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A long ways away (Jared kleinman x reader smut)

A/n: Julia writing something other than headcannons for once? It’s more likely than you think

Warnings: this is practically porn with a shitty plot line and a slow burn read @ ur own risk

W/c: 1470
- -
“Are you sure you have to be gone for two whole weeks?”

Asked your boyfriend Jared. This was the question he kept asking you for the past few days, after he discovered you and your family would be on your annual vacation for two weeks. And he took it upon himself that he needed to make the most out of his time with you, and he certainly did just that. You were thankful that your family was out most of the time, collecting food and things for the house you rented. So you and Jared had the whole house to yourself for a good three hours a day. Which neither of you minded at all.
“In positive j, trust me if I didn’t have to go I’d stay home in a heartbeat, but we’ve gone on this vacation for as long as I can remember. My parents would never go for that.”
He let out a deep sigh and began to trace shapes on your bare shoulders.
“Why can’t I just go with you then?”

You cocked an eyebrow at him,

“Do you really think your parents would let you go to myrtle beach for two weeks? They barley trust you to go get candy from 7/11.”


Suddenly you heard a chime from your bedside table. You read the message and smirked to yourself placing your phone back down.

“My mom just texted me that she’ll be home in a half hour, wanna go for another round?”

He let out a chuckle and kissed you passionately.

“You know I do.”

This vacation sucked. Normally you would spend all the time you could at the beach, or by the pool, but now all you wanted to do was stay cooped up in your room, sending and receiving nsfw things from your boyfriend. Not to mention you were seriously regretting all the sex you had the week before. Whenever you did go out something had to happen and make you ache for Jared. Like when you went for a drive on the golf cart and the gravely surface beneath the tires made you grip the side handle so hard your knuckles went white. Or when you were out to dinner with your family and Jared took this as an opportunity to send you something’s that even a pornstar might find racy. And, unbeknownst to you about the context of his texts, innocently opened your phone and saw your boyfriend in all his glory from what had to have been 6 different angles. Your eyes widened and your cheeks flushed as a familiar tingle had spread across your heat. You excused yourself and bee lined to the bathroom, where you enjoyed all the pictures for what they were worth, and even sent a few of your own. The only thought that comforted you was knowing Jared wasn’t any better. He had texted you on several other occasions telling you how much he needed to touch you, and hear your moans. You both needed each other. Bad.

But today was different. Today your family went to a strip mall that conveniently had a Victoria’s Secret inside. You convinced your mom that you needed a few things from pink and your trek began. While she went searching for some sweatshirts, you slipped into the sexy side of the store and almost immediately spotted a set of lingerie that would make Jared’s jaw hit the floor. It was black, strappy, and near see through in all the right places. You smuggled the underwear into your basket, hiding it under a few of the other more innocent items you had picked up, and went to check out. Leaving the store grinning widely. Knowing you would be able to enjoy this vacation a whole lot more.

Then the blessed day had arrived. The second you got home you unpacked your special surprise and tried it on. You gaped at yourself for a second not knowing you could look this sexy. You then threw on a t shirt and athletic shorts and made your way to Jared’s house.

As you pulled into his driveway you noticed the lack of cars in the garage, Leaving your boyfriend home alone. You then raced out of your car and knocked at his front door, rocking back and forth on your heels as you not so patiently waited for him to answer. But when he finally did you immediately crashed your lips onto his, letting one of his hands slip down to squeeze your ass as he shut the door. You smiled into the kiss before pulling away staring at your boyfriend. His hair was messy and his lips were swollen, but he looked absolutely stunning. He rested his forehead onto yours and barley audibly whispered,

“God I missed you so fucking much.”

You smiled and responded by connecting your lips again. This time however, he lifted you up, and you wrapped your legs around his waist, the friction between his length tand you driving you both crazy. When he finally got into his room he dropped you onto his bed and removed his shirt.

“Somebody’s eagER”

You covered your mouth with your hand as you felt jared start play with your clit through the fabric of your shorts. You threw your head back as pleasure convulsed through you. But then you remembered your big secret.

“J- Jared, oh god, I-I have a surp-prise
For- you-ooh.”

He furrowed his eyebrows as he took his hand away from your heat, letting you stand up. You began to slide down your shorts, and even after they were off Jared still wasn’t getting the message. It wasn’t until your shirt was finally gone, that he understood. His eyes bulged out of his head, as you could see the tent in his pants grow increasingly more strained.

You giggled as you sauntered back over to him and began straddling him. He almost immediately attached his mouth to your neck hitting your sweet spot on the first try. A moan escaped your lips as you ground your hips into his. His hands moved up to your chest where he began pawing them through the mesh fabric. He rolled and pinched your nipples and you let out a few shaky moans at the contact. You continued grinding your hips against, until he grew so impatient he flipped you over so that he was on top, he kissed down your chest, and stomach making his way to your clothed cunt. And let his fingers trace over your throbbing clit. It took every last ounce of will power not to buck into his hands, but you ultimately failed as you craved more friction. He smirked as he moved the fabric of your panties aside and felt up and down your dripping slit.

“Damn we’ve barley started and your already this wet for me? God (y/n) you’ve got it bad.”

“Sh-shut up Kleinman…you’ve been h-hard since I p-pulled in the driv-e wAY.”

You gasped as he pushed two fingers inside you, attaching his mouth to your clit, roughly sucking and licking your sensitive bud as he pumped his fingers in and out of you. You were suddenly grateful that his parents weren’t home, because you knew you wouldn’t be able to suppress your moans even if you wanted to. As he continued his movements you started to feel a familiar knot forming in the pit of your stomach.

“Jared I-I can’t last much longer.”

He removed his mouth and fingers from you, and whined as you felt your orgasm slip away. he then undid his pants and let his member spring free, pumping his cock a few times before sliding on a condom, and lining himself up with you. You winced slightly, and he paused, letting you adjust to his size, before nodding you head giving him the go ahead to move.

Once he started thrusting it was like nothing you ever felt before, and after only a few minutes, Jared’s head was buried in the crook of your neck switching between panting and leaving marks on your collar bone. He lifted his head for a second and you were greeted with his sweat glistened face and fogged up glasses. He was so stunning you could barley handle it. You then took his face in your hands and kissed him roughly, sending you over the edge. You moaned into the kiss as a wave of pleasure washed over you, leaving you breathless for all the right reasons. It didn’t take long for Jared’s climax to follow, and soon you were both cuddled up in a tangle of limbs under Jared’s duvet. He held you close as your hands pressed against his chest, his heartbeat lulling you to sleep.

Jumin Han was, relatively, a simple man. Compared to the greed and lux of other’s lives among his peers, his penthouse and bachelor life with just his cat were tame. Underwhelming, as the chairman might have said. He knew it caused curiosity - where were the lavish things? The women? The diamonds and jewels?

He most certainly owned expensive things. Had diamonds in a pen from his father and a collar for Elizabeth. But compared to the life he could easily have lived, he was a simple man.

For many years, all he’d wanted was for his business to flourish and his family to be happy. When his mind had finally unraveled, he’d been privileged enough to add ‘to care for his fiancée.’ And later, his husband.

And now, the most recent and most precious addition - his daughter, Han Ara.

The car seat nestled between him and Jihyun, while adorned with beautiful pink and white blankets and plushes, was most noticeable for having a newborn child inside.

Jumin’s child. His daughter. Just adopted half an hour ago.

How beautiful she was. How peaceful. The sleep on her face so enthralling. He could spend the rest of his life at her bedside, watching her, and perhaps never grow weary. And from the look on Jihyun’s face, from his knitted brow and healed eyes to his soft smile - he knew his husband felt the same.

“I love you,” Jumin murmured to his family.

“I love you, too,” replied Jihyun.

When the time came, they carried her inside, the bundle still asleep and soundless. Content. The social worker at the adoption agency had noted Ara had never looked more peaceful than when Jihyun was around.

That same man scooped her from her car seat in the bedroom. Gently, oh so carefully and humming her a lullaby, he placed her in her crib. A mobile hung above her, with dancing plastic animals and twinkling music.

Jihyun and Jumin both had put so much work into this room. Painting the walls a pale rose, hanging white fairy lights. Jihyun had taken permanent markers and drawn scenes from old fairy tales on the walls. It was a bedroom fit for a newborn queen. And that their daughter was.

As Jumin’s husband pulled away, releasing his grin on the girl settled in her crib, her eyes fluttered open, just so; her hand reached up, splaying flat across Jihyun’s cheek.

Jihyun took a shaky breath, his own larger hand reaching up and wrapping around his daughter’s, eyes closing. To Jumin, it was such a beautiful moment - his two most treasured together. Jihyun looked so content, so warm, and Ara so sleepy and honest.

It pulled at his heart.

This was a moment he couldn’t lose. This, the feeling in his chest, spreading to his fingers and toes and mind - he couldn’t ever lose them. Lose them. Jihyun’s camera was just nearby, and so he picked it up, hands shaking.

He had to get this right. Absolutely had to. For they would both move soon, Ara would drop her touch, something would happen. No blurriness. No fingers in the way. No uneven light. Just his love, projected in an image.

Oh. Oh, no, he could see Jihyun was about to move. And just before the man pulled back, kissing Ara’s hand and whispering - “goodnight, little princess” - the heir hit the capture button.

He looked down at the screen, almost nervous. If he had ruined this shot, he had lost so much.

And the photo below was crystal clear.

Arms wrapped around him, looking over. “It’s amazing, love,” the more talented photographer said. “It’s perfect.” And Jumin smiled, thinking of his family - because it was perfect.

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Ngl all I've been thinking abt is how Eggsy had to get on his toes to hug Harry and Merlin is TALLER than Harry so does Eggsy have to jump in his arms to hug him ?? 🤔🤔🤔 does Merlin bend down to hug people ?? What if Tony existed in this universe would Merlin rest his chin on Tony's head ??? 🤔🤔🤔 these questions haunt me @ night

And Eggsy is a bit taller than Tony as well!

I dont think Merlin would allow anyone to jump on him.  Hes the opposite of Terry Jeffords.

‘If I run and leap at Merlin he will most certainly catch me in his arms!‘

Shipping Merlin/Tony just makes me wanna watch Sherlock Holmes.


[Was it worth getting a six-pack for Pompeii] Yes! Because what happens now is that I’ve got my top off in this movie and that’s what everyone thinks I look like underneath all the time. So it quite paid of actually. It’s a few months of pain and a lifetime of people thinking you look like that normally.

Why is Draco a sex symbol? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love me some sex on legs Draco Malfoy, but in the books he’s described to be all lanky and pointy. Like, gimme some awkward, nerdy Draco Malfoy with glasses (but only when he’s reading in bed at night or just before exams when he’s too stressed to care bc Malfoys do not need glasses, Potter). Gimme some Draco Malfoy who took violin lessons growing up and fell completely in love with it and had to put silencing charms around his bed so the other Slytherins couldn’t hear him playing (they all thought he had a girl in there with him and he let them believe that bc he had a reputation). Gimme Draco Malfoy who did not fall asleep in History of Magic, but instead did extracurricular educational work (that he most certainly did NOT steal from the Restricted Section, shut up Potter) because he already learned about the Goblin Wars from his private tutor when he was young. Gimme Draco Malfoy who really wanted to ask Potter out in 8th Year but Potter was so social and carefree all the time and Draco just wanted to curl up with “A History of German Potions and their Uses in Modern Mind Magic” with Potter curled up to him, and so Draco couldn’t ask him out because why would the Boy Who Lived want to curl up in the Common Room with a nerd like Draco Malfoy? Gimme Draco Malfoy the complete dork who researched the magic behind Dark Marks when he was scared and lonely at Malfoy Manor hosting the Dark Lord and, in 8th Year, was not able to remove his, but he found he could recreate similar magic so that when he touched it, the skull put on glasses. Gimme Draco Malfoy who finally built up the nerve to approach Potter, but got so nervous after saying, “Hello, Potter,” that he forgot everything he had rehearsed and ended up saying, “That cloud looks like a penis,” instead of a conversation starter like he planned. Gimme Draco Malfoy being completely shocked by what just came out of his mouth and shocked when Potter actually laughs a genuine (and beautiful) laugh and responds with a casual, “I could use yours to compare, if you wanted,” and Draco doesn’t think he’s blushed so hard in his life. Gimme Draco Malfoy going on a date with Harry wearing a button down and a sweater with sweater paws (shut up, Blaise, I look cute) and being so nervous he keeps pulling on his sweater and Harry just thinks he’s so adorable he can’t stop giving him little tiny kisses and Draco absolutely loves it. Just gimme nerdy, virgin Draco and I’m set for life honestly.

  • Sirius: If I run and jump at Moony, he will most certainly catch me in his arms.
  • Sirius, running toward Remus: COMING IN.
  • Remus: *drops tea to catch Sirius*
It was in...

It was in 1st year when Draco Malfoy finally got to meet his hero, Harry Potter. However he wasn’t ready to meet the realisation that Harry Potter didn’t want to meet him. He didn’t even want to be his friend, so it was from this day forth that if he couldn’t be his friend, he would be his enemy.

It was in 2nd year that Draco got to challenge Harry Potter in Quidditch and in a duel. But it was all to beat him right? Because Draco was better than Saint Potter. He wasn’t trying to impress him, was he?

It was in 3rd year that Draco heard the famous Sirius Black had escaped from Azkaban. A man who was his family and who intended to hurt Harry Potter. But he couldn’t do anything apart from let him find Harry. Anyway he wanted this, for once the famous Harry Potter couldn’t be helped. He most certainly wasn’t scared for Harry, he was scared for himself. Right?

It was in 4th year that for once when the name “Harry Potter” was called out Draco didn’t feel annoyed or angry, he felt anxious and this time he knew it. Even though Harry was his rival, Draco knew that he couldn’t lose him to a stupid tournament. So when Harry came back clutching the lifeless body of Cedric Diggory and screaming “He’s back,” Draco knew that he wasn’t lying. That Voldemort really was back and Harry has to fight him. He’s his only hope.

It was in 5th year that everyone believed Harry was lying, Draco of course didn’t but he had to pretend he did. He couldn’t let anyone know that he’d come to care for his rival. So of course he teamed up with Umbridge to help bring Harry down whilst all the while spending every second fearing when Voldemort will strike and take away Harry.

It was in 6th year that Draco realised he was in love. He was in love with the one person everyone around him had taught him to hate. But it was also in this year that Voldemort asked him to murder Dumbledore. From the start he knew he not only couldn’t do it but he wouldn’t do it. For once he wanted to be like Harry, he wanted to do the right thing. Even though he failed to complete the task Draco felt as though he had succeeded in doing the right thing.

It was in 7th year that everything fell apart. Everything Draco knew was crumbling around him, he didn’t know where Harry was and he was scared. For he was slowly starting to believe that Voldemort might win. The first thing that Draco felt when Harry Potter was thrust onto the Manor floor was relief. Even with a stinging hex Draco knew it was Harry, how couldn’t he? But Draco was still so scared for his entire future, he can’t have Voldemort win. So he said he couldn’t be sure if it was Harry because that’s what you do when you’re in love, you protect them no matter the consequences on yourself. Yet when Draco heard Voldemort utter the four words he never wanted to hear of “ Harry Potter is dead,” Draco felt as though his entire world was collapsing. But the thrill that surged through every vein of his when Harry jumped out of Hagrid’s hands was so intense that Draco’s whole body shuddered. Harry can win this Draco muttered to himself and the sense of unlawful joy that ripped through Draco when Harry did win was almost impossible.

It was in 8th year when everyone who fought in the war came back to retake their 7th year that Draco had the courage to express his feelings to a newly befriended Harry Potter. And thankfully, it was in 8th year that Draco felt at ease because for once he was doing okay. He had someone to love and the fact that they loved him back, well that was extraordinary.

cold coffee. (m)

pairing: jungkook | reader

genre: smut

word count: 4,564

description: “I wasn’t referring to verbal truth. I was referring to,” and then there was a brief pause that was followed by a light press to the center of your stomach. Your back laid flat against the wooden bench before the predatory loom of his figure appeared overhead, “Candor of the body. Which you, my love, are the absolute queen of.”


With an exchanged swipe, taste forthcoming as the two of you had intended. Too sweet, muttered against your lips – lips that curved into ones of amusement at his feigned disfavor for your particular arrangement of the poison. Too bitter, slipped past your teeth in retort, the air of the syllables brushing against his breath; a dance of icy exhales in a burning winter night. His mouth twitched at that, following your suit into similar enjoyment of the playful critique.

“Maybe not my coffee, but sweet in other aspects, no?” He spoke in a devilish dialect of insinuation and lust. One that, before encountering him, was unfamiliar to you. Adoration, it managed to claw at your chest with great vigor each and every time he glanced down at you through darkened tufts of raven hair. His words wrapping their way around you entirely until they sounded of music. The notes gliding across your bones as his voice conducted your motions.

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like real people do | jungkook

summary: the feelings for your friends with benefits are changing. months pass, and you feel your gut telling you that you want more. you’re just not sure if he feels the same. 

piece 1, piece 2, piece 3

college student!reader, friends with benefits!jungkook

based off hozier’s song ‘like real people do’

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Bygones of the Sun | 05 (M)

Originally posted by hobismole

Genre: Angst/fluff/(future)smut || dance captain!hoseok, bad boy!au, uni!au

Pairing: Reader x Hoseok

Length: 4.3k

Summary: Jung Hoseok was once the sweetheart of the school, the dance captain whom every girl, including you, can’t help but fall head over heels for. But like the force of the ever-glowing sun, everything that rises must also set. A year of inactivity later and he’s now the school’s resident bad boy. You’re a firm believer of allowing the past be the past, and yet you can’t help but wonder where the risen sun has gone into hiding—because perhaps its shadows have out-shined its own radiance.

01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06

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Typical day at the teamiplier office
  • Ethan: I can predict almost everyone here
  • Ethan: For example, if I leap at Tyler, he will most certainly catch me in his arms
  • Ethan, running at Tyler: COMING IN!
  • Tyler: Holding coffee!
  • Tyler: [drops coffee to catch Ethan]