he must be sleepy and upset

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they must have left for Bangkok really early in the morning for Jin to look exhausted like he does. It upsets me to see any of them look like that

I think jinnie just looks sleepy as opposed to exhausted. I’m just saying that because they got lots of rest. Jin got to go home to family and he went to an amusement park too ^_^ so you don’t have to worry too much anon~

Anonymous said: Is it true that Jimin is filming a drama??

it’s rumored that all of them are going to be in a web drama. but there’s no real info yet. we’ll probably find out soon.


it looks like they bleached his hair but only the top part, his undercut is still dark.

Anonymous said: hello! may i ask who are you following here? // who are your followings? hehe

hi~ ooohh i follow a lot of blogs I think, there’s like 500 and probably 300?! or so are bangtan related hehe

Anonymous said: Hello, I hope you’re having a great day and got lots of sleep! ^^ I’d like to know if there is site/social media account that announces music show winners every week, like for each individual show, except Music Core of course. I’ve been searching for that since BTS’s last comeback, but I haven’t been able to find a reliale source :/ Could you please help me with that? I’d really appreciate it :)

I’m not sure sorry, I think Soompi? usually posts about the winner.

Jerry and Sleepy Gary

Total Rickall is definitely one of my favorite episodes, if not my number one favorite episode of Rick and Morty. Today I was thinking about Jerry’s experience with the parasites and the artificial memories that were implanted in his mind. I found it odd that his memories were a lot more complex than “happy,” which is the only kind of memory that Morty theorizes that the parasites can create. Instead of the memory of a crisis occurring and the parasite’s character saving everyone, Jerry’s memory is of a relaxing boat trip with his best friend Sleepy Gary, during which they realize that they are in love. He also remembers him being Beth’s husband and the father of Summer and Morty. This memory consists of a lot of emotions other than fear and then happiness. Their story would lead to more fear and confusion when they go back to the house and confront Beth. After the flashback, Sleepy Gary tries to kiss Jerry, and Jerry pulls away and says “We agreed, not in the house, remember?” This is evidence of having a fake memory of a discussion that must have been difficult and upsetting for both of them. I thought it was very strange that Jerry’s memories of Sleepy Gary were so much more complicated. I went to google to see if anyone had thought up an explanation. There were no theories about Sleepy Gary specifically, but there was a theory that Jerry is a parasite. This may explain some things, because if he is a parasite then Sleepy Gary may be able to manipulate his memories differently. However, he has made many bad memories with his family. In fact, they seem to only have bad memories of him, unless you count romantic moments with Beth. Could he be a type of parasite that only makes bad memories? There is an episode that focuses on Rick and Jerry coming up, so perhaps we will see them make a good memory together. The main problem with this explanation is that Beth and everyone else also has memories of Sleepy Gary. My initial thought was that Jerry may have had a dream or some kind of fantasy that the parasite took advantage of or that he got mixed up with his memories of Sleepy Gary. If he had a dream or a series of dreams in which Beth had married someone else (this probably happens frequently considering their relationship) and he had a relationship with him and had to tell him to act like it never happened when they were in the house, he may have combined that with his memories of Sleepy Gary. However, this once again conflicts with the fact that everyone has memories of Sleepy Gary. Perhaps the parasite was stronger or was able to take inspiration from Jerry’s mind. Whatever the right answer is, I expect there to be more information about the parasites in the future.

Serene, Chapter III - Down the Rabbit Hole


Chapter III

Down the Rabbit Hole

Disclaimer: I don’t own A Court of Thorn and Roses and all characters in the series. All of the characters are the property of Sarah J Maas, and are not my intellectual property. There is no financial gain made from this nor will any be sought. This is for entertainment purposes only.

By the time he opened his eyes, the silver sparkling lands were no more. The realm is now pitch black. He heard a vicious growl from the distance, along with white eyes in the dark, whatever it was, ready to pounce him any minute. Tamlin went into his battle stance, preparing himself to kill whoever it is on sight. But soon he felt his magic taken away. Something was ripped from him and he roared to the night, refusing to accept the second experience of being stripped from his power.

The chilling growl turned into an otherworldly voice, echoing inside his head, unlike the gentle caress that had been guiding him earlier.

I saw greed.

And the High Lord collapsed.

Two Fae girls, not look older than 10 springs sat beside the comfy bed, with tree roots sustaining it and gentle shades of silver canopy up above. Their soft midnight haired head moved once in awhile, curiously inspecting the person in the bed. They have sat there for so a long while, fascinated by the creature who was sleeping soundly. Both of them had took him here because of the Queen’s order, and it was no easy task. The man is so heavy! And the Gollum weren’t so helpful either.

“Is he dead?” one with the shorter hair said for the umpteenth times, attempting to poke him.

“No, Milla, he’s not,” the other retorted, slapping her sisters’ hand, “Her Majesty told us to keep an eye on him!”

“We have waited here for so long, Nalla, and he doesn’t wake up at all!” she cried, “I want to go bother some Gollums! I’m bored!”

Nalla clicked her tongue. She despise her infernal twin of hers. So immature, so childish. Unlike her, Nalla take pride being one of the Queen’s apprentice. Even though all she did was taking care of the old tree. However, Milla apparently doesn’t care about it. All she did was chasing down the Tree younglings and Gollums, bugging them until they snapped and left her giggling.

“Fine, you go bug that Gollums, I’ll watch over him alone,” she retorted, emphasizing alone to make Milla catch the sign of how she try to guilt trip her sister.

“Really? Wooohoooo!” she exclaimed loudly, her feet stomping the wood under her, causing the tree house to shake.

“Milla, keep your voice down!” the older hissed.

Tamlin quietly open his eyes after all the noise, wanted to make the girls noticed him be releasing a groan. He had been aware of his surroundings for awhile, but refused to open his eyes to scanned the place by pretending to be asleep.

“He woke up, Nalla, I did it!”

“All you did was jumping around like a little monkey, you…”

“Hello, Sire! Are you awake?” little Milla exclaimed, putting her hands on the bed, excitedly looking at the man in front of her.

“Yes, yes I am,” he groaned, getting up as he rub the back of his neck, “where am I?”

“We took you from the tree, Sire!” she continued her babbling, “you are really heavy and you must have upset the elder, didn’t you? To have them knock you out like that? You shouldn’t do that, Sire, you shouldn’t! The Queen was…”

“Shhh!” the older hissed again, covering her twin sister, “go outside, I’ll explain things to him!”

Milla pouted.

“Now,” her sister finished.

The short haired girl stomped outside, muttering words as she went. Nalla turned her focus from her sister to her guest, who is sitting with his sleepy eyes and confusion.

“So, what is this place?” he asked again, eyes still wandering around. The room was so small compared to his chamber, with some silver light go through the windows. Dolls scattered in one corner while other place has a desk full of papers and maps. That, and a huge picure of a woman on the wall.

“This is my room, Sire,” young Nalla answered, “we found you fainted by the Elder Tree. How did you get there?”

“Someone told me about that tree and I try to find it,” he muttered, “the damned thing took my magic from me.”

“You have angered him, then,” she said.

“No idea how it got pissed off, I did what the voice told me.”

“Voice? What voice?”

“A girl’s voice led me to the tree, telling me how to find it. But when I said my wish the tree knocked me out.”

Nalla held her breath.

“What? You know something, Brat?”

“No, nothing,” she shook her head, “would you like to take a bath or something? The Queen is expecting you but she’s away at this moment.”

“I need to go back to my castle,” he replied.

“Later, after you meet the Queen,” she said, her voice stern. Tamlin eyed her for a good minute before he sighed.

“Fancy a tour?” she asked, her face uninterested, “this village isn’t much, but I think you’ll like it.”

Is there a limit of how many times a man can be surprised in a day?

Tamlin had trouble keeping his mouth closed the entire time as his eyes scanned the sight before him. They just go passed the girls’ door when he gaped at the city, it was a sight to behold. Something he never seen in the Spring Court. Everything was covered in different shades of silver and blue, the houses looked like they’re carved out of the sturdy trunk. The realm is full of tree houses, with bridges connected one across another. Every bridges has roofs, graced by bright lantern ever 1-2 meters.

Up above was a night sky with endless stars and an unusually big moon graced the castle far, far away. Countless stars fell , some houses were made of glass on top of the hills and mountains.

Beneath the land was the turqoise colored water, just like what he saw earlier around the Ancient Tree. He can see a stairs twirled down from one house to the land below, giving them access to gether the water they needed.

“The water… isn’t a magical one? It.. doesn’t grant.. wishes…here?” he stuttered, feeling stupid.

“The only water that grant wishes is only the one close to the Elder.”

“The Elder?”

“The tree that knocked you out,” she replied.

“Ah, right.”

“The water around here was the one the Queen provided. Although still magical, it won’t grant any wishes. The Elder has the power, and he choose who he deemed worthy.”

“Any specific criteria?”

“No lust, no greed, no anger,” she answered, her index finger emphasizing each words, “you got the greed, didn’t you?”

“How did you know?”

“The one with greed will have something precious taken away from him.”

“My magic…,” he sighed, “is there any way to retrieve it?”

“You must ask the Queen about that,” she replied, “now where is she…?”

Nalla scanned the land around her, trying to find the one she looking for, that immature twin of hers. She found her chasing a group of tree younglings, which shrieking in annoyance as it ran from Milla.

“Milla! Leave them alone!” she shouted as he rolled down a carpet which turned into a long stairs. Tamlin went to the edge of the bridge to see what’s the fuss, and catch himself muttering ‘the hell is that? Those are trees, aren’t they? But they are running around’.

“Aww, you’re ruining the fun!” the younger pouted. Her eyes soon stare into Tamlin’s as she smiled brightly again, “Hey, Sire! Having fun?”

The young lord found himself in a very confused state. This place is not an ordinary place, indeed. Running little trees, silver leaves, Elder tree sucking his power within seconds… this place is filled by great amount of magic.

“Who are you?” he finally asked, “and what is this.. place?”

“Oh, you finally got curious, aren’t you?” Milla jumped, excited, “I’m waiting for a long time to say this!”

The girls stood before him, Milla’s eyes round and bright, Nalla’s face remained impassive as always, the younger tried to hold her bubbling happiness within her.

“Welcome to the Court of the Moon,” she giggled, “We are Milla and Nalla, the Queen’s apprentice.”

“Court of the Moon?”

The twin nodded.

“There’s no such thing as the Court of the Moon.”

Milla gaped and Nalla shook her head in disapproval, looking at him as if he'a dumb fool.

“The Court of the Moon is one of the ancient Court ever made. We were the the ancestor of the Night’s,” said Nalla as she walked, motioning the rest to follow her.

“Yeah, the Night, one with the perverted, audacious High Lord, you know him, right?” Milla added.

“…of course,” he muttered.

“Our Court has always been hidden, because of the Elder Tree. The former King of the Night was obsessed with it, especially on its ability to grant wishes,” said Nalla, “he would come to the Elder Tree over and over, but never find his path, because of the overwhelming greed inside him.”

“After many failed attempts, he became a bit.. destructive…,” Milla chimed in.

“He burnt the entire woods in an attempt to find the path, that old fool. That one last attempt angered the Queen.”

“Her Majesty sealed the whole Court with a spell to conceal it, away from all malice; and she cursed the wretched King to live with his greed all his life, until an heir came, that’s strong willed enough to not inherit his amount of hatred.”


“The High Lord has been faring well, or so I’ve heard,” Nalla smirked slightly.

Tamlin snorted.

“The side effect is thes realm never see other view than the night sky, but it’s not that bad.”

“I hate night sky,” he grumbled under his breath.

“So.. how did you get here, Sire?” asked Milla, “because the Queen herself made sure that no one ever heard of our story.”

“A maid in my castle told me,” he said, confused, “she told me a story about a pond that can grant wishes.”

Milla and Nalla exchanged glances.

“That’s impossible, Sire, no one would ever know about this place, unless…”

“You were talking about a voice, too. What voice?” Nalla cut her off.

“There’s a voice talking to me, saying that I should beg to find my path or something.”

“Milla, go to the castle, immediately. We should request an audience to the Queen as soon as possible.”

Milla nodded eagerly as she ran with her little legs, whistled as she went, calling a little fat bird. She hop onto it and flew.

“What is it? Explain to me!”

“Listen, Sire. No one, no one ever know about our story after our Queen sealed the realm. But the sealing doesn’t came out perfect.”

“You Queen made a mistake.”

Nalla nodded.

“One of the royalty, a rebellous girl left out of the Court, the Queen has been terribly heartbroken ever since,” she continued, “The Royal Princess were out there, trying to stop the damned King army.”

“And she’s the first Guardian of the Elder. She’s the only one who can bend the Elder onto her will, a rare being that she was, at least enough to open the path. I am now understand why the Queen brought you here.”

“You are saying that my maid is…”

“A Daemati and the first Shadowsinger master, Her Highness Sara Endear.”

“You are saying my maid is a Daemati and Shadowsinger master.”

Nalla nodded.

He roared a laugh.

“She can’t even bring a tray properly,” he chuckled.

“Oh yes, she’s clumsy at times but she’s still the Royal Princess of the Moon.”

“Does that imply anything?”

Nalla sighed.

“The people of the Moon Court are masters of shadow, although with that amount of perceptiveness Her Highness won’t need a Shadowsinger and Daemati skill at all to understand others.”

“That princess of yours love to gossip with the rest of the maid, how unladylike.”

“She did?” Nalla raised her brow, “but we made sure that she doesn’t have that habit…”

“You think too highly of your master.”

“You love to underestimate people, aren’t you?”

Tamlin stiffened.

“Arrogance will not bring you anywhere,” Nalla smirked, knowing that she hit the nail.

As the last word spilled from Nalla’s mouth, horns were sounded, and Nalla found herself gripping the edge of the bridge. There, tens of boats came from afar, in the middle was a silver boat and in it stood a regal woman, whose face Tamlin had seen in Nalla’s room. Silver hair, and eyes as dark as the haunting night sky, identical to the sky above.

“The Queen has arrived,” said Nalla, “Pray that she like you enough to give back your magic.”

Expensive Girl (Part 2)

Wish I was sorry, but I’m not.

Part 1: http://kpopnlockit.tumblr.com/post/110214492037/expensive-girl-part-1 Part 3: http://kpopnlockit.tumblr.com/post/110217648067/expensive-girl-part-3

Too quickly, you turned with a smile of relief on your face. To your surprise, it wasn’t Namjoon. Zico gave you a smug smirk. You had never felt your smile fade so fast. “Disappointed?” He asked, faking a look of hurt. “Of course not.” You lied. His shoulder pressed into your arm, but you didn’t move. His sharp eyes locked with yours.

He was silently challenging you, but you wouldn’t back down. You gave him a tight smile and raised an eyebrow. Zico chuckled at that. You eventually broke the eye contact to steal a glance at his chest tattoo that was peeking out from under the low cut tee under his unbuttoned pink blazer. He laughed out loud when he followed your gaze. “Like what you see?” He asked cockily. You pursed your lips and furrowed your eyebrows in an incredulous look. His tattoos were cool, but not that impressive.

“Congratulations on your single.” You repeated insincerely focusing your eyes on his face. “Did you listen to it?” He questioned. You nodded. “Did you like it?” You nodded again. Though it wasn’t your usual taste, the chorus was catchy. You found that you constantly had it stuck in your head. As a result, you played it quite often and had even added to your usual playlist.

Sensing that you were going to clam up, Zico asked, “How do you know Rapmon?” You opened your mouth to answer him but a tall glass was thrust in between your faces. Namjoon had returned from the bar and was handing you a lime rickey with vodka. He held his own whiskey on the rocks in his other hand. His expression reeked of suspicion.

You took your drink and gratefully took a sip. “We met through my company.” Namjoon answered for you. Zico gave him a semi-interested look. You all knew that he wanted the response to come from you. Turning his attention back to you, Zico asked, “How old are you?” “Twenty-two.” Namjoon answered for you again, sipping on his drink.

Though you couldn’t hear it, you could see Zico “tsk” at Namjoon. Feeling the tension, you took a gulp of your sweet but refreshingly sour lime rickey. Your eyes darted between the two men. “Would you like to dance?” Zico inquired. You eyes widened at the question. Both men looked at you expectantly. You bit your lower lip as you thought over the proposition.

You needed to get over your feelings for Namjoon and here was a great opportunity presenting itself. Zico had all the good qualities Namjoon did, though he was a bit rougher around the edges and far more forward. Though he didn’t have a dimple like Namjoon, he was cute. His long eyes were attractive and he extremely passionate about his music. More importantly, he was clearly expressing his interest in you.

You took another sip of your drink before placing it down on the table. You stood up, handed Namjoon his jacket, and held your hand out to Zico. Zico gave Namjoon a smirk after beaming up at you. He took your extended hand and you two made your way to the first floor. You chose to ignore the offended stare Namjoon shot at you. Zico made sure to hold your hand extra tight as you went down the stairs, naturally placing his hand against the small of your back to steady you.

You smiled to yourself at the affectionate gesture. He had similar manners to Namjoon. Not letting go of your hand, he led you to the dance floor. Shoving past people, you made your way to the center of the writhing mass of people. Maybe it was the combination of Red Bull and vodka hitting you or maybe it was just your exhaustion making you a lightweight, but all of a sudden you felt unrestrained. You didn’t want to be shackled down your one-sided love for Namjoon anymore. You wanted to throw your inhibitions away and feel wanted for once.

You bit your lip as Zico pulled the hand he was holding over his shoulder and wrapped his free arm around your waist. You held onto his shoulder and you started to dance. You looked up at him through your lashes and allowed yourself to be held close to his body. You both moved to the music, your body swaying against him. You giggled at the unfamiliar feeling of being in a man’s arms.

You could feel Zico’s warm breath ghost across your neck as he pushed your hair to one side. His face was dangerously close to yours. Things were heating up so fast. Trying to slow your roll a bit before you lost all control of yourself, you turned in his arms so your back was pressed against his chest. He placed his hand on your stomach and you rested an arm over his.
You ground your butt against his hips and leaned your head back against his shoulder. His nose trailed up your exposed neck and he caught a whiff of your shampoo. You smelled intoxicating to him. You leaned your torso forward suddenly, your ass rubbing against his crotch with more pressure now. He almost groaned at the sight of your running a hand through your hair and glancing back at him mischievously. You knew what you were doing to him.

Unnoticed by you, Namjoon was watching the whole exchange from the second floor. His knuckles were white as he held the chrome railing tightly. He had polished off his whiskey as you walked off with his hyung, and now he was knocking back your drink as you swiveled your hips against Zico. The sight was infuriating.

Zico held your hip, pressing you tightly to him as you teased him. He thought you were ethereal when you walked in behind Namjoon, but now you were just insufferably sexy. He pulled you to stand straight by your shoulder and spun you around so you faced him again. He held the back of your neck as he wedged his leg between your thighs. You reached around his middle and gripped the back of his shirt with both hands. Your eyes lingered on his parted lips as you ground your core down on the top of his thigh. The feeling was electric.

All too soon the song was over and the DJ called Zico up to the stage. He gave you one last look at told you that he wasn’t done with you yet before he weaved his way through the crowd. As the dance floor cleared, you started for the second floor. You halted when you felt the pricking feeling of someone watching you. You searched and couldn’t find the source on your level. The DJ started singing a congratulatory song as an outrageously large cake shaped like a cookie was brought before Zico. Everyone naturally joined in the song.You looked up and realized you had done something very wrong when you met with Namjoon’s squinted eyes.

You sped past the bouncer who recognized you from earlier and let you through. People stopped singing and your heels clacked loudly as you ran up the stairs. Namjoon’s eyebrows had been furrowed and his lips pressed together in a straight line. That was his pissed off face. What had happened while you were gone?

Namjoon saw you coming. He released the railings and went back to the now semi-empty section from before. Everyone had gone down to the stage to take turns congratulating Zico. He was refilling his glass with some whiskey on the table when you finally made it over to him. He glanced at you out of the corner of his eye and busied himself with putting some ice cubes in his drink.

Knowing better than to disturb him when he was upset, you slid quietly onto a couch and just observed him. To your surprise he plopped down next to you and offered you sip of the drink. You didn’t question where your drink for earlier had gone and instead just took a swig of the chilled whiskey. The cool alcohol felt refreshing as it when down but left behind a warm burn that wasn’t all too unpleasant. The sensation had you feeling a little less wary of Namjoon.

“Having fun?” He asked insincerely. You nodded as Zico’s solo started blaring, cutting you off from speaking. Now that you were sitting again, the tiredness from earlier was seeping back into your bones. You stifled a yawn and slouched into the back of the sofa. The alcohol was making you sleepy now that your initial buzz had worn off.

Not caring about Namjoon’s nasty temperament at the moment, you leaned your head on his shoulder. Though you couldn’t hear him sigh, you felt it. You unconsciously pouted at his reaction. He must have noticed and used the hand that wasn’t holding his drink to softly pat you on the head. “Still tired?” He questioned loud enough for you to hear. You nodded once again. “What are you upset about?” You ventured to ask. He shook you off at that. Needless to say, you were taken aback. You frowned when he glared at you. What the hell was he so angry about?

Right then Zico and his gang rowdily made their return. With a seemingly practiced ease, Zico wrapped his arm around your shoulders as he slid into the seat next to you. You could hear Namjoon scoff under his breath before taking another gulp of his drink. The fun you were having earlier seemed to be sucked out of you all at once. Your mood was turning sour along with Namjoon’s attitude.

You managed an artificial smile as Zico shook you a bit to get your attention, but your lightheartedness was long gone. Zico pulled his phone from his blazer’s inside pocket. His nose nuzzled your ear as he asked for your phone number so quietly only you could hear him. While you would have normally played a bit hard to get, you simply took his phone from him and entered your number. You were no longer in the mood to be flirty or playful.

You handed Zico back his phone and you could hear Namjoon saracastically comment “Woooooow.” You abruptly stood up, startling both Zico and Namjoon. They looked up at you as you demanded your phone from Namjoon. He clicked his tongue at you and sighed before shifting to pull it out of his pocket. Luckily, you had wedged your cash and I.D. between your phone and the phone case.

You leaned down to hug Zico and whispered into his ear a polite goodbye. “You’re leaving already?” He asked loudly as you turned on your heel and stalked away. Shocked and confused by the sudden turn of events, Namjoon swiftly set his glass on the table, scooped up his jacket, and hopped up after you. Zico followed after the two of you with his eyes.

Namjoon’s long fingers wrapped around your bicep and jerked you to a halt. You weren’t expecting the sudden force and your heels couldn’t take the dual movements. They twisted and you lost balance, falling ungracefully to the floor. You landed on your hip painfully. Zico, who was watching the whole exchange, hastily ran to the scene.

Namjoon was already trying to hoist you up by your arms when Zico made it over to you. You stood up on wobbly legs, rubbing your hip in a futile attempt to ease the pain. “What the hell?!” You exclaimed, throwing Namjoon the dirtiest look you could summon. Zico grabbed hold of your wrist, inspecting you as he asked if you were okay. Your expression softened at his concern and you told him that you were fine.

Namjoon bit his lip and looked anywhere but you. Your cheeks felt hot with embarrassment. You gave Zico a quick bow and another goodbye before trying to go down the stairs with what little pride you had left intact. Namjoon rushed to hold your hand and support you as you went down, but you slapped his hand away. “Aish!” You heard him say as he rubbed the back of his neck. Instead, he stuck to your back, making sure he would be able to catch you if you took another tumble.

Once you cleared the stairs, you began to peel the case off your phone and get your cash ready for a taxi. You were beyond ready to go home. However, once you managed to squeeze yourself out the door, Namjoon jogged up ahead, cutting you off. “What?!” You snapped, tired of his bullshit. His jaw tightened. He didn’t like your tone but he let it go. You had reason to be angry at him. You did just bust your ass in front of a host of celebrities.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you fall.” He apologized, running his hand nervously through his hair. You sighed and you could feel your temper slowly subsiding. As much as you wanted to scream at him for ruining your night, you didn’t have it in you to stay mad at him when he was trying to placate you. “Let’s just go home.” You responded. He nodded in agreement.

You shivered as the heat from your anger faded and you could feel the cold breeze again. Seizing the opportunity, he covered your shoulders with his leather jacket. Never had he been so thankful that he came prepared. After he called for a taxi, you asked him, “Are you spending the night?” You refused to make eye contact with him though it was routine for him to sleep over at your place after a night of drunken fun. “Is that okay? It’s a bit late for me to sneak back into the dorm.” He replied. “It’s okay.” You mumbled as you inspected your shoes.

You waited just a few more minutes before the taxi pulled up. Namjoon opened the door and let you get in first before crawling in himself. It was just a ten minute ride to your apartment, but it was a ride spent in silence. The air hadn’t been completely cleared as you still didn’t know what had set Namjoon off in the first place.


LOOK AT THESE DARLINGS !! it’s been over a week but i promised to post some pics of the fukuro no mise i went to in Osaka, so here they are! my primary aim for the trip was to get the Bokuto and Akaashi owls together in one pic BUT LUCK IS NOT ON MY SIDE as the Akaashi owl was on break in his little cot there~ 

COOL THING WAS, the owl cafe staff (or at least some of them) are into Haikyuu as well?? HAHAHA (they saw my Suga phone case) and one of their owls is named ‘Kuro’ HAHAHA Kuro was such a funny lil shit, he gets riled up at tissue papers and his feathers get all puffed up cuz hes sooo mad when he sees them

tbh OWLS ARE SO… STILL?? LIKE. when we first entered, I DIDNT EVEN REALIZE THE OWLS WERE THERE??HHAHAAHAHA they were all unmoving and staring at us with their BIG OL’ EYES like actual plush dolls but they can also make the funniest expressions! Bokuto!owl was so adorable tho!! he hopped off his perch and happily walked away but was getting nowhere cuz he was still tied to the pole….i mean…thats so bokuto….. Akaashi!owl was so dignified but also v distracted the whole time, moving his head 360 degrees it was hard to get a good shot, LOL

Tattoo Ashton Part 3 (Complications)

ok so i was planning a diff. smutty ending, but i was having so much trouble writing it so i just pulled this ending out of my ass. hope it doesn’t suck xx

Here I am again. The same tattoo shop that turned my life topsy turvy a mere 2 ½ weeks ago. But this time I don’t hesitate outside my car like last time. I came with a purpose and if Ashton was going to be a stubborn asshole, then this is how I have to play it out.

I give my car door a slam for good measure before practically marching to door, the bell above the door tinkling like the other times, though today it just seems annoying.

Todd, one of the managers, is here again and he greets me as he tidies up a stack of tattoo magazines.

“Back so soon?” He asks. “I’m starting to think you’re not here for our outstanding tattooing service.”

“Sorry. Last time, I promise. I just need to pay Ash for last time. It seemed to slip his mind,” I say. I try to look around the corner and peek into the back room when he’s not at his chair.

“He’s off. Won’t be back until next week,” Todd says. I frown, rather preferring to get this over with so I don’t have to deal with him ever again. “But I can give you his address if you promise not to kill him on me. He’s one of my best artists as you’ve probably figured out.”

Not what I hoped, but I can quickly swing by his house and drop the money I owe him off in the mailbox without seeing him. The sooner I get this over with, the better.

“Thanks, that’d be great, Todd. Sorry for causing any trouble, by the way.”

“It’s no problem, really. Just make sure Ashton’s still in one piece when you’re through chewing him out?”

“Yeah, okay. Thanks again.” Todd scribbles Ashton’s number of a corner of a magazine and tears it out for me, putting it in my hand.

As I speed towards Ashton’s house, my mind races to the tune of Fat Lip by Sum 41 blasting from my radio. What if he sees me? What will I say to him? Maybe he’s not even home. My blood boils just thinking of the last conversation we had. I had tried to say sorry and fix things, but he just wanted to be a little whiny five-year-old and pout. If he hadn’t insisted on making a big deal out of things, who knows, we could be having sex this whole time. Truth is, I don’t want to be mad at Ashton. And I certainly don’t want this to be the last time I’ll associate with him. I was attracted to him from the moment I walked into the shop. I found that I loved the way he roughly whispered dirty things to me, how I wanted to be his good girl, but show him how bad I can be for him too.

But that’s just how things played out. And if I’m being completely honest, it’s my fault for being a pussy and not calling him in the first place.

I turn onto his Ashton’s street and check Todd’s note for the house number. 417. I park my car on the curb. In front of me lies 417 Riviera St., a one-level white house, with a black door. And no mailbox. What kind of poor fuck has no mailbox? I sigh. This complicates things. I sit in my car deciding what to do. Maybe I should just go back to the shop and leave the money with Todd. I was an idiot to come here in the first place. If he sees me, all I’m in for is a big screaming match like the one a few days earlier. And it’d leave me feeling madder at myself than I do now.

Then again, I do really want to see him again, even if it’s to say ‘see ya’, have a good life’. I could just knock on the door and hand it to him then leave right away, and that would be a lot better than just leaving a wad of cash on his doorstep like a friggin’ 8-year-old ding-dong ditcher.

I open my car door, refraining to slam it this time. I notice as I walk up the walkway to this front door, that my heart is beating in time with my feet on the pavement. I’m standing at Ashton’s doorstep, not knowing where to go from here. Do I really want to start another argument again? Too late now.

I ring the doorbell vigorously, making sure to keep a cross look on my face. I hear someone (presumably Ash) yell “coming!” from on the other side of the door and try my best to look impatient and upset. When the door swings open and reveals a disheveled, sleepy-looking Ashton, I let my guard down for just a minute. Clearly I’ve forgotten how angelic he appears, but with his dark tattoos climbing up his arms, he’s more a fallen angel come to Earth to wreak havoc on innocent (ha, I’m nowhere near that) young women. His curly head of hair flies out in all direction, with a few cowlicks hanging in his eyes, his droopy, tired but still shining copper eyes. And must I even describe his clothing, but it’s not what he’s wearing, rather, how he wears it. His black singlet clings tight to his chest and abdomen, while his navy blue sweatpants do quite the opposite, as they hang low on his hips, displaying the waistband of his white Calvin Klein’s. That’s the thing with Ashton. He doesn’t have to try to be perfect, everything around him just changes itself to be perfect for him. And a part of me wants to be perfect for him, but then again, he himself said we’re too different.

“What are you doing here?” It’s nowhere near an accusation. Ashton asks it plainly as if he only means to ask my purpose of being on his doorstep. 

At this point, I feel like I’m doing a rather lousy job at acting angry with him. I’m already being sucked into his dreamy looks, and if I’m ever going to stand a chance of leaving for good, I need to get out now.

“Here,” I say, shoving the wad of cash at him. I push it in the hand that’s holding the door open. When he opens his hand, he looks at the money, confused.

“What’s this for?”

“I haven’t paid you for my tattoo or the touch-up work you did. Now we’re square,” I say, beginning to turn on my heel.

“You don’t owe me anything. I don’t want this money,” he says, shaking his head at it. He holds out his hand for me to take it back but I won’t.

“The deal was that if I took you out to dinner, we would be square. Since that is not happening, you have to take what I owe you so I can be done.” I fold my arms–not to look angry, but to hide how my fingers shake right before I cry.

“Done with what?” He asks, his eyebrows knitting together, though it’s difficult to notice under his curls, but I’ve memorized the way his nose crinkles too when he is confused.

“With this. With you.” My voice cracks at the last word and I can feel the tears build up in the corners of my eyes. Please don’t cry. Hold out for a little longer, once you’re far away from this place. I know it’s too late as the tears let loose, racing down my cheeks. I turn around to make an escape to my car, but Ashton leans out the door and grabs my arm. I look at him through the haze of my tears, wishing he’d just let go, but also to hold me tighter.

“You can’t drive while you’re crying,” he says, the brown in his eyes so much like melted chocolate, that if they could, they would run down his cheeks just like my tears. He tugs me inside, and I let him.

I’m surprised as I’m pulled into Ashton’s arms, though at this point, I don’t fight it. I need strength, even if it comes from the very thing that makes me weak. His hands stay at my waist, supporting me in his embrace, preventing me from sliding to the floor. I don’t notice I stopped crying until the trails on my cheeks were cold and began to dry on my face.

“You want to be done with me?” Ashton finally speaks after the long silence. I look up at him, being close enough to see in detail each tiny stubble on his defined chin and jaw. “Well I don’t want to be done with you. I want you to know who I am. I want to show you I can make love to you rather than just fuck. I’m just afraid I can’t live up to who you want me to be, that you need more.”

“You’re all I want right now,” I reply.

I’m taken by surprise when Ashton asks, “Can I kiss you?”

“Trust me, I’ll let you do way more than that,” I smile. I don’t get to say any more, because Ashton’s lips are on mine, just as I remember them, soft but consumed by passion. 

His hands still rest on my waist, though his fingers curl and pull me tighter to his body. Our kisses become looser and deeper as time progresses, my mouth eventually parting to encourage Ashton to tease my tongue with his. It seems my hands have a mind of their own as they hurriedly run up his chest to his neck, but drift back down to clutch at his collar. To my dismay, Ashton pulls himself from me. He steps back from my grasp, and slowly pulls his singlet over his head. I don’t know what part of his body to focus on, how his arms bulged and flexed when he lifted his shirt off, or the tight muscles in his stomach, or the now quite obvious bulge in his sweats.

“Let’s take this slow, okay baby?” I pout, not wanting to be patient, but I’m not pouting for long because Ash steps closer again. His hands come up to cup my soft face, holding it just as gently as if I’m made of glass. I’m stunned by the look in his eyes–serious, yet aroused, sparkling with flecks of gold, but also burning a deep brown. “I want to be able to take my time with you…” he explains in a tone that’s just as slow and tantalizing as he is. “…savor every bit of you,” he adds. Something deep inside me stirs from the way his lips curl into a sly smile. Ashton kicks the door closed with his foot and pulls me close again as it shuts with a thud.

“Wanna head to the bedroom?” Ashton asks me, nodding his head in the direction down the hall. I nod, attempting to look just the right amount of eager. He takes my hand and begins to lead me down the hall. I take the time to again appreciate how well Ashton’s tattoos suit him. The door is open and I look around, expecting to see a room littered with dirty clothes and even dirtier magazines. To my surprise, his room is orderly, everything on the desk that sits across from his bed looks neat. His bed is made and I don’t see any leftover plates of food lying around.

“What?” Ashton mumbles, reading my expression.

“Just not what I expected,” I say.

He sits on the edge of his mattress, pulling on my hand to join him. He moves into the middle of the bed and props himself up on his pillows. “I’m not an animal that lives in a pile of hay,” Ash smiles. He pulls me on his lap, sliding his hands to my jaw again. I let him lean in, closing his eyes as his lips attach to mine. They soon lose interest and move down to my neck, working with determination to mark my skin.

“I just thought of you as that type of guy–” I begin, but Ashton pulls his lips away from me and looks at me.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” He slides me off his lap and turns to hang his feet off the bed. 

“Nothing, sorry,” I say quickly, shifting onto my knees so I can kneel behind him. I hang my hands around his neck, leaning into him and pressing soft kisses near his Adam’s apple. “Let’s pick this up again,” I tease, trailing my hands down his chest to the waistband of his sweatpants. I only let my palm graze his hard-on and I feel him tense beneath my touch.

“I hear what you mean loud and clear. I’ve been judged all my life, so I don’t need this from you,” Ash accuses. He stands up, peeling my hands off him. This is the first time I’m seeing this side of Ashton–hands running through his curly mat of hair, pacing his room. It’s hard to remember that a guy who spends so much time under the needle, is acquainted with the sting of pain. “You know, you’re not exactly the kinda girl you look like either. Last time I checked, girls-next-door don’t get tattoos and fuck the first guy they come across,” he retorts.

“That’s not fair and you know it. I don’t recall you opposing any of the things I did in that chair with you. And this is exactly what I wanted to avoid.” I get off his bed so I can face him. “All I wanted was to give you your damn money and get on with my life. I knew I didn’t need any complications in my life.” My heart is racing at this point, just not in the way I had planned.

“God, all you are is complication! You came into my shop, put your tits in my face, fucked me, then didn’t call me!”

“This was a mistake. I shouldn’t have come here. I don’t know what was expecting,” I say, pushing past Ashton into the hall.

“Let me help you then. You were expecting posters of naked women on my wall, shit everywhere–sound about right?” Ashton yells following me into the hall.

“Call me when you stop being a fucking dick, Ashton!” I yank open the front door.

“Oh yeah, and call me when–oh wait, better not hold my fucking breath!” He shouts after me as I storm to my parked car.

I see Ashton’s figure behind his screen door until he slams the door closed. I get in my car, absolutely seething with rage. This came nowhere near any ideas I had of how it would go down. Everything with his is a fight, and that’s just what I wanted to avoid when he handed me his number. This only shows that we are just two different people. Two different people that are great together when it comes to sex, but as far as a relationship comes, it seems there’s no hope for us.

'Revealing Secrets'

requested by dauntlesskilljoywithfandoms

summary: my big brother Michael was very protective, more so when he found out I was dating Calum

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