  • even an entire crowd of people
  • breathes very slowly and very dramatically and has you do it with him
  • both to calm your breathing and to make you smile
  • tells you made-up stories about cats and space and secret agents to make you smile and distract you
  • “I’m always ready to help my Soldier 606”


  • it wouldn’t surprise me if V had panic attacks before or has at least helped some people through them
  • so he has an idea of what to do
  • he is super gentle about the whole deal
  • his voice is so soft and his gaze is so soft and the whole man is just so. soft.
  • V could ease my anxiety just by existing in my general area tbh
  • tells you how much he loves you
  • promises to be by your side to help you
  • wipes your tears with his thumbs and kisses your forehead if you’re okay with him touching you
  • if you feel trapped having him close, he’ll back off and get you some tea and a soft blanket or pillow
  • does whatever it is you need, asks you about it with simple questions so you don’t feel too pressured or anxious about answering
  • holds you close afterwards and murmurs sweet compliments


  • he’s been there
  • he’s been there big time
  • gets rid of any loud noises, opens the windows to let in fresh air
  • talks to you in a low voice
  • starts off by telling you that he knows how you feel and it will pass
  • like his brother, he tries to make you smile
  • he secretly has a small teddy bear that helps him through his panic attacks/nightmares which he lets you borrow
  • asks you if you’re okay with him holding you
  • if no, he nods and continues sitting there with you, supporting you
  • if yes, he gently wraps his arms around you and kisses your cheek, rocking you back and forth
  • you two always help each other through anxiety and panic attacks
  • honestly, you end up having a system because of how much you understand and relate to each other
So, Auston Matthews...

Couple of things, because my tumblr is exploding with rage over that Auston Matthews quote:

- Auston Matthews is 20 years old and a POC player in the NHL. Some people might forget he is a POC player, because unlike PK Subban or Darnell Nurse he can actually pass for a white dude. Guess who never forgets that Auston Matthews is Latino? Auston Matthews! The dude plays in a predominantly white sport and you can bet your ass that he has just tried to fit in and be acknowledged for his hockey skills for the past 15 years. Not ideal? Most definitely. Still understandable? Most definitely!

- The guy is a 20yo professional athlete. He probably knows fuck-all about politics. If somebody had given him a truth serum and put a mic under his nose, his honest answer would have been something like “People, I have no motherfucking idea when it comes to politics! Can we please talk about hockey now?”

- There was literally nothing he could have answered that wouldn’t have offended somebody at this point. We all (and I include myself in this!) have had a rough 24 hours of rage and “Why the fuck do I love a sport that is so motherfucking backwards sometimes?” moments. Look at his interview again. He never utters his personal political leanings. He just says that he wouldn’t kneel, which I find understandable. Because if you’re a kid that tried to never stick out with his ethnic background, you probably don’t want to shine a fucking spotlight at it and be the first guy in the NHL to kneel on the fucking ice. Lou Lamoriello would probably have an aneurysm.

- We all know and love hockey. We know that this sport has a tendency to go all “the team comes first”, “we do things together”, “nobody is allowed to stick out” sometimes. That’s why there are so few hockey players who seriously stick out. Who have a big personality and make themselves into a brand. PK Subban does, and look at all of the fucking bullshit he has to endure. You think a shy kid from Arizona, who officially hates being the center of attention has the balls to be that? Think again.

- And lastly: Isn’t it kinda telling that the only two POC players on the Leafs roster were the only ones having to answer questions about taking the knee today? Why are they the only ones we expect answers from? 

I am not saying that “He’s a puppy, so he’s excused!”. I am saying: There’s a difference between being all of our liberal-revolutionary-hockey-dream-boy™ and being a straight up Trump supporter. I don’t think Auston Matthews is either.

Now take a funny Leslie Knopw GIF, to calm us all down:

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Disclaimer: I am a cisgender, straight, jewish white woman from Germany who grew up with academic parents and never had to worry about food or a safe place to sleep. I am very privileged and I know this. I would never dare to assume that I know what it means to be racially profiled or in danger simply because I was at the wrong place at the wrong time and looked not-white. I don’t really get that whole thing about fetishizing your flag or your military, because the last time my country did that, all hell broke loose. But I try to understand and I try to hold people accountable for their words without bashing their heads in for maybe speaking unwisely. It’s a thin line to tread. Beer usually helps. 

Title: Lost and Found
Author: Zaphodsgirl
Artist: Dandelion Rueda
Rating: Explicit
Pairings: Dean/Cas, Dean/Lisa, Sam/Jess, past Cas/Meg, past Cas/other
Warnings: Alternate Universe, Reincarnation, Angst with a Happy Ending, Soulmates, Pining Castiel, I promise it’s not MCD
Posting Date: 10/6/2017

Summary:  In medieval Ireland, an angel falls in love with a human soul – but when the angel asks to be sent to earth as a human he is imprisoned by Heaven instead.

Centuries later, banished from the Host and stripped of much of his grace, he walks the world with a single hope: to once again find the soul that he loves.

In present day, Castiel meets Dean Winchester and immediately knows that this is the soul he’s spent centuries searching for – except Dean isn’t free to be his, and doesn’t seem to recognize him at all.

Dean feels a distinct pull towards Castiel when they first meet, but doesn’t understand it. Unable to resist his curiosity, he and Cas get closer and closer – but when tragedy strikes, Castiel makes a choice that will likely divide him from his soulmate forever.

- - -

Dean has Fintan’s soul, but he is not Fintan, he reminds himself one morning after Dean has stopped by to visit, endearing himself to the entire team with a round of fresh coffees.

Dean doesn’t see you that way, he scolds his heart when he realizes he’s smiling at a text he’s woken up to one morning.

That soul is not yours to love anymore, he thinks, as he sits on a couch watching The Hobbit and Lisa leans down to give Dean a kiss on the cheek before heading up to bed.

Dean has Fintan’s soul, but he is not Fintan.

He repeats it to himself every night as he goes to bed, like counting sheep, but it doesn’t help him sleep. He doesn’t understand himself, that he could be indifferent to all the souls that have crossed his path for three centuries until this one, long yearned for but just as out of reach as ever before. He tries to see the two as separate entities, changing his nighttime mantra.

I am not in love with Dean, only the soul he carries within him, but it becomes harder and harder to believe as time goes on. He enjoys spending time with Dean in a way he never had the chance to do with Fintan, interacting with him as an equal, a being on the same plane of existence. He enjoys the hours they spend talking about nothing of actual consequence, like the merits of Kraft Cheese Slices for burgers and whether or not Dr. Sexy has to visit a chiropractor regularly because of the lack of structural support a pair of cowboy boots affords in a punishing hospital environment. It’s strange, but when he’s with Dean he forgets that he’s not actually with Dean, can never be, that Dean isn’t the same being he was imprisoned and cast out of Heaven for.

He forgets it all until he’s lying in bed again, pushed up against the window with his bedroom curtains spread wide as he gazes at the ebon expanse of sky, pretending he’s not confined to this room, this body, this life. Pretending the pinpricks of light are all his lost brothers and sisters, and that he is still among them, unhappy but still whole. He lies on his back, trying to fill his vision completely with the night, and imagines he can still fly.

Over the years, Castiel has gotten better about hiding the weight he carries, all the secrets of his existence pressing upon him. It’s easier when he’s busy at work or surrounding himself with people, but here in the nights there’s nowhere to hide, no distraction to deflect with, and this is the part that’s so much more difficult now that Dean is in his life. He catches himself wanting to tell Dean everything he holds secret: the span of years that encompass his existence, all the things he’s seen, all the life he’s lived but never felt alive for.

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Part 5 and final post for the Stuckony/T’Stuckony Given Name soulmates au! Thank you all for the lovely comments and support. I didn’t think this would take off but here we are and I hope you enjoyed each piece! 

This part is all from Steve’s and Bucky’s side. Happy ending I’m afraid because I physically hurt with sad endings. I gave you all sugar instead of salt. Longest part by far. Watch out for the break!

With T’Challa now sure he’s not going to lose Tony to his ‘soulmates,’ he actually makes up for the excuses and the times missed. Steve and Bucky have Tony when they make appearance out in public, but when the day is done and it’s time to rest Tony and T’Challa settle down, cuddle, and watch some crappy tv with fake science and argue over it together or get some movies going and argue about what’s considered classics and what’s not. These moments are full of banter and teasing and always ends with them kissing and cuddling in bed. Sex also happens often.

This is a side of Tony Steve and Bucky have not witnessed at all. This carefree, sassy, sarcastic asshole that’s too sweet and sometimes far too adorable for his own good. The two don’t even believe Tony has another side to him besides the fake press ‘lover’ act he puts on when they walk down the streets or the passive-aggressive side they’ve grown accustomed to when the door closes and they spend ten minutes of awkward ‘well we’re here, now what?’ when they reach their destination.

The two slowly come to realize they maybe, most likely, have lost their chance with Tony. Burned and buried that chance the same way they burned and buried whatever love they forced themselves to feel over Gregory. If the two are even remotely close to the same feeling they understand they will never get Tony to look at them the same way Tony looks at T’Challa. Which is fine, at first. Believing Tony only has the show act or the passive-aggressive act as his only character traits makes it so the pain of losing their soulmate is little. But then by chance, by complete T’Challa surprising his fiance fashion, they end up heading to Tony’s work to greet him and head on over to have a nice ‘date’ together. Instead of seeing Tony hunched over a table with a cup of coffee like they usually did they see Tony giggling uncontrollably and hiding his face on T’Challa’s shoulder while T’Challa grins and holds his arm to steady him. T’Challa has his phone out and it’s showing a video. A squint of their eyes and they can see the video is about cats. T’Challa and Tony are fucking laughing uncontrollably over cat videos and Steve and Bucky realize they are so fucked.

From then on they see Tony in a new light. They see the moments where Tony doesn’t have to ‘put up’ with them and take notice of Tony’s character shift. A text here and there and Tony is smiling at his phone, a breathtaking smile the two have been missing for years. Something funny over his tablet and they hear Tony’s beautiful laugh, a laugh they can see themselves hearing hours on end on a relaxing day. Going to one of Tony’s favorite restaurants and seeing Tony get comfortable, lower his shields, and they see a soft face, a younger face with bright eyes when he recognizes a waiter. Steve is itching to draw it and Bucky wants nothing more than to reach out and gently touch.

The thought of forever losing Tony grows more painful the more they see what they could’ve had but ultimately lost because they allowed their dreams to get the better of them. The idea of a perfect union, of waiting for their third no matter how long it took, to show they were worth the wait, and they ruined it because they pushed anyone who showed the slightest bit of interest for them and didn’t have the name they carry. To think such a simple thing as a nickname and a name change ruined it all for them. So they pine, they lick their wounds when they’re alone and try to make the best of their situation. The threat of Gregory ruining their lives distracted them enough when it loomed in their everyday life, but as SI suffers and slowly declines in sales because no one wants to associate themselves with someone who played around with such a sacred notion as soulmates and thought nothing of placing himself in the trio, Gregory became less a threat and more an embarrassing nuisance. And Steve and Bucky just can’t believe they got fooled by such a person.

They look back at it on their good days where they feel nothing could shame them more than falling for Gregory’s lies. They look back, look at each other and just say “You’re a complete dumbass” to one another. As days go on it gets easier to say and soon it loses all it’s bite and becomes a joke to them. They made this mistake, they brought it upon themselves, they accept it’s what they sowed and they live with it. They just can’t live with the thought of losing Tony forever. Even if it meant losing him as a partner, they’d rather have him in their lives than let him walk away to never be seen again. So they try their hardest to at least have him as a friend. They take Tony’s passive-aggressiveness with a smile, shrug off any jab at their situation from him and his friends, genuinely listen to Tony’s stories when they manage to get him talking about his days, bring him coffee whenever they can, compliment his genius and look on fondly when Tony gets to rambling about a project he’s been working on. They coo whenever they get special opportunities to meet Dum-e, tease Tony and T’Challa when the pair are together, make kissy faces at them, laugh whenever they manage to make one or both of them blush until eventually the passive-aggressiveness melts away and Tony and T’Challa start talking to them as more than just acquaintances.

[break time!]

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I always get super uncomfortable when people draw naruto as this uber manly hurly burly GRRRR masculine dude 

cause like have u seen him?

pls don’t forget about this part of him it’s literally the most important thing thank u

Thor: Ragnarok; yet another review by me :)

Originally posted by hela

I really went to town on this one so grab some snacks, go to the toilet and get comfortable! (not on the toilet of course, unless you want to I guess?)

ALSO: Spoilers! (obviously but if you haven’t seen the movie then what are you doing really) And I do not own any of the gifs used in this. Credit to the amazing owners!

I’m writing this about a week after I saw the movie, so apologies if I don’t go into detail as much or if I don’t remember everything correctly. Normally I do this the day after but I’m still in college and I had my internship so I’ve been running after toddlers and changing diapers all week. Also sorry if this seems rushed and chaotic. I’ve literally scrabbled out all the thoughts in my head that I wanted to share with you.


First of all, I knew almost nothing about the movie going into the cinema. I love Marvel and their work but I find that they show quite a lot prior to the release of the movie (teasers, videos and such) so literally all I saw was the trailer and a few pictures. I also couldn’t help myself when I came across some twitter reviews of the movie and so I read those as well. Apparantly it was one of the funniest Marvel movies yet. AND MY GOD WERE THEY RIGHT!

After I saw the movie I did my homework of course, watching every video or interview I could find and spend quite a lot of time on the tumblr tag.

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I was pleasantly surprised when the movie started. The first two Thor movies had a Shakespearian vibe and had quite a dark undertone. But when Chris Hemsworth started narrating within the first scene I thought to myself “They’ve gone down a different road with this one, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to like it.”

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I loved the change between Loki and Thor’s relationship. In the previous movies (including The Avengers) Loki clearly felt hatred towards his brother and his only desire was a throne. But in this movie it seems as if their “love-hate” relationship has become almost “standard” and they can laugh and joke about it. Which Taika did brilliantly. They came across as actual siblings! My sister and I could relate to quite a lot, it was great to see this new side of their relationship. I also felt a clear change in Loki. Maybe it was because of the new sense of humor and scenes like “Let’s do “get help” or “I’ve been falling for thirthy minutes” but I really feel like Loki missed his brother and enjoyed spending time with him. I’ve always thought of Loki as a really misunderstood and interesting character. (This movie caused my 2013 Loki/Tom Hiddleston obsession to come back with vengeance.) I was so glad Loki made it back to the ship at the end of the movie (I’m not gonna go into detail for those few poor souls who haven’t seen the movie yet). I really think he has a lot more to offer and I’m so excited for his reunion with the other avengers! AND THAT ONE SCENE WHERE HE WAS LOOKING AT THE TESSERACT HAD ME LIKE “ASHLDSLHGDG BABY NO WHAT QKHQFKSHFDS”
His change in general is stunning. Like, in 2012 he was running around with aliens basically trying to destroy the world and in 2017 we find him casually chilling watching theater and eating grapes. This guy I swear. Also, let’s not forget that in The Dark World, he did protect Jane?! I believe that deep down Loki has a good heart, he just has some daddy issues and he really wanted a crown.

Also, let me just take this time to appreciate Tom Hiddleston. He is an absolute amazing actor and he is so sweet and charming and caring toward his fans?! Plus he’s absolutely gorgeous ain’t he?

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ALSO I JUST WANNA THANK TAIKA WAITITI FOR WHAT HE DID WITH THOR’S CHARACTER! This new, funny, charming Thor is literally what I’ve been dreaming of. Don’t get me wrong, Thor has always been an amazing character but the way Chris played him in Ragnarok was the best Thor I’ve seen so far. I also totally get why they cut his hair. At first I was like “What? They can’t cut Thor’s hair?! He’s Thor? He is the hair?!” but the more I heard Chris and Taika talk about it the more I understood. In order to completely re-create this character there had to be physical changes. And it turned out I was okay with it. (and it must’ve been so practical for Chris as well) (now I feel sorry that Tom still has to wear the wig hahahaa sorry bby)
I’m really looking forward to see more of Thor in Infinity War, especially since his powers are now at their peak! I was absolutely shocked when Hela broke his hammer but eventually it made sense. With Mjölnir there Thor would’ve never discovered how powerful he actually is.

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Let’s not forget about our precious baby Bruce Banner! When I first heard Hulk was gonna be in the movie I knew it would be great. His introduction was also amazing (Loki saying “I’ve gotta get off this planet” though?????) and I’m so glad I finally found out where he’d been all this time! I loved that we had a talking Hulk in this movie and that he could show other emotions besides “smash!” The scenes with Hulk and Thor in Hulk’s room were absolutely amazing! But Mark as Bruce was of course also amazing. I loved the fact how he went from “oh my god I’ve been the Hulk for two years? My absolute worst nightmare has come true omg no” to “yep imma cosplay Tony Stark for ya’ll! You see these tight pants? Ya I’m Tony Stark hi”
And also, Bruce Banner has seven PhDs. Let that sink in for a moment. I barely graduated high school and I’m attempting college while this guy just casually strolls around WITH 7 PHDS.

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And these new character? OH MY GOD! When I first saw Valkyrie I was like “yas this is what I’m talking about” She’s so badass! I especially loved that her battle outfit wasn’t “revealing” or “sexy” like I’ve seen with many female warriors. And Korg oh my god I absolutely laughed my ass off with this guy! I really hope we see more of him in upcoming movies! What makes it even better is knowing that Taika actually played him. And Hela? Man, I loved her! I’d seen Cate Blanchett in LORT (duh, also one of my all time favs), and a few other films and I was quite surprised to hear she’d joined the MCU but my god did she do an amazing job! Isn’t she also absolutely gorgeous?! And Hela, oh my god. I almost screamed out for the entire cinema “SISTER? WHAT DO YOU MEAN SISTER? HOLY SHIT!” she was an amazing villan. And to have her kill off the warriors three, just like that?! I thought it was brutal and I hated to see them go (Zach Levi is bae okay) but it was a great way of showing how powerfull she was and what kind of impact she was going to have on Asgard!

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Prepare because I’m about to hit you with a mad Jeff Goldblum appreciation post (I’ve been grinning like crazy knowing I got to write this)

Let’s talk about perhaps even my favourite thing about this movie: Jeff Goldblum. This is my favourite person on the planet, okay? My all time favourite movie (trilogy) is Jurassic Park and ever since that movie I have loved Jeff Goldblum. Watching him in interviews, you realise that every character he plays, somehow IS Jeff Goldblum. His acting is truly amazing so is his personality. If you are not familiar with his other work I strongly suggest you catch up! I cannot tell you how stoked I am to see him play Ian Malcolm again in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (but that’s a story for another time)

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By watching all these interviews for Thor:Ragnarok I got to know his personality more and I’ve come to love and respect him even more.
The Grandmaster was a great character and earned quite a few laughs from the audiance. I loved his look and his personality in general. When he killed that one guy with his stick of disaster he made it seem so casual like “well, poof! He’s dead now!”
It were lines like “I pardon you…from life!” and “Lord of thunder” that had me losing it and I want to thank Marvel for casting Jeff Goldblum, they could not have made a better choice.

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I think it’s pretty obvious that I loved this movie? Taika did an absolute amazing job! There was a lot of improv in this movie which turned out great! Ever since I saw Ghostbusters I was excited to see Chris Hemsworth do more comedy.
The images, colours, music (that led zeppelin though???!!) it was all amazing! From the details in Hulk’s room to the once again the gorgeous Asgard!

There is so much more that I could say but I won’t because I’m already hitting 1.400 words so… If you haven’t seen it I strongly suggest you do! It really is worth the time and money, it also provides you with a good laugh, what more could you want?

Request are of course more then welcome ! (Reviews, imagines, headcanons, whatever do have another week of taking care of tiny little humans so it’ll be a while before I get them done!

Sleeping Beauty

I have no excuse for this. This is just me being a dick.


MC cheated. Jumin is in a coma.

When she closes her eyes, she sees him as he was; fingers looped into his tie or examining his phone. She recalls his soft smiles and the whisper as he turns the pages of books she has long since forgotten; hands as gentle on the spines of his books as they were on her body.

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But it’s My Birthday

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Summary: Waking up the birthday boy is never easy 

Words: 860 

Genre: Fluff 

A/N: Happy birthday to the cutest maknae!!!

Waking up in the morning is one of the hardest things, especially when you’re not a morning person. But, today you were having no problem with it. Slowly lifting your head from the pillow, eyes still half closed. The white bed sheets temporarily blinding you with help from the light from outside. Looking over to your right, you see a patch of light hair poking up from the top of the blanket. Giggling you slowly reach for the end and pull it over revealing the soft face of your boyfriend, Yoon Sanha or as he is known today, the birthday boy.

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Brought to you by @word-spielen and yours truly…

  • Once a week Shiro used to cook for Keith because this boy can’t live on fast food wtf 
  • Shiro’s a terrible cook, the beef tastes and looks like burnt rubber and Shiro. Doesn’t. Wash. The. Rice. Actually he knows that he has to, he just forgets. 
  • Keith never learns that he actually has to wash the rice so he thinks that rice has to be sticky and starchy. 
  • Keith eventually decides that he wants to cook for the paladins, this is him trying to bond with them. Lance and Hunk put the rice in their mouth and squeal in horror upon the realization that Keith didn’t wash it. Keith doesn’t understand. Pidge drags him to the kitchen while Hunk attempts to put something else together. 
  • *10 minutes later* “YOU HAVE TO WASH THE RICE?!” 
  • Keith starts throwing rice grains at Shiro and every time afterwards if Shiro ever forgets to wash rice ever again. Commence food fight. 
“He loves someone else...” Steve Rogers x Reader imagine

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I don’t think it’s really good but I’m not really in the mood now, sorry. I just needed to write to relax and this is what came out. Enjoy!

PS: I’m taking requests :)


Back in 1945 you were all kids, or at least you felt like you were. Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes and you, (Y/N) (Y/L/N), were always together, walking around Brooklyn, having drinks at the very same bar every Tuesday and Thursday and meeting at the very same cafeteria almost every day. It looked like you were inseparable. Bucky had always been the flirty one, also with you even when you never took him seriously. Steve was the sensible one, the polite one and the good one. And you were the sarcastic one, the girl, their little sister. Sadly, you were also that to Steve.

Bucky was aware of your feelings towards Rogers and he really tried to help, but Steve was such a fool with girls. “A girl could lift her skirt in front of him and he still wouldn’t get it”, Barnes used to say. And it was true. He was too focused on getting into the army to pay attention to anything else. You didn’t want him to. Well, you didn’t want any of them to go to war but it was impossible to stop them. Bucky would be such a good soldier and Steve too, he wasn’t strong or even fast but he was stubborn as fuck.

“Bucks, you have to stop him from going!” You begged Bucky once again. Somehow, they both had got into the same division and they were about to go to the front.

“(Y/N) it’s already done, we can’t back down now. It would be illegal”, he explained to you for the tenth time.

“I know but…” you sighed and looked at Steve who was walking out of his house with his case. “Take care of him, please…”

“I will, don’t worry. He will be fine”, Bucky said before kissing your forehead softly.

“Saying goodbye without me?” Steve said as soon as he was in front of you as well. “Hey, don’t look at me like that. I will be fine, you’ll see”, he said putting the case on the ground to hug you. “It’s my duty, you know that.”

“Who named you Captain America, huh?” You said sarcastic hugging him back.

“He whish”, Bucky laughed taking Steve’s case to put it on the truck that would take them to the train station. “We have to go.”

The three of you looked at each other before hugging once again. It was being so damn hard for you to hold the tears. Not knowing when you would be seeing them again, or if you would see them ever again, was killing you. But you had to be strong as well.

“We love you”, Bucky said and pulled away.

You smiled a little and took a step back to let them get onto the truck. Taking a deep breath you waved goodbye as you saw the truck going away until it turned left and they were out of sight. Just then you let all your tears out. Bucky was like a big brother to you and Steve…he was special, so special to you. You couldn’t lose any of them.


It had been months since Bucky and Steve left Brooklyn. Every week you got a letter from each one of them. At least at the beginning. It didn’t pass much time until you only got news from Bucky. Luckily, he also talked about Steve so you could know at least that he was ok. And one day you saw it for yourself. Steve was on TV but he didn’t look like Steve. He looked…bigger, taller, stronger…and he was the Captain America. What the fuck was this?

You understood nothing and so you told Bucky in one of your letters. A letter that never got an answer but one day there was a knock on the door.

“Sargent Barnes at your service, ma’am”, you gasped as you saw Bucky standing there, with his cheeky smile, his uniform and his hat on his hand.

“Bucky!” You screamed hugging him. “What are you doing here? I thought you wouldn’t be able to come!”

He laughed hugging you back as tight as he could before walking into your apartment and closing the door. Brooklyn streets were not safe anymore so it was better to be on the inside.

“Being Sargent has it perks and I missed you”, Bucky smiled with a shrug. You smiled even more and hugged him once again before going to the kitchen to make some coffee for both of you.

“Where is Steve?” You asked from the kitchen.

“He is…busy…you know, Captain America and all that stuff…” he said when he walked into the kitchen as well. There was something about his tone that you didn’t like.

“Is everything ok?” You asked handing him a cup of coffee.

“We haven’t talked much lately, he is always doing those shows”, he said looking down at the black liquid. “I don’t even know how it happened, you know? All he told me was that it was a serum.”

“Is he insane? A serum?” You asked frowning. He nodded and looked at you.

“Look, I’m not here just because I miss you, which I do, or to tell you I’ve been promoted to Sargent. I could have told you those on a letter.” He said. You frowned, now a bit scared. “It’s about Steve. The reason why he’s not writing you anymore. I thought I would tell you on a letter but…here I am”

“James, you’re scaring me”, he smiled a little as you called him by his first name, being the only one who referred to him that way.

“He’s not writing you or replying because…he loves someone else, (Y/N). He met her at training and well…” He bite her lip looking at you cautiously.

“Are they…together?” You asked in a whisper, feeling how your heart broke into pieces.

“No. You know how he is but…” he shrugged.

He loved someone else. A completely unknown girl. And he had completely forgot about you, about his best friend, his sister. Because of a new girl. You sat down on a chair taking a deep breath. You knew he didn’t know you liked him but you never thought he would actually forget about you due to other girl.

“Hey…” Bucky said walking towards you. He put down the cup and bended down in front of you, so he could look up at you. “(Y/N) he is an idiot. He has always been an idiot, I’ve told you so a million times. You are amazing and he’s an idiot for not seeing it.” He said taking your hands.

“But…he loves someone else…” You mumbled. That was all that mattered at the moment.