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Long story short.

Me: *goes up to Jensen and Misha feeling her heart beating all the way up in her throat*

Jensen & Misha: *smiling* “Hiiiii!”

Me: *smiles and stumbles over her own words*

Me: “I’m sorry, I know its not pie, but it’s the closest I could find. so I was wondering what would Dean’s and Castiel’s reaction be to seeing this monster donut.”

Lol, I have no idea what Misha as Cas is doing. Feeling for a heartbeat? Looking for molecules? Giving the donut a blessing? :’) One will never know… Some friends and I were reminded of something else as well, but that I won’t mention right now… :‘P

Cradled In Love

Pairing: Tom Holland X Reader

Words: 2217

Warnings: “Angst to fluff to smut”. NSFW gifs (you know me by now!!)

Anon asked “I’m on vacation with my so called family which is breaking apart at the moment and um it’s really hard to be here with them and I can’t really enjoy this vacay so is there a possibility if you could write a tom holland one shot to cheer me up maybe with angst and fluff and smut and beautiful words of yours.. I don’t want to be here with these people and I want to cry every second of the day.”

A/N: So this is my first non-Bucky/Sebastian fic. It’s special because the anon who asked is having a super bad day…I know how it gets when family is a bitch to deal with (trust me all my extended family are a bunch of assholes!!!!) Anyway, here you go and I hope I did him justice. SENDING HUGS AND KISSES YOUR WAY LOVELY PERSON.

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In loving memory of Kim Seokjin. He ain’t dead, y’all just keep sleeping on him.
Two is better than one


Summary: Literally just a supersoldier cuddles session after sex 

Warnings: suggestive themes, swearing, cute nerdy supersoldiers 

Originally posted by aestheticimagines

  You’re entire body shook in post orgasm bliss and the thought of moving at all almost made you tremble more.

   "You okay doll?“ Two warm hands cup your cheeks, a soft Brooklyn accent penetrated the fog in your head. 

  You weakly open one eye, staring at Bucky before you. He has this soft little smile to his lips and unlike you he’s perfectly composed, the only hint that he’d just had one of the greatest threesomes of his life came in the form of small beads of sweat on his brow. 

  "Come on (Y/N),” Bucky’s thumb swipes along your clammy cheek, his smile faltering just a bit. He was always worried after the three of you had sex, after all, it wasn’t easy to take such two large men at once, so Bucky was justified in his fears.  "You gotta answer me sweetheart,“ 

  "Yeah,” Your voice is hoarse, absolutely wrecked. “I’m okay, just-” You close your eye, searching for the perfect word to describe how you felt. Good, just overwhelmed? Absolutely blissful but already sore? 

  “I know,” Bucky gently presses his lips to your sweaty forehead, drawing a small noise of contentment from you. “I know how you feel. How about you Stevie? You okay back there?” Steve’s slightly sweaty forehead pressed against your shoulder, his warm chest pressed to your back, his soft lips just barely grazing your skin as he breathes in deeper than usual. 

  “I’m good,” Steve smiles gently, his lips curling upwards in that smile both you and Bucky loved so much. 

  “Good. That’s good,” Bucky gently slides his hands from your face down to your arm, his fingers gently tracing along your flesh. “We should probably shower, change the sheets-" 

  "No,” You whine, a broken noise from the bottom of your throat. “Bucky I’m too tired,” Bucky hums contemplatively as he looks at you, giving you the impression that he was thinking about what you said but before you could realize he was faking it he had already whisked you up in your arms, laughing softly when you squealed in surprise.

   "Come on Stevie,“ Bucky offered his hand out to Steve, which he gladly took. Bucky then proceeded to guide both of you to the bathroom, the now much larger bathroom to met your every need; (Tony was sick of hearing the three of you whine constantly about how small your quarters were "Well you see, this tub wasn’t made for three people, much less to behemoths of men) A much larger tub and shower, bigger vanity, plenty of room for three people to share comfortably.

   Steve turns the water on, letting it warm up before he deems it worthy. Wordlessly Bucky slides into the shower with you still wrapped around him like a sloth.

   "You have to put your legs down (Y/N),” Bucky chuckles, his free hand now running up and down your spine soothingly. 

  “I don’t think I can move them…" 

  "Tire you that much, huh?” Steve chuckles as he joins too, his chest pressed against your back, his hands sliding down to your claves to gently unhook them from Bucky’s legs. “Sounds like you’re losing your touch," 

  "I am not,” You tilt your head backwards to glare at him. “You two are just fucking horny dogs who can go at it for hours,” Both men chuckle as they reach for something; Bucky the soap and Steve the hair products. Simultaneously both boys begin to pamper you, with Bucky covering your entire body in soap, his lips gently pressed to yours, and Steve rubbing the shampoo into your hair, his own lips pressed to your neck.

   The two keep at the whole pamper thing for quite some time, so long that the water began to run cold and even Bucky’s fingers were starting to shrivel up. 

  “I’ll go change the sheets, you two put some clothes on,” Bucky gives both of you a kiss before he hops out of the shower, grabbing a towel before exiting the steaming bathroom. 

  Steve smiles as you turn in his embrace, your legs wobbling as you face him. Wordlessly he picks you up, his muscles giving no strain at having to loft an actual human being. After successfully getting you out of the shower and onto the bathroom counter he grabs the remaining towels, wrapping one around his own waist and the other around your body. 

  “We’re so lucky,”  Steve whispers as he brushes some water sopped hair away from your face. “You’re so beautiful, so sweet, so perfect," 

  Steve was most definitely the sentimental one of the three of you, the one to constantly validate you and Bucky, to constantly go on rants about how lucky he was, It was always sweet.  

  "You’re pretty damn good yourself Steve,” You smile as you reach out, raking your nails through hair hair, delighting in the purrs of pleasure you were able to pull from his lips. “You’re so perfect for us, wouldn’t want anyone else, just you Stevie,” Steve smiles shyly, the praise sinking below his skin, making him blush like some schoolgirl. 

  “I thought I told you two nerds to get dressed,” Bucky pokes his head in the bathroom, smiling at the sight that greeted him, his two lovers touching each other tenderly, smiling at each other sweetly.

   "Sorry Buck,“ Steve chuckles as he grabs the clothes Bucky had laid out. "We’ll get right to that,”

   "Good. bed’s almost ready anyways,“ And with that Bucky leaves you two again, his footstep retreating back into your bedroom.

  Steve smiles as he let’s your towel fall to the floor, leaving your body bare before him, only now the sight of you naked wasn’t sexual, it was something else entirely. Even when Steve began to slide your underwear up your legs, his lips glued to your still trembling thighs as he assisted you in dressing, it wasn’t sexua, now it was more affectionate, more intimate. 

  Steve slides a large shirt over your small body, one of his that you and Bucky often borrowed. It smelled like Steve and Bucky, like safety and home, like detergent and Bucky’s shampoo, it smelled like Steve’s cologne and now it smelled like the lavender soap the boys had coated your body with. 

  You hum softly as Steve kisses your lips gently, his hands sliding down your waist as he let’s the shirt fall around your body, the material bunching around his wrists. He tasted like you and Bucky with just a hint of some kind of fruit. 

  "Get your clothes on you nerd,” You mumble against his lips, smiling when he more than reluctantly pulled back. 

  The man’s “clothes” consisted of a pair of boxers, as did Bucky’s but you didn’t mind in the slightest. The constant skin contact, the all around legs wrapped around yours, one chest pressed to yours, another pressed to your back, was simply heavenly. 

  “You need to drink something,” Steve adds as he eyes you, all the while worming the skintight boxers up his legs. “Your voice sounds wrecked,”

   "I feel wrecked,“ You chuckle gently just as your legs give another tremble; what perfect timing. "But in the best kind of way,” You add, noting the concern that immediately overtook Steve’s features at your words.

  “We could have been softer…" 

  "No Stevie,” You cup his cheeks, letting your thumbs caress his stubbled skin. “It was perfect, I promise you,” Steve hums as he leans into your touch, his lips pressing a gentle kiss to your wrist. The small touch of affection had your heart skipping a beat, your lips curling upwards in a smile, your stomach blooming with a warm pleasant feeling.

  “As much as I love to look at you two,” Bucky interjects the sweet moment yet again, smiling at the two of you so lovingly it almost hurt. “The bed’s ready and I’m fucking beat,” Steve nods and he wordlessly picks you up, his arms comforting around you. One arm wraps around you securely, keeping you locked against his chest, while the other reached for Bucky’s hand, tugging him into the mass of warm bodies. 

  You hum sleepily, softly, as you nuzzle against Steve’s neck, breathing his scent in deeply. Warmth, safety, protection, love. 

  “I’m gonna set you down doll, so you’ve got let me go,” You nod as you slip your arms away from Steve’s neck, letting him gently place you down onto the fresh, clean sheets. 

   You hum once again as you nuzzle into the pillows, awaiting your two best boys to join you in bed. You didn’t have to wait long before Bucky was burrowing into you from the front and Steve nuzzling in from the back; Their warmth mingled with yours and suddenly everything felt okay. You felt like a three piece puzzle and now that all of you were interlocked so intimately the puzzle was complete.

   "You sure you’re okay (Y/N)?“ Bucky asks softly, his fingers dancing up your arm, stopping to tuck a strand of slowly drying hair behind your ear.  

  "I’m sure,” You nod, beaming up at him the best you can. 

  “Good.” Bucky states once again, his smile nearly infectious as he looked at you. “Now get some sleep Любовь моя, you need it,” You hum sleepily, appreciatively as Bucky kisses your forehead, his lips lingering for quite some time before he pulled back. “You too Stevie,” Bucky reaches over you, ruffling Steve’s hair affectionately. 

  “I was half asleep when you so rudely woke me up,” Steve cracks an eye open to glare at Bucky, his look playful but still less than thrilled. “Looks like I wore you both out,” Bucky smirks teasingly even if his eyes were dropping with sleep themselves. “Maybe you two are losing your touch,”

  “I am not,” Steve states indignantly, a sort of frown to his features. 

   "Hmm,we’ll just have to test that tomorrow morning then,“ Even though the three of you were so completely and utterly worn out the thought of yet another pleasure filled morning had your core aching to be filled and it may have been your imagination but you could have sworn Steve’s hip gave a little jerk against yours. 

  "But for now,” Bucky smiles softly, all mischievousness melting away immediately. “You two need sleep,”

   "So do you,“ You yawn, your eyes slipping closed and staying closed as you do.

   "I will,” Bucky whispers, his metal hand tracing circles into your shoulder, slowly soothing you into a deep sleep. “I will doll,” But you were far too gone to respond, your exhaustion taking over.

   "Love you Buck,“ You whisper, the only words you could manage at the time. "You too Stevie, love you two so much,” Both boys smile, sharing a sweet look with each other before allowing their own eyes to close, letting their own fatigue take over.

  “Love you (Y/N)," 

Personal Assistant (Jason Todd x Reader)

So this one is has a few warnings, Sexual harassment and a few swears. Nothing too bad.

Working as Bruce Wayne’s personal assistant had its perks. Working in a great building with a brilliant mind. Getting a handsome paycheck which was paying off your student debts. Having a job that finally got you parents off your backs for ‘throwing your life away.’

Working as Bruce Wayne’s personal assistant also had its downsides. Knowing that Bruce is the Batman, but not being able to tell Bruce you know. You are in a constant need for caffeine the people at the coffee shop across the street know your name, you figured the caped crusader deserved your help after all the help he did for this city. The fact that your parents are now bugging you about getting a nice boyfriend who treats you right.

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anonymous asked:

Cuddling headcanons?????

• Yuri is just a cat he climbs all over Otabek all the time

• Their favourite way to cuddle though is Otabek half lying propped up on the couch and Yuri lying in between his legs with his head on his boyfriends chest just over his heart

• They switch this up sometimes when Otabek is dissociating and lays with his ear over Yuris heart listening to his heart and feeling his soft breathing while Yuri traces small circles on his back to help Otabek focus on something physical to bring him back from his depersonalisation

•Yuri gets back after a hard day of training to find Otabek in the kitchen who he walks over to and wraps his arms around his waist and Otabek turns around to give his boyfriend a welcome home kiss

• He drags Otabek over to the couch and the assume the cuddle position™ with Otabek playing with yuris hair, softly de-tangling knots that developed over the day from Yuri messing with his hair when he’s frustrated

• Yuri starts complaining about the old man and the pig today at practice today Beka you should have seen them they were all over each other it was d i s g u s t i n g like they don’t need to be all over each other every- no don’t stop playing with my hair- second of the freaking day like who does that??

• Otabek just chuckles to himself because he knows that him and Yuri are just as bad as Yuris dads but that doesn’t matter because he gets to hold the boy he loves every day and that’s all he will ever need

(Side note I did have some sleeping cuddling headcannons but this was getting a little long tell me if you want me to post those on here too)

- mod Isla

Love - Names (Drabbles Series)

Bucky | Barnes | Buck | Sarge | Jamie | Soldat | Love | James | Epilogue

Character Pairing: Bucky x Female Reader

Summary: She calls Bucky by many different names. Each one portraying a different emotion, motive behind her words changing and telling with every utterance off her lips.

WC: 1180

A/N: TAGS ARE CLOSED! Please stop asking me to make an exception for you, it isn’t fair to everyone else. I want to keep the tag list short and I can’t keep track of everyone anyway. But I really appreciate all the positive feedback!

A/N Pt 2: As soon as all the chapters are published, I’m going to make a master list of this series in chronological order so if you’re into that kind of weird time organization thing like me, you can follow this story a little more easily.

Love was a tender blessing from her lips. It was used when he needed some comfort, when the softness of her soul was the only way to soothe him. It was her way of taking care of him, when he himself wouldn’t.

Love, you need to stop worrying. The doctor said everything is normal. It’ll happen when it happens. And are you really complaining about having crazy amounts of unprotected sex?”

“Shhh Love, it was just another nightmare. Come here and I’ll hold you.”

She arrived back at the tower in the early hours of the morning after a mission with Clint. Bucky had been on his own mission with Steve and she’d missed him during the days they’d been apart. Just a few months into this relationship and she already felt like she was missing a part of herself when he wasn’t near.

She bumped into Steve on her way into the living quarters.

“How is he?” she asked

“Bad. It was a really tough one.” the super soldier shook his head

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Horny Nights

♥ Well I did it, didn’t I? the week isn’t over and here is a new One Shot with Steve. I think there will be a sequel, what do you guys think? Please leave some feedback. If you found any mistakes tell me, I would love to correct them. Enjoy! Deutsche Version? Auf meiner Masterlist. 

  • Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
  • Summary: Reader wakes up horny there is only one thing to solve that problem.
  • Warnings: smut, dry humping (no penetration), PWP!
  • Words: 842

You layed in your big, warm and comfortable bed. Wrapped in your warm blankets and soft pillows next to you was no one else than Steve Rogers. It was dark as you opened your eyes, it was still in the middle of the night and a frustrated sound left your lips.
It was the fourth time that you woke up that night and the reason why was the incredibly handsome Captain America, or rather the effect he had on you.

At the moment, you feel like a horny teenager without any self-control. You pressed your thighs together, hoping to suppress the rising need, between your legs. It didn’t worked!
But could you be blamed for being horny? Steve Rogers was stunning and absolutely perfect.
Every inch of his body looked likes it was was carved out of marmor and gave you all kinds of fantasies.

The super soldier had just returned from a two-week mission and was exhausted. As much as he liked to ‘celebrate’ his return with you, he was simply too tired to do any activities other than sleep, and that was the reason why you were so needy.

Two weeks without Steve were hard to bear and a girl has needs! Feverishly, you had waited for his return, and would had jumped his bones immediately as he walked trough the door , but he weren’t unfortunately not in the condition for that.
And so you were awake now for the fourth time, needy and desperate with fairly wet panties, while Steve was sleeping soberly.

You thought for a while what you should do. A quick glance at the bright alarm clock showed you that it was three o'clock in the morning.
You could get something to drink to distract you, or go and touch yourself in the bathroom quickly, but that would never have the same effect as when Steve touched you.
Damn it! You were pretty much too horny now to have any decency or to restrained your needs!
And Steve was better now, right? He had gotten some sleep and he has super soldier genes right?

You straighten up and sit down in Steve’s lap. Your knees to the right and left of his hips, bending forward to press your lips against the blonde’s neck as your hands crossed his naked chest. A satisfied smile stole at your lips as a moan left the super soldier’s lips and you could feel him getting hard under you. You bit onto your lip to resist the urge to grind shamelessly against him, for now at least! “Steve” you breathed into his ear while you pressed a kiss below his ear. “Steve” you began place kisses on his neck and start to gently suck on the sensitive skin. A groan left Steve’s lips and you felt his hands wrapped around your hips and he pressed you into his lap.“Hi Soldier” you muttered and loosened the lips from his neck to put them on his full ones. Your tongue asked for entrance, which Steve granted you immediately. His right hand layed on your neck and he pulled you closer to him as you broke the kiss, you felt that he was now completely hard and you could no longer resist the urge and started to grind your pussy over his boxershorts and sweatpants covered erection. 

“Y/N” Steve drew a sharp breath and the grip on your hips strengthened as he helped you move rhythmically against him.You groaned as you felt the wonderful friction of the fabric and Steve’s cock rubbing on your clit.“Steve,” you could already feel that your were approaching your climax and the knot in your belly tightened.The movement of your hips became faster and irregular.Steve pushed his hips harder against yours “Fuck Steve” “Come Y/N, I know you’re close” Your fingers clawed in the fabric of Steve’s pants on his thighs.The blonde let a hand from your hips, wander up, under the cloth of your shirt and kneading one of your boobs.“Steve … oh God, Fuck … Steve” you groaned much louder than you had intended when you finally reached your climax and pushed your Steve with you over the edge.

 Steve threw his head back into the pillow “Y/N"Your muscles were shaking as you slowly moved back and forth to ride out your orgasm.Exhausted, you rolled down from Steve, and pulled your panties from your legs and let them fall to the ground.Steve did the same and slipped out of his ruined boxershorts and reached for a few handkerchiefs beside the bed and wiped his cum away, then he threw them into the paper basket and pulled you back in his arms. 

You put your head on his chest ” That was pretty hot,“ he said, kissing you on the hair. "I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist” “Oh Sweetheart no need to apologize, that was awesome. I love you” “I love you too, Steve"You cuddled up to him and closed your eyes and this time you found restful sleep.

i’d like to believe santana was worshipped some while in mexico
based on a convo had with @abdul-polnareff 


It’s not that Ronan never sleeps, but that he never sleeps around Adam. Not anymore.

Adam caught him sneaking off to one of the smaller storage barns before, probably to take a nap in the alfalfa hay if he could go by the telling slump to Ronan’s shoulders. There was a time when he’d even spotted him sprawled out on the roof of their house, a 1986 issue of Time magazine open and laying over his face. It was cloudy enough for Ronan not to burn, so Adam left him alone and didn’t say a thing when his boyfriend appeared three hours later, slightly pink.

At first, Adam didn’t notice. He was busy with school and friends and a part-time job; he didn’t have time to really think about it. Ronan still replied to all of his texts, always answered his phone calls every Tuesday and Friday, still greeted him with the same shoulder bump and sly smile when they saw each other on long weekends and breaks. Everything was how it had always been.

Adam would fall asleep to the pulsing bass from Ronan’s headphones and wake up to an empty bed, the smell of breakfast in the air. It was normal, it was them. But then Adam’s eyes started snagging on the thin blanket on the dorm room couch, or on the single pillow left in a corner of the farm’s milking parlor. He’d notice Ronan excusing himself: “I’ve got things to get caught up on” when what he really meant was “I need some sleep.”

Everything was not how it had always been, after all. Guilt had brewed in Adam’s gut for days after realizing it. He remembered falling asleep with Ronan during the summer before he’d left for school, waking up in the middle of the night to him snoring softly, then waking again in the morning to him reading whatever book he’d found laying around. Ronan had no problem sleeping beside Adam before. What had changed?

So now here Adam lays, in his dorm room’s twin-sized bed with Ronan pressed close and their blankets thrown on the floor. There’s a box fan propped against the wall, to keep them cool since it’s a tight fit and their bodies are natural furnaces. Adam’s thoughts are a mess in his head, a tangled web of certainties and uncertainties, but he needs to know what’s wrong. He knows how to fix every car problem known to man, but he doesn’t know the first thing about fixing relationships. “Don’t break him, Adam,” Gansey’s voice rattles inside of his skull.

Adam rests his hand on Ronan’s bicep, splaying his fingers.


Ronan’s eyes are closed in the darkness of the room, but he’s far from asleep.


“Is there a reason…” Adam pauses, frowning. He doesn’t like how uncertain his voice sounds. “Is there a reason you don’t let yourself sleep around me?”

There’s a moment of silence between them, filled only with the sound of a car door slamming shut outside, but then Ronan does his smoker’s breath and turns over so that he can face Adam properly. They’re so close that Adam can make out Ronan’s long lashes in the darkness of the bedroom. Neither of them say anything for a long time, and then Ronan’s slender fingers twine with Adam’s on his arm.

“I keep having nightmares,” he admits.

Adam understands immediately. He knows what kinds of monsters lurk inside of the other boy’s head; the hellish things he tries not to bring into the waking world. Nightmares. It’s enough of an answer for him and he squeezes the hand in his. Guilt gnaws away at him. For not noticing, for being relieved.

“The whole guilty thing is not a good look for you,” Ronan snorts. “I didn’t want you to know, okay? It’s not like I haven’t had nightmares before and I wasn’t going to risk you getting mauled to death by one of the fucked up figments of my imagination.”

Adam props himself up on an elbow.

“Is that what you dream about? Monsters?”

“Demons,” Ronan hesitates. “Demons that always get to you before I do.”

The imagery that one sentence paints puts Adam’s stomach in knots. He scoots a little closer to the body next to his and hunches over until his forehead is firmly pressed against Ronan’s. They curl into each other, clasped hands and shared breaths.

“Why?” Adam’s lips brush across skin. Ronan understands.

“You left Henrietta. We text and call each other, but I never fully know if you’re okay until we see each other. Before, Cabeswater kept an eye on you and all of us were always together so it was fine. In the summer, even after my mom died, you were still always right there and I didn’t have to worry something would happen to you too.”

Adam’s chest aches for the loyal, fierce, and loving creature beneath him.

“When you left,” Ronan continues, “I kept thinking about my parents. Then I kept thinking about you. You were alive and I was afraid it wouldn’t always be that way. That shit happens to me, you know. The people I care about die.”

“You’re afraid,” Adam croaks.

“I’m terrified,” Ronan corrects.

There are words forming in Adam’s head, a confession for a confession:

“I love you,” he says.

Immediately, Ronan’s free hand is tangling into his hair and dragging him down into a kiss. It’s all blooming heat, like hundreds of flowers unfurling within his chest all at once. He’s lightheaded in the best of ways, drowning in a feeling he wants to experience for the rest of his life. Being in love with Ronan Lynch is like nothing else he’s ever felt before.

Ronan pulls back just slightly and they look at each other in the darkness, really look. Something seems to unwind within the dreamer and he exhales a long breath. His smile is soft and easy, and Adam can’t help but lean in for another kiss. It’s languid and sweet, but spreads a different sort of heat through him that he thinks is inappropriate for this particular moment. He’s the first to pull away this time.

“Do you think you’ll be okay tonight?”

“Yeah,” Ronan licks his bottom lip, eyes lidded.

They give up on not cuddling since the space is so small, so Ronan ends up with his head cradled near Adam’s shoulder and an arm flung over his bare chest. The heat isn’t so unbearable with the box fan on beside them, so it’s easy to get comfortable. It only takes a few minutes for Adam to notice the other’s breathing evening out and he finds himself lulled to sleep by Ronan’s quiet snoring.


In the morning, when Adam rouses from sleep, he quickly notes the smell. It’s a mix of fragrances that remind him of the flower shop he used to pass on his way to school from St. Agnes. He opens his eyes, takes in the plethora of colors around him, and then sits up so abruptly his vision swims.

Flowers. There are flowers everywhere. Ambrosia, azalea, red carnations, primrose, red roses, white heather, forget-me-nots. Adam isn’t versed on the meanings of flowers, but his cheeks warm and he feels he has an idea what Ronan’s trying to say. Or rather, what he’s trying to say in return.

The spot beside him is empty, but Adam can smell bacon and eggs underneath the scent of flowers and his stomach growls with want. He climbs out of bed and is about to head toward the kitchen, but pauses in the doorway as an idea forms.

It doesn’t take long to collect enough flowers for a lush bouquet and then Adam is leaving the bedroom with an impish smile on his lips.

Off Limits ~ Peter Parker

Word count: 3,171

Relationship: Peter x female!reader

Warnings: fluff, swearing, small panic attack.

For some reason, Peter managed to do everything Tony Stark told him not to do. That included staying away from daughter, but Peter was intrigued by the girl he couldn’t stay away. There was a beautiful light to her that made Peter feel a way that he had never felt with anyone else. The way her skin glowed in the sun, how her smile would light up the room, made Peter forget that Tony clearly stated his daughter was off limits, but Tony was asking for it when he practically assigned his daughter to babysit Peter in Germany, and then at his high school after that.

“Peter, there is some girl here who says she needs to speak to you” Aunt May called out, startling Peter who had no plans with anyone, especially not a girl. He sprung up from his bed to find a familiar face in the room. Not someone he knew personally, the daughter of a man he had admired since age six.

“Hi, I’m Y/N Stark” she stammered shyly. She stood with her arms behind her back, she was rocking back and forth on her heels and she was looked down. Peter would have thought she would have been much more confident, but she reeked of anxiety.

“P-peter Parker” He replied probably sounding just as nervous as her. His palms were sweating, heart, pounding, legs practically shaking.

“Could we talk in your room?” she asked quietly looking up, giving Peter a kind warm smile that made his heart melt.

“Uh- yeah sure” he stumbled, then led the way to his room. He opened the door for her, a quiet ‘thanks’ left her lifts as she walked towards the bed, slowly sitting down. “So, is there a reason you came,” he asked, “Not that I care or anything, you’re amazing”, he rambled, his cheeks going bright red along with hers. She smiled at him and then quickly looked down. They stood there in silence. “Wait, how do you even know who I am” he pressed breaking the awkward silence between.

“Um, well, my dad, he, um needs help with something, and he asked me to come recruit you because he’s recruiting someone else”, she stammered, still gazing down at her feet.

“Recruit me for what” he puzzled, an excitement coursing through his veins at the thought of Tony Stark wanting his help.

“I know you’re Spider-man” she blurted, standing up and hitting the part of the ceiling where Peter hid his suit quickly covering her mouth. He leaped to cover the suit trying to deny the accusation she just blurted out.

“What, I-I’m not Spider-”

“Cut the crap Peter, I had one of my dad’s robots follow you home last night, well I mean follow Spider-man, but anyways my dad needs your help in Germany, and he told me to come get you on board” she interrupted walking towards him.

“Germany”! He squeaked, burying his face in his hands. “I can’t just leave out of the blue, I have school and homework”

“Please Peter” she begged grabbing his hands. “I can do your homework, and we can tell your Aunt that you have something called a Stark internship that you applied for, my dad really needs your help.

“Okay, okay” Peter agreed, compelling her to smile. A smile that captivated Peter, which made him stare probably way longer than he should. She released his hands and walked towards his door.

“I know this is super short notice, but we have to leave in the next 15 minutes” she started walking out the door. After the girl had exited his room. He quickly grabbed his clothing and shoved it into a duffel bag, the adrenaline pumping through his veins. The thought of adventure making his head spin, thinking of the miles of possibilities working with Tony Stark could give him. The brightest light at the end of the tunnel was becoming an avenger. Something he had dreamed of since they saved New York. He had never been so overjoyed in his life, This had been the first time since his Uncle Ben died, that he had actually felt the warmth of true happiness. He cut out of his thoughts when he heard a knock on the door causing him to jump up, from the sudden noise.

“Peter how long does it take you to pack” She teased.

“Sorry I got distracted” he laughed, lifting his duffle bag, running to the door. He bursted out the door, but everything went in slow motion when he saw Y/N laughing at something May had said to her. She obviously had warmed up, and stopped being as anxious as she was when she first walked in. The sight of her laughing made Peter’s heart skip a beat. He couldn’t comprehend why, because he had just met her. She turned her head, and gave him a wide smile gesturing her hands to follow her out the door. She left the apartment to allow Peter to say goodbye to his Aunt. After giving his Aunt a heartfelt hug he left the room following Y/N to the elevator. Both Peter and Y/N went for the elevator button touching hands. Peter felt the places of skin she touched light on fire. Y/N quickly pulled her hand out of the way, the blood rising to her cheeks making them the color of the rose. Peters doing the exact same. The elevator door ringed, and the quickly made their way into the elevator.

“Sooo, why do you do what you do,” she asked breaking the silence. He tilted his head, and have her a confused look.

“I mean you’re 15 years old, why do you choose to be a hero, I mean it’s incredible what you’re doing at such a young age” she clarified, looking into his eyes with a curious look, clearly amazed at the fact this boy managed school, a social life, and saving the city as freshman in high school.

“When you can do the things that I can do, and you don’t, and the bad things happen they happen because of you” explained fiddling with his hands. His thoughts trailing to his Uncle Ben who had been killed by a robber. He had had a fight with his Uncle, and left the house in rage. His Uncle had went out searching for him, and had been ambushed, and even with the things Peter could do, he couldn’t save his Uncle. The man who was practically his father. He felt tears sting his eyes, but he quickly blinked them away.

“You lost someone” she whispered, he looked up at her, eyes glossy. She didn’t need him to answer because she knew. “I’ve lost someone too”. She breathed, reaching out to grab his hand. They sat there gazing into each others eyes until the elevator reached the ground floor. Happy was at the bottom level, and she quickly released Peter’s hand and dusted off her leggings.

“Alright, hope you don’t get air sick” she smiled clapping her hands together. They walked out of the apartment building to the car parked at the side of the road. Happy opened the door for both of them. This was the most expensive car Peter has ever stepped into, to be honest he was freaking out. He took a deep breath as he applied his seat belt.

“You good Parker,” she asked giving him a concerning look.

“Yeah this is just a lot to take in, and I don’t even know what I’m doing for this, and I’m just ner-”

“Hey, don’t be nervous, you’re going to be fine, you are the bravest 15-year-old I’ve ever know, and I’ve only known you for hour” she interrupted giving me a warm smile, then turned her head to look out the window. Peter looked forward at the opening that revealed a not so happy, Happy Hogan.

“So why do they call you Happy”? Peter asked curiously, but Happy just rolled up the window making Y/N giggle.

“His name may be Happy, but he’s rarely happy” she chuckled looking back out the window. For the rest of the car ride the two of them kept their eyes out the window until they arrived at the airport. The car pulled up on the runway revealing the private jet. Peter had never been on a plane, nor had he ever left New York. Peter and Y/N followed Happy to the jet, he gestured his hands, signalling the two to get on first. Peter stepped onto the jet, his heart racing, he looked to the cockpit to see no pilot.

“Woah no pilot” he asked, looking to Happy who rolled his eyes at the boy. Y/N sat down at a seat on the back of the jet, Happy took the front. Peter rushed to the back taking a seat next to Y/N who was laughing at how thrilled the boy was. His goofy smile made her feel butterflies.

“Have you ever been on a jet”, she giggled, applying her seat belt.

“No, I’ve never even been out of New York” he exclaimed, probably too loud, because Happy glared back causing Y/N to burst out laughing. “What”? He asked confused at what was so funny to her.

“You are just so excited, it’s kinda adorable” she laughed leaning back in her chair, as the jet began to take off. Peter gripped the armrests of the chair, his face going from goofy to nervous as anxiety washed over. Y/N must have noticed because she grabbed his hand.

“Don’t worry everything is going to be fine” she cooed, giving a small smile, and then closed her eyes, but she didn’t release his hand. “You should try to get some sleep, It’s going to be a long plane ride” she added. Peters brain was buzzing from the high he was getting from the adrenaline pumping through his veins with the all the new things he was doing and was going to do, but he closed his eyes knowing he needed to get some sleep. He was beginning to feel sleep overcome his body until he felt a weight on his shoulder. His eyes fluttered open to see the girl next to him cuddling into his shoulder. His breath hitched, as he looked down at the beautiful sleeping girl who was using him as a pillow. He smiled and closed his eyes sleep finally washing over his body.


Y/Ns eyes slowly fluttered open attempting to adjust to the lighting on the jet. She rubbed her eyes, and then stretched out her arms. She felt a kink in neck that she had most likely gotten from sleeping funny. She tilted her head to the side rubbing on the irritated area.

“Landing in 5 minutes” Happy yelled, waking up Peter who practically jumped out of his seat.

“Morning sunshine” she giggled, as Peter groaned slouching into his seat.

Once the plane had landed Y/N quickly got up running to the exit, and off the plane. She ran to her father who was waiting for her outside of the plane and engulfed him into a huge hug which Tony gladly accepted.

“Hey there squirt” he marveled hugging his beloved daughter. His daughter detached from the hug running over to Natasha to give Tony time to discuss the plan with Peter. Peter took the car with Happy and Tony, and Y/N went with Nat who drove her own car. Nat took Y/N around Germany since she had never been there. Tony did the same with Peter, but it was more of them discussing, and making sure Peter knew exactly what he was doing.

Later In the day, they met back at the hotel to get ready for the fight against Cap. Y/N led Peter to his room and told him to get his suit on. Once she went out the door, Peter quickly put on his suit and walked out the door.

“Peter, what the hell are you wearing” she squeaked, eyeing up his homemade suit.

“My suit” he questioned confused at why she was asking. She quickly gripped his hand, dragging him back into the room, going through a door he thought was a closet.

“Woah, I thought this was a closet, this is still my room,” he asked, but she ignored the question.

“The case Peter open it, and hurry up” she whined walking towards the door he thought to be a closet.

“A minor upgrade” He questioned, reading the note on top of the case. He opened the case to reveal a brand new suit. “Holy shit, this is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen” He squealed, releasing the suit from the case, he stripped from his old suit, putting on the new one as quickly as he possibly could. He was ready to impress Tony Stark, and he knew he could do it. He made his way out the door, to find Y/N pacing.

“Okay that’s so much better” she sighed in relief. “Now let’s go Happy is waiting in the car”.

The two kids rushed down the stairs and practically sprinted to through the lobby getting the odd stares from the people at the check in counter. Happy was waiting outside looking down at his watch.

“Finally, how does it take to put on a suit” he sassed crossing his arms to his chest

“Okay, it’s not my fault he didn’t know my dad made him a new suit” she retorted, glaring at Happy, because of his tone.

“Alright kid let’s go” Happy yelled breaking the silence. Happy walked to the driver’s seat and got in. Peter began to walk to the door, but Y/N stopped him.

“Please be careful Peter, these people have much more training in combat, and some of them will be stronger, just don’t get yourself involved in anything you can’t win, please” she begged looking up at him with glossy eyes.

“Hey, look I’m going to be okay” he assured grabbing her hand. He gave her a warm smile, unlike the goofy one she had received since she met him. He began to walk away, and held her hand until it slipped away when he got to far away from her. Y/N felt a tear fall from her eye, which she quickly wiped away. She had only known this boy for 24 hours, why did she feel so attached. She watched as the car down away, and she stood there frozen to the ground. Her body tense. She attempted to calm herself down, but her dad, and a boy she had became very fond of could get severely injured, or worse. She slowly made her way towards her room, taking deep breaths as the elevator, began to move. Once the elevator reached it stop, she couldn’t hold in her tears, or her feelings. Most of the time Y/N was good at keeping her feelings to herself, but the stress of this was too much. She sprinted to her room, and attempted to slide the key in, but her hands were to shaky. After multiple attempts she gave up, sliding her back down the door, burying her face in her hands as she sobbed. She trusted her father and Peter, but anything could go wrong. She felt her chest tighten at the thought of any horrible outcome. Anyone from either side dying would be detrimental to her. She was so close with every member of the team, and truthfully they were her only friends. After her small panic attack, she was able to catch her breath, and get into her room. She flopped down on the bed looking at the ceiling. Exhaustion hitting her like a train. As much as she wanted to stay up, her body fought it, as she fell into a deep sleep.


Her eyes fluttered open to find her dad sitting, and drinking coffee. She blinked a couple of times to make sure she wasn’t imagining it. She scrambled out off her bed, darting to her father, and hugging him as tightly as possible.

“Is everyone okay” she whispered. Feeling tears sting her eyes, as she expected the worst.

“Everyone is fine, but Cap got away,” he said kissing her forehead. She blinked away her tears and ran towards the door.

“I’m going to go see Peter” she shouted as she ran out the door. She ran as fast as her legs could carry her, and practically knocked the door down with how loud she knocked. The door opened to reveal, a just woken up Peter Parker rubbing his eyes. She pounced on him engulfing him in a huge hug. She cuddled her head into his chest feeling the warmth of his body. Peter’s eyes went wide open, trying to process what was happening, but once he figured it out, he wrapped his arms around her waist snuggling into the hug. Once they pulled apart Y/N noticed the bruise forming around his eye. She lightly touched it causing him to wince at the contact.

“Peter are you okay” she exclaimed clearly worried.

“Yes Y/N, I’m absolutely fine” he assured, pulling her into his room.

“But you have a blac-”

“I’m okay” he interrupted in a soft voice. He put his hands on her shoulders making her feel better. “Do you want to do something fun?” he asked out of the blue.

“Well, that depends” she smirked.

“How about you just take a chance, and say yes” he suggested.

“You’re lucky because, I’m in the mood for an adventure Parker” she giggled walking towards him, as he was opening up the window.

“So that’s a yes” he questioned, and she nodded his head. “Then hold on,” he said grasping her waist and pulling her out the window. She squealed wrapped her arms around Peter as he climbed up the side of the building until they reached the top. He let go of her setting her safely on the roof. He walked over the edge of the building and sat down at the on the ledge putting his legs over.

“Are you coming?” he asked gesturing for her to come over.

“I’m kind of scared of heights” she laughed nervously.

“And I won’t drop you” he replied

“Okay fine, but no games Parker” she murmured, walking towards the ledge her legs shaking. He helped her over, and she wrapped her arms around him scared to fall. He gripped her waist pulling her closer to him.

“Just breathe, Y/N” he whispered. She took a deep breath and started to admire the view from the top of the building. She felt her body relax in his arms, and the anxiety she had been feeling the past 2 days had started to fade away, as she was held in the arms of a boy she knew for sure was going to steal her heart.  

Busy (Jimin x Reader)

Admin: Candi
Request: “Hi could you do a husband jimin fanfic where you have been fighting the last two days cause of his job. He’s been working late trying to get money together. You get in another argument and it gets heated (smut) and you make up 😉😉😉-anon”
Fandom: BTS
Member/reader: Jimin x Reader
Genre/warning(s): smut, strong language, 
Words: 2.1k
Authors note: Yaaay, I finally got a request done! I just put the dates in to show that the fights happened during the two days and aesthetic of the post tbh, it pleased me. Enjoy!

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Taken [Chapter 13]


Pairing: Suho x Reader

Warnings: Language; may have triggering situations including sexual situations, abuse, violence, etc.

Summary: You were just a normal girl. You were just trying to get by. Until a rather unfortunate relationship brought you to the hands of Suho, the leader of the greatest mafia in the country.

PrologueChapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6Chapter 7Chapter 8Chapter 9Chapter 10
Chapter 11Chapter 12Chapter 13Chapter 14Chapter 15

You spend nearly a month lying in the medical ward. Your wounds are slowly healing, and it doesn’t hurt that much to move, only a few stings here and there.

Lay—now you tend to call him Yixing—has been a great support. He always spends time to chat with you, taking your mind off any negative thoughts. He takes care of you like an older brother, and you’re more than grateful.

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