he needs to stop asap

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>jisung, during chewing gum era:</b> cute and shy little awkward fluff ball , super quiet during interviews , blushes like mad and gets flustered in -0.90102 seconds<p/><b>jisung, during my first and last era:</b> ready to roast and fight any of the older members <strike>but still manages to be cute at the same time wth</strike> , partners in crime with chenle , yaja time enthusiast™ , needs to be stopped asap<p/></p><p/></p>
First Mini Series : NCT members as your boyfriend :D

Johnny as your boyfriend

·      Back hugs is a must

·      Cuz you feel secure and safe in his arms

·      Sometimes he will kiss your neck continuosly until it makes you laugh cuz it tickles

·      He likes to stare at you and when you caught him, he will a wink

·      And you will die cuz asdfghjkl he’s super flirty still eventhough you guys are already dating

·      He likes to brag about you with the members

·      Cuz you are the best, everything about you is perfect for him

·      And sometimes he got too personal with the compliments

·      He sometimes even mentioned about those sexual reference

·      You need to stop him asap if he went further

·      He makes you chocolate cake randomly in any occasion

·      And you never get sick of it cuz it’s damn sweet, just like him :D

·      When you feel down, he immidiately comforts you, hugging you tight and tells you everything will be okay

·      Late night movies and cuddling

·      You both like to watch horror movies, though you are actually a scaredy cat

·      He will laugh at you cuz you will be hiding behind his back eventhough the scene is not really scary yet

·      He finds that cute

·      He will play piano for you and sing you a song

·      Sometimes he will teach you to play piano

·      Just to hold you hand secretly cuz he’s cheesy af XD

·      When you go on a date and ask him about your outfit he will start his….

·      ‘Johnny’s Fashion Evaluation’ show

·      He mostly will describe every freaking thing on your clothes

·      Unecessary details which lead along rant and you both late for you date

·      You just left without him and he will chase you after

·      You have to deal with his parrot immitation

·      Cuz he believe he will improve that worthless skill he called ‘talent’

·      Will annoy you with that if you are doing something important

·      You will get angry for awhile and laugh out loud after cuz he sounds like a dead parrot tbh

·      Be silly with him 24/7 cuz you get along with his stupid jokes so much

·      Clingy to you cuz he’s always busy with his schedule so when he sees you he will never let you go

·      Overprotective and jealous sometimes which you find him cute

·      Morning and goodnight texts is a must

·      When you guys are on a date, he will take selfies of you both together and record every lil thing you do cuz he likes to watch it when he’s misses you

·      Eventhough you are a dramatic girlfriend he always tries to deal with you in a calm way cuz he doesn’t like to shout and hurt you

·      He’s the best boyfriend we could all ever had T_T

Tell me if you want more of this BF series by sending me another member’s name!  - Cuppy

all i want to happen in voltron is an episode like the one in avatar where sokka went away for a few days to learn the ways of the sword and everyone was like “WE ARE SOOOO BOOOORED, WE NEED SOMEONE TO CRACK A JOOOOKE WHERE IS SOKKKA!!!” but with lance like

imagine lance being gone in a mission/missing or just recovering in a pod for a few days and everyone is like “UUUUUGH WE aRE SO BOOORED, THE MOOD IS SO SERIOUS WE NEED SOMEONE TO BE OVER-EXITED OR TO CRACK A TOTALLY INAPROPIATE JOKE ASAP WTF” and like– i just want everyone on the team to feel his absense and know hes an important part of the team and and show they care ok

space-boy-kellin  asked:

(Okay, not yandere but my mood's quickly slipping and things are getting bad again so, I'm sorry in advance) so...I'm not sure if you remember an ask about the ut/us and uf bros getting a message in the middle of the night from their s/o that went something along the lines of "if you don't hear from me at all by this time tomorrow I probably killed myself" but can I get that but for AC? Again I'm really sorry about this one, love ya Ate

Guess who checked their inbox before bed and isn’t going to let this sit there.  Me.  Sorry, It’s long and crappy and sad.


AC:  As soon as he gets the text he tells his boss he has to go and shortcuts home.  He can’t find you and now he is absolutely terrified.  He checks a few of your regular hangouts and places you go when you feel down.  But he still can’t find you.  So he shortcuts back to work and tells his boss he needs a search party out for you asap.  

This doesn’t mean he stops looking, oh no he is everywhere.  He checks every place he can possibly think of.  He only has one place left to check, the echo flower field.  He shortcuts right in the middle of it and looks around.  He can hear the flowers around him echoing your voice.  He can hear you crying softly, degrading yourself, telling yourself no one will care, no one loves you anyway.  

His search becomes more desperate.  He needs to find you.  He needs to see you.  He needs to hold you tight and tell you that none of that is true.  That he loves you very much, and your family loves you.  You mean so much to those around you.  You are so important.  You matter so much.

When he finds you sitting on a rock partially hidden by echo flowers he collapses next to you.  He can see that you just finished crying but you still look so sad.  He wraps his arms around you and pulls you close.  He doesn’t bother asking what’s wrong.  

He just tells you how beautiful, handsome, amazing, wonderful, special, talented, blessed, kind, perfect, honest, brave, strong, caring… the list goes on and on.  The echo flowers pick up his words and they replace your own.  Even the flowers around you trying to prove you are not alone.

He holds you close and tells you how much he loves you.  He kisses you on the top of your head and rubs your back.  He tells you that he wants you to come home with him.  He loves you so much, he can’t even begin to express how much. 

There’s this insanely cute guy at my work and he and I get along super well, but I think lately I’ve been accidentally getting a little too flirty, because he jokingly flirts back, and I need to stop ASAP because his boyfriend seems to be giving me some weird looks, and I don’t wanna be That Guy

Things I have gathered from the Asylum12 tweets
  • Jared says he was upset Sam had no memories of Dean in his heaven
  • There is talk of shirtless Sam in 10x01 - and of Sam getting his anti possession tattoo back
  • Jared is confused by fries vs chips
  • Finale will make me cry like a baby
  • Jared won’t say anything about Sam’s alignment as Abel
  • Jared says that Sam lied when he told Dean he wouldn’t save him from dying. Sam was just hurt and wanted to hurt Dean in return.
  • “Probably not” on if Gen will come back to the show, but she’ll come back soon to see the fans at cons (?????) and may get back into acting again
  • Jared promised a “Cooking Fast and Fresh with West and Thomas”
  • His favorite ep to watch is “Death’s Door” - it makes him cry and allows him to be a fan of the show
  • His favorite comedy episode is “The French Mistake”
  • This is Jared’s 53rd convention (Jensen has done 45) and after his first con he didn’t want to do anymore because he felt people weren’t watching the show and no one really showed up. But he’s glad he stuck with it.
  • Jared enjoyed playing Zeke more than Lucifer
  • Jared says he doesn’t want to wear the same clothes to all the cons, but he runs into a problem in that he doesn’t have a lot of clothes
  • Jared says Misha hasn’t changed his underwear since his first episode. He has “lucky underpants” and said “don’t ask me how I know that.”
  • He is wearing his adorable sweater and white beanie and needs to be stopped ASAP.
Here is what you missed on Keeping Up with 1D

So Harry is an animal lover now and kindly told his fans to stay away from SeaWorld. YOU GO HARRY! SeaWorld of course wasnt very pleased, and started sweating as Harry Styles has the power of god. They invited Harry behind the scenes, but what kind of a joke is that. On the other hand while Harry is pit killing reputations, Niall is killing his fans as he is running around and working out in the hottest gym clothes, showing off his muscles… how fucking RUDE! That piece of shit is also out and about posting for pictures with fans, showing off the sickest glasses known to human kind. Niall keeps finidng new ways to kill everyone and he needs to be stopped asap!
To top it all off, the real bombshell hit when Zayn decided to attack his ex bff on twitter. You could almost feel bad for Naughty Boy… but NAH NOT REALLY! Guess their ship just sank. This is everything the fans have been waiting for and it finally happened, but damn ZAYN WARN US MAYBE?! Don’t just tweet exactly what the fans want… we can’t handle all this satisfaction at once! You think that was enough shit for a week but no…. aprantly now Louis is pregnant… WTF 1D CANT YOU EVER CHILL?! I guess they can’t… and that is what you missed on keeping up with One Direction!