he needs to be reminded that he's a stark

Just to remind you who Gendry is, and why someone needs to legitimize him as Baratheon.

Gendry: But just explain it to me. He offered to have any three people you wanted dead. All you had to do was give him the names. Anyone. You could have picked King Joffrey. 

Arya Stark: Shut up! 

Gendry: You could have picked Tywin Lannister. 

Arya Stark: Jaqen got us out of Harrenhal. So why are you complaining? 

Gendry: Because you could have ended the war!


Thoros of Myr: Where’d you train? 

Gendry: King’s Landing. Tobho Mott’s shop. 

Thoros of Myr: That criminal! He charges twice as much as every other armorer in the city. 

Gendry: That’s because he’s twice as good.


Gendry: How’d you know he was a knight? 

Hot Pie: Well… ‘cause he’s got armor on. 

Gendry: You don’t have to be a knight to buy armor. Any idiot can buy armor.


Gendry: I’m done serving. 


Gendry: Oh, you like picking on the little ones, do you? You know, I’ve been hammering an anvil these past ten years. When I hit that steel it sings. You gonna sing when I hit you?

Your father’s dead. Your brother’s dead. Your sister’s dead. And the only piece of them you have left, the only remnant of all that you’ve lost, is a little baby boy.

Your wife hates him, a reminder of something that never was. But better something that never was than you burdening her, perhaps forcing her to choose between him and the children of her body if the need ever arise.

As he grows, you see them in him.

The bravery and the kindness, never backing down from a fight that needs fighting, no matter the odds, or what it might cost him.

“Is my mother alive? Does she know about me, where I am, where I’m going? Does she care?” 

It doesn’t matter how many times you hear the questions. They hurt so much, you don’t quite know where to put all the pain.

He’s nearly a man grown, and setting out to make his mark on the world. He truly needs an answer this time. You can tell by his eyes.  

Those eyes. Your sister’s eyes. You’re helpless. You see her again, there, on the bed, reaching for you, a dark pool of blood soaking into the sheets around her.

He’s staring at you. And you see her in his face. You see all three of them. Father, brother, sister. And it’s more than you can bear.

You guys can blame connor-say-what for the title on this one. I asked him what to call it and these were the first words out of his mouth. Round of applause for Connor, ladies and gentleman. Anyway, this is the Sick!Reader for Tony Stark. Enjoy, my darlings!

“Siblings Be Cray Cray”

Tony Stark was not a family man. Or rather he had a family, but he sure as hell didn’t act like it. The other Avengers often ragged him about the relationship with his sister:
“You need to remind her that you care or she’ll forget it.” Steve would say.
“Life is hard, Stark. You need to give her a brother whilst she has one.” Natasha scolded him.
“Be a family whilst she still needs one.” From Clint.

However the fact they’d neglected to remember was that you were just as bad as him. You loved your brother dearly but by this point you’d become accustomed to his strange behaviour. You knew he cared and you were entirely content with his distant way of showing it because you knew, if you needed him, he’d come through.

What you didn’t expect was for that event to be so soon.

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We need to discuss Sansa’s speech to Ramsay before the hounds killed him. We need to discuss its significance. It shows what she was trying to explain to Jon Snow; she knows him, understands his psychology better than anyone. She choose to remind him he was nothing because that’s his fear. It’s why he relishes in calling Jon Snow a bastard because he too was one not long ago and this unnerves him. He spent ages attempting to win the approval of his father. Ramsay Bolton is a man of ego, he cares about his power, his legacy. He wants to be great to have an affect and Sansa reminds him that he is nothing, that he will disappear, nothing will remain of him except to be the villain in the legacy and legend that this battle will become. He won’t be feared he’ll only be remembered for being crushed by the Starks, his name will go to prove their legitimacy and hold of the North. His tale will simply be used to show that no one sits in Winterfell except for a stark. THAT is important.

I can’t believe how young Tony felt that while movie
His character literally opens up as a child (the hologram) and he in a way remains that kid throughout the movie. He is that young, scared, lonely, kid lashing out, trying to make sense of his situation, both craving and pushing against a the attention of these characters in his life.
There are moments in the film when you are just so reminded of this.
When he yells after Steve that Bucky killed his mom I hear Tony as a kid reaching for his mother, the only person in his world who has ever seemed to
And when he yells how his father build that shield and it doesn’t belong to Steve. Now THAT got me. So desperately teaching for anything that would hurt, and at that point he is also hurting himself…
How low must he feel, how lost and betrayed and dejected must he be to reach for his father. How desperate and small.
Damn I actually planned on writing some actual well thought out meta but instead I made myself sad before I even started


Sansa & Petyr : A Storm of Swords
Reminder that in the book version Petyr helped her build her Winterfell snow castle. Get it? He literally helped her build Winterfell.

…His hands were deft and sure, and before long he had a crisscrossing latticework of twigs, very like the one that roofed the glass gardens of Winterfell. “We will need to imagine the glass, to be sure.”
“This is just right,” she said.
He touched her face. “And so is that.”
Sansa did not understand. “And so is what?”
“Your smile, my lady. Shall I make another one for you?”
“If you would.”
“Nothing could please me more.”

Bucky had been in the Tower for about a month, after Steve had found him living on the streets after he’d broken free from his brainwashing. The soldier was…adjusting slowly. As it was he’d met most of the Avengers and managed to get along. For the most part. As it was, Steve was away on a mission. In fact everyone was gone except Stark, who was sequestered in his lab. Bucky knew Steve left people to “babysit” him in case he needed it. As he scrolled through TV channels with nothing on, he was glad it was Tony. The genius generally ignored him and just had Jarvis remind him to eat every once in awhile. It was almost like being treated normally. Seeing as how Tony needed reminded about meals, Bucky was convinced Tony thought this was normal. 

So he wasn’t expecting anyone but Tony to walk into the room and didn’t bother looking up. “Hey. I baked cinnamon raisin muffins, genius.” He called. God, there was nothing on TV. He flipped a few more channels, not overly concerned that there was no response. 



Did anyone else catch tonight’s motif about storytelling?

When Maya and Lucas went on their date, Lucas attempted to share an important story about wanting to become a vet. When he started telling his tale, Maya dumped a smoothie on his head. This was the first mention of storytelling in the episode.

Later, Maya told Riley that Lucas needed her because he needed someone to build him up by listening to his stories. And later, we received a slew of Rucas flashbacks where the writers proceeded to remind us of the time Lucas told Riley about wanting to become a vet. In the flashback, Riley listened intently and added to the conversation.

There was a stark contrast between the way Riley and Maya handled these very similar situations and this is obviously significant. I’m hoping that this was used as a means of positive foreshadowing for romantic Rucas. 


//Sorry for the shitty gifs– I just needed to talk about this. Okay. This here upset the fuck out of me. 

Bruce Banner has ruined his own life at this point. He created his own monster that he has to keep at bay 24-7. He is someone who thinks of himself as the biggest monster of all– and tells himself that on a daily basis.

This isn’t the Tony Stark that he is friends with. This isn’t the Natasha he is friends with. These two people are emotionally MANIPULATING Banner into doing what they want. It is as if they always have to remind Bruce of what is underneath his skin. 

These are two people are suppose to be the closest thing he has to friends/a relationship with Banner. Yet they are calling him a monster. He doesn’t need reminded of that fact. He knows he is a monster. But how badly would it hurt if two people you TRUST and are emotionally connected to tell you how much of a monster you are?

I think if they truly had been Bruce’s friend– they never would have used the word monster to describe him. They would have helped him– emotionally get through that. To try and rebuild his confidence in himself. To tell him he isn’t a monster. Instead they throw it in his face multiple times. I love Tony and Natasha– but these two lines were something that was such a low blow for me that it took me awhile to get over it. I still haven’t to an extent.

Closed Starter

Craig closed his eyes for a brief moment before opening them again, reminding himself that he couldn’t fall asleep.

Any other time, he wouldn’t care. But currently, he was in a tree at Starks Pond. If he fell out, he’d break something.

He checked his phone and noted that it was almost one in the morning. He knew he should go home, but couldn’t. He couldn’t bring himself to. All the yelling, and throwing things, and hitting had gotten to be too much for the raven and he needed an escape.

Whenever he was upset, he came here. That was quite often, if he was being honest with himself. Whenever he was upset, he’d come to Starks Pond and climb into a tree and just.. watch. Whether it was the middle of the day or the middle of the night, he’d always watch.