he needs to be a teenager forever

Party- for Good Boys Only

Pairing: AmazingPhil & Danisnotonfire (Phan)

Genre: Smut, Angst, Daddy!kink

Warnings: Parental Divorce, Sexual Content

Word count: 9000

Summary: Dan and Phil are reluctant stepbrothers soon to be strangers. When Dan’s father decided to marry Phil’s mother, no one could have predicted the marriage ending in flames only a few weeks later. The two boys who avoided each other at all costs during the marriage are brought together one last time before they part ways forever. Phil hates Dan. Dan can’t stand Phil. But what happens when a house party goes terribly wrong and they end up needing each other more than their parents ever did?  

AKA. Angsty teenage Dan, a drunken night no one can remember, mysterious hickies, thigh riding, overstim, sexual tension for days etc… 

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Some feelings about Laurent:

- Laurent struggles with expressing himself
- he spent the last years of his adolescence and the beginning of his teenage/pre-adulthood years being abused by the last remaining member of his family, and even after the abuse itself ended, existed in a court where emotional manipulation and sabotage was his daily reality.
- the impact that had on him was profound, and altered his personality forever
- he learnt to protect himself with harshness, with coldness, with apathy and distain, to isolate himself from any who would do him harm
- but because of this, because he needed to keep himself safe
- he couldn’t express himself in any way, shape or form without fear of his uncle, or someone, using that against him
- there was little that he could allow himself to like and enjoy that his uncle could not potentially convolute
- reading was safe, there was nothing dangerous there
- horses were safe for a while too, until his uncle poisoned his mare on the hunt
- education, history, things like that were ok, though he struggled to access things of a political nature as his uncle didn’t want him vying for political power
- sword practice was ok; he could spend hours and hours with Jord in the training yard working himself to the bone with thoughts of revenge fuelling him
- so after all this time of existing in a world where he could absolutely not be himself, could absolutely not engage with the things he loved or was interested in and could definitely never allow himself to engage with and explore his sexuality, doing them now is hard
- even with Damen, it’s hard
- he has to learn, in his twenties, how to do things Damen has been doing since he was a child
- casual displays of affection like hugging and non-sexual kissing, holding hands and thoughtless, instinctual touches, soft endearments and spending time with one another just because they enjoy each others company, engaging with things that interest either or both of them, sharing those things
- it’s hard for Laurent to wrap his head around
- Damen understands as best he can, initiating most of the contact and making sure Laurent is comfortable with it, going out of his way to ensure Laurent is happy and feels safe with him, trying to show him that he’ll never turn Laurent away, that it can be easy
- and it takes time, it takes so much time, but eventually, with effort and determination and working at it constantly, Laurent learns to let himself do these things too
- he learns to be ok with sharing the things he loves with Damen, engaging him in conversation about things he’s passionate about, sharing those things with him, without fear of Damen exploiting that
- he learns to be ok with affection with Damen, learns that Damen would never do anything he wasn’t comfortable with, learns that he can initiate and try new things that he’s interested in instead of relying purely on Damen’s preferences alone
- he learns to explore his sexuality, with Damen and by himself
- he learns to talk about it with Damen, learns to share his wants and desires, the things he wants to try in bed and out of it
- he learns not to fear reaching out for Damen, learns not to expect rejection
- he learns that he’s allowed to take comfort in the warmth of Damen’s arms, he’s allowed to feel safe there, he’s allowed to want and need that sometimes
- and Damen is allowed to want and need the same from him
- it’s a hard road to get there, but eventually they do
- eventually they are as comfortable and easy and free around each other as they want to be
- and it’s beautiful to see, to watch Laurent become confident in these parts of himself
- cos unlearning self-protective behaviour developed during times of abuse is fucking hard ok, letting people in after your trust being shattered and betrayed is hard.
- it takes a really long time to challenge and change problematic mentalities
- but Laurent does
- because he defeated his uncle, he won.
- he and Damen are free.
- and they have all the time in the world

Tall And Fair(Ch. 1)

Summary: Dan needs a job to pay for his piano classes and his interviewer is a tall and fair boy. 

Genre: AU, Teenagers, Slow-Burn, FLUFF

Warnings(this chapter): none

Word Count: 706(this chapter)

It wasn’t fair. Dan had been playing piano since he was little, and his parents had paid for his classes. When his parents told him he had to start paying for them himself, he was more than shocked. It wasn’t like he was planning on making them pay for his classes forever, but Dan was only sixteen. He hugged his comforter closer to his chest when he heard footsteps getting louder.

“Daniel! You’ve got to go find a job.” His mom said, pulling his covers off of him. Dan groaned and covered his face with the nearest object. Admittedly, that was his laptop, but he was too tired to care.

“You better be ready in ten minutes or I’m leaving without you.”

Dan jumped. Ten minutes wasn’t nearly enough time to get ready. He looked at his clock to see it was already eleven-twenty. He scrambled out of bed and went to grab his bag from his chair, but tripped before he could reach it. He looked behind him and saw his foot caught on a jacket he had thrown on the floor the previous night. He untangled himself, got dressed, and brushed his teeth. He ran down the stairs to see his mother holding a cup of coffee.

“I hope that’s for me.” Dan said, pulling his jacket on. His mom laughed and shook her head. Dan frowned and made his own cup.

“There’s no time for that, Dan. I’ve got to go to work soon and I can’t drive you around all day. He nodded and went to the car.

“I’ll drop you off at the mall,” his mom said, putting her seat belt on,”and hopefully you’ll find someone to hire you.”

Dan nodded and watched the trees blur as they drove away. He was sure he could find someone that would want to hire him, but nobody he would want to work for. As they pulled into the mall parking lot, he realized he had forgotten to straighten his hair before he left. He ran his fingers through his hair nervously, hoping nobody he knew saw him.

“Alright, Dan, here’s five pounds. Don’t spend it irresponsibly. It’s for food.” 

Dan looked at his mom and thanked her, taking the note and closing the car door. He walked through the parking lot, thankful when he felt the cool air from the mall. He immediately sat down at a bench, looking through his tumblr feed on his phone. After a few minutes of mindless scrolling he decided he should start looking.

He walked past a few stores with “help wanted” signs, but none seemed to interest him. He started to wander aimlessly when he ran into a firm chest. He jumped and looked up(which was admittedly rare, seeing as he was quite tall himself). Staring down at him was a pale boy with stunning blue eyes. Dan’s breath caught in his throat and he backed up.

“S-sorry. Wasn’t looking.” Dan mumbled. He could feel his neck getting warm from the embarrassment. He heard a light chuckle from the man.

“S’okay! Happens to everyone.” The stranger said. He spoke with a northern accent and had a smirk on his lips. Dan nodded and looked around for any excuse to change the subject. His eyes landed on a “help wanted” sign a few feet behind the tall, fair man.

“Ah, yeah, I guess.” Dan cleared his throat. “Do you know where I could find the manager of this store?” The man nodded.

“That’d be me. I’m Phil.” he said, still smiling. Dan furrowed his brows. He hadn’t even mentioned he was looking for a job yet and he’d made a fool of himself.

“Oh…well, I was hoping to apply for the…job.” Dan said, realizing he didn’t know what store he was in. Phil nodded and smiled again. He handed him a sheet of paper.

“Here you go. It’s a pretty slow day, so I can just interview you once you’re done.” Phil said. Dan thanked him and sat down at a nearby table. He looked at the top of the page and saw that the store was actually a coffee shop called “Igualdad”, which Dan remembered to mean “equality”. He sighed and began filling out the form.

A/N: I was planning on writing this sooner, really, but I was in the hospital for a few days. I’m back now, though. I’m not sure exactly how long this story will go on for, but I plan on it being pretty long.


Nine Faces: 3/∞

  • Red Robin (Prime Earth)
After being attacked from agents from the shadowy organization N.O.W.H.E.R.E., Tim Drake as Red Robin (third partner to Batman), comes out of pseudo-retirement and returns to vigilantism. He quickly forms the first Teen Titans team with various teenaged superheroes that he had been monitoring online for awhile. Red Robin currently leads the Teen Titans and occasionally helps out in Gotham when needed.

Image Source:
  • Batman and Robin #19 by Patrick Gleason (Lower Left)
  • Batman and Robin Eternal #1 by Tony S. Daniel (Upper Center)
  • Forever Evil #2 by David Finch (Upper Right)
  • Gotham Academy #11 by Karl Kerschl, Msassyk and Mingjue Helen Chen (Middle Left)
  • Grayson #13 by Mikel Janín (Lower Center)
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I am now and quite possibly forever thinking about the fact that apparently teenage Sebastian Stan not only went to Hot Topic but *stole* from Hot Topic.

What did he take? And why? Was it just the once? Was this a Thing? Seb, please. What will Chris think…? :D :D

I feel like @bearceptionus and @viperbranium and @boopifer and @thebestpersonherelovesbucky need to know about this. Especially for thoughts about Seb and sleight of hand, for that thing I’m writing with @boopifer

  • what she says: I'm fine.
  • what she means: danny fenton went through a traumatizing experience when he was 14 years old that turned him into a half ghost breed and his parents, other ghosts, and a classmate want him dead or locked away forever. With everyone trying to kill him he is also being abused by his "uncle" Vlad and going through the troubles of being a teenage boy while also being physically bullied at school. Danny fenton needs protection and a long hug.

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Someone asked for teenage version of that Kanera AU where Cham (and baby Hera) save baby Caleb post Order 66. (Dang I really need a name for this AU). So here they are, six years later, as “teenagers” with Hera as 16 and Caleb 20 (technically not a teenager but eeeeh).

Hera is on her first solo mission! She gets into a fight and who suddenly shows up to help but her childhood bestie. Hera isn’t too thrilled by the implication of his appearance.

More of this AU.

A ninth grade boy in my morning class keeps asking me (it’s been three times now) if I “need any tampons to go with [my] new Prius”. He does this for several reasons:

(1) it made his friends smirk the first time he said it, ergo it will be funny forever;

(2) he thinks feminine things are ridiculous, and that saving money on gasoline is feminine;

(3) he thinks one of the sickest burns you can apply to a grown man is to imply that he menstruates;

(4) he doesn’t like me very much because I often call him out for obnoxious, puerile behavior and bullying;

(5) he is particularly unhappy with me right now because I failed him last semester, and will likely do so again if he continues to waste class time and ignore assignments;

(6) he is acutely unhappy with me right now for writing him up two weeks ago when he called another student the n-word, thus putting him only one suspension away from expulsion.

Being a teacher often means dealing with individuals like this every day. Frankly, I don’t care for it. Which is why I put him on the spot today and asked him to explain to the class what tampons have to do with hybrid cars. He couldn’t think of a response that would properly demonstrate his astounding wit; so instead, he spent the class period making poop jokes and shouting at random intervals.

The sad thing is, he didn’t want me to be his forever- he wanted me to be his ‘just for now’. That’s all I was to him. But to me, he was the only one my forever would be worth living for.
—  {g.j.t}
I like how...

…so many people assume that Riley couldn’t possibly find herself pleasantly surprised by how easily she gets over Lucas romantically once she allows herself to let go of the future she built up in her head with basically no input from him.

People act like no teenager ever got over an unofficial middle school relationship before, I swear. Yeah, there’s the “oh no he likes my BFF” thing too, but literally millions of people have gotten through and over that kind of thing…and even stayed friends after. This idea that Riley’s gonna be broken forever or something…like, come on already.

Riley is the daughter of Cory and (arguably more importantly) TOPANGA Matthews. Strong is in her DNA. She’s gonna be okay in the long run. Girl needs to find someone who respects what she wants out of a relationship, instead of clinging to Lucas who SOMEHOW didn’t know that Riley (of all people) expected a Big Ask for a Big Dance.

Do people not think Riley deserves someone whose romantic focus doesn’t shift to someone else all the time when it’s supposed to be on her, or nah? I like Lucas and all, but Riley deserves someone who gets her romantically and wants to sweep her off her feet all over-the-top like she wants instead of dawdling, someone who doesn’t flirt with and moon over her best friend like he can’t help his damn self. I mean…honestly.