he needs to officiate my wedding

So I Made A Thing

- Viktor Nikfororv, literally the gay pride parade as a person and loving father of all his children (bc he is the Ultimate Dad™ ngl). Will burn down your kitchen and still manage to make you love him. Probably owns a secret tumblr under the name XxDicksauceMcFuckBagxX from which he shitposts memes. #ThirstForKatsuki2k17 #ExtraAsShit

- Yuuri “Momma” Katsuki, the simultaneously sweet cinnamon roll and sassy boi everyone needed. Literal chubby Jesus, King of Bean and protected by the Yuuri Katsuki Protection Program. Will not hesitate to slap a bitch when duty calls. Tries to keep the situation under control, but usually gives in bc he is a Soft Roll

- Yuri/Yurio Plisetsky, emo angst son of cats and Hot Topic who will not hesitate to step on you with his Knife Shoes™. Looks like a sinnamon roll, is actually a cinnamonroll. Official Quote: “May the bow of a violin enter your anus”

- Phichit Chulanont, the official Camera Boi™ and wingman of Yuuri Katsuki. Actually pure sunshine, and will spend one minute fighting everyone for the title of Yuuri Katsuki fanclub president and the next showing everyone pics of his hamsters. Social Media King™ who also must be protected. Would look good in whatever you dress him in, bc he will figure out how to own it. Shall We Slay™ aesthetic

- Guang-Hong Ji, yet another bean. Smol and sweet on the outside, probably a lot of sin on the inside (see reference: Guang-Dong Jizz). Will slay all of China with his gayness. Probably watches the Office and shamelessly makes many references and quotes the show often. The Official Loveable Dork™

- Leo de la Iglesia, American sunshine boi that must never grow up. Kills you with his ponytail and brings you back with his innocence. Deserved more screen time ngl he is Precious™ . Is probably oblivious to how much Guang wants to be choked by him (did I mention Guang is most likely kinky af well now you know)

- Mila Babicheva, actual hot babe. Owns the ice with her crop tops and Aesthetic™  sisterly love for angst boy aka Yurio. Gay on a whole new level (it’s called Yuri!!! [On Ice] for a reason) and converts nearly 100,000 annually to Milaism

- Georgi Popovich, probably crying as you read this. Can’t get over black hair red lipstick bitch Anya that literally has 6 seconds of screen time (poor boyo). Dressed up like Elsa once. Blue lipstick and 1 inch span of eyeshadow are only the beginning. Come back to Season 2 for more Keeping Up With the Russian Squad: The Problem With Being One of the Only Straight Ones™ besides That Canadian Dude

- JJ L., stands for Jean Jacket Lion. Was hated but after some major Character Development™ gained about 198460 fans. Most likely receives anonymous hate on a daily basis, but blocks everyone out with his gucci shades. Probably whispers the words to O’Canada to keep himself sane. Maple leaf bacon bacon eh Queen of England hockey puck ehhh

- Otabek Altin, will ignore the living shit out of you if he isn’t satisfied with you mortals. Slut for Classic Literature and will defeat communism with his knowledge of Shakespeare. DJ’s bc Otabek don’t need none of your fuckin gender roles. Actually Senpai Material™™™

- Chris(t) Giacometti, the actual MVP and wingman of Mr. Spontaneous aka Viktor. “Love comes at a price, and that would be society’s social constructs”. Manages to make eating cereal look intimate. Would give a fuck, but is too busy being literal Sex on Skates™ . Coming (?) for your heart, preferably on the ice. Can’t have Gay Class without Gay Ass

- Michele/Mickey Crispino, the Salty Shit™ no one knew they needed in their lives. Actually manages to keep his gay on the downlow. Virgin Extremist™ and Italian Spaghetti Son™.  Probably cries at the thought that one day his sister will be married to some fleshsack. Is Not Okay™

- Sala/Sara Crispino, Kiss Kiss Fall In Love. Has stick straight hair but don’t let that fool you bc tbh she probably gay as well. *cries bc I would never get to see her irl and I’m a gay nerd on the internet that needs help forming actual relationships with living people*. Heart made of golden memes

- Emil Nekola, actually Pewdiepie (you all knew it was coming so I got it over with). Robotics Nerd™ and Beard Boi Extraordinaire™. Only a year older than Chicken Nugget boy but ready for his big boy memes on YT. Can magically change his eye color with the power of gay

- Seung Gil Lee, Club Leader of the Eyebrow Boys Club. So thicc he rivals the Amazon River (according to Google that’s the widest river in the world so there ya go). Despises women and vegetables (men take the opportunity now he is single, though probably not ready to mingle considering how he roasted Sunshine Girl aka Sala at the Rostelecom Comp.)

- Minami “The Chicken Nugget” Kenjirou, probably the only one that is actually innocent. Would be scarred by a simple dick joke. Must also be Protected™ in order to preserve as much innocence as possible. Theme Song is Paparazzi by Lady Gaga. Adorable and Delicious™


- Yakov, done with the teenager bullshit. 70 years of rage and overwhelming need to punch something. Needs A Hug™. Probably gave Viktor that pink convertible from the official art ngl. Is a slut for peace and quiet bc goddammit he doesn’t get enough of it. “*elongated sigh* No, you cannot skate to My Immortal for your free skate, Yuri”

- Makkachin, Bestest Boy™. Would easily win the GPF if given the chance. Ring bearer at the Viktuuri wedding. Woof woof (translation: I’m gonna eat those fuckin buns and give your family a heart attack fUCKIN WATCH ME DO IT YOU RUSSIAN HO)

Victuuri Recs #7

One Step Sideways by airgeer (PG-13, 28k)
Summary: "Waking up in a world where the best possible turn of events was a literal doppelgänger was not exactly what Victor considered a great morning.

The other Victor apparently begged to differ.

“Amazing!” he said, poking Victor in the shoulder.“

Just as Victor and Yuuri are about to start the final dash of preparing for the Grand Prix Final, Victor finds himself in a different reality- one where he, rather than coaching Yuuri, is in the middle of skating his retirement season.

They don’t know how it happened, or how to fix it, but neither Victor has ever let details like that stop him. [Parallel Universe, *FAVORITE]

You Can’t Plan for Everything by RivDeV (NC-17, 113k, WIP)
Summary: Yuuri forgets that he has a scheduled heat coming up until it’s just a couple weeks away. He scrambles to get everything ready in time, including deciding whether he’ll spend it alone or with someone. Victor only wants to help. [Omegaverse, *FAVORITE]

turn it, leave it, stop, format it by ebenroot (NC-17, 19.6k)
Summary: “If you want, I can recommend you some security programs that you can download for free and protect your computer. That way, you won’t be at risk of losing these cute photos of your dog even when you browse websites like ‘Luscious Lonely Wives’.”

Victor gives one long ‘haa’. “I don’t browse those websites,” he says through his straining smile.

the ‘i will break any and all electronic devices that get into my hands if it means I get to talk to the cute tech support guy’ fic [Tech Support!Yuuri, Dog Groomer!Victor]

so this guy walks into a bar… by silvercistern (NC-17, 16k)
Okay, okay, okay so you know that trope where a couple pretends to be strangers so that they can seduce each other? Yeah I’m sure you do. It’s been done before. But hear me out:

What if they were embarrassingly bad at it?
Instead of talking over their future, two grown-ass, married adults pretend to be strangers in a club.

Those Three Words by azriona (R, 31k)
Summary: Their one night of passion in Sochi left Victor Nikiforov with a bit more of a souvenir than either he or Yuuri Katsuki bargained for. Oops? [Omegaverse]

i feel like i win when i lose by renaissance (NC-17, 7.9k)
Summary: Yuuri’s life is a mess. He came a spectacular last in the Grand Prix Finals, drank too much at the banquet, initiated no fewer than three dance-offs, took his shirt off, wore his tie like a headband, pole-danced in his underpants, made a fool of himself in front of ISU officials—and now, somehow, he’s Viktor Nikiforov’s booty call. [Canon Divergence]

My Name On Your Lips by feelslikefire (NC-17, 31k, WIP)
Summary: Yuuri Katsuki has been betrothed to the High King’s son, Victor, since he was just a child; furthermore, as an omega, he’s forbidden from practicing magic in combat. For years, he’s been able to put off the former because the Prince was traveling abroad, and gotten around the latter by practicing with his mentor in secret.

Now Victor Nikiforov has finally returned home, and Yuuri is being summoned to the capital for their wedding. He needs a plan to put off marriage long enough to find a way to break the betrothal, while keeping his practicing from being discovered.

If only the Prince didn’t have other ideas.
(Or, the swords-and-sorcery arranged marriage AU. Updates weekly.)[Omegaverse, WIP]

Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches by Reiya (NC-17, 147.5k, WIP)
Summary: ‘…Of all the rivalries in the world of sports over the years, perhaps none has become so legendary as that of Russian figure skater Viktor Nikiforov and his rival, Japanese Yuuri Katsuki…’

A single event changes the course of Yuuri’s life, throwing him into a bitter rivalry with Viktor Nikiforov that spans across his entire skating career. But as the years go on, rivalry and hatred begin to develop into something very different and Yuuri doesn’t seem to be able to stay away, no matter how hard he tries.

Hatred and love are two sides of the same coin and even though everything changes, some things are still meant to be. [Rivals!AU, WIP]

He’s Going the Distance by Phayte (NC-17, 2.6k)
Summary: So… Day Two Prompt for Victuuriweek - LONG DISTANCE was the Prompt with Yuuri… so um… Yuuri, Victor, Phichit and Chris have a 'long distance’ contest to see who wins…

at your service by anirondack (NC-17, 5.2k)
Summary: “That felt really good,” Yuuri says as he shuts the television off on the second try. “Can you do the rest of me?”

A Victor standing up, a Victor sitting on the couch next to Yuuri with a glass of wine in his hand or a dog in his lap, would have made a suggestive joke about that. But the Victor on his knees just nods, happy to have direction on how to best please Yuuri, and says, “Of course.”

Five thousand words of service sub Victor, plus some sex. [D/s]

lie to make me like you by cityboys (R, 80k)
Summary: It’s become a game, of sorts, to anyone privy to the fact that the pattern exists in the first place: ask Victor out at the beginning of the month, date for however many days, and wait for the end to come and for Victor to say, always: I couldn’t fall in love with you. Let’s break up.

Or, Victor is a retired actor looking for love, and Yuuri happens to be the (un)fortunate soul to unwittingly ask him out at the beginning of the month. Except relationships don’t come with a script, and it’s much harder understanding love than roles. [Actor!Victor, Ballet!Yuuri Entertainment Industry AU]

Steal My Heart (steal my whole life too) 8/24

Genre: Chaptered, fantasy AU, Prince!Phil, Thief!Dan, romance, enemies to lovers, angst and fluff, slow burn (like serious slow burn)

Warnings: some violence, mentions of death (no main characters), dark magic, descriptions of wounds/blood, some hints of sexual scenes (but no actual smut), murder, dangerous situations, stealing/thievery

Summary: Captain of the Royal Guard and Prince of Morellia, Philip Lester has never been given the chance to find love. Instead, he’s run from a system that works to end class differences and improve equality for its citizens. Happy as he is to make the world a better place, Phil can’t help feeling bitter towards his ancestors for making it impossible for him to find someone who will actually love him for more than just his title, and strives instead for a life of justice and doing good - only to meet his match in the King of Thieves, a man who will change everything he once thought he knew in life. Together, they must depart on a quest to save the kingdom, and, in the process, destroy their differences and find their own form of love.

Keep reading

While, sitting in the bay window in her living room, Riley hears the house phone stop ringing, her husband saying “Hello? Yes, this is Lucas Friar” and then a few minutes of silence. When she hears something drop on the floor in their bedroom she calls out for Lucas. “Everything ok Lucas?” When he doesn’t respond, she goes in search of him.
She finds him standing motionless by the side of their bed, the phone beeping its off the hook “alarm” as it lays on the floor.
“What is it, Lucas?” She asks as she walks in. When he turns to face her, his face is stoic but his eyes are devastated. Anxious to get to his side, Riley climbs across the bed, grabs his hand and yanks him down next to her.
“Lucas? You’re scaring me. Who was that on the phone?”
His eyes filling with unshed tears, Lucas looks her in the eyes and explains “That was Pappy Joe’s nurse. He’s with Grammy Lou now.”
“Oh baby I’m so sorry.” She whispers as she pulls his head to her chest. He burrows his way into her embrace and takes a deep breath.
“Let it out Lucas.” She murmurs tears evident in her voice. When she slowly runs her fingers through his hair, he breaks and the tears flow.
“Pappy Joe is at peace now. You know he hasn’t been himself lately. I think he knew it was time. He’s with his beloved again” he grinds out.
“Yes he is. He will always be with us Lucas. He gave you the ranch….”
“Us… he gave it to us Riles. You know he loved you Riley.”
“I loved him too Lucas & I always will. Logan and any future children we have will know what an amazing man he was. I can’t wait to tell them stories about Pappy Joe.”
“Lets leave out the one where he wanted to hog tie me until I came to my senses.”
Riley giggles softly and raises his face to hers “Yeah. I think I’ll leave that one out. They don’t need to know that Texas was almost the end of us”
“Pappy Joe made me promise to do everything in my power to get you back. He couldn’t believe that "any grandson of mine would be foolish enough to let his best friend walk away.” He didn’t care how old we were… he told me that while my beating Tombstone made him proud… my meeting you was the most important thing and that he would be dancing at our wedding"
“He did and he sang too.” Riley remembers fondly.
“He was so overjoyed to be able to tell everyone that you were officially a Friar.”
“He told me to call him if you ever got out of line & I needed back up. I think he liked me more than he liked you” Riley explains with a smirk.
“No thinking needed… I know he did… especially once Logan was born.”
They both fall silent, each wrapped up in fond memories.
Lucas leans forward, kisses his wife and proudly tells her that he can’t wait to teach Logan how to play…just like Pappy Joe taught him.

Miss Me? Part One

Today is my wedding day, I thought I would be happier than I was. My wedding day was supposed to be one of the happiest days of my life. I loved Stefan I really did but he wasn’t Kai. Stefan really was there for me when I really needed someone after Kai was killed. Stefan helped me raise my child, and I couldn’t thank him enough for that. But part of me still loves Kai, it might be for the fact that Kai and I have a child together, a daughter, who is like her father in so many ways, the good qualities about him anyways or because I never loved someone as much as I loved Kai. I saw the good in Kai while everyone else just saw him as a monster, but there is nothing I can do to change what happened to him, it was his own doing. I tried to stop him but he wouldn’t listen to me and he just wanted to get revenge on his family, I don’t blame him but he went about it the wrong way, and of course he had to do it at my father’s wedding to his sister Jo. So of course my dad wasn’t happy that I was in a relationship with Kai because of what Jo told him about Kai. He never got to know Kai I knew. So when I told my dad that I was pregnant with Kai’s child he got really upset and said he never wanted to see me or my child again. Which I totally understand because of why Kai did, but that didn’t lost long he came and said he was sorry for what he said. Stefan was there for me through it all, he was such a great friend, we both started to develop feelings for each other and started dating. He loves my daughter like she was his own, she calls him daddy and everything, she of course knows that Stefan isn’t really her dad. A couple of years later Stefan proposed to me and I said yes because I knew it was the best thing for my daughter. She could have a normally life, well as normally as you get get living in Mystic Falls and having a mother that is a witch and a step-father that is an ex-vampire. Stefan knows that I still have feelings for Kai just like he still has feelings for Elena. We both know that we aren’t going to be able to get back together with them, so we decided to marry each other. So now were are back to present day, my wedding day. I’m here getting ready to marry my best friend but I keep thinking that something is going to stop this from happing, I have this weird feeling. I was sitting in my wedding dress at the mirror in the dressing room just staring at myself, when I hear a knock at the door. Which pulled me out of my thoughts. “The doors up, unless you are Stefan than go way, its bad luck to see the bride before the wedding.” I hear a chuckle. “Its not Stefan but its your dad.” “Come in Daddy.” My dad opens the door and he has the biggest smile on his face and I copy his smile. “ I can’t believe that my baby is getting married, my little girl is all grown up and looks so beautiful.” “Stop Dad, and you still have Josie and Lizzie as your little girls butThanks Dad” “yes but no matter how old you get you will always be my little girl, even with Josie and Lizzie, you and I have a special bond plus you are my first born, but are you ok? You don’t seem all that happy.” “Dad stop you are going to make me cry and make my makeup run and Caroline will flip her lid, I am happy, if I told you why you would get upset and I don’t want that, you have been through a enough.” “We don’t want that to happen, and Honey you can tell me anything, I promise I won’t get upset.” “Are you sure Dad?” “Yes, I’m sure.” “I always thought Kai and I would get married, not saying I don’t love Stefan because I do, I really do but part of me still loves Kai.” “Just because I don’t care for Kai doesn’t mean you can’t talk about him to me, of course part of you will always love Kai, you share a beautiful daughter together, and part of me still and always will love Jo, she is the mother of the twins. Its understandable. I never doubted that you didn’t love Stefan, not for a minute.” “Thanks Dad, I guess you are right, I just don’t want to get hurt again, all my past relationship ended in death. Kol, Kai, I don’t want that with Stefan, especially now that he is human.” “Oh Honey I understand that feeling, I mean look at my relationship history, they haven’t ended the best either and all but two relationships ended in death, your mother and Caroline.” “I guess we have a curse on us, I don’t think my mother counts, she left you after I was born.” “True but she isn’t died that I know of, Yes there is a thing called the Saltzman curse, but nothing is going to happen to Stefan. I don’t think Damon would let that happen.” “Well she’s dead to me, but I sure hope so.” There was another knock at the door. My dad goes and answers the door and its Damon. “Stefan is so going to cry when he sees you Lauren ” “Shut up Damon but Thanks, How’s Stefan doing?” “Nervous as all get out but he is doing ok.” “Honey, I’m going to let you and Damon talk, I will be out in the hallway when you are ready.” “Ok Dad!” My dad leaves.“ “Now Damon why are you really here?” “Why do you always think there as to be a reason?” “Because its you.” “Fine, Stefan feels like something is going to ruin your big day and I keep telling that nothing is going to happen.” “He feels that way too?” “Oh boy you think that too? Nothing is going to happen.” “You don’t know that, this is Mystic Falls Damon and weddings aren’t really my families thing, remember what happened at the last wedding?” “Lauren that is not going to happen I promise you!” “Ok you better be.” Caroline comes running into the room with Bonnie behind her, remind me why I let Caroline help me plan this wedding, I love her but she can be intense. “Lauren you need to find Alaric and get in to place, because this wedding is about to start. Damon why are you in there, go to Stefan now!” Damon leaves. “Caroline breath!” “Sorry I forget to do that sometimes, by the way you look beautiful, Stefan won’t know what hit him.” “Lauren , you look so beautiful, Stefan is one lucky guy” “Thanks Caroline and Bonnie, and thank you both for helping me plan this amazing wedding.” “ You are welcome Lauren , but Caroline pretty much did it all.” “No problem, you’re one of my best friends, I would anything for you plus you know I love planning these type of things.” “You are the best!” “I know, but we need to get you in place.” “Ok I will go, is Josie, Lizzie and Lilah (your daughter) ready?” “They are so ready, they cant wait to throw flowers.” We all laugh and hug each. “Let’s get you married girl!” “Yeah we need to get into places like right now.” “Caroline calm down!” we all come out of the room and I walk over to my dad. We both walk downstairs, we wait for the music to play, and we start walking to Stefan. I looked up and smiled at Stefan and he smiled back at me, he had a tear running down his face. Once we got to Stefan, I heard my dad say, “protect her.” “Always.” Stefan takes my hands into his. We both smile. Everything was going great until the wedding officiant says, “if any person knows any cause as to why the couple should not be wed, they should speak now, or forever hold their peace.” it was silence for a little while, until I saw someone stand up in the corner of my eye, that can’t be, no that isn’t Kai Parker, he’s died, I saw Damon kill him, I was there, that can’t be him but this is Mystic Falls anything can happen I want to look but I don’t at the same time, I guess I will look over at him. Yup that was Kai Parker in the flesh, but how. Before I could say anything. Kai starts waving his finger around and making airplane noises and says, ” I wonder who that person would be, I can’t seem to put a finger on who wouldn’t want to see these two lovey people getting married, oh would you look at that, it would be me Kai Parker.“ Kai finally stops moving his finger and points at himself. I look back at Stefan with a confused look on my face and he has the same confused look on his face. “Stefan what is going on?” “I have no clue Lauren ” “oh I know, I know want’s going on, I’m stopping you two from getting married, I thought I would do it differently this time, I realized that killing people aren’t always the answer, I made that mistake at the last wedding I went to, it got really blood and this suit is really expensive and blood doesn’t come out of clothes and I’m just sick of killing, well not really but I decided that a wedding isn’t the best place to kill someone” “Kai what are you doing here?” 

Part 2 

Warnings: None

Words: 1,021

Cassian gently nudged you in your side with his elbow. “Look, there he is.”

When you found Chirrut, he was sitting on a stone outside of The Great Temple.

It was quite surprising to see that he was by himself. 

Usually he and his partner, Baze Malbus, were attached to each other at the hip.

But this afternoon, Baze was nowhere in sight.

Must have gone off to take a nap somewhere, You thought with a small smile.

Surely keeping his eye on Chirrut was something of an exhausting task for Baze.

“I am one with The Force and The Force is with me. I am one with The Force—”

He held his staff in a gentle, but firm grip in his hands as he continued chanting.

“Let’s go,” Cassian said eagerly as he started leading the way towards Chirrut.

The smile on your face faded slightly and you stopped walking.

“Cass, wait a second.” You grabbed his arm, holding him back. “This is insane.”

He looked down at you with a puzzled expression. “What’s insane?”

As if he didn’t already know. It wasn’t too long ago that Cassian had appeared at the door of your private sleeping quarters and told you there was something that the two of you needed to discuss right away. Before you even had the chance to ask him what he was talking about, Cassian pulled a silver ring out of his pocket, dropped to one knee in front of you, and asked you to become his wife. You had said yes to him, of course, but Cassian still had another proposal up his sleeve.

“Tonight,” he’d said, taking your hands tightly in his own. “Marry me tonight.”

“Tonight?” You repeated, your eyes going wide. “Are you hearing yourself?”

Cassian nodded. “Yes, I am. Loud and clear. I want us to get married tonight.”

You opened your mouth to speak, but nothing came out. You were too stunned.

“We can have a small, private ceremony outside the temple—under the stars.”

“But we would need to find witnesses, not to mention someone to marry us!”

Cassian’s thumbs lightly rubbed the back of your hands. “Finding witnesses isn’t a problem, after all, we each only need to have one. And I was thinking we could ask Chirrut to see if he would be willing to officiate.” He paused for moment and gave you an apologetic smile. “I know that it’s not the wedding that you deserve, but I just can’t wait any longer to make you my wife.”

And now here you were.

In just a few short hours, if Chirrut agreed to officiate, you would be married.

“Are you alright?” Cassian’s voice brought your mind back from orbit.

“I’m fine, it’s just…” You trailed off, trying to find the right words to say. 

He turned towards you and gently cupped your face between his hands.

“If something’s wrong, please tell me. If you don’t want to do this, tell me—”

“No, Cassian, that’s not it at all. Of course I want to do this. Nothing would make me happier than marrying you,” You assured him, gazing up into his dark eyes. “I do want to do this. It’s just—I’m feeling a little bit overwhelmed.” You gave him a a small, teasing smile. “But, I’ve heard that it’s normal for a blushing bride to feel overwhelmed on her wedding day. She is marrying the man she loves, after all.”

Cassian laughed lightly and kissed the tip of your nose. “So, you’re sure, then?”

You nodded. “Absolutely.”

He kissed you again, this time on the lips, and took your hand. “Come on, then.”

Chirrut’s steady chanting continued as the two of you approached him. 

As you drew closer to the spiritual warrior, you started feeling like an intruder.  

“Cassian, maybe we shouldn’t bother him right at this moment,” You whispered, clutching his hand.

Chirrut’s chanting came to an abrupt stop and he turned towards you. 

“Yes, maybe you shouldn’t bother me right at this moment,” he repeated, although you saw the smile that was tugging at the corners of his lips. 

You and Cassian exchanged a confused glance.

“How did he know—?” 

Chirrut held up a hand to silence you. 

“You two have a very big favor to ask of me.” It was a statement, not a question.

You looked at Cassian. “Well, go on. It was your idea to ask him, after all.”

Cassian cleared his throat. “Yes, well, we were wondering if you would do us the honor of marrying us. Tonight. In a very small, intimate ceremony.”

Chirrut didn’t respond right away. He had fallen into deep, deep thought.

“Chirrut? Is something the matter?” You asked, nervously. 

He set his pale, clouded blue eyes on you. “All is as The Force wills it.”

You quirked an eyebrow. “Come again?”

Chirrut smiled. “You two are meant for each other. You belong together. The light that surrounds each of you, it becomes brighter only when you two are together,  but when you are apart, it begins to dim.” His eyes somehow managed to fall on your hand, which was still holding on tightly to Cassian’s. “The Force, however it may have brought you two together, it did so for a reason.”

“I believe it did,” Cassian agreed, squeezing your hand. 

You squeezed it back. “It truly did.”

Chirrut’s smile widened. “You’ll each need to have a witness present to validate the marriage.” 

“I’ve asked Jyn to be mine.”

“And Kaytoo is mine,” Cassian said. He noticed the look on your face and let out a small chuckle. “Don’t look at me like that. You know he would never forgive me if I asked someone else.” 

You couldn’t help but smile. “Yeah, I guess that’s true.”

Cassian turned back to Chirrut. “So, does this mean you’ll do it? Will you marry us?”

“It would be an honor,” He replied as he rose to his feet. “I trust it would be okay for me to bring Baze along to the ceremony?”

You nodded. “Of course you can.”

“Good,” Chirrut grinned. “He’s a sucker for weddings.”

Not sure about this one, but I think it turned out okay. 

This wasn’t a request, it’s my own idea/work. Next imagine is a request! I hope everyone has a good Sunday!

Forever and Always - Shiro x Reader

A/N: The thing that happens in the second half of the story is total BS and has no basis in canon whatsoever but I had to make something up. Enjoy the floof!

Prompt: Omg that Shiro one was so good ajbdbfjdisb I love it can u do a part 3 where it like shows how their life is going and maybe interactions with the rest of the group?? (requested by anon)

Part 1  Part 2

It was a good morning.

You woke up to Shiro softly pressing lazy kisses along your neck and nuzzling against your skin. He had his arms encircled around your waist as he pressed you flush against his chest. It was one of those rare times where neither of you were in a hurry to go about your days. He didn’t have training until later in the morning and Coran wasn’t expecting your help with the ship maintenance until after lunch. You and Shiro miraculously found yourselves having the morning all to yourself which didn’t happen nearly as often as you would have liked.

You laid in bed and just basked in the feeling of being together without the pressures of your impending death looming. Of course you were still in danger but you weren’t left wondering if each day might be the day you’d be forced to kill the man you love.

You could have probably spent all day with Shiro if you could have but eventually duty called and he had to leave for Paladin training. Shiro reluctantly left the comfort of your warm bed and dressed in his armor. Before leaving for the day he strode over to you leaned over the bed and gave you a tender kiss goodbye.

“Have a nice day, [Y/N].” He whispered with his lips hovering over yours.

“Right back at ya, space husband.” You grinned giving him a quick peck on the lips.

“Will I see you later?” Shiro asked.

“Eh. I’m sure I’ll be around.” You said with a wink.

Unfortunately you didn’t really see much of Shiro that day, which was to be expected. He was off saving the universe and you were preoccupied with helping your alien friends keep their ten thousand year old ship up and running. Your life wasn’t any fairytale by any means but you were happy, safe and you had hope for the future you might one day have a future.

“So … I don’t think we ever got the full story about you and Shiro.” Lance prompted while you were working on tinkering with a gadget for the ship in the common area. You were sat cross legged on the couch while Lance lounged with his arm thrown over the back of it.

“Yeah, I’m kind of interested too. I never heard Shiro talk about you know … before Kerberos.” Keith from the couch facing towards you. You set down the gadget that you were working on, figuring this might be a long conversation.

“That’s because I didn’t know him before Kerberos.” You said.

“But you guys are married now and yet none of us really know how you two met.” Pidge added on.

“Ooh! Are we talking about how Shiro and [Y/N] met? I want to hear this story too!” Hunk exclaimed excitedly as he came into the room with Shiro trailing not far behind him and overheard the conversation. Hunk threw himself down onto an empty space on the couch and waiting expectantly for the tale to begin.

“Are we really telling this now?” Shiro asked you sitting beside you and taking your hand firmly in his. You stretched your legs out and draped them across his lap.

“We probably should have told them a while ago. I mean can we blame them for wanting to know how Space Dad met Space Mom?” You said shrugging your shoulders.

“It’s not a cute story, [Y/N].” Shiro pointed out at your lighter tone. He glanced down to his metal arms and clenching his fist. You reached your hand out and weaved your fingers through his cold metallic ones.

“Still a story that should be told, Takashi. If we pretend it didn’t happen the way it did we are betraying the memories of all who died under Galra control.” You insisted sadly. His eyes softened at the use of his real first name. You were the only one on the ship who ever called him by that name.

“Did she just call him Takashi?” Lance leaned over and and whispered to Keith. Keith rolled his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest.

“That’s Shiro’s real name, you idiot.” Keith replied softly.

“Not to be pushy, but can you guys tell us the story already?” Hunk interrupted eagerly. You looked over to Shiro and he silently nodded to you.

“Alright, alright. I’ll tell it.” You began. “So I was on the team that they sent out to Kerberos to search for and recover whatever we could from the crash. Our priority was to salvage anything we could from the ship as well as recover any of Commander Holt’s research. Imagine my surprise when we get to Kerberos to find that the ship is just sitting there fully intact and operational.  It was if the crew had just disappeared. We were waiting on word from the Garrison before we took the Kerberos ship back to Earth when an enormous Galra ship entered the atmosphere and abducted me and the rest of the crew.” You paused briefly. You didn’t remember much between the time you were taken and when you were thrown into the cell where you met Shiro.

“I never did find out what happened with the rest of my crew… “ You trailed off with a frown. You mind wandered off to ponder their fates.

“What happened next?” Hunk prompted pulling you out of your wandering thoughts.

“I met Shiro.” You answered simply. You made eye contact with Shiro and smiled a bittersweet smile. “After my initial capture I was thrown into the same cell as Shiro. We were the only two humans there so it was easy for us to become close, even with the horrors the Galra put us through.” You said. Shiro squeezed your hand comfortingly before picking up the story where you left off. He recounted how the two of you fell in love even as you were subjected to Galra torture and being forced to fight poor innocent creatures. He told the paladins how when you were pinned against each other in the ring you refused to fight each other and were separated, never to see each other again until you were rescued and reunited.

“So wait. What happened to you after you and Shiro were separated, [Y/N]?” Keith asked after Shiro reached the point of the story that they were all present for and could remember.

“I was forced into slavery. I served many of the elite Galra soldiers. My slavery was supposed to be a constant reminder that I lived only because the Galra allowed me, that the only purpose of my life was to serve and please them. I was forced to take this to heart otherwise I risked having to be reeducated or executed. I was a quick learner.”

“When we found you though?” Lance prompted

“I was on my way to a solitary confinement cell. I had the audacity the refuse a Galra captain. I punched him and drew blood, I probably would have been killed if you and Keith hadn’t intervened so thank you.” You explained. “So that’s the story of how Shiro and I met. You know the rest. I came here, helped out with the team and now you all are my space children and Shiro is my space husband.” You said finishing the tale on a lighter note. The paladins asked you a few more questions about your past but soon enough they started filtering out of the room to go about the rest of their days. Eventually it was just you and Shiro left in the common area. As soon as the last person had left, Shiro pulled you into his lap and softly cradled your face in his hands.

“[Y/N]? You do realize I’m still your husband no matter if we’re in space or not, right?” Shiro asked with worry creasing his brow. “This doesn’t end when we go back to Earth. I’m with you for the rest of our lives, however long they may be. We wouldn’t have asked Coran to marry us if we didn’t believe that.” Shiro insisted, his eyes warm and passionate. You wrapped your arms around your husband and nuzzled your face into his broad chest.

“I know that, but sometimes I feel like this is all just a really good dream that I could wake up from at any moment to find that I’m still on that god forsaken ship. I love you, Shiro. I just have a hard time getting a grasp on that after all we’ve been through we wound up happy and in love with each other. You’re my husband yes, but you’re also my fantasy space husband until this stops feeling like a dream.”

“I supposed I can’t argue with that.” He agreed warmly. “Does that mean you’re my space wife?” Shiro asked with a smirk looking at you from beneath his lashes. You smiled and nodded eagerly before leaning in and softly kissing the scar on his nose.

“Forever and always.” You promised with a smile, taking in your husband’s relaxed features. He looked so much more youthful when his face was constantly contested by the stress of the fate of the entire universe resting on his shoulders.   

A Few Months Earlier:

“Coran, will you marry us?” Shiro asked approaching the Altean with his elbow linked with yours. You and Shiro looked at each other with bright excited smiles on your faces while you waited expectantly for his answer.

“I’m sorry to say I’m married to my work, Shiro, but I’m flattered though!” The alien said in misunderstanding.

“Oh no, Coran! Shiro and I want to get married. We need someone who can make it official and we thought you might be the best person to go to.” You clarified. Coran’s eyes widened in understanding at the confusion.

“Right! It would be my honor.” He corrected himself. “I’ve never done a human wedding before. It shouldn’t be all that different from an Altean joining ceremony, should it?” He wondered out loud.

“I-we don’t know. Honestly we don’t care how it’s done. We just want to be able to say that we’re married.” You insisted.

“So you’d be fine with an Altean joining ceremony, then?” Coran asked. You and Shiro looked at each other and shrugged.

“Sure.” Shiro said.

“Great! I’ll go make the preparations now!” Coran said enthusiastically turning on his heel to leave the room to do whatever preparing he needed to do.

“Coran!” You called weaving your fingers through Shiro’s. Coran turned around and looked at you expectantly. “Do we need to do anything to prepare?” You asked.

“Of course not! Just come back here tomorrow morning and everything will be ready. Oh! And I know humans like to invite friends and families to their joinings for whatever reason but Altean ceremonies are very intimate so I would advise not inviting anyone.” Coran said before hurrying on his way. You bit your lip and looked over to Shiro who was brimming with excitement. As soon as your eyes met he pulled you into a tight hug and buried his head into your hair.

“We’re getting married!” He whispered excitedly into your hair.

You did everything that Coran instructed and you and Shiro showed up to where Coran told you to meet before any of the other paladins had gotten up. You were shocked to find that the entire room had been transformed entirely from when you last saw it. Coran had set up the ship’s environmental projection system to transform the room into a presumably Altean meadow. A nest of large ornate pillows were set up in the middle of the meadow and small orbs of blue light slowly orbited around the pillows. Coran waited in the corner for you two to arrive.

“What is all this Coran?” Shiro asked looking around the room in awe.

“The makings for a traditional Altean joining ceremony.” Coran said stepping forward towards the haloed pillows. He gestured towards them as he began to speak. “If you’re ready to begin, sit down in the middle of the joining circle.” He prompted. Shiro reached down and gently grasped your hand as he led you towards the circle. When you passed through it you reached your free hand out to touch one of the orbs of light. It was warm to the touch but not at all hot. Your fingers passed through the ethereal ball of light as Shiro led you to sit down beside him amongst the pillows.

“Now [Y/N], traditionally the bride will sit in the groom’s lap. It’s necessary for the progression of the ceremony.” Coran correct. You blushed deeply as your thoughts wandered to the other uses for that position that you and Shiro had utilized in the past in private. 

You and Shiro weren’t exactly big on PDA but if this is how it was supposed to be done you would gladly do it. You got on your knees and shuffled over to straddle Shiro’s hips. You sank down onto his lap facing him and wrapped your legs around his hips and draped your arms across Shiro’s shoulders. 

“Like this?” You asked.

“Precisely. Now take hold of each other’s hands and raise them to eye level with your forearms touching.” He instructed. You and Shiro did exactly as he said. “Excellent.” He praised.

“Now these psychic orbs are in tune with both of your minds.” Coran explained.  “You are close now as represented by the infinite but perforated circle but in order to become joined as one you need to open up to each other and meld your minds. This is a sacred bond that can never be broken. You will only ever have one psychic mate in your lifetime. Will you both agree to relinquish yourselves to each other and become mates for life?” Coran asked. You looked to Shiro and rested your hand tenderly against his jaw, smiling at him affectionately.

“I will.” You answered tears of happiness starting to spring to your eyes. How long had you imagined running away and marrying this man while the two of you were captured. It was surreal that it was actually happening.

“I will.” Shiro repeated never taking his eyes off you.

“If neither mate objects now is the time to join mind and soul.” Coran continued. “Meld your minds together and think only of each other not as an individual but as a linked pair. Her thoughts are your thoughts. His fears are yours. When joined, you are no longer two separate individuals, you are one sharing the mind and soul of two.” You closed your eyes and started to think the thoughts that Coran instructed. You felt Shiro squeeze your intertwined fingers and softly rest his forehead against yours as he concentrated on focusing his thoughts.

Slowly the orbs began to orbit at a slightly faster rate and the began to slowly converge on the middle of the circle. As they hovered closer their pace increased until you couldn’t distinguish the space between the individual orbs. When it got to the point where you could practically feel the warmth of the orbs on your skin they broke their circular pattern and twisted around you and Shiro’s bodies, weaving around your joined hands and wrapping around your torsos before encircling your touching foreheads like a crown. There was no end or beginning to the warm rope of light, it was just a part of you. When the rope of light finished weaving around your bodies it halted and the light intensified to a blinding brightness before fading and absorbing into you and Shiro’s skin.

“You are now joined forever and always.” Coran announced. You and Shiro grinned at each other like two idiots in love before he took your face in his hands and guided you into a sweet and passionate kiss.

“Forever and always.” Shiro promised softly.

Day 3 - Wedding/Proposal

It was unfair to say that Hanzo didn’t like omnics when the truth was Hanzo didn’t like anybody. In fact, it was much shorter to write out a list of who Hanzo did like. Which Genji did once, and it went as follows:

  1. Genji (Best Bro)
  2. Mei (Book Buddy)
  3. Hana (Pokemon Buddy)
  4. Satya (Gossip Buddy)
  5. McCree (Cowboyfriend)

So when Genji saw Hanzo speaking with Zenyatta it was less ‘that’s weird, Hanzo hates omnics’ and more ‘that’s weird, Hanzo hates everyone’. That wasn’t true, there were also a few people who Hanzo really hated. Which Genji also wrote up a list for:

  1. Genji (Also Sometimes Worst Bro)
  2. Zenyatta (Too Chill)
  3. Junkrat (Too Explodey)
  4. Reaper (Made McCree Cry)
  5. Hanzo (Aww Bro)

Which, now that Genji thought about it, made it very weird that his brother was sitting next to Zenyatta in their normal meditation spot up on the roof of the Watchpoint. No, scratch that. What made it weird was the fact that Hanzo was clearly laughing. Enjoying himself. Part of Genji knew he should stop hiding in the shadows and go over there to join his brother and his wonderful perfect monk boyfriend. The rest of Genji, the part that spent the first twenty-something years of his life in ninja training, wanted to watch from the distance to spy on the pair.

Was that weird? It was probably weird. Totally weird. But then Zenyatta’s orbs suddenly started spinning faster in the air after Hanzo nudged him (one of Zenny’s classic tells of being embarrassed) and Genji was pretty sure he had to go murder his brother. He had his ninja stars out at the ready but, thankfully for all those involved, Hanzo was suddenly distracted by his phone playing the opening bars to Dixie Chick’s ‘Goodbye Earl’. Genji watched as his brother pardoned himself, answered his cell, and wandered off speaking in that sickeningly cute ‘talking to Jesse’ voice Hanzo swore he didn’t use.

“I don’t think your brother is coming back, Genji. I overheard the phrase ‘movie night’.” Zenyatta didn’t bother to look over at the shadow Genji was hiding in. He was always understanding about Genji’s ninja habits.

Genji sat down next to Zenyatta and, with a little shuffling, rested his head on his boyfriend’s shoulder. “Was he messing with you? Do I need to stab him?”

“No stabbing is necessary, my dear Sparrow.” Zenyatta said as he placed a hand on Genji’s thigh. “He was simply asking if I could officiate his and Jesse’s wedding ceremony.”


“I agreed, of course. You know, I do think I’m becoming an expert at marrying off members of Overwatch to each other. Ana and Reinhardt, Jack and Gabe, and I’ll gladly marry Junkrat and Roadhog if they’ll ever admit their feelings.”

Genji let out an undignified snort. “Now that’ll be one hell of a reception.”

“Indeed. Hmm. Although…”

The tone in his boyfriend’s voice made Genji lift his head up. “What is it? Is something wrong? Do I need to stab-”

“No stabbing.” Zenyatta squeezed Genji’s thigh. “I was simply wondering who was going to officiate our wedding when the time comes.”

“Huh.” Genji rested his head back down and closed his eyes. “Maybe we don’t need one? Just exchange vows? Or Ana might be able to do it?”

“Ah, good idea my lovely Genji. I will ask her later.” With that Zenyatta’s body softly hummed, a sign that he was slipping deep into his mediation.

Genji did not follow, at least not directly. Instead he let his body drift off as he found peace with the warmth and white noise of his boyfriend. Sweet, wonderful Zenyatta. He almost fell asleep before his brain caught up with what just happened.

“Zenyatta?” Genji opened his eyes, “Did you just propose to me?”

“I-” Zenyatta’s body went ridged. “Oh. Oh dear. I did, didn’t I?”

Genji was silent a moment before he let out a loud, barking laugh. “Yes! Yes you did! But don’t worry, I think I accepted? What I said counts, right?”

“I believe it does.” Zenyatta took Genji’s hand within his own. “I can ask in a more traditional way, if you wish.”

Genji shook his head. “Nah. Never been one for tradition. That being said we are totally having a huge traditional wedding and reception.”

“Agreed. It wouldn’t be an Overwatch wedding unless Reinhardt cries during the vows and McCree passes out under a table during the reception, after all.” Zenyatta leaned forward to press his forehead against Genji’s. “I love you, my Sparrow.”

Genji lightly kissed Zenyatta’s faceplate, his heart truly at peace with the world. “And I, you, Zenyatta.”

anonymous asked:

Would red and hancock ever get married?

Absolutely. :) I have a whole head-canon of how it would go down too, lol.

Hancock would propose to Red on top of the Mass Fusion building after blowing up the institute. He’d get her a custom-made ring with a red gem in it, instead of the typical white diamond. (There’s a WHOLE STORY to go along with the proposal, but that can wait for another day.)

There’s no real NEED for weddings in the apocalypse–no paperwork & legal stuff or whatever, but Hancock would want to make a big event out of it to show off his girl.

They’d get married in Goodneighbor, of course–right in front of the State House.

Deacon would be the one to officiate the wedding because he already has the costume for it & has probably done it before somehow.

Nick would be Hancock’s best man & Piper would be Red’s Maid of Honor.

Preston, Old Longfellow, & Maccready are the groomsmen, while Cait, Curie, & Ada would be the bridesmaids.

(Red had to kill X6-88 in my playthrough, & Danse doesn’t talk to Red anymore after she blew up the Prydwyn. Strong is invited, but he only shows up for the after party to eat the food.)

Codsworth would be the one to “give the bride away,” and would of course be crying the whole time.

Red would ask Anne Hargraves to make her dress and Hancock’s suit. I still haven’t figured out what Red’s dress would look like, but this is what Hancock would wear:

The after party/reception would be at The 3rd Rail & there would be lots of singing, dancing, & drinking. A grand old time all around. :)

I Thought You Were Different (Epilogue) (Avengers x reader)

Alright, I hear ya.  I have bent to your will.

Part 35

thewomaninblack20 said:  Okay doll can I get a Cap one that’s all fluffy like a wedding day one that includes their 1st dance?

Two years.  

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Squadre Next Gen: Part Ten


Abraxi applied heavy concealing makeup under her eyes. The bags were awful and her dreams were filled with scars and hazel and blue eyes and flapping wings. The nightmares were so intense that her mentality felt like it was starting to fray. But she steeled her spine and put on the matching dress that Rajni picked out for her. It was her brother’s day, and she was not going to ruin it.


Rowan Whitethorn slid into his black jacket, buttoning the green stone buttons, running through the proceedings in his mind. He was orchestrating his son’s wedding and wanted it to be perfect for him. His fireheart and Manon were each walking their sons down the aisle.But tomorrow his children will once again leave to face the rebels. He prayed to the gods that his children would be safe, but he felt that his prayers would go unanswered.

He gripped the sides of the dresser, trying to control the frenzy in his blood. One day. That was all he needed. His children and his Fireheart happy. He would sell his soul to make that happen.

Gavriel came into the room, “Rowan.” Urgency filled his voice.

Rowan turned and looked at him, “You feel it to, don’t you?”

“Something is coming.”

“Protect her, Gavriel. Protect my daughter on this mission. No matter what happens, do whatever you must to protect my child.”

“With my life.” Gavriel nodded, “We should get down to the chapel, we can’t start the wedding without the officiator.”


Lyria straightened Sam’s jacket. His metals glinted in the firelight. Her brother was fidgeting and the fireplace flames were spurting. She needed to fix this before his nerves took out the castle, “Sam,” she said softly.

He kept his gaze trained on the feather in his fingers. She tried again, putting a chilled finger tip on his cheek, shocking him back to her, “There is nothing to worry about. Its just the family and even Father is officiating.”

After a minute of just the crackling embers, Sam asked, “Lyria?”


“Do you think I would be a good parent?’ Well she didn’t expect this question.

She mocked lightly, “Sam. Did you knock up Ciel?”

He laughed. That was a good sign, “No, Ria, I did not knock up Ciel. I was just thinking, you know? He is so great with children. I’m not. Not really. Just Sammy and Connie.”

Lyria snorted, “You will be a great father one day, Twin. I will look forward to teaching the child all the wicked little tricks I know to get around parental rules.”

The flames died down in the fire place, the regular fire returning. “Well little brother,” Lyria offered the crook of her elbow, “Let’s go get you married.”


Asterin Blackbeak curled her blond hair, cascading it over her shoulder. The dress Manon picked out for her was spectacular. She was thrilled for her prince and her beloved Sam to get married. But she could feel it. The wind is warning them. Three separate threats. And tomorrow the next generation of fighters were heading out to stop them. She just hoped that they all came back alive.

She smiled at her daughters, “You girls ready to show these posers what you are made of?”

They grinned wickedly at her.

“That’s my witchlings.”


Ciel stood with his chin raised while his father pinned his medals on his chest. Rajni was curing her hair, light kohl lined her eyes, making her gold eyes pop. Ciel sighed, “I manage to find the absolute best tux in this whole kingdom and my kid sister still looks hotter than me. Where is the justice?”

“Fate is catching up to you Ciel. Rajni looked at him in the mirror, over exaggerating her squinting, “Are those wrinkes under your eyes?”

His father had pinned the last metal when Ciel gasped, “Take that back, Nini.”

She laughed, “Not on your life. Soon you’ll have the 2.2 kids and will be that mother who cooks her children three square meals a day.”

Ciel rolled his eyes and grinned, “Better me than Sam. I love the male but the only thing he can cook is heated up oatmeal and even that is debateable.”

His father hugged him, and sly said, “You’re going to be a great husband and mother, Son.”



Artemis pulled the silk green shirt over his head and shrugged the silver jacket over it. He looked good. 

“Why did Lyria give you permission to go on the mission?”

Artemis didn’t need this today, “It’s not like she had a choice, Father. So I suggest you build yourself a bridge and get over it.”

Her father huffed a line of curses while he buttoned his shirt. 

‘Looking at his mother, he said, “Nothing is going to happen to me. But you must agree with me that I can make a difference, You did.”

Her mother smiled wickedly, “Show the world just what prowls under your skin, Artemis.”


Marion’s abilites were picking up the nervous tentions and and excitement for the wedding. But underneath it all, she could feel darkness start to fill the world from three different points. Morath, The Wastes, and Doranelle. Tomorrow she and her friends would set out to defeat this new level of threat but today, today they were going to celebrate Sam and Ciel’s wedding. There was going to be toasts and speeches and dancing.


Aelin had it all ready. Every last piece in the curch was decorated lavishly for her son and Ciel. She had found the country’s best cellist. Sam loved cello music, claimed that he could feel the vibrations the instruments played in his soul. That it made him feel both empty and full at the same time. It was a beautiful thought.

She looked at Manon, “I’ve been waiting for this day since you gave birth to Ciel.”

Manon grinned back, “Same.”

Tomorrow the war went on, but for today and tonight, light and celebration would reign over the darkness.

“Let’s get the show started then shall we?”


Geno can never catch a break.

So yeh this was my idea for a thing that takes place at the scifell wedding. *shrugs* I just thought of this and it made me laugh. also I am teaching myself how to draw suits! ( though I need learn how to draw a tux, since the grooms would look nicer than the guests) Death was easy. he just put on a tie and said that that was his formal wear.

( also this is my way of announcing that I officially ship afterdeath, even though I probably won’t draw it unless one of you bros ask me to.)

(also I’m tired so sorry if this description doesn’t make sense *sweats nervously* )

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The Generation of Miracles + Kagami and S/O plan their upcoming wedding

Oohh. The sequel to this request, if you’d like. I feel like since they’re going to be married then they should be using the boys’ first names xP Also, happy Chinese New Year! -Admin Fyre

Kuroko Tetsuya:

“Hey, Tetsuya, what about white roses?”

Next to you, Tetsuya smiled, his eyes gentle. “That’s a good idea. And, you don’t need to ask me every time. You can pick whatever type of flower you want and in what colour, and I’m sure it’ll still look amazing at the wedding.”

You pouted at his response. “You say that for every flower I’ve suggested! I want your real comments! We need flowers that stand out, that make you stand out too!”

“Bickering again?” The florist was back, smiling at you and Tetsuya; and carrying a pot of blue flowers, sky-blue like the colour of Tetsuya’s eyes, the pale colour contrasting with the green leaves. “Why don’t you tell me about your other preparations for your wedding—”

“What are those?” You interrupted, pointing eagerly at the blue flowers.

“Oh, these?” The florist slid the pot over. “Hydrangeas. We add aluminium sulphate when watering the flowers, which makes it blue.”

“We’ll have these then,” you decided. Tetsuya gave you a surprised look, and you told him, “It matches your eyes. If anything, this will definitely get everyone’s attention.”

Tetsuya blinked, and chuckled. “Of course. But as long as I have your attention, then that’s all that matters to me.”

Kise Ryouta:

“Ryou, wait up!” You cast an exasperated glance at the rest of the camera crew, trudging along the beach shoreline, who only gave you we’ve-seen-it-all looks.

Ryouta was running way ahead with his arms out at his sides like an airplane, whooping as he kicked off his shiny black shoes. “Man, I haven’t been in a beach in so long! It’s so nostalgic, right? I’m so glad we chose this place!”

The camerawoman smiled. “It’s okay, we need some time to set up the equipment and get a good angle. You two can have some fun, but be careful.”

Nodding, you hurried after the bubbly blond skipping stones across the rippling seawater. “Ryou, get back, you’ll get your trousers wet!”

“Stop being such a worrywart!” You yelped as Ryouta lifted you up, spinning you around and laughing. You felt a swooping feeling in your stomach as Ryouta tripped a little, and you cried, “Wait, put me down! We’re gonna fall!”

“No we’re not,” Ryouta laughed, but he lowered you anyway and you clutched him tightly, beating his chest. “You idiot, what if we fell into the sea?”

“Okay, don’t move!” The camerawoman’s voice interrupted Ryouta before he could answer, and after a moment she came over with a grin. “That was a good shot just now. We could wait till the water’s gone back a bit, though, so would you mind doing that again, Kise-san?”

“No problem!” Ryouta nodded enthusiastically, and you groaned, despite grinning from ear to ear.

Midorima Shintarou:

As Shintarou grew older, his obsession with Oha-Asa wavered, finally realising that the daily expenses for lucky items was hurting his wallet too much. Although he still watched the show every morning religiously, he only ever bought lucky items if Cancer was ranked low. It was a weird limit he’d set for himself, but one you welcomed nonetheless.

That is, until the two of you started planning your wedding.

“Shintarou, it’s in the middle of July. Why do you have earmuffs on?”

“It’s my lucky item of the day, of course.” He was averting your gaze as he glanced down at the various wedding invitations. “Shall we go with the red?”

Rolling your eyes, you plucked the earmuffs from your fiancé’s head, and he turned to look at you accusingly. “What are you doing? Give it back.”

“Cancer’s ranked second today,” you informed him. “You promised you wouldn’t buy lucky items on days that Cancer is ranked high enough. Why buy them every day again? We’re spending a lot on this wedding already.”

Shintarou sighed. “The other day Takao offered to fill in as the main singer for the band we’re hiring. The band’s official singer got offended and is refusing to work with us, so from now on until the wedding day, I need my lucky items to avoid any more mishaps. Or any of Takao’s antics, to be honest.”

“Offended…by Takao-kun’s singing? But he sings great.”


Aomine Daiki:

“Daiki? Are you all done yet?”

“Gimme a sec!” came the reply, and you rolled your eyes. You had been waiting for well over 35 minutes now, feeling like your fiancé was planning to bore you to death.

You started at the sound of a curtain being flung open. “Well? Does this make me look sexy as hell and scream back off, I’m getting married?”

Smiling despite yourself, you stepped forward to adjust the tie around Aomine’s neck, giving up halfway to simply remove it. “Ditch this,” you murmured, and then looked him up and down. “Now you look perfect.”

Aomine smirked, undoing the first button of his dress shirt. “You sure this doesn’t look too informal? I mean-”

“Who cares, it’s me you’re getting married to,” you pouted, standing on tiptoe to kiss him on the cheek. “If I think it’s great, then it’s alright.”

Your wedding planner opened the door slightly and poked her head in, clipboard in hand, “The driver’s getting impatient,” she tutted. “Says it doesn’t matter if you’re a young couple getting married, he wants to “pop to the bar and grab a pint”, to put it mildly.”

“Ooh, can I join him?” Aomine grinned, and you turned to look at him in horror. “Daiki, no! At least get changed first!”

Murasakibara Atsushi:

“Are you still up, Atsushi?” You rubbed at your eyes, yawning, as you made your way out to the dimly-lit kitchen, seeing him seated at the table surrounded by bowls of batter and the faint smell of melting chocolate. “It’s…what, 2am? You need to rest.”

Atsushi gave a grunt. “Mm. Ne, do you think matcha cake is better or chocolate cake is better? Some kids don’t like matcha but some people are allergic to chocolate…but making double of everything is too much—” He broke off in a yawn, sitting up to stretch.

You peered over his shoulder (with some difficulty) to see that he had several notebooks spread out in front of him, with various different recipes crossed out or with new notes made on them. Some of the entries were several weeks old, while some still had wet ink.

Feeling a pang of sympathy, you reached over to take Atsushi’s hand, squeezing it reassuringly. “I know you offered to design the entire menu on your own, Atsushi, but you shouldn’t overwork yourself like this.”

“But it’s our wedding,” Atsushi protested.

“I know,” you repeated. “But you’ll tire yourself out and it won’t benefit anybody if you come up with a bad menu. Come back to bed. Get some sleep and I’ll help you out tomorrow, okay? We’ll do this together.”

Atsushi’s response was another yawn, his eyelids already drooping, and a sleepy smile on his face. “Eh…okay. Since you said so.”

Akashi Seijuurou:

“Is this the finalised guest list?”

“Yeah, I went over it with your secretary. Something wrong?” You glanced at Seijuurou, who was sitting at the bed peering at his tablet. You laughed at the intense expression on his face. “Been a while since I saw you put reading glasses on. I’d forgotten how cute you look in them.”

Seijuurou acknowledged your comment with a slight smile, and turned the tablet towards you. “This is an awfully extensive list. I don’t remember much of these people, either.”

“Well…” Now it was your turn to look thrown. “When your secretary and I went over it, I was just adding your family, close friends, teammates…and he insisted that your stakeholders needed to come too? Company people, businessmen and everything…what are you doing?”

Seijuurou was swiftly deleting rows upon rows of names. “This is our wedding. We get to decide who comes to witness the event, and certainly not nobodies who will try to gain my favour and a share of the corporation. I’ll speak to my secretary.” He handed the tablet back to you, and you glanced over it with a raised eyebrow.

“…This isn’t a lot of people left.”

“I don’t have a lot of friends.” Seijuurou shrugged, without an ounce of embarrassment. “That just means the ones I do have mean a lot to me.”


“Taiga! The wedding planner’s on the phone!” You peered around the corridor, where he was hunched over a basketball magazine. “She wants to know if you’ve decided who your best man is going to be! They have to start ordering the clothes!”

At that, Taiga groaned and thumped his head on the table with a loud thunk. You winced and spoke into the phone, “Can I call you back? He hasn’t made up his mind yet.”

“I don’t know who to choose,” Taiga mumbled, without raising his head from the table as you rubbed his back reassuringly. “I’m stuck between picking Tatsuya or Kuroko. One is my brother and the other is my best friend. How am I supposed to choose? I don’t want to offend either of them.”

You sighed. “Don’t worry so much about it. If they both mean so much to you, then there’s nothing stopping you from, well, choosing both.”

Taiga looked up immediately, eyes wide and hopeful. “What? Really? I can have two best men?”

You chuckled and shoved the phone towards him. “Call the wedding planner and ask. It should be fine, there’s no rule saying you can only have one.”

Happily Taiga tugged you towards him and kissed you hard on the mouth. “God, I love you, that’s such a great idea, you’re the best!”

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Here's my story, he told me that he'll wait for me, that I need to pass my board exam before we can officially say that there's an US (December). And I hold on to that. Pumasa ako ng February. Nagkita kami nung nakapasa ako, but that time meron na pala siyang iba and then he moved to other country. For me, life must go on. Nagmove on, naghanap ako ng trabaho. -fastforward- He set his wedding on my birthday and I was invited, in fact bridesmaid pa ako. (wait to be cont. kulang na character haha

Part 2: Hindi ako pumunta sa wedding niya kasi masakit pa. Then yun, back to stage 1 of moving on na naman ako. Months later, i thought ok na ako. Pero bumabalik siya sakin, hindi raw niya intention na saktan ako, mahalaga raw ako and he still loves me. E buntis na yung asawa niya!! I don’t get him! Bakit? Bakit siya ganun? 😭😭 Ayaw kong makasira ng fam because I know how it feels 😭😭


Congratulations for passing the Board Exam, Anon! Well done!  (Clap! Clap!)

Simplehan natin. Meron na siyang pamilya at buntis na ang babaeng pinalit niya sayo na pinaksalan niya din after ka niya iwan at saktan. NGAYON, kahit gaano mo pa siya gustong balikan at mahalin, UTANG NA LOOB, move on ka na. Kase BUNTIS si ate girl. Wag mo na itanong kung BAKIT SIYA GANYAN, BAKIT SIYA GANITO, kase magugulo lang ang mindset mo. Kahit naman masagot mo ang BAKIT mo sa buhay, still TATAY PARIN siya ng magiging anak niya. 

Meron tayong kasabihan, “Ang pag-aasawa ay hindi parang kanin na mainit na kapag isinubo mo at napaso ka ay iluluwa mo.”

Diba, kung ayaw mong makasira ng pamilya, wag mo na ituloy yung nasa utak mong patulan siya ulit pabalik, kase LITERAL na makakasira ka talaga ng pamilya. Move on ka na, kahit sobrang hirap at sakit. You deserve better.

“hindi raw niya intention na saktan ako, mahalaga raw ako and he still loves me.” - PUTANG INA, NAGPAKASAL NA NGA SIYA EH. SABAY NAGHONEYMOON NADIN. TAS MAHAL KA PA? PUTA NAMAN. ANG DALI DALI SABIHIN. SOBRA!

Ayaw kong makasira ng fam because I know how it feels 😭😭” - Tas etong statement mo, nagbabalak ka na bumalik sakanya, diba? Wag mo na subukan. Masisira kayo pareho. Kasal siya, magiging kabit ka, yuck. Char! Basta tigil mo yan. Get over him. Wala nang kayo. You deserve better. FUCKING CUT THE COMMUNICATION, ASAP.

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about chirrut and baze: i need to know how and when they got married. who proposed?? or did they just wake up one day and baze just lovingly watched his bf™ train and thought "i need to marry this man immediately." who officiated the wedding?? where did they get married?? or bonus: they never actually had a full on wedding + they just got a marriage licence. when Bodhi learns of this he gets super excited to plan an actual wedding!!! his space dads are going to be getting married!!! again!!!

i’m so distressed i had to wait five hours to drive and unpack my laptop to answer this i’ve been thinking about it all day

honestly? baze is the most romantic son of a btich. they probably spent one day together and he was set on marrying chirrut and giving him the best experience of his life. baze likely thought about it for years because this shit had to be perfect, no detail could be wrong, and by the time he finally asks chirrut he’s probably like force finally. he can’t see and he knows baze gained hundreds of grey hairs from this.

i;m going to go the Sad™ route and say the galaxy probably went to shit around the time they were supposed to get married and u know baze would’ve physically fought the entire empire for that one little thing. do they have rings in the sw universe? did they just fashion kyber crystals into necklaces or rings and wear those? anything baze could do to show off his not-official-but-totally-definitely-still-husband he probably did 

bodhi planning a wedding is the best thing i’ve ever pictured in my life? and cassian is a triple threat of chef, singer, and dancer (diego is such a talented man)(he even sings their first song), bodhi doesn’t even need to worry about anything in that department. it’s nice and small per request, everyone they care about is there and baze has to pretend like he doesn’t start tearing up five seconds into it. it’s so small and happy and pure and they just honeymoon right there on the planet

(bonus- in the Happy™ route, they married at the jedha temple. chirrut tells baze how the force is singing all around them and baze has to pretend like he’s not happy-crying then either and they’re got kyber crystal rings and everything)


Summary: (based on this cute post). Well, it was a legitimate reason after all.

Genre: Fluff

Warning: Swearing

Words: 936 words

A/N: doing this real quick since I am needing sleep so much (it’s seven am jfc). I promise there would be lengthy, nicely written fic tonight (pls refer to the clock on my about page. Around 10 pm-ish). And ofc I’ll do interchangeable and one of the prompts [stressfully stresses stress]

Okay, so maybe he really doesn’t have any idea how to do it.

He has searched online cool ways and tactics for a nice ending, but to no avail, none caught his eye.

Maybe proposing to Daniel James Howell was harder than Philip Michael Lester than ever thought.

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If it tickles your fancy, i'd DIE to read this! :) "our parents are forcing us into an arranged marriage and we hate each other but now i’m in love with you and i don’t think it’s mutual"

Stiles understands. He understands, but that doesn’t mean he has to like it. It, of course, being his impending marriage to Derek Hale.

He understands because he’s the son of a spark and a human and a spark himself and Derek is the eldest son of the Hales, an incredibly famous werewolf family. (If they were really giving full effort, he should’ve been marrying Laura, but he and has dad agreed it was better to let bygones be bygones instead of starting a fight).

It’s not like the Hales are bad people. Once Scott got bit by a rogue werewolf and became one himself, the Hales welcomed him and anyone he cared about with open arms.

However, the rest of the nonsupernatural community didn’t quite see it that way. Tension built and attacks from both sides began less than six months later.

Beacon Hills has always been complicated. The whole world has, but now it feels like a constant power struggle between the two sides.

But very few even want to be fighting, some do, some want to wipe out the entire other side, but most people are just scared.

That’s where Stiles comes in.

Sparks aren’t deemed supernatural by most people since their skills all lie in harnessing power from something. It’s not magic, none of it just happens.

However, they are also some of the only people who can defend themselves against the supernatural. Of course, anyone can learn how to fight the supernatural, but becoming a hunter takes years and years of training. They also tend to be the least okay with the supernatural.  

Which is why Stiles is now hours away from his wedding. Because this marriage is the last chance to show everyone that the two communities can coexist and more than that they can thrive together.

So Stiles understands. It just sucks.

He’s barely spoken to Derek since the years since he’s met him. He’s pretty good friends with both Cora and Laura at this point so he doesn’t know why he’s not marrying one of them.

It isn’t like he didn’t try either. Ever since they even began talking about this as a solution, Stiles would try to talk to Derek, but Derek would usually just ignore him or glare at him until Stiles left.

That’s fine. Stiles doesn’t really care if his husband-to-be likes him or not, but he does care that they have to prove to the community that this can work.

He doesn’t want to think about what will happen if they don’t.

He jerks out of his reverie when he hears a knock at the door.

Scott slowly opens the door and peeks in the room. “Hey, man, it’s almost time.”

Stiles nods.

“You ready?”

“As ready as I can ever be.”

Scott pulls him into a hug before leading him outside under the moon.

They decided to keep this as intimate as possible. If everyone’s going to be keeping a close eye on their marriage, the best they can do is offer than a private wedding.

This means that it’s just his dad, Scott and Melissa for him and Talia, Laura, and Cora for Derek.

Neither Stiles or Derek bothered with suits, going instead for casual for the werewolf part of the ceremony.

His dad tries to shoot him an encouraging look, but Stiles keeps his eyes firmly focused on where needs to stand next to Derek in front of Deaton.

He doesn’t turn to make eye contact with Derek, but he can tell from his peripheral vision that Derek doesn’t either.

“While I am well-versed on werewolf weddings, I had to get my officiating permission online,” Deaton jokes.

Stiles hears polite chuckles from behind them, but he doesn’t think either he or Derek let out a breath.

“Let’s keep this quick. Stiles, do you take Derek to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

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Today, he was going to get married to someone who isn’t me. Today, I lock myself away, so no one can see my tear stained cheeks with my red puffy eyes. Today, I lose the person I love. 

Pounding on my front door drags me out of my sorrow, “Go away!” I yell. 

“Honey, you can’t do this. Let me in please.” I hear Maya’s voice call out on the other side of the door.

I scoff as I saunter to my front door, and crack it open. “Maya, go to the wedding. I don’t need a babysitter. I’m fine. Look at you,” I gesture to her champagne dress paired with black heels, “you’re dressed. You go.”

“Not without you.”

I laugh, “You’re forgetting one thing. I wasn’t invited.”

She pushes her way inside, “So what! You’ll be my plus one.” She smiles. “Now, go put on your best dress show him he didn’t break you.”

Tears start to sting my eyes, "That’s the thing, he did break me. I’m broken Maya!” I sniffle, “I got the first kiss, but she’ll get the last. He chose her over me,” I whisper. “I can’t see that. I can’t put myself through that.” All the tears have unleashed from my eyes, and I’m now a sobbing mess. 

Maya doesn’t hesitate for a second to embrace me in a tight comforting hug. “I won’t go. I’ll stay with you, Riles.”

“Go to the wedding. He is still your friend, support him.” I wipe my tears away. “You can come over after and lie and tell me how awful it was.” I let out a small laugh. I know it’ll be the opposite of awful, it’ll be beautiful. 

“I’m not going to leave you by yourself like this. I’m staying.” Maya argues.

“Listen Peaches, you are going. You are going to be happy for him. The way I’m trying to.” I push her towards to the door, “Go, please.”

“You’ll call me if you need me.”

I open the door, “Of course.”

She gives me another hug before she walks out. Once I’m alone, I let all the tears run freely. I curl up on my couch and just hold myself. I lost him. I try to catch my breath, but that proves to be difficult due to my sobs. Maybe I should have gone. Maybe seeing him tie his life to someone else is something I needed to see to know that it is officially over. That there isn’t any hope to hold on to.

Without even thinking about it, I’m up on my feet looking through my closet. I slip on my short red lace sleeve dress with nude pumps. I hurriedly brush out my straight hair and apply some make up to mask the redness and puffiness around my eyes.

Maybe this is a bad idea, but I’m going to that wedding. I’ll just sit in the back and slip out before he has the chance to see me. I pull out my phone to text Maya.


I’m going, no more feeling sorry for myself. Hopefully I make it on time.

I don’t wait long before I get a response.


Are you sure you’re going to be okay seeing him marry someone else?


No, but it’s what I need to see. I’m leaving now.

The whole way to the church, I can feel my heart thumping against my chest. I’m having second thoughts about this. I don’t think I can go through with seeing him vow to love someone for the rest of his life, when it should have been me he should be vowing to love forever.

I’m standing in front of the stairs that lead to the front door. I can’t go in. I can’t do it. I’m not strong enough to see it.


I’m outside, but I can’t go in. This was a bad idea.

I wait for a response, but I don’t get a text back. The ceremony must have started. This is it. I turn on my heels to walk away when I bump into someone. I try to hide my face because I can feel the tears starting to blur my vision.

“Riley?” I look up at the familiar face. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m sorry. I was just leaving.” I step to the side to go around him. “Sorry about bumping into you Farkle.”

He grabs my hand, and I look up at him, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah,” I say in a hush tone. “I thought seeing him marry someone else would help me move on, but Farkle I’m scared I’m never going to find anyone like him. Love anyone the way I love him. He was my person and I lost him.” Once again I’m a sobbing mess. I move to wipe my tears, and I see black smears on my hand.

“Riley, you will. I promise.” Farkle says as holds me and I bury my face into the crock of his neck.

I take a deep breath and slowly let it out, “You should get in there. You are already late, work right?”

He nods, “I’m not going to leave you here by yourself Riley. C’mon,” he says pulling me away from the church.

“No,” I shake my head. “I’ll wait for Maya, and I’m pretty sure Smackle is in there waiting for you. You can go. I’ll be fine.” I give him a weak smile.

“I’m not leaving you alone. We can both wait out here. I don’t think you should be alone right now.”

“Thanks Smackle.” I barely manage to get out.

We walk over to a bench that was off to the side of the church, hidden between two trees. Once we sit I pull out a tissue from my clutch, I knew I would need them, to clean the makeup that smeared once I stared crying.

Farkle and I don’t speak as we sit there waiting. I lay my head on his shoulder and wipe away the tears as they escape. I was sitting holding onto hope that Lucas would call off his wedding and come running looking for me, but as time went on I knew it wasn’t going to happen. Maya was right hope is for suckers.

Twenty minutes go by and I hear the church door opens. I feel Farkle turn his head since mine is still on his shoulder. He immediately looks at me. I try to look, but he blocks my gaze.

“I don’t know if you should see.” He says a little weary.

“I need to.” I stand up to hide behind of the trees and peck my head out.

There I see the man that I love. He’s dressed in a tux with a red rose pinned to his jacket. He has his arm wrapped around a beautiful brunette who’s wearing a warm fitting white wedding dress. They both have smiles on their faces. He looks truly happy, they both do, and I can feel my heart breaking even more. I stare longer than I should have; I should have looked away before I seen them share a kiss filled with bliss. I feel a burning sensation in my nose due to the fact that more tears are regenerating in my eyes.

Farkle grabs me and pulls me into a hug, and I fall into it. I feel him brush his fingers through my hair trying to comfort me, but it does no good. This needed to happen. I needed to be fully broken before I move forward.

I feel a hand on my back that startles me. “I can take it from here Farkle.” I don’t need to look to know it’s my Peaches.

I unwrap my arms from Farkle and throw myself at Maya. “Can you take me home?” I feel her shake her head. I pull out of her hold and look at Farkle, “Thank you for staying with me.”

“I’ll always be here.” He gives me one last hug before he walks towards the newlyweds to find his wife.

Maya links her arms with mine and we walk slowly walk away from the church carefully to avoid everyone. I turn my head to get one last look at Lucas. This time my eyes find him. The smile that consumed his face slowly fades away. He quickly looks away and the image of him becomes blurred.

“Come on. Let’s get you home.” Maya says softly. I turn my head forward and watch my steps. I lost him.

A year goes by since the day Lucas married another woman. I didn’t try to stop it, I let it happen. I haven’t seen him since. Not one word, nothing. I don’t ask Maya, Farkle, Smakle, or Zay how he is doing. That is none of my business, and I tell them not to mention me to him. He moved on; he got married. His focus should be his wife.

It’s a Friday night, and I’m enjoying the sound of rain as I grade my students’ essays. I’m surrounded my papers on my couch when a soft knock at my front door pulls my attention away. I stand up and place the papers and red pen on the coffee table. It’s eleven, and I wasn’t expecting anyone.

I open and my eyes go wide. Lucas is standing in front of me soaking wet.

“Hi.” His voice sends chills down my spine

“Wh-what are you doing here Lucas?” I stammer at first. We stand there for a minute staring at each other neither one of us uttering a single word

“Elle and I divorced three months ago.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, but why are you here?”

He clears his throat, “She wasn’t you. I thought I moved on, but she wasn’t you,” I barely hear him.

“I-I still don’t know why you are here Lucas.” I stare at him. I see his green eyes, I always remembered them be filled with life, they’re empty.

“Can I come him?” he asks.

“I don’t th-“ he pushes past me inside my apartment. I never thought this would ever happen me and Lucas alone in my apartment in my living room.

“I need to tell you something Riley and I need you to listen please.”

“Okay,” I mumble.

He takes a deep breath, “I made a mistake that day. I shouldn’t have married Elle. I thought I loved her, I really did, but when I seen you there outside the church I knew right there and then what I just did. The look on your face broke me.” He steps towards me and I take a half step back. I feel the tears start to build in my eyes.

“I tried to push you out of my head and focus on my marriage. I committed myself to her, and I owed it to her to try. No matter what I did though, I couldn’t stop thinking about you and she noticed. Riley, I love you. I want to be with you.” He takes another step towards me, and I take a full one back.

“Lucas, I-I-“ I brush my hair out of my face and his eyes draw to my hand.

“Oh, I see.” He says as his eyes stayed glued to my left hand.

“I’m sorry,” I whisper. “I met someone, his name is James. He makes me happy.” I can see his eyes gloss over with tears, and my heart hurts for him. I never wanted to hurt him. “Lucas you were my first kiss, but I plan on making him my last.”

“I’m sorry I came. I shouldn’t have.” He moves around me to my front door and reaches for the door knob.

“I’m really sorry Lucas.”

He stays frozen in his spot. “No I am. I was the one who ruined everything,” he says without looking back at me. He opens the door and once he is out in the hall he finally turns around to face me. I see a few tears run down his cheeks and I feel my own running down mine. “Bye, Riley.”

“Goodbye, Lucas.” I watch him walk away.

The distance between the two of us grows with each step he takes. As soon as I can no longer see him, I go back inside. I slide down the door and hold my knees to my chest as I feel my body tremble, maybe I’m the one making the mistake now.

[an ncis:la snippet]

A short tease, because 1) it’s officially hiatus so I need to kick my ass back into writing and pretend I’m still relevant m, 2) only a tease because writing is hard, and 3) just a tease for now because writing in a notepad app is hard lol.

post Kat’s wedding reception party, Densi obvs

“You are drunk, Agent,” Deeks teases, wrapping a strong, steadying arm around her waist as he guides her to the car.

She giggles, a loud, contagious sound filled with more bubbles than the champagne. “Tipsy,” she counters, silently grateful for his hard, steady body as she stumbles upon her sky-high heels. “Tipsy, Detective…”

A low growl emanates from deep in Deeks’ throat - God, what her calling him Detective does to him. “Princess, you passed tipsy somewhere between Mindy’s toast to the happy couple and Tiffany’s drunken rendition of “My Heart Will Go On.”

Kensi frowns - she can’t quite remember which Tiffany committed such an atrocity but she can recall that it was not pretty. “Butchering such a classic like that…”

“Simply criminal,” he remarks dryly, a smirk tugging at his lips as he thumbs the keyfob in his pocket, unlocking the doors so he can (hopefully) get his own criminal home without incident.

Kensi grins happily, her dress twirling around her as she giddily dances ahead of him, her only grip upon sanity the loose grasp she keeps upon his hand. “I’m sure she wouldn’t have resisted arrest,” she teases, a devilish gleam in her dark eyes.

God, he loves her like this. It’s not often he sees her like this, entirely free. It’s not so much the champagne, really; it’s an entirely different side of her that she’d only allowed him to see when she’d begun to fall in love with him; when he’d finally begun to crack through the walls surrounding her heart. He saunters toward her, grinning as she leans casually back along the side of the car. “Now, now, you know my cuffs are just for you…”

Check Please! Wedding/Marriage Headcanons

•Shitty and Lardo are the first to get married, and Shitty takes Lardo’s last name because fuck heteronormativity and ‘tradition’
•Lardo wears a black dress also because fuck tradition
•Instead of a reception, they throw a kegster

•Ransom and Holster have been married this whole time, seriously we thought you guys knew??
•Everyone finds out at graduation when Holster’s name is called and his last name is Birkholtz-Oluransi
•They hold up their hands and show that they’ve been wearing rings and SERIOUSLY BROS HOW DID YOU NOT KNOW
•They admit to their relationship being open and that they’re both polyamorous and Shitty is Very Supportive™

•Chowder is so sappy and writes his own vows and rambles 5EVER before Farmer laughs and just kisses him
•Nursey and Dex are co-best men, because they’re both Chowder’s best friend and he doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or exclude anyone from the ceremony and really, maybe he should have asked Bitty but it really means a lot to him that Dex and Nursey are getting a long now and he wants to acknowledge that they’re both equally important to him
•Dex and Nursey get absolutely shit faced at Chowder’s bachelor party and hook up

•Bitty cries at weddings, even if he doesn’t know the couple very well
•Bitty cries the most at his own wedding (but Chowder’s is a close second)
•Instead of cake, everyone insists on having Bitty make pies for their weddings

•After hooking up before Chowder’s wedding, Nursey and Dex’s sexual tension has been acknowledged, and they decide to date (as long as Dex is chill about it) which turns serious faster than they expected
•Nursey proposes; he does so by telling Dex that is would be pretty chill if they maybe were together forever or something
•Nursey slips a ‘chill’ into his vows. Dex somehow manages not to explode in front of all of their loved ones

•Jack and Bitty are the last couple to tie the knot, in a small, intimate ceremony with only their closest friends and their parents.
•Shitty gets ordained just so he can be the one to officiate his best bros’ wedding