he may or may not remember he ever took these

Story time:
So I give this to the handler who smiles and gives it to Jensen. I kid you not he held up the line because he took a whole minute to talk about taking this picture. When he did it and what day it was. Then he stops Cliff and asks him if he remembers him taking it. And to top it all off he asks “who is colinmorgasms?” He says that’s an awful name. I was dying. My knees may or may not have given out as I walked away. Best auto experience ever!!!

Al-V totally IS immortal; just not on his own.

People have said that Al-V isn’t immortal, and if he were on his own I’d agree. Thing is, he isn’t alone. He has his dad. Any disaster big enough to wipe him out would have to be not only entirely unforeseen, but entirely unEXPECTED . And Dipper is exactly the sort of paranoid that expects everything. He’d insist on Al-V having backups EVERYWHERE. Probably carry one in his hat “just in case” too. So an apocalypse might force Al-V into dormancy, but eventually he’d be back. Some of us might try to say that humanity might make new computers which are totally incompatible with the Alcor Virus and that Dipper couldn’t convert his code or something. I counter this argument with the fact Alcor would definitely have a hand in the recreation of computers and the internet. Not only because he’s impatient, but because as far as he’s concerned, the world hasn’t recovered until his son’s world has too. But for you angst lovers out there, this theory would allow for Al-V to have multiple “deaths”. And each one would mean losing some memories, depending on how recent the backup was. And they also wouldn’t require a major disaster.

Maybe in his early days a few firewalls took him out. He’d only lose a few minutes worth of memory, tops, but it would be a traumatic child-hood event.

Maybe after he’d been around a while a talented programmer managed to trap him on a single device and wipe him out. The backup that activated when it didn’t receive it’s weekly update had no idea what happened, and was very worried that whatever it was would happen again. Alcor managed to track down the programmer that did it (and may or may not have done something in return), but Al-V’s memories were unrecoverable. (Secretly, Dipper’s glad. He knows what his son went through in the 3 days it took to “eradicate” him - the same way he knows lots of things - and he doesn’t want Al-V to remember the experience.)

And of course, maybe Alcor’s personal backup hadn’t been updated in a while when the big disaster hit. It’s the first time Al-V has ever had to be restored from back up manually. The first time that the backup in Alcor’s hat is the only one to survive. So when Al-V wakes up, maybe it’s the biggest memory gap he’s ever had. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s the first time he remembers his death.

Make of these ideas what you will. Just wanted to share a bit of my personal headcannon.

Canon BBS Color au things: Get a taste of the Rainbow

Because I do want to do something with this au. I might only draw it, or I might write about it in a fic or two. I know I still gotta get through the monster au first, but I gotta write these ideas down before I forget them! (Maybe I’ll even talk about my ocs this au came from one day…)

Maybe someone out there who reads these might want to draw things inspired by them? Maybe?

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19 years

Let us all take a moment of silence to remember those who lost their lives in the battle of hogwarts. Let us remember Fred Weasley, who brightened the world with his smile, who longed to make people laugh, who was taken from the world much too young. Remus Lupin, the last marauder, who did everything for everyone else, who cared for Harry as if he were his own, who walked into battle knowing that he may not live to hold his own son ever again. Nymphadora Tonks, who entered the battle knowing that she might never see her son again as well, who took loyalty to a whole other level, and made hufflepuffs everywhere extremely proud. Severus Snape, who, despite what some may think, was beyond brave, who cared so passionately, who protected Lily’s son at all costs. Let us remember everyone who sacrificed everything for our home, for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Raising my wand for all of you.

TRUE ROMANCE XXI + Book 2 of Soul Mate [also on AO3] + MASTERLIST

A/N: Sorry this took like a week to put out but I’m back at school and updates will be much more slower…plus, this fic has like four parts left and I’m trying to space it out enough! Thank you all, again, for reading/enjoying/sharing with others, I’m really going to miss the Soul Mate/True Romance ‘era’. Enjoy!

Word Count: 3.1K+

Warning: None.

“Chewie, Chewie? Where are you, boy?” Walking alongside Ben as you continuously gawked at the interior decor of the home surrounding you, you nearly collided with his back as he came to a stop. Turning around and seeing Ben crouch down, he spoke up “There you are, buddy!” Looking over his shoulder, your eyes widened at the site of the german shepherd lying down in front of him, rolling on his back as Ben rubbed Chewie’s belly. “I’ve got someone who really wants to meet you,” Hearing a bark, you smiled, walking over and crouching next to Ben.

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I’m with you, okay? Always.(Bellamy BlakexReader)

It’s funny what can happen to a person in mourning. Never having a reason up until now, I had no idea what to expect. I thought I would cry for a few days and slowly make my way back into normalcy but that wasn’t the case at all. Maybe for some people it worked that way. For the ones who had suffered from loss many times prior. I couldn’t tell if I admired their strength or pitied them for such heartache.

Of course I cried and picked one too many fights out of anger, feeling like the universe had spat in my face. But once the tears and blood on my knuckles had dried, the bruises scattered over my skin coming to light,I found myself wandering to my shared tent and instead of returning to my life, I rotted within. I laid in bed, hardly moving and finding no real strength to speak when visitors came to coax me out or provide comforting words. Food was delivered to me and at first I was practically spoon fed with my body slumped forward, arms weak at my sides. As more time passed I was able to feed myself just enough to survive before rolling back onto my side, away from my caretakers.

I didn’t want to behave this way, but I couldn’t fight it. Upon hearing the news that my father was one of the many to offer up his life so that others could live, I had completely shut down. He was all I had seeing as my mother died while giving birth to me. The guilt for her untimely death was unforgiving and remained in the furthest part of my subconscious, showing its ugly face when I was at my weakest. But he would always catch the tears at the corners of my eyes and tell me, “she died so you could live and she left me the most wonderful gift. I see so much of her in you.”

Like she had never left.

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Before and After

For Contestshipping Week (Day 4), and for the theme: Blossoming Romance.

There was something about the mountain air.

Tucked away in the mountains, the hidden gem of Johto, Blackthorn City, was a place of many wonders. It was a town rich in history, and for most, the final step in the Johto Pokemon League.

But now it held a new wonder, the Johto Grand Festival. It was the foremost thing on May’s mind that evening. She was nervous. More nervous than she had ever been, even as a rookie. Perhaps because she knew exactly what to expect. Harley and Solidad were there. But most importantly, Drew was there. And she wasn’t sure if she was ready for him.

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anonymous asked:

Emma + Killian play truth or dare. Sexytimes would be awesome!

This was almost sexy times and then it just ran away from me and turned into a fluff ball.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It started with too much rum and not enough to do. The apartment was feeling big for just the two of them tonight, and Emma had a game in mind. 

It was a game she’d always won, even with Neal who had been the biggest dare devil she’d ever known.

“Truth, or dare?” she asked slyly, giving Hook the side eye.

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