he needs to dress like this more often d:

sweetgums  asked:

never apologize for jc content!!! also, on the subject of "things to do", have you considered making mobile wallpapers for jc? i'd love to have him on my phone (i keep thinking of that image where's he's with all those mics on a row, dressed in different styles? like each style can be a pic!)

Again, I’m sorry for apologizing so much, lol. =/ :) Well I want try my best to let others know what’s up with the blog and such. It’s just sometimes that things can get in the way where I didn’t get the chance to reblog or upload and I just feel a tad bit bad. So, I need to do that queue button thingy more often so the blog itself can be updated while I’m away. 

Sure, I’d be glad to do a request to do a phone wallie for you! I know what you mean with the photo of JC with the mics in different styles: http://jcchasezdaily.tumblr.com/post/151640366673

 So do you want like JC in line with all sort of styles then or do you want just do all of JC through the years?