he must be an absolute joy to be around


Small reminder that this cute noodle is still looking for a home. Perls is a West African Lungfish(Protopterus annectens) who I rescued and he is looking for somewhere to spend the next 15+ years. These fish typically grow from 2.5-3ft in length with 2.5 and smaller being more common in captivity. WALs must also be housed alone due to their competitive nature and should not be housed with other fish or conspecifics.

An appropriate size for an adult WAL will be around 90-100gal but they are well paced growers and can be moved up in tank size as they mature. At Perls current size he would be fine in a 40gal Breeder for a decent while. Lungfish are very friendly and curious fish and are an absolute joy to own. If you’re interested in adopting Perls and can provide him with the home he needs don’t hesitate to send me a message.