he needed his best friend and his love

ok but I think not enough people realize that mike didn’t fall in love with eleven the first second he saw her and the reason he took her home and hid her in his basement wasn’t because he loved her but because he wanted to help a person in need who had no other place to stay (and probably ever since one of his best friends went missing mike realized how important it was to help people who were lost and in danger and needed help) and offering her a place to stay was an extremely selfless act

I don't want to hurt you - Jughead x Reader Imagine

Summary: The reader is scared of entering a relationship in fear that they will ruin everything and Jughead tries to reassure them.

warnings: reader is a bit insecure I guess? & Fluffff

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“I’m sorry, (Y/N).” Your best friend let out, disappointment filled his voice. “You don’t need to apologise, Jug.” You replied, hurt obvious in your tone. “No, I’ve ruined everything. Are we just supposed to pretend this didn’t happen? Like I didn’t just spill my emotions everywhere and confess I think I love my best friend after all these years of friendship? What was I thinking?”

 Jughead was clearly extremely frustrated, removing his beanie to run his hands angrily through his hair as he paced around your bedroom. “Juggie..” you softly said, snaking your arms around his neck in an attempt to reassure him. “You didn’t ruin anything. It’s me, I’m the one who would ruin it.” you sadly admitted. Unable to look Jughead in the eyes you slowly walked over to your bed and sat on the edge.

Jughead looked at you confused and sat next to you, his hand reaching over your shoulder to pull you close. “What do you mean, (Y/N)?” He asked. You looked down at your feet and considered what you were going to say for a minute. “I think I love you too, Jug, and that terrifies me. I’ve tried to ignore it but I can’t shake the feeling. I don’t want to ruin what we have. I don’t know what I’d do without you Jughead, you know that. I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t deserve someone like you.” 

Jughead looked at you in shock. He had so many thoughts rushing around his head. He pulled you into a tight hug, his arms protectively wrapped around you. You revelled in his embrace, feeling safe. You breathed in his familiar scent.” Your best friend carefully lifted your chin to face him and you met his gaze. “(Y/N), first, don’t say you don’t deserve someone ever again.” He said sternly but sweetly. “You’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever known, and you deserve the world.” You beamed a sweet smile at his words and this made him smile too. “You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do, and if you’re not ready I completely understand that. We can go on as normal. But you don’t need to worry about hurting me, (Y/N). You’re not going to mess anything up.” 

You were touched by Jughead’s words. You didn’t know what to say, so you reached up to Jughead’s lips and kissed him softly. Jughead melted into the kiss, stroking his hands through your hair he kissed back passionately. You pulled away for air and stared into each others eyes, mesmerised. It felt so right. Jughead spoke up; “You know I’m not good with all this relationship business, but I’m guessing that means you’re not opposed to the idea of us?” he asked hopefully as he signalled between the two of you. You giggled at this. “You guessed right Jones” You playfully said and kissed him on the cheek. He smiled brightly and kissed your forehead. It all worked out after all.  



Because I love this child and he needs more love, especially his relationship with Yuuri ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

While Phichit is an incredibly friendly lovable cinnamon roll, he won’t stand for anything threatening his best friend Yuuri, even if the threat happens to be someone Yuuri loves. Yuuri clearly adores the Victor he knows now (just as much as he idolized the distant figure in the past), but Phichit won’t forget how much Victor hurt Yuuri in the past, unintentional or not.

I headcanon that on top of being a skilled figure skater, Phichit is an academic genius who skipped grades and entered college in Detroit super early where he met Yuuri, which explains their long acquaintance despite the age difference. He is very, VERY protective of Yuuri. I’ll put up a more detailed headcanon post later (and if there’s interest, possibly prequel comic of pre-YOI anime Detroit college days).

Also, extra:


So listen. Freddie Mercury was John Watson’s childhood hero. Young, closeted, lonely John Watson absolutely idolized this big proud flamboyant bisexual man, and one day dreamed of having that much confidence in himself. Don’t Stop Me Now was what he listened to whenever he needed a pick-me-up, and he knew all the lyrics to Somebody to Love in the hopes of singing it to someone someday. John cried for weeks when he died. He still has all his first edition Queen records, and one year for his birthday Sherlock buys him a turntable so he can play them. And John teaches him all the words to his favorites, and Sherlock falls in love with Freddie’s voice right away, and he and John end up dancing clumsily around their sitting room, laughing and singing along to You’re My Best Friend between grinning kisses. 


Make me choose - Anonymous asked: “Nori or Bofur?”

“Endearing and likable, Bofur has a disastrous tendency to state the obvious and blurt out things without thinking. With a love of music and a fine singing voice, Bofur delights in good food and good company and is unfailingly optimistic. Though not especially brave, he will do his best to help those in need, especially those he counts as friends. Along with his brother Bombur and his cousin Bifur, Bofur joined the Quest for the Lonely Mountain partly to seek his fortune – and partly because he was told the beer was free.”

we need to talk about Ron in Prisoner of Azkaban 

  • imagine all the secrets he told Scabbers
  • his good pet Scabbers who was always there 
  • listened to him when spoke about his doubts
  • his fears
  • how he was worried he’d never live up to his brothers
  • they were all amazing
  • made their parents proud
  • but what about him??? what could he do???
  • the love that a young boy had for a simple old pet
  • then he finds out that his rat was involved in the murder of his best friend’s parents 
  • he was never a garden rat 
  • but an aid to the death of lily and james potter
  • imagine how he felt at that moment
  • sure deep down he knew he couldn’t have known 
  • it wasn’t his fault
  • but that initial guilt
  • for years he had looked after and shared his secrets with peter pettigrew
  • a villain in hiding 
  • did he feel like he couldn’t look Harry in the eye
  • ever put into words how sorry he was 
  • Harry was going through unimaginable pain
  • but surely, so was Ron too

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I need to know good things about raúl. Please tell me all the best things

  • He literally helped to create an arts program for his school, and used the profit earned from doing plays to support missions in the Dominican Republic and homeless shelters in Miami. 
  • “I don’t care so much what you have to say. I’ll decide.” 
  • Still has a solid friendship with his ex-wife, and I’ve never heard anyone so much as even vaguely imply that he’s a bad friend or coworker. He just loves and respects everyone so much.
  • Randomly decided that Caractacus Potts needed a flashy entrance and thought that floating in on a swing would be top notch.
  • His face when spoken to about Donald Trump.
  • He avoided going to the bathroom when it meant he’d have to walk through too much scary stuff while filming Hannibal. 
  • He tried to do some impressive footwork in a high school play once and ended up having a really dramatic fall in front of everyone.
  • He’s so outspoken on culture, whitewashing, stereotypes and not being able to play Latino as much as he’d like to. 
  • He had a very publicized diva moment in the early 00′s that he can laugh about now, and even though I don’t even fault him for having had that, it’s nice that it’s never really happened again. How good and pure and strong a person must he be to have avoided that for so long. 
  • He does (or at least used to do) yoga. important.
  • He got really emotional when a large audience sang happy birthday to him.
  • He left Rocky Horror on Broadway to do Tick, Tick, Boom, which was an off-Broadway, lesser publicized show at the time. But he believed in it so much, he took the risk.
  • He used to drive a van delivering gift baskets, but he crashed too much.
  • This:
  • He helped as a volunteer cleaning up debris after the 9/11 attack.
  • He didn’t know for a very long time that his grandmother could understand English, so he’d speak in English to say questionable things around her without her hearing him and eventually found out she understood him the whole time. 
  • He considers himself to be a goof and thinks that if he were an animal, he’d be a penguin sliding around on ice.
  • One time in a rehearsal for Hair, he really obviously mixed up some lyrics, so he hit an incredibly unnecessary high note right after to make up for it.
  • He said he “walked out of the room and burst into tears” after being called terrific by Sondheim.
  • Even though he’s struggled with self confidence and identity, he always encourages people to be themselves and do what they dream of doing.
  • A fan who went to Leap of Faith was disappointed when Raúl didn’t come to the stage door for matinees, and she mentioned that to one of the other cast members (Kecia Lewis-Evans) who did come out, and so when Raúl heard that a fan was outside hoping for him, he went out there specifically just so she could meet him.
  • “I want to be the best that I can be every time I hit the stage. I don’t know how to give less than 200 percent. I want to be exhausted!”

Just a few things I love him for.

friendly reminder: when izuku explained why he needed to keep fighting even with two broken arms, he thought of his childhood friend, his two best friends and todoroki (with who he had been on speaking terms with only since the sports festival)

Real (AO3)

Summary: Castiel’s in love with his best friend and he would give anything for Dean to ask him to prom. But that’s not going to happen. Right?

A tap on the window makes Castiel get up from his desk and look out across his yard. When he looks down Dean is there, looking as beautiful as ever, with a large sign saying ‘Will you go to prom with me?’. And of course it’s raining. Not too hard but not too light. Just perfect.

In an instant Castiel is thundering down stairs and racing straight out into the yard and into Dean’s arms, his best friend for years and the only person he’s ever had a crush on. Somehow everything is coming true.

Dean’s lips are soft compared to the light graze of rough stubble that Castiel can feel on his skin. It’s Castiel’s first kiss and it’s better than he could’ve ever imagined. When they pull back to breathe, Dean rests their foreheads together before speaking.

“I’m sorry I’ve taken so long to pull my head out of my ass but I’m in love with you, Cas. I have been for a very long time. So, please, let me take you to prom? Let me start making up for all the years lost?”

Dean’s eyes are shining, the water from the rain making his skin glisten and Castiel nods. “Okay.”

“I love you, Cas.” and Castiel’s heart pounds out of his chest.

“I love you too, Dean.”

Then their lips are colliding again and Dean’s arms are wrapped around him and holding him close.

“Mr Novak?”

Castiel winds his own fingers through Dean’s hair as they continue to passionately -

“Mr Novak!”

Castiel’s nearly jumps out of his seat, causing the rest of the class to erupt in laughter.

“Ah, finally paying attention now, are you?” Mr Crowley quips, to which Castiel nods shyly, his cheeks heating in embarrassment as he tries to slide further down his chair and sink into the floor.

“So, would you like to perhaps answer the question on the board or are you still day dreaming about the intimate time you’ll have with your video games when you get home?” Mr Crowley asks, making the class of students laugh even louder.

Castiel quickly looks up to the board and does the math in his head before sputtering out a simple, “Twenty-two,”.

Mr Crowley rolls his eyes. “You’re lucky you’re good at math.” Thankfully though, his teacher continues on with the lesson without humiliating him further.

“You okay there, buddy?” Castiel turns his head, to come eye to eye with Dean who’s sitting next to him, a worried look on his face.

“Yes. Of course I’m fine, why wouldn’t I be?”

Dean frowns. “I don’t know, man. You just seemed pretty out of it. Must of been a damn good dream.” he says, before smirking and looking back towards the front of the class.

Castiel sighs. Yes, it was. A good dream but a dream nonetheless.

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This Whole Time

“Absolutely not. There is no way you are dragging me into a muggle dress shop to sit around while you try on dresses,” Sirius shook his head. “Please, Pads?” Y/N stuck out her bottom lip, giving him the pouty face she knew her best friend couldn’t say ‘no’ to. Sirius groaned. “Why does it even matter?” “Because your my bestest friend in the whole wide world and I need your opinion!” Y/N cried dramatically, throwing herself into Sirius’ lap. “Bit dramatic today, aren’t we, Love?” Sirius muttered with a roll of his eyes. “Sirius,” Y/N whined, burying her face into his stomach. “Y/N, why don’t you just have William go with you to pick out the dress?” Sirius asked, reaching down to gently play with her hair. “He can’t see my dress before the ball!” Y/N exclaimed, shooting up from his lap. “And besides, he’ll just tell me I look good in everything. You’ll give me an honest opinion,” she added. “You do look good in everything,” Sirius laughed. “I know that,” Y/N gave his shoulder a gentle shove. “But you’ll tell me which one I look best in. And I need that. And I need you there to support me because you’re my best friendddddd,” she pouted, throwing herself across his lap once again. Sirius shook his head, unable to believe that he was about to agree to this. “Fine,” he huffed. “Let’s go.” “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” she squealed, sitting up and throwing her arms around him before jumping up and bounding to the door. “Are you coming or not?”

“Will you remind me why we’re at a muggle dress shop when there are plenty of places to get dresses in Diagon Alley?” Sirius called to Y/N as she finished trying on dress number 4. “Because,” Y/N called back, zipping up the strapless dark purple dress. “I don’t want to have the same dress as anyone,” she finished, walking out to give Sirius a look at the dress. He studied it for a moment before speaking. “It’s alright, but it’s a little too low-cut for my taste,” he finally decided. Y/N raised an eyebrow,“ Since when do you have a problem with girls in low-cut dresses?” “Since the girl is my best friend and she’s going with a bloke I don’t like,” he stated-matter-of-factly. “Pads, it’s been eight months, hasn’t he grown on you at all?” She asked hopefully. “Not one bit. Now go on, next dress,” Sirius shrugged. Sirius had disliked Y/N’s boyfriend since before the two were even dating, but the boys were civil with each other, for Y/N’s sake. Y/N slipped into the light pink dress hanging up. She slid the small straps over her shoulders and reached back to zip it up, then adjusted her hair until she thought she looked nice enough to go out. “I really like this one,” she admitted as she walked over to Sirius. “I do, too,” he nodded. It’s a nice color on you.“ “Is this the one?” She asked him. “It might be. Are there any others that you feel like you want to try on, just to be sure?” He raised his eyebrows. She really did look beautiful in the dress. “There’s a y/f/c one left that it couldn’t hurt to try on,” Y/N decided. “Then get back in there,” Sirius grinned.

He wouldn’t admit it, but he quite enjoyed going with Y/N to pick out her dress. He loved that his opinion was so important to her, and he absolutely adored how happy she was as she tried them on. “Sirius?” She called from the dressing room. “Yes, Love?” He called back to her, expecting her to tell him it wasn’t worth showing, and that she was changing back into her clothes. “Will you please come zip me up?” She asked him. “'Course,” Sirius got up from the chair he was sitting in and made his way to the room Y/N was in. “But you have to close your eyes,” she called to him. “I don’t want you to see it until it’s completely ready.” “How exactly am I supposed to zip up your dress if I can’t see your dress?” He chuckled with a knock on her door. “I’ll guide your hands to the zipper, you’ll keep your eyes closed,” she said simply. “Alright,” He laughed, shaking his head at her silliness. “Promise you won’t look!” She demanded before opening the door. “I promise! Now come on, Love, let me in,” he laughed again and closed his eyes as she opened the door. She let him in and closed the door behind him, and then gently took his hands, leading them to where the zipper began on her lower back. There was a moment of silence as his hands fumbled for the zipper. “Have you got it?” Y/N asked softly as she slipped her hands out of Sirius’. “Uh, yeah. I think so,” Sirius hadn’t realized he had been holding his breath. Slowly, he zipped the dress up, before Y/N shoved him out.

“Now, go! Go sit down and tell me when you’re ready to give this your full attention!” She shooed him. Sirius shuffled back to the chair he had been sitting in. “Okay,” he announced dramatically. “I’m ready.” “Okay, close your eyes until I tell you to open them!” She ordered. Sirius sighed, but placed his hands over his eyes. “Are they closed?” Y/N called. “Yes, come on,” Sirius laughed. He was about to complain that she was taking so long, when a soft voice came from in front of him. “Okay,” she spoke barely above a whisper. Slowly, Sirius removed his hands from over his eyes and took in the sight of her. The dress fit Y/N perfectly, displaying her curves beautifully, and showing enough, but not too much skin. Sirius was completely speechless. It was all he could do to just nod continuously at her. “Thats the one,” he was finally able to whisper. Y/N grinned at the floor, a light blush across her cheeks. “Well alright. This one. Thank you,” she bit her lip, turning back to the dressing room.

The day of the ball came, and after hours of working on her hair and makeup, Y/N was finally ready, aside from putting on her dress. She had just slipped into it, wondering how she was going to zip it, as her roommates had already headed down to the ball, when Sirius appeared in her doorway. “Hope you’re not naked,” he laughed, closing the door. “Nope, you’re actually here at the perfect time,” she smiled. “Will you please zip me up?” Sirius turned from facing the door to finally look at his best friend. She quite literally took his breath away. Her hair fell in loose curls around her, her makeup was done flawlessly, and that dress looked like it had been made for her. “You look absolutely stunning, Love,” He told her as he made his way over to her to zip up her dress. “Thank you,” she bit her lip and looked to the floor. “Are you sure you don’t want to go?” She asked him as he finished zipping her up and turned her around to face him. “I’m sure. I went to too many of those things with my parents. Besides, I wouldn’t want to third wheel with you and William,” Sirius chuckled. “Moony and Wormtail and Prongs will be there, and I’m sure you could find someone to dance with,” Y/N nudged him, but Sirius still shook his head. “I’m alright. I’d rather sit in my dorm and do nothing,” he laughed. “Well if you change your mind…” Y/N trailed off. “And if you change your mind,” he gave her a cheeky grin and she began to lead him to the door. “I’ll keep that in mind,” she laughed. “I’ve got to go meet William. See you later?” She asked him. “Of course. Have fun,” he smiled and pecked her cheek.

Y/N made her way to the great hall, but William was nowhere in sight. She waited for him for a little over 25 minutes, politely greeting and swapping compliments with her friends as she waited. “Y/N!” She heard a loud voice from down the hall that made her smile. “Hi, Jamie,” she grinned as he practically tackled her in a hug. “Couldn’t talk Padfoot into coming along?” He smirked. “You know how he feels about these things,” Y/N rolled her eyes playfully. “Where’s your boyfriend, anyway?” James asked her. “Reckon he better come get you soon before one of us sweeps you away,” James nudged her. “I was actually just about to go to his dorm to see if he’s there,” Y/N informed him. “Well hurry up, you’re going to miss all of good songs,” he gave her a wink before entering the great hall, and Y/N made her way back to the dorms.

When Y/N walked into William’s room, her heart sank. Up against the far wall, was William, shoving his tongue down some other girl’s throat, his tie, his tie that matched Y/N’s dress, still in the girl’s hand, and his shirt halfway buttoned. “Will…What?” Y/N whimpered from the doorway. William shoved the girl off of him and tried to compose himself. “Y/N… baby… I thought we were supposed to meet in the great hall?” He asked, a panicked tone to his voice, but he didn’t try to deny what was happening. “We were… half an hour ago…” she said softly, trying to hold back her tears. “Babe-” Y/N just shook her head and quickly rushed out as the tears began to roll down her cheeks, ruining her perfect makeup. In need of her best friend, Y/N ran straight to the marauders room, hoping to Godric that Sirius hadn’t decided to go to the ball after all. Upon reaching the closed door, Y/N gave it a soft knock and waited. Sirius’ eyes grew to the size of saucers when he opened the door and found his fragile best friend, makeup running down her face and tears falling from her eyes. “Y/N… what-what happened?” He asked, scooping her up and closing the door before carrying her over to his bed. Y/N tried to explain, but she couldn’t get the words out as she cried. “Shhh,” Sirius shook his head. “It’s okay. Take your time. I’m right here,” he pulled her to him and let her cry. “Let’s fix this,” he mumbled, reaching for his wand and giving it a wave, removing the makeup from her face. Y/N curled into his chest and cried for a while before he finally got her to calm down.

“Well, um, we were supposed to meet in front of the great hall,” Y/N sniffled. “And he still wasn’t there 30 minutes after we were supposed to meet up,” she took a deep breath before continuing. “So I went up to his room. And when I got there… He was snogging some girl up against the wall,” Y/N began to cry again. “I’ll fucking kill him,” Sirius growled as he held the heartbroken girl to him. He was reminded that she was still in her dress when he reached down to rub her back and felt the stiff material. “’S probably not so comfortable.. let me grab some comfy clothes for you, yeah?” He asked, holding her far enough away to look at her. She gave a weak nod, and plopped back into his bed as he got up to find her some clothes. He decided on one of his extra soft long sleeve shirts and her favorite pair of his boxers to wear, and his heart ached when he turned to find the girl, lying face-down in his bed. “C'mon love, hop up for a minute for me,” he coaxed, gingerly lifting her off of the bed. He pressed a kiss to the top of her head before reaching around to unzip her dress, and help her into his clothes. Once she was dressed, she rested her head against his collarbone and Sirius wrapped his arms around her waist, holding her until she was ready to lay down.

After a little more crying, and a lot of comforting from Sirius and Padfoot, Y/N had finally calmed down. The two laid in silence for a bit as Sirius waved his wand around, sending colorful swirls around their heads. “Thank you,” Y/N finally spoke up, nudging her nose to the space between his neck and his shoulder. “What on earth for?” He chuckled, turning his head to press a kiss to her temple. “For being here for me. Helping me feel better,” Y/N shrugged. “We’re best friends. ’Ve been here this whole time, Love,” He gave a soft laugh. “Yes, I suppose you have… thank you anyway, though. Don’t know what I would do without you, Sirius,” she said, snuggling into the covers. Sirius suddenly sat up, and then got out of bed. “C'mhere, Love,” He instructed. Y/N sat up and pulled half of her hair back, letting the bottom half stay down around her shoulders, but she didn’t get out of the bed. “What are you doing?” She asked, liking the glimmer in his eye. “Come here,” he repeated with a smile. The light in the room was dim, but the way it hit Sirius’ hair and face made him practically glow. Y/N had always thought that Sirius was handsome, but she’d never quite realized that he looked like this.

Y/N stood up and walked over to him, only stopping when he offered her his hand, earning a questioning look. “You should at least get once dance tonight,” he said, moving his hand closer to her. “There isn’t any music,” Y/N commented, unsuccessfully trying to fight back a smile. “Music is for wankers,” Sirius grinned, this time reaching for her hand and putting an arm on her waist. Y/N went along with it, letting him lead a slow sway for a few minutes, before she removed her hand from his and placed both her arms loosely around his neck. Y/N noticed a strange tingle going through her body, and it took her a few moments to realize that she had felt it before. It had always been there when Sirius was around. She looked up at his face, and suddenly everything was so different. Had she always felt this way about him? Was this the little voice that had always been quietly speaking in the back of her head? Sirius watched her pondering this, an amused look creeping across his face, as he could practically see the gears moving inside her head. “Whatcha thinkin’ about so hard there, Love?” He chuckled, but when her eyes met his, he knew exactly what she meant, “You’ve been here this whole time, haven’t you?” Sirius bit his lip and gave her a small smile and a nod,“ This whole time, Love.”

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A/N: Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted one of these, things are just really rough right now. Anyways, this one wasn’t requested, just an idea I had earlier today. I hope you guys like it, let me know what you think. if you don’t like it, that’s cool. you can tell me, just please for the love of ben barnes be nice about it, i can’t handle anyone else being mean to me right now. Anyways, I love you guys so much. Thank you for constantly supporting me, even when I don’t do my job as a writer. You guys are the best. I love you, I love you, I love you♡♡♡


Can we talk about B. Shitty Knight finding the people who need him the most and becoming the most incredible friend for them at the most vulnerable times in their lives?

His first year at Samwell, he arrives at his first hockey practice and sees this beautiful French Canadian boy with sad eyes and a legacy to live up to and an anxiety disorder and a reputation that he does not deserve, and Shitty just thinks, “This boy needs a best friend,” and so that’s what he becomes. He gives him his heart and so much love, and he knows he can’t fix him but at least Shitty can try to love him until he loves himself again. A month later, he sees Jack smile for the first time and he just sighs with relief to himself and thinks, “We are gonna be all right.”

His second year, he meets this tiny Vietnamese girl who makes beautiful art but isn’t really sure where she belongs on campus, and Shitty just thinks, “This girl needs a best friend,” and so that’s what he becomes. He helps her with her art and gets her hired as the manager of the hockey team and gives her a nickname and brings her into this brotherhood that is Samwell Men’s Hockey. Second semester, when Lardo walks into the Haus and Shitty hears her shout “Boys, I’m home!” he smiles to himself and thinks, “We are gonna be all right.” 

His third year he meets a petite blond figure-skater-turned-hockey-player from the South who makes pies appear out of thin air and is desperate for a place where he can just be himself, and Shitty just thinks, “This boy needs a best friend,” and so that’s what he becomes. When Bitty comes to him and says he needs to tell him something and rambles for a while before finally admitting that he is gay, Shitty thanks him for trusting him, and thinks to himself, “We are gonna be all right.”

Can we talk about Shitty being the most selfless person, the one person that can be trusted with anything, the person who will help you meet your fullest potential because when he looks at you he sees a miracle of nature, a pure shining star that deserves nothing less than the greatest desires of your heart? Because I have a lot of emotions about B. Shitty Knight.  


Until we meet again my prince~. Aaaah here is the next part of my Victuuri fire emblem fates au! (////w////)

In the shadows a figure appears while Yuuri needs to process what just happened during his meeting with prince Victor. Introducing Phichit! He’s Yuuri’s retainer, but above all his best friend. He’s a ninja (like Kaze) and cares a lot about Yuuri (and LOVES how things are developing between Victor and Yuuri of course).
Next up we have Yurio, prince of Nohr and he’s a dark knight (like Leo). Yurio is extremely skilled in magic and his personal tome represents a tiger. He’s always the person who needs to scold Victor for being too late or not showing up for important meetings. This time is no different because Victor is busy meeting and thinking about a certain person /////.
One last look at each other, hoping they will see each other again soon to just talk more and spend more time together.
But what they both don’t know is that they will certainly meet each other again sooner than they would expect, in a very festive setting~

part 1 - part 2 - part 3 - part 4 - part 5 - …

Dating George Would Include...

• Pranks

• Never ending kisses.


• Being Ginny’s best friend.

• Always going to the Weasleys.

• “George, you need to stop. I’m trying to study.”

• “No studying, I want bloody cuddles.”

• Always baking him something.

• Getting each other sick, because bloody hell that kid cant keep his hands off you for one second.

• Joining in on Fred and his pranks.

• “Rubbish,”

• Working at the prank shop.

• “Don’t leave me home alone.”

• “Love, we need money. It’s okay.”

• Molly always always always hugging you.

• Always holding hands with George.

• Calling him “Gred”

You know what I love about Jace and Alec’s relationship? What I finally realized after watching tonight’s episode? I mean this in a completely platonic way and I know that Jace and Alec will be dating Clary and Magnus in the future, but the essence, the true meaning of Jalec is that your soulmate does not have to be a romantic partner. Your soulmate can be your best friend. The love of your life can be your best friend. It’s so beautiful and I’m in tears just thinking about it. The whole entirety of the episode Jace kept saying, “I need to get to my brother” “I need to save my brother” “My brother is going to die without me” and Alec’s flashbacks all had something to do with Jace, the one person he’s reaching out in the void for, his best friend, his brother, the one person who he trusts more than anyone in the entire world. This whole episode was centered on these two getting back to each other, but not in a romantic way, and that’s what makes it even more powerful. Two friends trying to reunite, to find each other, to save each other. And when they do, when Alec whispers the last line of the parabatai oath and he opens his eyes and him and Jace embrace each other and cry, it’s as if you can physically see their parabatai bond, the friendship, the trust, everything that they’ve been through together and it only proves that sometimes loving a friend is as powerful as loving a partner and that the person who will always be there for you, who will never leave your side, who will always love you for who you are and will help you get through life and appreciate and care about you, is your best friend and this is what Jalec represents for me and I think that’s just beautiful 

It all began with a series of flirty anon messages in his inbox one day, which turned into something almost profound over time. A year after the first message was sent, Dean’s almost positive that he’s fallen hard for someone he’s never met, on Tumblr no less. He wants to tell this person how he feels, but there’s one problem. He’s been in love with his best friend Cas for years, and will need to get over him before he can truly move on.

But what happens when things aren’t what they seem, and Dean meets “Angel” in person?


There are three things in his life that Dean wants to keep a secret.

1. He watches Doctor Sexy on the regular and has never missed an episode.

2. He liked how he looked in Rhonda Hurley’s pink satin panties so much that he bought a pair of his own after they broke up.

3. He’s probably, possibly, okay, really in love with a guy who he met on Tumblr.

Dean knows how cliché it is. Fall for some guy you’ve never met in person? Who is he, a character in ‘You’ve Got Mail?’

But Dean can’t deny that he’s in love with angelcake67. How else can one describe the way his heart races in his chest when he sees the little ‘1’ hovering above his inbox, or the way a smile bursts across his face when a ‘ping!’ rings out from his computer speakers? And if that isn’t enough proof, Dean has a thousand other reasons written down on a piece of paper that’s tucked away under his mattress. He’s in love with the guy because besides Sam, he knows more about Dean’s true self than anyone else. To Angel (Dean’s not-so-clever codename for the man), he’s not Dean, the star baseball player for Lawrence University, or the nurturing older brother to Sam, or the cocky womanizer every girl on campus takes him for. No, for Angel he can stop putting on personas and just let everything be. Angel knows him for his Star Trek blog, his love of math, his dorky text posts that he thinks up while he should be studying in the library. He knows many of Dean’s deepest insecurities, like his fear of his father ever finding out about his bisexuality, of his guilt over not doing enough for Sammy, of if he’s being selfish by enrolling at Lawrence U at all.

And Dean knows a lot about Angel, also. He knows that Angel’s from a religious family who would clutch their pearls and faint if they ever found out he’s not only asexual, but biromantic too. He remembers Angel telling Dean that he hates PB&J sandwiches after an ex-girlfriend fed them to him all the time. And perhaps the most important thing of all is Dean knows that Angel’s loved him for a long while, maybe ever since the first time he went on anon and asked Dean if he liked pie.

On paper, everything looks perfect, and the next step should be easy. Meeting in person is a topic they’ve talked about many times, but Dean’s never gotten up the nerve to go through with it. He cites not being good enough as his excuse, but Dean knows the truth. There is one clear, obvious reason why he’s hesitant to meet Angel.

“Hello, Dean.”

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honestly all the information you need to hate snape is chapter 7of prisoner of azkaban. neville struggles to make a potion because of his crippling fear of snape and when snape sees that the potion is failing he tells neville that at the end of class hes going to test neville’s potion on his pet and that if it’s made wrong trevor will most likely die, and neville loves that toad!!! its one of his best friends!!! then when hermione helps him to make the potion correctly so that his pet doesnt die, snape takes points away from gryffindor cause he fucking WANTS neville to be miserable even though neville is THIRTEEN and has done nothing at all wrong. THEN the whole boggart thing. neville’s parents were tortured to insanity by one of the most feared death eaters in history but his DEEPEST FEAR IS HIS TEACHER. THATS FUCKED THE FUCK UP. WITH EVERYTHING THATS HAPPENED TO HIS FAMILY, SNAPE IS HIS DEEPEST FEAR. 

a lot of people try to justify snape being mean to harry cause “james was mean to snape!! harry looks like james!!!” and i could go into the reasons why i don’t give a flying FART about those excuses either but the point im trying to make IS

neville, when snape starts to bully him, when he develops the fear of snape that lasts until snape fucking dies, is an ELEVEN YEAR OLD BOY whose parents have been driven to permanent insanity and whose best friend at that point is probably his toad, who has severe self esteem issues, doesnt think he’s good enough for anything or anyone and severus cat anus nasty ass disgusto greaseball fuckwad douchefart toe dirt snape decided that because a prophecy could have maybe been made about neville but wasnt, he’s going to make this tiny child’s life a living hell. fuck snape fUCK HIM!!!! HE SHOULD HAVE DIED SOONER

Probably reading way too much into it, but the fact that dean says “casti…cas” when just moments before he had referred to his own mother, the only person he’s canonically said I love you to, as “mary winchester” really says a lot about his level of familiarity with cas. Obviously mary JUST came back into his life so he’s still adjusting to that new relationship and therefore it makes sense to say her full name, but the fact that he corrected himself in the formality of cas’ name says a lot about how he feels about his best friend. Perhaps he doesn’t need to remember him as “castiel” because castiel is a strange powerful supernatural creature. Cas is his best friend.

The Nutcracker - Michael Clifford

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I really need to get back on track with this. Like ASAP. It’s really bugging me.

There’s one thing Michael would never admit about the holidays. And that was that he loved the Nutcracker. He despised everything about ballet from the stupid slippers to the fluffy tutu’s that were, in his mind, just a waste of fabric…yet, somehow, that boy was infatuated with one of the most classical parts of Christmas. And somehow, this boy ended up at the show every year. He had been going since he was younger, his best friend’s mom taking the two to see the ballerinas since it was her favorite thing in the world, her dream one day to be the lead in the show. It was his Christmas tradition whether he wanted to admit it or not.

When they were twelve, y/n had come running through the fence in their yard, envelope in hand with the casting roster to the show for one of the major production companies in their province, y/n getting a role as a sugar plum fairy, her entire being jumping with joy at the fact she was going to be on the big stage, even just as a sugar plum fairy because, “you can’t get better if you don’t take the roles you’re given.”

This happened for the next year and next year until she was eighteen where she was offered a full time position in the company performing in shows year round, gaining leads in swan lake, Giselle, and Sleeping Beauty, yet still not gaining the one roll she had been striving for since she had started as a dancer, her hope dwindling down with each passing year.

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Love is friendship set on fire  (Alec Lightwood Imagine)

Fandom: Shadowhunters

Pairing: Alec x Reader

Request: could you do an Alec lightwood imagine where he has been best friends with the reader and has feeings for her but since he’s Alec he doesn’t know how to deal with it so the gang steps in and gets them together

Summery: ’You need to apologize and then tell her how you feel. This has been going on for years and you’re lucky enough to really…love someone. Don’t let it go to waste.’’
Jace’s voice was quite but the serious look on his face told Alec that he meant it.
It wasn’t like Alec didn’t know.
But he just COULDN’T. What if he lost her with his confession? He’d rather have her as a friend than have her not at all.

Or where Alec is in love with his best friend. And Alec being Alec, things go wrong and the gangs steps in to help.

Warnings: -

Words: 2.330

A/N: Hello lovely people of the internet!
This is a requested Alec Imagine. Hope you like it. Happy Reading !Also sorry for any mistakes, English isn’t my first language lol. Keep the requests coming e.g (x) , fandoms I write about (x), my ask box (x), my collection of stories (x) and

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The first three things that Clary Fray had had noticed when she had spent a few days with Jace and the Lightwood siblings was the following: First, Alec Lightwood was way too uptight and serious. Second, the parabatai bond between him and Jace was crazily intimate. And third, Alec Lightwood was head over heels in love with Y/N. Clary had met his best friend during one of their training sessions. Y/N was really pretty and according to Isabelle a really fierce shadowhunter. That wasn’t something you necessarily could tell looking at her. She seemed soft and really kind , the first time she had met Clary she had hugged her and made her feel more welcomed than Alec every had in those two weeks he had known her. So when Jace told her that Y/N was Alec’s best friend she had been shocked. Where he was reserved and serious , Y/N was open and carefree.
It had been a Friday night when Clary had watched those two train. She was amazed at how elegant but also cool Y/N looked trying to beat Alec, and how his chest heaved from exhaustion. It was the moment that Y/N had Alec pinned down on the floor ,laughing and helping Alec up that Clary saw the look in Alec’s eyes as he watched her walking over to her water bottle to take a sip. The smile that had formed on his lips reminded her at how Luke looked at her mother.

‘’You’re following her like a love sick puppy, Alec!’’
Isabelle faced her brother noticing contentedly how Jace nodded in agreement.
‘’ Mom knows, Hodge knows, everyone does ! Even Max asked me when you two will finally marry.’’, Izzy supported her argument crossing her arms in front of her.
‘’Except for Y/N.’’, Jace chuckled while playing with Clary’s hair.
‘’Well that’s entirely his fault ! How is she supposed to know? I heard you argue last week and you said some things that must have really hurt her, do you realize that?’’
Alec stood awkwardly in the middle of the room wishing this conversation didn’t take place.
‘’She almost got herself killed, Izzy!’’, Alec said annoyed, feeling his anger rising just thinking of how carelessly Y/N had played with her life . He knew that he shouldn’t have yelled at her, saying the things he said. The moment he had realized that she was holding back tears he had felt incredible guilty and sorry. But the sheer horror he had felt when he had gotten told that the healing rune almost hadn’t worked on her and that she had been on the brick of death made him feel incredible hopeless and petrified. The thought of losing her made him go mad and he had been so furious with her for taking her life so insignificant. Even though she and Jace were the most important people in his life. He wouldn’t be able to live without them.
Since that day Y/N had tried to ignore him, clearly hurt by his actions. And Alec was suffering.
‘’I lashed out, I know! But-‘’
‘’The thought of losing her makes you go crazy. We know. ‘’,Izzy said softly.
‘’But I believe Y/N didn’t understand why you acted like that.’’
Silence filled the room.
‘’You do know she feels the same way, right?’’, Simon spoke up.
Alec rolled his eyes feeling his heart speed up at the mere thought that Y/N could actually feel the same about him. But he doubted it. He would always be the best friend and nothing more. Exactly like that mundane.
‘’Trust me she does. I know how…I can tell.’’, Simon added with a short look to Clary.
‘’You have to tell her.’’,Jace said seriously.
‘’You need to apologize and then tell her how you feel. This has been going on for years and you’re lucky enough to really…love someone. Don’t let it go to waste.’’
Jace’s voice was quite but the serious look on his face told Alec that he meant it.
It wasn’t like Alec didn’t know.
But he just couldn’t. What if he lost her with his confession? He’d rather have her as a friend than have her not at all.
‘’I have things to do.’’
He escaped.

Isabelle watched her brother go, asking herself how her intelligent brother could be so dumb when it came to feelings.
Jace bit his lips, slowly grinning.
‘’I might have an idea.’’

You haven’t been feeling too well since last week. Your body still had to heal and the fact that you weren’t on speaking terms with Alec was a burden. When he had yelled accusing you of not taking your job seriously and not being thankful for the opportunity you had been provided with really had hurt you deeply. You had grown up without parents, the Lightwood family had always been something like a home to you. Being reminded of how you didn’t belong anywhere by Alec left a bitter aftertaste. You haven’t felt so alone in a long time.
You knew you should be probably talking to Alec, sorting out your issues. But the fact that he didn’t come to see you to ask for how you were doing really really hurt. Like he didn’t even care.
Even though all you really wanted was to be hold by him . Hold than more than just his best friend.
You hadn’t left your room in days, laying in bed all ay and snuggling with pillows while watching crappy comedies on TV. When your door opened you didn’t expect Max Lightwood to sneak into your room, hopping on your bed grinning.
‘’Max!’’ You laughed, raising an eyebrow. Max was almost like a brother to you, you loved to visit him every time you were in Idris.
‘’I’ve been told to check your injury, Y/N. And I heard you have chocolate ?’’ His cheeky grin was disarming.
‘’Well, Dr.Max I do, indeed. ‘’
He nodded seriously instructing you to let him take a look at your wound.
You sat up, wearing a short nike shorts, lifting your shirt up a little bit for Max to see the sword wound. It wasn’t too bad anymore, otherwise you would have never shown it to Max.
Said newly doctor nodded stating that it looked okay before asking for a piece of chocolate. You gave it to him before you both snuggled up in the bed watching Spong Bob.
10 minutes later he excused himself because he had something ‘important’ to do.
You turned off the TV before you got up to prepare for a shower.

When Max entered the training room where the gang was gathered he tried to look all throughout and concerning.
‘’What’s up Max?’’,Jace spoke up.
‘’Why you’re looking so down ?’’
Alec wanted to crouch down but froze on the spot when he heard ‘’ I went to check on Y/N.’’
He went to do what?
‘’Oh how’s she doing? I planned on doing a beauty evening with her tomorrow.’’, Izzy said trying to hide her face because she was simply really bad at lying to her brother. Max on the contrary was a professional.
‘’Oh I don’t think that’s a good idea. She doesn’t look too good.’’
Alec frowned focusing on Max.
‘’What do you mean?’’
Mac grinned inwardly congratulating himself for being such a good decoy.
‘’ She’s really pale and I think… her wound might me infected or anything. She’s reaaaaaaaly weak.’’
Alec didn’t notice Jace cracking up in the background.
It only took Alec two seconds to exit the training room and walk up the floor to Y/N’s room. Without knocking he entered, realizing she was missing. Her bed looked used so she had to be there. When he realized that the bathroom door was closed he started to panic.
‘’Y/N? You’re alright?’’
You heard his voice through the door , letting out a small scream because you were so indulged into the music coming through your headphones while you prepared everything for a shower that he startled you.
Suddenly your bathroom lacked a door and Alec’s hands cradled your face.
‘’What happened?’’ His pupils were dilated while he scanned your face.
‘’What happened to you?’’, you replied confused.
‘’Why did you break down my door?’’
Alec thought you were downplaying your injury so he picked you up around the hips and sat you down on the counter.
He didn’t even hesitate to try to lift up your shirt but getting stopped by you.
‘’Alec ! What the hell are you doing?’’
You kept a hold of his hand demanding an explanation.
‘’Show me your wound, love!’’, he growled frustrated with how easily you treated your injury . Again.
‘’Alexander Gideon Lightwood!’’
Using his whole name always worked. He growled at you making you laugh at the absurdity.
‘’Would you be so kind to explain why you’re trying to undress me?’’
A raised eyebrow.
And a flustered Alec.
‘’I’m not…Max said you were doing bad.’’
You frowned shaking your head.
‘’What? He saw the wound himself and ate chocolate with me. Why would he…?’’
Alec was so blind by worry that he didn’t count 1 and 1 together.
‘’Y/N show me the wound!’’
You sighed, rolling your eyes and lifting up your shirt.
‘’Why didn’t you tell me you were doing bad? I would ha-Ow.’’
He squinted, the worry replaced by confusion. It was looking alright.
‘’You don’t care, remember?’’
You simply said making an attempt to hop off the counter but Alec’s arms were holding you firmly into place.
Alec knew Max had played him a trick but right now he had to focus on something way more important. He didn’t care ?
‘’What have you said?’’, he said quietly looking hurt.
The bathroom was only lit by candles since you hated to shower in full light.
‘’I said you didn’t care.’’ You crossed your arms as you answerer defiantly , meeting his gaze. How dare he come breaking down your door acting all concerned when he forgot about you?
‘’What, by the angels, makes you think I don’t care how you’re doing?’’
Disbelieve echoed in his voice. His closeness and your hurt feelings were causing to pool tears behind your eyes.
You tried to advert your eyes, tried to get yourself together.
‘’Look at me.’’, Alec said softly watching you shake your head ‘no’.
He crouched down a little to meet your eyes, keeping them captive. Seeing the wetness behind your eyes he realized that he truthfully fucked up.
‘’Don’t you dare think for a minute that I don’t care about you. Do you have any idea how worries I was, and still am?’’
‘’Yeah sure that’s why you came to see me the last days. And why you had to remind me that I have no home.’’
You bit your lip, blinking ,trying not to cry. In the silence that followed you would have been able to hear a needle drop.
Alec had no idea where to start, your whole statement was bullshit.
‘’I’m sorry, Y/N. Okay? I freaked out when I got told that you might not make it. That I might lose you. And when you woke up you acted like it was no big deal, like your life didn’t matter and it got me so furious. I was so fucking scared of losing you , I knew you were reckless, but you played with your life. Do you have any idea what you would do to me if you died?’’, he swallowed.
‘’I was blinded by my anger and my fear and I said things I don’t mean. Afterwards I felt so guilty and you clearly showed you that you didn’t want to see me.’’
He softly rubbed over your wet cheeks.
‘’I know I hurt you and I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to. I just…’’, he sighed deeply, holding his breath.
‘’I love you, Y/N. I have for a really long time and the thought of you not caring about yourself even thought you are the world to me kills me. And you have a home. You always had and you always will. Here. With us. With my family. With me. You’re my home Y/N.’’
You lifted your eyes up to his, facing him disbelieving.
Did she say he loved you?
‘’Say it again.’’, you breathed not quite believing what you’ve heard. You surely must have misheard him.
‘’I’m your home.’’, he repeated.
‘’No not that, that before.’’
Alec furrowed his brows, looking at you intensely.
‘’I love you Y/N. I’m not good at this. Feeling what I’m feeling, relationships , falling in love with my best friend. Killing demons is so much easier than risking our friendship by confessing this.’’
You couldn’t help but to sniffle, making Alec laugh
‘’I know that you’re not feeling the same and it’s okay I ju-‘’
You interrupted him by diving forwards and pressing your lips against his.
More doing, less talking.
The moment your lips met you felt everything click into place. This is what you were born to do. Loving him. You belonged right here.
Alec buried his hands in your hair , shortly taken by surprise but quickly realizing that he was kissing you.
He deepened the kiss, pulling away to let you breathe.
‘’I love you.’’,you said honestly with a small smile.
‘’For so long. But I was always just your best friend.’’
Alec smiled that smile that mad his blue eyes light up and left you breathless.
‘’You’re still my best friend. I just get to kiss you now.’’
Said and done.

It was half past 11 when Jace tried to catch a look through the little opened gap of your door. When he realized the two people in the room were asleep he dared to open it a little further.
Izzy smiled when she saw you snuggled up in Alec’s arms, his face buried in your hair.
‘’Max deserves a medal.’’


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