he moved it back and set it upright again

Barduil Mini Bang - Art for jennasaisqu0i’s ‘In Flagrante Delicto’ (A03 - In Flagrante Delicto b JennaSaisQuoi (ScarletTyler) )

Thranduil got the nerve to chuckle back at him, mumbling something about ridiculous misadventures. Bard missed the punchline though. Rolling down the jeans while moving backwards on his knees, he had almost freed Thranduil when the fabric bunched together around the ankles. Bard tapped into his impatience over this last hurdle, and so with a mighty pull, the denim finally gave in to his efforts. The victory was short-lived, however. Bard went tumbling back towards the wall; the bloody jeans still clutched in his hands.

Thranduil was up in a flash. He caught the mirror before it came crashing down the floor—or worse, on Bard. And though it may not have shattered, the resulting commotion was enough to make them both wince. Setting the mirror upright again, he breathed out a sigh in relief. “Are you all right?”

Bard was about to reassure his husband when the door burst open.

“What the—” A salesclerk, judging by her uniform, appeared out of nowhere. Gaping at them from the door, her eyes almost popped out of her head as she took in the sight before her: a half-dressed man hovering over another man, fully dressed but soaked in sweat. “Please tell me you’re not shagging in here.”

Thranduil recovered himself faster, standing up as he extended a hand to Bard. “No, we’re not,” he answered, going for calm and collected but ended up sounding haughty and defensive instead.

Hopefully the part you wanted illustrated lol ;p

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The Life and Times of Tigger

Originally posted by yong-guks

Dating Bang Yongguk could only be described as an experience. A good experience, but an experience nonetheless. An experience that you would never even dream of trading.

Over the course of your relationship with Yongguk you learned more than you ever thought you would. Yongguk preferred to make each word count and, although he was on the quiet side, each conversation was meaningful in its own way. He taught you about your own life, the lives of others, and how to make the most of both. He taught you how to be a better person and how to appreciate all that you were given.

He taught you how to be a genuinely good human being.

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Arrhythmia AU~~

Will woke up just a few hours later, getting enough sleep to keep him going. He was too nervous to sleep much more- he wanted to make sure Nico was alright.

Nico had dozed off without his oxygen mask, Will gently fixing the mask on his face. He looked pale and haggard, worn and beaten down. With some measure of relief, he found that at least his fever had gone down a bit.

Even asleep Nico was restless. He shivered violently, disjointed nightmares filling his head, causing him to whimper and squirm.

His heart was beating fast, too fast, each palpitation more painful than the last.

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“I’m Intrigued for a Peek”

“‘Where did his shirt go?’ Lucy asked, head cocked to the side where she sat next to Levy. Their sunglasses had been lowered since Gajeel first appeared, his grumbling heard all the way from the pool as he started to make repairs to the roof. That had been almost an hour ago, and since then, Gajeel’s shirt had mysteriously vanished and the entire guild had joined the two young women in their… observations.” [For the prompt, “Eyecandy”]

(You know for a smut prompt, there isn’t a lot of smut in this. Like at all. Oh well, the damn thing is finished and that’s all that matters. I had so much trouble with this one. Title from the song “Peacock” by Katy Perry.)

[Read on ao3 here]


Most of the guild was staring and Levy had no idea how he hadn’t noticed. Of course, Gajeel seemed to be otherwise occupied, but still.

The entire guild.

They were not known for their subtlety.

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Congratulations (?)

Pairing: Mark (GOT7) x You (Smut)
Length: 1,570 words
a/n: It’s my first time writing anything like this so don’t expect a lot ;-; but constructive criticism is definitely welcome ^^ There is no real plot to this just plot (。•̀ᴗ-)✧ … I really couldn’t help myself… I mean look at this boy!

You splay your left hand across his chest, using the other to pull yourself up to meet his eyes. The flame within them is barely contained.

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Sam Winchester Smut- Demon Blood Or Not

    About 3 days ago, while Sam was away you got an idea. So you pursued it, going to the store to buy rose petals and candles. You made sure Sam would be gone for a few hours when you decided the time was right. You set the plastic bags on the chair in the corner, the plastic making noises. As you kicked off your shoes, you walked over to the bed. Throwing the blanket up, you let it fall gently on the mattress, folding the top in and flattening out any creases.

    Walking back over to the bag, you grabbed the 2 boxes of rose petals, opening them. Setting one down, you took a handful out of the box and started to drizzle them over the bed, starting at the pillows. When the bed looked covered enough, you started to put them on the floor, halfway through having to get the other box. Grabbing it, you set the petals accordingly on the rest of the floor and a little on the dresser, nightstand and shelves.


    You were sitting on the couch waiting for Sam when he got home. Walking in, he had dirt all over his whole body and you could smell his musk from across the room. Getting up, all you could really think was how much better it made your surprise. As you wrapped your arms around his neck, you whispered in his neck. “It’s okay baby…” Petting the back of his head, you kissed his hair, taking his hand and leading him to the bathroom. As you prepared a hot bath, you started to strip him, removing his jacket and shirt first.

   You were careful, knowing he was sore. It was a case that turned out worse. “Where’s Dean?” You asked, worry coming out. “At the bar…” Sam said lowly. You nodded as he took off his shoes. Turning off the water to the bath, you turned back to him, undoing his belt. As you pulled his remaining clothes off his body, you admired him. Standing on your tip toes, you kissed him slowly. His hands rested on your hips lightly, pulling your shirt up. Pushing your shorts down,  you watched Sam sink into the warm water first.

    Steam rolled up from the water, the liquid devouring Sam’s body. The mirror was fogged and the steam made your skin moist and sticky. Sinking in after him, you laid your back against his chest. His hands ran hot water over your chest by the palmfuls. You allowed him to do this gesture for a few minutes before his hand travelled south. You hadn’t notice until now, but his cock was pressed hard against your back. You tangled your hands with his, leaving them open and flat. 

    You led his hand to your thigh, slowly rubbing it with both hands. Sam leaned down to kiss you, his hair acting as a curtain, cascading around both of your faces. As you let go of his hands to hold his lips to yours, his hands continued their mission. Slowly making their way to your core, his large hand cupped your heat. You moaned lightly as his middle finger flicked through your folds, the sensation light but heavy at the same time. Rubbing your ass into his hard on just teasingly enough, his hand got a bit rougher.

        Sam took one of his hands and led it to your breast, slowly rubbing it as he kissed your temple. You let your head fall back in bliss on his shoulder as his middle finger found your entrance. Slowly, he entered your hole, letting you clench around him. Your wetness worked as a natural lubricant, his finger slipping in and out with ease. You devoured the feeling of part of him inside you, your senses sending you to the clouds. Using his thumb to rub your clit slowly, your legs began to shake every now and again as he sent jolts of pleasure through you. Your whole body felt like it was on cloud 9.

     Slowly removing his finger, Sam lifted you with one arm, pulling his cock out from under you. As he set you back down, he was slightly rubbing against you, laying straight upright across your core. “Sam…” You moaned, moving up just enough that he would get the hint. As Sam kissed your temple, he grabbed his cock, moving the tip between your folds. As he pressed the tip inside you, you gasped. “Sam S-Sam…” You pulled at his hair. Slowly, Sam let his thick girth slide into you, your core hot, wet and tight just for him. “Jesus fucking christ…” Sam mumbled quietly. Sam began to move deep inside you, slowly letting you feel every inch he had, his base hitting your outer folds. “Feel good, Princess?” Sam asked, moving your hair and kissing behind your ear . “Perfect…” You half sighed and moaned out, letting his tip hit your g spot. Every time, you let out a particularly pornographic moan, trying to make every muscle in your body remember how good he feels. “Cum for me, baby girl…” Sam says as he puts his finger down between your folds, rubbing your clit at a fast pace. When your legs begin to shake, he starts to thrust slightly faster. “Don’t. Stop.” You moaned, your head going back as you tightened around him, your cum coating him . Groaning at the extreme tightness, Sam came soon after, his cum shooting inside you. Feeling the warm liquid inside you, you moaned again, connecting your lips.


    You sat on Sam’s lower back as he vented to you about everything. You were rubbing his back, feeling the muscle and bone under your hands. As you continued up his back, you wrapped your hands around his shoulders, pushing extra hard. Sam’s muscles were  tense and knotted, but as you pushed and rubbed, you felt his bones pop and knots disappear. “You’re so worthy of so much, baby..” You said, kissing his shoulder sweetly. Continuing to kiss across his back, you whispered to him. “You’re the reason I’m still here…” You said, moving some rose petals off the bed. “You’re the reason I stuck around to experience all this. You are my reason to live, and I’ll be damned if you don’t feel like a reason.”

a/n- Since you asked…

He sorting through his records while she’s downstairs making them a cup of tea. They should both be at school but the thought of just being alone all day is too appealing.

Rae returns with one mug and a wicked smile spread across her face.

“Where’s mine?” Finn asks, pouting slightly.

“Thought we’d share a cup.”

He’s not so thrilled as he looks in the mug at the very clearly plain tea. “Don’t you usually take sugar?”

She takes a sip, presses her mouth to his, tongue flicking over his bottom lip. When she pulls away, his mouth is tingling. “Not today. You’ll sweeten it up for me.”

He feels her words in his groin, a fire spreading across his lower stomach and he’s slack jawed as she takes another sip and kisses him again. He’s pretty sure it’s the mint tea his dad loves so much and Finn hates but right at this moment he wished he had a whole bath of it. Wherever her mouth and tongue land (and she’s on the prowl across his neck) tingles and he’s dead and in heaven when it finally registers that she’s pulling his shirt up.

“That’s a lad,” she murmurs when he finally snaps out of his haze and shucks his shirt off. He’s panting every time she takes a sip, body on edge in anticipation of where her mouth is going to land next. When the blaze of her tongue lands on his left nipple, he almost balks but as she soothes over the teensy nub his head falls back and he starts to get why girls like it so much.

The traces of mint tingle as they cool and he’s covered in goosebumps between the chill and her deliciously hot mouth.

“Be a dear?” She asks, handing him the cup before sinking to her knees in front of him. She looses his belt, button and fly, mouth nipping at his navel before she nuzzles the faint trail of hair that disappears into the band of his boxers. Giving him a smile, she grasps his hand (it’s only tangling up her hair) and sucks his middle finger deep into her mouth. His mouth falls open, chin touching his chest (he’s trying to figure out how it’s possible that he can feel her mouth on his finger all the way down in his dick.)

“Witchcraft,” he mutters.

She releases the digit. “Sorry?”

He makes a noise in the back of his throat unable to answer (or do anything more than just gawk at her, really) and she pulls his jeans down.

Her hand grasps him through his boxers and he isn’t aware of how bad he’s trembling until tea sloshes out on his hand. It’s lukewarm but he’s pretty sure it could have been scalding hot and he wouldn’t have been able to tear his eyes away from her. Big brown eyes gazing up at him as she palms him through the flimsy material (in the back of his mind, he’s debating on never wearing underwear again).

“Tea getting cold?”

He’s thrown off guard. Tea? What tea? “Huh?”

She releases him and stands, taking the mug from his hand (he feels a sting as his knuckles sing their praises of no longer having the cup in a death grip). She takes a sip, tongue flicking out to catch a stray drop on her lip and he’s just about to tell her all the indecent things he wants to do with that mouth when she tuts, “Getting a bit cold.”

(She leaves him standing there bewildered with his legs shaking.)

She could have been gone hours but Finn’s still hard when she gets back. The tea is nice and warm again with a little more tingle as she kisses him thoroughly (and senseless, to be honest). “Bit of spearmint oil, ” she offers nonchalantly as he pants.

“Why don’t you sit?” He’s thankful for the invitation because he doesn’t have enough blood circulating to keep him upright much longer. He’s watching her expectantly, ready for her next move but she just smiles at him.

“Rae,” he tries and if he were in a right state, he’d die of shame at the neediness in his voice.

“I love you, Finn Nelson.” She kneels down again and pushes him back. He’s staring at his ceiling but he wants to be looking at her and when he raises up a bit, she places a firm hand on his stomach. “Lay down, Finnley.”

Something warm and round and heavy lands on his stomach. She’s set the tea cup on his stomach and presses a kiss to his thigh. “Don’t spill it.” She starts pulling his boxers down and when he lifts his hips to help, tea sloshes over the sides and runs in rivulets down his stomach and sides. His moan is throaty and the volume raise as her tongue laps it all up, head nearly cracking the wall she dips into his navel.

She takes a big drink, swallows, and finally (fucking finally) takes him in her mouth. It’s so warm and wet and fuck fuck fuck. He makes a sounds that’s half moan, half bleating goat and his mouth snaps shut, eyes popping open as she chokes around him. She pulls back, tries not to laugh and fails miserably.

“S'not funny!” He tries to be cross but when she imitates the sound, he laughs, too.

The laughter dies in his throat though as she brings the cup to her mouth, tongue edging the rim, teasing. Another drink and she’s back around him, but this time she soothes a warm bath of tea around the head of his cock. His hands clench the sheets, thighs taut as she kneads them. He moans her name loudly and tries to keep from thrusting into her mouth.

It goes on forever. He’s tingly and delirious and he’s clenched and yanked the sheet so much, it’s come off the bed. He’s watching her as she pulls off with a wink, hand working him just the right way as she takes a swig. This is the big finale, he can feel it in his bones (but mostly in his dick), and he’s not disappointed as she takes him all the way down, swallowing both him and the tea.

Finn unravels. He speaks a foreign language that screams her praises (he decides at that very moment that she is clearly a goddess and he has it way too good) and tension tears leak from the corners of his eyes. He’s spasming long after she stops, tingly and buzzing as she kisses up his stomach and chest.

“Alright?” she asks.

He can’t speak or even left his fingers to write something. He manages a nod (he thinks… his body with jelly and he was having hallucinations). She covers them both and cuddles him up, and Finn promptly falls asleep in a mess of tea stained sheets.

He’ll never be able to enjoy anything remotely mint in polite company again.