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A Dangerous Game // Samifer

Chapter: 13/15

Words: 2871

Summary: Sam comes across a very interesting book that describes a ritual in which one can play a game with the Devil. His curiosity is sparked and even if he doesn’t think he will ever actually do it, Sam soon finds himself face to face with this very entity. Things take a very unpleasant turn, but despite that, Sam is going back, as if something pulls him towards Lucifer.

abuse, violence, bullying, black magic, no hunter!au, a lot of angst, a lot of hurt/little comfort

Note: Because I feel I need to add this: Dean is pretty much a complete asshole in this story, so if you’re uncomfortable with that you might want to reconsider reading it (or tell yourself he is completely ooc, fine with me too xD)

Note²: There is a lot going on in this chapter, I apologize in advance for the angst ^^

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Thanks to @sassysupernaturalsweetheart & @brieflymaximumprincess for their wonderful beta reading and keeping me company while writing this story ♥

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just LISTEN, okay, Jaal is real quick to jump onboard the tempest and yeah it’s bcs he wants to prove himself and bcs he wants to do something on one has done before and has the courage to take a chance and make that first leap of faith with hoping for peace BUT

he also talks a lot about how angara had a lot of sci-fi/speculative fiction on what aliens might be like before the kett showed up, and name drops a few specific systems where angara thought there might be new life- meaning he probably read/watched a bunch of those stories AND he’s got his little star map that he imagined in his room

and basically you’re never gonna convince me that Jaal wasn’t as “!!!!” about getting to meet and potentially date aliens as any player who picks up the games

Idea: Takenaka is using his powers in this scene. He notices Reigen staring at him, and decides to listen to Reigen’s thoughts to see what’s up. But what Takenaka realizes in that process is that the man is also reading him like an open book – this telepath can hear Reigen breaking down every miniscule aspect of his current presentation, and the conclusions he’s drawing are so uncannily accurate that he might as well be a telepath himself. Being read like this is a new experience for Takenaka since he’s always been on the other side up to now, and this is honestly really unnerving for him.

@parfaitperi’s httyd voltron au- headcanons

sorry if these aren’t v good,,,, i’m bad at writing headcanons or writing in general,,,

- Has a little dragon stuff toy,, it was given to him by his mom 
-sometimes when hes sad he’ll just hug the toy,,
- Even though he’s busy all the time (warrior stuff) he likes to read and draw. a lot. he might not be good at it, but it expresses his feelings and his room is just covered in unfinished / finished paintings.
- sometimes he steals lance’s jacket ‘cause it smells like him 
- when lance, pidge or hunk aren’t around he talks to red (about lance, about his day, about his family) 
- red will rest her head on keith’s lap and keith will pet her as he talks
- keith files red’s nail every so often because he’s scared that she’ll break them when landing
- he and lance sometimes do each others nails, then the dragons’
- he used to be really bad at nail painting till lance showed him how

- lance is the one who paints keith’s nails
- lance loves to read and is a dragon geek. since he wasn’t allowed to be a warrior when he was younger, he spent all his time reading, learning as much as he could about dragons and their anatomy and just everything in hopes to impress at least someone
- when keith is down he’ll read to him,, stories about dragons and warrior legends, ‘cause he knows that keith loves to hear his voice
- he likes to weave his own flower crowns and make red and blue wear them together 
- lance then pesters keith to draw them
- lance also made a flower crown for keith made of red roses on his birthday and keith actually teared up 
- he drew all over his dragon saddle with ink and let it dry

- on special occasions he’ll cook a really really good meal for the paladins to enjoy 
- he likes to fly to quiet places and nap with yellow
- sleepovers!! he plans them thoroughly and makes sure that everyone is comfortable
- there’s one of those baby mobile things that are made of shiny shells that hangs from his ceiling and he loves it sm
- every sunday he cooks with his mom and they enjoy it a lot
- whenever yellow coughs or sneezes hunk is super worried and makes yellow rest for a day or two

- when she was a kid she and matt went out to sea when they weren’t meant to and found a blue-spotted gray egg
- she watched that egg, kept it warm, took care of it for many months and it hatched and named the dragon rover
- pidge likes to hang around in the place where the armorsmith works ‘cause she likes to see how everything is made 
- she hung around there until the armorsmith let her become his apprentice 
- she modifies everything
- she was the one who molded shiro’s arm and added little functions to it
- rover and green are always fighting for attention
- rover helps pidge with getting stuff
- pidge’s saddle for green is the most high-tech
- green and her like to go out and pick healing herbs 

- he has an… interesting bond with black 
- he’s constantly stressed as he’s chief and yells at black all the time 
- black is mature and strong (emotionally and physically) so he doesn’t really care
- once shiro fell off black during a flight and black saved him
- their relationship was better after that
- black is v curious about shiro’s arm, and shiro’s curious about black’s tail (which is broken like toothless’s) 
- they match
- the paladins like to draw on black’s tail, and she pretends to hate it
- lance once showed shiro some tricks with blue and shiro called it stupid
- shiro ended up mastering every single trick with black and for a week they strutted around and whenever they passed the paladins their mouths would be wide open and shiro found it hilarious

Allura & Coran
- she’s super strong and can kick anyone’s ass
- when she found out about the village’s dragon arena she challenged every dragon trainer and beat them all
- she works with pidge to create medicines for both dragons and people
- coran works with pidge in the armorsmith place (whats the word i forgot ,, )
- coran is super scared for pidge ‘cause she likes to pour liquid iron into a mold from a high point
- allura is concerned for pidge as she likes to fly recklessly
- allura and coran will both kill the person who lays a finger on any of the paladins
- they’re secretly competing to see how many times they can save the paladins from danger
allura’s stats:
keith [56] 
lance [55]
pidge [23]
hunk [19]
shiro [47]

coran’s stats:
keith [67]
lance [88] 
pidge [17]
hunk [20] 
shiro [8]

- he and shiro are seeing who can be the most buff
- you can barely see him on a day to day basis as he’s always exercising 
- whenever shiro sees matt on the streets he’ll lunge at him and tackle him in hope to finally defeat him in wrestling (he gets the element of surprise)
- it doesn’t work
- matt is normally seen with dumbells in his hands and it pisses shiro off 
- his room is basically a gym his bed is one of the gym things
- shiro is trying to get matt to tell him his secrets
- “its a drug that pidge made isn’t it”
- “shiro i don’t take drugs”
- “theres no way you can be more buff than i am” 

[ @parfaitperi i hope you like it,, sorry if it like,, sucks,, or doesn’t really apply to your au storyline as it’s kinda based off my storyline,,,, which i am still writing (i was the one who asked you for fanfic permission)]

My friend is reading TWoK for the first time. She sent me this text, while reading the chapter just before Sas Nahn:

I was feeling like a very bad friend…

A few minutes later:

And now she understands.

But what if James and Lily lived?
  • Imagine if James and Lily lived…
  • And Harry is still friends with Ron, so of course he still goes to the Burrow all the time.
  • And Molly still loves him, and he’s still basically family.
  • But also:
  • The Potter family and the Weasley family having dinners together.
  • They usually take place at the Burrow b/c there’s more room.
  • The dining room is packed full of people, and some spill into the living room and the kitchen.
  • The Grangers and Remus and Sirius show up as well.
  • Everything is warm and cozy, and it smells so good.
  • The air is full of the scent of spices and butter, and you can hear laughter and sizzling from the kitchen as Lily and Molly prepare dinner.
  • (Even though Lily is awful at cooking).
  • James is in the living room marveling at the twins’ newest invention (and giving them tips when Lily isn’t looking).
  • Sirius is super impressed, and asks James why they never thought of what the twins’ have 
  • (”Merlin, James. Why didn’t we start a joke shop?” “Because you were too busy being punk and snogging werewolves.” “Touche.”).
  • Harry and Ron are laughing and playing wizard’s chess or something.
  • When Lily pops out of the kitchen to ask them to be a little quieter, Arthur asks her questions about muggle inventions.
  • (Recently, he’s been very invested in popcorn).
  • When dinner is finally ready, everyone crowds to the tables .
  • There’s barely any room, and people keep hitting each other with their arms, but no one cares b/c everyone is laughing and smiling.
  • Dinner is a mix of just about everything, in a mixture of mismatched bowls and plates.
  • (Some of it is burnt b/c Lily made it, but no one seems to care).
  • The dinner table is loud and full of conversation.
  • Percy is talking to Lily about a book that he’s recently read, and she’s suggesting others that he might enjoy.
  • Hermione adds a few of her personal favorites, and they get into a very deep discussion about their favorite books.
  • Sirius complains to Remus about the “book club at the table,” and Remus smacks him.
  • Molly is scolding the twins for trying to sneak pepper and other strange objects into the food.
  • James, Ginny, Harry, and Ron are having a very heated discussion about Quidditch.
  • “I can’t believe my son is a Seeker! And you, Ron! A Keeper? Merlin, Ginny, you’re the only sensible one here.”
  • Ginny laughing as he winks at her.
  • James challenging everyone to an after-dinner Quidditch match.
  • Lily smiling from across the table b/c her husband is such a dork and she loves him so much.
  • Everyone rushes through dessert b/c the impromptu Quidditch matches are the best things about these dinners.
  • Everyone working together to clean up as well. 
  • Lily and Remus are on washing duty and Fred and George dry. Ron and Ginny put the dishes away, and Harry and Hermione clear the table. James and Sirius serenade the group with a “cleaning song”, and Molly smiles as she makes the adults tea/coffee.
  • Then everyone rushes outside to play Quidditch.
  • Team One consists of James, Hermione, Sirius, Percy, and Ron.
  • Team Two consists of Lily, Harry, Ginny, Fred, and George.
  • Hermione and Percy are both awful, and Lily isn’t much better.
  • Regardless, it turns into a fierce competition between Lily and James for their team to win.
  • They both stop at nothing to win: often shouting, cheating, and trying to shove the other off their broom.
  • Sirius is cursing every few minutes and Lily is shouting vile insults back at him.
  • James and Ginny are constantly fighting for possession of the Quaffle, (James calls Harry a traitor when he cheers for Ginny).
  • Molly is cheering for all of her children and ignoring the teams and Arthur is shouting at Ginny to beat her brothers.
  • The Grangers cheer for Hermione even though they don’t understand what’s going on.
  • Remus makes fun of James and Sirius from the sidelines (and is nearly hit by the bludger Sirius sends in his direction).
  • Rules are forgotten about a third of the way through, and suddenly there are mini teams and cross-team alliances. 
  • Ron declares that he’s a spy and switches teams, and James tries to intercept everything that Lily does with a kiss.
  • The twins keep announcing that they’ve scored extra points (even though they’re both beaters).
  • The game ends when everyone is red-faced with laughter and smiles are plastered across their faces.
  • (Team one has a score of 87 and a half, whereas Team two has 76 points and a gold star)
  • James kisses his wife and quietly whispers, “we won.”
  • Lily kisses him back with a careful “in your dreams, Potter.”
  • Ron wraps his arm around Hermione b/c it’s actually gotten quite cold out.
  • Remus leans into Sirius, his hands wrapped around a mug of lukewarm tea.
  • Ginny and Harry breathlessly high-five, and then end up kissing a few seconds later.
  • Molly smiles and pecks her husband on the cheek.
  • Percy smiles softly, and the twins tell everyone to get a room.
  • Everyone laughs, their breaths clouding in the nighttime air.
  • The stars are shining, and the moon is bright (though not full), and everyone is happy.
  • And everything is as it should be.

Atsushi wearing the CA uniform gives me life 👀 👌

And I realised – I realised how badly I’d been treated before, if my standards had become so low. If the freedom I’d been granted felt like a privilege and not an inherent right.
Rhys’s eyes darkened, and I knew he read what I thought, felt. “You might be my mate,” he said, “but you remain your own person. You decide your fate – your choices. Not me. You chose yesterday. You choose every day. Forever.

Sarah J Maas, ACOMAF

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I worry about them sometimes, I really do


Joshua being adorably awkward doing a vlive alone >~<

jediknighterrant  asked:

I don't know if you're doing writing prompts at the moment but this popped into my head. What if Anakin was functionally illiterate? Like it's pretty plausible, he could know enough to get by but anything he actually needs to really read he might not be able to.

Ten year old Anakin Skywalker stared down at the pad in front of him.  He’d been told that he was going to have to take a placement test and then the Ithorian had handed him the pad.  He looked at it, trying to figure out what he was supposed to do with it.  Were they testing his mechanical skills?  This was an unfamiliar type of pad, maybe he was supposed to fix it?  It didn’t seem to display Huttese, after all.

“Well Padawan?” The Ithorian said.  “Are you going to start?”

“What do you want me to do, Master?” Anakin asked.

“Take that test,” The Ithorian said, pointing at the pad.

Anakin turned his attention to the pad, then flipped it upside down.  “What do you want me to do to it?  Do I need to rebuild it?”

The Ithorian flushed, a sign of frustration in the species.  “No! Just take the written test, Padawan!”

Anakin looked down at it.  “But… it’s not in Huttese,” he said.  “I can’t read Basic!”

The Ithorian froze.  “You… Padawan, what do you mean?”

Anakin snapped his mouth shut and shook his head.


Obi-Wan Kenobi entered the room his Padawan was waiting in.  The boy looked scared and trying to hide it.  When he saw Obi-Wan, he flinched.

Obi-Wan sighed and knelt down so he could meet Anakin eye to eye.  “You aren’t in trouble, Padawan,” he said.  “We should have known that you wouldn’t know how to read basic.  But we’ll teach you, and then once you know Basic, then you’ll take the placement tests.”

“But I…”

Obi-Wan shook his head.  “Anakin,” he said quietly.  “This is my fault, not yours.  I just assumed you’d know how to read Basic.”

Anakin didn’t believe him, Obi-Wan could see. But he’d learn that he wasn’t going to be punished for something he couldn’t control, not anymore.  And this could be fixed.

“Anakin, why are you so scared?”

Anakin hunched down.  “I know how to read Huttese, Master.  I don’t want…”

Obi-Wan nodded.  “And that’s a good language to know,” he said, when it was clear that Anakin wasn’t going to say anything else.  “But most of the teachers here need you to read Basic for their classes.”

“I won’t get in trouble if I learn it?” Anakin asked, in a very small voice.

Obi-Wan frowned.  “Of course not!” he exclaimed.  “Why would you get in trouble?”

“Basic is for free people,” Anakin finally whispered.

Obi-Wan froze.  “Anakin,” he said, almost as quietly.  “You are free.”

Anakin didn’t answer.

Obi-Wan took a deep breath.  “Anakin,” he said, more firmly.  “You are free to make your own choices.  I promise.”

Anakin looked down.  “Are you sure?”

Obi-Wan gently placed his hand on Anakin’s shoulder. “Absolutely.  If you don’t want to stay here, you don’t have to.  If you do, I will support you.  If you don’t, I’ll help you.  It is your choice.”

“What if I stay, and then change my mind?”

Obi-Wan smiled.  “Then you change your mind.  Some Jedi leave, because the Order isn’t the right path for them.  And there is nothing wrong with that.  Do you want to leave?”

Anakin slowly shook his head.  “I want to be a Jedi, Obi-Wan,” he said.

Obi-Wan nodded.  “Alright then.  As a Jedi, you should learn Basic.  I know just how to start.”

anonymous asked:

could you maybe give some sugar daddy nursey head canons, I just found out about this universe and I'm LOVING ITTT

(this au is tagged under sugar daddy nursey!)

  • derek has a habit of just sending will food
    • like, he spends BIG BUCKS on ubereats
    • will, casually, at midnight on a tuesday: “ugh i just want some french fries”
    • derek, ten minutes later: “your french fries are outside go grab ‘em”
  • derek thinks a lot abt marrying will, but then he has to check himself bc will is twenty years old
  • derek’s friends (mostly his assistant, Martha) like to tease him by making lists of things will can’t legally do
    • “drink alcohol, rent a car, check-in to a hotel room by himself, do literally anything in vegas, etc…”
  • chowder and lardo are the first ones who know abt derek bc they were there when will went home with him that first night
    • the whole ride back to samwell that next day was chowder and lardo grilling him bc “he must’ve been pretty good if you went to lunch with him instead of us, jack, and alexei mashkov!!!!”
  • will tells bitty next bc he and derek get in a blowout fight over derek paying will’s tuition and bitty’s the only person will can think of who would get this situation
    • bitty and will now have bi-weekly “vent abt our stupid rich boyfriends who try to buy our love” coffee dates
  • will tells bitty it’s okay to tell jack, and when jack finds out he very lowkey looks into derek nurse, just to be sure will’s okay
  • ransom and holster are PSYCHED when will tells them abt derek bc “ANOTHER SUGAR BABY IN THE HAUS WE BOUTTA BE ROLLING IN FREE SHIT”
  • shitty lectures will on how his body is not something to be sold and he is not obligated to sleep with anyone
    • will punches him in the face (he pulls the punch a lil, but still) and tells him to shut the fuck up, his relationship is 100% consensual
  • derek has been trying to get will to move in with him since like the first month of their relationship. they both know he’ll move in after he graduates, but derek is impatient and wants to wake up with will every day now, not in two years
    • derek is quietly making shifts around in his company to be sure that there is a very inviting IT spot for will when he graduates - different sector than derek, so derek isn’t technically his boss, he already cleared it with his PR team
  • derek is openly terrified of turning thirty. it’s two years away, and will is already planning how to make it fun instead of terrible for derek
  • sometimes derek will read will writing samples from authors he might offer publishing deals to just to get will’s opinion
    • will so far has given his approval to 3 best-sellers