he needs a hug badly

You'll Be Okay, Lance

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Quiznak, Lance thought. He picked his foot up and looked down with a wince. “At least I found it,” he muttered to himself. Lance bent down to retrieve his MP3 player from the ground. The screen was cracked and the button in the middle had popped off. He tried turning it on, but the device didn’t respond. “Aw, man.” Lance sighed and plopped down on his unmade bed. One of the only things he had left to remind him of his life back on Earth, was broken.

“What am I gonna do now,” he grumbled. There was no way he could fix it. Lance considered just throwing it away and attempting to move on. But, then he remembered something.

Remembered someone.

A certain friend who was great with gadgets, and just so happened to be right down the hall. “Pidge!” Lance exclaimed to no one in particular and jumped up. “She can fix it! Well, probably … hopefully.” Lance excitedly shoved the broken MP3 player in the pocket of his jacket and crept out of his room.

The castle was silent.

He knocked on Pidge’s door three times. The noise echoed in the quiet hallway. “I hope she’s not busy,” he wished aloud. A moment later the door slid open to reveal Pidge standing before him in her pajamas. She offered him a sleepy smile. “Oh, hey Lance. What’s up?”

“Uh…” He took note of her sleeping attire and immediately regretted coming to ask her for something. He hadn’t considered that she might be trying to sleep. It was late. Of course she wouldn’t want to help him right now.

“I’m sorry, were you getting ready for bed? I-I didn’t mean to bother you. I can just come back tomorrow,” he started to back up and turn away. His face felt hot. “No, Lance, it’s okay,” she called out and he stopped. “I was actually having some trouble sleeping,” she rubbed her eyes and readjusted her glasses. Little strands of hair stuck out in odd places around her head.

“Did you need something?” Lance felt relieved that she hadn’t turned him down. “Yeah,” he answered and took a deep breath to try and calm his nerves. “Actually there was something I was hoping you could help me with.” His fingers curled around the crushed object in his pocket.

“Sure. I’d be happy to.” Pidge led him into her room and the door closed behind them with a hiss. The only light source was the lamp that sat on top of the desk. One look at her bed and Lance could tell Pidge had been tossing and turning in the sheets. He wondered how long she’d been trying to get some sleep. He’d have to ask her later.

She sat down in her desk chair, leaned back, and propped her bare feet up on a stack of books by the bed. “Soooo, what do you need?” The drowsiness that had tainted her voice earlier was completely gone now. Lance reached in his pocket and brought out the reason he was there. Pidge held her hand out and Lance placed the small device in it.

“Yikes.” She looked it over then looked at him. “What happened to it?” Lance rubbed the back of his neck and explained. “So, you can fix it, right?” She scoffed and pushed her glasses up her nose. “Of course I can. I’ll have it better than new in no time.” Pidge swiveled around in her chair and began working on his MP3.

Lance sat down on the floor, legs stretched out in front, and rested his back against the bed. He watched her as she tinkered away. Lance had always secretly admired how smart she was. Back at the Garrison, he thought she was a little weird at first. Maybe because she was trying to pass as a boy. He chuckled at the thought of how many times he’d tried to set her up with a girl that had turned him down. Back then, Lance just couldn’t fathom why Pidge kept rejecting his efforts. But now he understood.

“What’s so funny?” Pidge looked at him for a moment waiting for an answer. Lance met her gaze. “Remember when you told everyone you were a girl?”

Pidge laughed, recalling the memory, and turned back around to continue working. “Yeah. Everyone was so cool about it,” she paused and glanced over her shoulder. “Except you. You totally freaked out.” Lance blushed. “Hey! How was I supposed to take it?”

Pidge shrugged.

“Well, what if I told you I was a girl? Hmm?” Almost immediately she answered with, “I could see that,” in a rather serious tone. “And I support your decisions completely,” she added. He could practically hear her smirking. The pink in Lance’s cheeks darkened. “Whatever,” he huffed.

They sat in silence for a few minutes.

Lance couldn’t help but feel a bit awkward as he sat there on Pidge’s floor. Should he try to make conversation? He didn’t want to distract her from whatever she was doing, but the lack of communication was killing him. He had to say something.

Um … The weather’s been nice lately? No. We’re in space, and that’s stupid, he scolded himself.

Started any new projects lately?

How are things with your lion?

Learn any more Altean words?

Lance laid his head on the bed, racking his brain for something, anything really, that would strike up a conversation. Then, a previous question popped back into his head. Lance cleared his throat and spoke up.

“You uh, you said you were having trouble sleeping? Is everything okay?” She halted for a moment and threw her head back, letting out a long sigh. Pidge seemed to contemplate her words before speaking them.

“My brain always picks the most random times to go on overdrive. It’s like, as soon as I finally lay down, I get a million ideas all at once.” She leaned forward and resumed working. “Yeah, I know the feeling,” he said softly. Lately he’d been having problems sleeping too. And Lance just wasn’t Lance without his beauty rest.

“Well what about you?”

“Huh?” Lance stared at the back of her head and raised a questioning eyebrow.

“It is late, and you’re not even in your pj’s yet. What’s keeping you up?” Her voice sounded slightly concerned.

“Oh.” All of a sudden, a wave of sadness washed over him, and he felt as blue as his lion. What was keeping him up? Causing him to lose countless hours of sleep?

Lance was homesick. Simple as that.

He was glad Pidge wasn’t looking at him when he spoke. Her friendly smile probably would have been enough to make him cry right then and there. “I just, really miss Earth. My family, and my old friends.” Lance tried not to let his voice quiver. He chuckled to cover his uneasiness. “I think I even miss Iverson back at the Garrison.”

“Wow,” Pidge giggled, the sound making his heart feel a little less heavy, “you really do miss Earth.” He heard one final click before she turned around to face him. Pidge held out the MP3 in her palm. There were no more cracks in the screen and all the buttons fit exactly where they belonged. It looked like it had just come out of the box. He was going to ask her how she fixed it, but decided not to question the tiny miracle.

“That’s incredible,” Lance marveled, instantly feeling better. He stood up and took his device from her small hand eagerly. “An easy fix. It’s not that big of a deal.”

It was to Lance. Her act of kindness meant more to him than he could even comprehend.

“Thank you.” He tucked the MP3 player into his pocket. “It really means a lot Pidge.” Lance gave her a small, sad smile, then averted his eyes to the floor, not quite sure what else to say. Pidge lifted herself out of the chair to stand in front of him.

He didn’t need to say anything, she understood perfectly.

Pidge wrapped her arms around his waist tightly, and placed her small head on his chest. This took him completely by surprise and he started blushing.

“You’ll be okay, Lance. I know you will.” Her words were slightly muffled by his shirt. He didn’t realize how badly he needed a hug until he found himself enveloping Pidge in a warm embrace. Lance rested his cheek on top of her head and smiled. “Thanks again. I needed this.”

“Me too” she responded. They both sighed contentedly.

“Hey. Do you wanna, maybe, have a sleepover?” Pidge pulled away just enough to look up at him hopefully. Lance couldn’t suppress the smile that spread across his face.

“I’d like that. A lot.”

A/N: I just want my space babies to be happy, yaknowwhatimsayin? I cannot be the only one who would like to see some more Pidgance development. Maybe not necessarily in a romantic sense, but I feel like they would have a really great friendship. I think this ship needs a little more attention. But anyways … Until next time, my lovelies

Joe Sugg Imagine - Got Lucky.

“No, Alan! Stop biting my cushions!” Joe ran after the little pug around his living room, making Zoe and Alfie burst out laughing. Zoe ended up picking her up and placing her on her lap to calm her down.

“Nala, baby, stop” she said sweetly, still laughing at Joe’s reaction “Be nice to Uncle Joe’s furniture” she said and immediately after she chuckled loudly, knowing how uncomfortable it made both men in front of her feel. Indeed, they were already making faces “Come on boys, it’s just a joke”

Joe ran a hand through his now ridiculously long hair, and sat down next to her sister, whose dog ran towards his lap not long afterwards. He stroked her behind her ears and turned to Zoe “How would it make you feel if I called you Auntie Zoe, huh?” He asked, immediately regretting he did because he already knew the answer.

And he wasn’t wrong with his guess “More than delighted” she smiled.

“Too bad it won’t happen for a long, long, long time” he said, relaxing on the sofa as Alfie sat down next to him with a glass of apple juice on his hand “Well, you never know” he said, sipping from his drink.

“I’m not even seeing anyone at the moment” Joe said as he felt his phone vibrate on the back pocket of his jeans.

“What about that girl you told me about…what was her name…was it Leigh?” Zoe asked.

“Jeez, that was ages ago” he said as he took his phone out and read the text he just got.

“Honestly” Alfie said “Don’t get me wrong, Joe, but do you even have feelings?” He said, mid-laughing. He had known him for years now, and he didn’t know of a single girl he had sincere and pure feelings for.

But Joe wasn’t listening “Guys, Y/N can’t come tonight. She promised Finn she’d go to his party, so” he said, putting his phone back on his pocket.

“Aw, that’s a real shame” Zoe said “I really wanted to see her. I really liked the video she uploaded today, that Q&A with her dad. Well, maybe tomorrow”

“How come you weren’t invited?” Alfie asked Joe.

“Finn and I aren’t exactly close to each other” the boy explained “Then again, neither is he close to Y/N. But he wants to get into her pants, so” Joe’s voice let out a slightly jealous tone. Zoe and Alfie looked at each other.

“Does she fancy him as well?” She asked her brother, giving her boyfriend a knowing look.

“Y/N? I don’t think so, but I’ve never asked” Joe said “I mean, it’s not like I care at all. It’s just that if he has to leave me out of that party in orden to try to flirt with her, it says a lot about him” He said without really thinking.

“Are you saying he wouldn’t flirt with her if you were around?” Zoe asked again.

“Well, me or Jim for that matter” Joe stated, matter-o-factly “I don’t get how she doesn’t see it”

“Maybe she doesn’t mind it” Alfie said, trying to push Joe’s buttons. He’d understood it all with Zoe’s glare; Joe was, if not totally, partially into you, and he wanted him to confess. You and him have been best friends for a ridiculously long time now, and it was obvious there was more than friendship between you. But neither were good with feelings at all, and it drove your friends insane.

However, Joe closed his eyes and hugged Nala tightly, as if missing someone’s touch. As if he needed so badly a hug, and said “Maybe”

When Alfie and Zoe closed their bedroom’s door, he let himself fall into the sofa. It was already 1 am, and he was wide awake. Joe opened Instagram and saw that Finn had uploaded a new picture. Before he saw it, he already knew you were on it. Essentially.

Not long after, he got a text from Jim asking if he was at that party with you. ‘Luckily not’.

 As the clock went round and round, like the wheels on the bus, he started thinking about the new collab he had to upload that same night. At first, you had agreed that Joe would upload his collab with you first, and then the one with Connor and Caspar that he had filmed the other day. However, the due date for the video finished in like, two hours, and Joe didn’t feel like pressing 'upload’ to said video.

So he did exactly the opposite of what you had talked about, and immediately after went to bed.


Your POV.

The music was so loud I couldn’t even hear myself think. However, I easily felt the unmistakeable buzz my phone made when I got a YouTube notification. They were turned on only for a small amount of people, so almost as an involuntary move, I got it out of my purse.

ThatcherJoe has just uploaded a video 'WTF is this video | ft. Conor Maynard and Caspar Lee’

I immediately checked out my YouTube calendar on my phone and essentially, Joe’s video for today had to be our collab in order for me to upload our video later. Thinking it was probably just a silly mistake, I texted him. Then I realised it was 2 am and that he was likely to be sleeping.

I scanned the room for Finn, hoping I could find him easily and leave for home. I wasn’t exactly tired, but I had the slightest feeling that Joe’s move wasn’t an accident and I just wasn’t in the mood for techno music and expensive cocktails anymore.

After almost five solid minutes of looking for Finn, I finally found him at the balcony, laughing at who-knows-what with two other boys. As soon as they saw me, they left, leaving the two of us alone.

“Hey, Finn” I said “Thanks for inviting me, I had the best time” I smiled.

“I’m glad you did, love” he sipped on his brown drink. Love? Since when did Finn call people that? It reminded me so much of Joe, it made my stomach turn as I recalled the current video situation I was in.

I decided to ignore it “Sadly I need to go, gotta stay fresh to film tomorrow” I wasn’t exactly lying, but I definitely wasn’t planning on filming the next day.

“Bummer” he said, licking his lips. He caught me looking at them “But that’s fine. Maybe we could film a video together some time”

“Yeah, would be fun” I said. It wasn’t on my plans, but I really wanted to leave as quickly as I could. And saying no to that would only delay my plans.

“Alright, see you soon beautiful” he said, and before I could do something about it, his lips locked with mine in a quick, o-so-drunk peck which I didn’t respond to. I muted a confused bye and left as quickly as I broke our kiss.

Once I was outside, I intended to call an Uber when I found out that the Uber App had collapsed and that I didn’t have the slightest idea of where I was. I looked it up on Google Maps, but I still didn’t have a clue. I looked around. The streets were empty and dark. It wasn’t exactly cold, but I was definitely shivering. I only had two options.

The first one was to call Jim so he could pick me up. And so I did. About eleven tones later, I finally got to the idea that he wasn’t going to respond. It was already 2.30 am on a Friday, I didn’t blame him. Jim and I have been best friends for years, as we had grown up together, our houses in front of one another. Thinking about it, it was better if he didn’t pick up the phone. Being so protective of me, if he found out I was alone this late at night, he’d flip his shit. He was something between my father and my brother, and even though he could be annoying as hell sometimes, I wasn’t complaining.

However, that only left me with my second and last option: calling Joe. It was the last thing I wanted to do at the moment, but it was still better than standing in the middle of nowhere at night, all by myself.

Five tones afterwards, I heard his tired voice on the other line “I’m so sorry I woke you up” I said, knowing that he had been sleeping.

“What do you want?” He said, and my heart sank a bit. I ignored the poorly way he was making me feel “I need a huge favor. I just got out of Finn’s party and my Uber App has collapsed and I don’t know where I am, and Jim-”

“I get it, where are you?” He said, and I couldn’t help but feel relieved.

“Google Maps says Campden Hill Road” I told him.

He stayed silent a few seconds, probably mentally planning the ride “Right, give me 15”

“Thank you so much, Joe” I said “I owe you big”

“No need to” he answered, and then he hung up.

Twelve minutes later, Joe’s car stopped in front of me. I opened the door and awkwardly sat next to him “Thanks again” I said, looking at him. But he didn’t look back at me. He was wearing a Sugg Life hoodie and grey sweatpants. His messy hair was pushed back, and his glasses sat perfectly on his tired blue eyes. I couldn’t deny he was quite the charming guy “I’m sorry I woke you up” I said again.

“It’s fine” he said as we stopped on a red light “I wasn’t sleeping well anyway, and I wasn’t going to leave you wandering around London at night” Then he finally looked at me, and I felt small.

His blue eyes fixed on mine until I couldn’t take it anymore and I lowered my glance, quickly looking ahead on the road to hide the fact that I was blushing. But I still could feel his eyes on me.

“How was the party?” He asked, and I couldn’t help but stare at his hands as he drove.

“Not as good as I was hoping for” I sincerely said “I barely knew anyone, and the ones I knew were far too drunk to recognise me anyway”

Joe let out a laugh, and I visibly relaxed. We stayed in silence for a few minutes before he broke it again “Hey, Y/N, about the video I uploaded today” he said, rubbing his neck. I smiled at how cute he looked when he was nervous “I’m so sorry about it, I knew I had to upload our video but I…”

He stopped at another red light. Three overly drunk guys were passing by in front of the car, one of them still holding a bottle on his hand. A guy with a tuxedo on turned his head, locking his eyes with mine. He started to cheer, and suddenly his two friends joined in, shouting things to me that I wouldn’t even bother to repeat.

With the red light still on, Joe slowly started the car again, as if he were to run over them. The three guys jumped and, scared, put their hands in the air as if they were surrendering. The light changed and Joe hit full speed, not even bothering to see if they were on his way.

I couldn’t help but laugh “That was aggressive” I commented.

He had a smirk on his lips “Couldn’t care less if I ran over them, to be honest” he said.

“About the video” I said, wanting to get it over with.

“Yeah, I’m sorry” he said for like, the hundredth time “I thought you were coming to mine’s last night and I got a bit upset. I feel like a 5-year-old now”

I laughed “A really cute one, tho” I said, and I immediately regretted it, not really looking for another awkwardness stage. Luckily, he laughed.

“I will upload our collab as soon as I can, I promise” he said, turning to the street where I lived.

“Okay” I nodded “Hey, can I ask you a question?”


“Do you think Finn likes me?” I blurted out. His hand tensed on the wheel, and his smile disappeared, forming a straight line. I didn’t know where I was going with this.

“Why’d you ask?” He asked instead of answering my question.

“He kissed me tonight” He abruptly stopped the car, only to find out that we were already in front of my apartment block “Like, he was drunk and it was just a short goodbye peck, but I’m so confused”

Joe had always told me about his love life, that is, when I got it out of him after hours of insisting. He’s not the extrovert kind. So I thought I would do just the same.

“I don’t know if he likes you, but just think about his past relationships” he said, running his hands through his hair “They haven’t been exactly long, and that must be for a reason”

I looked down at my intertwined fingers, as I could feel his eyes on me. They sent heat down my body. He then put an arm around my shoulders and pulled me closer, kissing the top of my head. People always said Joe wasn’t good with emotions, but I couldn’t believe them completely.

“Don’t worry about that now” he whispered, still holding me tight. I could’ve fallen asleep right there “It’s time you go to bed now. My sister and Alfie are staying at my house today and they wanted to see you in the morning”

“Cool” I said “I’ll text you when I wake up, okay?”

“Okay, love” he said, and his 'love’ was far more comforting than Finn’s.

“Do you ever get heartbroken?” I asked out of nowhere. I wasn’t exactly heartbroken because of Finn, but I wanted to know.

“The only thing that could break my heart right now is you crying over stupid guys who don’t deserve you” he said, leaving me blank. “Now go to bed” he kissed my head again before removing his arm from my frame. I immediately felt cold.

“Stop being so sweet" 

“No, it’s true” he said, his hand going through his hair once more. He then looked at me, and that’s when I realized I had been staring.

“Joe” I meant to say out loud, but it came out as a weak whisper. I didn’t know what to say next. His name just sounded nice when it left my lips.

“Yes, love?” he asked me sweetly, his hand cupping my cheek as he pressed his lips against it. I felt the urge to feel his lips on mine.

“It’s nothing” I finally said. I turned around to open the door and leave, embarrassed. But he didn’t let go of me. Instead, he pulled me closer until his eyes were staring deeply into mine, and suddenly my body went numb.

He let out a small chuckle “I don’t mean to make this awkward or anything” he said, staring away from me. My lips were almost pressed on his jawline “But I really want to kiss you right now”

My whole body froze, and my palms started sweatingt. I looked at him, searching for his eyes, as he eventually gazed back at me. I smiled as I got closer, pressing a small kiss on his jaw. He chuckled again, and kissed the top of my head “I shouldn’t have said that” he said.

Just when he was about to release me from his embrace, I grabbed the collar of his hoodie and pressed our lips together. Fuck it. If he wasn’t going to do it, I sure was. His lips moved slowly, as I opened my mouth slightly for his tongue to slip in. He cupped my face with one hand, so big compared to it. I held his hand while we kissed, feeling its warmth.

When we pulled away, our foreheads pressed together, I couldn’t help but smile “I would really love to go upstairs with you” he whispered, making me blush. Every time I thought about Joe touching me, holding me, I got goosebumps “But I’ve got my sister and Alfie alone at my place. And a dog” he said, making me laugh.

“Oh, come on” I pouted “It’s not like they like you anyway” I joked.

He laughed, as he pressed a small kiss on my lips again “You know what?” he said, as he released himself from my touch to grab the car keys “You’re right. They’ll be fine without me” he said, kissing me again. I could get used to it “Let’s go. I need some cuddles”

I laughed as I followed him out of the car. When we met each other at the entrance, I pressed our lips together again, and as we walked inside of my apartment, me already on his arms, legs around his torso, I wondered how I could’ve gotten so damn lucky, 

A Series of Unfathomable Feelings (3/10)

AU Rommate!Steve x Reader

Summary: After Bucky decides to move in with his long-time girlfriend, Steve has to look for another roommate. But destiny, or rather Bucky, will set him with someone less boring than Steve intended.

Word Count: 2,343

Warnings: Sad!Steve, grief, mention of death

A/N: Cwtch (Welsh) is a hug, provided by a loved one that feels like a safe place. Not my gif

(cross-posted to Ao3)

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10]

You were sitting cross-legged on the sofa, nervously biting your thumbnail while you waited for Steve to come home. After living with him for nearly four months, you developed a massive crush on your roommate but you knew nothing could ever happen so you just dealt with it. What upset you, however, was his behaviour everytime you were in the same room.

Long story short, he was avoiding you. It couldn’t keep going this way so you were about to confront him. Whatever troubled him, it had to stop.

Finally the front door opened and Steve sighed tiredly as he kicked off his shoes and threw his jacket over the back of a chair. He went straight to the kitchen and put the bouquet of flower he had bought on his way home in a vase before he felt the buzz of his phone vibrating in his back pocket.

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nodialovercontrol  asked:

Ah!! Im so sorry dnfhdiwh //embarrassed Then would it be okay to request Mao x s/o heacannons? The s/o is a workaholic ^_^ Again im so sorry //bows over and over

@rika-chan02 also asked for mao x s/o headcannons, so if you don’t mind i’ll be combining your requests ♥ also don’t worry !! it’s okay !  - mod mademoiselle

Mao X S/O headcanons

  • Mao’s the biggest overachiever and will cling to his desk until he’s done with his work, no matter how long it might take him (please take this boy outside he needs air)
  • The two of you will study together for exams, and you’ll stay up until late into the night because both of you aren’t quite done yet. (he’ll make way too much coffee for breakfast to compensate)
  • Naps naps naps. You don’t sleep as much as you should at night, so sometimes you take a nap together on the roof during lunch breaks. Don’t worry, Keito will come and wake you up should you still not be awake five minutes before the afternoon classes start.
  • You and Mao once accidentally took a four-hour long nap at his place. His parents were very confused when they opened the door to his room and saw you entangled with each other and snoring.
  • He loves baking with you, but isn’t very experienced himself. Be careful : he’s a fast learner. (if you put cream or chocolate on his cheek he’ll take that as an invitation for a food fight so don’t do it)
  • Will literally annihilate you when you play videogames with each other. Especially at the arcade. How is he so good ??? He literally doesn’t have enough time to sleep, when does he play games ?
  • Will cook for you the very same day you cooked for him. So you just share each other’s food. His homemade food is surprisingly good but he forgot the seasoning (he was dead-tired when he made it……)
  • Immediately answers any of your texts, no matter the content or the time of day. Even at night. Which prompts you to ask him to go to sleep already. He cleverly answers you’re apparently still awake too. You spend an additional hour that could be spent sleeping into sending each other “Go to sleep” “No, YOU go to sleep” messages.
  • You carry around stomach medicine in case he needs them. Now, you don’t know that he packed double the amount needed just in case you might need them.
  • Evenings are usually spent drinking Keito’s energy drinks in the student council room while the two of you finish your work, and sometimes eating convenience store food as dinner. You once spent the night there together. (Keito’s face when he arrived early in the morning was the absolute best)
  • He’s too shy to initiate kisses so you have to do it. When he does try to kiss you, you’re either busy doing something else or not looking, so you don’t notice and he just stops, trying to make it seem like he was absolutely not about to kiss you.
  • He comes to your house on school days to wake you up if you don’t answer his early morning texts. He just assumes you’re going to be late and comes to personally make sure you aren’t.
  • Eats anything and everything when he’s busy and has no time to cook or go buy food. Please help him.
  • No matter how stressed he is, one hug from you helps melt the tension away. Use and abuse this knowledge : he very badly needs hugs.

So I have been seeing a fair amount of talk about this scene talking about how Simon was hadn’t really chosen Kieren over his beliefs and that is why he was freaking out when faced with having to kill Kieren or betraying ULA. I don’t t think that is what’s going on here with Simon.

He had already chosen Kieren over his beliefs and the ULA. Remember what Simon told Kieren when he had confronted him about leading Amy on? “I don’t lead people on.” Is what he had told Kieren, it wasn’t just in his defense in saying he wasn’t leading Amy on but that he also wasn’t leading Kieren on, that he was true to his advances towards him and that he wasn’t doing it half heartedly. From what we’ve seen of Simon he is a straight shooter (no pun intended) and he doesn’t beat around the bush.

So what was he freaking out about than? I’m glad you asked. It’s the Second Rising he’s freaking out about, or the possible lack of one. Think about it, while Simon was freaking out they showed his past after the First Rising, how he was treated in the treatment center, how he had killed his mother, how his father blamed him and kicked him out, all the way to him joining the ULA. I think Simon wanted the Second Rising so bad was so he could get his mother back pure and simple.

That’s why I think Simon was freaking out, he wasn’t being forced to choose between Kieren and the ULA he was being forced to choose between Kieren and seeing his mother again. And he picked KIEREN. Yeah he had a bit of a emotional war over it and he probably thought “When my mommy comes back I’m going to hug her and beg for forgiveness and I’ll tell her about everything that’s has happened and I’m going to introduce her to Amy and they’ll like each other and then I’ll introduce her to my Kieren…but what? I HAVE TO KILL MY KIEREN TO BRING BACK MY MOMMY?! …what will mommy say if she finds out? She always said love was special and if you find someone you love you shouldn’t let them go. WHAT DO I DO? ZOMBIE JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL! WWZJD?”

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🔁 ((And you can decide whichever your's would do to a sad George))

The small girl wrapped her arms around him, giving him a hug, “What’s wrong buddy?” She didn’t know the man but looked like he needed a hug, badly.

Anders didn’t know how long they stood there, holding one another, holding each other up, holding each other together lest the shattered pieces of their lives crumble to the floor. He hadn’t realized how badly he’d needed that simple contact. A hug, and he believed Garrett’s words. Somehow, they would be alright.

For hawkesong


“When we grew up, our shadows grew up too,
but they’re just old ghosts that we grew attached to.
The tragic flaw is that they hide the truth 
that you’re enough,
you’re enough, you’re enough.
Let it go, you are enough.
So let our shadows fall away like dust.” 

Closed Nickifer RP

Nick dropped his coat on the table and shuffled into the living room. Christ, that was a long day. And coming home to a cold, empty house wasn’t helping much.

With a heavy groan, he half-fell onto the couch and groped for the remote. “Mindless TV, always good company.” Nick muttered. He tried not think about how badly he needed a hug right now.

Let it go, Daryl loves her

I just got this anon question (if it’s not sent to me as an ‘ask’, I have no idea how to post it here, sorry) about Daryl flipping out on Beth in “Still.” Specifically, bothered by how Daryl got all up in Bethy’s face in, what I consider, a perfectly human moment of raging guilt and lost hope. Come now, we’ve all had those outbursts. They made up in the end, and were stronger, more open, more supportive and understanding of each other than ever before. That’s a win! (I think) He loves her, don’t dwell on that little tiff.

Anyway, the remarks in question are the cutting of wrists for attention and the lack of tears shed for dead boyfriends. Now, I strongly believe that Daryl didn’t mean those things the way they came out. So, dearest Anon, don’t fret. Daryl has all sorts of new feels when it comes to his partner-in-drunken-arson; they worked through it. But, I will address it, because you asked me to.

Read on, my lovelies.

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