he needs to come to melbourne

Anyone in melbourne want a pet rabbit?

His name is Kouji. He’s a housetrained, vaccinated, fixed, lovable ball of fluff who needs a home that will love him back. I’ll be moving to Queensland where they don’t allow rabbits as pets. He’s a house bunny, and he loves nothing more than falling asleep on my lap while I write or play videogames. If I lie down in his pen with him, he’ll come over and lick my face before flopping down with me. He loves the occasional trip to the backyard. His favourite foods are dandelions, kale, chinese broccoli, apples, strawberries, and bamboo.

He comes with: a rug for him to run around on (so he doesn’t damage your floor), a split-level cage, litterbox, metal fence (to set up the boundaries of His Space), carrier cage, food bowl, water bottle, leash and harness, brush, nail clippers, towel, food container, kitty litter, bag of hay, and a huge box of spare newspapers and plastic bags (for daily littlebox changes).

I love this guy, and he’s been with me for over 6 years. He still has a lot of life and love left in him, so I don’t want to abandon him to a shelter or have him put down by the government. He’s quiet, clean, soft, cuddly, and I am going to miss him terribly.

Please help if you can! Contact me ASAP, I need to find a home for him in the next 2 weeks!

By my calculations, (ever hopeful head canon, if you prefer) Mr. Nathan Page has completed his outstanding run as Richard Hannay in The 39 Steps. His schedule for the coming week:

Monday - fly home to Melbourne, enthusiastically greeted by family and chooks. Someone put a smooth single malt in that man’s hand, he has more than earned it! Sleep the deep sleep that only comes when you sleep in your own bed.

Tuesday: Shave off ‘stache - post photo on Instagram. Sleep more, that half-hour time difference can mess with one’s body clock. 😉

Wednesday: Go for long bike ride. Jogging in Adelaide was nice, but he needs to feel pedals beneath his feet. Though it is supposed to rain all week, so maybe not.

Thursday: Run errands around Melbourne. Stop in at Embiggen Books on Little Lonsdale St. and find a new thriller or six for the reading list. Post favorite on Instagram.

Friday: Dodge the rain and check the state of the garden. Cook for family and a few friends.

Saturday: Fly to Ireland.

Sunday: Sleep off jet lag.

Monday: early call. Hug Essie, sit down for table read MFMM feature film. Post Instagram pictures of chooks to throw fans off the scent.