he needs no army where he's headed

So We Meet Again (Part 5)

AN: I’m back!!! I’m so sorry I haven’t posted anything recently, I was just so busy with finals and then I had this music camp to go to but no one cares about that so let me get to the point. Alright, so this chapter is a little bit longer because I’m trying to compensate for the fact that I’m going to be gone for a few weeks, but after that I’m gonna churn out posts like no tomorrow. For now enjoy :)

Warnings: Swearing, an almost temper tantrum, and a panic attack

Word Count: About 3.4K to make up for both how long this took and how long I’m gonna be gone


When Kylo had woken up that morning, every part of his tall body ached. As he stood, he stretched, trying his tall, muscular body to alleviate some of the stiffness in his back, but to no avail. He could already tell that this was not going to be the best of days, feeling that familiar sense of dread settle in the deep pit of his stomach, but that didn’t prevent him from going about his business with a blank, emotionless face. Walking into the bedroom and sneaking around to the bathroom, he watched as you slept peacefully, a small sigh coming from his barely parted lips. You must have been exhausted because you slept so peacefully, almost as if you had forgotten in your dreams where it was you had been taken. He felt extreme guilt wash over him as he thought about how Hux had treated you, and how he was currently treating you. Kylo wished he could give you something better than being stuck in his quarters for countless hours with nothing to do, but there was no way to do that until you were deemed “trustworthy” by Hux. Shaking his head at the thought of the unbearably annoying ginger, he walked into the bathroom and quickly undressed so he could shower.

He stood there, letting the cold water cascade down his pale body as he was drowning in his thoughts. With his aching muscles and slight feelings of guilt, he couldn’t help but already feel a bit on edge with maybe not anger, but most certainly exasperation. The icing on top of the cake was that stupid ‘Days Gone Without Ren Destroying Something’ chart being placed on a wall in the bridge. According to the chart, they had gone four days. Kylo let out a soft groan as he thought of his annoyance and how sometimes he just didn’t want to do anything, but there were too many things of importance that needed him there, too many orders to give out, which included a meeting with some of the Lieutenants and the General, of which he would rather fight a whole army of Resistance fighters than sit through.

With a huff, he finished showering and turned off the water, standing still for a few seconds before departing the shower and grabbing a towel from the rack, drying himself off. Today was going to be a treat, he could just feel it. He dressed as quickly as he could, and then headed out of the bathroom, stopping by where you were sleeping to get a glance at your face. Whatever dream you were having was a good one, for a small smile graced your features, ones he’d gone so long without seeing, making a part of his heart tug with guilt. When you woke up, that would be behind you, and it would be his fault. With another soft sigh, he left the room, grabbed his helmet, and walked out of the door as he put it on.

As he had predicted, today was, for lack of a better word, shitty, and it was barely halfway through the day. No, it didn’t particularly surprise him that people were gawking at him, their thoughts so loud it felt as if they were speaking in a megaphone directed towards his every move. In fact, most the time he was able to push everyone’s thoughts into a low buzz that was pushed into the back of his mind, like the bass line of a song he hated but couldn’t get stuck out of his head. However, today was the worst of any day he had ever encountered. Not only had a problem arisen with the final construction stages of the Starkiller Base, but Hux was running rampant looking for Lieutenants to blame, at least until he’d looked upon the mask of his Commander.

You,” He said fiercely, hostility dripping from his tongue like poison. It almost stung. Almost.

“General, I hope you’re not planning to blame your incompetence on me when you know I have very little to do with the actual construction of Starkiller Base. Supreme Leader did say the construction was under your jurisdiction, did he not?” Kylo Ren said before the red-headed General could spew whatever nonsense meant to blame someone else for his own mistake.

Hux stopped in his tracks, pulled himself upright and looked eye-level with Ren. After a few seconds that seemed tortuously long to Ren, the General finally spoke.

“Yes but I don’t give those pledged to our enemies amnesty,” he said in a voice so silent and lethal that had Kylo been a few steps away, he wouldn’t have heard it. Clenching his fists, Kylo fought every urge to send the General flying into the control panels behind him, and instead opted to walking past him. That was when the time bomb started to tick.

“He’s such a child, how does anything get done in this Order?” came a voice in the back of his mind, sensing its presence behind him, so he snapped around to try and find the perpetrator, but to no avail. Choosing to ignore it, he turned back around towards the front control panels on the bridge.

Tick. Tick. Tick.

“Of course those two are at it again, throwing insults at each other until the Commander fucking loses it. Looks like we’re gonna have to start the chart over,” came another voice, but the presence was undistinguishable. Shit. He had let Hux’s anger take away the attention of the barrier he put between everyone else’s thoughts and his own. He needed silence to refocus on that, but he couldn’t abandon his post with so much mayhem, so he allowed the thoughts to flutter into his mind until he could deal with it later.

Tick. Tick. Tick.

And then, without warning, all the thoughts flooded in at once.

Such a childish man.”

“Can’t believe he’s our commander.”

“Showing weakness to that prisoner…what does he even want with her?”

“He thinks that just because he’s a force user he’s all big and bad, doesn’t he?”

“He’s a monster.”

The time bomb went off.

Spinning on his heal and striding off the bridge and away from the command center, every single one of his steps had more force added to them, making it seem like banthas were walking through the ship, his footsteps so loud echoing on the durasteel walls. Everyone he passed had some bad thought about them, but in his rage he could neither hear nor pay enough attention to them. He was determined to go somewhere private, where he could just fucking lose it without any kind of scrutiny. He forgot about everyone, not just Hux or any of the lieutenants on the bridge, but also you, enveloped in his pure rage as he reached his quarters, typing the code into the keypad so roughly he almost broke it. Once in the comfortable privacy of his quarters, he threw the damned mask out and let out an enraged scream.

He heard you open the door ever so slightly, felt your thoughts drifting in and out of his mind, oh how he wanted to ignore them, but that one word plagued him, repeated itself in his head at different dynamics, the one that everyone always used when regarding to him.


“So what, I’m a monster now? Or have I always been? I guess I shouldn’t have expected any better,” he said, slightly shocked by the growl that came out of his lips with such ease, he almost considered himself as such as well. As he stepped closer, he looked into your eyes and was full of regret. He was proving you right in his rage. He was a monster, he could tell by that look of terror in your eyes. He caused that, and oh gods, did he hate it. He wasn’t aware he had spoken as he had did it, feeling a strange need to touch you, almost as if he needed to confirm you were real, but instead opted to running a hand through his hair instead. He could feel your pity even as he walked away from you to sit and gather his thoughts. He focused on turning off the voices, trying to get them to go back to that annoying bass line. That would be enough for him, just to have them as mindless mumbles in the very back of his crowded mind.

When you moved to sit next to him, he made it clear that he was no longer to be trifled with, at least he hoped. He had to return to being the fearsome Commander of the First Order, and so he stood, reached for his helm, and started heading out the door. Gods, he hated the little control he had over his anger, the pure rage that was like a fire that people threw sticks onto in order to kindle and see it grow. However, he was thankful for what those minutes of release had done, and even though he was immensely guilty for causing fear inside of you, he was also glad that the same fear gave him enough of a reality check to gather his thoughts once more. As much as he hated it, as much as he knew he should be glad to instill fear into another sentient being, he liked that your fear caused him to come from the edge of his anger.

After the incident your position had been toggled like a light switch, the stupidest internal battle within you. That stubborn part wanted to hold on to all that hate that you’d worked so hard to gather up over the years, but the softer side of you knew that the only reason you tried to gather all that hate was because you didn’t want to feel what you had always felt anymore. Gods did you hate how you knew it but you certainly didn’t want to admit it. No, you would not admit that you had the slightest feelings for Kylo Ren.

And so, for the past week and a half, while you sat prisoner in his living quarters, your mind bounced from wanting to help him to wanting to kill him. You’d also had to get used to closing off your mind again because never had you expected to use that skill again. The invisible walls were placed around your mind, shielding your thoughts from him. However, you couldn’t escape a certain feeling of dread that those barriers did not follow you in your sleep, especially because of the quality of your dreams. They were all memories or flashes, most of which you regretted, but in your dreams, you couldn’t help but love them. You saw Ben, your close friend, laughing, his brown eyes glimmering.

And when you woke up you felt empty, and made sure you were ready to rebuild those walls as soon as Kylo Ren returned.

He hadn’t had an incident like that of a week and a half ago since then, but he did sometimes come into his quarters with a huff. Usually you tried to pretend to be asleep, but apparently on this day, he was sick of the façade.

“I know you’re awake, if you were asleep I would know. Don’t you think I’m smarter than that?” He said through the mask, but there was a distinguishable sneer that you heard as he walked past you lying on the bed to get to the bathroom. Today, the softer part of you was winning. You sat up in the bed, unsure of what you were going to do after he came out. You fiddled with your thumbs as your stomach rumbled. You hadn’t been eating much but protein bars this entire time and that was taking a slight toll on you. Not that it mattered, you endured far worse, but you weren’t ever satisfied by your protein bar rations, and half the time you didn’t want to ask for food.

The door to the bathroom burst open, causing you to jump, eyes widening with shock. When Kylo stepped out, he was in a black, long sleeve shirt that was extraordinarily form fitting to his body, outlining ever harsh muscle on his torso and arms. He was also wearing loose fitting sweatpants, which you assumed he had just changed into because there was no way that was the proper dress code for the Commander of the First Order.

“You haven’t been eating, have you?” He asked, brown irises looking at you up and down, as if searching for something.

“I have,” you assured him, not really sure why you felt the need to. “I’ve been eating those protein bars in the cupboard.” He gave you a kind of ‘are you serious?’ look before letting out a sigh and beckoning for you to follow. Much to the displeasure of that stubborn part of you, you followed him into that micro-kitchen. He made sure you were there when he opened up the fridge, revealing trays of food, probably retrieved straight from the kitchens. You doubted anyone would question their Commander so it made sense. You had just never had the common sense to look there.

“Well…” you said under your breath. And here that stubborn part of you thought that he was planning on letting you starve.

“Eat.” His deep voice distracted you from your well-guarded thoughts, and all you could think to do at the time was give him the blankest of stares. He frowned and pulled out one of the trays, popped it into the microwave, and waited for it to heat up.

“I’m not gonna let you starve yourself, whether it’s deliberate or accidental. I don’t get this food for myself,” he said in a clipped tone, but the soft part of you wanted to believe that he was trying to care for you but he wasn’t entirely sure how. He pulled the tray out of the microwave and handed it to you. You gave him another blank stare, confused about where exactly to eat because of a lack of dining accommodations, and he let out a heavy sigh.

“Look, I don’t care where you eat, that should be the last of your concerns,” he said. “You’ve been eating all protein bars for the past week and a half, and you’re seriously concerned about the dining etiquite?” With a huff, Kylo walked past you and into the bedroom, closing the door behind him, so you opted for the couch. A part of you did feel stupid for your earlier confusion, but maybe it was just your bafflement at his attempt to be nice to you. For a moment you saw Ben, the boy who could predict your thoughts without ever having to pry in your mind, but still that stubborn half raged on, and begged to differ. Never would Ben have been that short with you. But it was an attempt at kindness so it would have to do.

As you ate the less than desirable food, your mind began to wander. After a whole week and a half of nothing but stone cold silence, why did he decide now to force you to eat something? Because he wants you to starve. Well that was ridiculous, why would he be bringing food? To make you think he didn’t want you to starve. Funny how he conveniently forgot to tell you where the food was. To be fair you were never “awake” so to speak when he came back from whatever duties he had. Shaking your head to rid yourself of your constant internal battle, you felt flustered. You just didn’t know how to feel and every second of your life was just wondering after wondering now. There were too many what if’s and why’s you had ignored up until this point and now that they were being brought forth to you in your time being constantly alone, you felt dread settle over your heart.

I don’t think I can take another day of this, you said, putting the food down, suddenly feeling sick. Oh gods, it felt like you were suffocating, just thinking about being alone, left to your own devices as you thought about all the bad in your life, and even potential bad that was likely to never come true. You placed your hand over your chest, feeling your heartbeat increase rapidly. You hadn’t had a panic attack in so long you had almost thought it was over and done with. You slid down to the floor and could hear your hyperventilation even though it felt like you were listening through water, everything sounded so muffled. You barely even noticed the bedroom door open, or Kylo Ren’s tall dark frame running towards you. No, you felt like you were going to pass out from the lack of oxygen, and with each short breath, your vision was blurring. Your mind was racing, replaying every single feeling of abandonment you’d ever felt in your life, and it only made your heart ache more. Not even the muffled calls of your name could stop you from your continued panic, or the hand on your shoulder. Your chest heaved as you tried to grab something, anything, you just wanted to stop the feeling.

“I c-c-c-can’t be al-l-lone,” you heard yourself say as you felt arms pull you into an embrace. “I c-c-c-can’t d-d-do this!” The deep voice was mumbling something to you, Kylo was mumbling in your ear, trying to get you to be calm. You grasped his arms, running your hands all along, feeling the fabric move with the friction you were creating, the warmth of both your moving hands and his own homeostasis helping you to regain your focus. Your breathing was still labored but the settings around you came more into focus, and you felt a part of the world again. You could now almost make out Kylo’s mumblings as he rocked you back and forth, waiting for you to calm. You stopped the friction you were creating on his arms, and now just held on tight, listening to your sight return to normal and your breathing steady. His words were becoming distinct now.

“It’s okay, I’m not gonna leave you alone. I’ll stay here all day tomorrow, I promise,” he said softly, his whispers helping to ease the shaking your body still felt. He brought a hand up to wipe tears that you weren’t cognizant they were there. Still shaking, he lifted you up and carried you to the bedroom. Gently lying you on the plush bed, Kylo moved everything around to make you feel comfortable, and covered you with the heavy duvet.

“I’m staying in here tonight, I’m sorry (Y/N),” he said, pulling one of the pillows off of the bed.

“That’s not necess-s-s-sary, I’m f-f-fine now,” you tried to reassure him, but you immediately knew you failed at doing so.

“Your breathing wouldn’t still be so jagged if you were. I’m just gonna be on the floor, okay? Don’t be afraid to wake me if you need me,” Kylo’s deep voice said with a hint of worry as he pulled a blanket from underneath the king-sized bed. He walked over to turn the lights off and close the door, then he quietly laid himself on the ground, even though you could hear him fidgeting, trying to find a comfortable spot.

“You kn-n-now I can sleep on the floor instead,” you said softly, which was followed by a small sigh from Kylo.

“Not after a panic attack you’re not. Besides, it beats the couch any day,” he said, the slight joke to his tone causing you to let out a shaky chuckle. You decided he wasn’t going to let up on his resolve, and so you adjusted to where you’d be comfortable. Just as you were about to fall asleep, you heard Kylo’s voice ever so slightly cut through the silence like a blade.

“We’re a fucked up pair, huh?” He said so softly you were afraid you had just imagined it. You smiled a small, resentful smile at his words.

“That we are,” you replied in the same dynamic, curling up into a ball and making sure every part of you was covered by the duvet.

“Goodnight, (Y/N),” he said before you heard him fidget once more.

“Goodnight Kylo.”

                            He sleeps alone
                                    He needs no army where he’s headed
                                                     'Cause he knows
                                      That they’re just ghosts
                                  And they can’t hurt him
                          If he can’t see them, oh

TFW you start watching The Blackrock Chronicles and re-fall in love with Rythian’s character like 

Love that mage, love that endermage

This is the Way, Step Inside

Hannibal Big Bang Collaboration!  
Summary:  Will asks Hannibal to tell him all about one of his earlier murders. Hannibal regales Will with the story of how a young punk was astonishingly rude to him. Hannibal, being Hannibal, will go to any lengths to locate – and murder – this rude boy, even if it means dressing like a punk, going to a club to get his man. Artwork for this HBB collaboration by @x-gubins. Please be sure to stop by and say hello to them!  And visit AO3 for a playlist of music from this work.  

Dinner had been a particularly lively affair as was often the case with Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter. The two settled into their study for some after dinner whiskey. While Hannibal still preferred wine to whiskey, this was one of the indulgences he afforded Will. Will hardly complained.

Lounging on the couch, Will asked Hannibal, “Tell me about one of your earlier…designs.”

“You make it sound as if I am some sort of fashion designer.”

“Well, you do fashion the most wonderful tableaus. Blood is your medium.”

“Goodness, I am rubbing off on you. Soon, Mongoose, you’ll be regaling me with glorious puns.”

“If by glorious, you mean cheesy as hell and over-the-top, then yes, I may soon be.”

Hannibal smiled and gently stroked Will’s cheek. Anaïs jumped onto the couch and curled up onto Hannibal’s lap, licking her chops before yawning once and closing her eyes.

Will pouted, “He’s mine. Don’t forget that, missy.”

“Will, that is uncalled for. I love you both equally.”


“Now, now, mylimasis. So. You’d like to hear about one of my earlier murders…”

“Yes. I bet it was sexy as hell,” Will said.

“Sexy? The act itself? No. But perhaps I was?”

Will perked up upon hearing Hannibal refer to himself as sexy, “I’m listening.”

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America’s Forgotten Soldier, Heinrich Schwindler

At the age of 7, Heinrich Schwindler, a recent immigrant, ran away from home. With minimal command of the English language, he was having quite a hard time, but was taken under the wing of a ethnic German soldier in the US Army, serving in the 3rd US Infantry Regiment, and was soon integrated into the regiment as something of a mascot. He trained as a drummer boy, and that year headed to Mexico with the Regiment, where he earned a mention in dispatches for his nerves under even the heaviest fire. Army life suited him, and at the age of 16 he traded in his drum for a long arm, seeing some action against the Native American population in the west serving in New Mexico. (The Third American: The Life and Times of Heinrich Schwindler, by Albern Schwindler, 1972)

By the outbreak of the Civil War, he was a veteran sergeant, and the massive need for expansion of the Army meant that he was able to secure a commission as a Lt. in a unit of volunteers, serving with the 195th New York Volunteer Infantry. Composed of so many recent immigrants, his command of both English and German was seen as a major asset, and by the end of the war he was a brevet Colonel in command of the entire Regiment! Not bad for a young man still in his twenties! It of course didn’t hurt that he had an agile mind and was unflappable in battle. He always led from the front, and took any risk he expected of his men. He had the distinction of never seeing his men break in battle, and his greatest achievement was undoubtedly saving the entire Army of the Wabash when his Regiment - placed alone on the extreme right flank - repelled numerous attacks by superior Confederate forces. Had they broken, it is assured that the Union line would have been entirely rolled up, and the Battle of Mount Carmel would have been a crippling defeat to the American efforts in the theater (The Civil War: A Tale, Hands 1967).

With the end of the war, he lost his brevet, and but he had risen in Regular Army rank as well, and served as a Captain of Cavalry in the Plains Wars, fighting Sioux and Shawnee with the same pluck and panache he had shown against the Rebs (A. Schwindler) . His continued success meant that, at the age of 58, he was a Brigadier General by the time the Spanish-American War broke out, and while his rank and age precluded him from battle, his role in planning out the Battle of Frying Pan Hill simply can’t be overlooked, as it is a text book assault plan, and still taught at West Point as an example of small unit tactics successfully taking prepared positions despite being outnumbered (Atlas of American Military Tactics, Pasman de Croire, 1984).

Following the end of the fighting in Cuba, he was sent to the Philippines to help fight the continuing insurgency, but took temporary leave from there when he received orders to divert to China where he partook in the relief effort of the Peking Legation during the Boxer Rebellion. He returned to the Philippines, where he was stationed for two more years. and his work there really revolutionized American counter-insurgency doctrine. Finally in 1904, he retired at the age of 64. Settling in Columbus, New Mexico, as he had fallen in love with the state (then territory) while serving there as a young man in the 3rd US Regiment. As fate would have it, in 1916 he would be out hunting with his grandson in the wee hours of the morning when Pancho Villa and his men made a cross border raid on the town. He fired a warning shot, which alerted the town garrison who were able to rouse themselves and repel the attackers. It is thought that the raid would have been much more disastrous without Heinrich’s intervention. He and his grandson (Albern) of course had exposed themselves with the shot, but took up a strong position in a rocky outcropping, and fought of the band of Villistas who attempted to charge them. Heinrich, always humble, insisted it was a lone raider that they killed, but Albern always insisted it was at least a half dozen (A. Schwindler), and the Army’s after action report stated there were five bodies in the vicinity, and indication that 3 more were wounded and either escaped or were carried off by their comrades (The Columbus Report, Library of Congress collection F1234 .C33).

By the 1930s, Heinrich was starting to slow down in his old age, a man in his nineties after all! Albern, now an Army Captain himself, insisted that Heinrich move to be closer to him so that Albern’s wife could look after him, so Heinrich moved to Hawaii, where his grandson was stationed, and took up residence with his family there. Heinrich was there on Dec. 7th, 1941, and true to form, refused to cower in the basement, although he rushed - rather hobbled, he was, afterall, 101 - the rest of the family there. He grabbed his old .29-31 Winchester (The rifle was later donated to the National Firearms Museum, where it is now on display!), and stood in the middle of the street taking potshots at Japanese planes. I wish I could tell you he downed one, but odds are against it, and truth is, we simply can’t be sure (Answering the Call of Duty: Civilian Military Involvement in World War II, Ben Chichoski 2003). Nevertheless, he was certainly out there. He passed away peacefully in his sleep two years later, at the ripe old age of 103. One of the more decorated of Army officers ever, not to mention one with a span of combat experience from the 1850s to 1940s, he was buried with full honors at Arlington National Cemetery (Section 46 Lot 366-11 Grid O/P-22.5 if you ever care to pay your respects).

A Will Graham fanmix for long nights and a troubled mind. (listen)

i. Laura Palmer — Bastille (what a year and what a night // what terrifying final sights // put out your beating heart) | ii. Sleep Alone — Two Door Cinema Club (he needs no army where he’s headed // cause he knows // that they’re just ghosts // and they can’t hurt him) | iii. 1940 (amplive remix) — The Submarines (you couldn’t sleep for the awful fright // that kept you up in bed last night) | iv. I Am an Illusion— Rob Thomas (sometimes I’m people // I never hoped that I would be) | v. Ghosts of Utopia — IAMX(you are drowning in the sorrow of a million opinions // nobody can hear you // nobody can hear you) | viThe Ravenstag  Halia Meguidvii. Exile Vilify — The National (now you’re thinking too fast // you’re like marbles on glass) | viii. Human — Daughter (despite everything I’m still human)

On this day in history, 4th of May 1471, battle of Tewkesbury took place, which was one of the decisive battles of the Wars of the Roses. The forces loyal to the House of Lancaster were completely defeated by those of the rival House of York under their monarch, King Edward IV. 

On the same day as the Lancastrians were defeated at the battle of Barnet, on 14th April 1471, Queen Margaret with Prince Edward and supporters arrived back in England from exile in France. Landing at Weymouth, the Queen was joined by Lancastrian supporters led by the Duke of Somerset. After Barnet, Somerset would not attempt an assault upon the Yorkist forces without superior numbers and so, in order to reinforce his army, Somerset headed for Wales where he could count upon the support of Jasper Tudor.

King Edward meanwhile was at Windsor and, learning of the Lancastrian manoeuvres, he headed for the West Country in an attempt to intercept the Queen and Somerset before they could reach Wales. The Lancastrian advance to Wales was delayed, first when they made a detour to Bristol for much needed supplies, and second when the city of Gloucester refused them entry. Instead they headed north to make the crossing of the River Severn at Tewkesbury. Edward, at the nead of his army, having narrowly missed an opportunity to confront the enemy at Sodbury, followed in pursuit.

The Lancastrians arrived at Tewkesbury first on 3rd May. They had marched swiftly for several days, covering the last twenty four miles in just sixteen hours, and so their troops were exhausted. With Edward hard on their heels Somerset chose to stand and fight, rather than risk his army being caught in a bottle-neck as they attempted the difficult crossing of the Severn at Lower Lode, a mile south of the Abbey.

Somerset had the choice of ground and he chose to set his camp in a pasture close called ‘Gastum’ (now The Gastons) to the south of the Abbey. The next morning, the 4th May, he probably deployed his army between the Gastons and Gupshill Manor, with his left flank against the Swillgate River (little more than a stream) and his right across the gently sloping ground to a stream on the west. Thus Edward arrived to find the Lancastrians already deployed and so he arrayed his army to the south of and parallel to Somerset’s.

The battle of Tewkesbury was to prove a decisive encounter, which ended the second phase of the Wars of the Roses. Edward IV’s victory and the death of Henry VI’s son and heir, shortly followed by Henry’s own death and Queen Margaret’s imprisonment, destroyed hopes of a Lancastrian succession and led to fourteen years peace.

With the deaths of Somerset and his younger brother, the House of Beaufort, who were distant cousins of Henry VI and had a remote claim to succeed him, had been almost exterminated. Only the female line of Somerset’s uncle, the1st Duke of Somerset, remained, represented by Lady Margaret Beaufort and her son Henry Tudor. Henry escaped from Wales with Jasper Tudor, his paternal uncle, and remained in exile in Brittany for the remainder of Edward’s reign. 


  • Name: Battle of Tewkesbury
  • War period: Wars of the Roses
  • Outcome: Yorkist victory
  • Country: England
  • County: Gloucestershire
  • Terrain: open field, meadow, enclosures
  • Date: 4th May 1471
  • Start: morning
  • Armies: Yorkist under King Edward IV; Lancastrian under Duke of Somerset
  • Numbers: Yorkist: circa 4,000; Lancastrian: circa 5,000
  • Losses: Yorkist 500; Lancastrian circa 2,000

Pictured: The Battle of Tewkesbury, as illustrated in the Ghent manuscript

pistols drawn at dawn

Characters: Gabriel Reyes, Jesse McCree

Rating: M, for gore tho. tbh its just one scene but better safe than sorry

Pairings: None

Description: an au from @vickjawn ‘s au garden, where in an unexpected turn of events, it’s jack morrison who’s the brainwashed one. This is what happened to McCree.

do not believe his lies / execute the traitor / pistols drawn at dawn / walk forwards unseeing / ?  




Y'know what you really miss about Blackwatch? The food.


Well, okay. There’s no need to go that far. The food was goddawful. But there was so much of it! All the time, too. Blackwatch never ran outta food or made you eat crap. You poke at the dubious meat on your plate. You were never a great cook, but this takes the cake. Might be for the best to just chuck it, at this point. You can’t afford to get food poisoning- nobody around to hold your hat if you gotta puke your guts out.

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king and lionheart ♦ a bagginshield fanmix

oo1. king and lionheart - of monsters and men [ howling ghosts – they reappear in mountains that are stacked with fear but you’re a king and I’m a lionheart ]

oo2. demons- imagine dragons [ your eyes, they shine so bright, I wanna save that light. I can’t escape this now unless you show me how ]

oo3. my heart - paramore [ I am finding out that maybe I was wrong, that I’ve fallen down and I can’t do this alone. Stay with me, this is what I need, please? ]

oo4. say something - a great big world [ I’m sorry that I couldn’t get to you, anywhere I would’ve followed you. Say something, I’m giving up on you ]

oo5. sleep alone - two door cinema club [ he sleeps alone, he needs no army where he’s headed ‘cause he knows that they’re just ghosts and they can’t hurt him if he can’t see them ]

oo6. castle of glass - linkin park [ bring me home in blinding dream through the secrets that I have seen. wash the sorrow from off my skin and show me how to be whole again ]

oo7. wish you were here -hey monday 
[ wish you were here, wish you well if you’d only share this hell but you leave, and stains are left on me ]

oo8. all i want - kodaline [ 'cause you brought out the best of me, a part of me I’d never seen, you took my soul wiped it clean ]

oo9. haunt - bastille [ I come back to haunt you, memories will taunt you, and I will try to love you, it’s not like I’m above you ]

o10. atlas - coldplay [ some far away, some search for gold, some dragon to slay. Heaven we hope is just up the road, show me the way, lord because I am about to explode. ]

o11. take me away - gabrielle aplin [ I was alone, I was taken with the tide but I knew that I was home when I looked into your eyes and said I’m done, just let me go ]

o12. ghosts that we knew - mumford and sons [ you saw my pain washed out in the rain, broken glass, saw the blood run from my veins but you saw no fault, no cracks in my heart and you knelt beside my hope torn apart ]