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Okay, so I'm 99% positive that the skeleton in the first picture is Gaster and the goat is Asgore. While I get why Asgore might be with a human on the surface given the boss monster aging thing, how is Gaster that old? True, he probably missed some years while in the void, but still, working off the idea that the barrier was probably erected at least one hundred years ago (probably more), how is he still alive? I thought gerson says only boss monsters age based off of kids.

You answered yourself.

Tony: Are you jealous? 

Bucky: [chuckles] Of T'Challa? Please. He’s just a kid. 

Tony: Is it ‘cause I danced with him? 

Bucky: ‘Danced with’ is a pretty loose term. ‘Mated with’ might be a little closer. 

Tony: Don’t you think you’re being a little unfair? It was one little dance, which I only did to make you crazy, by the way. Behold my success. 

Bucky: I am not jealous. 

Tony: You’re not jealous? What, super soldiers don’t get jealous? 

Bucky: See? Whenever we fight you always bring up the super soldier thing. 

Strength and Guidance

Part One of One Dance (A Check Please Soulmate AU where songs sung by your soulmate get stuck in your head) Also on AO3

Read Polyfarms companion fic here

For @ransomwee Prompt: Celebration.

Justin is a junior in high school. He knows exactly three things about his soulmate. One, she’s around his age. Two, she’s definitely American. Three, she has a thing for musical theater. 

Ever since puberty. Everybody stares at me. Boys, girls. I can’t help it baby.

Justin, or Ranser as his hockey team knew him, sighs. He’s knee-deep in a practice SAT test. He knows his soulmate is American, so that’s where he’s planning to go for university. Even if they don’t end up at the same school, it’ll be exponentially easier to find her if they don’t have an international border between them. 

So be kind. And don’t lose your mind. Just remember. That I’m your baby.

Allow me to kiss your hand, be your man,” Ranser interrupts. “You know, I’ll understand…You see where I’m from, WC, I’m from Nigeria,” he murmurs. “Omo, you know say na criteria.” 

Justin doesn’t know what skipping ahead in a song does to the music inside his soulmate’s mind. But he’s not one for singing,really. He finds the songs that suit his message and sticks lyric-less songs otherwise. Many reactionary music genres nowadays were mainly instrumental to resist the idea of finding soulmates through consumerism. It’s not that he didn’t care about his soulmate. But it’s one less thing to worry about if he has separate music for communicating with her and for enjoying for himself. Afrobeat has been particularly effective in balancing out her more…exuberant tunes. 

He can’t fault her for her love of Lady Gaga, but priorities take precedent over fun time. As if she understands his protests, the music dies down. Justin takes a deep breath, resuming his test. He can only hope she doesn’t do this during the real exam time. Although most administrators were understanding, it was a three strikes policy for singing during an exam. 

If there’s one thing Justin’s learned about his soulmate, it’s that she sung everything she felt. 


“What if I got a double major in music and economics?” Adam, or Birker, asks his teammate, Hobbs, one movie night his last year in Juniors. 

Hobbs eyes him incredulously. “Why?” 

Adam shrugs, “my soulmate listens to a lot of cool music.”

“So? Fucking congrats,” he snarks. 

“No man, it’s like,” Adam gestures with two hands at the space in front of the coffee table. “Most of the stuff they like isn’t pop and doesn’t even have lyrics. Which fucking sucked when we were younger, right?”

“Sure,” he concedes. 

“I learned how to play the piano and some other instruments so I could figure out what songs they were — and now I have all this musical knowledge that I won’t be able to use ever again.”

“Because…” Hobbs prompts. 

“Because when I find them, what the fuck do I need to know this shit for anymore? If they like something, they can just show it to me.” 

Hobbs rolls his eyes, “be a music major. Become a fucking teacher why don’t you?”

“You think I could handle that?” Adam inquires seriously. 

“I think your other option is to get famous writing music, and fat chance of that ever happening,” Hobbs chirps.

“Thanks, you’re helpful,” Birker rolls his eyes dramatically. 

“I don’t get why you’re going to college anyway,” Hobbs jabs him in the ribs. 

“I’m not doing the draft, bro,” Adam reminds him curtly. 

“Oh c’mon,” Hobbs eggs him on, “what’s the worst that could happen?”

“I miss my chance to meet my soulmate in college, I spend four years in fucking Syracuse before I get called up. I retire at 32 if I’m lucky with no degree or skills.”

“Except music,” Hobbs chirps. 

“Except music,” Adam parrots. 

Brownie comes back with a bowl full of popcorn and a bag of Twizzlers. “What’d I miss?”

“Birker’s whinning about his soulmate again,”  Hobbs replies.

“What else is new,” Calvin shouts from the kitchen. 

“Can we start the fucking show already?” Adam shouts back.

“Yeah,” Calvin comes running in, hopping onto the first body he sees (Adam).

Adam frowns when Calvin won’t get off his lap. “I really hate you sometimes.”

“Taking your way in the world today takes everything you’ve got. 
Taking a break from all your worries, sure would help a lot,” the four boys chorus. 

“Man, I hope for your sake she’s funny,” Brownie tells Birker. 

Adam laughs hollowly. He’s very convinced that his soulmate’s a dude. Which is fine, Adam’s as bi as the day is long. The way Calvin looks back at him pointedly, reinforces his suspicions that he’s not the only queer guy on the team.

Which is exactly why he’s going to Samwell. It was one of the queerest schools in the country. He had no assurance that his soulmate will find him there. But at the very least, he can have four years away from the quite chaos of hockey. The NHL was still ignoring the fact that a good third (or more) of their players weren’t straight. The press was constantly writing soulmates off as “platonic”, and Adam was not about to put up with that any time soon. He wanted to go to school, do something he loves, and fall in love. Why was that too much to ask for?

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could we receive some head canons for the power couple that is Garrus and fem!Shepherd raising some kids after the Reaper War?

Spiky husband spiky husband SPIKY HUSBAND

I can’t remember if turians and humans can have bio kids, but I’ll roll with both for now.

Mod Pinks

Garrus w/ fem!Shepard raising kids 

  • If Shepard can get preggers, then the day she surprises Garrus with the news goes down in history
    • Hey? Garrus?”
    • “Hm? Yea babe?”
    • “I’m pregnant.”
    • “That’s gre- *drops everything* WHAT?!”
    • She still wishes she had grabbed a camera before hand to film his reaction.
      • Though she might have dropped it considering how he picks her up and looks up to her with the biggest grin a turian can have.
  • If they decide to adopt, they have a long conversation about it and settle with having two kids.
    • They decide to adopt two kids, a Turian girl and a human male, one 3 and the other one a tiny baby.
      • Garrus is so curious how this potato of a child can even have a chance to be the same species as Shepard, but still. 
  • Remember the Citadel DLC, where Garrus pretty much loses it with Zaveed and basically rig the entire apartment with security measures?
    • That, plus baby-proofing the entire apartment.
      • We could rig the cradle to turn into a shield if there’s danger.”
      • “Zaveed you’re a genius.”
  • Garrus might never admit it, but Shepard will gladly talk about how proud her Archangel is of both their kids.
    • And how he has no problem having a baby strapped to his chest while holding hands with his little girl. 
  • Is on the line of “protective dad” and “Garrus she’s three she doesn’t need to learn how to hold a gun yet!”

I’m a slut for single parent AUs so please imagine:

Yuuri’s daughter is The Cutest Three Year Old Ever and people are literally constantly telling Yuuri this. Yuuri legit thinks it’s because his daughter is So Darn Cute (And really, she is) and doesn’t even notice people squinting feverishly at his hands looking for a wedding ring. He doesn’t know why so many people offer to help him with his groceries, but he thinks it might be because they feel bad for him.

He coaches kid classes at an ice skating rink. His daughter has known how to skate practically since she could walk. They like to go to free skates on the weekends because it gets them out of the house and in among people and Phichit has actually put up a white board in Yuuri’s house that says “It has been ____ days since my last adult interaction” and updates it daily just to shame Yuuri into talking to people who have actually graduated grade school.

It’s one of these weekends that, for some reason only God himself is privy to, Viktor Nikiforov is skating at this rink.

“Oh my God,” Yuuri says, stock still against the boards, clutching his daughter’s hand. 

“Ow, Papa,” she says mildly. She takes after Mari, somehow. A lot of people think she’s Mari’s daughter when they see them together. The world could be coming down around her ears and she would just look around and say this is no fun. 

“Oh my God,” Yuuri says again when Viktor Nikiforov starts skating towards them

“Your daughter is so cute!” says Viktor Nikiforov as he approaches, waving and smiling. Yuuri is dying. Every atom of Yuuri’s being is screaming. “Does she know how to skate?”

“No,” Yuuri says. “No she does not.”

“Can I give her a lesson?”

“Yes,” Yuuri says. “Yes, she would love that.” 

And that is how my father left me to be kidnapped by Viktor Nikiforov at age three, Hana Katsuki’s future blog post on this subject will read. But it’s all good because Viktor didn’t want to kidnap me, he just wanted to marry my dad. Which he did, two years later. Don’t ask me about the ceremony because all I remember is falling asleep on a pile of coats at the reception.

Only One

Request: #6 and #44 with Jughead?

And: Jughead x reader with 8 and 46 please?

Requested by: both anonymous.

6: “You’re the only one for me.” 

44: “You’re drunk.”

8: “I’ve come to the conclusion, that this house just might be haunted.”

46: “How did I get stuck here with you?”

A/N: Hope you two don’t mind I combined your requests, I thought it could fit well together and create an interesting story.

Warnings: none.

Originally posted by mieczyslwstilinski

Jughead sighed, already annoyed by the prospect of even being in the same room as these people.

He was at a party, filled with drunk and high kids who stumbled around excitedly. The buzz of the room screamed celebration and all Jughead could do was lean against a wall, and close his eyes in tested patience. Why did he agree to this again?

Oh that’s right, it was your birthday and your friends, despite their own interest had invited him because they knew you wouldn’t be able to enjoy your birthday without your best friend. And that’s how Jughead landed here, because he was a faithful and kind best friend, he’d sacrificed his own fortunes and come to this rather wild party.

You’d been surprised when he’d shown up, but no doubt happy. Though you’d quickly been dragged of by one of your friends, with the yell of a promise to meet up with him later. Jughead would’ve honestly left by now if you hadn’t said something. He honestly questioned why he was your friend after the stunts you pulled.

“Juggy…!” Called a sing-song voice. Jughead blinked, turning to see you stumble towards him with the biggest grin on your face. He sighed, already knowing this couldn’t be good and when you finally reached him all he had to do was take was sniff to realized you were intoxicated. 

“You’re drunk.” Jughead stated bluntly, staring down at you unimpressed as you giggled at him.

“No, duh, Juggy.” You ‘lightly’ slapped his shoulder, making him wince by your rather rough hit. “It’s my birthday and the giiiirrlllls- the girls wanted me to drink.” You slurred, smiling messily up at him.

Jughead sighed, taking your arm he started leading you up the stairs. “Come one, your too drunk.” He stated and despite your protests, he continued to lead you up the stairs and into one of your friends bedrooms. Luckily this wasn’t at your home, so once Jughead got you stable enough he could steal you away from your own party and take you home.

Once in the room, you stared stupidly at the ceiling jumping every time Jughead walked by. “I’ve come to the conclusion, that this house just might be haunted.” You giggled, staring at Jughead now dazed. He rolled his eyes, his patience wearing thin.

“How did I get stuck here with you?” He found himself asking, taking a seat beside you as you leaned against him. He tried to keep himself calm, you knew he didn’t like touching so much and you were only doing this because you weren’t completely right in the head right now.

“Because you loooove me.” You hiccuped, as your eyes suddenly grew heavy and you found the side of Jughead very comfortable. Jughead though, watched uncomfortably as you fell asleep against his side. Despite his own hatred towards touching, he couldn’t help but smile down at your cute flushed face. “And i’m the only one for you.” You mumbled sleepily, not completely hearing what you were saying yourself.

“You’re right,” Jughead admitted once he knew you were asleep. “You’re the only one for me.” 

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okay but like what if Mari used to be in one of those japanese girl gangs? She loves her brother and eventually all the other girls get attached to the cute chubby kid that ice skates that Mari is always bringing around (as some point they might even make him an honorary member). So Yuuri has a bunch of scary older sister type people with bright pink motorcycles ready to Kill A Man for him and Viktor only finds out about this when they all team up and threaten to off him if he hurts Yuuri (p1)

(p2) Bonus for Yurio finding out and being both terrified and amazed simultaneously, Minami meeting them and somehow revealing they were the initial chapter of the Yuuri Katsuki fan club to everyone in the vicinity, all 17 of them showing up with Mari to cheer him on at a big competition (World/Four Continents/GPF/whatever else idk) and freaking out the other competitors, Mari dating one of them, etc.


OH MY GOD? I love this so much!!!!

This is absolutely adorable and I love it and I 1000% accept this as my headcanon from now on!

But also, have you considered? Mari is 30, so all her friends and former japanese girl gang members are around her age or older.

So like, more than half of them are probably married by now and have young kids. Which just makes the entire thing even cuter.

Because like, you know that all these kids know Yuuri as “uncle Yuuri”, and they’re all super huge fans of him, and stuff. And the Nishigori triplets are probably the leaders of the Katsuki Yuuri Junior FC.

Looking at them now, you wouldn’t even believe some of them used to be in a girl gang, because these girls grew up into polite, respectable members of society.

But as soon as they get together? It’s like their public personas are shed away, and they become the beautiful, terrifying savages they truly are.

Viktor is terrified of them at first, but then they start showing him childhood photos of Yuuri, and he gets along with them perfectly after that.

And because Minami is a cute lil chicken nugget who adores Yuuri to the ends of the Earth, the girls probably adopt him into their group and he becomes an honourary lil brother and gets the same treatment as Yuuri.

BTS if they had a daughter


He would be a very loving father. If he had a daughter he would spoil her and buy her a lot of pink outfits and toys.He will also make sure she eats well. As she gets older he might be a little over protective with her and will try to be with her every second of the day. He will be the type of dad to tell embarrassing jokes in front of her friends on purpose. His daughter will be very girly and sweet she might develop Jin’s eating habits.


I think he will be a little awkward if he ever had a daughter. He was always bad with girls so it might be a challenge for him. I see his daughter most likely ending up being a tomboy and being into sports as she gets older due to Jungkook’s influence on her. She will most likely try to pick on Jimin’s kid if he has one.


Jimin will love his baby girl to the moon and back. He might be awkward at first but as soon as he holds her he is attached. When she gets old enough he will teach her how to dance. I see his daughter being a ballerina at first but she might want to try something new and go into hip-hop


I honestly pray for this child. Namjoon will be a very clumsy dad but he will do any and everything to protect his little girl. As a baby she will laugh at how clumsy he is but as she gets older she might develop his clumsy habits. Namjoon will most likely teach her about rap music and she might become a rapper herself as well as having Namjoon’s IQ.


Hobi will spoil his daughter to death. He will always try to make her laugh every second of the day. He will hate to see his little princess sad. As she gets older she will develop his spirit and desire to make others laugh. She will be an excellent dancer as well as being hyper just like him.


Yoongi will most likely try to make his daughter sleep most of the day if she already doesn’t do that. He will be the laid back type of dad as long as she wasn’t making too much noise everything is fine. He will have a hard time trying to express his love but deep down inside he loves his little girl more than anything. She will most likely have his lazy nature as well as being a musician and might secretly become a rapper without him knowing.


OMG!! If Tae had a daughter he will be so clingy towards her and wouldn’t want to let her go. He will always make her laugh with anything that he does. As she gets older she will be loving and clingy just like Tae she might want to be a dancer rather than a singer.

548: Shere Khan

“Now you have nothing. No claws. No fur. No teeth. And no friends”

Something a bit different from the usual daily drawings. Netflix put up The Jungle Book and I liked this line but wanted to do my own drawing for it. Dunno. I liked the idea that the tiger could end this kid with one swat but he is wary of the terrible fire in his hand. A few choice words might get him to drop it so he can strike. 

First - Part Two

A/N: This contains sexual actions, just so you are aware. Feedback is always lovely. 

Word count: 2,545

“Here we are” you said, letting Shawn pass through your front door.

He looked around curiously as he entered the hall and you followed him behind.

“You like it?” you asked, he nodded back at you.

“You live here alone?” he asked almost stunned. You laughed slightly as his cute little reaction.

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and yet again I try to draw cool shit but cant decide what to go with in the end

also dont let yourself be fooled by the art bc here’s what I think abt it: this can be fucking hilarious

so heres a list of hcs aka a list of things I might have to draw sometimes later bc its ass oclock rn and I gotta travel tomorrow but this is rly good AU why is organization-type AUs so good

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If You've Read ACOMAF, You Know

- When in reality ACOTAR is just the really really really long prologue
- When we love Lucien, but don’t, but love him again because sweet Elain, but still can’t stand that indecisive face (like, who are you loyal to? DECIDE!!!!)
- Being legitimately shocked for that one moment when Tamlin sold us out and we knew he was bad but THIS?!?!
- Feyre Darling… (You just died a little inside from pure joy. Don’t deny it. You did)
- That short period of time after reading ACOMAF when the sight of a rose bush or anything spring time actually disgusts you (no kidding)
- That one scene in Hybern’s castle spent laying on the ground in the fetal position afraid to turn the page (side effects may also include: uncontrollable shaking, sobbing, screaming in anguish and worrying your neighbors that you might possibly be getting murdered)

12. Soulmate // Nurseydex

« {Part 12 of my Valentine’s collection.} »

a/n: soulmate au where soulmates share some tactile sensory experiences. i actually really, really enjoy this concept so i might expand on it later. also, i definitely decided to switch the prompt at the last minute, but do i regret it? absolutely not. i should also probably say that this fic is far less fluffy than the previous ones. enjoy!

Kids are usually just finishing puberty when they start to get their first Visitings, but Derek’s first came early. He was ten, and suddenly he was drowning.

One moment he was sitting at the lunch table at summer camp, picking at the limp green beans still left on his plate, and the next it felt like his skin had been plunged in ice and his lungs were filled with water and he couldn’t breathe, couldn’t talk. He didn’t remember most of it—just the sheer panic, the helplessness, the desperate confusion. The councilors thought he was choking and tried to give him the Heimlich maneuver, but of course nothing was really wrong, not physically at least. He was sent home from the camp half a week early. He could still feel the water in his throat sometimes, in dreams.

When his moms took him to the doctor about a week after the incident, she gently and kindly confirmed what they’d already expected. “Derek is fine,” Derek overheard through the door. “Sometimes Visitings come early if one of the pair experiences something particularly traumatic. It’s nothing to be concerned about—he should still develop normally….”

Even then, Derek knew what a first Visiting meant: one Visiting was a sure sign that more Visitings were on the way. This was only the beginning.

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Origional Naruto Storyline

I’ve read a couple of different posts about how Kishimoto’s origional idea for Naruto was for Naruto to be an actual fox sealed into human form, that he was supposed to be a ramen chef instead of a ninja, have magic instead of chakra, and various other things. My thought: What if someone actually wrote that? (I might, if I even manage to finish any of my other projects.) Like, Actual Fox!Naruto sees all these people in Konoha ignoring him, but this one ramen chef and his daughter are pretty cool, and Naruto wants to be just like them when he grows up. So instead of entering the academy, Naruto apprentices under Teuchi to learn how to make ramen. He’s still Naruto though, so he ends up makimng freinds with a bunch of ninja kids his own age and they hang out whenever their not busy. Then, when his freinds start going on missions and getting into trouble, Naruto still wants them to be safe, so he secretly helps them out with his fox magic and pranks. His freinds don’t know about that, but they still think he’s a pretty cool guy, though he is a bit weird about getting caught in the rain. Naruto, for his part, is really embarrased that he keeps getting caught out in the rain while the sun’s still out, especially because he always happens to be with the same person when it happens (whatever the ship of choice is.)

another au here kids, let’s go

  • after burying his mother, neil throws out the phones
  • BUT he gets himself another one
  • he doesn’t want to go to his uncle
  • but he’s also aware he’s still young and might need help
  • he keeps the phone for months barely charged and never uses it except to check the time
  • but in millport, on one of the few occasions he’s actually spending time with People
  • he discovers that smartphones have a lot of apps that let you get information on things (cough the butcher, exy, kevin)
  • and in particular
  • he discovers
  • twitter

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I won’t give up

Pairing: Frank Castle x Reader

Warnings: If you’re not comfortable with pregnancy/abortion, I really suggest you to just scroll past this. Angst on so many levels, lots of tears and lots of swearing.

Frank finds out reader is pregnant and freaks out. He wants her to have an abortion (she says no) because he doesn’t want to be a father anymore, but then he apologises for asking that to her (he is afraid to lose the people he loves again – he knows all the friends of the people he killed will use his kid as a bait to kill him - and he doesn’t know if he has the strength to be there for them and protect them).

A/N: So, not trying to brag but this might be one of the best one shots I’ve ever written. I’m seriously considering getting over caffeinated more often to write something like this. Also, BIG THANK YOU to the person who requested this, I cannot thank you enough!! My life would be a constant and lonely wandering without @imaginedaily and her opinion on my work <3. I love you babyy!! Feedback does no harm <3 

@orangepenguin5 @shelvesandwhelves @john-benderr
@muffinz323 @justcallmecinammon
@sexyvixen7 @that1awkwardfangirl @sammiesamness@shamvictoria11​

Originally posted by rickdixonandthefandomlifeposts

You needed to take a few deep breaths before you could even think of getting inside the bathroom. The timer on your phone had been ringing for about a minute, but it definitely seemed like it had been more; like an hour of that stupid ringtone you had. You took a mental note to start looking for some new ones or making your own out of a few songs you’d totally hate.

“Come on, (Y/N),” you cheered on yourself, “you got this, baby.”

And just as if you were entering a haunted house, you got inside the bathroom. The monsters were waiting for you inside it; okay, it was just one. But you had never been more terrified in your life. Not even that time when you thought Frank Castle was after you. By now, Frank Castle was the lesser of evils.

The monster, a.k.a pregnancy test, was waiting for you, and when you peeked on it from afar trying to stay as away from it as possible, you just didn’t see shit. You made yourself walk one step, and then another, until you were touching the monster with your hands and bringing it closer for a better look. You sighed and threw the evidence on the trashcan and went to lay on your bed.

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anyways i know this is UnrealisticTM but i am like. always and eternally laughing abt the concept of the entire extended family slowly coming to learn about the Family Treason over the years? like already in canon the fact that aramis SLEPT with the QUEEN is like the worst-kept most dangerous secret in france for majority of the show, so why not expand that and for good measure make it even more comedically inclined?

i just keep thinking like esp now that hes first minister and him and anne get to RAISE THEIR KID TOGETHER AND LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER, more and more people harbor suspicions abt it bc like. they have very little chill. but ofc anne is smart enough to surround herself only with people she trusts, and, also, shes just a really lit queen regent so most people like her, and as such its not nearly as big of a problem as it might have once been. instead of stress, it just causes general hilarity? like? imagine sylvie and elodie finding out? one day athos is like ‘okay if u are part of this family i should probably tell you this’ and sylvies like what u mean that the king is aramis’s kid and athos nearly passes out right there before sylvie’s like ‘yeah that was pretty obvious but dont worry babe im just supremely perceptive’

elodie on the other hand is asked by anne to educate her on the finer points of cooking edible food and always brings marie cessette w her, as she should, and ofc aramis always makes time to come coo at his niece and elodie has to be like ‘ur majesty ur letting the food burn again’ bc anne keeps getting distracted looking at aramis holding a baby (anne continues to be so embarrassing but so relatable) and ofc, i feel like elodie is one of those women who is like [eye emoji] about these things in other women (u know how some women are just Perceptive like that) so she goes home and is like porthos not that this family isnt wild enough as it is but do u want to explain this to me maybe?

even more pure is the idea that the kids slowly one by one find out – louis himself first when hes sixteen (lmao tfw i wrote a whole fic about this) and then marie cessette, and raoul, and alexandre, etc etc, like u know when ur kids and ur not really in on the hot family gossip but the older u get the more privy u become to ur family’s dirty laundry and WILD HISTORY? (this family has some very wild history, i mean,) so yeah i just imagine all the kids chilling in some private place (theyre not RECKLESS, just unchill) and someone mentions louis’s paternity and like alexandre, being the youngest, practically falls off his chair like Ww H A T;;

(and marie cessette is like “u didnt KNOW?” and alexandre is very shook. it takes him a few days to wrap his head around it and marie cessette keeps laughing like ‘alexandre its so OBVIOUS’)

anyways. most dangerous yet most badly kept secret in france should be a continuing trend, is what im saying here

Lostcauses Fic: In The Embers

So, I was planning on writing a proper meta post on chapter 90 but somehow it turned into depressing fic instead. Fail. 

Levi hears their whispers, of course he does. He’s not deaf or stupid, despite what some might think. Needless to say few have the guts to say it to his face.  Few except Hanji and the kid who survived the final charge, the one who brought Erwin back. Levi has to admire his balls.  But he knows what they are all saying.  That he made the wrong decision, that he was swayed by his emotions, that he chose selfishly, that he betrayed them all.  Sure the brats get their fair share of stick, but there’s a special opprobrium reserved for the Captain.  It was Captain Levi who was entrusted with the decision and it was Captain Levi who sold them up the river, robbed them of their symbol.  He has gone from thug to hero to pariah, and no amount of honours or laurels from the young queen will change that. There’s a fitting symmetry to it somehow.

Not that Levi cares what they say. He would make the same decision again. Again and again and again. A hundred times over. Though sometimes, he can’t help wondering what Erwin would have made of it all. Can’t help imagining the spark that would have lit his blue eyes as the world opened out before them.

The Titans are all gone now. It takes less than a year, after all that. It’s Levi who fells the last one. Of course it is, he’s still Humanity’s Strongest, even if they despise him.  As the last Titan crashes to the ground, Levi falls to his knees.  He hears the shouts and cries of victory but he feels no joy, no relief or jubilation, just a bitter taste in his mouth and something akin to anger swelling in his chest. 

The bitterness is still there, weeks afterwards, when Levi leads the expedition back to Shiganshina, to bring Erwin and the fallen home. 

Later, he stands at the foot of the funeral pyre, Hanji at the head.  Seven torches flank them on either side, held aloft by the remnant of the Survey Corps.  He feels nothing as they light the pyre but he stands long into the night watching the sparks soaring into the darkness until the last flame of hope is extinguished and the ashes settle into dust. Levi keeps watch until the sun rises, pocketing a handful of the ashes before returning to his quarters.  They’re still warm.

It’s a new world now but it’s not Levi’s world.  There is no place for him in a world without Erwin in it.  They’re free now, free to explore the world outside the walls, free to reach the ocean.  But this is not Levi’s freedom and the ocean was never his dream.

Levi never allowed himself to dream, because he knew what dreams could do to a man. But sometimes, when he lay in the dark, with Erwin’s strong arms around him, his breath warm and steady in his hair, sometimes Levi allowed the smallest ember of hope to kindle. 

That ember died in Shiganshina. 

This shit show isn’t over yet though. It’s just that Levi doesn’t know if he has the strength for the final act. Levi has never been one to turn his back on a fight and he sure as hell isn’t going to start now.  It’s just that he’s so tired. There is a weariness that reaches deep down into his soul, a fatigue that has settled in his bones that no amount of freedom will lift.  But he can’t rest yet because the Beast Titan is still out there somewhere and one day, Levi will find him.  One day he will fulfill his vow and then, then he will rest. Until that day, Levi retreats into the shadows and he waits.

Stay, you’re not what you’re hearing
Cause I’ve been watching you changing
And who said you’re one in a million anyway?

You’re so much better than that.

- EDEN - Wake Up


Some Deckerstar bed action for you all ;) I had a bit of a laugh with this…I got part way through, absorbed in trying to get the bedsheets to work and I totally forgot that I haddn’t photoshopped Lucifer out of the chair in the background  yet and lost it laughing 

He’s just there like ya know what you kids have fun Imma sit and watch 

@captainswanismyendgame thought you might appreciate this one Jenna ;P 

Jesus, the kid next to her was shaking like a leaf. Thea leaned her back against the wall and tried to go to her happy place, but the images in her brain library kept getting knocked around because of what’s-his-face shaking the bench at a frequency that was honestly impressive.

“Hey kid,” she spat. “Hold still for a second, will you?”

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