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I love your Jason headcanons 💜

You like those? Have some more!

Jason Todd was a tough guy before he was adopted and ultimately put in the “son” position. He had never been that before, practically taking care of his mother since he was six. It was really weird when someone else not only didn’t need his help, but also took care of him. It made him kind of paranoid, to be honest.

Jason’s go-to phrase of defense against Bruce was, “What’s it to ya?” Bruce found it adorable as well as annoying, though it was funny to see little twelve year old Jason cross his arms and knock back his shoulders to gaze up at Bruce at the breakfast table. It might have been more effective had Jason not been swimming in blue pajamas with sleep-tossed curls.

The one temper that can scare Jason Todd? Dick Grayson. Jason is properly cowed, every time.

Dick is fast. He is incredible quick in physical movement and mental situations. He can assess and determine in less than a millisecond, and move on. (Only thing is, sometimes people are a couple steps behind and this causes problems in his social life.)

Jason is strong. He is unaware of how much he can lift, but his brute strength has emerged in an almost unbelievable way when in a pinch. He can also take a lot, not losing his facade of calm (aka his mental strength helps when being tortured. T.T)

Tim is smart. He sees all possibilities, all the ins and outs. His mind is always running, and due to this, he always believes there’s a way out. He’ll never give up on the perfect loophole.

Damian is dynamic. He’ll attack with all his might, but can easily switch styles. He pinpoints the weaknesses of his opponent, and uses this to his advantage. (Problem is, this causes trouble when he’s upset and attacks right where it will hurt.)

Join SHIELD. Save the World.

@lovelornrocketscientist ⎣SHIELD Academy verse⎦

Audrey groaned to herself as she shuffled through the rather large pile of text books on the table.  There were so many in fact she could barely see her study buddy that sat across from her.  Midterms were at the end of the week and all of SHIELD Academy were scrambling to study and pass their tests.  Audrey was a really good student –– no excellent student … She already was a well trained medical doctor but that wasn’t good enough for SHIELD –– if she wanted to make it as a SHIELD doctor she was going to need to know things that even the most highly trained doctors would have a hard time understanding.  ❛ We’ve been at this for hours, Fitz.  My brain hurts and I think I might have to give myself a lobotomy. ❜ She peeked through a little crack of the wall of books and grinned.  ❛ You still awake over there? You’ve been silent for the last forty-five minutes. ❜

Leo Fitz was in her physics class and he even though he was super shy they had managed to become friends, often studying together and getting together for lunch here and there.  Audrey liked his company but usually where he was so was his best friend, Jemma Simmons.  The two were practically inseparable and when she was around he seemed to come out of his shell a little more.  It’s not that Audrey didn’t like Jemma –– she did, but it make her feel kind of like the third wheel when they were all together.

❛ If we’re gonna do anymore studying tonight I might need to do a coffee run, ❜ she smiled, pushing the books aside so she could actually see his face. ❛ Otherwise –– I might just end up falling asleep! ❜

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Maybe a stupid question but do you have any book recommendations on cryptanalysis? Thank you

Oh, that’s not stupid. Listen to this… I was about to recommend Simon Singh’s The Code Book, and then just as I was about to hit Post I noticed you specified, ‘cryptanalysis.’ Then I went searching my blog to see what I recommended last time someone asked this, and I guess I didn’t tag the posts or forgot what the tags were, so now I can’t find them. Then I remembered that I once said I was going to write a masterpost about books and resources and such, and then I promptly forgot to do it.

Hmm… Let me get back to you on a book specifically about cryptanalysis. To continue with the stupidity theme, I recently quit my job, with nothing to fall back on, and I’ve been looking for some excuse to not go out looking for a new one. Writing a good, long masterpost might be just what I needed right now.

Both Singh and David Kahn, in his book The Codebreakers, talk a little about cryptanalysis, so they would be a good start if you are brand new to the subject. If you’re asking about cryptanalysis specifically, though, I’m guessing you might want something more in depth than that. I’ve been recommending a website named Practical Cryptography, as the author there is all about breaking ciphers. For each one he gives an explanation about how it functions, what is different or special about it, weaknesses, how to analyze a text for character frequencies, patterns and repetitions, how to use techniques like IoC, and he also shares examples of scripts and programs he has written to automate this analysis.

Also, for about the price of a hardbound book you can join the American Cryptogram Association. You’ll get six issues per year of their zine/newsletter The Cryptogram (here’s a sample issue) and a catalogue of back issues clear back to 1932.

Each issue has articles about cryptanalysis and… oh, a hundred or so ciphers, ranging from simple newspaper style cryptoquotes to middling Vigenere/Playfair type ciphers, and on into the harder stuff like tridigital, foursquare, quagmire, and unique ciphers the members create and submit to challenge each other. Here’s a good resource, a page of tools for analyzing ACA cipher types, made by a member whose nom is Bion. They also have conventions, people to correspond with and learn from. Really good stuff. I feel stupid for having put off joining for so many years…

This is all classical cryptography, of course. If you are interested in the cryptanalysis of modern/strong crypto, then I’m still kinda out of my depth on that.

without you (wonwoo)

genre: angst/fluff but more fluff ok
synopsis: rainy day + book + coffee + songs - wonwoo but then wonwoo suddenly showed up wow ok
a/n: oh wonder are my parents end of story (this is not a request also lmao im sorry)

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I translated the story on Hinata’s “The Younger Brother’s Individuality” card, Kurou’s “Costume Craftsman” card, and Yuuta’s “The Older Brother’s Direction” so… haha. They’re all in one post, since they’re related, and separating them is kind of a pain, I’m sorry;;

2wink is so cute~ Tetora is so cute~

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Skates ||Closed Rp


Bruce was just pulling on his skates when he heard someone else enter the rink. He smiled a little to himself, knowing that Natasha was coming to watch him practice again. Bruce really did appreciate. She was able to tell him what he needed to practice more, what looked good, and what might not fit for the routine. Besides she could always help him relax if he was getting a little too nervous. They had been best friends for a few years now, and Bruce didn’t know if he would have been able to get where he was without her.

Bruce was a little stressed though. There was a big competition coming that would decide who went to nationals and who would have to wait another year. Bruce knew he couldn’t mess this up. He was getting older, and he didn’t know how much longer he could stay in and perform such high risk stunts. Yes he loved skating and it was the one thing that kept him sane during his childhood, but he did want to retire eventually. Maybe after he’d won an olympian medal or two. Then he could start up his own skating lessons. 

“Hows it going?” He asked as Natasha sat down. 

the tempest-tossed

Tears mingled with Loki’s bitter laughter. If he saved Thor’s life, he would sacrifice Thor’s love forever. Surviving Svartalfheim was a crime his brother would never forgive.

Ficlet (3.3k). Infinity Wars fic.

Based on a prompt from @ellamorticiaofancientwoods. (Thanks for the idea, friend!)

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He Probably Needs a Pounding, Chapter 2

Also posted on AO3 here!

Fandom: Boku no Hero Academia / My Hero Academy

Pairing: Bakugou Katsuki x Midoriya Izuku

Title: He Probably Needs a Pounding

Summary: After Deku’s admission into Yuuei and the outcome of the Trial of Battle, Bakugou can no longer look down on Deku as the absolutely inferior idiot he’d always thought of him as. With that out of the way, he’s starting to see something else in his childhood sort-of friend but mostly object of ridicule. However, he’s not sure how to feel about that something else, or about Deku in general anymore. Chapter 1 is here on AO3 and here on my tumblr!

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Anon Submitted to shingekinoeremika:

14 year old Eren falls asleep on the couch, curled up with Mikasa. When Eren wakes up he groggily cuddles closer to Mikasa, rubbing his erection against her. It takes Eren a minute before he realizes what’s happening. His reaction is to push Mikasa away from him, causing her to fall off the couch and land face first onto the ground, run away and locks himself in the bathroom. Mikasa lays on the floor confused. Carla and Grisha tease Eren relentlessly for a month.

Rating: T (Language and Sexual Situations)

Words: 1946

Notes: I had to. I couldn’t resist myself. 

“Are you falling asleep?” Eren murmured his face nearly buried in the back of Mikasa’s head. He watched her shoulders shrug, a cute little noise falling from her lips as she laid on the couch next to him, a sure sign she was indeed falling asleep. Eren tried to ignore the smile pulling at his lips.

It somehow always ended up like this, that their casual sitting on the couch in the living room trying to get homework done after a long school day turned into the both of them laying on their sides on the couch and falling asleep. It happened so often that Eren just left one of his pillows from his bed down so she’d have something to rest her head on when it happened. Her face happened to be buried in that pillow as he laid next to her, Mikasa resting just a few inches away from him.

Eren let his eyes shut, one of his arms tucked under his body, the other up by his side of the pillow. Even if it wasn’t the 5 o'clock lull in the afternoon that almost always put him to sleep, Mikasa’s warm body, the way her hair smelled from her shampoo, her own rhythmic breathing always did him in even if he made an attempt to keep himself awake; which he admittedly never did.

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