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Iain’s a really good singer, who plays Fitz. He’ll never admit it, but I’ve heard him humming before.
—  Chloe Bennet, Entertainment Tonight
Q&A with Duncan Rouleau

On Sunday, September 25th I was lucky enough to attend London Ontario Comic Con, where the people at Man of Action Entertainment had some tables set up! I asked Duncan Rouleau some questions (raw audio recordings) after he said it was alright to record and share the answers.

I’ve shuffled the order around so similar answers will be together.

The full transcript (minus any filler words) is here. Thanks to my good friend and plant @cloversion for helping me with the transcript!

Both M.Rex and Generator Rex had the theme “How do you raise somebody?” with “What you put in is what you get out” as part of it.

Even though Rex can’t be with his family of origin, he has a new/adopted family at Providence with Six as his dad, Holiday as his mom, and Bobo as his “evil Jiminy Cricket” weird uncle/drinking buddy.

Duncan thinks that they should’ve put LGBT+ themes in the show from the very first season, especially for a character like Rex where a lot of him was about identity. If they ever rebooted it, they’d put more LGBT+ representation in the show. [So…. absolutely implying Rex is LGBT+ right.]

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Winchester brothers- Protective brothers

Title: Protective brothers

Pairings: Winchester brothers x sister reader

Word count: 981

Request: I don’t care what you do with it, but I need some more little Winchester sister! :) thank you!

Lot’s of moments showing where the Reader (sister) is in trouble and big brothers come to the rescue. 

A boy.

You were sitting at the grubby old table in the cafe as you waited for your older brothers to finish up, interviewing a witness, you were looking at another shape shifter case. The witness had claimed to have seen her boyfriend kill someone, yet she also claimed he was standing right next to her at the exact same moment in time. Sounds like your sorta stuff right? Right. You sighed tapping your fingers along the edge of the wooden table when you hunter instincts tingled and you felt a presence loom over you. A shiver ran down your spine as you gripped the edge of your gun slowly looking up, only to sigh in relief, and drop your hold on your gun when you saw it was a boy around your age. 

“hey” he smirked making you raise a perfectly sculpted brown in confusion and bewilderment. 

“Umh…Hey” You muttered rubbing your face before moving a strand of a fallen lock out of your eyes. He smirked back at you which immediately put you off, You could tell this guy was cocky and arrogant with just one look.

After a while you started to get annoyed, this guy was blabbering on about something as he continuously ignored your protests, letting them fall on deaf ears. You groaned narrowing your eyes. 

“Please leave” You huffed in annoyance. 

“Oh come on baby, I know you want me, I can see it” He smirked making you cringe. He glanced at you in confusion as you smirked at him. “What?” He asked as he watched you scratch the back of your neck.

“I would have mentioned it but, you were to busy talking yourself up, but ehhh… I have two older, very protective big brothers and erm..’‘You trailed off pointing behind you as he turned around. Sam and Dean stood behind him, easily towering over him as their arms were crossed their face’s cold and emotionless as they glared at the boy. Sam was intimidating by how big he was. He towered over everyone, his height could be very threatening. Dean was just pure anger. He was scary by how much anger he had on his face. If you were the boy, you were pretty sure you would have craped yourself by now.

Playing pool.

You were in a bar, the noise was just about right, not to loud, not to quiet, You were playing pool, trying to get some money whilst Sam and Dean were sat at the table, hunched over Sam’s laptop trying to find a new hunt. Sam never liked you hustling but you were the best out of all of them, and you all desperately needed the money. You could handle yourself, they knew that, you knew that. But sometimes you were still young and couldn’t take on everyone no matter who you were, or how you had been raised. You were hustling two big guys, with long sleeved tattooed arms. 

’'Yes, I win!” You smirked as you piled the money into your pocket and placed the pool stick down. They both looked at each other as you gulped knowing there was no way you could take on the both of them, not all by yourself. 

“You hustled us, girl” The bigger one growled as he stepped forward. You squeaked instantly running to your big brothers. You caught sight of Dean’s jacket  


“SAMMY!” You yelled. Hearing their names they both jumped up. You finally reached them as you dived under the table so you were now sitting behind Sam. 

“Hey, you got a problem buddy” Dean growled puffing his chest out. 

“yeah, this girl hustled us! we want our money back” The dude growled as Sam stepped in front of you protectively. 

“Nope, your just a sore loser, now take your anger out on someone other than a little kid” Dean snapped as he and Sam both stared threateningly at the two dudes. The guys sized up Sam and Dean before gritting their teeth and walking away. 

“(y/n), how many times, don’t take on people that are bigger than you” Dean sighed slumping back down in his seat, You pouted as you crawled into Sam’s lap resting your head against his shoulder trying to act all innocent. 

“Dammit Sammy, did you teach her that” Dean growled as Sam shook his head. “You and Sam, with your stupid puppy dog eyes” Dean huffed before rolling his eyes and ruffling your hair. 


As soon as you had all met Gordon, Sam didn’t like him. Dean seemed to get on with him straight away, where as you had a neutral feeling. You weren’t weary of him like Sam was, but you weren’t fond of him like Dean was. And if Sam didn’t trust someone, you were not allowed anywhere near him. You were all talking as Dean was telling Gordon about your “bad ass” skills. Gordon nodded in approval as he clapped your shoulder. Sam jumped immediately, more on brother instinct than hunter instinct. He shoved Gordon’s hand away as he held his arm in front of you, blocking you from Gordon.

“Don’t touch her” Sam snarled making Dean look at him in shock, Sam was never like this.

There wasn’t much to say on Gordon except that Sam would never leave you in the room with him, when Sam had stormed out he made sure you were following.

“She can stay if she want’s” Dean sighed.

“She’s coming with me” Sam growled not wanting to leave you alone as he gently pushed you out the door.

These were only the times you could remember straight away, off the top of your head. There were loads of times where they had been insanely over protective of you, but no matter how annoying that was, they did it to protect you, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.  

You said you were going home late sometimes (during the SA recording sessions). Do you still haven’t got a driving licence?

No, I don’t.

So how do you move around the city?

I take the bus. [the artist says it very seriously and looks at me to see if I believed him.] No, that’s not true… [laughs] I don’t have a licence, but I have a car and a man who drives me where I need to be. He takes care of other things, too – shopping and all that stuff… I’m very busy; during the recording I was working 12-14 hours a day. Now I’m mixing, recording some small stuff, shooting a video clip, having interviews… It’s hard to lead a normal life with all this things to do. So I ask my driver for help. I can’t wait when I will have some more time to myself.

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Yeah there's a secret show in Mexico on Tuesday I think. He's been going hard for like 6 weeks straight so I think the pacing might slow down, but I have a feeling more stuff will be announced soon enough. I trust in the hazoff master plan tbh

yeah and he’s been pretty smart too doing lots of interviews in the same day and then spacing them out over a longer period hopefully he’ll get to relax until his show in mexico (pls do my exam needs it) 

Black with Two Sugars

AN: Happy Birthday to Kat! I know you said you don’t like coffee shop AUs unless they have a twist. Of course I took that as a challenge. I hope this is enough of a twist. 

It was the indignity of it all that got to him.

His sleeves were rolled up to his elbows and his arms were covered in suds as he washed the dingy mugs and dishes covered in sticky syrup from half-eaten waffles. To be honest, when he had declared at the end of his second year of law school that he’d rather starve than go into corporate law, he hadn’t thought his father would take him up on the offer. And now, in his final year, Enjolras found his “free time” monopolized by scrounging for tips, scrubbing tables and filling ridiculous coffee orders for hipster businessmen and obnoxious college students. School was a chore, sleep was a luxury and he was coming dangerously close to wearing a hole through his only remaining pair of shoes.

Every so often his mother called, her voice gentle and calming, and offered to talk to his father on his behalf. Twice a month, she sent him secret care packages wrapped in twine and brown paper, which if he had bothered to open them would have made his life a bit more bearable. But he had meant it when he said he wouldn’t take another dime from that stodgy old man, so he always dropped off the parcels at a homeless shelter on his way to work.

Even so, a part of him was still waiting for his father to cave so he could go back to throwing himself into his studies and Enjolras hated himself for it. 

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Otayuri ship ask meme

I didn’t do everything on the list bc im lazy but here you go guys (・∀・)

1. Who hogs the duvet: Yuri. He pulls the duvet all over himself in his sleep but Otabek doesn’t mind because it gives him an excuse to tug Yuri even closer.

2. Who texts/rings to check how their day is going: Otabek?????? He texts Yuri every two hours or so even if he actually has nothing to say when they are apart in between practice sessions and Yuri will be like stop spamming me but inside it warms his heart to know how much Otabek cares about him.

3. Who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts: I would say both?? They know each other very well and definitely knows by heart what the other likes the most.

4. Who gets up first in the morning: Otabek lmao Yuri to me is the type who wont get up for at least a few hours after being woken and whines when Otabek asks him to wake up again and again. In the end Otabek had to dive into the sheets and find Yuri who is wrapped in the blankets and tickles him until he willingly gets up bye

5. Who cries at movies: Yuri. He tears up in every cheesiest movie possible and denies it

6. Who gives unprompted massages: otabek omg. Whenever Yuri complains about being drained from training Otabek automatically shifts over to his side and massages his shoulders

7. Who fuses over the other when they are sick: bOTH

8. Who gets jealous easiest: Y U R I he gets ticks off by the TINIEST thing when it comes to other people interacting with Beka. I bet like even when a middle aged lady interviewed Otabek after his program and she spent ten seconds more or so to compliment him on his talent, Yuri will rush over and tell her ‘this boy is MINE’

9. Who has the most embarrassing taste in music: i bet they both listen to really old death metal which just doesn’t do it when they are in the car with other people

10. Who takes the longest to get ready: yuri lmfao he needs to get his aesthetics full on armor while Otabek just wears the same black stuff everyday (like me)

11. Who is the most tidy and organized: otabek. He even has a pocket journal and everything to note down fligh times and appointments, and it amazes Yuri

12. Who gets most excited about the holidays: both because they can only see each other during those times (sucks having a long distance relationship)

13. Otabek is the little spoon and Yuri is the big spoon B Y E

14. Who gets most competitive when playing games/sports: yuri. As i said before he is the type to get way overheated when playing video games

15. Who suggests that they buy a pet: ‘we need more cats,’ says yuri.

16. What couple traditions they have: the thumbs up thing mmmmmmmmmm

17. How they spend time together as a couple: they are best friends while being a couple so the way the get along is at the same time very fun and affectionate (i am dead bye)

18. Who made the first move: Otabek did bc this is canon but Yuri made the last

19. Who brings flowers home: OTABEK he is the lowkey sappiest boyfriend ever and Yuri loves it

20. Who is the best cook: i like to imagine that they are both pretty bad at cooking but they always spend time to learn how to cook together, even when the results turn out to be a disaster.

What Gotham's Riddler Will Look Like, According To Cory Michael Smith - CINEMABLEND
Gotham star Cory Michael Smith spoke with CinemaBlend about his future in Season 3, and he shared some very interesting details about what to expect from his Riddler's costume.

“[The role] is performative; not in a Jim Carrey way. I want him to be kind of showy. So what we have as the Riddler costume is really classy, and that’s kind of what we wanted.”

Smith was very clear in describing how when his Riddler’s story is opened up in Episode 15, he would be the exact opposite of what Ed Nygma was when we first met him, and that he would be far more theatrical in his mannerisms and gestures, while remaining more psychological in his evil behavior.

“To give you some inside scoop, I do not have a cane yet, but I want one so badly for a few different reasons. I won’t tell you all of them so I don’t spoil anything, but I’m pitching very hard for a cane. Plus, we do have somewhere to go and add some stuff, so maybe in the future, there will be a cane. But I want him to be someone who deserves a fucking cane. He needs to be someone that’s just begging for a cane.”

Here’s one interview that I think about a lot. I don’t understand it. It’s cagey as fuck. And it haunts my dreams.

Deluxe Interview Gillian Anderson with Rob Tannenbaum
September 1998

GA: I’ve been drinking rice-milk lattes, but since I’ve been back in LA, and with the recent, uh, events in my life, I’ve been upping the dairy quotient.

RB: What recent, uh, events?

GA: Oh, just slightly more, um, stressed. Slightly more, um, reasons to make me not wanna go without things that give me comfort.

RB: You’re dropping hints. So, Gillian, what’s new in your personal life?

GA: Oh, lots. Ever-changing, confusing stuff. (Puts her head down on the table) It’s just very difficult, because there’s something on my brain and I’m having a really hard time not talking about it, but I’m NOT GONNA talk about it, because this is not the place to talk about it. So, yeah. (Sighs) I’m in a very bizarre mood today. I’ve feeling very immature.

RB: When you’ve read articles about the show, have you learned things about how Duchovny feels about you?

GA: I have, but I’m pretty intuitive about that stuff, anyway. I’m highly attuned to… well, to too much. Once I was surprised by something he said. He gave a description of our relationship that was particularly cold, and I was quoted in the article as saying that.

RB: If you could have more of one quality that he has in abundance, what would it be?

GA: That level of intelligence. I wish I had more facts in my head. When I was in school, I didn’t really pay much attention. That’s the one thing in my life I regret: daydreaming. I needed to do it; it was a survival mechanism for me.

RB: You talk a lot about how difficult school was for you.

GA: I get into these philosophical discussions with interviewers, because the majority of my life isn’t appropriate to talk about in a magazine. Especially the interesting stuff. I also just had an unfortunate situation, where I put a great deal of trust in somebody and I’m regretting that. So I’m probably more vague today than I would’ve been a week ago.

RB: Lucky me. Now in turn, what do you have in abundance that you would want to give to David?

GA: I know what the answer is, but that leads to a tricky…How to put it? Oh, fuck…Patience. That’s about as good as I can do without…

RB: Without what?

GA: Making him angry. (Big laugh) Without saying something I might regret.

RB: You’re cagey.

GA: Fuck, yes. These interviews are tricky, you have to be really careful. I can’t talk abut details of the movie; it’s not appropriate for me to talk about my divorce or recent relationships; and there’s not really much about my adolescence or early adulthood that I feel comfortable talking about.

RB: So, if you hurt David’s feelings, then you apologise. Big deal.

GA: Yes, but if there’s something that I have trouble with - about his behaviour, let’s say - it’s something I need to deal with between the two of us, not expressed through the press.

RB: So you have had a chat about, let’s say, your difficulty with his impatience?

GA: No, I haven’t. But I’m getting closer.

RB: Describe a bad date you’ve been on.

GA: I haven’t really been on very many dates. Bad date, bad date, bad date…I’m losing my train of thought.

RB:Because you’re thinking of that thing you won’t talk about. (She turns bright red) Was it a bad date?

GA: (Ignoring me) When I was younger, if I went on one date and it seemed to work in any aspect, we were a couple. So there were some week-long, two-week-long relationships that didn’t turn out so good. I’ve never been on a blind date. (Laughs suddenly) Well, I guess I kind of have.

RB: OK, so you’re dropping clues. I’m starting to suspect that you went on a blind date in New York last weekend, and it didn’t go well.

GA: (Changing the subject) I went on one date with an older man I met through some friends. He took me to see some pianist playing Rogers and Hammerstein. I did not connect with it at all, and he was very moved by the performance. I wonder what he must have made of me. He was probably about six foot three and weighed over 200 pounds and had a moustache (laughs); very conservative. I was still in the phase of thrift-store clothing and teased hair. But teased up like the Cure, not like Debbie Reynolds.

RB: Have you ever slapped a man?

GA: I have wanted to, but instead I kicked a hole in the wall. That was the only time that I was ever able to express my anger outward instead of inward. He had participated in what ended up being the last straw (laughs), inappropriate and cruel berating about particular subjects. Fortunately I had a hiking boot on, because it just swept over me, and for the first time in my life, I had no control, and I would’ve kicked in a wall regardless of what shoes I was wearing.

RB: So, tell me about the bad blind date in New York. C'mon, we’ve known each other for a while now. We’re friends, aren’t we, Gillian?

GA:( Laughs) But I’m not friends with the subscribers to the magazine. I don’t want to tell them about my boring, vague life.

RB: Can we agree, though, that you don’t have a boring, vague life?

GA: Yes. I know that I’m not boring. I am far from boring. I enjoy living life, I take a lot of risks, and I pay the consequences (big laugh).

RB: You say you don’t want to talk about it, but you really are dropping some tantalizing hints.

GA: You know what? I’m dying to talk about it, because it’s tragic in a sense, and bizarre and confusing, and it’s very hard for me not to allude to it. And I could get myself into some serious trouble, because I could be convinced to talk about it.

RB: Really?

GA: No, actually, not. I mean, it’s best for all concerned if I don’t.

Imagine Calum in an interview talking about what’s going on with the band and stuff then the intervene peaks his interest when he brings up you, but asks about why you and him broke up and his face suddenly drops just thinking about the night it happened.


“I can’t do this with you anymore Calum. You’re never here anymore.” You said calmly. 

 “Y/N don’t do this.” He pleaded. “I love you, I’ll spend more time with you. I promise.”

 “No Calum. It’s over. I packed my stuff, I’ll come by tomorrow while you’re not here to pick it up. I’m sorry. I love you.” You said tears in your eyes and just like that, you left. 

 *end of flashback* 

 “I have nothing to say about it.” He said shaking his head. “I don’t think you guys need to know why.” He said getting angry at the interviewer. 

 “Cal, calm down.” Michael says placing his hand on his shoulder. “It’s okay.”

 “No it’s not.” Calum shook his head. “It’s not okay.” He said sighing and standing up, running his hand through his hair and leaving the room.

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Title: Mislead [AO3]
Day 2:
summer job
Summary: Eren needs a decent job this summer, but he’ll have to endure a rather ridiculous interview before landing said job.
Notes: comedy, modern-au, 2700w

To say Eren was desperate for some cash would be an understatement.

They had been planning for a small road-trip near the end of summer break and Eren was much excited until he realized that crap, his funds were running a bit low. Jean jested in how Eren chose to be a fat cow, wasting all his money on food but he was only following his mother’s orders. Never hold back when it comes to eating.

Either way, he needed to save up. Fast.

An entire afternoon was spent searching for jobs: one or two months’ labour work for a lowly student like Eren. Waitor, janitor, babysitter, tutor (although his natural teaching abilities weren’t as up-to-par with Armin’s patience)—he looked through it all. He did quick calculations in his head: minimum wage for a two month at most…almost there but still not reaching the bottom-line. Two jobs would definitely be enough, and Eren was about to go with that option until he decided to amuse himself with CraigsList.

Never hurt to try.

And the first hit he got was one that caught his eye immediately.

Urgent – Babysitter Required
For the month of July. Monday to Sunday from 8:00AM to 10:00PM. Must be over 18, non-smoker, male preferred, competent with animals. Transportation provided. Two-interview process: phone then face-to-face. Background check completed and verified by MDP officials. Rate: $18/hour, no negotiations. Call: 999-969-6666

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The Interview. (Ashton Irwin.)

Requested - Yes. I’m sorry it took so long. 

Prompt - You’re an interviewer and Ashton takes an interest in you.

Warning - Feels ahead mates. 

Words - 895.


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anonymous asked:

plz write something about muke. any theories,, what you want. i love your way of thinking 💖

I have this theory that when the band does their whole thing where Cashton go out on adventures and Muke disappear, it’s more about Luke needing to do that than it is Michael. Because Michael is fairly open about the fact that he’s an introvert who needs time off and stuff, so I think we assume that Michael is the one who doesn’t want to go out in those situations and that Luke stays with him, but I sort of think it’s the other way around. The person that Luke is while he’s performing is just a version of him. The other version of him, who he is when he isn’t on a stage or doing an interview, I think is very quiet and thoughtful and shy. I don’t think he always enjoys being so famous. I think it stresses him out. I think he’s under more pressure than the rest of them are because he’s the frontman. I think there are times when he needs to not be in the spotlight. To hide away, to not have to be on for a while. To just be himself, in place where he doesn’t need to put on an act. I think Michael stays with him, and I think they just exist together. They just watch bad TV and eat cereal and chat about nothing. 

I think Michael is Luke’s zen person.

anonymous asked:

I hate to be negative Nelly but I'm starting to see the writing on the wall. Forget about ships but it seems like Iris who is suppose to be the lead is being backburn. She is barely in promos/pics and her reporter arc is real light. It almost remind me of Twisted and how they did the POC on that show. What are your thought?

Okay, first of all this is not Twisted. Please stop making it about Twisted. Twisted was largely Jo’s story and told from her POV even if Lacey was a major character. I don’t know how it was billed, but this is a completely different situation. I really need people to let go of Twisted, the show was canceled years ago. Let it go for your own sanity. 

Iris is not on the backburner. If you pay attention there are two HUGE stories happening right now. One is the Harrison Wells arc, and the other is Iris finding out the truth. Those are the two main things that people want to see play out. Those are the two things that have been majorly set up over the season. Those are the storylines the writers are hoping to get the biggest emotional payoff from.

With respect to the promos, it’s infuriating that the CW PR team still hasn’t figured out that Iris is a good selling point EVEN IN THE US. I literally would not be watching The Flash OR Arrow if it wasn’t for Candice being cast as Iris. I simply wouldn’t have had a reason to tune in. I’m not into comics like that (I mean, my brother got me into the MCU, but that was about it. A couple of years ago if someone would have said “Marvel or DC” to me, I would have been confused as hell.) There are other fans out there who, like me, need something other than the comic stuff to be interested. Andrew Kreisberg knows this, he is always saying that his shows have to work for him (the comic nerd) and his wife (the casual viewer who wouldn’t notice an easter egg if it slapped her in the face).

Candice is doing more press than I think anyone on the show. She’s been on the buzzfeed after show, she’s done a morning show, she’s been popping up in all sorts of great online interviews, she completely took over Just Jared Junior’s twitter AND instagram for a day, she’s out there getting her photos taken by D. Blanks, she’s going to comic cons without her male counterpart and killin it. Whenever someone asks for questions, they are bombarded with questions about Iris (and most of them aren’t about Westallen). 

Don’t underestimate Iris’ worth to the show because some asshole in PR doesn’t know what they are doing when they put together promo materials. 

Brush Up Your Shakespeare, Part II

Because Benedict Cumberbatch gets paid to act, not act the fool. 

Ben should send some nice gifts to whoever arranged for Hamlet to air in cinemas, because it gives him the opportunity to counter some of the shade he got during the Oscars campaign in a lasting way. He now has more tickets to sell to Hamlet, as well as promoting The Hollow Crown. 

Remember that Elle interview? While many were swooning over the stuff about what Sherlock might do in bed, I was more interested in that 11 minute rant about Hamlet, very little of which saw print. While it may surprise people, some people are actually going to see Hamlet or plan to watch The Hollow Crown not because they fancy Benedict, but because they actually like Shakespeare. He needs to reach out to them, but not alone. 

I’d like to see a roundtable of the Barbican Hamlet cast, and/or one with a diverse group of actors who have played Hamlet. They can discuss Hamlet’s influence on theater, cinema, and their own acting careers. Benedict can have a discussion with a theater historian for the BBC, CBC, or NPR about the original showing and its reception in Elizabethan England. As the latter part of the run is within the academic year, Benedict might be able to give a master class. I wouldn’t recommend more than one or two, however, as while the panels and such can be pre-recorded, the master class should be given live. 

A similar approach would be good for The Hollow Crown, and with the outright lying controversy over the Shakespearean portrayal of Richard III, it’s a great chance to hold discussions on the role of art in history. Let’s get him talking about the theater, cinema, ahem, acting. And as most of these involve others, it will seem less a cry for attention, especially if he can keep the focus on the plays and his craft, not how awesome and popular he thinks he is. 

Especially if this can be recorded in a block and released gradually, this will help people forget how Oscar hungry he looked while keeping stuff about his so-called private life to the sidelines. It will be something fans and non-fans can enjoy, and might even convert some of the latter into the former, as the man is at his most engaging when talking about his work. He’ll be answering questions that he could talk about for hours without pissing people off or sounding like he’s half dead. Talking with other actors, historians, and drama students about Shakespeare won’t be a cry for attention. It will remind people why he went into this business, and how he got to where he is today. Brush up your Shakespeare, Benedict!