he needed to be flower crowned

tangled au

im watching tangled with my mom and i need to know if someone has done this yet but a klance tangled au

  • keith is rapunzel, definitely, he’s being raised by zarkon/haggar in a tower
  • lance is flynn. “smolder”. need i say more?
  • shiro and allura are the king and queen, keith was shiro’s brother and their parents were thace and moira (thace’s wife aka queen)
  • the same story, the queen was sick and they got the flower, and then keith had magic hair and zarkon/haggar kidnapped him when he was a baby
    • their parents died before keith was found and so shiro kept up the tradition of the lanterns with his wife, allura, in hopes his brother would return
  • lance steals the crown and runs off, finding keith. chaos ensues and they make the deal for the crown and the lanterns
  • pidge and hunk are two of the ruffian/thugs, because seeing them sing ‘ive got a dream’ would be hilarious
  • blue is maximus, but it takes time for blue to trust lance
    • red is the little chameleon guy!!!!
  • adventures and they slowly fall for each other
  • the two other thieves with lance are sendak and prorok
  • the almost-kiss scene, and keith singing
    • keith with super long hair.
      • when it gets cut at the end and lance is just like “mm ill admit i liked it long but you do what you have to.” parallels to his mullet in canon amiright
  • “please dont freak out” “oooooiiim not freaking outijustamveryinterestedinthemagicalqualitiesitpossesseshowlonghasitdonethat???’
    • “…uuum, forever?”
  • zarkon finding keith
    • “oh it was easy, i followed the sound of complete and utter betrayal
what the gang would post about if they had snapchats

dennis: morning selfies of “i woke up like this”, his morning care routine and what type of mascara he’s using for the day, videos of him driving to work and trying to be motivational but a driver cuts him off in the middle of his speech and he just ends up screaming, videos of him apologizing for getting aggressive in his last videos but ends up screaming again when someone doesn’t use their blinker, pictures of random women he sees on the street with captions like “4/10 could use more makeup” “7/10 big (•)(•)”, more inspirational turned road rage videos, flower crown selfies followed by another selfie with the caption “no filter needed”, videos of him singing along to old 80’s hits, videos of him hitting high notes, occasional pictures of mac, occasional pictures of weird zoomed in close ups of dee with the caption “bitch”, accidental uploads of videos of himself inspecting his face, videos where he rants about whatever it is that’s bothering him for the day

dee: aesthetic pictures of her morning tea (not pictured: the empty beer cans covering her floor from last night), selfies with the flower crown filter, selfies with the dog filter, “#ootd” mirror selfies that also show off the beer cans littering her floor which she ends up deleting, new manicured nails, picture of her and her new car every other week, videos of skits with her characters, occasional pictures of her and artemis hanging out, pictures of her flicking mac off, shoes! shoes! shoes!, pictures of her latest mall purchases with the caption “treat yo self”, drunk videos of herself ranting about her not being a bird, drunk videos of herself singing and dancing to josh groban

mac: daily workout routine videos that really only consist of him slashing through the air, pictures of shirtless male bodybuilders with captions like “#motivation” “#inspired”, videos of him waking dennis up with a cheerful “good morning, dennis” and ending with a pillow hitting his phone, pictures of jesus, shitty picture of the sky with a bible quote, more videos of him kicking and slashing at the air, selfies with charlie where they’re both smiling at the camera with dee screaming in the background, occasional pictures of poppins with captions like “look who i found” or “look who’s alive”, long stories where he watches an action movie and he pauses it to comment on how he would have shot the scenes differently (dennis can be heard in the back of each video complaining), selfies with dennis on their monthly dinner, mirror selfies at the gym with more bible quotes, videos where he zooms in on random birds and shouts “HI DEE!”, blurry pictures of dennis laughing

charlie: he actually has no idea what snapchat is or how it works but the gang downloads it for him anyway so he figures he might as well use it, he believes everyone in the world can see his snapchat (when it’s really just the gang) so he occasionally makes videos of him promoting products like “kit and mittons 2.0”, selfies with all the stray cats in his alley, blurry pictures of the gang with captions like “cat <3”, the occasional dead rat post, videos of him playing a new song on his keyboard, random pictures with even more bizarre captions

frank: he really has no idea how to use snapchat or sees the point in it so he’s only used it once and it was to upload a picture of his botched toe, has more friends than the rest of the gang

Flower Crown Queen - Loki x Reader

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The sun hung high in the sky like a glistening gem above you. The grass beneath you was soft and dry, your flowing robes spread around you were overlapped with his.

Loki’s fingers were intertwined with yours, his thumb tracing patterns over the back of your hand.

“You’re my queen.” He smiled, pressing a soft kiss to your fingers.

“Am I, my King?” You asked teasingly, propping yourself up on his chest.

“Always.” He murmured, the sunlight giving his eyes an aetheric glow. He brushed a thumb across your forehead, “And now you have a crown.”

A tiara of silver flowers formed across your forehead, the silver flowers weaving into delicate patterns with Loki’s gentle touch. You couldn’t help but gasp, which caused Loki to smile. “Stunning.”

“You need one too.” You stated.

“I am no King.” He said, a tint of bitterness scarcely hidden under his affectionate tone.

“You’re my King.” You moved off him and started to pick the pretty wild flowers around the clearing. They were purple and yellow, red and pink, large and small. You weaved them together between your fingers to make him a headpiece as he watched with a hint of a smirk.

When you were finished, you mock curtsied to him, “Your Highness.” You placed the floral crown gently on his head, he smiled at you, brushing a thumb across your cheekbone.

“My Flower Crown Queen.”


Has anyone made Flower Crown Lance yet? This is my first voltron fanart so go easy on me. But also I need to apologize for white-washing Lance. I didn’t notice until a few minutes before I finished this drawing. And I’m too scared that I’ll ruin his perfect lance features if I try to change his skin tone. But I DEEPLY APOLOGIZE AND IM SORRY. He has a beautiful deep olive shade and I should’ve taken that into consideration. 

Shance Valentine Special

A random Valentine’s day AU for y'all! Warning: sugar. Diabetics should proceed with caution.

Shiro owns a small flower shop. Valentine’s day coming up so he has to hire an assistant for a few weeks to help carry the load. That’s where our dearest lance comes into the picture.

Lance is a struggling college student (yet again lmao), and he sees an ad for a job paying 15$ an hour where all you need is to know how to make bouquets and flower crowns properly. Lance sees an opportunity, calls up his little sister, and spends 3 hours learning how to make flower crowns to get the job.

The next day he walks into the flower shop like waddap I got a big cock- uhh I mean flower. I mean I know how to flower. I meAN I’M HERE FOR THE JOB HI MY NAME IS LANCE (listen, Shiro in an apron, sleeves rolled up, the entire place smells like flowers. You would shit your pants as well)

Shiro tests him and wow, the kid is a little clumsy but he knows his shit and his colors pallets! Hella aesthetic!

Consider Shiro impressed.

Consider Lance hired.

Consider them both crushing.

They click immediately, with Lance’s constant babbling and Shiro’s vast general knowledge. Lance snarks about rude consumers after they leave, and Shiro always shakes his head, amused, because he already knows better than to let them get to him in any way.

They flirt, obviously. Lance keeps bringing up how they’re each other’s Valentine date seeing as they’re going to be spending it all together, working. Shiro chuckles and tells him it’s not a proper date, and it’s sad he’s been treated so poorly he thinks it qualifies as a date.

Lance almost suggests Shiro should show him what a real date looks like.

Shiro almost asks him out on a date.

But they don’t, because it’s still too soon. They’re still very unsure of the other’s feelings, even though Shiro keeps catching Lance glancing his way, and Lance definitely notices the way Shiro finds the smallest excuses to sling an arm around his shoulder, grab his wrist, bump their hips when they work side by side.

They feel it, but they don’t know for sure, and so they pine, and wait, and pine some more.

Valentine’s day!! Exhausted, Hands full of tiny thorn stabs, smelling like flowers and sweat, our boys finish the day. As of the next day, Shiro won’t need an assistant anymore. This would be the end. As they clean up and organize things for tomorrow, these facts hang in the air like a suffocating blanket of truth. They’re quiet, not because there is nothing to say, but because they both WANT to say something, they want to say a lot of things, but they can’t. The feeling grows heavier and heavier, they both work slower and slower, dragging out the moment they have to go home.

But no matter how much they stall, eventually the work is done. Nothing to do but close the door and go home. They stand, hesitating, outside the door, shuffling their feet and gathering their courage. Then suddenly, together they speak:

“Shiro, I-”

“Do you want to maybe go to a-”

They both shut up and chuckle, gesturing the other to go on.

Lance is staring at Shiro’s dimples as he speaks, because he’s too embarrassed to meet his eyes. “I… uh… Well,” he scratches behind his head, “I thought maybe you’d like to do something? This weekend? Like a movie or-”

“A date?” Shiro injects, eyebrows raised.

“I- well- uh… Yeah?”

“Then yes.” Shiro smiles wider and Lance is momentarily blinded but he really doesn’t mind because HOLY FUCK Shiro just agreed to go on a date with him WHAT WOULD HE EVEN WEAR- His thoughts get cut off by Shiro asking, “Where are we going?”

To which Lance has to admit, “I have no idea, I didn’t really think I’d get this far. I wasn’t planning on you saying yes.”

Shiro frowns. “You value yourself way too little. But it’s okay, we can work on that. And by then, I’ll show you a real date, how does that sound?”

And honestly, no sound has been sweeter to Lance’s ear than those words. Well, except maybe the “I do” Shiro says at their wedding a few years later.

I absolutely love rev!Bill (Will??? well i love all of them) and I was in a mood of drawing happy little flower demon in tribal sweater, so here it is~ also im totally ignoring the whole au rn, sorry, but i want happy rev!BIll

Sorry for inactivity… Bad times, art blocks, all that jazz - hopefully it will be over soon!

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Send 📖 for the Mun to tell a story

(I wouldnt’ call this guy my freind but rather someone I have unfortunate history with and one day my mom convinced his mom to go to this really down to earth summer camp when we were like 12 or so. To put it simply, he was rotten to the core. He didn’t know how to do laundry or use the dishwasher because he lived the kind of life where someone did all of that for him. Don’t get me started on how he treated girls and the people that used to work for him. I think the rest is relatively self explanatory.)

(Anyways he was pissed because he was tired of walking, the lack of AC, the crappy beds, and getting dirt everywhere because the owner of the camp had these two dogs that liked to roll in mud and get cuddly with kids. At one point he noticed one kid being served by another lady. He threw a fit when we all told him to shut up and stop complaining. He yelled at other kids, some of the other supervisors, and even threw his food on the floor demanding better accommodation and constantly accusing the kid of “being smug”. Literally this guy threw the biggest shit fest and chimped out because he thought this kid was more well off than he was and could “hire maids in America to show off”.)

(It took like 20 minutes to explain that this was a special needs kid and this was a professional that was there to take care of him)

(It’s been well over ten years and I still give him shit to this day)

I like to imagine that Draco would’ve turned out very different if he hadn’t grown up around people expecting him to hate muggleborns.

What if Narcissa had just packed all of their belongings one day, taken young Draco and ran away from everything, because it was all just too much for her?

Her beloved sister, now a shadow of her former self, is torturing people into insanity, never once even questioning if this might be wrong, her other sister was disowned because she ran away with a muggleborn and her husband just took the dark mark, and she couldn’t take it any longer.

She could’ve found a nice house for both of them in the French wizarding community and Draco could’ve attended Beauxbatons.

And then he’s coincidentally sorted into Fleur Delacours house, who a few days later sees shy little Draco being picked on by some fellow students his age because he was wearing a flower crown.

He was of course wearing it because his mother told him that whenever he’s afraid or feels alone, he only needs to pick up a flower and think about her, and she’ll always be right there with him.

He doesn’t know very much about his family, but he does know that his mother is the only one of them named after a flower instead of a constellation, so flowers always make him feel a lot better about everything.

Fleur thinks it’s very cute and befriends him after shushing away the kids that were making fun of him, they just kind of keep hanging out together after that, he didn’t really have any friends before her and the fact that her name literally means ‘flower’ makes him like her even more.

Over the years she just keeps making flower crowns for him or sticking flowers into his hair at random times.

And then his fourth year comes, Fleur is going to try and compete in the Triwizard Tournament, which is being held at Hogwarts that year, and Draco somehow convinced his mother to let him go with her, to support her.

And that’s when he meets Harry Potter, he heard of him before of course, but he has never actually seen him.

Sometime after the four champions were chosen, Draco just kind of starts a conversation with him, because all of his friends seem to be mad at him for some reason, and he’s just very curious.

They get along marvellously, and Fleur notices this too, so one day when she sees them sitting on the grass, Draco is wearing a flower crown again, and she walks by and just places another on Harry’s head and goes;

‘Much better! Now you and your little boyfriend match!’ in that cute French accent of hers

And then she just skips away like nothing happened, but harry’s blushing furiously and so is Draco, because ‘No he’s not my boyfriend FLEUR ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO ME WHERE ARE YOU GOING’

I just have a lot of feelings about the idea of beauxbatons flower-child Draco okay