he needed to hear from her that she loved him

“If you claim you care about me, why don’t you show it?” she spoke slow, you could hear her voice shake nervously.

“I can’t explain.” he was sorry.

“You never could.”

“How am I supposed to tell you that I get shy when it comes to you, whenever I’m around you I get so tense I can barely move and whenever you speak my heart stops. Don’t even get me started on your smile, your smile is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen by far, when you smile it feels like I’m complete and I can’t do anything but stare. Yes, I do care about you. Sometimes I care so much, that I forget to show you.”

She glared at him in shock.

I think Isak getting that text from his mother at that moment was very poignant in developing his relationship with Even. The only other mentally unstable person Isak knows is his mother, and now, when he needs to hear it the most, she’s telling him that she loves him. That despite everything that is going on in her head, she is capable of loving him…just like Even is capable of loving him too.

10. I might have had a few shots 22.That’s irrational 3.I’m not jealous

Y/N had gone to one of J’s clubs when she got a phone call. She left an important file she was suppose to look over during the weekend at her work. Shifting on J’s lap, she turned to look at him.

“J? I need to pick up something from work. I’ll be back in thirty minutes.” When she turned to walk away, J grabbed her arm.

“Stay here with Daddy, you can get it when you go back next time.”

“I need to work on it over the weekend.” J frowns.

“Says who?” She can hear in his tone of voice that he would be glad to kill the person who takes his girl away from him. Giving him a kiss on the nose, which he growls at, she walks out of the club. She feels his eyes on her the whole way, loving his protectiveness over her.

When she gets back, she immediately notices something is wrong. There’s no music coming from the club, and it seems deserted. Panic hits her and she starts wondering if something has happened to J. Without thinking, she runs up to the club in her heels, falling a few times. She sighs in relief when she notices Frost coming out of the club. He gives her a small smile, even though it looks strained and forced.

“Boss is inside.” She sends him a confused glance before going in. The smell of blood hits her like a truck and she staggers back, covering her nose. She gasps as she sees the source. Several dead bodies are laying around, X’s over their eyes and fake smiles carved into their face. They were all male. She finds J at the bar, twirling a glass in his hands.

“J, what the hell happened?” He closes his eyes when he hears her voice, as if it’s the sweetest sound he’s ever heard.

“Doll, come sit on Daddy’s lap.” Y/N decides it’s wise to follow his orders when he’s in this state. She comes over and sits on his lap, noticing the blood on his hands and clothes.

Ooooh, you’re so good.” He caresses her cheeks. The smell of whiskey hits her.

“J, are you drunk?”

“I might have had a few shots.” He murmured, looking at her face like she’s the most beautiful thing he’s seen. Then anger flashes across his face.

“What happened, J?”

“They looked at you. They wanted to take you away from me.”

“So you killed them? J, that’s irrational.” She scolded while he started to chuckle.

“Pretty, pretty, pretty…” He muttered, ignoring her.

“J, don’t tell me you’re jealous?” A smile inched it’s way up her lips. His expression darkened and he hoisted her closer by her butt, so that she was now straddling him.

I’m not jealous. I just don’t like people looking at what’s mine.” She gave him a smile and kissed him, wrapping her arms around his neck.

“They can look, but you’re the one I’m going home with.”  He purred against her lips.

“I prefer they not look, and you come home with me anyway.”

I would like to take a moment to talk about the scene where Joe take drugs. I need to share my opinion. I love this scene enormously. We discover that Joe REALLY loves Juliana. This is not a crush. It’s really love. “You seem like you’re open to it, but if you’re not ready yet to explore inner space…” And what do we discover inside Joe’s heart? Juliana. I find it beautiful.

Luke’s performance is incredible in this scene. We can read so many emotions on his face. I pull my hat off. What I like the most: Juliana wears her clothes from Canon City. It really shows that he fell in love the first time he saw her in this restaurant. The way he pronounces “Juliana. It really is you.” Wow. Stop breaking my heart like that. Juliana brings Joe back to reason. She tells him what he needs to hear. Even if it’s just an illusion, it’s just MAGNIFICENT. Thank you for this beautiful scene. 

Am I the only one who finds it very important that she says this before they even kiss? 

Jack must have gone there with the express purpose of finishing what they started at the observatory but she doesn’t waste any time. As bethsmash points our here, Jack hesitated before and they missed (yet another) chance. Not this time.

Phryne, in asking him to follow her, is basically telling him, “I love you. I want you and just you. I have to go to London but I don’t want to be without you. So come after me.” This from Phryne Fisher, ladies and gentlemen, the woman who waits for no man and who doesn’t do commitment. She’s committed. And they haven’t even kissed yet.

Jack can scarcely believe it himself. “Say it again.”

“Come after me, Jack Robinson.”

It’s all he needed to hear. 

She knew that he didn’t deserve her. She knew that he always chose the girl that would drive him crazy for a couple months until he called a quits. She knew that he’d always answer her calls even if it was two in the morning. She knew he’d always meet her in the same spot at three in the afternoon and smoke cigarettes with her even though he stopped smoking months ago. She knew he’d listen to her talk about boys stepping all over her and kiss her to make her forget it. She knew she didn’t need that in her life, but in his eyes she knew that there was a love that he covered with a pillow until it stopped moving. She swears they can get it back. She keeps fighting because she doesn’t deserve him either, but she wants to. How can you blame her for wanting him so bad if she smiles uncontrollably just from hearing his voice?
—  She and I have a lot in common

4x06 Coda Fic (Fitzsimmons)

She has to wear a suit when she enters the building. It’s underground and dark now that the lights have gone out so she carries a flashlight. It’s difficult not to hate the thick concrete that encloses her, the metal stairs and the long passages. She doesn’t fight it, deciding with much prejudice that this place is vile.

And she can’t stop herself from replaying Fitz’s message in her head. Over and over she picks through his words, searching for clues, torturing herself. Even with what she knows, she has to struggle through an irrational urge to call him back. She needs to tell him it’s OK, she’s not angry, she loves him, she wanted to call, was going to call. She wants to tell him of course she’ll get the clearance for him She wants to tell him she’ll be home soon and it’ll be alright. She knows he needs to hear her say it.

Needed her to.

Her hand grips the door frame and her lurching stomach halts her before she can enter the control room. The fear she feels now isn’t all that different from what she felt watching her message home explode against the sand. For a minute, she’s lost everything and she’s free falling with nothing to grip onto. For a minute her heart’s in her throat and her terror is all she can comprehend.

Tears have started rolling down her cheeks when her knees give way and she slides down the door frame to the ground, her hands coming up to cover her face and meeting the plastic of her helmet instead.

The first sob that racks out of her feels like it’s tearing her in two.

‘I can’t do this. I can’t be here. I can’t-‘


It’s not real, it can’t be real but she’s so desperate her head jerks towards the sound. All she finds is what she should have expected, an empty room, and the disappointment is almost as cruel as her initial realization that he was gone.


It’s Fitz’s voice but it’s distorted, like a muffled audio track, and she suddenly wonders if she’s being tricked. She wonders if this is a trap, a taunt that’s been left behind and her fury is like bile in her throat.

“Stop it,” she growls.

“Jemma.” Louder now, but less coherent. It’s as if the sound is being blown around the room and she can’t decide where it’s coming from anymore.

“Leave me alone!” she shouts.


She bolts to her feet, seething. “Stop it!”


The voice has hushed to a whisper, clearer for the quiet and she jumps when a hand grabs hold of her forearm.

She can’t see anyone but there’s something in front of her, a shimmer. There’s a shimmer, and a voice and a cold but gentle pressure on her arm.

‘He’s invisible!’ she thinks, a rush of hope blossoming in her chest. ‘But… no… ‘ Her heart sinks once again, a sharp, painful drop. ‘That doesn’t explain the distortion of his voice…. Doesn’t explain the cold. Doesn’t explain why I never heard footsteps.’

A tremor runs up her spine. She doesn’t understand what’s happening and it scares her.


It’s the quietest yet but also the clearest. His fingers are warm now and he sounds as if he’s right next to her. As she watches, the shimmer focuses into a face. Short curls and blue eyes that stare pleadingly back at her. When their eyes meet, and he realizes she sees him, a weak smile lights his face. It’s only for a fraction of a second but it’s long enough that his warmth breathes life back into her bones.

“Fitz,” she breathes, reaching for his cheek with her other hand.

He opens his mouth to speak but he’s gone again before he can, blinking from existence so abruptly that she cries out in surprise, grasping at empty air.

Her heart’s beating like a jackhammer and she waits for two thunderous beats, desperate for him to return, calling out to him when he doesn’t.

“Fitz!” Nothing. “FITZ! Come back! Come ba-back!”

Fresh tears, hot with frustration, streak down her cheeks and she smacks her arm against the wall, grunting angrily.

As she catches her breath though, resolve stirs in her stomach. She can’t explain what just happened but she knows it was real. Fitz is out there, somewhere, and he needs her.

She can’t wipe the tears from her face but she swallows back the ones that haven’t fallen yet, setting her jaw, shoulders straightening.

He’s out there, and I’m going to find him. I’m going to bring him home.


-he likes Mickey Mouse so much because his little sister always watched it so eventually it grew on him
-he likes to irritate her SO MUCH
-“no dating until you’re thirty do you hear me”
-he’s actually a little jealous of Darry because he’s a such a great big brother; two feels like he’s a bad example
-picking her up/dropping her off from school when their mom can’t
-embarrassing her as she gets dropped off picked up (ex: shouting out the window of the car “BYE!!! I LOVE YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!!!!!!!!!!” and when he picking her up he repeatedly honks the horn and shouts “OVER HERE!!!!!! HOW WAS YOUR DAY?????”)
-since their mother often works late shifts, two tries to make a meal but he cannot cook so they go to the Curtis’ or as two calls “cafe de Curtis” to get a giggle out of her
-a lot of two’s sense of humor rubs off on his lil sis, so she’s also quite the comedian
-two bit gets really upset when he can’t fulfill the role of ‘the man of the house’. It often leaves him wondering why his dad had to leave them
-it actually really hurts two when he can’t do things for his sister; help her with homework, cook meals, buy her things etc.
-his lil sis takes dance classes and has discovered, after practicing her routines with her, he isn’t too shabby at dancing

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I just think it's important to note that we don't need to hear C say ILY to Q to know that she does love him. Her "Why?" and wordless weeping said so much more, compared to last episode's scene with Q and Dar, where the verbal ILY meant something completely awful.

Tsk, tsk. It’s not all about your needs, Anon. What about our boy, Quinn? He needs to hear it from Carrie’s lips. Preferably after they bang. 

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Prompt: One of either Jughead tries or Betty's parents is sick and the other helps them through it.

Here it is! I’m not too proud of this, but I hope you like it! 

TRIGGER WARNING: A sick parent, specifically cancer. 

Riverdale’s hospital lights flickered as F.P Jones was being rushed in once more experiencing pain in his abdomen. The group of serpents who found him in his trailer home, watched the doctors intently as they analyzed his areas of pain, wheeling him away to get tested. 

“Somebody call F.P’s kid, he needs to hear about this.” a member piped up, signaling Joaquin to call Kevin, who would call Jughead. 

Jughead was sitting in Archie’s room, currently throwing paper planes through Betty’s window distracting her from school work.  She walked towards her window, telling Jughead to knock it off. 

“C’mon Bets, I was trying to start a window romance like in that Taylor Swift music video. My love cannot be silenced!” Jughead replied with a smug expression, laughing to himself. 

“Did you, Forsythe Pendleton Jones the Third, Just try to reenact a mainstream pop culture reference? What have I done? Soon you’re gonna stop wearing your beanie, dye your hair blonde, and join the football team!” Betty exclaimed sarcastically.  

His phone rang rather loudly following Betty’s statement, Kevin’s name blaring across the screen, signaling a call. 

“Yes, Kev?” Jughead said, answering the phone. Betty continued watching Jughead intently, as his expression changed from disdain to concern. 

Jughead hung up the phone in a matter of seconds, grabbing his phone, ready to head out the door. “What’s going on Jughead?” Betty said with a worried expression. 

“My dad’s in the hospital, it sounds pretty serious.” Jughead said before slamming the door and running downstairs. 

Jughead left the Andrew’s residence, locking the door. He turned around being met by a pair of sea-foam green eyes. Knowing he was going to protest against her coming Betty said,“I’m going with you, and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.”, she led Jughead to her father’s car that she borrowed. 

Jughead was clutching Betty’s hand, as he approached the receptionist.“What’s the name?” The receptionist asked as she typed intently. 

“Jones, Forsythe.” Jughead responded, awaiting the response. She continued typing for a few more seconds, “Room 511, fifth floor, first door on your left.” 

The pair rushed towards the elevator, stepping in and pressing the fifth button. “He’s going to be okay, Jug.” Betty said reassuringly. 

“He’s probably getting his stomach pumped again, even though he said he would stop drinking.” Jughead responded clenching his jaw, he wasn’t sure whether to be angry or worried. He wasn’t going to decide until he knew what was going on. He only knew that this was going to change the relationship he has with his father. 

The elevator stopped, and the duo walked into the first door on the left side.  The I.V was placed in his vein just above his serpent tattoo, as soft snores escaped F.P’s mouth. A doctor walked in once Jughead arrived, the brunet introduced himself and Betty immediately.  

“Stomach pump, again?” Jughead asked. 

“No, I’m sorry Mr. Jones. I’m afraid your father is in the early stages of liver cancer. Your father is already aware of this, I had told him before he fell asleep.” The doctor explained, walking out of the room. 

As those words echoed throughout the hospital room, Jughead felt as if his heart had broken into a million pieces. Tears had begun streaming down his face, and he neglected to hear anything after the words Father and Cancer were used in the same sentence. 

The doctor walked out of the room, and Jughead sat by his father’s side. Betty rubbed Jughead’s back, squeezing his shoulders. 

“Why? Why did you have to keep drinking, Dad?” Jughead cried, looking down at his father. “I’m so sorry, for not helping more. For not stopping Mom and Jellybean as they walked out the door. I’m sorry for leaving. Just stay alive, please.” Jughead bellowed, his head rested on the bed armrest. “How am I supposed to tell Jellybean that her father’s dying?” He continued, now worrying about how to tell F.P’s loved ones that he was going to die. 

Betty engulfed her boyfriend in an embrace, his sobs being muffled by her sweater. “Shh it’s okay, He’s going to be okay.” Betty spoke softly, rubbing the back of his head. 

“I’m not going anywhere, neither is your Dad.” Betty continued, placing Jughead at ease,“I’ll be here, every single day until he gets better, right by your side.” Betty concluded. At that moment, the doctor slowly walked in with a team of doctors. 

“We can give your father a new liver, they don’t come by very often, and there was nobody else on the list.” The doctor said butting in, “Who’s liver is it?” Betty inquired, now holding Jughead’s hand. 

“Jason Blossom’s. Nobody else in Riverdale Community Hospital needs a liver transplant, and the police don’t need it for their investigation anymore. I can only give you the liver once he’s gone through chemo therapy, and kicked his habit though.”

“I’ll do it.” F.P said, everyone’s eyes turning to him. “I need to be there for my kids, I want to see them grow up, get married, and raise their kids better than I did.” F.P continued, and this time, Jughead knew his father was going to fight this. 

About a year has passed since F.P’s Liver Transplant, and the Jones family was reunited. The Jones’ were throwing a summer BBQ commemorating F.P’s recovery. 

Just like she promised, Betty was there through everything, his chemo, operations, and his recovery. Jughead couldn’t stop thinking about her fulfilled promise. Speaking of the devil, the blonde was walking toward him, looking like a vision. 

 Jughead gulped, and spoke his mind,“Betty, Thank you for being the shoulder I could cry on, and the person I can depend on. I love you, Juliet.” 

“I love you too, Juggie” She replied, pecking his lips. 

TVLINE | Do you think Nick needed to hear Eve say that she doesn’t regret anything that happened?

David Giuntoli | Oh my god, yeah. That is a huge help… Yeah, he needed to hear it. I think that it’s always on his mind, the fact that he indeed was warned by his Aunt Marie in the pilot and his mother from the get-go when she was introduced. He was directed to leave these relationships alone, [because] “yours is a different destiny. The people you love will be in harm’s way…” Anytime one of his Scooby gang stepped up and helped him, they paid a tremendous consequence — and Juliette paid the greatest. Took the biggest hit. And her telling him that it’s all OK and it’s not your fault and I wouldn’t change things? It was wonderful for him to hear that.

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There's something that bothers me. It's clear that Stefan never stopped loving Elena, he even whispered in her ear at the end that. But why didn't Elena say it back...? She just nodded and that was it. I'm happy with their ending, but she just, I kinda needed to hear that from her

Well technically he was supposed to have been talking about loving Caroline so why would Elena say she loved him back? And the fact that she didn’t say much actually just reminded me of when Stefan didn’t say much in 6x22 and Elena’s emoting was pretty expressive.

KIDS- G-Eazy fluff

Someone requested this, so this is for you anon! Love you lots M xxx

Warnings: Swearing, flippin’ fluffy Gerald

Word count: 660


- “Clara Evelyn Gillium, you better get your ass down here immediately! You, too Sebastian!” you hear your husband scream from down the stairs.

- “Gerald, why are you screaming? And why the heck are you cussing at our babies?” you whisper-yell, hitting him on the arm.

- “Well, Clara hit Sebby on the arm and he cried, so I wanted to have a little chat with our girl. She may be 5 and more strong than her three-year-old brother, but she needs to be respectful with her family.” He said.

- “Look at you, being all father-y and stuff,” you said, giggling.

- “I’m gonna be even more in love with the next one. Y/N, do you think it’s going to be a boy or a girl?” he asked, lowering himself to the level of your already swollen belly.

- “I don’t know yet baby, but I really want another boy. I want to name one of my children Chris, so we could have a real Evanstan in the house!” you said, excited.

- “Oh my god, you’re such a fangirl” he scoffed, silently laughing at your behavior.

- “No shit, Sherlock.” You replied sassily.


At that moment (he knew he fucked up. No, jk I’m sorry), they both saw a curly blonde little girl run down the stairs, followed by her brother, a black-haired baby with dark eyes. He looked so much like his father, it was almost crazy.

-  “Baby, don’t run! Oh my-, Clara, Seb, stop running or I’ll get mad!” G said in a very father-like tone.

You laughed, looking at your family and more precisely your husband. He was so different than when you both met, seven years ago. Of course, you went to one of his concerts in New York with your friends who basically dragged you to the event. When you saw each other, you almost felt energy crackle between you. There you were, seven years later, with two lovely children and an another one coming up in a few months. A scream tore you out of your thoughts. You blinked twice, looking at the scene in front of you. Gerald had both Seb and Clara in his arms, tickling them and laughing loudly at his children’s reaction. They squirmed around trying to escape their father’s hands, letting little screams of joy out.

-“ Daddy, stop! Please- Hahaha, stop!” the girl screamed, laughing.

G stopped, setting them free. He then sat on the marble floor, hugging baby Seb in his arms.

-“ Are you going to stop hitting your brother, babygirl? You know it’s not nice,” he said.

-“ Yes, daddy! I’m sorry Seb, you know I love you,” she answered, then she turned around. “Mommy, can I eat ice cream please?”

-“ Sure baby, I’ll go help you.” You said, holding her little hand in yours and walking to the spacious kitchen.

After a wonderful pool party afternoon where G got a sunburn and taught Clara how to swim, you were exhausted. Being pregnant was an amazing experience, but you had a lot less energy than before. You were currently laying in bed, G’s head on your lap and your fingers in his hair.

- “Are you afraid to have another baby?” you asked.

- “No, not at all. With Clara and Sebastian, you proved me that having kids is a fucking dream. I love them so much and I love you for being an amazing mom to our children. Our little peanut here will be just as awesome as the other ones are.” He replied.

- “If it’s a boy, what are we going to name him?”

- “ Well, you want Evanstan to be real, so we are going to name him Chris, but I still don’t know. We could just name him Peanut; it could be cool if you ask me.” He mumbled.

“You know, the kids have your intelligence, because I still have mine, you fucking idiot.”

It Was Certain - CS AU

“Swan, where’s your 1095 form?”

“What’s that?” She didn’t even bother looking away from the TV. She could hear him already rifling through the stack of paperwork he’d meticulously sorted. What was the point of having a best friend slash next door neighbor who was an accountant if you couldn’t con him into doing your taxes? Not that it ever took that much. She could swear he almost enjoyed it every year, making sense of her jumbled life.

“It’s the form you get from your health insurance company as proof of coverage. I haven’t seen it anywhere. Did they send it, love? Need it to complete this section.”

The bile in her stomach gurgled. Oh, that form, she thought. The one she most definitely did not have, as she also most definitely didn’t have health insurance.

“Um,” she stalled as she tried to figure out how to tell the ultra-responsible, supremely uptight, insanely conscientious man currently sorting her financial life that she kind of skipped this step of adulthood.

Keep reading

It's Just You

Juice paced the room, looking at his phone for the fifth time. (Y/N), still hadn’t called him back.

It had been three weeks since she had left, telling him she needed space. Every time he called, they went straight to voicemail.

Hitting redial again, he waited for her out going message to play. “Please call me baby, tell me you’re okay. I’m worried about you. I love you, come back to me.”

Ending the call, he sank down on the bed. She’d asked that he not look for her, but it had been three weeks. Nobody had heard from her, maybe it was time to break his word.


I pulled over at the Charming city limits sign, hearing Juice’s ring tone, I let it go to voicemail.

It had been three weeks since he told me about the club. It was a lot to take in, to accept, but I didn’t know if love was enough to hold us together.

I pulled back onto the highway, heading towards the clubhouse. There were things I needed to discuss with him.

Pulling into the lot, I saw his bike parked with the others. I slowly made my way towards the door.

Seeing it swing open, I stopped midway across the parking lot. My breath caught in my throat when I saw him.

I ran towards him, throwing myself into his arms. He picked me up, swinging me around.

“Where have you been?”

“I went home.”

He pulled back, looking at me, his eyes full of worry. “Are you here to stay?”

“We have to talk.”


Juice braced himself for what was to come. Bad things usually came after those four words. He pulled her towards the clubhouse, to his dorm room.

“Talk to me baby.”

“I love you Juice, but I don’t know if that’s enough. I can’t take you being with other woman…then the other club shit! I don’t know if I’m enough.”

Juice pulled her into his arms. “I love you with my whole heart. I just want you, no one else. We are so good together. You’re the strongest woman I know!”

She looked at him, a smile on her face. “Take me home.”

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"you love me, right?"

hope this is okay :)

“You love me, right?”

Jasmine’s heart speeds up when she hears the front door to Anthony’s apartment open, revealing her very tired boyfriend home from a long day of filming. They had practically moved in together at this point, Jasmine just needing to bring her things over, something she was hesitant about. Instead she opted to just spend most nights there, Anthony absolutely loving coming home to someone other than an empty apartment.

“Why do you have a look of guilt on your face?” Anthony questions, his eyebrows furrowing as he tries to figure out what’s going on and what he could be missing. She just laughs, walking forward to hug him, leaning up to kiss him.

“You love me, right?” She smiles, Anthony laughing as he lets go of her, looking around to see if there was anything noticeable.

“I do love you, but it does make me worried what has happened for you to ask me that,” He smirks, Jasmine biting her lip as she looks back at him.

“Don’t get mad at me,” She begins, realizing that’s probably the worst way to start this conversation. “But I think I broke the TV when I was trying to turn on music,” She smiles sheepishly, Anthony furrowing his eyebrows as he turns to find the TV remote to see if he can fix it.

Jasmine watches from afar as Anthony flips through the different controls, wondering if she really did break it. Her heart only stops beating as if it’s going to come out of her chest when the TV turns back to it’s normal channel and the movie she had been watching pops back up, Anthony turning to look at her.

“You just somehow managed to change the settings,” He laughs, Jasmine opening her arms for him to hug her, leaning up and kissing his chin.

“You’re the best saving the situation. I was actually worried we were going to have to buy a new TV.”

“We?” Anthony questions, pulling away to walk to the kitchen to find dinner, Jasmine rolling her eyes. “Does that mean you’re finally going to admit you’re moving in?”

“Not so fast, baby. Still don’t know if I’m ready to move everything over here,” She smiles, realizing that she had moved all of the important things, which was basically the same thing.

“Well, I’ll take the you saying they’re our things,” He shrugs, sorting through the cabinets to get plates out for both of them.

“But for the record, I really do love you, a lot,” He smiles over his shoulder, Jasmine feeling her cheeks flush as she nods.

“I love you, too,” She whispers, singing to the song that had come on.

Jasmine knows she’s in denial about moving in with him, but it’s moments like these and slip-ups like the one she had when she was home alone that make her realize they’re basically living together.

And that makes her more excited than ever, even if she’s reluctant to admit it.

I have decided that Killian serenades Emma from time to time. (He usually goes for sea shanties but every so often, he mixes it up and sings a “popular song from your world, love” and she doesn’t have the heart to tell him that like no one really listens to the Backstreet Boys anymore (because for reasons unclear to me I have a mighty need to hear him start belting out “I Want It That Way”)). And Emma just sits there and rolls her eyes and is all, “Are you done now?” but secretly she loves it to pieces.


he look at the femme as he takes a step back, eyes lock on the femme. ❝ i was wrong to push you away but i thought we were over it. ❞ juanca wasn’t a person who loved easily but when he did he loved to an extent. hearing those words crushed his soul ❝ i need to go —– ❞

she loathed the look on his face when he had the balls to look crushed when she said she hated him. she had every damn right to say that after he’d already broken up with her and then come to drop off her stuff from his apartment. “we were supposed to be over it?” she asked, brows raising. “we haven’t even barely fucking addressed it. you dumped me in a text message, juanca. you wouldn’t even listen to me, and now when i say i hate you, you’re surprised?”

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angsty prompt: jess in heaven, still in love with sam, watching over him and seeing everything that's happened to him since she died and knowing she can't do anything about it

“Sam, Sam, please don’t, it’s not your fault it’s not,” she calls desperately, tears to match his running down her cheeks. But he, leaving flowers at her grave, can’t hear her as she calls to him from heaven.

It’s too much, and she runs back inside their apartment. She knows the Sam whose arms she flees to is just a memory, but it’s so much better than nothing, than crying alone because she can’t reach him, the real Sam, the one she loves and needs and who needs her so much right now.

When she looks again it’s to find him nearly getting himself killed because he blames himself for not knowing his nightmares were prophetic, and she tries so hard to reach him, to tell him it’s not his fault and she loves him and she needs him to grieve any way but this, that she thinks maybe she gets through, that maybe, for just a moment, he sees her as he rides by in his brother’s car.

Meeting his eyes, just for a few seconds, breaks her heart all over again. “It’s not fair,” she yells to no one.

“I was gonna marry him,” she whispers to no one.

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