he met leslie knope

Do you ever think about Ben’s line “let’s just get married tonight”? I wonder how many times that thought has passed through his mind since the moment he met Leslie Knope. (spoiler: a lot) way back in season three he probably reads up on all government interoffice dating policies and finds out thats its totally acceptable if the couple is already married and thats what plants the stupid idea in his head and from then on he has to constantly stop himself from blurting it out by rationalizing how idiotic it all is"you havent even dated yet this is ridiculous!“ “this relationship is new youre gonna scare her away” “why the fuck r u thinking bout marriage you guys broke up idiot” “your lives are hectic with the campaign u cant get married!” “ you are gonna marry her then leave for washington??? Thats a terrible idea!” until finally there is no more excuses and leslie is practically telling him she want to marry him instantly so he finally stops thinking it and says it out loud. Ugh stupid nerds in love