he moves kind of like a pigeon


Miraculous Ladybug 

Word Count: 1690

Marinette found herself unconsciously attached to stray cats after she became Ladybug. She wagered that it was her friendship with Cat Noir that prompted such behaviour from the hero, and when she was a civilian, Marinette had gotten into the habit of leaving bowls of milk or water outside the bakery so that the strays had something to drink. She couldn’t have possibly anticipated that the biggest stray of all trying to claw his way through her trap door at three in the morning.

In the early hours of the morning, he clawed at her trap door like the cat he almost was. Bleary and tired, Marinette left the safety of her bed knowing that something was amiss. She fumbled with the locks in the dark, but eventually managed to open it to reveal Cat Noir in the same suit he’d worn going into battle earlier that day. He lit up when he saw her, and she wasn’t even halfway up the ladder when she was immediately pulled up into a hug. The autumn air was cool and tickled the back of her neck. With her hair down, the wind pushed strands forwards as if trying to tangle them in the mess of blonde hair that was Cat Noir. The hero sighed her name into her shoulder and she tried to hug him back as delicately as possible. Something was clearly wrong.

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Good Vibes

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(Request: Hii! Could you do a newt x reader where its the readers birthday and Newt tries to do something really great for her, but maybe something doesn’t go his way when he’s doing everything? Your work is great <3 )

(A/N: BIRTHDAY SURPRISES ARE MY FAVORITE- I’m not sure if this was exactly what you wanted, but I REALLY enjoyed writing this! You’re a doll, thank you! xx The ending is shit I’m sorry, I tried, but it’s really shitty. )

The first time you were away from your family on your birthday, it was difficult needless to say. The four of you were quite close, since really, you only had each other.

Your mother and father were the reason why you became an Auror in the first place being the fact that you never really had money growing up; thankfully they encouraged you day after day to go after your dreams.

Unfortunately for dreams to become a reality, sacrifices must be made. Leading up to your employment, you spent less and less time at home, often leaving  for days at a time. Eventually you were so caught up with work, you thought it best to move out.

It was around that time that you met Newt.

At first you found Newt to be quite silly, always carrying his briefcase in a pigeon toe like manner, but never really understanding why. It wasn’t until Newt showed you the wonders of his suitcase that you finally understood.

Meeting Newt’s creatures was when you started noticing the little things about him. You noticed whenever he would handle Pickett, his voice would soften just a little bit in comparison to his other creatures.

 That being said, you noticed that the creatures kind of made sense in a way- you understood very well that Newt was a big part of their lives as much as they were to him, they completed him in a sense and you thought that was beautiful. 

Newt was very puzzled that day that you met his creatures because you left in such haste. You remember him chasing after you and asking you very politely, “Why did you leave? Did my creatures upset you?”

 You remember shaking you head and checking your watch quickly. Your shift at the ministry started in ten minutes and you couldn’t be late. “No,” you had said, “I’m just really going to be late for work if I don’t leave- I’m sorry!”

Thankfully you weren’t late to work, but you did have a very difficult day full of paperwork, chases, and awkward social interactions with your superior. That night, Newt somehow met you in front of the Ministry entrance and held out his arm. “You look like you could use a hot meal,” he said with a soft smile, “my treat.”

 Your first dinner with Newt wasn’t something you could ever forget. At first it was difficult to get the conversation started, especially since you barely knew the man, but after, it was almost impossible to stop talking. 

When he asked you if you had any family in London, you grew sad and shook your head lightly. “I came here alone after getting my job.” you explained, “It’s really been my dream to be an Auror, so I can’t complain, but I miss my family a lot. It’s difficult to really see them since I’m so busy.”

 Newt furrowed his eyebrows in response and apologized wholeheartedly. You blushed furiously and shook your read, “It’s alright! Honest! Thing’s are much better now that I’ve met you and your creatures.” You sweared his smile could’ve put the sun to shame. 

Fast forward a few years later and you and Newt were closer than ever. A few people had even mentioned the word “Dating,” but the two of you would shake your head in response and laugh quietly. 

You really never saw each other as anything more than best friends. Your birthday was coming up and you swore that Newt was up to something, just like he was every year, but you couldn’t pinpoint what exactly.

 Last year, for example, Newt surprised you with a very rare amethyst necklace that you had been wanting for awhile now. He was never one for giving material things as presents but the Amethyst really held a special place in your heart: It was your mother’s birthstone. 

You remember him looking very smug as you opened your present and when you attacked him with a giant bear hug, he giggled in your ear and wrapped his arms around you as he said “You’re welcome.”

 Currently you were eyeing him with a curious look on your face as he placed food in a bucket for the Grindylow that was floating somewhere in his suitcase. 

“Why are you staring?” he asked suddenly, causing you to jump.

“I’m not staring.” 

“I can feel your eyes piercing my back (y/n),” Newt replied pointedly, “what’s wrong?”

 “Nothing,” you said, sighing, “I just know you’re up to something for my birthday, I just can’t figure out what.” 

Turning around and walking up to you with the Grindylow bucket in hand and a big smile on his face, he shrugged, “you’ll never find out.” he said, “I promise you, you’ll love it though.”

You sighed and pouted, “Of course i’m going to love it!” you cried as he walked out, “You’re amazing at gift giving- just tell me what it is Newt!”

Newt continued grinning as he stepped out of the shed.

True to his word, Newt didn’t let off a single clue of your birthday surprise until the day of your actual birthday.

You woke up that day feeling awful about yourself- it was your twentieth birthday and you were missing your family more than ever.

You had expected them to have called you by now just like any of your other birthdays but it was already noon and not a single call was made. It worried you to no ends, but you tried not to let it bother you as you showered and dressed. Fortunately, the Ministry had given you the day off- which was a fist.

Newt arrived minutes after that with a massive grin on his face and and his suitcase in hand. “Happy Birthday (y/n)!” he called out, but when reached over to hug him, you noticed he looked a bit anxious.

“Thank you,” you replied with a smile on your face, your cheeks blushing, “it’s really not something to get excited over,” you said sadly, “I’m getting old and my family hasn’t called.”

Newt bit his lip and looked down, not daring to meet your eyes. “You’re not getting old,” he said, “you still look as beautiful as when I first met you.”

You nudged his shoulder, “thanks,” you replied, “you’re the best.”

The both of you were quiet for a moment before Newt looked up at you, distress shadowing his eyes, “I have something to tell you, (y/n.)” he said. “I-i tried to make today special for you- really special, but it was so hard.”

“You really didn’t have to.” you retorted, already knowing where this was going, “honestly Newt, you just spending the day with me is all I need.”

“N-no.” Newt stuttered, “i’m sorry, but let me finish. I tried to have your family visit.” he said, and you widened your eyes in shock.

“-But everything went wrong!” he cried, “At first I wanted to take you to them, and then I wanted them to visit you- but I know you’re always busy and i just- I just wanted to make this special for you.” he finished, his eyes sad.

“Aw Newt,” you sighed as you took his face in your hands. “Thank you so much for thinking of me, you’re the best and I will never be able to thank you for what you did- but although I do miss my family, you need to realize that I have-” but before you could finish, you saw a little creature step on your arm and squeak loudly.

“Hi Pickett,” you said, “I’m sorry, but I’m in the middle of a conversation with Newt, would you mind?”

In response Pickett blew you a raspberry, causing you to open your mouth in shock, “how rude!” you said, but again Pickett did the same.

Newt carefully placed Pickett back in his pocket, blushing furiously and said, “I’m so sorry- perhaps I should take him back home- come with me?” he asked.

You nodded your head once and took Newt’s suitcase from his hand and opened it, letting him walk down first before you. As the both of you walked down the stairs, you could hear Newt lightly scolding Picket. “That really wasn’t nice, we’ve talked about this Pickett-”

But as soon as you entered the center of his suitcase you heard a chorus of “SURPRISE,” causing you to jump lightly, your face bright red.

In the midst of all of Newt’s creatures, you recognized two familiar faces, “Mama! Papa!” you cried, running up to them like a child, swallowing them in a hug.

Warmness filled up your body as a chorus of “I love you,” and “I missed you so much,” came out of your mother and father’s mouths, In fact, you couldn’t help but let out a few tears.

“I told you you’d love it.”

The Long Way

Title: The Long Way

Pairing: Reader x Dean

Word Count: 1,700

Theme Song:  Long Drive by Jason Mraz (seriously listen to this song, it’s so perfect)

Request: seremedyxiii asked - Hello there I was wondering if you could write a one shot about dean teaching the reader to drive using the impala. Lots of fluff please! thank you :)

Your name: submit What is this?


“Alright, you two going to take that junker back into town?” you asked as you packed your gun into the Impala’s trunk. Sam was standing by the Dodge Challenger he’d ridden in to meet you for the hunt, having been a town over questioning a witness when you and Dean had gotten an unexpected lead on where the vampire nest was. Sam had ‘borrowed’ the first car he’d found and rushed to meet the two of you and Cas to clean the place out.

“Yeah, we’ll get it back, best thing to do,” Sam replied, tossing his own bag into the back.

“I would rather not ride in the car. It’s very tedious. I’ll meet you back in town,” Cas said and disappeared without saying anything else.

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                                    Let Me Live in Your City

Some people never say those words
I love you
It’s not their style to be so bold
Some people never say those words
I love you
But like a child, they’re longing to be told

-Paul Simon

A mantra of kiss me kiss me kiss me thrummed in her brain. The air surrounding them was growing thicker by the second. Chloe felt hot and breathless like there was someone clenching her lungs in their fists. She had to get out before she did something horrifically stupid like kiss Niall on his dumb mouth.

“You’re all set, I’m just gonna step out and get some air,” her voice was quiet and high pitched as she let out a breath she didn’t realize she was holding. Turning on her heel she flung herself through the kitchen, out the back door, and onto the porch heaving in breaths of the rapidly cooling night air.

Fuck. Moments like these had become less frequent in the past month; moments where it took everything in Chloe not to push Niall to the ground, crawl on top of him and kiss him till they were both laughing and breathless. They spent almost all their free time together now, sometimes with the others but more often than not it was just the two of them. At times it seemed like they existed separate from the others,  like they were the only two celestial beings orbiting each other through space. Chloe found it strange that it only took four weeks to forget what life was like before she’d met Niall, four weeks to make the best friend she’d ever had. But, lying just below the surface of her skin buzzing like electricity was that attraction she couldn’t stamp out. It was always there beating painfully, steadily,  screaming to be let out.

The previous night they had gone out to grab some takeaway, running to the crowded tube in the rain, both of them too lazy to cook. In the train car they were standing close enough to feel the heat radiating off each other’s bodies. Chloe’s eyes were fixed on his hand next to hers on the pole steadying himself  as they rode past countless stations to the best curry in London. She was transfixed on the veins in his hands, the pale skin white and red around the knuckles. How easy it would be, she’d thought, to reach up and run her mouth along the back of his hand. She wanted to press her fingers into the muscles and veins there, she wanted to leave her fingerprints on his skin. If they were other people they’d run through the rain back home, he would catch her arm and pull her under a shop’s awning and they’d kiss. If they were other people they’d be in love.

Sometimes she felt so obviously transparent. He had to know on some base level how she felt. Right? Like when she looked at him the way she had just now, eyes sharp and focused, red faced and stuttering. How could he not?  Each time raw panic would snap her back into reality. She’d quickly slam the door on her desire before daring look into his eyes knowing she’d only see kind rejection. Chloe vowed each time her feelings spilled over like this to get a better handle on them. It embarrassed her how often she found herself pacing back and forth just behind that line. A line that once crossed would rip through their friendship like wildfire.


Will be a multi-chaptered AU 


Chloe: Just moved to London from Chicago, friendless and homesick. Hates pigeons, likes Niall. 

Niall: A struggling musician who doesn’t do relationships and never sleeps in his own bed. 

Harry: Chloe’s best friend and confidant, infuriatingly charming and well dressed. Horrible at football, wonderful at everything else. 

Louis: Niall’s sassy roommate who doesn’t know how to wash a dish and is smarter than everyone else in the world.  

Liam: The absolute best person you’ll ever meet who’s a wonderful football goalie and even better boyfriend. 

Title based off this song by Paul Simon 

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Chapter 8

✨ dan's younow april 5, 2016 ✨

read on google drive with links

(special thanks to @PhandomStats for the notes tonight)

-he swapped wifi connection 30 seconds in

-3 2 1 CLICK and he gone

-reconnecting broadcaster

-whys the screen green

-“apparently you can change the wifi connection and it doesn’t stop the chat” except it did


-the screen is still green but now glitching

-“i should take over #dj”

-pretty snazz jacket

-“i hate myself for liking danandphilcrafts” “i hate you too”

-He actually acknowledged the haru pillow

-whacky guys

-“what am i humming” (it was gw2 music)

-danandphilcrafts is the best video he’ll upload this year

-their entire living room is covered in glitter

-you don’t understand the catastrophe

-so he is not wearing pjs because they are destroyed

-he’s wearing some “thin black things” which are cold

-many youtubers have sent him messages about PROTIP

-it’s everywhere

-even on a white house video

-so that’s good

-“what switches does your keyboard have” “-…switches?”

-a pigeon gave him a cold dead pigeon stare and then pooped in front of him

-it was horrific

-*fart noise*

-it was like a constant stream forming a puddle

-and it kept going

-and kept staring at him and didn’t move

-asserting its dominance

-he was traumatised

-solid five minute rant about how the poop wasn’t stopping

-his fav cocktail at wetherspoons is a cheeky vim

-full time rehearsals for tatinof because it’s unnecessarily complicated kind of like a radioshow

-he and phil hurt their necks and he sliced his thumb

-they added something new

-a “really dangerous surprising thing”

-he cut his hand and arm too

-they are exhausted

-the people they work with have a normal sleeping schedule

-they don’t


-one playlist show has sold out

-they will try and film as many gaming vids as possible before america

-he is excited for FFXV

-the battle system looks amazing

-“where is the haru pillow” “stop attacking me”

-new dinof video

-his subscribers are either hardcore anime fans or don’t give a crap

so the video was a challenge

-he wanted to give people back to back free trials for crunchy roll but was too busy

-“you’re very cool” “that’s just a wrong fact”

-“choke me” “nice”

-their necks are itchy because of something they wear on tour

-he sneeze

-he avoided snotting on the camera

-“my mums excited to meet you” “i’m excited to meet your mum”

-he really liked this season of TWD

-so he forgives them for the finale

-dan likes green and red grapes

-everyone dies in GoT

-everyone is very concerned about his neck

-"can you please plabbalbalbe”

-he sometimes thinks he’s promoting something then realises the franchise is way bigger than him (Like GOT or the Powerpuff girls)

-his second powerpuff dan captured him more accurately

-his being pressured into getting miitomo

-a lot of SAO is trash but the music and the concept are good

-grammar with dan

-“say hi to my dog” “WOOF”

-the youtube jacket is really comfy

-felix is danandphiltrash #1

-revenge of the sith is his favourite star wars movie fight him

-there will be a video about tatinofus

-they cannot take anything home

-so do not get them gifts!!

-he spent all saturday rehearsing and all sunday making his video

-“we are maybe going on tour in other places after the USA” *WINK WINK*

-they took the internet takeover down with them in a spiral of flames

-there will be a final goodbye internet takeover show

-they will mainly be reacting to old stuff it’s very cringe

-Death note gets bad after something bad happens halfway through

-the last song he listened to is the new video from schoolboy q

-he doesn’t have a fav pokemon

-he hates favourite anythings

-he overthinks too much

-there is a lot of irl stuff in the show

-Phil is leaving for America before him

-ERASED is amazing

-They do not want to leave Radio 1

-they will probs do stuff for them again

-exercise is good when its fun

-exercise for the sake of exercise isn’t

-he would join a volleyball team if his friends asked him

-kanye rant

-he needs it to be the perfect album experience so he is waiting for the final version

-nathan z had a good theory

-ballet is cool

-GBBO is like the best show ever

-the professional pastry making is insane

-it ruined his life

-he went on a quest for baked goods

-this may be his last liveshow before america

-next dandpgames is a dil one

-reported for nudity

-unintentional typos in tabinof

-intentional typos in tabinof

-good luck to exam people

-insert generic end

based on/inspired by “eyes shut” by years & years, so if you want to get an idea of the vibe of this before you read, i’d look up the song or the lyrics, which i only recommend just because “eyes shut” (and years & years in general) is amazing. if you don’t though, just know that if you’re looking for 100% happy and cute and fluffy, this is probably not where you should be looking. listen to “eyes shut” and years & years anyway though. if no one likes this, i figure at least iamhalseys will so s/o to gabby. soz for fucking you up with that little bit i sent you. i promise i am not trying to kill you.

word count: 2868

“I love you.”

Had they been uttered alone, you might not have thought much of those three words. Luke was your best friend and you were his. Of course he loved you. You told each other those three words all the time.

When they followed a laundry list of what exactly he loved about you, you found those three words harder to ignore, especially when you took note of his eyes – the blue hue looking as vibrant and bright and earnest as ever – and the smile on his face, that small one that you’d only ever seen him wear around you.

You’d be lying if you said that you hadn’t fallen into the age-old trap of falling in love with your best friend. Or if you said that you hadn’t daydreamed about him saying those words to you in a way that was more than just platonic. The moment was perfect.


Ideally, you would’ve jumped headfirst, repeating those three words back to him and extending your relationship beyond just friendship. But you’d also be lying if you said that you hadn’t also fallen into the age-old trap of being afraid of ruining your friendship with Luke through the addition of romance. Though the possibility that he might not have meant those three words at all was what held you back the most.

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Big Daddy Starters
  • He has a five year plan.
  • Okay, what do you want?
  • What the hell is the matter with you?
  • Sorry, we stopped serving breakfast
  • What are you talking about? We're FOUR seconds late.
  • No, you're 30 minutes and four seconds late. We stopped serving breakfast at 1030.
  • But after my nap I always watch the Kangaroo Song.
  • It's overtime right now and there's a penalty shot about to take place.
  • This happens about once every ten years so...
  • God you were normal yesterday!
  • Wish my father was like him.
  • My father was a military man. Guess I wasn't such a good soldier.
  • Anyways, when I was 35, he tried to give me a crew cut while I was asleep. I woke up, broke his arm, haven't seen him since.
  • I'd rather live in a dumpster then under his freaky ass rules!
  • Say "Happy Halloween".
  • ...but I wipe my own ass, I wipe my own ass!
  • Nice parenting.
  • Hey, thanks! Who are you? My therapist?
  • They've been my favorite band since I was, like, twelve.
  • You're kidding me?
  • My friends make fun of me all the time.
  • My friends make fun of me all the time, too.
  • I've seen them, like, twenty-five times.
  • The court is interested in the truth, not the opinion of the defendant's father.
  • You want my opinion? My son is a moron.
  • I deliver food for six years. Plus, I'm stripper. But I've gained weight so that's a problem.
  • Yes, considering we're in America. I mean, if you don't like spaghetti and meatballs, why don't you get the hell out?
  • Listen, I'll come down there and give you a crew cut
  • Not my problem your father was sick.
  • What, you want a father figure? Stop pulling your sister's hair!
  • Cut the crap.
  • I'm being serious, don't do that.
  • How much wood would a wood chuck chuck, if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
  • I can't take this shit. Are you serious?
  • Uh, nothing changed really. They watch a different kind of porno now.
  • Is that strange for you?
  • I'm going through a rough patch in my life right now.
  • I got those medical problems.
  • Medical problems? A cab runs over your foot 2 years ago, you spend one night in the hospital.
  • What's this I hear about you doing laundry with my sister?
  • How come you're not going?
  • Hey! You just made the biggest mistake of your life, baby. I know you're gunna be missing me when you have that big, white, wrinkly body on you with his loose skin and old balls... gross! Ugh!
  • I'm cleaning because you're useless
  • I'm eating it then.
  • Having a kid is great... as long as his eyes are closed and he's not moving or speaking.
  • I had a mother lined up for him, but she's bangin' the Pepperidge Farm guy and the kid won't stop peeing and throwing up, he's like a cocker spaniel.
  • Don't worry about me making money. I'm in love with a woman who makes plenty of it. She'll be my sugar mamma.
  • Congratulations! You and "Big Boobs" McGee are gonna get along just fine.
  • Be nice to the Delivery Guy, will ya? It's not his fault he can't read.
  • I kind of adopted a kid
  • Go play with the pigeons
  • We all love Yoohoo, especially Yoohoo with a little rum.
  • I'm thinkin' about keepin' the kid.
  • You don't want me here anymore?
  • You just have to go away for awhile.
  • How long am I going away for?
  • I don't want to lie to you. I don't think we'll be seeing each other anymore.
  • I screwed up, I'm so sorry.
  • Come here, put your coat on.
  • This is not your fault, okay? I'm the idiot
  • I don't wanna go!
  • I am still weirded out seeing them kiss.
  • They're still our brothers. Our very gay brothers.
  • Hey, I remember you. You always order three piece of cheesecake!

The pigeons in this city, they’re kind of like some people here. They don’t exactly have the best reputation. They get kicked, looked down on, most have to fight to survive. Most wouldn’t be too sad if they woke up one day and found them all gone.

I saw a man in the park the other day. His sleeves were ripped, his hair was long. He had life all over his face and some might think he’d seen better days. Most gave him a sideways look and moved on. He was surrounded by birds of every size, like something out of a Disney movie. The birds tend not to trust people around here, but they were all around him, on him, perched on his shoulders, sitting on his head, kissing his face. By god, I never thought I’d see a New York City pigeon show a person love. And his face lit up, like they understood him. He touched them, hugged them, spoke to them, his face changing from ear-splitting smiles to heartbreaking sadness. He said his name is Larry the Bird Man.

I was editing these photos and trying to find some music that somehow fit this moment I was having. Something heard me, I think, because this song came on. I’d never heard it before. I played it about forty times in a row while looking at him. Give it a listen while looking at his face and tell me you don’t feel it too.


As if that wasn’t enough, I had a feeling there was something else, something about him that I was missing, so I did a Google. Here are his words:

“I went to prison for twenty years because two guys broke into my house and murdered my wife and kid on December 20, 1986. I caught them in my house and handcuffed them to my front yard, worked them over with a blackjack, and worked them from their ankles to their neck. And then I chopped their heads off with a steak knife… I’m not violent anymore… The birds help keep me normal…”

Like the song says, “Maybe someday I’ll fly with you.”


“Hey, dick move pigeon!”

Sam & Dean Pics   my endless∞spn caps  (Dog Dean Afternoon 9x05)

#this is like one of the best things that has ever happened #the scene is hilarious #like the whole conversation kills me #I almost died doing this from laughing so hard #Sam though, he is kind of laughing about it, and the way his hair flops around and how he waves to everyone #and Dean omfg so funny and just I love this