he must be sth!

jimin: i won’t give yoongi a gift lmao as iF

also jimin: yoOngi hYunG wakE up aLreaDy i nEed to gIve yOu youR giFt (*´-`)

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When Shinichi is in shrunken body,he has to be absent from school and didn't give any reasons why he has to be absent .In desperate revival ep, when shinichi comes back ,Ran thinks that Conan now is whole different to her.I think this may lead Ran to be suspicious about him and he must do sth to remove ran 's suspicion.What do you think about that?The next ch is very interesting about Shinichi's identity.

Who knows, maybe new Ran’s suspicions arc can start!

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It always seems as to me if these people that show up to their parties seem to love that bling-bling lifestyle and consider that cool/hip but couldn't afford it themselves. Maybe S enjoys that lifestyle too who knows but I don't know how I'd feel if I were the ultimate cash cow and everyone just shows up to take pictures with me to post on IG and then gets drunk in my pool. But he, he pays for it so he must get sth. out of it. Regardless, I think it is somewhat trashy.

My view on things.. (Kris' lawsuit)

Tbh, I think Kris still wants to be in EXO (I think he just wants to /change/ his contract)..And I also think SM still wants Kris.. (especially now that they’ve seen how popular he is in China…
Admit it or not..SM loves money more than anything)

Many ppl won’t believe me..but that’s how I think..

Kris /never/ said he wanted to stop being an EXO member to persue an acting carreer or to become a solo artist, did he?
His lawyer only stated that he disagreed with SM’s contract, that he felt as if he was a puppet for the company because they never
considered his feelings and his opinions..

And I totally understand that..

And I do think SM still wants Galaxy Hyung because.. He’s now more popular than ever, and he’d make lots of money for the company..I also don’t
think they would want to let him go just like that because that’ll be the -Hangeng- and -JYJ- thing all over again.
If they lose Kris..they would be placed in a bad spotlight again and it wouldn’t be good for their image…

And /yes/ I /do/ think EXO is able to forgive Kris, eventually..

I mean…c'mon..they’ve been through worse than that! And I strongly believe they understand /why/ he filed a lawsuit..It’s just that his
timing was /extremely/ bad .. :/

But however.. Even if I believe SM still wants Kris..and Kris still wants SM..

That doesn’t matter..

Because it won’t change the fact that a lot of Kris fans want him to become a solo artist (and thus a former EXO member)
because that’s “the best” for him…And lots of the Korean fans hate him now because he’s a “traitor”..

and /that/ could be a problem..

Tbh..Kris doesn’t rly seem happy now.. And as I said..he only filed a lawsuit because he was unhappy with the contract and /never/ did he say he
didn’t like to be in EXO anymore..

And about the movies and stuff..Well..Kris needs money obviously..And I also think he wants to prove something to SM.. Because they never let him act before..
and now he has 2 (!) movies in a short amount of time..And he’s like..super popular rn.. SM will finally realise now, what party poopers they were for
never letting Kris act..

But as I said..none of that matters..Because it’s the /fans/ that are pushing Kris farther away from EXO.. I just have a feeling
we blew things up.. We made it worse than it was…

And like..the ‘Kris is sick’ thing and stuff..I think it was made up…or whatever..Fans spread lies and rumours every day and some of them
seem so real that it becomes a scandal..
Kris never /ever/ commented on /any/ of the shit fans spread during this lawsuit..Because if he /did/ say sth abt it..It could make things worse..
So as long as Kris doesn’t say anything abt him being sick… Or him wanting to leave EXO.. I won’t believe it..
And the fact that he still uses his EXO name must mean sth too right?? Like..some of the fans say Kris is his American name..But that’s not true.. His American name was Kevin, and he changed it to Wu Yi Fan when he moved back to China..When he became a member of EXO 'Kris’ became his stage name..The fact that he’s wearing his EXO name on a red pantz with manly diamondz must mean he’s proud to be a member of EXO..right?!!

I’m just afraid that if he /does/ wants to return to EXO..He won’t be able to..because of the fans..

But this is my personal opinion..
If I hurt anyone’s feelings with it I’m deeply sorry, that’s not what I want. 

i know sth emotional gon happn at Beijing con cuz its a special one for Luhan and i was right , fuq i woke up early for that and baam feels and emotions crashed in like a freaking tsunami ;___;

He still looked weak but he still performed and smiled. He told fans to take care and dont fall sick and thanked the fans who support him and those who came from afar. He told us to take care of ourselves and dont fall sick but look at yourself idiots. We’re the healthy ones in the end and you can barely open your eyes ;u; And he teared up and just cried silently, then wiped away his tears while smiling. His yellow ocean is beautiful, omg the projects and support for him today is amazinggg and he was rlly touched when Suho said this con means as much to Luhan as much as the Seoul con to the Korean members. I know he gon come back tho he isnt fully well yet but its his first concert in his hometown. So his fans made sure to make it special, esp when he fell sick right before that

Then Tao, he’s prob rlly tired emotionally from what happened in Hainan. He said he’s ok and he dont care but boy we know u better than that. You keep it to urself, and he cried today too :( He said that he did nothing wrong so he doesnt need to explain himself. What right is right, what’s wrong is wrong an as long as he has us, its enough. I hope you let it out and truly stick to ur words cuz i know you care and ur affected but ur strong, you’re Tao after all :)

And did i mention all the heartwarming moments between the members w Luhan omg Chen hugged him like its been the longest time its freaking adorable. Then Xiumin w him for that Gee perf and he touched Luhan when he passed by like some kind of acknowledgment. Tao looks at Luhan w hearts in his eyes tho its creepy af but its presh cuz the night before he was showing fans Luhan Die Jungs photo on his phone haha U miss bickering w Lu ge dont u. And Suho mention Luhan a lot, and Lu carried Kai and Sehun w Luhan walked to the banner section of Selu and crying Yixing called the china line : Beijing’s prince, Qingdao’s master and himself as Changsha’s lil pride haha they’re so presh <3

And what I’m worrying about now is the usual - their health. Luhan just come back from his break, and some bitch bashed him said why is he still sick after the break like bitch just wait im coming for u, anw he apologized for his swollen eyes cuz he has thoat infections and there’s a cut on his arms,prob cut by sth and we all know he has bruises and scars esp on his legs. He looks a bit better, but still rlly tired and if he looks like this now, it must be rlly bad before cuz he didnt even show up in public. Throat infection and swollen eyes and god knows what TT.TT 

Chanyeol is unwell and its sad he feels guilty for it like no dont be, its not like u wish it upon urself.  Sehun isnt well either, fans said he hurt his legs or sth he was walking weirdly but he covered his mouth too? idk what’s wrong but he didnt appear at the end so sth must have happened sigh and the rest dont say anything but im pretty sure all of them are not at their best states rn and are either sick or injured

And u know what, there’s news that said EXO gon officially debut in Japan and after finish Japan tours they gon come back. Like what in the world, they have 9 freaking tours in Japan and a comeback tho not sure if its a mini album or single, most likely not full album cuz thats insane and they have year end award too? Last year they didnt even have tours but just practicing for year end shows turn them into zombie and now a Japanese debut and come back, u want them dead dont u -_-  It’s not confirmed yet but it’s expected for a comeback cuz there’s been rumors since the beginning at this year and they usually come back at that time too but rlly , idk if they can go on looking so lifeless like that

Not to mention debut in Japan means way less photos, fancams and fanacc because u know how it is in Japan. they gon go sooner or later but at this time, its not a rlly good idea to debut in a new market w a new language when ur idols look like shiet. not like SM care but can they at least work things out or idk debut next year, cuz rn i just want to fast forward to New Year so they can go home and rest again