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Negan setting you up with Dwight would include :

(Woooo more fluffy prompts! Aaawwwww Dwight getting shy :3 and lol Negan being a fanboy XD Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original)

-Negan finding you two oddly cute together and feeling you both need to be rewarded for being so loyal to him

-Negan bragging to you about Dwight’s junk and how good he is in bed in such, only for you to look at him weird and for Dwight to come pull you away and apologize

-Negan making you both go on long runs together just to force you both to be together and hinting at Dwight that he should be getting it on with you

-Negan always interrupting whenever someone is flirting with you, saying he needs a word with them, only to threaten them that you’re Dwight’s already and that you’re off limits

-Negan looking through the goods Dwight had found while scavenging and taking whatever is “special”, either suggesting him to give it to you or straight make a gift out of it and making it seem it came directly from Dwight

-Negan calling you both to for a meeting and just making things uncomfortable by saying that you should both make out now

-Negan being rather obvious when he pushes you or Dwight onto one another when you would walk pass by him together

-Negan putting either of you in danger, only to taunt and make you help one another and get so worried you would hug each other

-Negan just having talks about how good you both look together as he walks in between you both with his arms on each of your shoulders

-The two of you actually liking each other but thinking that Negan is just playing around so not acting upon it until he sets you both a night alone

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when the war ends, ron and hermione go home. harry disappears. no one hears from him for three weeks, he wanders aimlessly from hotel room to hotel room, trying to find a new city, somewhere to begin again. he’s in london when he calls his friends, tells them that he needs them.

for ron, home is full of ghosts, for hermione, home is full of her parents questions, questions she can’t answer. so when harry suggests they get an apartment together, they jump at the chance. hermione does most of the apartment hunting, calculates costs, fills out the forms. ron and harry shop for furniture, ron doesn’t know what home means anymore and harry never knew, so they’re both trying to carve a home for themselves in this new world.

they move into a three bed apartment, but it soon becomes two bed as hermione and ron start sharing more and more often and hermione declares that it’s a waste not to use the third room as a study.

ron cooks, harry cleans, hermione makes sure the bills get paid on time. they talk less than they used to, there’s a silence that hangs in the air, but it’s getting better, they’re healing together.

hermione decides to go to sixth form, she wants to go to university. she’ll think about the future later, but right now she’s young and she wants to learn.

ron gets a job at a local corner store. he volunteers at a soup kitchen on weekends. he doesn’t know what he wants to do or be yet. the wizarding world he grew up in no longer exists.

harry doesn’t do anything for a while. part of him still feels like a ghost. but slowly he starts to thaw out, he starts small, reading to children at the library. eventually he realises he wants to work in social services. he wants to save children the way someone should have saved him.

it’s not perfect. they’re all a little cracked and their lives are messy. there are nights when none of them can sleep. there are days when getting out of bed seems too hard. but it’s okay, cause they’re never alone. time passes, life moves on. they learn how to live again.

 hermione graduates with a ppe (politics, philosophy, and economics) degree and starts to climb the ladder at the ministry of magic. she’s ready to change the world.

 ron proposes to hermione. she says yes. harry starts to suggest he move out but is quickly shushed, it’s been the three of them for so long now that they couldn’t imagine it any other way. ron works with his father in the ministry for a while but when hermione gives birth to their first child he quits. he’d rather be a stay at home dad any day. 

and harry? harry saves children. he works for social services and he’s an expert at seeing past the guise of suburban normality to what lies beneath. his co workers notice how astonishingly good he is at noticing the signs of abuse, and one of them realises why and kindly asks if he’s seen a therapist. he hasn’t but he soon does. he has to edit out the bits about magic but he finds in the end it still does him good. as well as all this, he works with the ministry of magic, helping muggle parents understand what it means to have a wizard/ witch as a child. 

harry never marries, he’s the first to know when ginny and luna get engaged and when luna decides that only grooms having best men is just so antiquated, harry is luna’s best man. 

they grow old together, harry, ron, and hermione. they buy a house in the country side together. to the granger- weasley children, uncle harry is like a second dad. 

the war still haunts them, but they live and learn and love. they change the world, not by winning a war, but by remaining kind after and recognising that it is the smallest actions that play the biggest role.

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abu bakr (ra) and umar (ra) had good qualities too stop focussing on the negatives

yeah you’re right, they were fast runners and that would only be a good quality if they hadn’t been running away from our Prophet (saw) when he needed them to fight alongside him

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Are you a sexual being?

Dark snickered and gave a partial nod of his head, signalling that the question was both a yes, and a no.

“I express the emotions of lust, seduction and desire, if that hints to me sexuality. Do I crave to simply ravage anything that moves? No, that is not apart of my goal set nor is that a requirement for my existence. I simply provide those emotions when Mark details he needs or wants them, as that is apart of my set of duties even when being my own entity. Unless it is apart of some opportunity to gain what I do not already have, I’m not going to jump someone and procreate with them with no meaning.”

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he is 27 years old in the current year 1814 (using the timeline that he was sent away in 1798 at age 11), and has been gone for 12 years (“in 1802 he took himself off to Africa”), which would have made him only about 15-16 years old at the time of leaving for Africa/ship sinking. That scene with Strange in the cell established that he used company boys as they could easily be turned into the monsters he needed them to be. that’s why it’s so personal for James.

the most unbelievable thing in this show is now the fact that tom hardy is playing a 27 year old

but yeah no okay i had my dates a bit off, but even if i was right, a 20 year old, given that he’d been in the company for a little bit, that would have worked

(I WAS WRONG I KNOW BUT yea let me have this)

(but i also didn’t get the boy thing the first time around like … i’m started to believe i’m thick lmaooooo) (LIEK I GOT THE THING but i didn’t clock he was talking about james lmao)


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