he must be really tired

fuckfuckfuck this is sooo late. writer’s block completely crashed into me and screwed me over. i don’t know how to write anymore i’m sorry D: 

prompt fill for the fantastic @prompt-master​!! <3

“–Jeremy? You’re spacing out.”

Michael regrets the words when he sees Jeremy’s shoulders tense up, his whole body going rigid. “Shit, I didn’t mean to startle you.”

“No, I–” Jeremy swerves around to face his best friend, blinking owlishly. “I’m fine. Sorry.”

Michael studies him closely. He seems fine, but the blue of his eyes is a bit duller than usual–an airy blue adulterated with gray, like a sky anticipating a rainstorm. It’s a little concerning. His eyes only look like that when he’s sad. Or tired.

“Are you okay?”

Jeremy blinks, clearly startled by the question. “What? Yeah. I’m–good. I’m great.” He smiles–thank god it’s a genuine smile–and Michael relaxes just a little. 

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Fighting Sleep

Warnings: None

Rating: F for fluff

Word Count: 776

Turning over, soft sheets slid from my shoulders. The room was freezing and dark. I reached my hand out and felt around for my personal space heater, like always. I groped for a little in half sleep before I registered that he wasn’t there. Squinting at my bright phone screen I saw the time read 1:45; of course he was up late. Sliding from our warm bed, I slipped on a pair of shorts and one of his old shirts from the floor. Freezing half to death in the flat, I headed out to find him where he was always hiding. The hall light was still on, but he’d at least had the decency to cut off everything in the living room. Phil’s door was shut and his room was dark, at least he’d gone to sleep. I reached the end of the hall and cut the lights, filling the flat with a darkness to match the eerie midnight silence. I barely made it up the stairs to the office. I expected him to be editing something at the desktop but instead he was sitting on the sofa bed with his laptop on his chest. He looked tired, though. I knocked on the door frame, drawing his attention away from the screen. He gave me a tiny smile. “Hey, pumpkin.” I came over and sat next to him. “Dan, why are you still up? It’s almost 2.” I laid my head onto his shoulder, fingers sliding through his waves. I was still barely awake, and all I wanted was to be asleep tucked inside a pair of arms. “Just answering some emails, you know half the people me and Phil talk to are 8 hours behind. This is the only time we can really communicate.” He was typing out some response as he said that. “Well, they can wait. You need your rest, bear,” I scolded him gently. We had this argument at least once a week. He always forced himself to stay up answering emails or playing video games, then he’d sleep till 1PM the next day and complain about his sleep schedule. Dan groaned and I pinched his neck.

“Ow! You asshole don’t pinch me!”

“Then go to bed!”

“I don’t wannaaaaaa.”

I rolled my eyes, sat up and yanked his face from the screen so I saw exhausted brown eyes. “You’re acting like a baby. Now come downstairs and cuddle me until we both go to sleep!” I demanded. Dan giggled, “Is that supposed to insult me, you trash bag? Just go back to bed and wait for me. I’ll be down soon okay?” He kissed my lips softly. “No. You need to come to bed. Even Phil called it a night. Plus you’re an idiot when you’re tired. I bet half these emails don’t even make sense. And lack of sleep makes you stressed out.” Dan pouted, turning his face back toward the laptop. I didn’t say anything else. Instead, I cuddled close to him, head finding its way back to the crook of his neck and watching him finish the rest of his work. He slid an arm around me. I smiled and ran my hand through his hair while I watched. Soon I shut my eyes, sometimes it was just easier to be there, to let him do whatever he wanted. Not to mention he always managed to fall asleep whenever we cuddled.

Sure enough, after about 20 minutes, he stopped scrolling and I heard him start breathing heavier. His cheek landed on top of my head. I shut his screen and lifted the laptop from his lap, placed it beside me to carry downstairs later, then carefully slid out from under Dan’s arm. He didn’t react to any of this, he must really be tired. “Dan,” I whispered. “Get up, baby. Let’s go to bed.” He sighed at the sound of my voice. “C’mon, ‘m tired. Lemme sleep,” he complained, but reluctantly let me pull him up into a standing position. I rolled my eyes, now he wanted to sleep? “I know honey, let’s get you into bed then so you can sleep alright?” Dan’s voice was high and dreamy, like a little boy’s, “Okay, let’s go downstairs then.” We made our way back through the flat, silent.

When we were finally in his room, I let him fall into bed before crawling in on the other side. He pulled me to him, placing me under his chin. I tangled our legs together and rested my arm around his waist. He was finally in bed with me, and we could sleep comfortably.

“Good night, pumpkin.”

“Good night, bear.”

Half awake and stressed out of existence, needed some fluffy shit to make the pain go away so enjoy this short adorable piece.


Sleepless nights (ii)

Continuation of this! I have a couple more nights of sleeping difficulty planned for poor Nursey, and eventually the whole thing is going up on ao3. This one got long. And if someone could help me figure out how to make the “keep reading” work for mobile…that would be GREAT - the internet is failing me.


Nursey’s bus leaves for Maine at 9:45am from Port Authority, and Nursey finds himself sprinting through the uptown building at 9:40 after initially going to the wrong gate. His duffle bag bounces against his side as he clambers down the escalator, finally arriving at his gate two minutes before the bus is supposed to depart. Panting, he hands his ticket to a very bored-looking driver, and hauls himself onto the bus. He finds a seat near the back, wanting to avoid the inevitable fall on the way to the shitty on-bus bathroom later on. Stowing his bag overhead, Nursey finally drops into his seat and lets out a long breath.

Me: made it :)

Dexyyy: Proud of you.

Dexyyy: What’s your ETA again?

Me: supposed to be around 7:30 I think? Bus takes fucking forever. Stops and shit

Dexyyy: Got it.

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Morning Run

Originally posted by aomg-jaypark

It was close to midnight when you found yourself sprawled out across the living room carpet. You lay on your back groaning as your hands massaged your slightly round belly in small circles. “Why did I eat so much?” Your food baby was forgotten when you heard your phone beep once in a high chime. 

Jay: Sorry, I can’t make it to dinner.
You: You don’t say! LOL 

You laughed seeing he had responded to the text message you had sent him hours ago. It was well past dinner time, you had pretty much figured he wouldn’t be coming over. It was for the best anyway because you had finished all the food yourself. 

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{ Insomnia } Jughead x Reader

Summary : you usually have difficulty sleeping at night due to stress in school . your brother , Jughead saw you awake decided to help you fall asleep like how did when you two were younger . 

warnings : -  none  -

request : N/A

I sat up on my bed in frustration . I just can’t seem to fall asleep . Turning over to the table beside my bed , I grabbed my phone to check what time it was . 

Great, its already 3am

I let out a loud sigh . 

“ Jellybean ? “ I heard a husky voice . Followed by the creaking of my slightly opened door being pushed open . “ Why are you still awake ? “  my brother  walked in and sat at the edge of my bed . “ Juggie … “  i sighed .“ What’s wrong ? “ he asked while rubbing his tired eyes with the back of his hands .“ I can’t sleep “ I pouted . “ Why ? Is something bothering you ? “ he asked with worried written all over “ It’s just .. school “ I rolled my eyes . “ Anyways , why are you up ? “ I asked . “ I went to get a drink “ He yawned . “ You must be really tired , go to sleep then “ 

“ what about you , Jellybean ? “ He gave me a light pat on the head . “ I’ll be fine “ I assured him .He stood up and walked over to my side of the bed .“ scoot over “ he said picking up my blanket . I made space for him . 

He laid down beside me and slowly wrapped his arms  around me while he hummed my favourite lullaby . “ Just like old times huh “ He smiled . “ Yeah “ 

When we were younger , we shared rooms . I remembered being afraid of the “ monsters “ under my bed and would not sleep well at night . Jughead would always lie next to me and sing me a lullaby till i drift into slumberland . We would do this every night till we turned 10 . 

His hums were getting softer and I knew he is already half-way into slumberland . “ I miss this , Juggie “ I whispered . “ I miss this too , Jellybean “ he said as he planted a soft kiss on the back of my head . 

A/N ; Hello ! This is my first imagine ! please let me know and give me some feedback in my asks !! for requests , please send it to me in my ask !!


Part One

A/N: I decided to make this one a series so enjoy

The show MGK had just put on had been amazing, as usual. Didn’t go exactly according to plan, also usual.

He had somehow snuck a huge bin of ice water on the stage and threw it at the crowd, luckily the audience ate it up.

Other than that all was well the show was over and everyone was at the after party at some hotel you didn’t bother knowing the name of.

Everyone seemed to be in full party mode, everyone but Kells, he was really just drinking, he must be tired after the show, that on top of the fact that he had been non stop for two weeks writing new songs.

Lets get him out of here before someone ask him why he isn’t joining the party and Kells snaps on the poor guy.

‘Yo, let’s head up to the rooms, you look ready to drop.’ you said as you pulled him away from all the noise. He seemed to be too drunk to walk by himself so you did your best to keep him up.

You decided against the elevator, Kells had a high rate of getting stuck in those and you didn’t want to risk it.

‘Can you make it up to the third floor?’ you asked.

Kells didn’t really reply so you rolled your eyes and began to drag him up the stairs.

‘You are too heavy for this shit.’ you panted as you reached his room.

You patted him down and found his room key and opened the door.

When you tried to put him on the bed he pulled you down and you landed on him.

‘Come on.’ you groaned in annoyance.

‘M’ horny.’ Kells slurred.

Oh no, nope nope nopedy nope.

You tried to get up but Kells had wrapped his arms around you waist.

‘You’re drunk.’ you said.

‘You’re cute, and nice.’ he mumbled before he began kissing your neck, making you gasp.

‘You smell good too, like kush.’ he said as kisses became little bites that had you holding back moans.

‘Because I’m surrounded by potheads.’ you groaned.

‘Kells you are wasted, and seem to be forgetting I’m not some random girl, I work with you everyday. You’d probably whiskey dick anyway.’ you said as you pulled away as best you could since he still had his arms around you.

‘I never whiskey dick, see?’ 

He moved his hands from your waist to your ass and grinded against you and sure enough below the belt he was sober and fully functioning.

‘So can we fuck now?’ he asked as the grinding continued.

‘You never have any guys on the bus, and no boyfriend, so why not?’ he asked huskily.

‘Because it would be awkward.’ 

‘Liar, your eye brows jumps when you lie, tell me why and I’ll stop.’

‘Because I’m a damn virgin you jackass!’ you yelled roughly pulled away from him, actually managing to get up this time.

You were red in the face with embarrassment as you caught your breath.


‘Yes, virgin, are you too drunk to know what it means?’ you glared.

‘Oh shit I am so sorry.’ he groaned as he sat up.

‘Just forget it, go to sleep. I’ll see you tomorrow, you have an interview at three, so have your shit together by then.’ you said before leaving the room.

Only after you had closed the door to your own room did you begin to cry. You couldn’t believe you had told him, you never told anyone.

All you could do was hope like hell that he would forget it by tomorrow.

title: build a home in me (i’ll give you a place to hide)
pairing/characters: promptis if u tilt ur head
rated: g
summary: Sometimes Noctis just wants a place to hide from the endless cacophony that is being the next in line for the Lucian throne. Prompto doesn’t have much to offer, but he does his best.
alternatively, how prompto accidentally became a willing accomplice to noctis’ self-kidnapping from all the pressure that is his life.

i can’t believe i’m back with more ffxv fanfiction but here you go, something soft because friendship is really important to me and i’m a sucker for hurt/comfort, also honestly let noctis rest already, i will Fight

>ao3 link <

Prompto waves goodbye to the other members of the photography club, humming to himself as he turns to head home. But when he turns the corner, he finds a familiar figure leaning against the wall.

“Noct! You’re still here?”

Noctis glances up at him. “Hey, Prompto. You done with club?”

“Yup! You wanna go somewhere?”

“Can we go to your place?” Noctis is already walking down the stairs, expecting Prompto to follow.

Prompto blinks at his friend’s back. They usually go over to Noctis’ apartment, since it’s closer and Noctis has all of the latest consoles and also just. Ignis’ cooking. But Prompto doesn’t voice his questions out loud. Instead, he bounds after Noctis. “Sure! Is your ‘guard giving us a ride?”

Noctis’ shoulders immediately go up. “Let’s take the train,” he says shortly.

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Have we ended the day’s training? Or is it only the beginning now? We practised till very late at night… Everyone is very tired… Today, Jungsoo hyung has collapsed due to exhaustion again… He tiredly sits on top of the metal box and takes a nap… Even if it’s only for a few minutes while waiting for the car… He cannot wait anymore… He needs to rest… I stood in front of him and watched… Afraid that he will fall off the box because he’s too tired… I used my hands to support him… And watched him with eyes open widely… Ah… I usually don’t talk much… Let the dongsaengs play crazily… Because I don’t want to abuse my authority as a hyung and scare them… I’m someone who don’t know how to co-exist with others… Hyung must be really tired… He has to look after the cold and uncooperative me… And still have to mix with the rest he has just met… But he seems to have gone crazy already… Actually I really want to share some of Jungsoo hyung’s burden/ responsibilities/ pain… But… I only had to one chance to support you while you were sleeping, preventing your body from falling… We are their hyungs… But I only have you as my hyung… Jungsoo hyung… Sleep well for that short while…

Heechul’s predebut cyworld entry

which is this where Heechul support Leeteuk who is sleeping from falling

Percy Imagine

I’m gonna turn the preference request into 4 separate imagines… that okay? I’m gonna guess that’s okay, that’s what I’m gonna do. I’ve got a really cute idea

You finish tying the flowers together, making a little flower crown. You look at Percy, your boyfriend, and smirk. “I crown you, Perseus Jackson, the mayor of flower town,” you say while tossing the crown on his head.

He laughs. ‘Oh my god, this is such an honor! I wasn’t expecting this!”

You laugh as you sit up, against a brick wall. “Congratulations.”

He chuckles as he sits up with you. “Beautiful day, isn’t it?”

You nod. “not too hot, not too cold, the Gods must be really happy today.”

He chuckles. “Makes me kinda tired.”

You sigh. “Aww, I don’t wanna head back to Camp yet.”

“Unless I sleep with my head on your lap then we’ve gotta.”

“Go right ahead.”

He chuckles again. “You serious?”

You nod. “As serious as Poseidon’s underpants.”

“Wow, that’s serious.”

You laugh. “Yes, I’m being serious Seaweed Brain.”

He puts his head in your lap and closes his eyes, facing the sky.

“Deep in the meadow,” you begin to sing quietly after a couple minutes.

“Under the willow.

“A bed of grass,

“A soft green pillow.

“Lay down your head,

“And close your sleepy eyes.

“And when they open,

“The sun will rise.

“Here it’s safe,

“Here it’s warm,

“Here the daisies guard you from every harm.

“Here is the place where love is true,

“Here is the place where I love you.”

You look down at Percy with a smile on your face. Until you realize his eyes are open.

“That sounded great, babe,” he says to you with a smile on his face.


Pair: Nyx Ulric / Lunafreya Nox Fleuret

Previously: AO3 LINK

Words: 6297

Plot: Luna and Nyx didn’t fell in the Empire’s trap, Nyx didn’t had to use the ring and he survived. What would have happened if Nyx really had the chance to ‘see Luna safe to Altissia’, like he promised to Regis? Here the part 5: Nyx and Luna take a little break, and even if Nyx knows by now that Luna hides a secret, he just can’t help but staying at her side, supporting her. Even in front of the Lord of the Storm.

Personal Comment: this time the chapter is longer than I expected, yet I decided to not split it in two. I hope you like the romance because I will kinda push it from now on ;) Thanks as always to @loveiscosmicsin for being my beta reader and @ramibriidge for the love and the amazing arts (this time it’s really amazing OMGGGGG love it!)

Nyx streched a bit in the bed, rolling over to his side. The sleep was good for once and he never felt better. How much time pass since he slept this well? He didn’t remember. Actually, he couldn’t answer on why he felt so good now. 

A thought crossed his mind and the image of Titan from afar appeared. That Titan. Oh, right, he and the princess infiltrated the Disc of Cauthess the night before and she forged the covenant with the Archaean. Now that they were back in the motel, they were having the rest they deserved.

He quickly opened his eyes and found himself in a motel room with dark green walls and a not-so-pleasant odor. He was sleeping with heavy blankets over his body and not far from where he was, there was another bed where Lunafreya was resting. 

He finally remembered what happened after they faced the Titan: they were both exhausted when they barely arrived at the motel. They didn’t even ask for separate rooms. They just accepted to sleep under the same roof so they wouldn’t have to arrange the schedule again. Anyway, they both fell fast asleep with their clothes still on their backs. 

Nyx sat on his bed and rubbed his eyes. He checked the clock: it was 9AM. He didn’t actually sleep long, just six hours. 

He looked at the princess, covered in her blanket, the hands tucked under the pillow. She had a very calm expression, her face still dirty from the debris from the Disc, her hair loosely tossed on the sheets. The morning light was literally make her shine as if she really was the moon and Nyx lost track of time watching her. He stood there like that for awhile, maybe thirty seconds, maybe five minutes, he couldn’t tell. But it was relaxing. 

It wasn’t the first time he had slept next to a girl – he grown up with his little sister, Crowe was in the same military unit as he was that it wasn’t unusual to bunk up on the field, and he also had several one-night stands. But whatever the relationship was with those girls, he never would have stay the entire morning watching them sleeping. With the princess now, it was different. 

He shook his head. What the hell was he doing? He hid his embarrassment with a silent laugh, then he stood up and headed to the bathroom. He had a cold shower - which was greatly appreciated - and watched himself in the mirror’s reflection. He adjusted his braid and checked the wounds of the precedent day and—

Wait. Wounds. Where were his wounds? He touched his left arm, then his face, going as far to check his limp. Everything was gone. He was perfectly healed. How…? 

He rolled his eyes and sighed. He quickly pulled a t-shirt on and walked out. 
The noise he made slamming the door woke Lunafreya up, sparing the Glaive the effort of waking her up himself.

“What happened?” Still half-asleep, Luna spoke with her delicate voice. She really wasn’t a morning person.

“You healed me.” Nyx crossed his arms and tried to look pissed. He wasn’t really mad, of course, just worried.

“Excuse me…?” Luna rubbed her eyes and then watched him. 

“I specifically asked you not to heal my wounds. Yet, I woke up as good as I never was.”

“You make it sound like a terrible thing.” She yawned.

“It is!” he replied, opening his arms.

“How? You’re healthy and in good shape now!” She mimicked his gesture in a very funny way. Nyx really had to make an effort to not start laughing.

“I’m serious, Princess. Even though you will never admit it, it is clear as day that healing people takes a lot outta you. And whatever that is, I don’t want to be the cause of it.”

“I could say the same for you! I don’t want you to fight and get hurt because of me!” She paused, averting her gaze briefly before noticing the Glaive’s stance didn’t change. “It looks like we both are not very happy with the way we use our bodies to save each other, and yet here we are. And we are a team, Nyx Ulric. From now on, I’ll let you help me only if you’ll let me help you.” 

“I..” Nyx put the hands on his hips, dumbfounded. “I am your guardian! It’s my duty to protect you!” He tried to say.

“Yes and I’m your future Queen, so it’s my duty to act in your best interest.”

Nyx turned around and then faced her again, frustrated that the royal card was pulled on him. “You can do your talking very well, I’ll give you that.”

She did an half-smile, and with some self-satisfaction, boasted, “You know, politics and my adept navigation in compromises.”

“Please, don’t do it again.”

“What? Speaking like a politician or healing you?”

Nyx smiled and sat in the bed in front of her with his elbows on the knees.“Both.”

“I can’t promise anything.”

“Man, you’re stubborn as hell, really.” Again, she smiled like he was complimenting her. “So, how do you feel?”

The question make her concentrate back to her health and she tried to listen to her body. “Tired as I expected.”

“Nothing new then.” He grimaced. “So, what do you want to do now? Take a day off, sleep all day? Maybe you deserved it, you know, after speaking with deities…”

Luna thought about it for a few seconds and then she fell back on the bed.
“I’d love to, but we have to go after the next Astral. The Lord of the Storm. Ramuh.”

“Yeah, wow, sounds like a lot of fun, but if you’re tired, you’d better get some rest. There’s still time. Surely the prince hasn’t even figured out what he has to do. Probably he’s still having fun somewhere with his friends.” 

Luna looked somehow surprised hearing that. She sat upright again and fixed the Glaive with an inquistive stare. “Why are you saying that?” 

Nyx hesitated one second and then decided to share what he heard. “Someone may have told me he was in Hammerhead with his friends the other day. Having fun. Joking around.” Luna frowned a bit, but didn’t say anything. She didn’t look upset, only surprised, and that pushed Nyx to add, “He’s still a kid, Princess. Give time to him and he will do what he has to.”

“You…” She started, slowly at a question. “Have you ever met him?” 

“The prince? Well, yeah, of course. Sort of. It’s not like I ever had a drink with him, but I did escort him sometimes. It was part of my job, when I was not in the battlefield against the Niffs.” 

Luna suddenly looked sad and shy. “And what is he like?”

Nyx felt uncomfortable. “You know, it’s weird you have to ask me to describe your future husband.” 

“I know, it’s just…” She started, looking even sadder. “I didn’t have the chance to meet him in the past twelve years and all I know was what he wrote in the notebook. And trust me when I say Noctis isn’t a really entertaining storyteller.” 

“So the marriage really was arranged.”

“Yes but I really care for him and—” Luna stopped when she noticed she was giving to much away. Nyx was staring at her, waiting her continuation, a respectful expression on his face, he really seemed to care. Yet, he was not allowed to. Nyx wasn’t her best friend. He was only her bodyguard. “It is of no consequence,” she said, standing up. “I’m going to refresh myself. Would you mind to… go out and find me some Ebony, please? If you can…”

Nyx crossed his arms and scrolled his shoulders.“Okay, I’ll go but …” He looked at her with his insightful grey eyes, “You shouldn’t keep everything for yourself, Princess. You need to talk to someone, and the longer we’re in this road trip, the more you’ll need a friend in where you can put your trust.”

He stood up, gently patted on her head like she was a little girl, and walked out of the room. 

Luna crossed the hands over her heart, her fingers casually caressing the necklace in a moon’s form that he gave to her and her face grew hot. Since he was so kind to her, she felt so ashamed for not telling him the truth, for not telling him a lot of things in general. She looked for the Ring of the Lucii in her pocket, not only to remind herself if it was still there, but also to remember the duty she was born into. She suddenly felt herheart ache too, a feeling that she hadn’t particularly felt towards anyone, a kindled connection. Her breath was stolen away for three long seconds. She glanced at her hands and saw her veins in her wrists turned black before the blue faded behind pale flesh. She gritted her teeth and sighed.

“I’m sorry, Nyx. I’m so sorry.”

For so many things, she didn’t even know what exactly.

Nyx took a little longer for coming back with the Ebony, and he found out that Luna went back to sleep again. She must have been really tired, he thought. 
He drank his coffee alone on a wooden chair, watching her from afar. Again, he found her so beautiful that it was calming, but not only that. She was so distant now, too. She was clearly hiding so much from him and all he wanted in that very moment was to burn the distance between them and being the only person in the world she could trust. In the end, frustration and boredom ruined his day. 

Nyx didn’t have other choice than allow her to sleep until late afternoon. When he finally decided to wake her up, he touched her arm and shook her a bit.

“Mh? Oh no…” She said, understanding immediately what happened by only looking at his face. 

“Well, maybe we still have time for dinner.”

“Why didn’t you wake me up before the sunset?” She tried to sit up but Nyx carefully pushed her down again, easily winning over her.

“Because you needed rest and you would never admit it.”

“We can leave now.”

“During the nighttime? Oh, no, we won’t. I’m not in the mood to fight daemons now.”

Luna hid her face in the pillow, but watched him with an accusing eye. “So why did you wake me up now?”

He raised an eyebrow. “I told you. We’re still on time for dinner. Not hungry?”

Nyx insisted for her to wear a foulard again. It gave him some peace of mind not compromising the Oracle’s identity when they’re out in public.

Luna didn’t argue too much because she found it cute, almost felt like a diva with it. She had to complain when she found out where he was taking her though. “I don’t know if this is the right place for me…” She began, looking confused.

Nyx laughed at her expression. “You mean, it’s not appropriate to take the mighty and graceful Princess Oracle to…” He cupped a hand around his mouth in a hush-hush manner before whispering with a freakish expression equating to an iconic mascot, “…Kenny Crow?”

Luna covered her ears and smiled back. “This is so creepy, please stop, I hate that bird!”

“Oh, now this is interesting. The model of harmony and piousness here is actually saying she hates a living creature?” 

They were passing next to the bench were the statue of Kenny Crow was positioned and Luna looked at it with digust. “Please stop.”

Nyx couldn’t, she was just too cute to watch, all frightened by the creepy mascot. Teasing her was actually funnier than he thought.

“Don’t worry, Princess, I solemnly vowed to be your bodyguard and see you safe to Altissia. The big bad bird’s not gonna grab you on my watch.”

Luna glanced at him with disbelief in her eyes and they both entered in the restaurant. That really wasn’t the place for a princess, and yet it was funny to see her there, ordering some fries with mayonnaise at the counter.

Nyx got closer with the excuse of helping her choosing the menu. “I’ll have a hamburger instead. You should try it someday, too.” He whispered at her ear.

She was all red, the whole situation was so new and weird for her. “Okay…” 

“You never had a burger?”

“I… Guess… Is it something typical of Lucis?”

Nyx laughed, shaking his head. “Common staple cuisine at diners and drive-thrus. Oh man, what did they feed you with back in Tenabrae? You never lived if you never had a burger.”

In the end, they were both sitting on the table, one in the front of the other, Luna with her fries, Nyx with a giant hamburger, sampling from each other’s dish. Nyx kept teasing her for awhile but stopped when Luna began to answer back, tired of being mocked. Suddenly they were such in a good mood they didn’t stop laughing for the entire dinner time. Nyx told her a lot of funny anecdotes about the food back in Galahad, about him and Libertus stealing it from the market, and about the way they were caught by their mothers right after. And again, he told her about Galahad, the beauty of that forgotten land, about the nice little house they used to have there.

“Selena was having a garden in the back, full with all sorts of weird flowers. She had a thing for botany and I never understood why. Me and Libertus prefered to go out. The parties took place on daily basis, you know, chatting up girls and eating trash food.”

“That would explain why you took me to Kenny Crow.”

Nyx gave her a beautiful large smile. “Yeah, it looks like I didn’t lose my bad habits.” 

“You know what? I had a beautiful garden in Tenabrae too. I collected flowers there but my favorite ones were sylleblossoms.”

“Awesome. My sister and you would have got along well!” He said that smiling, but he turned sad in the end. “Yeah, really licked.” 

Luna understood she was truly enjoying his smile only when she saw it disappearing from his face. 

“You surely were an amazing brother, Nyx” she said, her voice delicate and comforting. “You still have something to fight for. You have to find Libertus, right? And then, when Noctis will reclaim his throne, you’ll have your homes back. You all will have a home to build a new future.”

Nyx glanced at her. “You sure? You mean, you’re gonna fire me as soon as all this is over? Might need a bodyguard in times of peace, too.”

Luna smiled, looking at her fries like they suddenly became the most interesting thing in the world and said nothing. She didn’t have an answer to that. She didn’t want to talk about her future.

Nyx lengthened on the table and tried to meet her eyes again. “Maybe you can come to visit Galahd instead. You’d love it.”

Luna smiled, looking amused.“Maybe…” She whispered. “…Will you show me the lake full of leeches you were talking about?” 

“Hell yeah! And we’ll throw Libertus in it!” 

“Poor sir Libertus!” 

They laughed again and finished their dinner. When they had to go back to the motel, there was some embarrassment this time. They slept in the same room two times already, but after a dinner like that - something that incredibly felt like a date - it was weird to enter in the same chamber. 

“I’ll ask at the reception if they have another free room.” Nyx said. “Let you have some privacy.”

Luna agreed and was actually relieved when they told him the room next to hers wasn’t occupied. At the same time, watching her Glaive moving in another room was surprisingly sad too. She was truly enjoying the evening in his company and maybe she didn’t want it to end.

“I’ll knock at your door at 7, so we can leave soon” Nyx explained, when they were in the corridor. He probably didn’t want to end their good time so soon either. “I think it’s about time you tell me where the next deity is.”

“Somewhere near the Malacchi Hills.” Nyx tugged his ear. 

“We’re not far,” he said. “I’ll wake up earlier to buy some things like potions and stuff this time though. I’d prefer you to save your energy for emergencies.”

“That is a sound plan.” She rested her hand on the door handle but didn’t open it. She looked at him again and stood still, making Nyx wondering if she felt the same or if she had something on her mind.

“Anything else… I can do for you, Princess?” 

Luna’s face was so red now, she almost felt blood pulsing underneath her cheeks.

“No, nothing important, it’s just that… It was fun. I haven’t done anything like that in ages. So… Thank you.” 

Nyx stared at her, not caring if he was shameless. He just wanted to photograph in his mind every detail of her in that very moment, when she was thankful and happy. She truly wasn’t in a very long time, he could tell. 

“I thought you hated Kenny Crow,” he smiled, raising an eyebrow. 

“Yes, but I felt safe by your side.”

“Yeah, I know. I’m so much better than a restaurant’s crap mascot.”

Luna giggled and pushed the door to enter in her room, when Nyx hold her back, grabbing her wrist. He didn’t know the reason of that gesture, as a matter of fact he immediately let her go.

“I’m sorry,” he said, really mortified. He felt like such a jerk, but Luna puckered her lips.

“It’s fine. Goodnight, Nyx Ulric.”

He hesitated and then lightly waved at her. “’Night, Lady Lunafreya…” 

Luna closed the door behind her and sighed. Her heart was somehow beating on a different pace, slower yet faster. That interaction had flustered her. She suddenly remembered something and gasped, turning back to open the door again.

She found Nyx there, ready to knock.

“Oh!” They said simultaneously and laughed. 

“You first.” Luna gestured at him, calmly easing away from the embarrassment. Not one of their valiant moments to share.

“No, it’s just that I was wondering…” Nyx began, stuttering a bit, “If you never had a hamburger before, you probably never had a beer either, right? Maybe …?” He trailed off as he pointed at the exit. 

Luna wide opened her eyes, very surprised but also pleased by the offer.
“Yes, I’d love to. Well, it’s late but I slept until 6 PM and… I hope you will stop me before i get drunk though, otherwise you would be so…”


“Yes, sort of. Discharged would be a more polite term.”

Nyx couldn’t believe she was actually accepting his invite.

“I’ll take the risk.” He was already biting his lip so hard it would have start bleeding very soon. “So, Princess,” he began, releasing his lip, “Shall we…?” 

“Nyx, wait, there’s something I wanted to ask you before.” He stopped and waited for her to talk. She looked so serious now, it was difficult to guess what she was about to say. 

Luna took a deep breath and then took out from her pocket a little chain, insignificant if it wasn’t the Ring of the Lucii in it. Nyx stared at it like it was a corpse or a death sentence.

“What is that suppose to mean?” he mumbled, surprised and confused. Actually, he really had a funny expression on his face right now.

“I was wondering… If you can help me in… bearing the weight of the future.”

Nyx froze and stared at her with wide eyes, not sure if what he was hearing was true.“Excuse me?”

“Last night, when I woke up the Archaean… I thought that if something happened to me, then who would have bring the ring to Noctis? Or what if I simply couldn’t have the strength to fulfill my destiny? I … I need someone to help me in this. Even though it may not be necessary, I need to know there’s someone helping me in my time of need.”

She held the necklace to him, but Nyx stopped her by holding her hand in his.

“No, I can’t do it. The power of this ring confuses me too much… You told me about the Old Wall. About the Kings of Lucis. They… watched Insomnia burn and did nothing! They were no kings! And I’m so mad about it. I can’t be objective. You should be the one holding the ring.”

“You’re right, the power of the ring is something beyond your control. But here’s the truth, it’s something beyond my control as well. In any case, it is our only hope. If Noctis doesn’t receive it, all our efforts… all our sacrifices will be vain. That’s the reason why you must help me. If I won’t be able to fulfill my destiny, please tell me you’ll be by my side, ending what I can’t.”

“If you can’t, nobody can.” Nyx really meant it. He was so genuinely convinced that she was the only one up for the task, he simply never doubted it. He never thought she would ask him something like that, because in his mind he already pictured her like almighty and unstoppable. But then a thought crossed his mind: he was expecting from her too much, exactly like the ill people who he used to deplore some days before in Lestallum. He swallowed. “And even if someone else could, that wouldn’t be me. It should be someone you trust.”

Luna’s eyes were almost wet when she admitted, “That’s why I am asking you.”

Nyx stared at that beautiful face, so different from the smiling one he saw just a couple of minutes ago. His stomach burned and his throat turned dry.

“You were planning to ask me this all along or it’s something you came up with now?”

“I do not jest, Nyx. I really trust in you enough to ask something like this.”

“We just met a week ago. I don’t think that’s enough time to go around waving a promise ring.”

She thought about it and realized that was true. Yet, that short time was so intense, it felt like ages. “It doesn’t matter. I trusted you with my life and you didn’t fail me. I’m sure you never will either.”

Nyx was about to give up, Luna could tell by the wavering strength he was using holding her hand. He looked down at the ring, fearing it but also admiring it.
“So much trust in a person who dared to take you to Kenny Crow for dinner and who offered to pay you all the beers you want just so you can relax.”

Luna smiled, taking it as a yes. She got closer, so she could gently put the little chain around his neck. Doing so, she ended up caressing his collar and got herself lost for a short while. “Thank you.” She whispered. 

“I…” Nyx said, closing his eyes and bit down on his lip. He grabbed her wrist and waited a second. “I don’t trust myself as you do, so please don’t give up. I’ll take the ring for a little while, but you should be the one to take it to the Prince. You can fulfill your destiny and you will.”

He looked at her and that was scary. Or better, Luna felt so terrified. His eyes were so deep and expressive, so intrusive and breathtaking, she barely knew how to react. She swallowed hard and stepped away, before she could do something nonsense. 

“Very well. We should have that beer now.”

Nyx nodded, adjusting the necklace on him. It was really heavy, in a lot of ways.

“Yeah, I need it more than ever.”

Nyx wished he never accepted the ring. Having it on the neck gave him goosebumps every time he thought about it and also made him feel more responsible and less reckless. Now he understood why Luna wanted to entrust it to someone else. 

He hid it under his t-shirt and left his motel room. The sun was shining through the corridor’s window as he knocked at the princess’s door, like their new daily routine included by now. “Milady? Are you up?” He heard a small noise, a grump and then her sleepy voice:

“…Kind of.”

Nyx smiled. “I’m going for some Ebony in the meantime. See you in five.” 

When he came back with the usual coffee and croissants, she was at least awake and dressed up. She let him in and they had their breakfast.

“The cream in the Ebony for Your Highness.” Nyx said, giving the largest cup to her. “I chose this size because I thought you would need it after how much you drank last night.”

“Hey, you talk like I got drunk.”

Nyx raised an eyebrow and sit back on his chair, smiling at her beyond his cup. “That you did.” 

“No, I didn’t” she replied, pointing at him with the finger. “I was just a bit tipsy.” 

Nyx decided to let her win this time, even though he remained firm with his opinion. “Okay, enjoy your breakfast now because we’re not gonna stop until we arrive to our destination.”

“Can I change my clothes there?”

“If you insist in using that uncomfortable but fancy dress for your rituals, I guess we’ll have to. Titan liked it, didn’t he?”

Luna smacked him on the arm but didn’t change her mind about her Oracle outfit and was determined to use it whenever she could, even though she testified by now how much unpractical it was. That was her only request and Nyx couldn’t deny it. 

They left very soon for the Malacchi Hills, their destination. 

It was a beautiful day and they enjoyed every single breath of fresh air they got. They were both kind of thoughtful so they didn’t need to talk too much. They turned the music on and listened to it for almost all the time, only commenting from time to time their respective personal taste on the subject. It turned out they were both very elastic about music and didn’t mind to try new genres, so they kept switching from one radio station to the other in order to find find something they like. All of a sudden, they tuned into a radio conference which released the interview Luna conceded to Vyv a couple of days before:

“Thought I am still young, my blood is true. As my mother before me, I’ll work to bring peace to one and all. …”

“That’s enough” Luna said, switching to another radio station.

“Why?” Nyx flatly complained. “The best part of your interview was coming.”
Luna preferred to listen to a lame country song than crediting the Glaive of the compliment. Nyx glanced at her very quickly and then insisted, “You really did a great job in telling people what they want to hear.” Luna narrowed her eyes and waited, making Nyx smirk: “I mean, in giving people hope.”

“That’s an improvement.” She replied and then sighed to the distance, “I only hope Noctis will hear the interview and find encouragement in it …”

“Well, at least he’ll know you survived.” Nyx kept being distracted by her sad and thoughtful face. “Hey, you’re doing a great job in passing a good word or two to him, too.” 

Luna smiled, acknowledging the way Nyx managed to ease her concerns again. 

They parked the car near to a famous chocobo ranch and it took a lot of self-control for the both of them to not waste time with the adorable big birds. They had more important things to do and the night was too close to delay. 

Luna quickly changed her clothes in the bathroom of a caravan - with a lot of obvious eye-rolling coming from Nyx - and then they moved on foot. Luna didn’t know exactly where to go, she just knew Ramuh was close. Nyx followed her and made sure she didn’t trip in that ridiculous dress. He started to worry only when dusk settled in and the light of the twilight was barely visible in the forest they entered. 

“Your Highness, you sure this is the place? It feels like we’re gonna have some daemon-related problems here pretty soon.”

Luna didn’t say anything and kept walking, concentrate as she has never been. The humidity in the wood was so thick she started to perspire and breathed heavily. She was very weak already, but now the external conditions made it worse. She leaned down a tree log to catch her breath. 

“Are you all right?” Nyx asked, gently touching her back. Luna grabbed his collar and use it to stand up again. She nodded and stretched her hand into the distance, summoning a trident. Nyx whistled and opened his mouth in wonder. “What’s that?”

“The Trident of the Oracle. It belonged to the ancestors of the Fleuret family, a weapon bestowed by the Draconian.” Then she smiled: “But now, it’s going to be our torch in warding off daemons.”

“Awesome, that’s my Oracle. Your ancestors would be proud of you!” Nyx commented and smirked, helping her walking. They arrived to a puddle, shining of silver and white under the light of the trident.

“This is the place.” Luna whispered, stepping away from Nyx and slowly entering in the small lake. Nyx reluctantly let her go.

“Be careful.” She nodded but then stopped and turned around to watch him in the eyes.

“Nyx, you have the ring, right?”

Nyx pulled out the necklace and showed it to the princess.

“Good. Please, whatever it may come now, don’t interfere. And if something bad happens to me–”

“Not going to happen!” 

“No, you must allow it. I’m ready to take whatever it will be, and so should you.”

“Why are you even talking like that? Is speaking with a God that dangerous? They should be the protectors of the world, not cause more pain!” Nyx objected, opening his arms in a gesture of frustration.

Luna didn’t have an answer to that so she repeated herself again, “Whatever comes to pass, don’t interfere. If a stranger interrupts the ritual, the God may decide to not give his blessing to Noctis and we can’t have that.” 

She didn’t wait for an answer this time and slowly slide into the water, which was cold and transparent. The trident began to glow even more, reaching the shining level of a sun. The white and soft material of Luna’s dress floated in the water like the tail of a siren, which would have been an appropriate description of her in that specific moment, since she was indeed intriguing like a siren, beautiful, yet powerful. And like a mythological maiden of the water, she started to sing. 

Nyx stood in the distance ready to enter in action, but even from there he could hear the beautiful harmony which that song inspired. Maybe it was a prayer or maybe it was the inverse result of a lullaby, he couldn’t tell. It was probably an enchantment. Still, he would have listened to her voice forever. Forgetting all the anxiety he just had talking with her, he couldn’t do anything else now, but close his eyes and relax. He let the song overwhelm him with its emotional melody. Luna’s voice became soon all he could think about, the most beautiful voice he would have ever been allowed to hear. 

Then, something happened. Nyx was a hundred percent positive that the night sky was clear yet suddenly bolts stroke out of nowhere and the frightening sound of thunderstorms filled the air with its terrible noise. This confused him and also made him rush towards Lunafreya, because something weird was happening in the spot she was standing: small lighting poles surrounded her, and even if it didn’t look like she was suffering, the sight of her illuminated by them was preoccupying. 

Yet, in the moment Nyx started to run, he realized he couldn’t ever reach her because the bolts were systematically forming a barrier between him and her. He punched the shining wall and roared:

“Princess!” That unexpected situation turned out to be even more frustrating than his lack of magic. Luna was basically alone in the front of an unpredictable God now and he couldn’t have help her in case of need, rendering him to feel useless. “Lunafreya!”

Luna wasn’t listening. She kept singing her melody, raising the trident towards the source of the lighting bolts. It started to rain hard, so much that it was hard to breathe. Dark clouds gathered in the night sky and finally a huge human figure appeared. It had the appearance of a old man with a long white beard and the wise witty eyes. His robe was long and made of bolts and he carried a scepter in his hand. From all Luna could tell, Ramuh looked pissed in the beginning but as she continued to sing, he relaxed a bit, too. He took her in his giant hand to look her closer and then started to speak in an incomprehensible language. Luna sang her answer back and since Ramuh fell under the spell of Luna’s voice, the alliance was sealed very fast. The Oracle’s song was his most sensible weakness from yore. Luna learn that from her mother, so she could use that information now, without any fear to being rejected. While she held herself to the huge fingers which surrounded her, she already felt the cost of that alliance, the consuming burden that would have left her exhausted in the end. She inhaled a deep breath, grasping for air like she was trying to survive in spite of every odd. She closed her eyes, feeling the pouring rain covering every inch of her skin, leaving her soaking wet. She felt cold. It was so cold now. 

Ramuh said something else and then gently put her down in the puddle, like he was dealing with an injured little bird. He downed the barrier which prevent Nyx from running in her help and the Glaive immediately took advantage of it and stomped in the small lake, refusing to let his water-soaked trousers weigh him down. “Princess!”

Ramuh looked at him and nodded, understanding that leaving the precious Oracle in his care was for the best. As Nyx took Luna in his arms, Ramuh moved away, slowly disappearing in the clouds. Yet, the storm didn’t stop and it wouldn’t have for days, as sign of his quick blessing for Noctis.


Luna had fainted already, she couldn’t hear Nyx’s voice anymore. She was still holding the trident in her hand but her arms fell limp on the water, her beautiful song had ceased and so did her white magic. 

Around them, suddenly there was calm, interrupted only by the regular noise of the pouring rain. Nyx was breathing heavily, agitated by Luna’s unexpected fainting spell. He hold her with one strong arm, while with the other he searched for every little sign of life on her face. He caressed her forehead and her cheek with urgency and then rested his thumb on her pale lips. Pale, too pale. “Please, Princess, tell me you’re still alive.” 

His expression showed a deep anguish, which sucked away every hope in two only seconds. He felt so stupid for letting her go alone in that mess, and even though he mentally knew he wouldn’t be able to do anything anyway, he just felt guilty. 

He got even closer, resting his forehead on hers, almost hoping to sacrifice his breath to give it to her.

A selfless wish like that wasn’t necessary. Lunafreya gaspedbefore fainting again, her chest rose and fell with a vengeance. It was a horrible sight, but at least meant she was still alive. Nyx sighed in relief and caressed her lips more gently, to brush away the dirt. While he was moving away a lock of hair from her cheek, he swallowed hard, frowning. Looking at her now didn’t seem alike the day before. She was just as beautiful, that’s for sure, but now she almost died for the chance to speak to a divinity and since Nyx couldn’t figure how could this even happen, he didn’t feel calm at all. On the contrary, he felt so scared, realizing he didn’t want to lose her. Yet, that he risked. 

“Lunafreya…” Her name escaped from his lips in that moment of tension and Luna responded to it not waking up but grabbing the Ring of the Lucii on his necklace, like it was a lifebelt. Nyx nodded and pulled her closer. “Okay… Okay, Princess, hold on tight, I’ll take you somewhere warm and dry. You’ll be fine.” He lifted her up, putting upon himself all her weight. She wasn’t that heavy actually. “You are all flesh and bone, girl, remind me to feed you more carbs.” He murmured, knowing of not being heard. He looked around, feeling the rain slipping underneath his clothes, and closed his eyes.

The Glaive lifted his face to the sky, enjoying for a brief moment the sound of the storm in the distance. The adrenaline started to fading only now that the princess was breathing in his arms, but that didn’t help him to feel better. He wouldn’t have until he knew what was going on in reality. “Yeah, but I guess I’ll have to wait for that, right?” He asked, turning his face to watch her. Her expression was softer now, like she was simply sleeping after another long day.

Nyx smiled, but his smile was sad.

I'm here (Uno x Jyugo)

Spoilers: set after the fight between the elf dude and Jyugo. Actually the only spoiler is that they had a fight, I’m not gonna base too much on it since I don’t know the exact details (I apologize for my bad writing)

“You can’t run away from me, you’ll never escape this. Jyugo~” the elf looking man pinned Jyugo down and held his knife up high, preparing to stab Jyugo.

Jyugo, poised to defend and attack back, was suddenly a few feet away from the scene, and in his place was Uno.

He was stabbed. The elf was gone.

The knife was lodged in his chest. Not exactly at his heart, but it was close to it. Uno was breathing harshly, face screwed up in pain and his hand clutched so tight at the handle of the blade that his knuckles turned white. Blood was flowing heavily from his wound and it was not stopping.

Jyugo sat there, shocked at what was happening, but then hurriedly scrambled onto his feet and made his way towards Uno.

“Uno… Uno, wh-what, why are here? What are you doing here?? You should be in bed!” Jyugo cried, tears cascading down his cheeks. He gently moved Uno’s head onto his lap, not wanting to further hurt the man. He couldn’t bear to look at his injury and he did not know what to do. He sobbed as he tried to stop the blood from flowing. His hands were shaking horribly and coated in the sleek crimson liquid that was his friend’s blood.

“I was worried about you… You went out… Looking troubled… So I went.. To look… For you…” Uno said. Each word that came out of his mouth was like a stab to his lungs, it hurt everywhere, but he didn’t want to see the sad and pained expression on Jyugo and wanted to reassure him that he was not as bad as it looked, even though it was.

“You idiot! I c-could have been f-fine! You didn’t have to come and save me…” Jyugo’s words were near incomprehensible as sobs wrecked his body.

“I-I’m s-sorry… Jyugo…I-” Uno tried to speak more, he had so much to say to Jyugo, but he was feeling so tired. He could feel his eyes closing, and his breath slowing down and shortening with each one he took.



Jyugo gasped as he sat up from his futon. He was covered in cold sweat and was panting for breath. His hand was clutched tight at where his heart was, as if doing so would slow the fast-beating organ. After the encounter with the elf that night, he was always anxious, paranoid and was constantly worrying over his friends. He looked beside him to see Uno sleeping peacefully in his own futon, he’s strawberry blonde hair splayed out beautifully on the pillow. Jyugo look to the others who were also sound asleep. He covered his face with his hand as he cried from relief, his other hand grasping the blanket tightly. He tried to silence his cries as to not wake the others up, but apparently it was futile, because just then a hand gently closed in on the hand that was grasping on the blanket. Jyugo turned to see Uno on his stomach, propped up with his elbows, and fingers slowly rubbing small circles around his hand.

“What’s wrong, Jyugo?” Uno asked quietly, the sleep in his eyes slowly vanishing after seeing Jyugo’s flushed cheeks and puffy red eyes.

“N-nothing, just go back to sleep, Uno.” Jyugo said, voice thick and hoarse from holding back his cries as he wiped the ramains of his tears on his sleeve.


Uno said his name in such a tone that made him turn to look at him, even if he didn’t want to.

“I… I just had a nightmare. I don’t want to talk about it…” Jyugo finally said after a few minutes. He looked down to hide his face as his hand searched for the Uno plushie that Uno gave him that one day. He found it under his blanket and hugged it closely to his chest. Images of his dream causing tears to threaten to fall again.

They were silent for a moment, before Jyugo felt he was grabbed from his side and pulled into the other’s bed. The doll falling from his hands.


“Shhh.. keep quiet.” Uno whispered in his ear as he spooned him from behind.

“Uno…” Jyugo was perplexed and he didn’t know what to do or act in this sort of situation. In the end, he just held the arms that were wrapped around his waist.

“It’s okay, Jyugo… I’m here.” A hand left Jyugo’s waist in order to stroke his red-tinted raven locks.

“Feel my heart? It’s beating. I’m here. And I’m alive.” Uno said softly and pressed a chaste kiss at the back of his neck.

He didn’t know how he does it, but Uno always seemed to understand him, even when he never said anything. Uno probably even knew that he had hid his injured arm from having the IV ripped off of him roughly after coming back from the hospital. He was a very observant person after all.

Jyugo shivered as Uno’s lips made contact with his skin. He felt Uno’s heart beating strongly behind his back, and the feeling of it comforted him. He snuggled further into Uno’s embrace. In normal circumstances, he would not have been so willing to do such embarrassing actions, but this was different.

Uno continued to stoke his hair, murmuring comforting words into his ear and pressing soft kisses on his face and neck. Jyugo’s eyes started to feel heavy, the beat of Uno’s heart and voice lulling him into slumber.

“Goodnight, Jyugo.”


The next morning, Hajime went to their cell to wake them up and do a roll call.

“You brats! Wake u-”



Rock and Nico rushed up to the door before Hajime could do anymore screaming. They told him to be quiet and pointed to Uno and Jyugo.

They were still asleep. Sometime during the night, Jyugo must have turned over because now he was facing Uno, arms lossely wrapped around his waist while one of Uno’s arm served as a pillow for Jyugo and his other arm was curled around his upper back. Their legs were entangled and the blanket was barely covering them. They slept hugging each other so close that not even a thin piece of paper could’ve slipped in the tiny space between them.

For once in his life, Hajime was so shocked at the display of affection that he just stood there, silent. He very nearly wanted to leave them be but then remembered his job. And so he went over to them to whack them on their heads, even when Rock and Nico tried to stop him.

But before he could hit them, Uno stirred.

He woke up to the familiar scent of Jyugo and was planning to go back to sleep, burying his nose further into the thick mop of black hair, when he realised a shadow looming over them.

“Ah…. Hajime! Good morning! Could you be a nice guy for today and let me wake Jyugo up instead?” Uno greeted softly, all the while smiling that cheeky smile of his.

Hajime was about to disagree when Seitarou barged in and got a hold of his arms.

“J-just let them off this once, supervisor!” Seitarou stammered nervously, scared to death by the look he was receiving from Hajime.

Hajime let out a long sigh but relented. “Fine. We’re done here. Let’s go, Seitarou.”

And with that, he briskly walked out the door, Seitarou following after him.

Surprisingly, Jyugo managed to sleep through all that ruckus.

‘He must have been really tired…’ Uno thought. He turned to Rock and Nico and thanked them for their help. They beamed at him before setting off to the cafeteria, leaving him alone with Jyugo.

He looked back at Jyugo who was still snuggled in his arms. He smiled, caressing Jyugo’s tattooed cheek and placed a kiss on his forehead.

“Time to wake up, love. You don’t need to be scared of the day anymore, because I’m here.”


Riiighhtt, so I’m ending it there. I just really wanted to write/type this out xD hope you guys even bothered to read this. It was longer than the previous one I think… Again, this was typed on my phone, so it’s short. Well anyway, I hope you all enjoyed and liked this :3

Sometime after 2:00 a.m. (Drabble)

Sam Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 892

Warnings: none

A/N: I’m super stressed abt finals and I need someone to carry me to bed and shower me in affection so here’s this~

You dropped the heavy index onto the desk with a slam, rattling the empty coffee cups and causing the old lamps to flicker as you dropped your head into your hands. It was too much— you’d been up for hours, trying to make sense of one story while finding evidence for another until nothing made sense. The lore was running rampant through your head, terrorizing you with new, jumbled monsters. And while being jittery from coffee was one thing, looking over your shoulder every two minutes –in the bunker, no less– bordered on the insane.

You huffed, letting your shoulders drop with a groan as you slouched in your seat, elbows on table, hands linked on top of your head as it settled on the desk with a small thnk.

Sam walked in through the doorway, rubbing his eyes running a hand through his hair. His mouth was open to say your name when he saw you collapsed at your post, head on the table, surrounded by several skeletal coffee cups. It was a comical scene, and he almost laughed, but settled for a tired smile instead as he stepped down onto the warm library floor in bare feet.

Moving silently for someone so tall, Sam quietly made his way around you, straightening books and picking up the disposable coffee cups. You could hear him as if he were far away, his actions unseen by your eyes but understood as loving. As he continued to mill around the room and tidy up, you grew more restless.

Mustering your will to resist the allure of unconsciousness, you groaned and lifted your head up just as he reached for the index in front of you. You chuckled a little, reaching forward and grabbing his hand instead. Yours looked infant-like in comparison as you played with the digits of his hand.

He laughed through his nose and twined his fingers in yours. “Thought you were sleeping.”

“God, I wish,” you groaned, pulling his hand to your lips and holding it against them before looking up and offering a weak smile. Sam felt his heart melt a little at the sight of you, raising his eyebrows.

“Im guessing ready to lay off the research for now?” he asked softly.

You nodded, too tired and fed up with your work to argue, and he bent his knees next to your chair. “Thought so.”

Without another word you lifted your arms as he gripped under your legs and picked you up with ease. You wrapped them around his torso, stringing your arms around his neck, looking very much like a child being carried to bed. You hummed appreciatively and let your head rest in the nape of his neck, exhaling slowly and banishing all thoughts of monsters to somewhere far, far away. You pressed your nose against his clean shirt and smiled. “You smell nice,” you mumbled.

He chuckled, shifting you as he moved to turn off the library switch. “Wow, you must be really tired to compliment me out in the open.” He made no effort to hide the affection in his voice.

“It’s a fact,” you whined, pressing your forehead against him. “You always smell good. ‘Nd your hair is soft…”

“How many coffees did you have?” he joked, quieting his footsteps as the two of you passed Dean’s room. You opened your tired eyes long enough to check that his light was out before nuzzling deeper into Sam’s shoulder.

“Don’t remember,” you yawned, closing your eyes. You laughed through your nose. “The barista looked kinda scared for me, though.” You fell into silence as he continued to walk, reaching the end of the hallway, and your room.

Sam hummed amiably as he pushed the door open with his foot, letting it close behind him. He didn’t bother turning the light on; he walked to where he knew the bed rested and sat down with a grunt on the edge, shifting you into his lap a little and rubbing his hands over your thighs unconsciously.

“Gonna get undressed, or you too tired?” he asked softly as you lifted your head, resting his forehead against yours. You hummed and ran your hands over your messy hair before shaking your head and pressing a small kiss to his lips. “Too tired,” you whispered. “Jus’ wanna be with you.” You frowned. “Sleeping.”

“Then it’s your lucky evening,” he laughed tiredly, leaning forward and kissing you with soft lips before reaching over to pull back the covers. You crawled out of his lap onto your side of the bed and flopped down, letting out a sigh. The dark seemed to envelop you as you sank into the bed, ready to leave a long day behind.

Then you felt a two large arms wrap around your waist and pull you to their source.

“Can’t sleep without me?” You murmured, amused. Sam grinned and leaned over, and you looked up at him, scrunching your face. He bumped his nose against yours, correcting your question. “Can’t live without you.”

“Get off me, you sap,” you groaned, slapping him away with minimal effort. He chuckled and laid back down, cocooning you to the warmth of his chest, his hand resting protectively on your abdomen. You closed your eyes and nuzzled into him a little, drinking in his smell before allowing the late hours to carry you over to unconsciousness.

First Love: Part 9

Title: First Love

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: No warnings this time. 

A/N: AGHHHHHHH I am becoming too attached to this story and I don’t want tit to end, don’t worry it isn’t ending soon but I have been writing a lot of parts in the last few days, so I for me it is close to the end. I hope you like this part :3 love you all, and-and thank you for the support. 

Part 8 / Part 10


Reader’s Perspective

You walked in the door of the studio with a coffee in hand. It was day two and today was the day of the Blood Sweat and Tears shoot.

You stepped in and look at the sets, gasping in awe at how big and detailed they were. The CEO really wasn’t kidding when he said how big this comeback was going to be.

You talked to the staff for a moment, as well as the producers before the morning meeting. You hadn’t seen any of the members yet but the wardrobe stylist said that their outfits were the best ones she has ever put together. You were worried. What if they were going to be hard to dance in?

The boys finally entered, some were dressed others were still in their street clothes. Yoongi looked at you and winked. Which made you smile. He seemed like he was in a much better mood today.

“I want you boys to practice the dance in room A8,” the producer points to a room on the other side of the big studio. “We will pull you as we need you, but the owner and manager both asked for you to continue to work on the choreography any chance you get. Is that clear y/n?”

“Yes, sir,” You nod as he continues to talk. You were going to be busy today. Between having them go over the dance all day and being on set making sure that they get the parts right while they film.

You walk into the room after the meeting and put down your bag. Today you had decided to wear a pair of black skinny jeans that were ripped in the knee area, an oversized flannel blue button down with a tank top underneath, and a black ball cap. Your hair, straightened, just in case you needed to pull it up. Yoongi said he liked when you dressed normally so you figured you would dress like this again. Secretly hoping to please him.

Jungkook was the first to enter. “Good morning Noona,” he smiled wide.

You turn to face him and bite your lip, “Uh, hey Kookie.” He was dressed in a silky deep red button down with a black jacket and pants. As he stepped closer you realized he also had blue contacts. “You look very handsome Kookie,” you smiled weakly.

If this is how they were all going to be dressed it was definitely going to be hard to focus. They were all already gorgeous without the contacts, makeup and outfits. Adding it all together made you blush a little.

“Thanks, Noona,” he smiled as he walked up to you. “Yoongi was right you really are cute when you blush,” he chuckles as you cover your face and look away.

You tried to clear your thoughts and focus but he spoke again. “Noona, you better be careful. Yoongi is going to be dressed similarly. If he sees you like this, he is going to tease you a lot.” Your eyes went wide.

You nod, “I know, I am trying not to let it show.”

He chuckles as Jin and Jimin enter the room. They were both dressed similar and you smiled a little and tried not to be as surprised. “We should probably work on the dance.”

They nodded and you turn on the music as they marked their dance. You had to admit. Seeing the looks and the dance together, the whole thing screamed sexy. It all tied in perfectly.

After an hour or so everyone else had shown up except for Yoongi. Which made you worry slightly. You wondered if anything has happened.

The boys were talking together and laughing as you sat in the corner taking a break. You kept glancing at the door whenever heard a noise.

Namjoon walked over to you and smiled, “Waiting for Yoongi huh?”

You blush and look down, “Uh, no I was just wondering why he hasn’t shown up is all.”

He smirked and sat next to you. “He should be here shortly. They needed to resize his outfit it was a little to snug for him to be dancing in. Don’t worry.”

You nod and look over at him, “Thanks, Namjoon.”

He chuckled and nodded at you, “Why don’t you come and talk with us instead of isolating yourself. We don’t bite.” He stands up and holds his hand out to you.

You nod and stand up, grabbing his hand and you both walk over and start talking to the group.

You had grown so close to all the boys and you felt like each one was like a brother to you. They worried about you, cheered you up. Helped you when you needed help.

When you were homesick they would always try to make you laugh. You started to realize you felt home when you were around them.

“Yoongi! It’s about time you showed up. You were starting to worry Y/n” Namjoon says, making you jump.

You looked at your feet for a moment. Too scared to look over at him.

You heard him laugh and come and stand next to you. “y/n, you really shouldn’t worry about me so much.”

You smiled weakly and glanced over at him, and you gawked. He was dressed in a sleek pair of black pants, a gold and black blazer and a silk white shirt that was only buttoned up half way. He looked so good, blush spreading across your face as you both looked at each other.

He smirked and grabbed your arm lightly and pulled you into him as he pressed his head against the side of yours, “Like what you see y/n?” He whispered into your ear.

You could feel his warm breath on your neck, you gulp nervously and nod, not able to say anything. You hear him chuckle and step back and start talking to Jin.

His hand slid down your arm and into your hand, squeezing it before he let go.

“Yoongi! Quit making y/n blush,” Hoseok chuckled.

“What! I was just teasing her is all,” Yoongi laughed and looked down at you.

You were embarrassed, you wanted to run out of the room. You can’t believe you gawked at him like that. He probably thought you were crazy.

“Still she looks really uncomfortable right now. Lay off a little,” Hoseok said, defending you.

“Okay okay, jeez,” Yoongi chuckles and throws his arms up in surrender.

You smile and laugh a little. “We should probably get back to work before they call you all to set. You start playing the music and they all start dancing once again.

You watched them practice over and over. Until they got called to set. You followed them into the studio and watched behind the cameras as they started to record the dancing segments.

You noticed Yoongi looking at you, smirking occasionally when you and he made eye contact. Each time, you would blush and look away quickly. He looked so sexy on set, doing the dance, with that look on his face. It was making your heart ache. You really wanted to be more than friends but knew that he was not interested in you in that way.

Hours flew by in a blur as they wrapped up the dance parts, now recording the individual segments.

You yawn and lay down on a mat in the corner of the room you had practiced with the boys in. Closing your eyes and relaxing, enjoying doing nothing for the moment, you feel someone lay down next to you. You kept your eyes closed and breathed a sigh. “Hey Yoongi”

“How did you know it was me?” He props himself up on his side as you open your eyes and look at him.

“You are the only one that would just lay down next to me, the rest would probably just stand there and say my name.” You put your arms behind your head and look up at the ceiling.

He chuckles, “You are probably right.” He stares at you, as you both are quiet for a moment. “If you want to sleep I can leave.”

You smile a little, “It’s alright, you can stay.” You close your eyes again and start thinking about the tour when you feel him moving closer to you.

You put your arms back to your sides and opened your eyes, looking at him. He is staring down at you, his eyes roaming over your face. His expression was soft as a smile spread across his face when he saw you opened your eyes.

Both of you just stared at each other for a while, silence filling the room. You were worried he would be able to hear how fast your heart was beating.

He moved again, this time placing his head on your shoulder and went to put his arm around you, but stopped, looking up at you to see if it was alright. You nod and he slowly puts his arm around your waist and cuddles up next to you. He must be really tired, because not long after he did, you heard him snoring softly and you smiled, closing your own eyes, dozing off yourself.

You awoke to Hoseok poking your arm, you looked over at him, groggy as hell. You open your mouth to say something but he shushes you and points down. Yoongi was still asleep with his arm wrapped around you.

You blush and cover your face with your free hand and whispered, “I am sorry.”

He smiled a quirky smile. “Don’t be, he hasn’t slept almost at all, it’s nice to see him finally get some sleep.” He sits down next to you, cross-legged and looks at Yoongi then back at you. “I have never seen him sleep with another person, usually he won’t even sleep around the maknaes.”

You chuckle, “Well I mean, do you blame him. They are always playing around and pranking the others, I can see why.”

He laughs quietly, “Yeah I guess you are right.” He smiles and looks at Yoongi again, his smile widened seeing Yoongi with a smile on his face while he was asleep. “You really know how to make him the happiest y/n.”

“I don’t know about that Hoseok.” You look down at him, playing with Yoongi’s hair softly, twisting his dark locks around your finger.

“Believe me, we have been around him for a long time. The last few months have been his happiest. He….. uh… really likes you Y/n.”

Your heart flutters, hearing Hoseok’s words only made you feel like maybe there was a chance he did like you. You smile as you look at him, peacefully sleeping. You really wanted to be his, to do this all the time with him. To make him his happiest. It made you happy. “That’s good to know, I am glad I can make him happy. He deserves to be happy. He has been through a lot, he deserves the world.” You meant that too.

“He really does, he has worked so hard to get here, even if that means being miserable. He needs someone to make him happy, I am thrilled he found someone that can do that for him. I mean he is happy around us, but seeing him that way with someone else. It makes us happy too. He works the hardest out of any of us.” Hoseok continues to look at Yoongi for a moment longer. “We need to wake him, wardrobe wanted me to come grab him so he can get ready for his next scene. Think you can wake him, it is quite a feat? He is really cranky.”

You chuckle, “If I can make him happy, I think I can handle waking him up Hoseok.”

“Got it,” Hoseok smiles and stands up, turns and walks toward the door then stops. “Y/n,” he looks back at you.

“Yes?” You say as your look up at him, rubbing Yoongi’s arm as you get ready to wake him.

“Thank you for all you have done.” He looks down at Yoongi then back at you before he turns and leaves the room.

You blush a little, but look back down at Yoongi, and rubbed his arm a little harder shaking him slightly. “Yoongi, can you hear me?” You look at him as his face frowns a little. He shifts and pulls you closer and mumbles your name under his breath. You felt your cheeks go red.”Yoongi?” You put your hand on his shoulder and shake him a little harder.

He groans and opens his eyes, tilting his head up and sees you looking at him. His eyes widen when he realizes he had fallen asleep on you. “Shit, y/n I am sorry, I didn’t mean to fall asleep!” He rolls off you and sits up quickly.

You chuckle, “Don’t be sorry, it’s fine.”

He quickly smiles at you, “Did you fall asleep?”

You nod, “For a little, Hoseok came in and told me that wardrobe needed you. Guess it’s your turn.”

His smile slowly turned to a frown. “Oh, already.” He sighs and stands up, stretching his arms above his head before looking back down at you. “Can you do me a favour?”

You nod. “Sure what did you need?” you said and sat up, stretching your legs a little.

“Come with me to the shoot and watch. I want to see you.” He smiled his signature gummy smile back at you as he held out his hand.

“Sure.” You smile as you take his hand, standing up.

Both of you continue to hold hands until you exited the room. His hand pulling away from yours as you saw two of the makeup artist pass you both in the hall. Both stop and snicker at you before whispering as you walk passed both of them.

“I will see you in a few,” he said as he winks at you before stepping into the dressing room.

Your heart fluttered as you walked into the main studio, finding a chair off in the corner so you could watch as they recorded Yoongi’s parts as well as a few of the other boys.

He would glance over at you any chance he had. Smiling at you quickly before looking away.

Before you knew it they were getting ready to wrap. The last scene was all the boys sitting on a couch. Jimin was in the centre and Yoongi covered his eyes. The director yelled, “and cut! That is a wrap we are all done.”

Everyone cheered and you saw the boys jumping up and down. Talking to the bangtan bomb camera as they passed it.

Hoseok grabbed it and came over to you and pointed the camera at you, “Guys this is our choreographer y/n, she is the one who helped us look so sexy for the comeback.”

You laugh and cover your face, shaking your head. “Hoseok! Stop!” you say as you jump up and try to grab the camera from him.

He put it above his head. “Oh no y/n, we are not going to let you go without being recognized for your amazing job.” He smiled as Jin took the camera and pointed it back at you.

“y/n what do you have to say to Army’s about the choreography?” You roll your eyes, “The boys are so rude.” You all start laughing for a moment.

Jin clears his throat, “Seriously though y/n, say something to Army’s.” He points the camera at you again.

You bow, “Hello Army! I am y/n I hope you like the choreography. I did my best to make sure Bangtan looked good. Fighting!” You say before Hoseok jumps in.

“y/n is so good at dancing! She made us look sexy, don’t you agree Yoongi!” He says as he sees Yoongi walking over.

Yoongi smirks and does a peace sign as Jin points the camera at him. “Yes, she did an amazing job.” He smiled over at you, you could feel a blush across your cheeks.

Jin started to talk to the other members about your choreography, as Yoongi steps next to you and pulls you in for a hug, wrapping his arms around your waist and whispering in your ear, “I am so happy you are staying with us for the tour.”

You hugged him back. Placing your hands on his back. “I am too, you guys are all my family and I love you all so much.”

He chuckles, “We love you too.”



Behind The Scenes 3 [DELETED SCENE]

Author’s note: I took this part because I felt it wasn’t too important to the story line and created excess, and unnecessary, drama. However, I still need to buy time to finish the Seoul scene and I didn’t want this to go to waste because this part more so shows Y/n’s desperation to be away from it all

Genre: Drama/angst (Suga; Jungkook)

Word count: 1007

City: Manila (Day one)

Summary: This was supposed to take place after Y/n threw up in the bathroom and Jungkook lead her back up to their room. Originally y/n was not crying on the way up to the room and so this scene was what was supposed to happen next. 

Other parts: HERE

This is my GIF. I made it based off of this scenario series.

Back in the room, the tired maknae knocked out the second his head landed on the pillow.

Stuck in his embrace and unable to fall asleep, you just stared at him. He must have been really tired if he didn’t even fluster when you fixed his pillow for him. In that moment an idea came to you. It was a thought you refused to think about since the first month you were stuck with the seven boys. “…Now… it’s now or never.” You thought.

You slowly and carefully took Jungkook’s arm off you. You shimmied out of bed, slipped your shoes on and tiptoed out of the room.

You quickly made your way to the elevator and pressed the down button. You waited and waited and finally the elevator reached your floor.

You stood frozen as the doors slid open and you saw who was inside.

“Y/n? Why are you alone?” Suga asked.

“Shit.” You whispered. Without thinking, you bolted down the hall.

“Y/n!” you heard Suga’s footsteps coming after you.

You ignored him and kept running. Your heart raced. You ran to the end of the hall to the only other exit, the emergency stairs.


“Leave me alone!” you cried. You pushed the metal door open and did your best to run down the steps.

Suga raced behind you, slowly catching up to you. “Y/n, where are you going?” His voice echoed.

“Leave me alone!”

There were only two more flights of stairs left to run when you felt a hand grab your shirt and pull you back. You were so close yet so far. For the first time since your first night with them, you felt every ounce of hope being stripped away. “Let me go!” you cried.

“Y/n shh. Just tell me what you are doing.” Suga said calmly.

“Let me go!” you pleaded. “Let me go!” your voice got louder and louder as you tried to squirm from his grasp.

He panicked and pinned you against the wall. He covered your mouth with his hand and whispered for you to calm down. “shhh shhh, Y/n, calm down. It’s just me, calm down.”

You didn’t listen. You still tried to scream through his hand.

“Yoongi, what’s going on?” Aiko’s voice trailed down from the 11th floor. Her footsteps coming down filled the stairway.

“Nothing! Just go get Jungkook!” He ordered.

You twisted your head to one side and his hand slipped off. “No! Don’t do it!” you screamed.

“Y/n!” He scolded as he covered your mouth again.

“Is everything okay down there?” Aiko asked, she sounded closer now.

“Aiko! What did I say?!? Go get Jungkook!”

Her footsteps went back up and you heard the metal door open and close.

Suga turned to you, desperate to know what was going on. “Y/n”, he said in almost a whisper. “Don’t tell me you were trying to do what I think you were doing.”

Your tears were enough to answer him.

He looked just as torn as you felt. His eyes were watering up. He kept his hand over your mouth, scared that you would scream again. With a deep frown, he asked, “Why? Why would you fucking do that? You know what will happen! Do you have any idea what I’m doing to keep you safe? Why are you doing this shit?!?”.

“Y/n!” Jungkook’s voice was heard. “Baby, where are you?”

“We’re down here!” Suga answered. He turned to you and whispered, “It’s gonna be okay, just trust me.”. He slowly took his hand off your mouth and backed off you.

Jungkook looked surprised to see you in such a state as he finally made his way up to you. “Jagiya, what happened?” it seemed as though he’s asked you that same question a hundred times today.

As a way to avoid answering him, you ran to him and hid your face on his chest.

“Yoongi, what happened?” Jungkook asked.

Suga gave Jungkook the most intense death stare he was capable of making. “I could ask you the same thing.” he growled.

“Y/n are you okay?” Aiko asked softly as she came back behind you and rested her small hand on your shoulder.

You clung to Jungkook and shook your head.

“Why don’t we go back to the room, y/n?” Jungkook suggested.

The walk back was an awkward one. Jungkook kept a tight hold on you while Aiko and Suga hovered behind you.

Compared to the last outburst you had, barely a week ago, Jungkook’s reaction was very different. Instead of being upset at you, he looked hurt.

He sat you down on the bed. You were still crying but not as much as before.

“Y/n why did you run away from me?”

“I- I- I  just do- don’t want to be here-re anymore!” you stuttered.

He engulfed you in his arms. “Y/n please don’t do that again. Please.” He begged.

“I’m so sc-scared. Jungkook s-she’s gonna die! I can’t just l-look at her knowing that’s gonna happen. I-I’m scared for me too! I don’t want-t to be here anymore! I miss my- my old life!” you cried.

“Shhh. I know I know, but please, please, please don’t run away from me. I’m protecting you. I won’t let anything bad happen to you. Just don’t run away from me.”

“The cameras! Jungkook the cameras.” you panicked. “He’s gonna know. He’ll know!”

Jungkook got up from the bed and pulled out his phone. “… Pretend like I’m your mom! … Something happened with y/n… Make sure the security footage is erased and that they don’t report the noise complaints… He can’t know about this… Thanks.” He hung up the phone and came back to you. “See! All taken care of! You don’t have to worry about a thing.”

“A- a-are you sure?” you still weren’t able to get control of your breathing

“I’m positive Jagiya. Tae is going to take care of everything…  you haven’t slept at all baby. Please try to relax and sleep a bit. That’ll make you feel better.”

“… O- ok”

Sorry I didn’t post the next half of part 15 this time, but the next upset will be 15.5 for sure. I just wanted to show a bit more of y/n’s thoughts and this was one of my favorite parts and I didn’t want it to go unread and once again i need to buy myself more time to finish BTS 3.