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Junior AKA Agent Three x The Avengers

‘The airship was taken down this morning by an anonymous hero, despite the act it has caused several million dollars of damage and cause four people serious harm.’ The news blared as Wanda made herself breakfast.

“What’s that?” Steve asked with a frown.

“Someone has destroyed part of the city, near the Shield facilities.” She muttered, floating her spoon to her mouth as she made a mug of coffee.

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of course Bellamy’s car gets stuck in the mud during a black rain storm while a mission to save his people, and OF COURSE he’s downplaying it and already planning how he’s gonna do The Most Sacrificial Thing but then he has to tell them his men he can’t make it out there with the most pained expression on his face and crack in his voice because he even when he wants to do the best he’s stopped at every turn JUST LET BELLAMY LIVE FOR 5 MINUTES

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i feel like all larries knew about cricky except me.. why didnt anyone tell me omg i was just minding my own shit till i clicked on this tag and i thought it was an animal but its cris and his "husband"???? whaaat i didnt even know he liked men what is this mess ??? where am i

ohhhhhhhh boy, anon! it’s CRICKY TIME

Here I’ll leave you with this: 

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the tag is biphobic as hell. kevin has said on multiple occasions that he is attracted to men and women on his season and now that he's showmancing will, everyone is trying to erase his identity and say he's some straight boy manipulator. bi-men already have it hard enough. i'm disappointed in some people here. sorry to drop this on you but you were the only blogger i saw that was awake and i needed to vet.

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Sorry if this been asked before! I would like to know of your interpretation when Kiku says women don't understand rakugo and why he was denying Konatsu the chance to learn rakugo. Thanks!

He doesn’t really say they don’t understand it, he has a very traditional view in it where he believes men and women have a role to play in rakugo together (men to perform and women who inspire them, essentially). I don’t really agree with the mindset of course but I am trying to consider the country/culture and the time period here. Also historically very few women became rakugokas (Kimie Oshima being the only current one I can think off the top of my head) So it’s not IMPOSSIBLE especially for older Konatsu but during the time it was entirely unheard of, also rakugo was sorta dying so the interest wasn’t really there and traditionalists, like Kiku to a point, weren’t really bringing anything new or different to the table with rakugo so why would they introduce women? The ones who wanted to freshen up rakugo (like Eisuke) were kind of seen as eccentric and brushed off.

Anyway back on topic; Kiku himself feels restricted in his role as a man and kinda pushes it on to Konatsu in the same way everyone else did to him. (i.e “you can’t be a dancer because you’re a boy” “you can’t be a rakugoka because you’re a girl”) I feel like, especially the first time he says this to her (when she’s a child, cutting her hair), he’s doing it in a way to protect her. His dreams of being a dancer were cut short not only because of his accident but because he was a boy and it was just an art men didn’t do or succeed far in.

Also remember for like 20 years this poor dumbass has been trying to DIE WITH RAKUGO….he knows Konatsu is good at rakugo but he’s like “whatever fuck this I’ll die with this stupid art and no one will have to see it again” I mean look how long it took him just to accept Yotaro as an apprentice lol

Over time Kiku definitely understood the world was changing and that rakugo would have to change to continue to survive and that women could do anything they wished to do just like men, he was just a stubborn depressed dude trying to die dramatically with his art.

I mean he is a theater kid it all makes sense

But yeah anyone concerned about this topic, I think, will REALLY like the epilogue episode on Friday! :)

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17 for Dandelion and Geralt? :)

- The musician was playing Elusive. ‘Since we are here and we are not leaving soon’, said the bard, ‘how did it go with the forktail? Pretty tough beast, the peasants told me. He snatched three men before we came here from Aedirn.’ The witcher looked neutral at the campfire, moments of silence were passing. He finally answered, after cursing the beast once more.

- ‘Yes. He got me a couple of times with his talons, before realizing he was meaner than a regular griffin. I feel like all the draconids are beginning to be rather monstrous and well fed. It seems like this one was not only your furious green forktail, he was also pretty well fed. For the trap I suddenly realized I need a sheep, because he was not coming down just because I told him to come at me with all his power.’

- ‘That’s just in your mind. You know pretty well he was waiting for you. That’s why he didn’t plunge at you with all his force.’ After a pause, Geralt sensed the bard was holding a question, rather funny from the look on his face. 

- ‘Well, Dandelion what is with that look on your face? You saw something funny?’ Dandelion was still giggling.

- ‘No.’ the musician cleared his throat and held his rather ridiculous laugh. ‘I was wondering. What if the protagonists from my ballads came to each other like the forktail would have came at you? I mean, what sense would my ballads have if they finish like some B rating Nilfgaardian love song, eh?’

- ‘Sometimes, Dandelion, I have contemplated becoming a hermit, you know? Now…’

- ‘Now what?’

- ‘Now I really want to become one. Maybe then I will be even wiser, and I would escape from your “rather funny sometimes” questions.’ 

- ‘Wrong, Geralt. You can’t escape from this kind of questions.’ He was smiling at him, visibly affected by the Kaedweni stout. ‘Because…’ 

‘Yeah, yeah I know.’ the witcher interrupted the bard. ‘ Because you’re my friend. I too acknowledged that some time ago.’ 

Both looked at the sundown and the bard continued playing his ballads. 

The Martyrdom of the Forty Martyrs of Sebastia.

The Martyrdom of the Forty Martyrs of Sebastia.

On this day also the holy forty martyrs of the city of Sebastia were martyred. Emperor Constantine the great had appointed his friend Lecius ruler for the east and commanded him to treat the Christians well. When he arrived to his headquarter, he ordered his subordinate to worship the idols but they refused and cursed his idols. That night some of the soldiers and their children, from the city of Sebastia, made an agreement among themselves to go to the governor confessing their faith. While they were sleeping the angel of the Lord appeared to them, strengthened them and comforted their hearts.

In the morning they stood before the Governor and confessed their faith in the Lord christ, he threatened them but they were not afraid. He commanded his men to stone them, but the stones came back upon those who stoned them. He ordered to throw them in a nearby lake, which was icy. Their organs were severed because of the excessive cold. One of them whose strength was weakened, went out of the icy water and entered the bath house nearby the lake. The heat in the bath house melted the ice that was on him but he died quickly, and lost his reward.

One of the guards saw angels descending from the heaven and in their hands crowns, they placed them over the heads of the thirty nine martyrs and remained one crown in the hand of the angel. The guard went down into the lake shouting “I am christian…I am christian.” He took the crown that was in the hand of the angel and was counted among the martyrs.

Among the martyrs, were young men, whose mothers encouraged and strengthened them. Because they remained in the lake for a long time and they did not die, the Governor wished to break their legs, but the Lord took their souls and reposed them. He ordered to burn their bodies and to cast them after that into the sea. As they were carrying them out of the lake, they found a young man alive, so they left him. His mother took him and tried to threw him on the wagon with his mates but they put him off the wagon again for he was still alive. His mother took him and he died in her bosom so she put him back on the wagon. They took them outside the city and cast them into the fire which did not harm them, then they casted them into the river.

On the third day those holy martyrs appeared to the Bishop of Sebastia in a vision and told him: “Go to the river and take our bodies.” He went with the priests, deacons and the people to the river and found the bodies. They carried the bodies with great honor and placed them in a beautiful shrine, and their strife was heard in all the countries.

May their prayers be with us and Glory be to God forever. Amen.

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i feel like ppl who headcanon vitya as bi mainly do so because of that line in episode 1 where minako is talking about how he's so 'free with his charms, despite having millions of female fans' but the whole point is that she's wrong because viktor keeps his private life private, ala his whole 'public persona vs. the viktor we seen in hasetsu' and the difference between the two. there's no doubt in my mind he's supposed to be gay tho, even beyond the refs to rl gay men he is just 100% gay coded.

yeah, the mistranslation in the subs don’t help either but some ppl also know that info and still manage to go “what if this gay man… weren’t gay” idk w/e victor is a beautiful soft gay 

rape being used as a weapon of war is so heart wrenching. it was used during the partition of india, the french used it in algeria, serbians used it against bosnian women, it’s being used right now in syria and what’s so heart breaking is the fact that women choose to commit suicide because of the possibility of being raped. humanity never learns, we really have failed.

does anybody here…….. love boys…? and wanna….. hold their hands and kiss their cheeks and play w their hair and tell them how amazing and cute they r….? or stay up till 3am w/ them talking and laughing…..? or try to count all their freckles and have picnics …. or wanna see the way their face lights up when they’re happy and hold them when they’re upset…… u kno…. gay stuff…