he might find this a simple gesture

Headcanon: Class 1-A comes up with a sign-language only they can understand.

It’s pure fun at first, really. It’s not even planned to be a sign-language. Signs and gestures come up in class when Mina imitates Iida wild hand gestures one day and Sero immediately knows what she’s trying to say even when she didn’t say it verbally.

The class howls with laughter at first – even Iida smiles at his silly classmates, knowing that they’re not trying to make fun of him, just having fun.

From then on, it kind of continues fluently. For days, Class 1-A imitates Iida’s gesturing, finding it funny that simple gestures can mean so much and be understood so well. Over time, there come gestures and signs up that Iida didn’t use. It’s a mixture of gestures everyone knows – flipping someone off is something that originates from Bakugou, and the thumps-up to say “okay” comes from both All Might and Izuku  - and others that just get invented along the way.

It’s Izuku who first notices that this could be an actual sign-language. He notices it while observing his classmates, and he starts thinking about using it for training, since they all train together. When he proposes that to his friends, their all for it.

The more enthusiastic ones like Mina, Kirishima and Tooru are out of their minds with giddiness, instantly wanting to add new gestures and “Let us help, too, Mido-chan!”. Tooru likes the idea that, since her facial expressions are not visible to her friends, she at least could express herself non-verbally by gestures.

The more quieter and rational thinking peers like Todoroki, Iida, Momo and even Bakugou have to agree that this could be useful at some point. It would give them an option to communicate fast and over some distances during battles, and on top of that, the opponents couldn’t understand them.

From there on out, Class 1-A spends most of their free time to design their own sign-language. They come up with signs that mean single words, and some that carry a whole sentence as a message. Izuku is the one who writes everything down in his notes, but all twenty students help to add to their new language.

With all their combined effort, it doesn’t take long for them to have a working, unique language. And before you know it, the kids are communicating in sign-language, not only during fights, but also at the dorms.

Toshinori and Aizawa are quite confused when they first witness the students signing something to each other, hands moving at high-speed, before they nod at each other as if they had just agreed on something. Aizawa wants to observe further, but Toshinori is faster and just straight out asks the children what is going on here.

Of course, his students are delighted to include their teachers in this, and they explain in detail how they came up with their own language and how it works. Toshinori is excited about it, immediately asking if he could learn it, too. Aizawa grumbles a bit about his colleague being a big child, but he confesses that he is interested in learning, too.

It doesn’t take long until class 1-A plus teachers are able to communicate non-verbally and easily with each other. Their opponents doesn’t stand a chance in any following teamfights anymore, since the teamwork between the members in this class is almost too perfect.

But the sign-language is also quite nice to use in their free time, for example, let’s say, during an exam (which is not observed by Aizawa or Toshinori):

Momo? First question?

Number 2 is the right one

Thank you!

Stop fucking cheating, guys.

It’s teamwork, buddy.

Kacchan, you just helped Kirishima-kun?

That’s not cheating, that’s tutoring. Hair-for-Brain sucks at studying.

Like you too, man. Like you too.

Sensei is coming over, stop signing!

Personal Yuri on Ice Fic Rec List

This is Part Eight. There have been Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, and Part Seven (although tumblr keeps screwing up my hyperlinks, so you probably can’t click on these, and should just check out my #fic rec tag instead).

1. Undiscovered Country

Yuuri wakes up in Victor’s room the night after the Sochi Grand Prix Final banquet. Did they sleep together? No. Instead, last night, Drunk Yuuri taunted Victor that he hadn’t earned the right to get in his pants…and spelled out exactly what Victor would have to do to get there. Now, Victor intends to do everything on that list…

2. A Side of You I Never Knew

Well, how was Victor supposed to know he was married to an absolute genius? Nobody had ever told him! Well, there’s no way he can let it go on being a secret.

3. Coming Home Again

Yuuri, given to periodic bouts of paranoia, would often wonder if Viktor is, in fact, a Russian drug lord on the loose, seeking refuge in a nondescript town in America. This would explain a manner of things: his evasiveness whenever probed about his job; the way he’d unpredictably throw out incisive, thoughtful commentary about the morning news over breakfast; his expensive tastes in shirts, watches, and wallets alike; why he’d want to stay here with Yuuri, of all places, when the contents his wardrobe alone could probably afford him a year-long stay at any condominium of his choice in the trendiest part of town. And then he goes on to discover that Viktor actually has a premium account on club penguin, and that his five penguins are named Peanut Wigglebutt, Luke skyhopper, Zing Zing, Otto Von Longdong, and Mooshoo Vegetable, and beats the idea to death in his head.

4. Living in the Maybe

Mari picks Viktor up at the airport when he returns from Moscow. Without Yuuri there to play his usual role of interpreter, they learn to communicate around their linguistic, cultural, and personal barriers.

5. Go On Ahead

Sour, grouchy Yakov didn’t understand sparkly purple skate outfits or wanting to eat your weight in sweets or having crushes on boys. But Viktor did.

6. Fear

Yuri is a good skater. He knows this. Viktor is just better. (Yakov disagrees.)

7. Sixty Impossible Things

Two weeks after his failure at Sochi, Yuuri receives a text from a mysterious number asking why the fuck he’s ignoring Viktor. So begins Yuri Plisetsky’s all out campaign to get Yuuri to fucking finally text Viktor and end his torment of watching Viktor pine, and so begins Yuuri’s descent into a wonderland of texting his idol, meeting his #1 fan(s), and slowly rebuilding his life with a little help from his friends.

8. Two Nights in Paris

Life and love: two words starting with the same letter, mutually existing for each other. One is simple, the other not. When Victor whisks Yuri away to Paris for the weekend, they might just find themselves asking which is which.

9. Katsuki “PDA Monster” Yuuri

When he kissed Yuuri for the first time, Viktor assumed that would be the end of any public romantic gestures between them. Yuuri, however, had other plans.

9. And So Viktor Met Him

At the Sochi GPF, Viktor watches Yuuri’s disastrous free skate and Chris watches Viktor. Two days and one gala banquet later, Viktor is in love and furious about it. In which personal revelations occur, the scoring system is biased, and Chris is a good friend when he isn’t a terrible friend.

11. Bare It All

Yuuri gets himself into trouble at a bar before he even gets drunk. Luckily for Yuuri, his hot neighbor and longtime crush, who Yuuri tries not to peek at while he wanders around his apartment, is also at the bar.

12. In Honour of the Lambs Led Astray

Living in a world run by money and deceit, Katsuki Yuuri is a honeypot who works under the guise of a high-class escort. For a hefty sum, he can turn an extraction of information into an assassination. Jaded to the existence of soulmates, he throws himself into his work and lets it consume him.

13. Without fear, without metaphor

Yuuri was never one to use more words than necessary. Underutilized it, even, his family and friends would remark. Still, there was a certain relief that came with easy communication. Then he started wanting to use words for more. He even ran his mouth quite a few times in the past months, much to his embarrassment. And he quietly admitted to himself that it came with the sudden barrage of Viktor Nikiforov into what he expected to be peaceful life and probable retirement in his hometown.

14. were stars to burn

How should we like it were stars to burn with a passion for us we could not return?

15. that boy is a monster

Viktor is almost thirty. It’s only a matter of time.

I wanted this list to be longer, and I also wanted to publish on the same day as the YOI Anniversary. Guess which urge won out in the end. Happy belated, Yuri on Ice!

We did it Buddy

Originally posted by furballbrian

Pairing: Poe x Reader, BB8 x Reader, BB8 x Finn

Warnings: none

Prompt: a one-shot where Poe is always trying to talk with the reader but BB-8 never lets him because the droid quite likes the reader too? then maybe poe gets fed up with BB-8 interrupting? and

Poe x female reader where Finn and BB-8 are tired of watching the two pine over each other and get them to confess their feelings?

A/N: Thought I might kill two birds with one stone. Doesn’t fit them exactly but I had fun none the less. Enjoy

Originally posted by mr-eatme

Poe walked precariously through the base searching for Y/N not taking much notice for those around him. He quickly bumped into someone.

“Hey watch it,” the person said not all that pleased having just been body slammed by Poe, this was until they saw who had just bumped into them “Poe?” Finn said questioning if he was seeing straight.

“Finn buddy, I’m so sorry,” Poe said grabbing Finn’s shoulder and squeezing it.

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Mute!corvo headcannon (Low Chaos)

After Corvo joins the Loyalists he finds that none of them can understand sign language. He gets by with simple gestures and nodding and even though he can’t say much he really starts to trust the men he’s working with. When they betray him he’s crushed. Angry at first and seeking revenge he makes his way to the final confrontation with Havelock.

After hearing Havelock’s soliloquy, corvo realizes how much he just wants everything to end and he doesn’t actually want to kill Havelock. He desperately wants to communicate this to Havelock but he has no way to. So he signs the only sign Havelock might understand. Please.

Coliver prompt ficlet: Deaf!Oliver. (Thank you Nonny! Hope you enjoy! xoxo)

“So, he’s deaf, huh?” Asher says to Connor, shouting a little to be heard over the din of the bar. He scratches at the label on his beer bottle, watching as Oliver and Michaela navigate the crowd on their way over to the bar to get them all another round. “That must really - I mean - it’s hard, right? It’s gotta be hard. Like hard hard.”

When Connor merely quirks a brow and lifts his glass for a slow sip, Asher rushes on to explain.

“Like, don’t get me wrong, he’s amazing. Really. Just an amazing guy. Much too good for you.” Asher coughs and shifts in is chair; trying to at least find a comfortable way to sit while he digs himself out of the hole. “But like, talking and conversations and all that relationship shit. All that’s gotta be hard, right?”

Connor considers as he takes another sip of his drink. His eyes flick to Oliver and Michaela, now at the bar with both their heads bent over a drink menu. Even from across the way, he can see Oliver pull a face at some option then nudge Michaela lightly on the arm. Her attention is drawn to whatever drink Oliver is pointing at on the menu and she pulls a similar face before looking up. A beat passes between the pair of them – Connor imagines Oliver’s eyes are twinkling with mischief like they tend to – before they’re grinning wildly, nodding emphatically, and turning to flag down a bartender. Even from across the bar, Connor gets caught up in their shared amusement and grins. 

Connor knows what Asher’s really asking and it’s not how Connor and Oliver communicate. Asher doesn’t want to hear about Connor and Oliver’s misadventures in writing everything down during the first few weeks or the thousands of texts they sent each other from across tables in restaurants or sitting next to each other on couches. He’s not looking for an explanation of their weird, bastardized mix of Connor’s broken sign language and Oliver’s superhuman lip reading skills that wouldn’t make sense to anyone else but helps them get through the day. 

No, Asher doesn’t want to hear any of that. What Asher really wants to know is how does it work. How does it really work. 

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Yesterday’s Wounds (part 7)

Title: Yesterday’s Wounds (part 7)
Characters: Papyrus, Sans, Alphys 
Wordcount: 2026
Warnings: Medical Experimentation, Child Abandonment, Restraint
Summary: Many years ago, Papyrus was found in a dump. Now he is an adult who is about to find out a little more about his past when they find out the source of the barcode on his arm.  
Notes: Baby Blasters AU was made by the wonderful @spacegate . Slight violence in this chapter.

“FLUFFY BUNNY HAD A VERY BIG FAMILY.” Papyrus read aloud, doing his best to stay out of sight of the other skeleton. Perhaps, he could simply just get the other skeleton used to him. “FLUFFY BUNNY HAD A MOTHER BUNNY AND A FATHER BUNNY, A SISTER BUNNY AND A BROTHER BUNNY.

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He was my... he was my.... why do you think it was so hard to say he was my friend? Because bilbo wanted to say thorin was more than a friend?

Ahhh that is such an interesting question and I have to admit I’m not entirely sure yet. I have thought about it quite a bit and this is what I’ve come up with so far

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036. Baby Nerves


He had been excited to find out he would be a father. It was sooner than he had hoped, but you were both taking it in stride. A good half of the fans were outraged, calling you a ‘whore’, but then there was the other half that were happy for you two and you gave them your actual attention.

In the passenger seat, you felt uncomfortable the whole ride home from the Payne family dinner you two had just been a part of. Your stomach was upset, so you held it with one hand at the bottom and rubbed the other. Liam reached over, when at a red light, and gave it a rub, always feeling for the baby. He had a very desperate need for the baby to know he was there. He wanted some acknowledgement almost. You were seven months in, but Liam already wanted a ‘Hi Daddy’ from his child, be it a boy or a girl.

“What if they don’t like me? Putting his hand back on the wheel and driving, he asked.

“Who?” The question caught you off guard, so you ripped your head to the side to give him a funny wiggle of your nose.

“The baby. Our baby.” He figured you would have known. It wasn’t as if you two were talking about someone.

It was a major concern of his that every time he would go to hold your child, it might scream bloody murder until he passed it off to someone else, anyone else. Then it would grow up and hate him, probably put rat poison into his soup or try to smuggle him with a pillow in the middle of the night. Liam decided to keep those direct scenarios to himself though.

“Everyone likes you, Liam.”  With a yawn, you told him. You left the one hand on your belly there, but removed the one beneath to hold his hand while he drove. Clearly, he needed a little comfort right now. “And you’re going to be such a wonderful father, I know that, you know that, so have a little confidence that this baby knows that…it’s going to be okay.” You gave his hand a squeeze and hoped he felt better.


A girl? You two were expecting a girl. Niall liked girls, but he didn’t exactly anticipate having a daughter. He knew there was a fifty-fifty chance, but he had very openly wanted a boy. He talked about the pregnancy as if you were expecting the world’s greatest soccer-playing, drum-drumming boy. You saw the color wash out of his already pale face as the doctor read the gender from your file.

“[Y/N]…” He whispered to you like a little kid in a classroom with a big secret about boogers as you both walked down the halls of the doctor’s office towards the elevators. With how sore your feet had been these days, you did not do stairwells anymore.

You threw your head around and stopped to see Niall looking distressed right behind you. He followed your lead and stopped walking too.

“I don’t know how to have a daughter.” His head hung low as he quietly admitted what you already knew to him, the shame evident in his tiny tone.

“Lucky for you, you’re not the one who has to have her.” Laughing, you tried to perk him up with a joke, reaching forward and playfully smacking his shoulder. “Niall, it’s not really any different than having a boy. Well, they pee different, so training will vary…but she can still do all the things you wanted to do with your son.” Your tone softened as you went on, head falling to the side as you watched Niall looked out the window, lost.

“I was going to be this awesome Dad and, like, now I just don’t know what to do.” He confessed.

“You’re still going to be an awesome dad. This little girl already knows she’s lucky.” You shrugged and then batted a single hand through the air in front of you as if to say ‘this is nothing’. “Not only are you going to teach her how to do these really cool things, you’re also going to be all protective, and so she isn’t worried.”

“Is this mother’s intuition?” Completely seriously, he asked, and you just nodded with your lips jet out.

“Yes, she and I talk all the time, I’m surprised I couldn’t figure out she was a girl.” You shrugged and took his hand in yours to go to the elevators. You really wanted to be off your feet.


“Is there a reason you won’t hold your nephew?” You found Zayn outside having a smoke on the patio of your sister’s house. He instantly put it out when you made yourself known outside. He didn’t want you or the baby to inhale any second hand smoke.

“Is it obvious?” He scrunched up his face, feeling embarrassed. Your nephew was just about five months now and everyone over at the house, celebrating your grandma’s birthday, had tried at some point to have Zayn hold him, but he had always come up with an excuse not to or conveniently ducked out of the room. Even when Michael was born, you two had went to visit him in the hospital, and Zayn kept his hands full at all times. At first, you were okay with it. He was allowed to have jitters, but with your own due date fast approaching, you had to nip this fear in the bud.

“Yes.” Sitting down on a plastic piece of patio furniture, you nodded all-knowingly.

“I don’t want to drop him.” He confessed, certain It sounded silly, but for him, it was a real concern. “I don’t want to drop our kid!” He threw out both hands to his sides with grand gesture before slipping them into the pocket of his jeans.

“Well, you might not want to hear this, but you may drop him.” Explaining, you shrugged, and watched as Zayn rolled his eyes, not at all finding comfort in your words. “I might, too. We’re going to screw up, Zayn, it’s inevitable, but when we do screw up, we’re going to fix it and make it better.” It all seemed so simple to you.

Zayn smiled to himself, just slightly, and came over to sit next to you in the other empty plastic seat.

“How are you being so cool about all this?” You were due in two weeks. Zayn was practically living on the edge.

“Cause I’m the cool parent, duh.” You laughed, earning yourself another eye roll.


He knew children. He came from a very large family as it was and reveled in the big brother role. As a brother, he was the bomb. He always felt that was the hat he wore best of all his roles. Being a superstar, he was pretty confident with that. Being a husband, he made the grade. As a businessman, he was alright. This father business had him on a rollercoaster of emotions. He had experienced everything from anxiety, excitement, terror, to content. He was more eager to get off the ride than you were and you were lugging around the baby and extra weight. Still, you had one more trimester to go.

You were standing in the bathroom, rubbing lotion over your stomach, as Louis watched television on the bed, football highlights, but his attention had drifted from the screen to you.

“Come here, love.” He hollered for you. “I can do that.”

You shut off the bathroom lights and joined him on top of the covers, your stomach exposed with your shirt rolled up. Louis rolled right over and gently rubbed the lotion into your skin, turning the volume down with his other hand before putting it down on your belly as well.

“I’m nervous again. Do you think we should be raising the baby in London?” He asked, trying to sound casual as if you both were discussing the weather.

In all honesty, you preferred London to Manchester, but you hadn’t told that to Louis. You just simply agreed to stay where you both were living. It was big enough for a third person, maybe not a fourth, but a small beginner family would do just fine in your flat in the Paddington neighborhood.

“Well, this baby is going to be pretty worldly given your tour starts before they are even six months.” You reminded him. It didn’t really matter where you two lived, you would be on planes and buses pretty soon. “But, yes, London is fine. I think this would be a great place to grow up.”

“I just want to do everything right.” His childhood had come with plenty of hiccups and he didn’t want that for his child. You loved how fatherly Louis had already become, protecting you and the pap from everything he could. Leaning in, you kissed him and started to roll your shirt down. Louis’s hands left your stomach for a second, but as soon as you had your shirt on properly they went right back, not even leaving as you climbed under the covers to sleep.


“What if I’m just not good at things?” Harry loved kids, no doubt, but he never had one of his own, he didn’t have to be responsible for its life and well-being. He didn’t make decisions for the cute children that were put in his hands for photos or just a quick play. You were only four months pregnant, but the discussion of going to birthing classes had Harry’s head in a total tizzy. “What if I can’t get the hang of it?” He was following you around the baby store like a dog without a bone. “What if I don’t know how to work this?” Reaching out to his left, he grabbed the first thing he could, a box.

“That’s a breast pump. I’ll handle it.” You winked and continued walking through. You were just there to look at cribs, that was the first thing on your list and, maybe, a few other essentials. You wanted to be ready and, clearly, Harry needed to be. He put the box back with the others and continued on your tail.

“What if I don’t like the baby?”

That made you spin around. He had been so happy when you announced you were pregnant, but now he was the captain of the ship of fear and it was a bit unsettling.

“Why wouldn’t you like the baby?”

“I don’t know. Maybe, I’ll just get along better with Oscar.” He said in reference of your grumpy cat back home who was only fond of Harry when he was being fed.

“This is your baby, Harry, not the most popular kid at school. You two will get along. They’ll adore you and you adore them.” Obviously, you had your own fears. Pots partum was a real thing after all, but you weren’t freaking out Harry with those possibilities and you wished he would stop terrifying you.

“I’ve just never been a father before.” He grabbed your hand abruptly, both of you standing in front of a display of cribs and feeling very overwhelmed.

“And I’ve never been a mother, but you’ve got to start think positively. Do you think you’re a good person?” Very seriously, you asked him, earning yourself a nod.

“Do you think you’d be a good dad? Just hypothetically?”

“Up until finding out I was going to be one, yeah I did.” He confessed with a lick of his lips.

“Then trust that instinct.” You leaned in and kissed him, your hands still tight in one another’s.

“What does your instinct say about cribs?” He asked, staring at the display in front of you both without any idea where to begin.

“I don’t know.” Shaking your head you laughed. This was your time to be uneasy. 

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With him she's not the Savior, or a mother, or even a daughter- she's just Emma.

With him she’s not the Savior, or a mother, or even a daughter- she’s just Emma. It’s a wonderful freedom that only he can offer.

She sighs happily as she rests her head on his chest. His naked skin is warm against her cheek. She smiles when she hears his heart beating in a slow and steady rhythm. 

“What are you thinking, love?” He asks, running his fingers through her hair. 

“That we waited too long to do this,” she chuckles.

“Agreed,” he murmurs. 

Euphoria is running through her veins like lightning. His fingers softly caress her shoulder, slowly they drift down and up her arm.

“What are you doing?” She laughs.

“You have to guess,” he teases as his fingers make more deliberate movements.

“You can’t be serious.”

“Concentrate, Swan.”

“And if I get it wrong?”

He chuckles and she just sighs. “You are ridiculous.”

“You won’t at least try?”

She groans as she closes her eyes to concentrate. It was some kind of pattern that was for sure. 

His fingers were warm and rough against her naked skin.

Concentrate, Emma.

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