he needs corporeal proof she's there

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HELLO, IT'S ME, I WAS WONDERING ... (again, yes, I can be clingy sometimes) ... I was thinking about what you said about friends, safety net, everything in life. So ... can you write something about Cat & Lucy's first encounter ? Better yet, an evolution of their friendship, much like Kara's makeshift family ... And I also have a VERY VERY VERY important question : is Lucy Carter's godmother ? LOVEYA ♥

+ anonymous ask: I’m curious as to how Lucy and Cat first met in WFH-verse. Like how did they grew close from being her employee to a friend since Cat rarely involves herself with her employees outside of the office. I just love how close they are in your fic.

oh my sweet lord. i love them so much my fingers slipped and i wrote 1.3k words. under a cut.

WORK FROM HOME, the headcanons

supergirl/supercat. AU. Romcom. Cat’s building a new house. Kara is her hot contractor. AO3 / TUMBLR

Cat and Lucy’s bromance.


Cat doesn’t meet Lucy as much as clashes into her.

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I will say it once, and I will happily say it again and again.


There they are, moaning about him and why their women are swooning over him. Well, gents, here is the proof.

He is a well dressed, beautifully spoken, intelligent man who is serious when he needs to be, and can poke fun at himself when the occasion allows as well.

He’s exceptionally hard working and focused.

And foremost, he shows his woman the utmost respect, attention and care at all times.

This Valentines Day, don’t bother with the corporate shit. Take your ladies out somewhere they can get dressed to the nines and then treat her like the queen she is. Pull out a chair, keep your focus on her, give her your coat.

Chivalry isn’t dead!! It’s alive in the form of Benedict Cumberbatch and every male out there really needs to learn from him!!!!