he needs my hugs


I need a hug

“But I-”

“Maybe you don’t, but I need one.”

“Oh. Okay.”


Although it’s TeruMob, this one is a bit more on the ‘-ish’ side XD

While I was reading @fireflysummers​‘s fancomic and said about their headcanon of Teruki not having an adult role model, it got me thinking if Teruki has anyone to talk with about his feelings or stuffs like that in general. We all agree that Teruki has a really strong independent mindset for his age, so it’s hard for me to imagine Teruki being honest about himself, or even talk about it to anyone. But, if it’s Mob, I think Teruki would definitely put down his guard for him and it inspired me to make this fancomic. :”)

Hope you like it~! 


To risk the destruction of the earth, for any reason, is selfish. But if you arrive to see the best in the person who takes that risk, no matter what the consequences… The reason can’t explain, you just saw yourself in his eyes. Also, you are probably full of love. A simple child with a burden in her hands. And in her heart.

Please picture Shiro refusing to ever break down or show that he’s suffering in front of his team, because he’s told himself over and over again that he needs to be strong for them, that he can never show weakness, because he has to be their foundation, their unbreakable unshakable leader.

Imagine all of that stubbornness and resilience falling apart the second Matt pulls him into his arms and whispers into Shiro’s ear that it’s okay to be sad, it’s okay to be scared, that it’s okay to not be okay. Because Matt isn’t Team Voltron, Matt isn’t Altean royalty, Matt is just Matt, and Matt has suffered just as much as Shiro has if not more, and Matt knows, Matt knows.

Please picture Shiro refusing to break until Matt is there to hold him, until Matt is there there to tell him it’s okay, and then he just buries his face into Matt’s bony (too bony too thin) shoulder and just lets it all go and finally shatters.

Please picturing Matt being the one to help Shiro break, and then being the one to help put him back together.