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Come Around Again

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A Criminal Minds Fan-ficiton

Featuring: Aaron Hotchner x Female Reader

Setting: Late Season 12

A/N: Happy Smuturday! This was a requested follow up to New Around Here. I ended up giving more backstory than usual. I hope you like Hotch in witness protection as much as I do! xoxo Stu

Jimmy had called you early the next morning, apologizing once again for leaving you like he had. He was such a devoted father, you couldn’t be angry about needing to pick up his son. You reassured him that he was still in your good graces, teasing that perhaps next time you would even let him into the bedroom before he was called away. The call ended quickly as it was the start of the Sunday Brunch crowd and you helped your servers bring out orders each week.

Your mind eased back to the chaotic rhythm of the work. The day proceeded with a slightly easier smile on your face, after the impulsive night you had shared with the new single dad in town.

Aaron (now Jim) had felt guilty walking out on Y/N like that, but there was no way to send Jack home with the Marshals without a painfully obvious phone call. He hated to think that he had regressed to disappointing women because of his work, even after leaving the BAU behind. He promised himself he would make it up to Y/N, sooner or later. Jack had been withdrawn since moving across the country, but Aaron thought the sleepover was a good sign that his son had been making new friends.

Apparently, Jack (now Jordan) had made friends easily, but his mind was where the social hang ups lingered. Today was a guys day, easy breakfast, kicking the ball around at the local park, a free day full of possibilities. Days they got so rarely when living in Virginia and Aaron traveled with his team. It would have been heaven, if they weren’t being surveyed in shifts by six highly trained government employees.

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Congrats on your followers! You deserve each and every one of them. Also, for the OTP questions how about 12? :)

Awe thanks so much @novelistjugheadjones here is number 12!

12.  Who likes PDA more?

The need to touch her has consumed him. Before Betty he would never have subscribed to the concept of PDAs. His life was private and he would have expected that his romantic life would have been even more so. But he can’t help it. Maybe it’s that small part of him that is worried about losing her to someone who deserves him more than him. He needs to show the world, this town that she is his.

He presses his body up against hers as she lets out a little squeak surprised by his forcefulness and willingness to make out with her against her locker in between periods when the entire student population is milling around them. Not that she is complaining as Jughead’s tongue sweeps across her bottom lip and she groans against his mouth as his tongue explores her mouth.

“Ahem.” The two teenagers break apart at the sound to see Kevin and Veronica staring at them. Jughead’s arm is still wrapped around Betty not wanting to break contact with her. “I need to get to my locker.” Kevin explains as they both move aside giving him room. Betty can feel Jughead’s hand moving away from her arm, down her lower back before his hand is inside her rear pocket and she tries to hide her blush as he squeezes slightly.

“You might want to put a hold on the PDA’s Jughead.” Veronica says as her eyes look behind the couple. “Mama Cooper is making her way down the hall.” Jughead’s hand moves away from Betty as if he has been electrified putting distance between them as Betty stifles a laugh, sharing a look with Veronica. There seemed to be only one thing in Riverdale that could dissuade Jughead from kissing Betty in public and that was the possible wrath of Mrs C.

Fall Forward (Intern Series 2)

Summary: The shy but determined intern at BigHit catches Taehyung’s eye.

Genre: RomCom angst.

Part 1

The next morning you decided to make it up to Taehyung, who you hoped hadn’t suffered any physical injuries from the screaming girl. You noted how Ms. Ryeri said he like sugary iced coffee, so popped into Starbucks on your way to work to get him his favourite special. 

“You know how much sugar is in this, that’s not gonna be good for your waist line.” The barista said after you paid for the order. 

“Thanks for your concern.” You muttered, not quite giving a shit about why it concerned the frat dweeb serving coffee. 

“Here you go.” He said after a while of your fiddling on your phone trying to look busy waiting for your order. 

You shot him a look, and sipped the drink in defiance. 

How could Taehyung drink coffee so sweet, your scowled as the syrupy taste and sugar reached your mouth. 

You made your way to BigHit ready for another day of work, clocking in your personal access code like every other day and shivering slightly at the air con that was always too cold. 

You checked the ipad again for Taehyung’s schedule, he was supposed to be at one of the recording rooms in twenty minutes on floor two. Having more time, you decided to get there early so maybe you could prep your apology in advance. You tried to memorise his schedule once you had settled down again, and gave yourself a mental pep talk not to freeze up like you did yesterday, or spew stuff you didn’t want to say. You could do this. You could do this. You kept prepping yourself. You were a little shy, that was all. He didn’t need to see that. 

The door creaked open. 

Oh god, you didn’t want to see his beautiful face. 

“Hi.” He said, smiling. He was too good. You expected a burst of outrage, but he gave a polite smile. 

You couldn’t erase the look of worry on your face. 

“Don’t you speak?” He laughed. 

You nodded furiously. 

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have left you there. It’s just that the girl screams, like she yells the house down and I was mortified i bumped into you!” So much for spewing stuff out. 

Taehyung took a seat right opposite you, that smile still edged on his face. 

“Do you always get this nervous?” He asked. 

Your eyes widened and you felt the tips of your ears burn.


You sipped the ice cold sugary concoction in front you. 

“Oh shit! This is for you.” You pushed the beverage in his direction. 

Oh shit, he wouldn’t drink that would he? You had already taken a sip, not once but twice. 

“Ah, it’s yours.” He said, as if it was the most obvious thing ever. 

“No, I got it for you but here’s the thing. This dweeb, actual frat boy dweeb at Starbucks was all like ‘you better watch your waist line drinking that’ and I got annoyed so I had a sip in front of him to piss him off, so I hope you don’t mind. It was all in the interests of annihilating frat boy dweeb smiles.” 

Your cheeks were burning. Where was your verbal filter, you were supposed to have one like every other sane human. 

You really weren’t sane, not around this guy clearly. 

Taehyung didn’t say anything, but simply smiled and took a sip. The sound of his sipping nerved you.

“Mmmm, I also taste cherry.’

You licked your lips instinctively. You were wearing cherry gloss that probably transferred onto the straw. 

Kill me now. You begged from above. 

Your cheeks were probably on fire, they’d have to call the fire brigade. 

“I’m so sorry.” You squeaked. This was going to haunt you for the rest of your life.

“Don’t be, I love cherry.” He winked, finishing the drink in what seemed like one gulp. That was a lot of sugar down in one go. Your cheeks felt like they were swelling, your were close to hyp-

“Ahhh…time for work.” He said casually streching his arms getting up.

“Hyungs are getting here a little later, which is why I’m going to be doing a bit of recording for some songs myself.” He said, getting up and stretching his arms. 

“I-is there anything I can get you?” You asked, trying to press down the red on your cheeks. 

“Just stay by my side at all times, that crazy intern might come back.” He said seriously. That reminded you of your biggest task that you were preparing yourself for, the apology. 

“Uh, I’m sorry for leaving you like that. She just…pounced.” You blurted. 

“It’s okay. I heard you called security, it was the right thing to do.” He said.

“I promise it won’t happen again.” You said trying to re-assure him he wouldn’t have to be worried. 

“I don’t expect it will, unless you’re hiding something.” He joked. 

You followed his instructions diligently, making sure to follow his every step from room to room. You observed how he worked, often sporadically. It was interesting, Taehyung was very dutiful which threw you off. You expected him to be forgetting things, making mistakes but on his own he was really a professional. He had all his lyrics ready, made amendments to them, the complete opposite of his camera personality. 

His workflow was pretty impressive. 

“Ah, took you guys long enough!” Taehyung joked, as the door opened to reveal the rest of BTS. 

“Ahh, there’s so much traffic downtown we literally couldn’t move.” Yoongi, dressed in slacks and a cap said as he took a seat near the studio. 

They all gave you polite smiles and hellos on recognising you were in the room and you reciprocated. Strange, you were perfectly normal if not your usual shy self with the others. 

Taehyung threw you off. 

You continued to work pretty comfortably for the rest of the morning, avoiding having to speak to Taehyung and it was only after 4 where his next activity would be without his members. 

“You have a script reading.” You muttered, trying to get his attention away as he conversed with Jimin. 

“See you guys at home. Don’t wait up for me.” Taehyung said pushing his chair back and walking ahead of you. You followed him out of the room and towards the elevator. 

Floor 12. That was an awfully long elevator ride.

“So, what do you do…apart from interning?” He asked, making conversation. You were both at opposite ends of the elevator, more of your decision than his.

“I’m an English major.” You replied. 

“Smart. Namjoon hyung would love to ask you about some of the books he picked up from this english book store.” Taehyung was really social, you wanted to ask him more but figured you would probably say something you’d regret.

You simply smiled.

Floor 12 really needed to hurry up. 

“That’s weird.” You muttered, it shouldn’t take a minute to get to floor 12. It was far, but it wasn’t that far. 

“Everything okay?” Taehyung asked. 

Your furrowed your eyebrows. “Yeah, it’s just…” You moved towards where Taehyung was, which was behind the buttons on the elevator. 

You were about to press the buttons again, but a sudden jolt of the elevator sent you right into Taehyung’s body and the floor suddenly started shaking. You gripped whatever you could to steady yourself, resting on something that felt like…fabric and hardening fabric?


“Ow!” Taehyung yelled, and you shot your head towards him. His hands had gripped your shoulders steadying himself but that still didn’t erase the look of pain on his face.

“What is it, are you okay?” You asked, panicked.

“Fine…” He said slowly, face contorted in pain.

“Your hand’s squeezing my dick.”

You gasped, realising what your hand was gripping onto. You looked down, seeing the evidence for yourself and found your hand was so tighty gripped on it, your knuckles had a difficult time flexing to remove your hand. 

“Ouch.”You said removing your hand. 

If anyone, Taehyung was the one in pain.

Once again, mortification washed over you. No, screw that. Mortification was a light word for this situation. You didn’t deserve to be moritified. You needed help, the reason why was taken out from your mind before you even thought of it.

“How the hell did you manage to grab my dick when anyone else would have grabbed my arm?” Taehyung asked, eyes wide in shock as he looked at you. 

“Are you one of those girls, the ones that are all coy until they find a guy alone?” He pressed further. 

You slowly backed away. 

“No, no running this time.” Taehyung blocked your path.

“It…was just…I mean it was just there and really hard like a handle pointing out.” 

Verbal filters did not exist when it came to Kim Taehyung. Your reply was met with more incredulity from him, and a freaked out ‘hey!’ was what Taehyung could manage. His eyes widened in shock, he put his hands on his hips as he tried to contain his shock and anger.

You’d be offended too, if your PA just told you your dick was hard in an elevator pointing towards you. 

-End of Part 2-

When Winter met the Sun (Pt 2)

It had been a total of six days since the rather odd interaction between one James Buchanan Barnes and Zoe Evelyn Grace Bishop.
They’d never really spoken before the encounter, yet he had come into her office and asked to fill out forms with very personal information of his on them. Odd.
It had been a total of four days since she’d actually seen the infamous Winter Soldier in the flesh and she couldn’t help but wonder where he’d gotten to.
It wasn’t a lingering thought or minor obsession, but he had ignited a spark of curiosity in the young girl.

Bucky Barnes had met his fair share of women, Zoe seemed to stand out amongst the rest.
For one, he’d never met one with an Australian accent. He’d served with Australian men in the war, but never really got around to meeting the nurses they’d bought with them. Or at least he thinks he didn’t, his memory was still somewhat fuzzy.

She seemed to have more to her than met the eye. She was bright and airy and bubbly and just so full of life, he could see it in the twinkle of her eye. She obviously tamed it for work purposes but Bucky knew she was a happy person. But at the same time he couldn’t help but feel like there was more to hr than smiles and happy feelings. He couldn’t quite place his finger on it, but there was something.

Despite his little psychic intuition he wasn’t head over heels. But he was curious. He was very curious. Steve liked that fact way too much.

6 days after their little interaction and Bucky found his super senses picking up on something.
Yelling? Disagreement? Then he placed the familiar accent. Zoe.

Following the noise, he came to the floor of her office, which was completely empty except for her office and she wasn’t in there alone.

“Zoe can you just think about it?” asked a voice.
“No! And I don’t need to, I know my answer and I know nothing good can come of this, need proof? Just take a trip down memory lane, you’ll have it all there” she said clearly more than exasperated and annoyed.

An ex perhaps. Bucky felt like a creep for listening but according to Steve and roughly 12 videos SHIELD had made him watch, sexual harassment occurred in the workplace and could escalate violently, so he stayed.

“But Zoe”
“But nothing Luke! You had your chance throughout four years of university and you fucked it up every chance you got. You used me the first time, then a second and a third and a fourth and here you are trying again. When are you gonna understand that I want nothing to do with you! You screwed me over repeatedly and now you want a relationship? Please. Not gonna happen. I don’t care if you’ve changed. You’re the old you in my head and no Luke you don’t deserve a second chance!” she raised her voice, not quite yelling, but not at her all her usual volume.

Bucky didn’t know who this guy was, but he automatically decided he didn’t like him. He sounded like an ass.

He sounds like you. Said the little voice in his head.
Yes, but I’ve come a long way since trying to get Dot to go to lunch with me and her cousin to go to dinner with me on the same day. He reassured himself.

“Look Zoe, I fucked up, I know, but I’ve changed, I can be the guy you wanted” he tried, sounding very desperate admittedly.

“I’m not that girl anymore Luke, I want different things. I don’t want to move to the country and get a ranch, I don’t want the house and the white picket fence and children and dogs, well I want the dogs, but that plan I told you all those years ago, gone” she said clearly fed up. “Now get out and leave me alone, before I call security”
“You could’ve called security ages ago” he pointed out.
“I didn’t out of reverence of our past friendship, I see that was a mistake, now leave, I won’t ask a third time and it would be unwise to try my patience” she said firmly.

Bucky heard footsteps and so he quickly hid behind a wall while a blonde haired man walked past, apparently this was Luke. Dickhead.

Walking towards Zoe’s office he smiled upon smelling some sort of women’s perfume.

Zoe was sighing repeatedly as she gathered papers and put away files and turned off her computer. Straightening up she yelped as she noticed Bucky standing in the door frame.
“Oh my god! You scared the shit out of me” she said with an amused sort of smile, well as amused as one could manage while in shock, while clutching her chest.

She closed her eyes and let out a small laugh while Bucky couldn’t help but admire how nice of a shape she had. Again wearing a black pencil skirt, this time with a blue half sleeved button shirt and her hair obviously curled but put into a ponytail.

“Sorry” Bucky smiled.

“Really? Cos you seem rather entertained from where I’m standing” she observed.

“Cross my heart” Bucky smiled.

“Is there something I could help you with James? Nothing went wrong with the paperwork did it? I’ve got spare copies if needed” she said while rushing to a set of drawers behind her desk.

Bucky didn’t know whether to be amused or touched. Amused because he never said a thing about the papers and here she was rushing to get them and touched because everyone hesitated with him yet here she was without a question going out of her way to help him. No one except Steve did that for him. Well, Steve and Wanda.
Steve was Steve and Wanda knew what it felt like to be unfairly judged.
But Zoe? He didn’t get that.

“No, no the papers went through, I just heard a noise and came to check it out” he said warmly.
“Noise or the dickhead?” she muttered.
“The latter” he smiled. Okay, now he was amused.
“I deal with idiots in every aspect of my life” she deadpanned.
“My condolences” he said in mock empathy. “How come you’re always the last one here?” he asked curiously.
“I like it here, plus, my apartment doesn’t have a view that can compete with this” she said eyeing the beautiful sunset New York had to offer tonight.
“You’re not too far?” Bucky asked.
“Couple of blocks” she answered.
“That’s an expensive rent” Bucky said seriously.
“Tony pays well” she answered.
“How long have you worked here?”
“Little under 5 months, I love it here, plus I get insurance which is hard to come by these days”
Diabetes" he remembered.
“Diabetes” she affirmed. “Hey James?” she asked.
“Yeah?” he said somewhat surprised she was asking him questions.
“What’s the hair like?” she asked.
“The hair?” he asked thoroughly confused.
“You’re hair. Does it annoy you being the length it is?” she asked.
“It’s longer than my old hair, but I can tie it back if I want to, why do you ask?” he said still confused.
“My mother keeps annoying me to cut my hair and I need to come up with valid reasons to tell her to piss off” she said honestly.
“Well doll don’t you have a way with words?” he laughed.
He noticed her breathe stutter for a moment. Why? He had no clue.
“I’m somewhat articulate with a dash of foul mouth” she admitted rather shyly.
“I’ve noticed” he said as she packed up the last of her things. “Do you need someone to walk you home?” he asked.
“No, the kid is walking me home tonight” she smiled.
“You have a kid?” he asked shocked.
She looked way too young to have a kid.
“No, THE kid. Peter” she told him.
“Parker?” he asked before he could help it.
“Spider-boy is my escort to my humble abode” she said shocking Bucky.
“You know?” he asked with genuine surprise.
“he saved me multiple times, it’s embarrassing really” she laughed. “Also how I ended up here”
“Nearly got hit by a drunk driver while he was superheroing and he put me on stark tower where I had a conversation with Rhodey and the came to get me, I met Tony, sassed him with my verbal brilliance and he hired me that day, I’d already had a recommendation from my old boss” she summarized quickly. “Plus, Mia likes him”“Mia?”
“My friend had a kid, she passed away last year and she is occasionally at my place and Mia seems to have taken a shine to him. I think he may be her first crush” she smiled, obviously fond of the kid.
“you like her” he observed.
“kinda hard not to, even with my hating all things optimistic she’s just a ray of sunshine and ugh I can’t even describe how adorable she is” she gushed.
Finally having packed everything and making sure she didn’t forget anything she began to move away from her desk.
“can I walk you downstairs?” Bucky asked.
“Elevator James, I don’t do stairs in these heels” she said rolling her ankle around in the air.
Taking a look at her feet, he agreed with her logic. They looked like little death traps.
“Elevator it is” he smiled.
As they walked to the elevator chatting about random pieces of information about their day he noticed things. He was trained as the Winter Soldier to do that and it stuck. He noticed her curled hair, he noticed how brown her eyes, how unbelievably well they suited her, her small but slightly muscular legs, her smallness in general. She was quite busty and he wouldn’t have minded walking behind her, but she was tiny. She couldn’t have been more than 5'2. yet she seemed to think she was 6'7 in her head the way she argued with the asshole from earlier. Bucky suddenly chuckled at this new idea.
“What?” she asked.
“You’re tiny” he said.
“Really? I had no idea.” she deadpanned.
“You should observe more” he played along.
“Okay no that’s just mean” she frowned.
“Bet you loved hide and seek as a kid” he observed.
“Oh yeah” she laughed. “Could fit into the tiniest spaces and it was great” she confirmed his theory.
Finally opening its doors the elevator had arrived.
Stepping inside and hitting the ground floor button she looked up only to see him staring at her like she was the most fascinating creature to live.
“What?” she asked.
“Your nails” he said.
Looking down at her pinky nude acrylics she giggled, he’d probably never seen anything like them.
“they’re fake” she said. They put a little nail at the end and cover it in a gel and paint over them. I don’t normally get them cos they kinda destroy my nails but I have a friends 25th and I wanted to get dolled up so I got em done yesterday" she explained. “Plus they’re great for back scratches and what not, or hair” she added.
“What?” was all he asked, back scratches? Hair?
“Here bring your head down a bit so I can reach it” she said as he obliged.
Running her fingers through his hair a few times before letting her nails graze his scalp, Bucky had to resist a groan that bubbled up in his throat. It felt amazing. If he needed proof, the eruption of goosebumps on his skin would do the trick.
“See, nice isn’t it?” she asked.
“Yeah” he agreed. “Definitely”
“It pretty much all I do in my spare time” he admitted.
“I would be too” he said honestly.
Keeping up the small talk till they reached the ground floor they stepped out of the elevator.
“Want me to keep you company until Parker gets here?” he asked.
“That’s alright I’m sure you’ve got better things to do, besides, I wanna get the food before the arachnid shows up all impatient from fighting crime.
“Food?” Bucky asked.
“It’s movie night and his Aunt is working late at the hospital, so it’s Rush Hour marathons and essay writing and Chinese takeout and whatever hot chocolate and baked goods I can get at the café for us” she said indicating to the café across the lobby.
“I thought you said he saved you once?” Bucky asked.
“Yeah, but I’ve known him as Peter a bit longer than I have a spider-man. His Aunt and I worked together” she told him.
“At the hospital?” Bucky asked confused.
How did she go from Hospital to Stark Industries assistant?
“Yeah, I’m actually a registered nurse” she said.
His eyebrows flew into his hairline at that revelation.
“Really?” Bucky asked.
“I went straight into university after high school, got my nursing degree and then moved here to work in the hospital and became friends with May, Peter would always drop by to bring her food or visit and I used to talk to him a lot and eventually played occasional baby sitter and well yeah, you can only imagine my reaction when I found out about his night time activities” she chuckled.
Glancing at her watch she cursed.
“Crap, sorry James but I really gotta get him the food” she said rummaging through her purse to get her wallet. “Poor kid’ll be starved between school and this and what not” she said. “Thanks for the conversation though” she said earnestly.
“You’re welcome” he said before watching her dash off to the café.
He didn’t go back upstairs, opting to watch her instead.

She got in line and waited her turn, letting an older man in front of her who she beamed at as they obviously shared a laugh. It wasn’t long before Peter on his skateboard came up behind her throwing an arm loosely around her shoulders. She looked to be scolding him for something. Probably the skateboard before he held his hands up and said something amusing because she couldn’t help but smile, which in turn made Bucky smile, before they looked through the window together picking out different things and quite obviously disagreeing before she gave an exasperated sigh and caved to whatever it was he wanted. You could compare it to a mother and her four year old except in a way you couldn’t.
Watching them leave together waiting until they both disappeared from his line of vision, Bucky’s curiosity turned into something more.

Weekenders Adventures of Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

And now, a technological breakthrough in Pooh’s Adventures history - a classic unnecessarily reworked with your favourite cartoon characters, unnecessarily reworked with your favourite cartoon characters! The infamous Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, a.k.a. Why Paramount Should’ve Kept Those Rights in the First Place, was the closest a corporation-based animation studio could get to channelling Pooh’s Adventures as it so commonly stands - deliberate exposition that dumbs the original mains down, absolutely no reason for the guests to be there other than comic relief, a villain confrontation scene where there shouldn’t have been, dialogue tampered with to bring up these newcomers, you name it.

So of course Poohphiles would enjoy it enough to slap even less time-consistent cartoon characters onto that and make them twice as useless by having them direct every pratfall the cat and mouse stumble into as usual. This might just be fan fiction, but this is still what storytelling shouldn’t be. And so, without further adieu, let’s bite into Weekenders Adventures of Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I can’t believe I just pasted that either.

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How to make a popular tumblr hockey meme fandom post:
1. Be popular (like me. No one has more followers than me)
2. Post about popular players (ex. Sidney Crosby, Connor Mcdavid, Dylan Strome, Tyler Seguin, Antti Niemi, the usual)
3. Make fun of them (like call them garbage, make fun of their bald head, say you want them to beat you over the head with a stainless steeel hockey stick, etc)
4. Reblog it like 12 times to get your point across.
6. Reblog it to all of your sideblogs to double get your point across
7. Finish off the blood oath by donating your hair to Alex Galchenyuk. He really needs it :/

Victor’s Retirement

I wanted to make a post specifically about Victor’s career because I think it was his return to the ice that threw a lot of fans off (including me) more so than Yuuri’s decision to stay on the ice. When I first watched the finale, I wasn’t dissatisfied with it so much as I was just confused. Without a confirmed season 2, I really felt like we had been progressively led throughout the show to believe that Victor and Yuuri were going to retire together, and I know I’m not the only person who felt that way. I’ve heard people say the finale seemed inconsistent with the character arcs in episodes 1-11, as if they had written one ending and then changed it last minute to leave things open for a season 2, which I agreed with at first.

But the more I think back on the first 11 episodes, the less I feel that way. I thought that coming to terms with retirement was a huge part of Victor’s character arc, but in actuality, the only talk of retiring for the majority of the show comes entirely from Yuuri, our favorite biased narrator who:

  • feels his time with Victor is limited
  • feels Victor is the one providing him the means for success 
  • has literally never asked Victor what he plans to do - mostly because he’s scared of the answer and his anxiety is telling him he already knows it - but he doesn’t

In typical biased narrator fashion, we never really hear much about Victor’s career plans at all. I believe, correct me if I’m wrong, the only time Victor himself explicitly addresses his future plans in the first 11 episodes, is this scene in episode 8, and he doesn’t actually say anything:

He says nothing about what he plans to do, doesn’t even allude to anything - but he does give us this fairly telling silence, followed by an immediate change of topic.

 The next time we really hear him talking about the future of his career is at the hotel with Yuuri in episode 12, after Yuuri comes out of left field, making assumptions over a topic they’ve never explicitly talked about before. The closest they got was in episode 9 when Yuuri asks him to stay with him until he retires, but for some reason doesn’t have the foresight to say, “Which, hey, by the way, might be after this Grand Prix Final.” 

Victor, seeing no designated end date in sight the way Yuuri does - the way Yuuri always has - just blindly and happily agrees!

So when no more than a month later, Yuuri hits him with this?

He’s understandably shocked. In all honesty, I very literally don’t think that Victor had thought very extensively about his future in skating until this very this moment, simply because he didn’t think he had to. He thought, for good reason, that he would be staying with Yuuri. He says so very explicitly in episode 12:

I don’t believe that Victor’s character arc was designed to prepare him for a life of retirement, but rather, to show us that he found something he valued more than his career (love and life, in his own words) and that he would be willing to sacrifice his career for those things if he needed to. He agreed to stay with Yuuri until he retired and wished that that day would never come. For all intents and purposes, following episode 9, he was ready to set aside skating forever to be Yuuri’s coach because he loves him more than he loves his career. In my opinion, the scene with Yurio at the beach really solidified that to the audience, and also to himself. He was largely at peace with it because he still had Yuuri.

It’s because Yuuri doesn’t realize this that Victor is mad. He’s not mad at Yuuri for proposing the idea of returning to skating, he’s really just mad that Yuuri cuts himself out of the equation, and makes the decision to do that alone.

He makes no objections to skating again, just like he never has. He could have missed skating this whole time and we just never got to see that much. I think it’d be naive to assume that he didn’t miss it. It was all that he’s known and something that he loved. It’s just that at this point in his life, he may miss it, but he doesn’t want to do it without Yuuri, because he would miss Yuuri more. This stands in stark contrast to the mindset he used to have.

That, I believe, is the ultimate culmination of his character arc, not whether or not he retires. 

So with that in mind, back to episode 12, he doesn’t make the choice to return until after Yuuri’s free skate, after Yuuri beats his world record with a program about their love smh….I would die for them. 

And then this sneaky son of a bitch does something that only a sneaky son of a bitch would do.

Right before Yurio’s program, to a rushed Yakov, Victor comes out of retirement. And consequently, he and Yurio have this exchange:

aaaaand then he smirks and gives a visibly panicked Yurio a hug. 

Victor is not an idiot. It has been made clear that he knows: 

  • that Yurio is a real threat to Yuuri’s gold medal
  • that Yuuri doesn’t like to lose
  • that Yuuri inspires Yurio to fight

Throwing out this casual “hey good news: my schedule is suddenly very available and I’m coming back! Bad news: your greatest motivator might be retiring OKAY GOOD LUCK!” to Yurio right before his free skate was deliberate and it ended up doing exactly what he wanted it to do. Yurio gets out there and ramps up his routine, vowing to keep Yuuri from retiring. Consequently, Yuuri slides into 2nd place and then it only takes a tiny push from Victor before Yuuri says this:

And then Victor has both his career, and Yuuri.

And I don’t think his excitement over this is uncharacteristic at all. In fact, his willingness to compete and coach Yuuri is a great testament to his love. He says that he’s worried about making a full comeback while also being Yuuri’s coach - he knows that doing both at the same time could be taxing on his own skating. Soooo…obviously Yuuri will just have to keep being his winning student for at least 5 years to make it worth his while! unrelated: it kills me that he purposefully played up his disappointment that Yuui didn’t get gold, but then he said all of this while putting Yuuri’s medal on for him lovingly. proud af fiance.

I no longer feel confused by this ending, and I actually really, really love it. I don’t think there was any backtracking on his character development in the finale, it just led to an end result that both the narrator and most of the audience didn’t really expect. Retired or not, Yuuri is still his greatest priority and I’m excited to see how they’ll balance their relationship as competitors, as a coach/student, and fiances. 


Beating his idol has been Yuuri’s goal for years; I’d really like to see him lovingly kick Victor’s ass. Just a little.

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What are some of the most hilariously/outrageously wrong depictions of forensics that you've seen in media?

Hey there Nonnie! Let Sherls start out with which 3 shows I’m going to pick on, because dammit this is the focus of your show, how could you get it SO WRONG!?!?!?!?!? I will be picking on Dexter, CSI and BBC Sherlock. I love all of these shows, don’t get me wrong, it’s just pure frustration over did you even do any research before you started writing these shows? Did you even read up on policing or basic standard laboratory procedure?! Or did you just base your writing on other cop shows. I get that not everything a forensic scientist does is entertaining, but to go so wrong is just… UGGH.

Dexter is just…the most uggh. For anyone that does not know the basic premise of the show, Dexter is both a bloodstain patter analyst for the Miami Metro Police Department, as well as a serial killer. Which in and of itself is a great idea! Except that none of the Blood Stain Pattern analysis he does is accurate to how it would actually be done. And he talks about it in nearly every episode. Watson and I have a wonderful professor that specializes in Blood Stain Pattern analysis, and he rips this show a new one at the beginning of every year apparently. He even does guest lectures about it. Not only is the terminology wrong, but the basics of how blood stains are analysed is wrong. Look at this photo:

That’s from season 1, episode one, around the 18-minute mark. It sure does look good on TV, right? (You can find the whole scene and even the episode online, and the entire series is on Netflix. Go watch this scene, this post will wait, and my rant will make a lot more sense). Blood on the walls, and these weird sticks with red string on them headed off to each little blood stain. Totally going to admit when I first watched this show before starting my degree in Forensic Science, I was thinking the same thing you are now, “WOW he can tell so much from just the blood. That is amazing. How can he just look and know all of this immediately”? Here comes the bubble burst: He can’t. My professor that worked for 20 years as an analyst can’t. What I can tell you is the patterns on the walls are consistent with cast off patterns and maybe arterial spray patterns, WHICH HE EVEN SAYS IN THE DAMN SCENE and these types of patterns DO NOT GET STRINGED. The process being misused here is reserved for impact pattern analysis. It is a technique that can only be used for impact pattern analysis, and is a way for examiners to make an accurate estimation of where the point of impact was, based on the directionality of the individual blood stains in the pattern. It cannot be used to estimate where a cast off pattern originated. It cannot be used to estimate where a drip pattern or a void pattern or any other pattern originated from. There are other techniques for that. 

Another thing that the show Dexter does in general that is totally ridiculous comes from a scene in the first season where Dexter has to testify in court. Dexter claims that in 12 years, he has been involved with 2103 cases. That number is so small it just hurts me. Because most forensic laboratories are SWAMPED with cases, he would more than likely have been involved in that many cases in maybe just over a year. The thing is, blood spatter analysts are called to consult on cases not just in their home precinct, but in other precincts, and even in other countries. Because this is a part of the field where the only way to become an expert is to look at a lot of blood stains. And then some more blood stains. And then even more until you can look at blood stains like some people can look at a complex math equation and break it down into a sum of its parts. Like seriously, if you want a break down of crimes that happened in Miami by year, follow this link(http://www.city-data.com/crime/crime-Miami-Florida.html).  Even if you assume not all of these crimes need blood stain pattern analysis, and that Dexter only works a quarter of those cases, there are still more than enough double the number he gives for 12 years in one single year. I fell like I am getting ranty about this show, but it is only because the show writers decided on blood spatter analyst and I am assuming stopped their research there. And they also pulled a bad number out of their butts for how many cases someone would work in 12 years.

CSI holds a special place in my heart, and it always will, as it was my main inspiration for deciding that I wanted to grow up and essentially deal with death and crime, and the worst kinds of people on the planet. I’ve metioned it before, but like, I wanted to be Horatio Caine when I was a wee tyke. He was the original pun master. Except this show is notorious for having its main characters walk into scenes with no PPE (master post to come in the next week), and move evidence around without documenting it in a photo beforehand. This is like the biggest NO police and crime scene investigators have, and is in place not only to protect the integrity of the scene, but to protect the examiners. They have main characters picking evidence up off the ground with their bare hands. Which is just so wrong because of biohazards and cross contamination. Like, at least make them wear gloves? And none of this my hand is bare but I will pick it up with a glove bull. That’s still a big NO. The other thing that is so ridiculous is that fancy computer they have that analyzes fingerprints for them and pulls up matching prints. There simply is not any technology right now that can do that. Every fingerprint used in court is still examined by a living breathing human being. More often than not by two or more living breathing humans. But hey, it looks great on TV.

Originally posted by fuckyeahdavidcaruso

The last most ridiculous instance of laughable media portrayal of forensic science comes from BBC Sherlock’s first episode, A Study in Pink. And it isn’t even the whipping scene! In the first episode Sherlock drags Watson to an abandoned house where the pink lady was found dead. And he and Watson, two civilians, just waltz right on up to the main scene, and Sherlock isn’t even wearing gloves, let alone proper PPE (thank god Dr. Watson puts the bunny suit on). Like I said, this is a big NO. PPE is essential, it is not optional. Another thing is these are civilians. Guess who is not allowed in crime scenes? CIVILIANS. Not only that but Sherlock gets all touchy with the dead body with no gloves or face mask or anything on to protect himself and to stop his DNA getting all over the body. What if she had a contagious disease? Dead bodies are biohazards. No one should ever touch any dead body without gloves on. There is so much badness on a decomposing corpse, that is like, the exact last place you want to put your hands. He doesn’t even wash them afterwards. Furthermore, Sherlock goes on to find her suitcase, which is an important piece of evidence in showing this case is a murder not a suicide, and he just takes it home with him to rifle through. This is also a NO. That suitcase is no longer admissible in court. I also want to mention a point that for whatever reason, show makers have people collecting evidence from rooms on the second and first floor, when the crime scene is on the third floor, and that is just a waste of time. Like on the level of if I told you to you had a spelling test, and you went home and memorized 18th century poetry to prepare.

Originally posted by shockingblankets

*whew* there’s 1400 words I will never get back. This turned in to a rant and a half. This is a topic I myself am passionate about, as it is literally a problem forensic scientists face when testifying in court. The CSI Effect is a thing everyone.  But yeah, those are the most ridiculous instances of the media getting forensic science wrong.  

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Part of me wishes Jonathan hadn't died. He was SO YOUNG! And on his honeymoon! I cried when he died. I was just in SHOCK when he died. Saw the anime first, btw. I kinda wish Dio had become good, but that's impossible. It's MUDA.

Jonathan’s death was nothing short of a tragedy, and he deserved to live a happy life. But while it was truly saddening, it was not completely surprising to me. A prevalent theme in Phantom Blood was how Dio and Jonathan’s fates had always been entwined, and Jonathan was willing to give up his life in order to stop Dio. There’d been quite a bit of foreshadowing towards that final moment, especially in their first fight in the Joestar mansion.

I do wish there could have been another way often and I have plenty of aus for it, but Dio was driven blind by his lust for power and greed, he never realised he got everything he really wanted  as well as needed the moment he was taken into the Joestar mansion, before all the vampire business. He had money and riches that would have carried him out for the rest of his life, he had a supportive family, an education and a career path to follow as well as Jonathan Joestar. But his overbearing need to take everything made him desire even more, though really it was nothing more than he already had, poisoning George was just the beginning of his (albeit long and drawn out) end. 

I mean out of the 120 odd years he lived 100 of them were spent in a coffin, 12 of them were spent in poverty with his awful father Dario. He had four out in Egypt, which he likely enjoyed, but he spent a good deal of time resting and recovering from those 100 years, worried about him eventually having to face the Joestars, and really he did not really do all that much except plan to achieve heaven, which he never lived to do.

The seven years he lived with the Joestars were probably the best ones of his life. He was just too greed filled to see it at the time. 

Being nice and knowing RT staffers HELPS when talking about getting into the company but in the end its not the most important thing.

Heres more than one example:

Blaine was an RTX Gaurdian and made friends with Brandon and that helped him get hired if I remember the story right, but he applied as an intern with Brandon as a recommendation and already had many skills needed to do the work he’s doing. Then once he was hired he actually went up to the guy in charge of the podcast and asked him to teach him how to use the soundboard. He caught on so quickly and worked so hard that he went from Hot Intern Blaine to Hot Employee Blaine specifically because of that.

Caleb helped Geoff at conventions and was a nice person and got hired for working hard and being a huge part of the community. Now he is one of the most active RT staffers on the site as is his job.

Barbara ran RVBTO – as in before they hired her to run a convention? SHE WAS ALREADY RUNNING A CONVENTION. Albeit on a much smaller scale. She has a degree in media communications or whatever you call “posting on twitter with a degree” and it helps a lot because she’s been trained in how to do it. She happened to be the most watched member on the RT site and it helped, but it wasnt THE most important factor.

Gavin was active on the RT site and made friends with the RT staffers and met up with them in the UK at conventions while he was still apprenticed to the person who taught him to use the slo mo camera and when it was what- really early so seasons 2/3? I cant remember. Eventually his knowledge of filming got him hired. Not stalking Geoff. And if you watch season 7, which he directed, it looks really well machinimated and includes one of my favorite Machinima fight scenes.

Kyle was friend of Miles’ and was brought in part time to help machinimate, and eventually he basically helped Brandon put together all the DVDs. He worked so hard that when he told Matt Hullum that he couldnt work as a contract worker anymore because he needed a steady job and might have to quit he was finally officially hired on the spot. He helped machinimate season 11 and will continue to help with RVB production in season 12 amongst his other jobs.

There have been several interns who were not eventually hired for whatever reason, but also worked hard to get the internship to begin with.

All of the people who work at Rooster Teeth got there on hard work more than anything else, so if you want to follow your dreams be prepared to do the same!

the things early morning runs do to my brain...

… heavy Blacklist theorizing ahead. Beware of possible spoilers.

With all the clues we have been given so far, I think Red’s daughter was taken. (Stewmaker monologue) She disappeared, and even now, he doesn’t know her fate. He doesn’t know if she is alive or dead, and he is burning the world down to find her (reference to Barnes). And even if he stops momentarily, and recognizes the wreckage he leaves in his way (yes, again the Stewmaker monologue) he doesn’t stop because more than anything he needs closure, he needs to know. It’s something that he always mentions about the victims, that the families can have at least closure. To find his daughter, he is following a trail, rumors, breadcrumbs, and the Blacklisters are the means to gain the information he needs to find her. For example he probably assumed that the girl in the Stewmaker’s trophy book could be his daughter, he might have found evidence that a girl with a matching descripition had become a victim at the time when his daughter disappeared (12/1990), but he couldn’t be sure. And in the end, she wasn’t the right one, she wasn’t his daughter. But he still hopes to find her, that’s why he tells Ressler, he hopes for more than revenge. That’s why he tells Liz she can give him a second chance, because she is the one who can help him find his daughter as well as settle the score with whoever did this to him. And given what we have learned in about identity theft in the last episode, I think, no official side knows that Red’s daughter was taken and his wife played a significant role in the deceit.