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No hard feelings, just being thorough and capable for a great outcome.

You will not be able to convince me that Blackwatch isn’t actually full of children. Sure all the agents are 100% deadly and efficient at what they do, but when they ain’t on missions or not doing their god damn jobs, they all degrade to fucking 5 year olds.

Reyes is less of a commander and more of a glorified babysitter.

Iain’s a really good singer, who plays Fitz. He’ll never admit it, but I’ve heard him humming before.
—  Chloe Bennet, Entertainment Tonight

Okay, but can we take a moment to appreciate that ep 9 of YOI took one of the most problematic relationship tropes in anime, aka the siscon character and smashed it into the ground?

Because the resolution to Michele’s overprotective and possessive behaviors stemmed from proper communication with his sister and the realization that true love is not keeping someone close and suffocating them but letting them go and loving them from afar. And despite Sara being sudden and harsh about it they both grew stronger for it and honestly that was the best possible conclusion to their relationship? The guy understanding that loving his sister means listening to her wishes and not just being selfish and self-righteous? Not to mention that he used those feelings to power that beautiful performance?

Like, most anime can’t even begin to do that and YOI pulled it off so well I actually cried a little while watching Michele skate and I really disliked the guy in the previous episode, but this was so healthy and good.

Ladies and gentlemen, more proof why Yuri on Ice is amazing and deserves all the love it gets.

Love Post: Namjoon

The great leader of BTS: Kim Namjoon

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There’s so much to say about Namjoon, that I almost couldn’t even make this post. As of now, I’m still struggling to make sense.

If I were to choose one word to describe him it would be inspiring.

Past his appearance or even his talent, I think it’s what’s between the ears that is the most impressive. And no, I’m not referring to his IQ. From the beginning, Namjoon has served as such an inspirational figure in my opinion. He has always tried to encourage the idea of people chasing their dreams and living their own lives, which is such an amazing thing to advocate. He tells his story to show people that you can accomplish what you want in life, you just have to work for it.

I really appreciate that he includes the international ARMYs as often as he does. The use of his English in his V Lives to communicate with non K-ARMYs, how he mentions us at major award shows. He is very aware of us and cares just as much.

The long hours Namjoon puts in deserves recognition as well. He doesn’t brag about it much, but you all know the hours he puts in. Remember the his rendition of Jimin’s replay dance? In the practice video, his shirt was dry and by the end it was drenched. Dances don’t come easy to Joon and you can see the effort he’ll put into something to reach his standards (which are very high.)

A Tipsy Chat

A short drabble about a slightly tipsy and very cuddly Chat Noir. 

“Chat, are you okay?” Ladybug asked, as Chat Noir missed his third jump in a row. They had just started patrol and he seemed kind of … off.

He looked at her, looked down, and frowned, concentrating. “I think I need to take a moment.” He sat down on the roof and she swung over to join him.

“You look tired.” She sat down next to her partner and put a hand on his forehead. “Are you sick?”

He laughed. “No, not sick.” He leaned toward her and lay his head on her shoulder. “I might be just a teeny tiny little bit drunk.” He whispered, nuzzling her shoulder before she pushed him away.

“Drunk?” She sighed. “Seriously?”

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Johndave week - Day 4: Hurt/Comfort

Haha shit I’m late?? I haven’t done comics in literal years soooo. Yeah, this is something I think about in terms of John quite a lot. I can’t help but think it might bug him a lot now and then, even if he fixed a timeline, and when confronted he might lash out. Also, bonus pic;

Shout out to Man of Steel and Batman v Superman for having our titular characters’ opening acts of heroism (the oil rig and saving the little girl scenes) done outside of their costumes, thus showing people that it’s not the superhero outfits that make people heroes.

Special mentions go to the Flash, for stopping that gas station robbery while also not in a costume.


No, thank YOU!


Scourge: the guy who kicks a Metal Sonic in the nuts and expects it to work

wishlist for deadpool 2
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“Too cool“

Tetsu is super handsome and cool :D Hmm, all wet from the rain, his muscles showing trough his shirt, take it off..*ahem* oh my, I was daydreaming it seems~ Don’t mind me :))

A new translation! I’m glad I could manage to finish this comic (from the Official Guidebook). It took a while to clean it and I was a bit indecisive  with some words,  so here are also some translation notes :

-First of, I really wanted to convey Hugh’s manner of speech, which as we know is a bit archaic but he is also polite. Here, he has said the word “umbrella” twice (in the second panel) and I tried to avoid this repetition. I mentioned that he uses polite speech and that was evidenced by his line 「おニューかさ」 (O nyū kasa). It easily translates as “new umbrella” but the added prefix お gives it another nuance. The prefix お is added to certain words to convey polite/humble speech. You might be familiar from anime with the word okyakusama, right? Well, that’s basically saying something like gracious customer. I haven’t heard this prefix used with words of foreign origin and which are written in katakana, but Hugh isn’t Japanese so maybe he doesn’t know of this. He just keeps being his polite self and talking like a grandpa xD That’s why it might have seemed weird to Mahiru and Misono to hear him say おニュー ?

Oh yeah, and I hope “exquisite” is an appropriate word that Hugh uses in his conversations :D

The last thing I had to think about a lot on how to translate was the infamous

イケメン (Ikemen) which I am sure you have heard plenty of times and translates in general as “good looking guy” or “handsome”, but it could also be “cool guy”. I wasn’t sure if Mahiru and Misono (I’m not quite sure if they both speak in unison in some of the speech bubbles xD), would just outright say that Tetsu is handsome, it would be embarrassing to call their guy friend like that (I’m just assuming, LOL), so I think the option of considering him cool would be more appropriate, but I do believe that they consider him good looking as well :D

Just felt like I should explain a few things and I thank everyone who read these notes. I really hope they are understandable cuz I’m not to good when it comes to that. 

my BD art folder is telling me that i made more than 100 drawings for this blog so let’s celebrate !!! and also thanks so much for following even if i haven’t been very active lately~

I feel like Mutsuki sees his female side as an evil one. Every time he does crazy shit he mentions his femininity, like using his female identity to avoid telling Saiko the truth and now undressing in front of Uta/Haise after almost stabbing him to death. It makes me think of this art, he’s wearing like a red dress and looks very sadistic